The Mummy Resurrected (2014) Movie Script

The Mummy resurrected
- Maggie.
- Hello.
I need you inside,
Geri did a version...
HieroglHfica the "Pictionaria".
Can you believe it?
Did he really come?
Santa arrives at the hotel tonight at 18:30.
Do you think a vigil
outside is a good idea?
Am I being childish?
Considering how they should be here...
Been waiting for two days.
I know, I should not be so excited, but...
- I can not contain myself.
You know,
plus occasional photos...
You have not seen... or heard of it...
In almost 20 years.
I just want you to control
their expectations, that's all.
If this does not correspond to the same...
- Enthusiasm.
- Of course.
It's my father.
I hope so.
You can not know for sure how someone is.
I think so.
And how do you know?
I can feel it.
Always have these feelings?
Yes, I know of no person
in their right mind would do that.
We should not enter?
She tried, I'll wait out here.
And you will lose all the drama
Geri game invented?
They will not come?
I spent all night doing this thing.
His father will finally arrive.
- Seriously, is it?
- Yes
- Now?
- Girls.
Let's go.
- I know.
- You can enter?
- Please?
- Okay, and you listened.
At long departure.
Okay, listen.
The party is over.
Girl, look at you.
What a beautiful woman you've become!
- Hello.
- Come here and give your old man a hug.
You look like your mother.
I loved her more than his own life.
Which means...
I'll love you even more.
I see you brought the whole
class of "moral support".
Mr. Tralane, nice to meet you finally.
I've heard a lot about you.
Of course.
You can not leave a mark that lasts.
If you always walk on tiptoes.
Father, this is Veronica Korvac.
Yes, I am eternally grateful.
You know, I do not think it would been able
to bring my daughter here without you.
It's a pleasure to finally meet you, too.
I am a big fan.
Ever since.
Looks like I have some of those days.
'M Geri... Grant.
Yes, of course you're the...
The girl who found the last two
burial sites.
- That's right.
- Well, I must say I'm a fan of yours.
Very well, dear.
Well done.
Last but not least...
Sara Winchester.
Kelly Kennedy.
Look at you.
It's so refreshing.
It is so refreshing to work again with...
Spirits so young and full of energy.
Now who wants to come with me for a drink?
You must have had a very long journey,
surely you are tired.
It does not matter.
Okay, how about...
The update.
Long ago.
Well, this is your room.
See you in the morning.
Before you go,
I have something for you.
Not the original.
He has been missing for decades.
But it is an excellent copy,
1 of 2 replicas in your hand.
Where did you get that?
I've been in many places.
I managed with some Armenian friends.
It was expensive, but worth it.
Cartography is amazing.
Looks like we're in the same place.
I think you get the idea.
But I really need that Miss
Winchester and you translate the terms.
Unless you can.
No, you stay with it for now.
I hope you do not try to bribe me.
I know I have not done
a good job for you.
And I'm sorry.
But although it sounds clichfi.
I had my reasons.
Let's go.
I forgot.
We're together now.
As I hope will be for a long time.
If you depend on me, baby.
Will be forever.
'M Madu, his connection with the SCA.
Sorry for the intrusion.
But I can not take them
to the region tomorrow.
And, for your own safety...
I revoke your permission.
There is evil in the Valley.
A great, great evil.
He swore that all who come to the Valley.
Raiders of the unspeakable.
"Never come back".
Sorcerer Valley.
Now I see why your guides
government does not want to go.
But you will. Right?
You are not afraid of old superstitions.
Border guards in Libya are not a myth.
They make many excursions along the border.
More than anything at night but...
At times during the day.
Looking for prey.
As you and your group.
In this case, we are not just guides.
We are also...
I need more money.
And early
$ 700.
Not a penny more,
half now, half in return.
And where do we take it?
I'm sure there will be many
who would like to earn $ 700.
I think the term is...
"We have an agreement."
Come on everybody time to load things.
Mr. Madu retired.
So we had to find an alternative.
They are able to get a license?
We do not need one now.
My father and I will
take care of that later.
Do not tell me that you took the
Kool-Aid after a day.
It does not form part of the same...
Archaeological excavation in this country.
Much less carry one.
He leads, I do.
Then act in the rules, so you do not...
Ruin his career before it began.
Come on, we'll be fine.
They are very strict about
excavations in this country.
You know, Tralane know.
I know what, honey?
You need a license.
No, if you will only find the tomb.
We'll be fine,
while we do not change anything there.
Right? We can not miss the day..
I do not know, it sounded version
archeology of "just the tip".
And we all know how
you enjoy playing it.
Sorry Teacher.
- Yes?
- I've seen it.
And it seems that a part of it, is lost.
- Seriously?
- Yes
All pages after
Van Heim reach the tomb.
It is as if they had been removed.
You're right.
It seems my Armenian friends were mild.
They sold me damaged goods bastards.
Now what?
The story is there for us to write.
Made all the lists?
I think we should leave the team.
Not even enter the tomb.
Just make sure to fill your water bottle.
We need to stay hydrated here.
- Well, come on.
- Okay.
What was that?
Nothing my dear, nothing.
Just go walking.
Come on, now, now.
We should...
So what was this great evil...
Mr. Madu was so afraid?
Just nonsense.
They helped create the
mystery that is Egypt.
Seemed very convincing.
Surely you have the
determination to Tralane.
In the old days there was a...
Great Wizard.
A king or queen...
That... was erased from history forever.
A great, great sorcerer.
He had no name, no name.
And who said that his name
could disappear from life.
Something worse than death, nothing.
To resurface again in the other world.
And that is what we seek?
That, dear,
is what you will find.
Let's go?
Hey, here.
You see the hieroglyphics destroyed
at the entrance of the tomb?
Was to confuse the messengers of Anubis.
Come on, come on.
Here it is.
I can not believe he's here.
What does this mean in
the old Van Heim now?
Hey, wait a second.
And if we return to the village
to see if you get a license?
- Now?
- I do not want to miss this discovery.
By a simple procedure.
I said I would not enter the tomb...
here is allowed.
And I meant it.
I'm the boss, remember?
Yes, sorry boss.
What are they doing,
is not yet time to go...
Has sun for hours.
Insurance is nothing.
You continue to work and I did.
Something wrong?
It seems that something is wrong.
- All is well.
- It looks very ugly.
Let's take a look.
It's not safe here now.
Do not waste my time.
I see nothing.
Probably, just want to take
the money from his father.
They do it all the time.
What is this cloud of dust?
Seems chenado close.
Cloud of dust?
- Seriously?
- Whatever.
Surely will only follow your path.
We are here at the top, right?
Come on, do not we have more
important things to do?
Yes, we have.
Come on, we'll be fine.
My dad will not let anything
bad happen to us.
Libyan guards are here.
Shut up, we're here.
They are here now.
Take care of them.
Come see, come.
I thought you translated this.
Well, all arranged.
See, false alarm.
Yes, of course.
They wanted to talk about charges
additional and extra work hours.
More importantly, what happens here?
At this time, nothing.
Looks like someone is a little rusty.
I think it should be on a wall.
Yes, it was all too good to be true, right?
Things are a bit cryptic at the moment.
After researching.
I discovered that the key
is in building the car.
Although it is not imaginary.
Then, the letters "AMAMPMD".
- So the word "bear".
- Bear.
It is written in the
margin on the car floor.
Set the car.
The assembly in the car.
Or inside the bear.
They are colloquial 17th century.
Track or any other words of wisdom?
That's it.
He wrote that when he opened the tomb...
The sun had set,
with his guards left.
Then there are a couple of pages...
Was so excited, I could not sleep.
He was vigilant in heaven
that guided me.
But nothing more.
Set the car.
- Or Bear?
- Perhaps talked about...
The car, you know, part of Ursa Major.
The Bear.
In their language, the car...
It is known as the "plow."
The cart.
That seems like a constellation.
The Egyptians called the eternal rocks.
They feared that the constellation
disappeared in the night sky.
And that symbolized eternity.
And these letters, "AMAMPMD".
Supports for the first seven stars.
The key is the order of star formation.
What the hell was that?
Seemed fireworks.
Seemed more shots.
I think our guys are under attack.
- Who attacked?
- I don't know.
I don't know.
Oh. Shit.
- They are coming, they were killed.
- What?
- Who comes?
- I have no idea.
- Who comes?
- Fuck that.
I'm here!
- What if you were arrested?
- You know, I could not tell you.
Come on, God!
A small detail, so...
How close the door?
Even though we did not discuss the matter.
- Get in there.
- Okay.
Now what?
Only hope.
While they can not enter,
we'll be fine.
I want to make a practical question.
What happens when you do not
get to the hotel tonight?
Not sent someone?
There was an official guide.
Nobody knows we're here.
Do not worry dear.
We'll be fine.
I was in a situation
There are similarly many years.
And emerges victorious.
Was in Sudan.
I was stuck for days.
I take that as a "yes"?
Maggie did not want to tell you...
"l told you."
So do not tell
Well, it's just a setback.
A setback is...
Waking up with a hangover,
20 minutes before a test.
This is crazy.
It's an adventure.
Imagine what this will be for
forever in our memories.
If you survive the time
enough to write.
Clueless, come on, we'll be fine.
I will, I promise.
Trust me.
Maggie, I trust in you.
He would not let anything bad
happen to us.
He would not, I know.
- I'm your daughter.
- Hey.
Best to come here.
- How is he going to do?
- Look at that.
Went there without saying anything?
Should have prevented?
At a time when his father
was talking about...
Being stuck in a tomb.
And found a back door to exit.
And then he started talking
with Winchester in German.
Two seconds later.
This guy is a gem.
He passed expeditions before we were born.
I'm sure he knows what he does.
I am afraid.
This is a way out then?
If so, he would have gone.
Probably just takes you to one
deepest place of the tomb.
We must go after them.
Yes... you are the daughter of his father.
I'll go with you.
Geri. Maybe better
if you stay here.
I've been on other expeditions,
you know.
I have a good idea what to do.
I'm sure, but...
We need someone to stay here.
With them.
More memories, right?
They must be joking.
They could disappear into thin air.
What's down there?
A narrow corridor.
Like your father did to pass around?
He knows how to pass through
of a tight spot.
It is determined, yes I admit.
That's it.
Let's go?
Hear that?
- What?
- It sounded like a growl.
- As a lion.
- Please.
They were a long time already?
I have no idea.
They should not mind
I need something
To calm myself.
Where did you get the grass?
- In hotel.
- You can not smoke it here.
Sure, I have a recipe.
That means nothing in Egypt.
When you're in jail,
teach your recipe.
Do not worry,
I'll finish before returning.
Or you wanted some?
She is already a paranoid hypochondriac.
Want to do worse?
- I'm not paranoid.
Just heard a growl.
Was right about the dust cloud.
Look, if I had listened,
we would not be stuck here.
Are you sure?
Can calm your nerves.
- No thanks.
- What a shame.
Works great for me.
As if you had any
reason to be nervous.
Hey, I do not have to
justify myself to you.
I had things that no girl should have.
Things to fuck your life.
June 14, 1995.
I will never forget.
Attacked a hospital in Chernobyl.
I was with my mother.
She was executed in front of me.
For the next two days.
I was locked in a room
with dead and dying.
I do not feel good inside.
It helps me deal with it.
Try a little?
Believe me, a little bit and...
I left completely relaxed.
Will help you forget all those sounds.
Let's go.
A city girl like you
never traveled before?
Father, my God.
I was very scared.
It is quiet, there is no
reason to be alarmed.
- We are well.
- What were they thinking?
I can not believe
you just go out like that.
We have enough problems?
Not a bit, dear.
We track the most fantastic discovery.
Let's go.
Look, Maggie.
True High Priest and Guardian...
Actually, I think.
And the answer must be the secret here.
- This is amazing.
- Yes
Oh, my God.
Through the mutilation of
the body is secured...
As not to arouse the spirit world.
The remote location is to
prevent messengers from beyond.
According to legend, the
anonymous had no intention...
Go to the Kingdom of the Dead.
Instead, the wait here
grave for millennia.
Until the day that would be
risen again.
In the mortal world.
Teacher, and on the door that said Geri?
Yes, of course.
If this tomb was built as the others,
and I think it was.
Workers should be close to the camera.
Great, where do we find it?
- You hear that?
- What?
Seemed a scream.
Kennedy seemed...
Geri? I am here.
What happened?
Are you okay?
MY God, Maggie.
She is dead.
My God.
She is dead.
We're screwed.
I wish I could do something.
For starters, the fantasy
of father and daughter...
Get over it.
Now it's a nightmare.
That's not fair.
If not, why Kelly is dead.
It's not your fault, it was an accident.
Maggie, all are guilty.
All came here and we should not.
It's like he wanted to happen.
Nobody wanted the Titanic hit the iceberg,
but it happened.
Maggie, I do not know what kind of
control he has over you.
But you have to react.
From now on,
if he wants to go it alone, leave it.
We were in the group.
We leave it to us.
I hope all is well back there.
Probably Miss Kennedy
wanted a little attention.
Maybe we should go see.
Whatever you want, dear.
I'll be more useful here.
What was that?
I think it is an incantation used to
the resurrection process.
Can you imagine that?
What happened?
Ask her,
was she who drugged Kelly.
Why would grass to Egypt?
I did not bring, I picked up at the hotel.
This drove her crazy.
Hey, I also smoked and I did not freak.
Not everyone reacts the same way.
You know.
I'm telling Maggie was not the grass.
Nothing happened to me.
Something happened to her, it was clear.
The second was good.
And before he could move,
ran out of here.
We heard screams and...
Then everything fell apart.
Come on, let's find the rest.
True, we took our
things and go.
Wait, what do we do?
We'll have to leave it here.
Only until we can return
with the authorities.
And how do we do this?
There are guys with guns at the door.
Never leave here.
We will face them or we will die here.
Come on, do not say it.
I know you want to get out of here.
Heard my father, They've been
in situations like this before.
I know he knows how to get out.
Let's get our stuff and go.
Oh, great.
I really think we should go back.
Why do not we see where it leads?
- I don't know.
- And your sense of adventure?
Trust me, we'll find
is fascinating.
What about the rest?
Now we come.
There is only one place to go.
As you wish.
I can not believe,
is anyone there?
Just do not panic.
There must be another way.
There is always an opening somewhere else.
God, do not panic,
do not panic.
Thank God.
Ready, 9-
Sara?, Father?
Professor Sara?
Professor, what are you doing?
Are you okay?
Ronnie, are you okay?
Ronnie, talk to me.
- Ronnie?
- Maggie, thank God it's you.
Ronnie, my God, you scared us.
You find here and we think
you were having seizures.
Do not know what to do.
Sorry, do not know what happened.
It is as if I had passed out.
Nonsense, you have nothing
to apologize for.
Fortunately, you're fine.
All that matters.
Must remain hydrated
with so much stress.
Drink water. All we drink.
We do not want you drown.
I had never been so
scared in my life.
Alright now, you're with us.
Where is Sara and her father?
I do not know, they were not here.
Why can not sit still?
This is something that I wondered
all my life.
Ok, so...
What's the plan now?
Keep looking.
And we find this mysterious secret exit.
Maybe there's a clue here.
When you find them, we have to leave.
We should not go to
actual burial chamber.
- Of course.
- I'll take your word...
I do not think your
father has the same goal.
- Of course.
- Seriously?
Oh no!
Oh, come on!
Maggie has problems,
there must be something in the air as...
A microbacteria.
And the more we are...
Exposed, more likely to end...
Now what?
- We take one of these passages.
- Father?
- Just relax.
- Hey.
- We parted?
- No.
We must stick together.
Come on, it's okay.
We will.
What are you doing?
I don't know.
I can not go there.
Nothing will happen, you should only
is therefore dragging
turns into a large tunnel.
Come on, Maggie is ahead.
I'll help it go, alright.
Shit, there is no escape.
Feel that?
The fresh air.
My God, we did it.
We could.
Oh, my God!
Now we have to seek help.
Maybe we could go back to the village.
You go on without me.
- What?
- I gotta get back in there.
Trying to find my father.
Maggie, three of our
friends have died there.
- It is very dangerous.
- I have to find it.
Not. Maggie, please.
You do not think clearly.
Yes, I think.
Ronnie, you can not control
all situations.
This has nothing to do with control.
It is common sense.
Not Ronnie, control is all about you.
You control everything and everybody.
Remember, in Washington,
when everyone left our project?
It was not because it was too difficult.
Was it because you were.
You're my best friend.
I love you like a sister.
You know I'd do anything for you.
But sometimes...
You need to let go.
I'm sorry, but...
I'm staying here, there is no
way to go again
Ronnie, where are you?
Ronnie, are you okay?
Down here.
Are you okay?
Yes, I think so.
Do not think I've broken anything.
Is there a way out?
No, I think not.
Oh, my God!
- Oh, my God!
- What?
It is a type of burial room.
Maggie, do not leave me here.
I do not want to die here.
You will not, I swear.
Wait a minute.
I'll find one for you.
Magnifico, right?
Oh, my God!
I can not believe it's you?
- Are you okay?
- Of course I do, dear.
I thought I would not see you.
Of course.
Maggie, back please.
Let's go.
See Maggie, the Nameless
Tara, daughter of the sun.
Monarch of the North and South.
Queen of Egypt.
Maggie, please help me!
Maggie, help me!
Oh, my God!
Help, help me!
My God, we're in trouble,
should go.
Silence, dear.
- Do not worry.
- Please.
Please, Ronnie is in danger,
we have to go.
Please, we're in trouble.
You have to help me now,
she will die.
Will you kill me?
Without you, none of this
would have been possible.
Now, my queen.
The Resurrected Mummy