The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson (2019) Movie Script

Clinton won in Ohio ...
... black man fucking brutally
by the Los Angeles Police Department.
Can't everyone just agree?
... they are well aware,
that they are the only team in the AFC ...
She fell for the sports star,
and he gave her a luxury life.
They were a beautiful couple.
He is wanted for murder in L.A.
He is wanted in Mississippi.
He is wanted in Louisiana
for murder.
The bestial murder is meant
to be committed by the Casanova assassin.
The police are asking everyone to be
watch out and contact them, -
- if you have information that can
lead to the serial killer's arrest.
There we have the birth attendant.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
- Well, isn't this fantastic?
- It's too much, Kris.
No, then. I have my little helpers.
Faye stood for the invitations.
Your delicious boytoy servant provided
the restaurant. I just dressed up.
- Thanks, Ron!
- Stop it. We are just friends.
I think you should take him home
and get a good hold of those balls -
- and then just give it gas.
- Hi.
- Excuse me for interrupting.
I just wanted to say congratulations.
Were you surprised?
Also to that extent.
Kris, I think you need to get over this
and standing and joking in the spinach.
And now no trouble with you.
Okay? Because she's mine.
Well, you liked that.
I'm sorry. She becomes
a little too much when she's drunk.
It's your evening. Just get rid of it,
and tell if you are missing something.
Thanks, Ron.
"Tell me if you're missing something."
Don't understand the concept
"just good friends"?
- That's what all cougars call their chops.
- Cougars?
Come talk to me.
Tell me how you feel.
Now, do not lie that you are fine.
How are you really?
I feel stronger than long.
It goes godt with my therapy.
I feel there are big breakthroughs.
Where is it nice to hear.
I have promised myself that I will not
longer lets me walk on by him.
No matter how often he calls
or sneaking around in the bushes.
- Is he still suffering from bush syndrome?
- His footsteps are always in my garden.
Size 43 from Brunos.
I bought them myself.
I am crazy about
the new, independent Nicole.
You got divorced two years ago.
You may want to move on.
I would like that too, Kris.
But will he ever
allow me that?
What do you mean?
I'm afraid he's murdering me
one day. And get away with it.
Godfather, Nicole!
What are you talking about?
Hello! Did you forget,
that the party is going on out here?
- And after the sour shock ...
- Sure?
- Don't say you're going already.
- Don't say you're going already. Kris!
Have a fun evening. Forget about all the darkness
thoughts, and get her there in a taxi.
I'll do that.
I have to say hello from Bruce. He's the host
for a fundraiser with Heidi Krieger.
- No, how mad.
- I'm the manager of all time.
Have fun, girls!
Come on, kids. We're going home now.
The children are dead tired.
And if I don't get Faye home,
You hang on her all night.
- Should I drive you home?
- No, my car is here.
But a thousand thanks for the party.
It was so sweet of you.
- Everything for you.
- Thanks, Ron.
Take good care of yourself.
- Faye!
- Come on! Bye Bye.
Sugar Shock.
- Come on, Justin.
- Uh, how cold is that.
Sydney, come here, honey.
Where did you behave nicely.
Did you have fun?
It's a cold evening, huh6,883 -- 00:09:29,969
Nicole, wait now. Nicole!
- God damn.
- Is it him? Call the police.
I can not.
Do you think they're doing anything?
He goes to town
with half of the city's officers.
Come here, honey.
No, not to me. Your fiance
probably also think you should not.
I shit on what he thinks.
Lie down, Kato.
Don't let that pig
get yourself down with your neck.
He is far down
and will tear everyone else down.
I just want to be a good mother.
Just like my mother it was
for me and my sisters.
That's the most important thing now.
As soon as I take a small step
forward, he comes and slows me down.
I'm sorry.
You come out the other side.
- What was it?
- It was probably just a tree.
- I'm just checking.
- It was nothing.
Fuck it. Fuck him!
Fuck you!
Come on, now we're giving him a show.
- I can't tonight. Sorry.
- I thought you liked it.
I could too. I can.
Maybe another time, right?
Okay. I'm going home.
I also have to get up early tomorrow.
Julia Roberts needs
a new interior designer.
So who eats breakfast
beside her at The Chateau?
- You're not running from my decor.
- No, I promise.
May 21, 1994
We came under one.
See you tomorrow?
14.5 kilometers at nine.
You're a slave whip.
Hi, Ron.
Can I help with anything?
Hey. Good morning.
I wanted to see if Candace was home.
She hasn't run for a few days.
She lives in a hotel,
while I was painting her house.
In fact, I am too
to refurbish.
My friend would imagine standing
for that, but she's a little unstable.
I have the paint and everything,
but lacks a craftsman.
Right now it will half Brentwood
give the house a facelift.
Brentwood is not enough
to give the houses a facelift.
Now I'm just trying my luck.
You shouldn't have time, do you?
Yes maybe.
It is 315 square meters.
Four bedrooms, four bathrooms.
A kitchen and an office.
- Are these your children?
- Yes.
They are with my parents,
while I'm trying to get the house done.
We moved in for half a year
ago, but it's a bit stumped.
- I didn't get your name.
- Glen.
- Just Glen?
- Yup.
Just Glen,
my name is Nicole Brown.
Nicole Brown ... Simpson!
Just Brown. I'm divorced.
Look around a bit.
I'm sorry.
- You want a glass? It's healthy.
- Yes please.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Were you thirsty?
- Very. Thanks.
- What do you think?
- About the juice?
- About the assignment.
- It'll take me three to four days.
- That's the pearl.
- I haven't heard that expression for a long time.
Where are you from?
Just Glen from Around,
when can you get started?
May 24, 1994
How are you today, Nicole?
I do not know.
As I usually do, I think.
I feel anxious.
Last we talked about
to ask for help from your family.
I haven't had a good time
to open myself to them.
Because they did not support you,
when you got divorced?
O.J. did a lot for them
through the years.
That's how he could manipulate them.
He makes people dependent on him.
He must be the hero
both on and off the field.
How about you, Nicole?
How do you feel about him?
I haven't been withany other man since I was 18.
My friends said he was shaping
me, as he wanted me,
- so no one else
could take his place.
And to be honest
I sometimes miss having sex.
But I do not miss
his control over me.
He decided what I was wearing,
what I ate -
- who I became friends with.
And for God's sake no men.
But he bowled
every single woman on her way.
Do you think he loved you?
I thought that back then.
But I no longer do that.
Now I think,
he saw me as a thing,
- he could control and own.
It's not love, is it?
tax returns
Keep your mouth shut! I know,
it was you. What do you want?
I beg you.
I will not call the police again.
For the last time:Let me be!
May 25, 1994
- Good morning. Shall we take a walk?
- Sorry, but I can't today.
- Everything is alright?
- Yes.
- Such. Now you do not get burglary again.
- Thanks, Walter.
Nicole, what the hell is going on?
- Nothing.
- It's him again, right?
- Ron, not now.
- I can see it on you.
- Tell me what's going on.
- Ron, please don't.
My life ...
It's all complicated right now.
I will do it,
that is best for me and the children.
You're a sweet guy,
and it is sweet of you to worry.
But it is best,
you do not interfere.
He's done some far-out stuff,
- who does,
that you cannot trust anyone.
But you have people in your life,
- that looks you in the eye
and cares about you.
Don't push us away.
The alarm stops,
as soon as you closethe door opens.
Should I get into all that?
It is thick as a phone book.
They want it to look complicated.
These lamps show,
that the house is safe.
If you want to turn it on at night,
enter a four-digit code.
You choose the four numbers yourself.
It's that easy.
Hold it for ten seconds,
then it sounds the alarm, even with the police.
- Now, I've got it.
- Then enter your code.
Now you have control over it.
- That was the pearl.
- The apple.
- You've come a long way.
- Yes.
I'll be done this afternoon.
Then you let go of me.
You have the knuckle.
Don't you need a break?
- Where have I stored them now?
- Has anything gone?
- Why are you hiding them?
- My ex was always after me.
He said it was an ugly habit.
So I got myself a secret warehouse.
Fortunately, he is not here anymore.
You can do what you want.
You don't have to save anything.
Over the years, I've probably learned
to store them for safety.
It's hard to believe -
- that a strong woman like you
thinking like that.
- I'm not very strong.
- Yes. Don't save yourself.
You are fine on your own.
You've done it well.
I pay ...
Only when the task is done.
- Hi!
- Where in the world have you been?
I was skiing worried!
Why didn't you answer me?
I have then answered you.
I have my beeper in my bag.
- I promised to finish it.
- Faye ...
There is probably one who has been busy.
I said otherwise, I'd do it.
What was I supposed to do? You disappeared.
My kids need a home.
Only you have a life?
I have been busy. Sorry.
It's not so good right now, Faye.
You'd better go.
I said, I vbad come back.
Now I am here.
And then you throw me out?
Is there another one? You see ...
I don't want you here
in that state.
- There's someone here.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
Listen, Faye.
Now listen to what I'm saying.
- You must leave.
- Why? Come here.
- You're completely out of control!
- Don't you want me?
- You look like a zombie.
- Who's here?
Who gets your famous
warm welcome?
Godfather! Is he up there?
- Faye, don't worry.
- Uh, don't.
Typical You
just jumping in the can with him again.
You just don't.
Has he changed again?
You went into his trap again,
because you are so fucking stupid.
You are. I love you, -
- but you first listen,
when it is too late.
You don't listen to your friends.
That man will be your death. Do not come
and say I didn't warn you.
Bye Bye. I am leaving now!
Oh God.
No, John. Then she wakes up.
I will not do it. I will not do it.
Leave me alone!
I don't want to be here.
I will not do it.
Fuck! No! No!
Charlie, you said,
that it was the last time.
And now ... Let me be at peace.
Why don't you let me be?
- Charlie? No. No no.
- Glen?
Hi, Nicole.
Listen up ...
Nicole, listen here.
Nicole? I do not know,
what went by me.
It was ...
It was stupid, right?
I did not mean it.
Nicole, let's talk about it now.
We can talk about that.
Your mark! Then close it up!
I'll kill you with the power!
Shut up, damn it!
Stupid sack! Then close it up!
- They hired him for the restoration?
- Yes, as a painter.
- May we ask for his name?
- His name is Glen.
- And the last name?
- Just Glen. I do not know.
Do you have an address?
A phonenumber? Paging?
Do you tend to dress like this,
when you have artisans?
What does this have to do with the case?
How did you pay him?
With credit card or check?
- Mrs. Simpson ...
- Brown.
It's not the first time,
They call us.
- What are you trying to say?
- They even invited him inside.
- You do not mean that?!
- They often call the alarm center.
You mean, that shit's over
in Rockingham forces me to it.
When he has murdered me, you must live
that you would never help me.
After all, he's just one of the guys.
We then shoot at wives and boyfriends,
which gets dry tea.
Ms. Brown. What they do
in your spare time, don't come by.
But for the sake of your children
you should see to get it under control.
Keep doors and windows closed.
And tell us,
if him Glen reappears.
JUNE 10, 1994
Isn't it just me?
- It would dress you crazy good.
- It's the children's day today.
The mothers must, too
have some fun.
She wants to ask for this.
I give.
- It is too much.
- Wow.
Take on Argento7
You get to hang out with Aunt Kris.
Behave well. I'll pick you up.
I love you.
See you soon.
- Thanks.
- Hi, hi, Mom.
- Then we can be together all day.
- Okay, kids, come along.
- Sorry, is Candace at home?
- No, I'm her brother.
- Can I help with anything?
- I'm her neighbor.
When is she back? I must
talk to her about her painter.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Glen. I met him right here.
I can not help you. We are
afraid something has happened to her.
What are you talking about?
If you hear from her,
then ask her to call.
Hi, Charlie.
Thank you very much for taking the kids.
I owe you a favour.
The woman's identity
being detained ...
I'll do that.
Well. Good night.
... in a normal one
peaceful park in Brentwood, -
- where her family
reported her missing.
There are no suspects. The killer
presumed to be free.
- You said it was the last time.
- Hello?
I can not ...
I don't want to listen to that.
No, Charlie.
I'll kill you with the power!
- Nicole?
- Yes.
Where do the bruises come from?
I know what you're thinking.
But this time it wasn't O.J.
I've met another man
here recently.
A craftsman,
I hired for my house.
But we ended up in bed together.
I don't know what I was up to.
Maybe I was frustrated.
Maybe it was to defy O.J.
But I realized right away,
that it was a bad mistake.
Later that evening
he stood in my living room -
- and talked to someone,
which was not there at all.
When I looked him in the eyes,
he looked insane.
She tried to assault me.
I ran upstairs
and locked me in the bedroom.
He hammered on the door and said,
that he would kill me.
Ever since he appeared,
wherever I go.
It's as if he's haunting me.
And then last night ...
I can't describe it at all.
I experienced something,
I have never experienced in my life.
It felt like I was
in Hell and back again.
I say to myself,
that it was just a nightmare.
But that doesn't explain it
they fucking bruises.
I don't think Hell exists.
But it represents all that,
we fear and oppress.
All the negative in our past.
I don't know who that man was.
But he should remind you that you
must take control of your life.
How would you like it if yours
ex-husband or another man -
- not anymore
did anyone have power over you?
If you finally just said stop
and really meant it?
JUNE 12, 1994
- Do you have your tights?
- Yes.
- Come on mom. We'll be late.
- Come on!
Get out in the car.
I'll be there in a moment.
See you at Mezzaluna.
I've booked a table for ten.
- We're running after you.
- Okay. Come honey.
Then we drive to the restaurant.
Oops, sorry.
On with the harnesses.
I want to see the kids,
before going to Chicago.
Do not use the children to access
to me. You're not a father.
Isn't it enough that you shadow me,
breaking in and calling in the middle of the night?
Now you should too
cleaning up the treasure trove on me?
Will they take the house from me?
I paid it myself.
Must your children and I
end of the street?
Is the plan so,
I crawl back to you?
I warned you,
that Iscrew the bit on now.
Let me cut it out in cardboard.
You are no longer
a member of the family. Is that understood?
You can no longer threaten,
manipulate or scare me.
Our marriage is dead.
You're dead to me.
Don't fucking touch me again!
Look for you, man.
What's going on, sweetie?
I know I have asked many
services, but may I ask for one more?
Of course. Anything.
Promise me that if something happens to me,
then you take care of my children.
What is this about?
Now you make me scared.
Don't you just want to promise it?
No one is allowed
to hurt you or your children.
Don't you want to go home with us tonight?
Then we have a pajamas party.
The kids will love it.
And it's best that you're not alone.
Kris, you just are
the world's best friend.
But I have to learn
to deal with my problems myself.
We'll have to make it home.
- Okay. I understand that.
- Thanks.
I'm always here for you.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- You're like family.
- Thanks.
Sydney, bring your brother.
Goodbye. Good night.
- Mom looks after you.
- Do you promise?
I promise.
- Will you sing my best song to me?
- Yes.
calm down
little you
now that the clock is many
fall asleep in your bed
little girl
little boy
How, it wasn't so good then.
I think it's Nicole's mother.
- Not a bad excuse.
- I'd better have a look.
I'm here
right here
and I look after you
- Fuck, he's here.
- Who?
Your boyfriend's husband.
He looks pissy.
Rather, keep a low profile,male.
in peace
during the game of angels
you can sleep in peace
during the game of angels
- Mother?
- Yes honey?
- Sleep in here tonight.
- Not tonight, little honey.
- You must not go.
- I'm not going anywhere.
Good night. Sleep well.
- I love you.
- I love you too honey.
Police have now widespread
the search for the suspect -
- for two recent female murders
here in Southern California.
The first victim, Sandra Gallagher,
was last seen leaving a bar -
- with suspects.
When police found her, she was
been strangled and burned to death.
The same suspect is wanted
the murder of Candace Jorgensen.
Her mutilated body was found
last night in a park in Brentwood.
Suspects are identified as -
- 32-year-old Glen Rogers
from Hamilton, Ohio.
He is also a prime suspect
a series of murders across the United States.
He has been given the nickname
Casanova killer.
The FBI reports that Rogers assumed more
disguises and identities -
- and has committed murder
in several states.
It has made it even harder to
detect the bestial serial killer.
Rogers may be on the loose
in Los Angeles tonight.
Everyone should be careful.
Suspects are believed to be armed
and extremely dangerous.
That was the news
with Tracie Savage.
- Ron!
- Your mother forgot her glasses.
And O.J. was in the restaurant.
He looked pissed.
I need to tell you something.
Hi there. What is it?
I went over there with my dog.
And we go on
at 5, 4, 3, 2 ...
The body of 35-year-old Nicole Brown
Simpson, O.J. Simpson's ex-wife, -
- was found late last night
outside her house.
The body of Nicole Brown Simpson,
O.J. Simpson's ex-wife, -
- and the body of a Ronald Goldman
was found early this morning.
The case is treated as a murder case.
My office
today accused O.J. Simpson -
- for the murders of Nicole Brown
Simpson and Ronald Lyle Goldman.
Los Angeles police are searching
just now mr. Simpson.
That is taking place
an unusual drama right now -
- at one of Los Angelesconfessed to the murders
on the women, Glen.
So far, ten women.
They were all beautiful,
all blondes.
She is definitely your type.
You want to know,
if I did that to her?
Whether I cut her head off?
Did you do it?
It was not me,
who murdered her.
It was Charlie.
Who is Charlie?
In his hypothetical version
of the crime -
- took O.J. and his friend Charlie
to the ex-wife.
Ham Charlie is coming ...
I walk around in front of the house,
and another guy has now appeared.
And he came with a knife.
When the waves peaked,
Nicole fell to the ground.
And I remember I took the knife.
I took it from Charlie.
The rest I don't remember.
I was just standing there in a pool of blood.
It was terrible.
Pretty awful.
They asked me about you.
I didn't say anything to them.
You have my word on that.
Hey. Where have you been?
- The alarm center.
- Send one over right now.
- He's back again.
- How does he look?
It's O.J. Simpson.
You know him. Send one now.
- What is he doing?
- He just got in his car.
- What does the car look like?
- It's a white Bronco.
- He broke through the back door.
- What's your name?
- Nicole Simpson.
- Is that the TV host of the sport?
- What is he doing? Does he threaten you?
- He goes berserk.
Did he threaten you?
Or is he just harassing you?
You can hear him just in time.
- Just stay in the tube.
- No, then he taunts me.
Stay in the tube until the police come.
Are you in it, Nicole?
Does he have any weapons?
I do not know.
He went home, now he's back.
The children sleep.Nothing must happen.
- Did he beat you today?
- No.
You do not need medical attention.
You just want him to go.
- He broke through the back door.
- He left, but then come again?
He came and hammered on the door
on top. He had almost smashed it.
I wanted him out
the bedroom where the children lay.
He wanted a phone number.
I put my address book away from me
to write the number down.
- Then he took my book.
- What is he saying?
O.J. The children!
O.J., the kids are asleep!
You happened to the children,
when they slept in the living room!
Now there comes
other buns on the soup.
Yeah yeah, you just shake your head.
- Just stay in the tube.
- I will take care of it!
Is he angry about something,
you have done?
Yes, a long time ago.
He always returns to it.
Translation:Malene Hollnagel
Scandinavian Text Service 2019