The Mummy's Hand (1940) Movie Script

For who shall defile
the temples of the ancient gods,
a cruel and violent death
shall be his fate.
And never shall his soul
find rest, unto eternity.
Such is the curse of Amon-Ra,
king of all the gods!
I have answered your
summons, All Highest.
It's good you have
arrived, my son.
For I fear I shall not
see the moon sink...
beyond the Valley
of theJackals again.
Time has come,
I am ready to go.
But first,
I must hand over to you...
the secret guarded by
the high priests of Karnak.
I will show you.
Yes, Father.
Come closer.
Look deep into
the waters of Kar.
Over 3,000 years ago,
the princess Ananka died.
She was buried with
all the ceremony...
due her exalted station.
Ananka's father,
King Amenophis,
bid her a last farewell.
And thus...
the Princess Ananka
was placed in her tomb.
Kharis, a prince of
the royal house...
who loved Ananka,
looked on in grief.
His devotion was so great...
that he refused to
believe that she was
lost to him forever.
Kharis broke into
the altar room of Isis...
to steal the secret of eternal
life from its hiding place.
With that he knew he could
bring Ananka back to life.
Daring the anger
of the ancient gods,
he stole the
forbidden tana leaves.
For the sin
he had committed,
Kharis was condemned
to be buried alive.
But first they cut
out his tongue...
so the ears of the gods
would not be assailed...
by his unholy curses.
The sinful Kharis was buried
alone in a remote spot.
With him was also buried
a great quantity of the
forbidden tana leaves.
Then the slaves
were killed...
so they could not tell
what had taken place.
Later the priests
removed Kharis from
his unholy grave...
into a cave on the other
side of this mountain.
Thus, none but
the priests of Karnak know...
where Kharis
had been buried.
For over
3,000 years,
Kharis has remained
there in his cave...
on the other side
of this mountain,
and he waits
to bring death...
to whoever tries to
defile Ananka's tomb.
For... Kharis
never really died.
Kharis is still alive.
Beneath the idol
of Isis you will
find a copper box.
Open it.
Tana leaves!
three of them.
Three of the leaves will
make enough fluid...
to keep Kharis's
heart beating.
Once each night
during the cycle
of the full moon...
you will dissolve
three tana leaves,
and give the fluid
to Kharis.
You hear?
of the night.
They howl above the Hill
of the Seven Jackals...
when Kharis
must be fed.
Should unbelievers seek...
to desecrate
the Tomb of Ananka,
you will use nine
leaves each night...
to give life and
movement to Kharis.
Thus you will enable him
to bring vengeance...
on the heads of those
who try to enter.
Yes, master.
But never,
for any reason,
must you brew more than
nine leaves at one time.
Should Kharis obtain
a large amount of the fluid,
he would become
an uncontrollable monster,
a soulless demon with
the desire to kill...
and kill.!
I understand,
I must hurry my message.
Remove your medallion of
the lay priests of Karnak.
It's time
for you to wear...
the medallion
of the high priests.
Now swear by the
ancient gods of Egypt...
that you will not
betray your trust.
I swear by the mighty
power of Amon-Ra,
whose anger can
shatter the world,
and by the dread
power of Set...
that I will never
betray my trust as
high priest of Karnak.
O mighty gods
of Egypt,
you have chosen
my successor.
May you find
him worthy.
Hey, Steve!
What's all the
excitement, Babe?
Hear from that blonde
in Brooklyn?
She won't write me.
Won't or can't?
I told you Poopsie
was a college girl.
Stacy's Beauty College.
That's what I said.
Everything's all fixed.
Fixed, what?
Jobs for us.
We work our way
home as cargo loaders.
The MaryJ sails tonight.
The first mate's
an old boss of mine.
I can see Brooklyn
bridge right now.
Times Square.
I can smell those
Coney Island Hot Dogs.
And Poopsie.
Sure! Huh?
Forget it, Babe.
It was swell
while it lasted.
You mean we ain't
goin' home?
It's been two months
since you got fired
by the Scripps Museum.
is the way they put it.
We've been all over
Egypt and we ain't
dug up a soup bone!
Alms, alms for
a poor unfortunate.
Where did he get those
collection plates?
We're gonna need one.
Shall I read your future
in the sands of the Sahara?
Hey, don't you
never take a shave?
Oh, hello.
You like?
Yeah, it reminds me of somebody.
I can't remember who right now.
Real Egyptian doll.
Come from bazaar of Ayesha.
Bring good luck.
Where did this
come from?
Arab find it,
far away in the mountains.
How much?
Very old piece,
I'll call her "Poopsie"
after somebody I know.
She do real Egyptian dance.
Hey, Babe.!
Who, me?
No, he means me.
I'll be seeing you later.
How much money
have we got?
38 cents, exactly.
I mean
folding money.
Who, me?
It's in your shoe, $84.
What do you
want it for?
I want to buy
this vase.
That thing?
It's got a hole in it.
You're nuts.
Maybe, but I don't think so.
Take off that shoe.
Go on, take it off.
$75, is that right?
Yes, effendi.
$75 for that.
I can get you a whole
vase for two bits.
Not exactly
like this.
84 bucks is all we've got left,
and you spend $75 on a piece
of junk like that.
We'll never get
out of Egypt.
I know what I'm doing.
Is that right?
$75. It is as if
I am being robbed.
You're being
Come on.
Good luck?
Poopsie, you're just
an 8-ball with hips!
This mark must mean
a hill or a mountain.
And these markings
translated give us
another name.
The Hill of
the Seven Jackals.
This square at the base
must indicate Ananka's tomb.
If we're right
and we find it...
Your place in archaeological
history is assured, Banning.
As important a find as
the tomb ofTutankhamen.
That sounds good,
but where are you gonna find
this Hill of the 7 Jackasses?
We'll go in and ask
Professor Andoheb.
Professor Andoheb?
Professor Andoheb?
Oh, come in,
Professor Andoheb,
this is Mr. Banning.
How do you do?
And Mr. Jenson.
I've heard of
Mr. Banning.
I had no idea that
my work had attracted...
the attention of
so great a scientist.
Yes, I believe I have
the facts correct.
The Temple of the Sun
in the Gobi Desert,
the Inca ruins in Mexico,
the lost Himalaya city.
Arresting achievements
for so young a man.
Well, of late my luck
hasn't been so good.
[Dr. Petrie]
But it's changed again.
Mr. Banning found this
in a native bazaar.
This is quite unique.
It is very interesting.
You think so?
These hieroglyphics
are amazingly clear.
We thought that...
Without doubt,
it's one of the cleverest
imitations I have ever seen.
Oh yes, that is
quite apparent.
Surely you weren't
taken in, Dr. Petrie?
As a matter of fact...
What makes you think
this is not authentic?
Mr. Banning?
I have devoted my entire
life to the study of
Egyptian relics.
And I have, if you'll
pardon my saying so,
achieved some standing
as an authority.
I know your
reputation, sir...
During the many years
I have been with
the Cairo Museum...
we have handled ten,
possibly a dozen vases
exactly like this.
The bazaars do a thriving
business selling them
to the tourists.
Do you mean to say that
we chucked all that dough
into the gutter?
That is a very colorful
way of putting it,
Mr. Jenson.
I might as well have
stayed in Brooklyn.
That gutter was
paved with the
good intentions...
of many enthusiastic
but mistaken young
Pardon me, professor,
but I'm inclined to
disagree with you.
Naturally you are
entitled to your own
opinion, Mr. Banning.
If the tomb of Ananka
were really found in
the Hill of the 7 Jackals,
wouldn't it be worth
the museum's while to
finance an expedition?
In the first place,
this evidence is
obviously manufactured.
Secondly, there have been
two expeditions to that
range of mountains.
They were very well-equipped.
They were never heard of again.
That is the most dangerous
region in the whole of Egypt.
Well, thank you just
the same professor,
but I guess we'll
have to seek financial
assistance elsewhere.
I'm so sorry.
You must allow me to pay for
my extraordinary clumsiness.
Well, I should
hope to tell you!
That beautiful thing
cost us $75... $150.
Don't bother, professor.
Come on, Babe.
Good day,
You still believe
this is authentic,
don't you?
I do.
And so do I.
I'm going to make
a search for that...
We'll make a search for it.
If you'll
include me.
I appreciate that.
I only wish I had
the money to equip
such an expedition.
I'll get the money
someplace, Doctor.
Doc, if I had the dough
I'd certainly stake
you to the limit.
[High Priest]
For who shall defile
the temples of the ancient gods,
a cruel and violent death
shall be his fate.
Put it back in
the deck, anywhere.
Don't let me see it.
Right? Cut 'em.
I'll give them a shuffle,
all right. Jolly good one.
now let's see you do it.
King of spades?
Right, gentlemen?
Say, what's the idea?
You've been beating me all week.
Get yourself one of these
to change your luck.
That's my Poopsie.
She's a blooming
coochie dancer!
You didn't
get the money?
Doesn't take a mind reader
to tell that.
I've heard "no" in a lot
of different Languages,
but that tops them all.
His distorted
sense of humor.
now we can go home.
We can't give up now.
All we need is a couple
of measly thousand.
Couple of
measly thousand?
Dollars or hieroglyphics?
What's that?
Petrie got us a permit.
Now we can dig anyplace
in Egypt we want to.
Swell. All we need now
is a couple of shovels.
Let's drink to Ananka.
How would you like to
try your luck with
two more drinks?
Not today, thanks.
Don't worry, there's one
born every minute.
Uh-oh, look.
There is a Santa Claus.
Double brandy,
my man.
Yes, sir.
Come on, Poopsie,
we've got work to do.
Barnum was right.
How are you, stranger?
How would you like to see
a nifty little card trick?
If I don't guess the
card that you pick,
I buy you a drink.
But if I do,
you buy me one.
Well, uh...
all right.
As it's all
in good fun,
Let's let everybody
in on it, eh?
If you guess my card,
I buy drinks for everybody.
If not, you do.
Okay, that's
all right with me.
Come over here, fellas.
We're gonna play a game and
the loser buys the drinks.
Otgay uckersay.
You're telling me.
Stranger, pick yourself
a card, any one you want.
Any one?
Any one you want.
Now put it back in the deck.
Don't let me see it.
Uh, mm-hmm.
Now shuffle 'em.
Go ahead,
shuffle 'em up.
What this deck needs right now
is a good shuffle.
Oh, Poopsie,
don't fail me.
Sir, your card was, uh...
your card was, uh...
that's the first time
that failed.
Um, it couldn't be
the ace of spades?
No, it couldn't.
Um, well ah...
I give up.
What was your card?
Two of hearts.
There ain't no two of
hearts in the deck.
Of course there is!
All right,
then you show me.
It's right there.
All right, bartender,
drinks for everybody.
The gentleman pays.
How are you gonna pay
for all these drinks?
What are you worrying
about money for?
You've got plenty.
Look at that there,
money all over.
Here, you're not
very observing.
That's what I've been
trying to tell you.
Hard to light?
Try that one.
So you're
the great Solvani.
My name is Steve Banning,
and this hopeless Houdini
here is BabeJenson.
How are ya?
I take it?
You don't look like
a Solvani yourself.
To be perfectly
honest, I'm not.
A front, you know,
show business.
Real name, Sullivan.
Tim Sullivan.
You couldn't be
from Brooklyn?
Yes, Greenpoint.
I haven't been
there in years.
Come on over and sit down.
That's a honey!
Your tricks are
better than mine.
So you're the chief attraction
of the Egyptian theater?
I was the chief attraction.
What's that "was"?
It seems the natives here
don't appreciate the art
of prestidigitation.
I'm on my way to reserve
the best suite on the first
boat to the good old U.S.A.
You mean, you still
got some dough?
I'm not going to
swim home, my boy.
You interest us.
There's no money to be
made around these parts.
Um, shall we
let him in on it?
No, Babe.
In on what?
Oh, well, I guess
maybe you're right.
Aww, but we're
both from Brooklyn.
We're practically
Yeah, practically.
Come on, can't we just
tell him about it?
Go on.
You're wrong
about Egypt.
We've stumbled on something
that's gonna make us rich.
Here, in Egypt?
In a certain section of
the mountains lies an
undiscovered tomb...
of an ancient Egyptian
princess named Ananka.
I'm an archaeologist,
Mr. Solvani,
and I've discovered proof of
the existence of this tomb...
and a clue to its
possible location.
It'll only take a couple
of thousand to outfit
the expedition.
The possibilities
are tremendous.
[Natives Speaking]
Come in.
Miss Marta?
I'm Marta Solvani.
Allow me to introduce myself.
I am Professor Andoheb
of the Cairo museum.
How do you do?
I've had the pleasure...
of watching you
and your father.
May I say that he
is a great artist,
and you are most charming?
Thank you very much.
Do you mind if I go
on with my packing?
I'm in rather
a hurry.
You are leaving?
I'm so glad.
We shall be most sorry to
lose so charming an artist,
but in a way it is better
that you should go!
I don't understand you,
Miss Marta, for some time
the government of Egypt...
has been trying to protect
strangers from swindlers,
who obtain money to finance
supposed expeditions...
to rob the tombs
of our ancient dead.
In the past, these field trips
have met with disaster.
The backers have either been
slain or left to starve,
while the swindlers
have returned to Cairo
with their stolen money.
What has that
got to do with me?
I have reason to believe
that your father...
might have been approached
with such a proposal.
You mean that someone's
trying to swindle him...
into financing
a fake expedition?
But that's
In an hour we'll be on
the boat sailing for home.
My father's
out buying the tickets now.
I am so happy
to hear that.
Don't take offense that
it is I, a stranger,
who warned you.
Not at all.
I'm extremely grateful.
It is most regrettable
that so lovely a person
must leave our country.
However, may I wish you
a most pleasant journey...
back to your homeland?
Alms for a poor
[Native Language]
There, that makes us
all partners.
Gosh, this was
a fortunate meeting.
I just can't wait
to get started.
Oh, boy,
that calls for a drink.
It's empty.
Hey, waiter!
No, no, don't
bother the waiter.
Gotta have a...
but what's comin'...
Another one.
I guess that's
all I can spare!
Oh, boy!
You're terrific!
Wait'll we get
on the expedition.
Won't we have fun!
You're positively a genius.!
To the Princess Ananka
and her jewels.
Hey, what
goes on here?
Help! Police!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Get him outta here!
I'll take care of these guys!
Come on,
Thanks, Brooklyn!
Come on, Steve!
Stop, I say!
Help! Police!
Help! Help!
So you finally
got back?
I've been to get the tickets.
It didn't take
all day, did it?
You left me here
to do the packing.
A swell job you made of it.
You don't have to
unpack, either.
What are you
talking about?
Why, ah...
Did I ever show
you this one?
Yes, you did!
Hey, be careful.
What do you mean
by "either"?
Marta, I've got
great news for you.
Stupendous news!
Colossal surprise!
Oh, my goodness.
Wait'll I tell you.
No, you wait
till I tell you.
You've stumbled upon a
terrific piece of luck.
It just came right up
and bumped you.
You're going to be very rich.
You're going to find a tomb
filled with gold and diamonds.
how did you know?
You're going to
finance an expedition.
That fake mind-reading I've
been teaching you isn't fake!
Pop, you didn't give
'em the money yet?
Oh, how could you?
These men are swindlers!
I've been warned!
They can't be.
I've got a contract.
I've got a...
I know I've got
a contract...
It's somewhere.
There it is.
Oh, no,
that's not it.
Ah, there it is.
When will you grow up?
First it was a dry oil well,
then a skin lotion to make
everybody beautiful.
Well, it did turn out
to be good for moths.
"Received ofTim Sullivan,
$2,000 to finance a search
for the tomb of Ananka.
"Tim Sullivan will share
as a third partner
in the venture.
Signed, Steve Banning."
Everything's quite okay.
You've given those crooks
every cent we had
in the world.
No, darling, no.
They're not crooks,
not those fellas.
Where do they live?
Where do they live?
Oh... where do they live?
Where do they live?
through the window into
the... I don't know.
You gave them all this
money and you don't even
know where they live?
That's just fine!
"Cairo Hotel."
I'll fix them
with my trick revolver.
Hey! What are you
going to do with that?
If you don't know how to deal
with these crooks, I do!
Marta, Marta!
Get me out ofhere.!
I can't get out.!
You've got the key.!
You stay in there
and keep out of trouble!
Get me out ofhere.!
we're in the money!
Are you Steve Banning?
Well, uh, maybe.
Dispense with
the fooling around.
Hand over
that money!
Hey, now wait a minute.
Little girls that
play with guns is
liable to get hurt!
I'll get hurt?
How about that money?
You do all right
with that cannon.
I've been making my living
with it since I was seven.
It must be the hotel people.
They heard the fireworks.
You just give me back the money
you stole from my father!
Your father?
Don't play innocent.
The guy you want to shoot
is Steve Banning.
He's right behind you!
Stop clowning.
I've seen that show.
I'm keeping you covered
until I get that money!
All right...
Listen, young lady.
You seem to be laboring under
the delusion that we stole
that money from your father.
Of course, you did.
I'm no child nor
credulous old man.
We're not crooks.
We sincerely believe
in what we're trying to do.
Then prove it by
returning that money.
I can't.
It's spent.
Native diggers,
supplies, equipment.
I know your kind.
You pretend to go on an
expedition so you can get
my father in the desert...
to kill him
or leave him to starve.
That was the
last cent we had.
I'm sorry, I thought your
father was a wealthy man.
Otherwise we'd never
have taken that money.
We didn't even know
he had a daughter.
You know it now.
I'm going to see that
he's not defrauded.
Miss Solvani, Dr. Petrie,
an eminent archaeologist,
will vouch for us.
We intend to find that tomb
and share the proceeds
with your father.
Well, just the same,
you're not going to
trap me into going on
anything like that!
Who said you
were going?
Well, I did.
You don't think I'm going
to let you get my father
out there alone!
And you'd better not try
to get away without us.
We'll be right with you,
every minute!
Can a woman go nuts from
gettin' sawed in half
too many times?
She's pretty,
isn't she?
Yeah. Huh?
Oh, now we're stuck
with a dame.
Any progress, Doctor?
Find anything at all?
In archaeology, one must
have infinite patience.
Sure, but you're finding
something, aren't you?
A few coins, beads.
Enough to tell us
we're on the right track.
We travel miles through
the desert just to find
a few beads and coins.
I hope you're satisfied.
It's a start, Marta.
Things could be worse.
They are. Come on and
try your disappearing
act on a donkey.
He's in our tent
studying your tricks.
Come on, Pop.
'Morning. Nice day.
If you like
Turkish baths.
Here's the detonator.
Ready for your blast?
What does anyone want to get
buried away out here for?
This was probably
once the heart of
a great metropolis.
What's that?
One of those
prehistoric animals?
Look, effendi.!
Dr. Gustafson
and his wife.
Their expedition disappeared
two years ago.
What a horrible fate.
They were probably
trapped in a landslide.
Take some men
and give him a decent burial.
[Native Language]
They're afraid.
They will not touch it.
All right,
we'll do it ourselves.
Babe, where are you?
You all right?
I started to hook the
wire to the detonator
to set off the dynamite,
and here I am.
This is an unholy tomb.
It's the seal of
the Seven Jackals!
There's a curse, death to
whoever breaks that seal!
Oh, bosh!
We can't stop now
for a lot of silly
native superstitions.
I have waited a long time
for this moment.
Hey, what's
eating those guys?
They fear the wrath
of the gods.
We need them.
Babe, get a couple
of lanterns.
It's open.
Give me a hand.
It's heavy.
Watch out.
It isn't sealed.
Let's take it off.
Careful, now.
That isn't Princess Ananka.
It's a man!
And in the finest state
of preservation of any
mummy I've ever seen.
Is this all there is?
Where's the treasure?
The gold and jewels?
I don't understand.
We search for the tomb of
a princess, and we find
the mummy of a man.
And in a cheap
casket, at that.
We found something.
That proves we're
on the right track.
Maybe this fella's sort of
a poor relation of Ananka's.
I think you're being
kind of unfair, Marta.
Steve believes in what
he's trying to do.
Finding this tomb
means more to him than
anything in the world.
What's that?
Oh, a jackass.
You wouldn't mean
a jackal, would you?
What's the difference?
They're first cousins.
I never heard that before.
We ain't never had
no full moon before.
They say a moon like that
does things to you.
You take me, for instance.
Give me a moon and...
You can have it.
Pop, let's turn in.
That thing gives
me the creeps.
Good night, Babe.
Good night.
Aww, quiet!
If it ain't you, it's the camels.
If it ain't the camels,
it's the mummy.
If it isn't the mummy,
it's you.
From the hieroglyphics,
his name seems to
have been Kharis.
Doctor, what do these
lines in his face mean?
There's only one answer.
He was buried alive.
He must have struggled
desperately against
those bandages.
What a terrible way to die,
probably for some sacrilege.
Have you touched his face?
Go ahead, touch it.
It feels like
living tissue.
The most amazing example
of embalming I've ever seen.
Isn't it?
Come here.
Have you any idea
what they are?
I may be wrong,
but they must be tana leaves.
Absolutely extinct now.
Smells like clover.
The old Egyptians used
them for embalming
purposes, I think.
Doctor, there's one
thing that bothers me.
We haven't found Ananka's
name anyplace in here.
Do you think that after all,
we might've made a mistake?
I hope not.
But these disappointments
are all in the game, Steve.
Yes, I suppose so.
Be right back.
Ali's back.
Where are the diggers?
They will not come,
They have run away
from the valley.
What's the matter?
There is death in the hills.
Those are evil spirits.
They came to howl about the
unholy grave you have opened!
That's nonsense,
I cannot stay.
I'm sorry.
Wait a minute.
Very interesting,
aren't they, Dr. Petrie.
Professor Andoheb!
Where did you come from?
The important thing,
Doctor, is that I'm here.
Then you knew
about this tomb?
And yet you insisted that
the vase was an imitation.
There are some things
in science which should
be brought to light.
There are others, Doctor,
which should be left alone.
You mean, we never should have
never come into this cave?
Since you are here, I think
it is fitting that you...
should learn exactly
what you've stumbled upon.
For a scientist, you are very
unobserving, Dr. Petrie.
Why, it's a pulse beat.
Why, this is absurd.
It's... it's fantastic.
In this vial, I have the
fluid from nine tana leaves.
Nine tana leaves,
Dr. Petrie.
That wouldn't mean
anything to you, but watch.
Now, Dr. Petrie.
Why, it's beating faster.
He's alive.
Let me go!
Let me go.!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go.!
The destiny of the priests
of Karnak is fulfilled.
Not one of you who tried to
enter the tomb of Ananka...
will leave
this valley alive.
The mummy,
somebody's swiped it.
Who could
have done that?
I can't understand it.
Steve, Petrie!
What could
have happened?
I don't know, Babe.
He's dead.
Maybe the natives.
You will place this
vial of tana fluid...
in the tent of one
of the unbelievers.
I understand, master.
Then go.
Now, look,
this is an easy one.
That's what
you always say.
You put it in the palm
of the hand like so.
The rock there?
Put it in your mouth.
Open your mouth.
It's gone.
Oh, boy, that's a... wow.
Let me try it.
Put it in my hand
like that, huh?
Then close
my hand, see?
Now, watch. Across my
mouth like this?
Oh, that's wonderful, effendi.
Wonderful. Wonderful.
You will do exactly as I say,
Kharis. I am your master.
Only I can tell you where
you will find the fluid
that gives you life.
You would like to have use
of that leg and that arm.
To do so, you need
more of the fluid.
In the tent of a white man
you will find it.
To get it,
you will kill.
Kill wherever
you find the fluid.
This right?
Just about.
The first two letters of
Ananka's name were here,
weren't they?
Don't you think that
if her tomb were located
near the mummy's cave,
that her name would
have been closer to it?
I've been doing
a little figuring.
Now we found out that
this square indicates
the mummy's cave,
but her name is way over here.
Could that mean anything?
Well, it might mean that
her tomb were somewhere
behind the cave.
There must be some sort of
connection between the two.
Marta, I believe you're right.
I think you've hit it.
Oh, I hope so.
I owe this party a little
contribution of some kind.
We'll start digging for a
connecting pass right away.
Hey, Babe!
Hey, Babe!
Solvani! Ali!
What's up?
I think Marta has the
solution to the whole thing.
There must be a passageway
connecting this cave
with Ananka's tomb.
Oh, that's swell.
Let's get going.
Where's Ali?
We'll start on
that wall over there.
You really expect to find
the entrance to Ananka's
tomb over there?
Well, we didn't expect
to find the entrance to
the Bronx subway, old boy.
Solid rock back here.
No sign of a tunnel.
Hey, we better knock off
or the archaeologist's union
will start picketing us.
Maybe you're right.
It is pretty late.
We'll get a fresh
start in the morning.
Yes, Marta?
Wasn't this urn
filled with leaves?
Why, yes.
Well, there's
none in there now.
What could have
happened to them?
I don't know.
Marta, there are
a lot of strange things
happening around here...
that need a lot
of explaining.
But there's nothing we
can do about it tonight.
[Distant Howling]
Say, where's Ali?
I told him to
watch the camp.
gettin' some shut-eye.
You can't trust these gypsies.
This mountain air
makes them sleepy.
You folks better
get some rest. We got
a busy day tomorrow.
It's a good idea.
Good night, Steve.
Good night, Babe.
Good night.
Hey, it won't hurt you to get
a little sleep too, partner.
Babe, I think we're
on the right track.
Tomorrow, we'll divide up
the cave into sections...
and each works...
[Marta Screaming]
What's the matter?
It's Ali.
He's been killed.
Look, those gray
streaks on his throat.
Yeah, just
like on Petrie's.
Poor Ali.
That means that petrie
was killed the same way.
Hey, there's somebody
around here that just
don't like company.
Ah, ohh-ohh!
Steve, l...
Marta, you're not the only one
that's jittery around here.
We're all getting out
first thing in the morning.
Oh, I'm so sorry, Steve.
I realize how much this
expedition meant to you.
Well, this doesn't
mean that I'm quitting.
I'll get some help
and I'll come back.
As soon as I know that you
and your father are safe.
I think it's better if you two
sleep in my tent tonight.
Babe and I will stand watch
until it's light enough
to get an early start.
Whatever you say, Steve.
We can stay up with you.
Well, somebody oughta get
some shut-eye around here.
I'll get your things.
Don't let anything happen
to him, will you, Babe?
Kind of like to have
him around, don't you?
Me too.
you're all set.
Good night, Babe.
Good night, Marta.
You go on and get
some sleep, Marta.
We'll get a start
as soon as it's light.
I wish you'd give all
this up and come back
to the states with us.
Well, I can't
promise you that,
but I will be
back sometime.
You mind if I say I think
you're a swell person?
Babe! Babe,
what's the matter?
What happened?
I was practicing
my rock trick.
Well, the next time,
you better practice
on a pebble.
[Distant Howling]
Pop, I'm afraid.
There's something about
that cave that no one
of us understands.
There's something going on that
we're just powerless to stop.
Nonsense, honey.
You're just all unstrung.
In a month,
we'll be back home...
standing 'em in
the aisles again.
Okay, Pop.
Good night.
Good night.
[Distant Howling]
Babe, those jackals
give me goose pimples.
Ah, they give me goose pimples
on top of my goose pimples.
[Marta Screaming]
Don't you worry,
Mr. Solvani.
We'll find her.
Marta! Marta!
Hey, look!
This urn is busted. They must
have come through here.
How could they
have disappeared?
How does anything
happen around here?
I'm gonna take a look outside.
Oh, you're not
leaving me here alone.
- Look out, Babe!
- [Gunshot]
It's the beggar
from the bazaar.
What would he
be doing here?
I don't know. Look.
Why, it's the same drawing that
was on that vase, complete.
Look. There's the cave
of Kharis clearly marked.
And on the other side of the
hill, it looks like a temple.
Right by the temple is
the whole of Ananka's name.
Yeah, but those lines
between her tomb and the cave.
That must be the passageway
we've been looking for.
That's how they disappeared.
You take a shot at trying
to find the temple on the
other side of the hill...
and I'll see if I can't locate
the entrance to that passageway.
One of us is bound
to get through.
Okay, boss, if I don't get
back before dawn, forget it.
Poopsie, up to now,
you've been a complete washout.
Now let me see
you do your stuff.
You will return at once to
the tombs of our ancient dead.
There you will find
more of the fluid.
Go while the moon is
yet high in the heavens.
Your power to move
wanes with the moon.
There's nothing
to be afraid of.
You're quite safe.
That awful creature!
You're very beautiful.
So beautiful, I'm going
to make you immortal.
Like Kharis,
you will live forever.
What I can do for you,
I can also do for myself.
Neither time nor
death can touch us.
You and I,
together for eternity.
Here in the temple of Karnak,
you shall be my high priestess.
"And thus...
"will Kharis be kept alive...
"by the tana leaves...
"during the cycle of...
the full moon."
I'm going to prepare enough
fluid from these tana leaves...
to make us both immortal.
No! No!
You will be grateful
for this gift.
Mummy case.
You're mad.
Steve Banning will
find you and kill you.
If by some chance, he should
escape Kharis and kill me,
your peril will
be great indeed.
What do you mean?
If Kharis should obtain
the rest of the tana fluid,
he would become a monster such
as the world has never known.
Ah, what's the matter with me?
I must be getting nervous.
Come on, Poopsie.
I don't think I would shoot
if I were you, Mr. Jenson.
Well, if it ain't our old
friend Professor Andoheb.
At your service.
What are you doing out
here in the mountains,
selling real estate?
Not exactly...
Where's the girl?
Where you'll never
see her again.
No, she's not dead.
See here,
you Egyptian Mickey Finn,
I'll give you 'til three
to tell me where she is.
I'm not kidding. One...
You wouldn't shoot an
unarmed man in cold blood.
If you were to kill me,
you would leave at large
a monster...
whom only
I can control.
Mighty Isis,
forgive me.
[Marta] Steve.!
Marta, what happened?
How did you get here?
The mummy brought
me here. He's alive.
Yes, I know.
Pop. Is he all right?
He's all right.
Just a little shaken up.
We've got to get you
out of here in a hurry.
He's after tana fluid.
That's what must
be in this vial.
And in the urn, Steve.
It's full of the fluid.
You mustn't
let him get it.
Keep him
away from it.
Stop him.!
Stop him.!
Oh, how horrible.
Boy, was I glad
to see you.
Ah, that's just
like a woman.
When the shooting's all over
and everything's Jake,
they pass out.
Marta! Marta!
Where did this come from?
Arab find it far
away in mountains.
No more
broken vases, dear.
We're going back
to America, remember?
Anything you say,
Hey, Steve.
Steve, I got a
cablegram for you.
Everything get on
the ship all right?
Yep. The jewels
of Ananka are safe
in the ship's vault.
Hey, what's cooking,
Read it.
The job in the bone-washing
department is no longer open.
Stop. I'm taking it myself.
Stop. You're getting my job.
Best regards,
Doc Lyons.