The Mummy Murders (2024) Movie Script

[crickets chirping]
[eerie music]
[typewriter keys clacking]
[upbeat music playing
over stereo]
[loud bang]

[music quiets]
[eerie music]
[woman screaming]
[knocking at door]
[dramatic organ music]
Police department.
Police department,
is anybody home?

Police department,
is anybody home?
Police department, anybody home?
Police department.
Ma'am, are you okay?


[typewriter keys clacking]
[typewriter keys clacking]

[upbeat guitar music
playing over stereo]
[bar din]
[keys clacking]
[muttering indistinctly]
[server] How was everything?
It was just fine.
-Can I get you anything else?
Um, maybe a cookie.
Can I take this from you?
-Yeah, please.
-I'll be right back.
[man clears his throat]
Do I know you?
You're such
a beautiful woman, Alexis.
Such a beauty is
rarely seen unaccompanied.
-How do you know my name?
-[man] Oh.
I know a lot about you.
Is everything all right?
Yes. Can you bring me
something to drink, please?
[server] Absolutely.
What would you like?
I suppose a glass of milk
should hit the spot.
Those cookies look delicious.
I'm just a big fan.
I know you're a reporter
and I've seen all of your work.
I was really hoping you
would write about me someday.
Wow. Do you, now?
You know, I feel like
I'm at a bit of a disadvantage
because you know so much
about me
and I'm completely
in the dark over here about you.
[man] How can I remedy that?
I-- I suppose
telling me who you are.
I'm a local artist.
Have I ever seen your work?
I guarantee it.
[server] Just holler
if I can get you anything else.
[Alexis] That's disgusting.
So, how long
have you been a reporter?
[Alexis] Longer
than I'd like to admit.
Do you enjoy it?
-Most of the time.
-[man] Why not all the time?
'Cause it's my job...
to see the turmoil
that humans create,
no matter how
hard it is to watch.
But there are some things
that I'd rather not see.
So you consider
your obligation to the public
more important
than your personal feelings.
-I suppose so.
-[man] Hmm.
Reporters are losing
faith with the public anyway.
Most of us believe
you would lie for a story.
-And what do you think?
-What do I think?
[Alexis] Yeah,
what do you think?
Do you think reporters
would lie for a story?
I know they do.
Do you think
I would lie for a story?
[man] Hmm.
I don't
think you have it in you.
Are you saying that because
I'm right in front of you,
or because that's
what you actually believe?
[man chuckles]
I suppose there's an easier way
to go about this.
And what's that?
I'm just asking you
if you would lie for a story.
Ask me.
Alexis, would
you lie for a story?
And I have.
I mean,
it's the nature of the beast.
If the headline
is jarring just enough...
they might pay attention.
But it's my job to make
sure that they pay attention.
I suppose you'd
have to from time to time.
[Alexis] That's the way it goes.
[sips] Hmm.
the way it goes.
But what if the story's
juicy all by itself?
I mean, really juicy story.
Those are hard to come by.
I mean,
every story is gonna need a
little tweak in here and there--
Wait, wait, wait.
Am I being interviewed?
Is this some-- is this some
kinda gag from the office?
-All of this never bores you.
-[Alexis] None.
I love my job.
It's gonna
have its pros and cons,
but it--
it was Arthur, wasn't it?
Did Arthur put you up to this?
All right,
Mr. Nice-dressed-artist.
Look, I really appreciate
this riveting conversation,
but I need
to get back to my work.
-So if you could just--
-Of course.
But before I go
I'd like to give you something.
-What's that?
-A good story.
One that I doubt
you'll have to change for...
public consumption.
Huh. What's the story?
It's not going to be that easy.
You're an investigative
journalist, after all.
Tell you what.
I will tell you a story.
And if you can guess who I am,
then I'll give you inside scoop.
Fair enough?
I mean, it's not like
I have much of a choice now,
-does it?
-[man] Alexis,
you always have a choice.
I promise you won't regret it.
It started
when I was 14 years old.
Still living
at home with my parents.
When I first developed
an interest in art.
You see that son?
The bait is just
as important as the trap.
Good bait appeals
to the needs of your prey.
They'll be so distracted
by their own hunger
won't think to look
for the hook that's waiting.
Don't feel sorry for 'em.
Life is survival of the fittest.
There are two kinds
of people in this world,
those who can kill
and those who can't.
Those who can't kill...
Catching them is easy
once you know how.
[somber music]
I never got the chance to tell
you how I felt about you.
How I feel about you.
I used to stare at you
every day in gym class.
You never really
gave me the time of day.
No one really does though.
I always told myself
that one day
you'd be mine,
one way or another.
You were going to be mine.
We could go to prom
together and homecoming,
graduate and make babies.
Now, there's no more time.
I wasted the time I had,
and now you're gone.
I won't be making
that mistake again.
[camera shutter clicking]
Following day...
Jessica's family
brought her clothes in
for her service.
My father was away
attending to another service
and asked me
to get her ready.
Standard procedure
is to declothe the body,
bathe it, and get it ready.
was everything that
a teenage boy ever dreamed of.
She was
at that age when a--
when a young girl
was becoming a woman.
And for me,
there's nothing more
I'd often thought
about how nice it would be to...
go to a movie with Jessica
or perhaps even prom someday.
Knowing that this
was my last opportunity, I...
seized it.
When I had finished, I...
got her dressed...
kissed her cheek...
said goodbye.
Do you know who I am?
Say it.
-You're the Mummy Murderer.
-[man] Hmm.
Technically, I embalm.
We don't "mummy" anything.
But, uh, very nice to meet you.
They arrested him
six months ago.
[man laughing] No, no, I--
I assure you, I'm the one
and only Charles Booth.
Poor bastard
arrested for my crimes.
[Alexis] Why are you here?
[man whispering] To give you
a story. Don't you remember?
And I wouldn't suggest
making a scene.
Besides, you're really
gonna wanna hear
how this turns out.
Whose finger is that?
Now you're asking
the right questions, Alexis.
I would love
to continue, if I may.
I've lost my appetite.
I tend to have
that effect on people.
It's a shame
to let them go to waste.
I continued my embalming
for a few more years, but...
seems as if everyone
in this small godforsaken town
just stopped dying.
Kind of indicative
of a small town back then.
But then Alexis,
someone did die.
Someone very important.
[eerie music]
[boy] Mommy?
[woman groaning]
[groaning loudly]
[man] I became a bit
numb after my mother died.
I tried to lose myself
in the work.
I-- I loved the work.
Not necessarily
the act of embalming,
but-- but the whole process.
Caring for a body pleased me
like nothing ever had.

I started
thinking how to get a body.
I dug one up once,
but it wasn't the same.
There was no blood
to see drain,
to watch the body change colors
and the last of life
to leave their body.
The craving to embalm
a living person became too much.
[crickets chirping]
[Alexis] You're sick.
[man] I'm just seeking
that in which I find beauty.
Isn't everyone guilty of that?
[Alexis] Yeah. It's not
the seeing that's the problem.
-[man] No?
-[Alexis] No.
-[man] It's exactly--
-[Alexis] It's what you do
when you find
what you're looking for.
[man laughs] Darling,
that's my favorite part.
[Alexis] Your way
of curing your boredom
was to kill a girl that
you just met and embalm her?
[man] It was. It is.
It's like losing my virginity
each and every time.
Except with so much
more fulfillment than sex
alone could ever offer.
What did you do with her? Huh?
Do you
even know her name?
[man] Of course,
I remember her name.
I'll never forget it.
Tammy was her name.
I didn't really know what
to do with Tammy after that.
So I waited for it to get dark.
My parents went to sleep,
and I took Tammy
upstairs to my room.
I spent three nights with Tammy.
But eventually, she began to rot
and deteriorate as they all do.
There seems
no amount of embalming fluid
can stop the inevitable.
[Alexis] Do you--
Do you ever have any guilt?
[man] I can't say that I did.
I suppose it's because I treat
them as the best of friends.
They provide me fulfillment.
I respect them for that.
I treat their bodies
better than maybe you have ever
been treated
in your life, Alexis.
You see, I don't
believe in the soul.
I believe
we are the flesh
we look at each
and every morning in the mirror.
You can't touch the human
spirit, but you can touch flesh.
-And flesh is beautiful.
Is that what you want
the headline to read?
[man] It has a nice ring
to it, no?
I'd probably...
go in a different direction.
Whatever you think
gets the most subscribers.
I don't doubt
that I'm not gonna find anything
as provocative as this ever.
Hmm. You just might.
[server] Can I get
you guys anything?
We are fine actually.
Thank you so much.
You've been so kind today.
[server] Just
call me if you need me.
Thank you.
-Where was I?
-You were saying there's more.
-[man] That's right.
Whose finger is this?
Now you're asking
the right questions.
Let's see here.
She is a sinner.
She's currently sleeping
with her sister's husband.
Well, that's shitty
but she doesn't
-deserve to die for that.
-Who said she's dead?
-Is she not?
Still very much alive.
But she doesn't
have much time left.
Fuck you.
And fuck this story.
You're sick.
Where is she?
I really think we should
get back to the story.
I believe that would
be better for everyone involved,
don't you think?
Good. Now...
where was I?
I was in my 20's and I was
really growing into an artist.
Not only did I find
the most beautiful canvases
the land had to offer...
but I would
turn each one of them
into my very own Picasso.
So, what got
you into Shakespeare?
I don't see a lot
of males in that class.
You noticed that too.
I'm a bit
of a romantic, I guess.
What about you?
Well, I was
in high school theater
and was asked
to play a part in Hamlet.
I liked the story
so much that I read more
and more of his stories.
I wanted
to understand everything
he wanted us to understand
about every character he wrote.
The words became sweeter
the more I knew.
Shakespeare was my first love.
Not the last, I'm sure.
This great love
you speak of,
is he in your past,
present, or future?
Is that your way
of asking if I have a boyfriend?
I suppose it is.
Well, I'm single,
so not my past.
Because I'm assuming
if he's my great love,
he wouldn't
be in my past
and obviously clearing up
my present situation.
So I guess I'd have to say
he's in my future.
Well, I'm in your future.
So, that could possibly
mean I'm your great love.
Any thoughts?
Well, that depends.
[eerie organ music]

[woman moaning]
S-- Stop, stop, stop.
[gasping for air]

[young man] Come on.
To die. To sleep.
To sleep for chance to dream.

I suppose you feel
better because you-- you what?
You appreciated them.
Now don't downplay
it so much, Alexis.
I did more than appreciate them.
I became
their greatest love
and they became mine
for a brief moment anyway.
Only to be forgotten again.
I mean, at least until
you find another great love.
And this cycle
starts all over again, right?
Becoming the love of one
does not make me forget
lovers I had before.
I merely moved on, so to speak.
Everyone does it.
Once a body dies
and begins to rot, we bury it.
And that place
in our heart in which they live
a great gaping hole.
And that hole must be refilled.
And I'm sure you've
refilled that hole many times.
Many times. Suppose
it depends on who you ask.
I don't think
we'd get two different opinions
on that,
regardless of who we asked
or how
I ask that question.
Don't speak too soon.
You'd be surprised
the answers you get
if you ask
the right questions
to the right people.
I would hope not.
[man] Well, let's agree
to disagree, shall we?
-I guess we have to.
-[man] Hmm.
[server] How you doing?
Would you like another?
I-- Top me off.
Yes, please.
And, um, a glass
of wine for the lady.
-Red, isn't it?
-[Alexis] Ros.
I trust you're
okay with another drink.
I could use
another one right about now.
-whose finger is that?
Still trying
to jump to the end, aren't we?
Give me something.
[man] Let's see.
I know.
This girl is currently
hooked to my machine.
This girl is a real winner.
She'll be my 25th.
Did you say 25?
The report
says there's up to 20.
Number 25.
That's a big deal.
Chose a special girl for this.
-Uh, a real winner.
-[Alexis] Yeah?
What's your idea of a winner?
My idea of a winner
is someone that gets
what's coming to them
and this one will.
[Alexis] Hmm.
The police believe the bodies
were all embalmed alive.
Different color hair,
makeup, costumes.
When was it that
you decided you wanted
to use embalming
as your method of murder?
Hmm. It's a very
good question, Alexis.
Occurred to me some time ago
that I was losing out
on precious time
to be spent with my loves.
They were already dead
by the time I started
my process so I decided
to try something different.
Embalming them alive.
[Alexis] Did they suffer?
[man whispers] Thank you.
It turns out
it's incredibly painful, yes.
Um, write this down.
The blood is replaced
with a formaldehyde
based solution,
which is pumped
directly through
the main arteries.
It would feel
as if their skin
were being broiled
right off of their bones.
My way of purging
their souls, if you will.
What a way
to treat your great loves.
Love is pain.
Isn't that what they say?
[Alexis] I wouldn't know.
My husband and I don't
cause each other pain.
Oh, sure you do.
Maybe not directly.
But indirectly,
Jeff and you cause
each other just as much pain.
Maybe more in some cases.
Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.
I'm also out there
purging people's souls.
I can see that in you, Alexis.
I see it within you.
What's that supposed to mean?
It means you
and I were not so different.
We're both artists.
I can't think
of a single fucking way
that we would be alike.
-Oh, I can think of several.
-[Alexis] Name one.
I fear that would take us
too far off of topic.
So you do have a fear?
Well, of course, I have fear.
I'd have to be inhuman
to not have fear.
Well, that
sounds about right to me.
[man] Hmm.
Do you care to hear
the rest of the story or not?
You are once quoted as saying,
"It is my job to see
everything that man produces."
Well, I'm a man
and I'm producing.
You produce victims.
I produce art.
Excuse me, for just one--
[gentle guitar music
playing over stereo]
[bar din]
[man clears throat]
The following summer, I decided
to enlist in the military.
Air Force to be exact.
It was a good gig.
I didn't have to wear a uniform.
I didn't have to be locked
behind some gate in some base.
I was allowed
to interact and roam freely
with the local population.
Lucky you, roaming freely.
Well, I was enjoying it,
if I must say so myself.
But something was missing.
By this time it'd been a few
years since I created anything
and I was really
starting to ache.
Then one day,
as fate would have it,
I was sent to Mexico
for some low-key research.
"Low key research."
Yes. Have you
ever been to Mexico?
[Alexis] I mean,
we're only a couple hours
from the border, who hasn't?
Well, I was a little bit
closer than just a few hours.
I was stationed
in a small border town.
I had no oversight.
I did have a translator
if I needed it,
but my Spanish was good enough.
I grew a beard, tanned,
just blended in.
Just a regular wolf among sheep.
Yeah. Yes,
I like that.
That's not a compliment.
Well, one night I saw her.
She was so beautiful
she could have been Miss Mexico.
Her hair and her skin.
I found myself wondering,
was her skin cold to the touch,
or had the Mexican
sun warmed it just enough?
I wanted her
right then and there
but I knew
that it would take time and...
I decided
to retire to my room.
But the more I stayed there,
I could hear her...
calling to me as
if she desired to be fulfilled.
So what did you do?
My anticipation was so great
that I knew I had to find her.
I started
my journey by going
from cantina to cantina,
until, as if fate
put her right there
in front of me there she was.
I found a seat in the back
of the bar and sat there
with my ceversa just
watching her, observing her.
Tell me, Alexis,
how is your Spanish?
It's not.
When they were
speaking about...
death and the brethren.
I heard a superstition.
One of the men said
something along the lines
of [speaking Spanish].
Which simply translated,
"the dead always come outta
the house feet first."
By positioning
their feet facing the door
they are
their own symbol of death.
[chuckles] I thought
it was clever at the time.
It's something
I still do to this day.
My-- hmm.
My first bit of a-- artistic
signature, if you will.
[Alexis] I see.
And the girl?
Came out of the house
feet first, the next day.
-No embalming.
-[man] No embalming.
-[Alexis] How did that feel?
Like something was missing.
How many victims in Mexico?
Just her.
I left the following
week and never even saw
an article about her.
Like most young women
that die in Mexico,
their lives are meaningless.
Throwaway canvases,
if you will.
As far as I'm concerned,
the most important part
of her legacy,
she will forever
be part of my legacy.
That's a real self-serving
way to think about it.
Not to mention
it makes you an asshole.
-[man] Does it?
-Little bit.
So be it.
[Alexis] So then what?
I left the military
and it was time to return home.
By this time,
both of my parents were gone
and someone had to take
over the family homestead.
The funeral home?
Yes. The funeral home.
Although it'd been out
of commission for some time
and the sign outside
no longer worked.
The one thing it did have
was a treasure chest
in the basement.
All the paints,
all the brushes,
all the embalming fluid
I could ever need.
The one thing it was missing...
Is that what
you call them? Your canvas?
[man] Magnificent.
Soul consuming canvas.
But I was so busy
with my grandmother
for the next few months
that I didn't really have time
to create any art.
You see, she had dementia.
She forgot
who she was half the time.
She would even
forget me from time to time.
I really cherished those final
months with her. But...
it was in her last day
that she truly captured
my imagination.
How so?
Well, she was from Ireland.
She moved to the States
when she was very, very young.
She would tell my mother
all the stories of the old land.
What kind of stories?
Uh, fairytales,
leprechauns and fairies,
and things of that nature.
The last day I went
in to visit her,
she was praying
at the end of her bed
and she jumped up, frightened.
She said that a banshee had
visited her the night before.
[Alexis] A banshee?
[man] Yes. Banshees
are said to be, uh,
moments of death
from the old land they--
they call out to those
that are just about to die.
[eerie instrumental
string music]

I am sorry to hear that.
So, is that why
all of your loves
are made to look
so unique?
[man] Yes, exactly.
You know,
the one thing the police
have never been able to figure
out is ever since that day,
I have a project picked out,
I'll paint
a portrait of a banshee
the same as my target
then sign it in blood.
Then I'll take
my painting home with me.
No one ever saw these paintings?
How often do
you look at your walls?
[Alexis] I mean,
maybe a lot more now.
Then what'd you do?
Her name was Amanda Carpenter.
I remember her.
The police haven't
released very much about her,
except that it was you.
Everything with Amanda
went perfectly as planned.
I left nothing for the police.
From the time that
I saw her in the park
with her friends
to the time that I returned home
with my painting,
everything went smooth.
I-- I admit,
I still get a little bit
of excited
when I think about Amanda.
She reminded
me a lot of...
This was the first time
I executed everything
to perfect precision.
I became a real artist that day.
Is that what was
so special about it?
This was the first time
I was able
to really create without anybody
looking over my shoulder.
My parents were gone.
I was no longer in the military
and I had no school
to report to.
I was my own man
coming into my artistry.
The first thing
I decided to do
was to come up with a plan,
something to set me aside,
to make me different
from other serial killers.
So many killers,
they're sloppy.
They leave bodies in ditches,
evidence everywhere.
Their biographies,
if I'm being honest, bore me.
I knew that I was better
than that, Alexis.
I know that I'm so much
better than that.
It's sad that you think so.
Is it sad
to have pride in one's work?
I mean,
over a decade
and not even close
to being captured.
You don't think
that's worthy of pride?
Whatever you say.
[man sighs]
When I had my plan figured out
and it was perfected,
I knew it was time to hunt.
That's when you found Amanda.
[man] Yes.
[operatic music playing]
I saw her running in the park
one day with a group of friends.
She really stood out
the way Miss America
stands out
amongst other contestants.
The way a dove stands out
amongst a group of pigeons.
She was my dove.
You know, doves
are said to mate for life?
[Alexis] Yeah. Well,
in your case, until death.

[man] I followed her
obsessively for weeks.
She had a schedule as most do.
You know when
you develop a schedule,
you're an easy target.
[Alexis] I see.

[Alexis] What happened next?
[man] It was the last day
of the work week, a Friday.
She always had weekends off.
I waited
for her to leave
and got all
of my equipment ready,
as an exterminator,
and snuck into her house.
[ominous organ music]
[Alexis] Why exterminator?
[man] No one really
looks at exterminators, Alexis.
I had everything that I would
need in a bag on my back.
Paints, brushes,
and embalming fluid.
[chuckles] Even these little
mounts that I found online
that I could use to pose
the bodies until they hardened.
It was perfect.

By this time, I knew
exactly what I wanted to do.
So I painted her portrait.
I snuck
into her house one night
to hang it on the wall.
I felt like
a kid before Christmas.
I couldn't help myself.
crept down the hall and looked
in on her room while she slept.
I thought about
how easy it would be to...
to kill her
right then and there.
I could just walk
right up, snatch her life.

[Alexis] Why didn't you?
[man] That wasn't part
of the plan.
If I killed
her right then and there,
people might
come looking for her
if she didn't
show up for work
and I wanted to make sure
that I got everything
executed in time
for my plan.
[Alexis] And she didn't
see the Banshee painting at all?

[man] They never do.


[screaming, sobbing]
[Amanda whimpers]

You'll love this.
I know it's hard
for you to see it right now,
you're gonna be amazing.
You see, Amanda...
you're dying right now.
You're rotting
from the inside out.
You don't even realize it.
What I'm doing...
it's for you.
I love you just the way you are.
your breath.
I wanna save that.
I wanna save you
for all eternity.
Give me just
a couple of minutes...
and we'll get started.
No matter...
how many times I do this...
it never--
never gets old.
Really don't want you
to be frightened.
You are not my first.
I know what I'm doing.
So don't you worry.
These are so cool.
[ominous organ music]
Now this...
a woman of your beauty,
I'm sure you never
had any thoughts or ideas
of fixing your imperfections
'cause you don't have any.
But this, this is a very,
very important tool
for what I do.
This is as Picasso
would say it,
I would rather you just use
your imagination for this part.

It's not really good.
Tendon here.

It's not you, it's me.
The banshee
I painted for her was based
on an old photo
of Queen Catherine.
The way she was poised
always stood out to me,
conveying inner strength
and beauty all at the same time.
I find that comical
that you would actually
consider strength an
admirable quality of a woman.
Inner strength in women
is very sexy, very intoxicating.
I posed her there in
the chair and waited for
her to regain consciousness.
Why would you wait for her to
regain consciousness if you had
intentions on putting
her on her in the first place?
When they regain consciousness,
Alexis, they can see,
they can hear,
they can feel,
but they can't move.
Quite the visual.
You can tell
so much from the eyes, Alexis.
I could tell by every
eye movement
what her body would do if--
Of course, it couldn't.
I softly whispered to
her what I was going to do next.
And as I did that,
a single tear rolled
from her eye down to her lips.
I made my first incision,
inserted the tube,
and ran into the bathtub.
Of course,
watching it while you're
choking them
is satisfying as well.
But something about
the embalming process,
it takes much, much longer.
I cherished those moments.
And recording to memory every
change in color,
every tear,
no matter how gradual
the change might have been.
God, the pain
she must have felt.
[Joe] She went
through a great deal of pain.
They all do.
The blood running from
her body to the tub
went from red to pink,
indicating her transformation
was almost complete.
I still had to do
her hair and makeup.
Luckily the average mortician
is well versed in cosmetology.
I got her dressed, matched
her hair and makeup perfect.
You know, to this day,
I can't think of a single thing
I could have done to
make her more exquisite.
I cleaned up,
grabbed my painting,
and took one last look
at her there posed in the chair
like the queen she truly was.
I really doubt
you left her feeling
anything like royalty.
Well, she looked the part,
if I must say so myself.
I left there a new man.
I left there an artist.
An artist with
a signature and all.
So what does that mean?
Where does that lead us now?
What does it all amount to?
The same thing it's been
every day since then.
A beautifully posed copy
of their own personal Banshee
feet facing the door,
of course.
Of course.
So that's 24
murders in your life.
You know, it includes your early
murders and your numbers?
No, I started to recount once
I officially became an artist.
Um, I decided I was going
to be a-- a new man made by,
but not dictated
by my earlier work.
If I'm being honest, I aspired
to be like my idol Dennis Rader.
That's BTK for your paper.
The amount of work
that he put in and the amount of
time that it took to do the work
that he did was fantastic.
If you really think about it,
he could have gone on forever.
It wasn't until
he walked into the office
and basically said,
"Hey, I'm the BTK killer."
That's art.
To go on as long as he did,
to ascend to a whole new level,
a new art.
Your ego is unreal.
How did-- how did
you stay hidden for so long?
What did you do besides kill?
One of the benefits of being
in the United States military is
you get the credit for every
bit of training that you take.
By the time I was separated,
I had a degree.
You are looking at a
investigative assistant for
a local law firm.
You're shitting me.
You've just been out here
in plain sight the whole time?
That's art.
You have
brought this full circle.
Yes, ma'am.
Can I get you a check?
Uh, no. Can I have
another one of these, please?
-Thank you.
-You as well, sir?
-I'm fine. Thanks.
So what's next?
Who is this "25?"
And then more important,
why is she so special?
When the media and
the law enforcement decided
to credit my work
to another man, I said,
"Joe, it's time to get
back out there and create."
That's when
I saw the perfect target.
At work.
That's a little on the nose for
any original artist like you.
Well, the classic are
classic for a reason, Alexis.
I knew I'd seen
her somewhere before,
but I quite couldn't place it.
So I pulled her information
and got her address.
-Just like that.
-Just like that.
Now once I have the address of
the target, this is the hardest
part about being serial killer,
if I'm being honest.
The amount of time
it takes into getting to
really know your target,
their families,
their eating habits,
do they work out?
Who are they fucking?
It's quite taxing
if I must say so myself.
I feel for you.
[chuckles] I really don't mind
the work, if I'm being honest.
So, apparently,
she was everything
you've been looking for.
She truly was.
It turns out I had
seen her somewhere before.
So I followed her obsessively
for weeks after that.
Another lonely woman,
easy prey.
You know, I'm sure that
being the coward that you are,
you would
choose a woman like that.
You know,
someone who doesn't have
anyone to care for
her if she went missing.
[Joe] You think so little of me.
I really do.
Well, then it should
make you happy to know
that she is married,
has a husband and a job.
A real artist prefers
to work hard not easy.
It's only when it looks
easy that it becomes effortless.
So do you feel like you achieve
something by leaving
a family behind to grieve?
Irrelevant. Emotion has
nothing to do with it.
Although I'm sure
there's certain
circumstances where
that might be different.
I'm-- I'm not sure yet.
So she's kidnapped
or incapacitated
elsewhere, but then if
you killed the husband
it would be 26 murders,
not 25.
My little Alexis still
trying to jump to the end.
-Kind of a habit.
-I bet.
Like I said, this project's
different for a lot of reasons.
I see a lot of things
when I stalk my canvases.
I get to know
who they truly are,
who they interact with,
what their work habits are.
The other side of it is you also
get to know their families.
You get a pretty good
glimpse into their world.
And this one's an adulterer?
Do you come across
that a lot in your line of work?
do you feel like you're
punishing them for their sins?
Their sins have
nothing to do with it,
although it-- it is a bit
entertaining from time to time.
I'm sure you get a real
kick outta that.
Mm, goosebumps.
Okay, so she's, um,
sleeping with her sister's
husband as well as her own?
Actually, she's sleeping
with her sister's husband.
Wait, wait, wait.
I'm confused.
I thought the woman
that you were following
that you have at your house
of horrors right now is--
wait, is not her.
-She is not.
-It's her sister.
She is.
I guess that's a twist.
Evil sister gets killed.
Loyal wife
lives to see another day.
Well, it's looking like that,
but it's a little
bit too early to tell.
What about
the husband in all this?
You prefer he to die?
But I'm not--
I'm not saying that.
I just...
I find it odd
that you would
replace one woman
with another woman
because of infidelity.
But it's only
the women that pay.
I see.
So you think I'm a sexist?
If the shoe fits.
Well, you'll be happy
to know that the husband
is not going unpunished.
But not dead.
Some fates are worse than death.
Such as?
I think you should
take my word for this one.
For now, I suppose.
But I guess
we're towards the end.
where is this all going?
What's next?
Do you consider
yourself a sexual being, Alexis?
That's none of your business.
All of this
honesty flowing from me.
The story of your career handed
to you on a silver platter and
you would deprive me
of one simple question.
I would deprive you of
anything you wanted from me.
Here I thought we were flirting.
I could blow
your whistle right now.
I could scream.
Why don't we do this, huh?
Let's play a game.
It's called "Does the man with
the God complex think he can get
away with it if I
scream right now?"
-That's a dangerous game.
-Don't like the odds?
I'd say they're
slightly in my favor.
How do you figure?
I'll tell you
under one condition.
That is?
You answer my question.
Are you,
Alexis, a sexual being?
I suppose I am.
Aren't we all?
Enough to keep your
husband happy at home?
Of course.
I guess your
relationship's a special one
beyond the temptations
of the flesh.
What the hell is this? Like,
what are you talking about?
I've got a finger for you too.
I can only continue, Alexis,
if you promise to keep it down.
No sense in losing your head.
it's so unbecoming of you.
-Thank you.
What the hell is this?
That is a picture of
your husband making love to
your sister at her home,
of course.
Where did you get this?
A little something I came
across while stalking my victim.
My sister is your victim?
So if she's your victim...
Keep going.
...I'm the original.
Why me?
I knew I'd seen
you somewhere before, Alexis.
And as beautiful as a piece of
art as you would've been,
I felt that your baby sister
deserved it
just a little bit more.
When was this picture taken?
This morning. The same
place he goes every Thursday.
Do you notice anything else?
Isn't she exquisite?
I-- I know
you can't see it very well,
but she truly
is beautiful, Alexis.
-Where is she?
-She's a true piece of art.
And your sister will be
just as breathtaking very soon.
Where is she?
She's ready to
get what she deserves.
I told you what I do
for a living, Alexis.
You're not a very good reporter
if you can't figure that out.
-She's at home.
-Did you give the shot?
Where's my husband?
Do you care?
Of course I care!
You'd save them.
That's a shame.
Well, I suppose we're
at that point where it's
time for you to make a choice.
What choice?
You can choose to rush
home and save them or you can
take that recording
device you have me and
plaster me all over the news.
Very clever to turn
it on when you did Alexis.
Either choice is fine with me,
but ultimately
it is your choice.
Even if I do
choose to save them,
what makes you think
I won't go to the police?
I'm fully prepared to
disappear all over again.
New city, new canvases.
Your fingerprints
are all over the table.
I rid myself off of
fingerprints years ago.
So I either save my family
or turn you in to the police?
Think about it.
Think about what this
story could do for your career.
You think I care more
about this story than my family?
I think you should.
I don't care what you think.
Think for one moment.
You could leave the story
here and try to save them,
would you ever look
your sister in the eye again?
Would you ever make
love to your husband again?
Or wait 'til morning.
Let me
finish my pice de rsistance.
You would be doing the city
a great favor, Alexis.
Don't you think?
I could just leave right now.
Call the police and scream.
I don't think
you thought ahead very well.
Well, I certainly
hope that's not the case.
Yeah. What exactly is
your backup plan?
This button will
start the embalming process.
By clicking this button, Alexis,
you will have killed them both.
They will be beyond saving
by the time anyone gets there.
How are we doing up here guys?
We are doing swell.
-I'll just take the check.
Thank you all for coming in.
-Enjoy your night.
-Thank you.
It's the least I can do.
So, decision time.
What's it gonna be, Alexis?
A story or...?
The story.
You know, for such
an intelligent woman, Alexis,
I'm surprised
that you're so blind
to the world that you live in.
What's that exactly?
Even after all of this,
you might be
still asking yourself,
"But why, Joe?
Why do what you do?"
Well, Alexis, you should know
more than most that we live in
a world, a very cynical world,
where we are told on TV
every day what to think,
what to believe, who to pray to.
I'm tired of living
in that world, Alexis.
Everybody has
mommy and daddy issues.
Everybody longs to be something
that they are not, Alexis.
But it is the few,
the select few like myself
that choose to
live outside of the lines
that society
has deemed acceptable.
You may be asking yourself,
"But what, Joe? What can we do?
What can I do, Joe,
to not be part of your art?"
I leave you with this.
Live your life.
Long to be infamous.
Long to be famous.
Reach for it,
see if you can grab it.
Do what it is in your heart
that makes you happy.
I know that I am.
Every day people live
meaningless, pointless lives.
Most of them
will be forgotten before
the dirt even
hits the casket, Alexis.
Not me.
Do you wanna know why?
Men like you.
Because I choose to
live outside the lives
that society
has deemed acceptable.
Because I choose to
do what's in my heart.
We all have mommy
and daddy issues, Alexis.
Do you think
that that has stopped
me from being who I truly am?
As far as I'm concerned,
the second that Mommy
and Daddy got outta the way,
I truly grew as the artist
that I always knew I could be.
I really long
to read your book, Alexis.
[ominous music]
[screaming] Oh my God!
No! No!
Oh God, no! No!
Oh ! Oh my God.
Oh my God.
[screaming] Oh my God!
Oh God!
[typewriter clacking]
[birds chirping]
[door closes]
Hey, I'm home.
All right.
Hey, you want some champagne?
Hey, how was it?
Huh? Nothing different.
Rich men, low brain cells.
Well, I'm gonna do laundry.
You need anything?
Yeah. Hold on.
Let me get my towels real quick.
-And guess what?
-It's so incredible.
[suspenseful violin music]
What? You're scaring me.
I'm gonna tell you to
do something and I want
you to listen to me.
Go to your car.
Go to your car.
I want you to run to your car.
I want you run to your car!
Run to your car and just drive
[indistinct] until I call you.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
Okay. You wanna play a game?
Let's play a game.

[music stops]
[birds chirping]
violin music resumes]
[knife drop clang]
God, no!
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
No! Oh my God.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.
[phone ringing]
Hello old friend.
I'm sorry I haven't
kept in better touch.
Been a bit of
a painting frenzy as of late.
Good to see
that our book has catapulted us
to the fame
that we both deserved.
Did you happen to
catch my last piece?
Took me a little bit
longer than I expected
but you can't rush art.
Anyway, ought
to be letting you go.
I'm sure you have
funeral homes to visit.
Books to write.
Until next time, beautiful.
["Habanera (Carmen)"
by Georges Bizet]
[lyrics in french]

[typewriter clacking]