The Mummy's Curse (1944) Movie Script

Hey, you
with the naughty eye
When you pass us by
we just have to cry
Hey, you, yoo-hoo
When we see your smile
and the sweet profile
We dream all the while
of you
Hey, you
till we meet again
At the Place Madeleine
on the rue de Lorraine, we two
And if you care for me
and be my sweet chri
I'd go for you
Hey, you
With the naughty eye
When you pass us by
we just have to cry
Hey, you
When we see your smile
and that sweet profile
We dream all the while
of you
Hey, you
Till we meet again
At the Place Madeleine
on the rue de Lorraine, we two
And if you care for me
and be my sweet chri
how I'd go for you
Tante Berthe,
you sing plenty fine.
Maybe someday pretty soon
you get tired being wife
to little guy like Ulysses
and you marry me, yes?
Not much fun
being married to a man
twice as old as yourself.
That will fix you, Cajun Joe.
Maybe now
you keep your mouth shut.
Hey, your wife,
she's not changed mind yet.
But pretty soon I be rich man.
Mm. For small guy, I make
plenty more money than you.
Yeah, Tante Berthe,
she's making the money
with her singing.
You good only
for wash-a dish.
Say, you get to be a rich man
at working as foreman
in swamp clearing?
Yeah, when the job's finished
in the swamp clearing,
I take my money and
get me a good pair
of fishing ground in bayou.
The work in the swamp,
she is finished now.
What for you say that?
'Cause nobody is
so crazy to work there
and you know why.
No, Achilles,
you tell me why.
On the night when
the moon is so high
in the heaven,
the mummy
and his princess,
they walk.
Crazy, foolish!
Where he is, huh?
Maybe the mummy got him!
The loup-garous,
they don't want no more
diggin' in the swamp.
I go back, pick moss.
But I no work
in the swamp, never.
Me neither.
I no go to the place.
Achilles is right.
This place,
she's-a haunt.
Oh, waste up.
You listen to me, I know
better from all of you.
I been pearl fishin'
this place
for over 30 year.
Long ago, there was a mummy
like you say and he
take a girl in the swamp.
But that was 25 year pas'.
Can't you people get it
through your heads
that the government
is draining that swamp
for your benefit?
For the sanitation and health
of your families?
You know what I mean, Hill.
It's up to you to get
those men back to work.
Mr. Walsh!
We are the ones
that have to understand.
These men are convinced
that the swamps have
got a curse on 'em.
Don't give me any of that
childish business, Hill.
You're the foreman
around here.
Get those men back to work.
Ask him
where Antoine is.
Oui. You think it's
childish business.
Everybody knows the place,
she is haunted.
Antoine, he disappear
last night.
Maybe he went to
Tante Berthe's Cafe
and got drunk.
No, he no go to Tante Berthe.
He stay on the job.
Everybody know that
work on the swamp,
he catch hard luck
on his family
and children's children.
Too many people,
they go in the swamp,
they never come out.
That's nonsense
and all of you know it!
When you consider, Mr. Walsh,
the swamp hasn't changed
for hundreds of years, it's...
Then it's a good thing
we started doing something
to remedy matters.
I don't care how you
go about it but get those men
back on the job right away.
That's all.
I'm looking for
a Mr. Walsh.
That's me.
My name is Halsey.
Dr. James Halsey
from the Scripps Museum.
How are you?
This is my colleague
and associate,
Dr. Ilzor Zandab.
How do you do?
The Scripps Museum, eh?
Now, what can I do for you?
I have
a letter of introduction
that will explain.
Come in the office.
I don't get this at all.
'Sides, I happen
to be rather busy.
I merely wanted
to present our credentials
and ask your cooperation.
What for?
Well, you're head of the
engineering project here.
We've been sent to recover
the mummies of Kharis
and the Princess Ananka,
believed to be buried
in these swamps.
Look, mister.
I've got trouble enough
with these people
and their superstitions.
What's more, I'm not gonna be
annoyed by college professors
gettin' in my way.
Diggin' for mummies!
If I promise not to
get in your way,
Mr. Walsh?
I'll advise you
not to.
Dr. Halsey, has not
permission been secured
by the Scripps Museum
to excavate and explore
these swamps?
Museum or no museum,
this work cannot be delayed.
Mr. Walsh,
you won't be delayed
in the slightest.
In fact,
we probably won't start
until after your
work is done.
And the swamp sections
are drained.
In that case,
Dr. Halsey's expedition
won't be in our way at all.
Now, you stay out of this!
Just because you're upset
is no reason to be
unfriendly to them.
Look, I've had enough
argument for one day!
You be sure and check on those
requisitions for more cable
and another derrick.
Good day, gentlemen.
I'll just be
a few minutes, Betty.
Thanks for helping us out.
But you shouldn't talk back
your boss like that.
You're liable
to get fired.
You mustn't mind Uncle Pat.
Oh, your uncle?
He isn't nearly as unpleasant
as he appears to be.
Say, what makes you so sure
that these mummies
are buried in this swamp?
Because many years ago,
the mummy carried off a girl.
Pursued by
the townspeople and
the sheriff's posse,
he made for the swamps
right in this locale.
And that, Mr. Walsh,
is a matter of record.
The newspaper files
of The Bayou Times
carried long descriptive
accounts of the event.
You expect me
to believe a story
as fantastic as that?
As a matter of fact,
the Egyptians themselves
doubt the legend of Kharis.
But nevertheless,
a small group in Egypt
did harbor the mummy
through the centuries.
And he's been traced
right here to this country.
In the dictum of the fathers
it is written:
"Truth will flourish
in fantasy,
"only to wither and die
in what you are pleased
to call reality."
Yes, and speaking
of reality, Ilzor,
I think it's time
we started getting
Something terrible
done happened.
What is it now, Goobie?
They just find him dead!
At the edge of the pit
on the edge of the swamp.
These unnecessary
Oh, no, sir,
he was killed!
What do you mean?
And the workmen,
they're getting
mighty scared, sir.
They're gonna quit.
Find Cajun Joe. He knows
how to handle these people.
Yes, sir.
He's probably at
Tante Berthe's Cafe.
Bring him in
as quick as you can.
Yes, sir.
Get Dr. Cooper.
Master Joe! Master Joe!
Master Walsh is
lookin' for you.
Why do he want me for?
"Find a lizard on the grave,
'tain't no charm
your life would save."
Hey, what are you
talking about, Goobie?
They just find Antoine
in the big pit
with a knife in his back.
I don't know how it could've
happened with all these men
workin' around here.
How long has he
been dead,
Dr. Cooper?
I can't say definitely.
But I'd judge
at least 24 hours.
He must've been
murdered yesterday
and the body left here.
The devil's on the loose!
Maybe soon
we'll all be killed.
Mr. Walsh!
Will you come
here a minute?
What does that
look like?
It looks like
a hole in the ground.
No, no.
Come down here and
take a better look.
Hey, looks like
the imprint
of a man's body.
A big man too.
Not an ordinary man's body,
Mr. Walsh.
Unless I'm mistaken,
a mummy was buried here
until a bulldozer
uncovered it.
Oh, Ilzor,
I want you to see this.
What do you think
that is?
Might be part
of a wrapping
from a mummy.
But it will take
a full microscopic test
to make certain.
The devil's on the loose and
he's dancin' with the mummy!
See what I told you, Joe?
The loup-garou is
plenty mad.
Only crazy people
dig in the swamp.
He's right!
The swamp is haunted
by the mummy!
How many time I told you,
the mummy
he's-a no scare nobody.
Let's all stop
the nonsense!
If this cloth wrapping
proves authentic,
whoever found the mummy
must've murdered Antoine.
The whole story's
Perhaps not as fantastic
as it seems, Mr. Walsh.
Joe, go into town
and notify the authorities
of Antoine's murder.
Master! Master!
'Tis you, Ragheb.
Yes, Master.
The hours of the night
are few.
Lead the way, quickly.
Look, Master.
The path leads
right up the hill from
the very swamp edge.
But the mummy cases,
where are they?
Safely hidden
in the monastery.
You couldn't have
carried them up alone.
No, I've had help.
You've been told
to work secretly!
Those who helped
will not talk.
I trust you silenced
them less noticeably
than you did Antoine?
With Antoine I had to
act quickly, Master.
This time their bones will
long be turned to powder
before our secret
is discovered.
The hours do not linger.
It is good.
Yes, Master.
My robe.
But where is Kharis?
Over there, Master.
you shall rise again
to find your
Princess Ananka.
That is our vow to you.
Kharis will soon be ready
to return to life
and movement.
Yes, Master.
Now, where is the copper box
and the sacred brazier?
They are here.
Open it.
There you will find leaves
of the ancient tana tree.
Yes, Master.
Give three to me.
Three leaves
to keep his heart beating.
Once, each night,
during the cycle
of the full moon,
we will dissolve
three tana leaves and
give the fluid to Kharis.
Yes, Master.
Once each night
during the cycle
of the full moon.
And nine leaves each night
to give life and movement.
Nine leaves each night
to give him
life and movement.
And now,
by this medallion
of the late priests
of Arkam,
you will swear
to the ancient
gods of Egypt
that you will not
betray your trust.
I swear by the mighty power
of Amon-Ra,
whose anger
can shatter the world,
that I will not
betray my trust.
Now that you have sworn,
the time has come
when you must learn
the purpose of our mission.
You will look back with me
across the years
that pass like vapor
before thine eyes.
Over 3, 000 years ago,
the Princess Ananka died.
She was buried
with all the ceremony
due her exalted station.
Ananka's father,
King Amenophis,
bid her her last farewell.
And thus,
the Princess Ananka was
placed in her tomb.
Kharis, a prince
of the royal house
who loved Ananka,
looked on in grief.
His devotion was so great
that he refused to believe
she was lost to him forever.
Kharis broke into
the altar room to steal
the secret of eternal life
from its hiding place
at the feet of Isis,
the goddess.
With that, he knew he could
bring Ananka back to life.
Daring the anger
of the ancient gods,
he stole
the forbidden tana leaves.
Returning to the tomb
of his beloved,
to restore her once again
to mortal state,
Kharis was discovered
by guards who seized him.
For it had been decreed
that whoever defiled
the temples of the gods
should meet a cruel
and violent death.
And never should
his soul find rest
unto eternity.
Such was the curse
of Amon-Ra,
king of all the gods,
upon Kharis.
And for the sin
he had committed,
he was condemned
to be buried alive.
But first,
they cut out his tongue
so the ears of the gods
would not be assailed
by his unholy curses.
Then all trace
of sinful Kharis' identity
was destroyed.
And he was buried alone
on a remote hill,
far beyond
the Valley of
the Seven Jackals.
With him was also buried
a great quantity
of the forbidden tana leaves.
As slaves covered
the accursed burial spot,
a signal from the high priest
moved the warriors to action.
The slaves were killed
so that they could not tell
what had taken place.
Later, the priests
removed Kharis
from his unholy grave
and placed him in a cave
on the other side
of the mountain,
together with
a large quantity
of the tana leaves.
It was ordained by
the great god Amon-Ra
that Kharis
should remain immortal,
and that his heart
should beat throughout
For his tomb
guarded the passageway
to the sacred resting place
of Princess Ananka.
And thus, none but
the priests of Arkam
knew where
Kharis was buried.
For over 3,000 years,
Kharis remained in his cave
on the other side
of the mountain,
waiting to bring death
to him
who would desecrate
Ananka's tomb.
For Kharis
really never died.
Then why, Master,
is he here in America?
An American archeologist
seeking the tomb
of Princess Ananka,
by accident came upon
and dared to desecrate
the burial place of Kharis.
Kharis desired to
carry his Princess Ananka
back with him,
but nonbelieving infidels
have driven them
into these swamps.
That I have heard.
Two high priests
of Amon-Ra
came to America
to bring you and Ananka
home to Egypt
to repose together
in eternal
and immortal peace.
Both of those priests
have met a violent death
in the attempt.
And now you, Ragheb,
shall help me to succeed
where they have failed.
We shall fulfill
our sacred duty
or die by violence.
Yes, Master.
You have risen, Kharis!
'Tis well.
What does this mean?
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
I am Michael,
self-ordained caretaker
of this monastery.
I thought this place
was abandoned.
This house of worship,
though silent
for many years,
is not to be desecrated
by such pagan customs.
I'm afraid I shall have to
ask you to take these
sacrilegious things away.
They shall remain
only for the night.
You cannot stay here
another hour.
In a room beneath the chapel
I found the bodies
of freshly murdered men.
Never has this
happened before.
Quitting time
already, Goobie?
Yes, sir, Mr. Ragheb.
Another day gone.
You goin'
to town tonight?
No, not tonight.
I no see you before.
What your name?
Where you come from?
Ah, you wet.
You better take
my coat.
Think something
happened to you.
Better come with me.
What is this Kharis?
Maybe that's your name?
Come on, I bring you
to Tante Berthe.
She fix you up,
all right.
We better not go
the front door.
We go the side way
to Tante Berthe.
You wait here.
I go get Tante Berthe.
What do you do here
in my home, Joe?
Who's she?
I find dis poor girl
in de swamps.
She's-a very sick.
What is she doing here?
Hey, what is your name?
What's the matter with you?
Don't just stand there,
go get Monsieur Doctor!
All right, all right.
You take good care from her.
Don't worry, just get
Monsieur Doctor, quick.
Go on, there,
I fix the bed and get you
some clean clothes.
And you just rest
for awhile.
That's it.
The hour has come,
The moment for which
you have waited so long.
Ragheb has seen your bride,
Princess Ananka, taken away.
Now you shall go
to take her.
You know
your destination.
Drink! Drink from the brew
of the nine tana leaves.
And any who would stand
in your way, kill.
You feel, perhaps,
a little better.
What's the matter?
You feel sick again?
I thought we were
gonna hit her.
I wonder
what's happened to her
and what she's doing here?
Yes, look at the way
she's dressed.
What strange clothes
to be wearing out in the swamp
at this hour of the night.
She doesn't seem
to be injured in any way.
Let's take her back to camp
and have Dr. Cooper
take a look at her.
You'd better sit
in back with her.
Excuse me.
What's the matter here?
Where the girl?
What happened?
We have a good time singing.
Ulysses come in here and...
And Tante Berthe,
she on the bed.
This woman is dead.
Death by strangulation.
I don't know why somebody
want to kill her.
She's only sing
and try to make people happy.
Funny marks
in the throat.
It looks like mold.
Odd, isn't it?
Poor Tante Berthe.
She's-a dead.
And-a girl,
she's-a gone.
What has happened to me?
I woke up
and everything is so strange.
Who are you?
We're friends.
We found you
wandering around
last night.
Dr. Halsey and Miss Walsh
brought you here.
Are you feeling better?
I cannot remember who I am
or what I'm doing here!
Do you remember Joe?
Do you remember
Tante Berthe?
Tante Berthe.
The Cajun woman.
Cajun woman.
You really only suffered
a severe shock.
Now, you need
have no fear.
Just lie down.
Rest quietly and
you'll be all right.
I'll drop in to see
how you are later.
Now, that poor girl
is definitely
a victim of amnesia.
We must give her
something to do,
something to keep her
mentally alert, keep her
talking as much as possible.
She could help me
with my laboratory work.
I could
start her tomorrow.
That would be fine, fine.
What are you
trying to do,
develop a fine case
of sunstroke?
Good morning,
Dr. Halsey.
I hope you do not mind
my working out here.
I had one of the men
move the equipment.
I love the sun.
Yes, but does it
love you that much?
Or will you be shining
like a boiled crawfish
in an hour or two?
I can never get
too much sun, Dr. Halsey.
I hope you will
forgive me,
but I've been reading
your notes.
Oh, it's just a lot of
technical data you probably
wouldn't understand.
I do understand,
Dr. Halsey.
And you're right.
These are
mummy wrappings.
But your notes
are not complete.
Well, that's
very interesting.
See for yourself.
Notice the coarse
and the number of strands
per square inch.
This fabric was woven
during the dynasty
of King Amenophis.
And worn by Kharis,
prince of the royal house.
Have you studied
No, No.
At least I do not
Well then, how do you
know about this cloth,
and about Kharis?
I do not know how.
There's really no way
to explain it.
Sometimes I feel as if
it's all part of a...
Say, if you're right,
this is terrific.
You could be
a great help to me.
You know, this is...
Ilzor, do you know
this young lady?
No, sir.
Just a minute, Ilzor.
Here, here!
What're you saying?
I'm sorry.
What happened to me?
You were calling Kharis.
Was I?
It is the will
of Amon-Ra.
This morning
I tried to lead your
Princess Ananka to you.
But it has been ordained
that you must seek her out
for yourself.
Hasten then,
while the moon
is still high.
Pardon me for breaking in
like this, Doctor,
but I need your help.
I need help desperately.
I don't think
anyone can help you
in your present state of mind.
Please sit down.
He's coming for me.
Who's coming
for you?
Who's Kharis?
It's so hard to explain.
It's as though I were
two different people.
Sometimes it seems as if
I belong to a different world.
I find myself
in strange surroundings,
with strange people.
I cannot ever seem
to find rest.
And now, Kharis.
You wait here.
I'll get you something
to quiet your nerves.
Oh, please, do not go!
Do not leave me, please!
You hear?
I suppose you've seen
the morning paper about
Dr. Cooper being killed,
and the disappearance
of that strange girl?
I have.
Well, what've you got
to say about it?
I regret it
very deeply.
But I can't see why you
should challenge me.
I didn't kill Dr. Cooper.
Ever since you started
fooling around here, we've
had nothin' but trouble.
First there was Antoine.
Then Tante Berthe,
the cafe woman.
I didn't kill
them, either.
The same mold markings
that were found
on Tante Berthe's throat,
were found
on Dr. Cooper's.
Kharis, the mummy...
Oh, the mummy?
Oh, yes, the mummy.
It's hard enough to get
something done with a lot
of superstitious fools.
And by Jupiter,
you're not gonna
drive the rest of 'em away
with your mummy killings.
You're not helping matters any
by ignoring them, Mr. Walsh.
The mummy must be caught.
You should be willing
to help me.
Help you?
I'll help you, all right!
Just you listen to this.
Betty, I want you to send
a telegram to the main office
right away.
Tell them that I insist
the permit granted
to the Scripps Museum
to excavate
in these swamps,
be revoked at once!
Now just a minute,
Mr. Walsh...
Uncle Pat,
you can't do that.
Can't I?
Just you send
that telegram.
Go on, send it!
No, Uncle Pat,
it's unfair
and I won't.
You won't?
No, I won't.
All right,
I'll send it myself!
How about that girl?
Maybe she tell us something
if we find her.
You're right.
There must be
some connection there.
That's hard
to believe.
But the mummy always
shows up wherever she is.
First at Tante Berthe's,
then at Dr. Cooper's.
Undoubtedly coincidence.
Just the same, I intend to
try to find her
and solve this puzzle.
Me, too.
I'll help find
that poor girl.
I know these swamps
like my finger.
Thanks, Joe.
Get Ragheb and
some of the other workmen
to go along.
We'll cover
every trail tonight.
Personally, I think
the whole search
is hopeless.
Well, I don't.
Thanks for trying,
We are only wasting
our time, Dr. Halsey.
It doesn't look like
we're having much success.
Always, that girl walk
like she's asleep.
The swamp, she's-a plenty
bad for people like that.
I go and hunt
till I find her.
I don't think
it'll do much good.
Well, let's separate
and continue the search,
Hello, wait.
No! No! No!
Miss Walsh!
Miss Walsh!
May I stay here with you,
where there's light?
I'm so afraid
of the night and
the darkness.
Of course you may.
But where have you been?
Dr. Halsey and the others
have been looking for you.
Why did you run away
after Dr. Cooper was killed?
Why are you so afraid?
I don't know.
If only it would
help me find myself.
I remember
being brought here
to this tent.
I was very happy.
Then he came
to take me away.
Who came to
take you away?
The High Priest of Arkam.
You're just upset
from your experience
You'll be all right
after you've rested.
What's happened,
Miss Walsh?
Oh, Ragheb, we must
find Dr. Halsey!
The mummy...
The mummy took
the girl away.
The mummy?
You mean you've really
seen him?
Yes, and that strange girl
you were looking for.
She came to my tent,
and then the mummy came
and took her away.
You were
searching the swamp
with Dr. Halsey.
You've got to
help me find him.
He's not far from
here, Miss Walsh.
I will guide you.
Oh, thank you, Ragheb.
What's happened, Goobie?
Where's Miss Walsh?
I don't know,
Master Halsey.
I done hear
a funny noise
a little while ago,
and when I run out here,
this tent was torn down.
Miss Betty's
sure enough
The mummy.
Do you think he take
the boss's niece?
Looks that way, Goobie.
I'm gonna follow those tracks.
You wake up Mr. Walsh and
tell him.
Master Walsh!
Master Walsh!
Get up! Get up!
What's the matter?
What's the matter, Goobie?
The mummy's on the loose!
He's dancin' with the devil.
What are you
talking about?
They done broke in
Miss Walsh's tent
and carried her away.
Yes, sir.
Wake up Achilles
and the boys.
I'll get dressed.
Yes, sir.
How much farther is it?
Right up there.
Our prayers to
the mighty Amon-Ra have
been answered, Kharis.
The Princess Ananka
shall be lifted
from her mortal state
and sealed in this case,
and shall be returned
with you to Egypt,
there to be embraced
by the sands of the past.
Where is Dr. Halsey,
He is not here.
But you told me he...
This monastery
has been abandoned for
nearly 100 years.
The curse of Amon-Ra
upon you, Ragheb.
Dr. Zandab!
Those robes!
You're, you're...
The High Priest of Arkam.
Your tongue shall be torn
from your mouth,
for the vows you have
sworn to... falsely!
Master, I am
but flesh and blood.
You have betrayed
your trust!
The secret of
Kharis and his bride,
Princess Ananka
cannot be preserved,
...this girl dies.
No, Master.
The vultures will pick
the flesh from your bones,
after Kharis learns
of your treachery.
I, too, know the secret
of the tana leaves.
Without the brew,
Kharis is powerless.
Betty, what happened?
He brought me here.
I was looking for you.
I meant no harm.
Are you hurt?
I'll get you
back to camp.
He's dead.
What was he doing here?
Look out, Jim!
No, Kharis. No!
If you destroy me,
the secret of the
tana leaves will die.
Jim! Jim!
Are you
all right, Betty?
Yes, but a little
shaken up, Uncle Pat.
Say, what on earth's
been going on in here?
The wing collapsed.
Buried Ragheb and
the mummy.
Master Halsey!
Master Halsey!
What is it, Goobie?
I don't know, boss,
but it ain't human!
Now I understand why
she knew so much about Kharis
and the ancient Egyptians.
What are you
talkin' about?
This mummy is the girl
we brought to the camp.
She's the Princess Ananka.
Sure, and I'm
her grandfather.
We'll put a crew of men
together digging Kharis
out of the rubble,
then send them both
back to the Scripps Museum.
They oughta put you
on display, too.
Well, maybe you'll clear out
of the swamps now
and leave me alone
so I can get
a little work done.
Oh, I'll get out.
But you haven't seen
the last of me yet, Mr. Walsh.
There's a certain
You're welcome to her.
Go ahead!
Well, as a secretary,
you haven't been
any use to me
since the minute
he walked in on us.