The Mummy Rebirth (2019) Movie Script

- Sebek.
- Reheema.
- Sebek.
- Reheema!
- The
lost city of Saqqara,
home of the first man.
Built from clay.
U-khany Sesebek and
his love Reheema Mense
have been reincarnate
lovers for centuries.
Legends evolve over time.
No one knows exactly
where it all began.
A tale of two lovers
charged with great purpose.
A love meant to bring
about prosperity and riches
to the great lands.
A bond meant to be
carried out for eternity
centered around a stone mazar.
The two lovers charged
with great purpose,
fueled by an unbreakable bond,
maintained the cycle of
balance for centuries.
Great kings and gods clashed
all seeking the
lost city of Saqqara
and the power of the stone.
A different prophecy
has come to light.
One of wrath and vengeance,
and if ever unleashed,
the two scorned lovers
will bring about the apocalypse.
- You just couldn't
resist, could ya?
- We are treasure
hunters, right?
I mean, we can't just borrow.
- Free bird.
Free bird.
It's not nice to take things
that don't belong to you.
Why don't you come out
real nice and slow like?
We can kiss and make up.
- Daniela.
You mind telling me what
all the fuss was about?
- The lost city of Saqqara.
- A map.
- Not a map, the map.
This can't be.
Noe, take a look at this.
- That's disgusting.
- Just...
Would you?
Oh God, that's disgusting.
- Looks recent.
- That's not possible.
What are you doing?
- Every time you say
that's not possible
something impossible happens.
- That's...
That's absurd.
- Do you remember our
other cave guy, Bismak?
- Of course I do.
- Tall, kind, bit of an
oddball, but congenial.
What about him?
- He died getting us the
coordinates to this place
after you said that
it was impossible
the ancient priests of
Saqqara would dare think
to booby trap the entrance
to an embalming chamber.
- Well, now that you mention it,
I wasn't that fond of him.
- Mm.
Well, good thing he had a brother
who doesn't speak English.
- I found the map to the
lost city of Saqqara.
- Questionable.
- And you're going on
about booby traps.
- A man's death.
- And caves when we could very
well be standing in a place
that's over 5000 years old.
- 4800 B.C.
- Yeah, whatever.
- The lost city of Saqqara,
where the first
pharaoh was born.
- I went to the
same school as you.
I know the tales.
Pharaoh's would be charged
with reincarnating two lovers
to bring about a
plentiful harvest
and renewal to their kingdoms.
A cycle that must be continued
or risk the wrath of the gods.
- A risk that Pharaoh
Tesnemar did not heed.
He wanted their power
to live forever and got
greedy in the process.
Cursed his kingdom.
Blah blah blah blah blah.
- Be careful!
U-khany Sesebek.
- Hey, Biyombo, could you...
- What?
A seal.
- That's...
- The seal is odd.
- Odd as in good
or odd weird?
- I don't know, but I've never
seen markings like these.
And for this time period,
it seems inconsistent.
- I thought the
lost city of Saqqara
was of the old continent.
- Precisely, but this symbol.
It's unlike any carbon fiber
or protein I've ever seen.
I mean, the only thing I
have to compare it to...
That's not possible.
- Biyombo.
- Biyombo.
- Biyombo!
Hang on!
Do you hear that?
- He didn't bury Reheema in
the lost city of Saqqara.
- How can you be so sure?
- Because the lost city
of Saqqara isn't a city.
We are to be the
first to find Sebek.
That was the arrangement.
The tablet we found is
not of Egyptian origin.
That can only mean one thing.
- This is it.
- The power of the gods.
Seriously, look at you.
You didn't think I
came all this way,
tolerated your little
sandbox adventures, for what?
Treasures and riches?
The stone of Zahad is
the key to the one thing
that money cannot buy.
- Texts of Hades.
- Now.
If we're quite done with the
bravado and the pleasantries
please get on with it, my dear.
What have you found?
- Be careful.
- Obsidian basalt.
Used as a false mask to hide
the tablet's true origin.
- Are these men
really necessary?
- These men are part
of the Piyidi tribe
trying to protect their lands
from the principality
that keeps the rivers dry
and the people poor so
please show some respect.
- One can never be too careful
especially in a tomb
that predates the...
- Sager, our job
was to find Sebek
and conclude a search
that began ages ago,
a search for the
lost city of Saqqara.
- Well, I suggest
you do your job.
- This is...
This is it.
The encryption reads,
"follow that which
unveils itself in fire.
"And in light never before."
- Fire.
Are you sure?
It has to be something more.
- I didn't see that coming.
- You sure about this?
- If we find the lost
city of Saqqara first
we can renew the cycle.
What better way to stop
it, but from the inside?
Besides, you really
think it'll stop?
Be careful!
It's very rare to have an
unguarded tomb this far
from Anubis or even
the feet of Horus.
- What is this place?
- Hatusun.
The room...
of the in between.
- This place is cursed.
- Stay calm.
What are the men saying?
- The men believe
this place is pure evil.
- Hatusun.
There's something written here.
In this life or in the
depths of the underworld
- Calm.
Stay calm.
- Daniela.
Holy shit.
Do you think?
- It is Sebek.
- He looks scorched.
Oh my God.
- No.
No mummy I've ever researched
has appeared this way.
- They burned him alive
inside the sarcophagus.
- But there's a message here.
The path to life
begins with death.
And there's something else.
- Daniela.
They want you
to stop chanting the
evil words of a dead man.
Oh shit.
No time to site see!
- That's not possible.
- Let's talk about this after
we make it to the surface!
- We must seal this tomb.
- What about your men?
- The men knew
what they signed up for.
- We must this seal this tomb.
- No!
I have to find the stone!
We're close, I can feel it.
- If we don't seal this tomb,
Sebek will regain his power.
If that happens, there won't
be a world to live forever in.
- Go.
Forward, forward.
- These formations must
be over 10,000 years old.
- I think older.
- They said this
place belonged to Hades.
- In your stories, what was
the purpose of this place?
- It is said Sebek and Reheema
are to perform a ritual.
A sacrifice of true love.
- In my studies
we spoke of nahem,
but it meant great curse.
- There are many curses.
- Like one of reincarnation,
over and over and over again.
- No, it's much more than that.
- Your people are at war?
- My people are victims
of the evil regime.
It is not war if both
sides don't believe
they are on the side of good.
- Now that Sebek is
free, what of the legend
of your stories?
- I don't know.
It wasn't supposed
to be possible.
- We just woke an evil
creature from the dead.
I'd say everything's
on the table.
- He needs two things to
perform the sacrifice.
Something about that
pours from beneath
that may reveal it.
That's all I know.
- Chaka!
Come on!
Hey, come on.
Come on!
- No, Sebek controls the dead.
Reheema controls the living.
The wounds are effecting him.
We've gotta get him out of here.
- Come on.
- No, no, no.
Stop, Sebek, not live time.
Stop Sebek.
Go, leave me, leave me.
Go without me.
It's not enough time.
Stop Sebek, go.
Get outta here.
- I found something!
- They're right behind me!
- You must hurry!
- Disgusting!
- You were going to leave us!
- Be careful, I'm here
under still order.
As of now our business
is officially concluded.
You failed me far
too many times.
Because of you, I may have
lost the stone for good.
I trust that you can
find your way stateside.
- In what world would someone
like you be better than me.
You were playing the
living dead from the start.
- Let her go.
We have to find Sebek.
- No.
- What do you mean?
- I mean,
something tells me Sebek is
the least of our worries.
- Look at this.
Saqqara often referenced
as the lost city.
Believed to be located
under the Saharan Desert.
Said to be only accessible by
means of the Stone of Zahad.
Many have searched for
the city to no avail.
- The Stone of Zahad.
And Sager thinks
he'll be the first
to unveil this
wonder to the world.
But who is Zahad?
Why would his stones
convey so much power?
- Zahad translates
to all-knowing.
He must have been a
deity of some kind.
- And the Egyptian story
is lush with vegetation.
An Egyptian version
of the creation story.
- The stone must be the key.
- But not just any key.
A gateway between this
world and the underworld.
- For anyone to get a hold
of such a power if it exists
would be infinitely dangerous.
They could tip the scale
between who lives and who dies.
- Immortality.
True power.
Sebek's tomb was
away from Horus.
- Because he wasn't
of the royal court?
- No, no, I think we're missing
the bigger picture here.
- What do you mean?
- If Sebek is back
from the dead, right,
there's two questions.
First, where's Reheema?
Has she also been awakened?
And second, what does he
need to renew the cycle?
- Well, what does
he want with us?
- I don't know.
- Why would he spare your life?
- Maybe he blames us
for awakening him.
- Maybe he needs something.
Something that
only we would know.
Get down!
- It says here something was
used to sanctify Sebek's tomb.
- Sebek's tomb?
- The Scarab of Ra.
The Scarab of Ra!
- Wait for me!
- What took you so long?
- All the entry points
have been compromised.
That thing took
down an entire unit.
- That's not a thing.
It's her.
It's Reheema.
Nothing leaves this room.
Do you understand?
- Torch lights.
What do we have?
- I don't know.
- You, turn around.
Turn around, let
me see your hands!
- The Scarab of Ra is gone.
He must have come back for it.
- This is really bad.
It looks like something that
we would uncover on a dig.
- We have to go.
- Well, let's
figure it out later.
Let's get outta here!
What the hell did
we just witness?
- You know what, this
is significant, okay?
It's not a coincidence
that he's back here now.
- Well, let's
figure it out later.
Right now we have to go.
First we have to contact...
- Hello, little birdie.
Tell me what you know.
- I don't know what
you're talking about.
- The map.
The scarab.
Give 'em to me.
- Look, there is no map, okay?
We don't have time to be...
- Stop it!
- Seems like you're
employer wanted an upgrade.
Hey, love?
See, you took something
that doesn't belong to you.
- Crow, if we don't stop Sebek
from completing the ritual
then we're all dead.
- Not all.
Not all.
See, you don't get it, do you?
You're just a bird
fluttering about.
Fluttering around in your cage.
Get 'em to the truck.
Let's see if you weasel
your way out of this one.
- Sebek.
- Don't go to America, Vikka?
Don't go to America, Vikka!
Stay here, Vikka.
Learn about the wonders
of the world, Vikka.
Fulfill your destiny, Vikka.
That's strange.
- Sebek.
- Khufu.
- Sebek!
- Khufu!
Good, breathe.
Sebek is just an urban legend.
The tale of the first man
and woman creating you and I.
Where did you get this?
- The bedtime
story is real, yes?
- Show me.
Run, Khufu.
Take this to the others.
Let 'em know the
prophecy has begun.
- Stop.
- Is this really necessary?
Some detail you
have there, Sager.
- You know, my
grandfather, had character.
A meticulous man.
- Look who I found
snooping around.
- What a beautiful
family picture.
I was just explaining
how my grandfather
amassed the riches that
you're privy to today.
You see...
without chaos...
There can be no order.
You have something
very valuable to me.
- You left us in
that tomb to die.
- Sebek is trying to bring
about the apocalypse.
- The apocalypse?
Do you even know the
meaning of the word?
It means to reveal that
which was once hidden.
You know, my grandfather
was stationed
in Cairo during the war,
somewhere beyond the
outskirts of the city.
Met a traveling man, faceless.
- Is that?
- The Book of Hades,
god of the underworld.
- You keep it here?
What does it say about
the ritual, about Sebek?
The lost city of Saqqara?
- I used to stay
up late at night
listening to him speak
of the Stone of Zahad
and the ancient battles
of the pharaohs.
Kings and gods.
He spoke of one taking the
place of two to become all.
- Sager, he came to
the museum yesterday.
- Sebek?
- He took the Scarab of Ra.
- The Scarab of Ra?
- He's
here for the book.
- Go find him!
- We have to protect the book.
- It could only go back
to where it all began.
- What does that mean?
- You're a smart girl,
you figure it out.
- Watch 'em.
- He's here.
- Daniela, when this is all over
you and I are gonna have
to have a serious talk.
You've been saying some
really crazy things lately.
- It could only go back
to where it all began.
- What are you talking about?
- Sager.
He said it could only go
back to where it all began.
- So what?
- So even if he gets the book
we still no where to find him.
- And that will somehow
give us more time
to break the curse?
- Yes.
- He's still missing
something he needs.
- What is he missing?
He has the scarab,
he's here for the book.
What else does he need?
Where'd you get that?
- Sebek gave it to me.
- I can't, how?
- We have to get out of here.
No one is safe here.
Not today, sandman!
- Let's move, the book!
- Everything's ready to go.
- If you did your job then
we would have the stone!
- Sebek isn't going to the
tomb to resurrect Reheema.
- What do you mean?
- He's going to the
tomb to stop her!
- And what would
happen if he does?
- The lost city and everything
inside will be lost forever.
- These helicopter blades,
makes it a little
hard of hearing.
Makes me all crazy.
Got me all foggy.
- I didn't see a damn thing.
- We cut them off in
the desert up ahead,
but we do this my way.
- But what happens
when we catch 'em?
- I don't know, be creative.
Take the next chopper out,
but take out the trash.
Let's go!
Immortality awaits!
- We won't...
- Sager's a maniac.
We have to find Sebek.
- I think we just did.
- Stay here.
- Stop!
- Hey.
Did I get him?
- You died.
The stone saved you.
- I don't understand.
- It doesn't have
any power left.
It doesn't have any
power remaining,
but I think this is
how Sebek is able
to regenerate his life force.
- We have to stop Sebek
from completing the ritual.
- Yeah, come on.
- Pull up.
Pull up.
Pull up!
- On your back.
Prepare for...
- Don't move.
- Sager.
We have to stop Sebek from
completing the ritual.
- You just don't get it, do you?
You are the ritual.
- What are you talking about?
- The stone was filled
with Sebek's life force.
Without it...
Sebek can't complete the ritual.
Sebek is alive.
His power can be
gained by another.
I shall have everlasting power.
- Hold on, Noe.
- What do you
want me to do with him?
- Bring him.
He'll be useful
where we're going.
Hello, little friend.