The Murder Pact (2015) Movie Script

I was lost in the dark
Now this light's in my face
Say good-bye
to my broken heart
Gonna take center stage,
I won't keep
playing these games
Tired of these
tattered masks
Let's let the curtains fall
It's time
for the next act, yeah
Shot to the heart,
but you missed your mark
I'm still bleeding
Falling apart,
your arrow is sharp
Oh, I'm leaving
Now it's time
that we end this dance
Stand and leave
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh,
that's all
Thank you.
We'll let you know.
Do you guys want me
to do the scene?
No, that's quite all right.
We have a lot of girls
to go through today.
Thank you for coming in.
- I was up all night practicing.
- I'm sure you were.
Everybody does,
but I've seen enough.
I'm not gonna hear from you.
Probably not.
Do you mind me asking
what I did wrong?
Um, first off,
your song choice.
I thought it was original.
I bet you did, and so did
five other girls this morning,
even if you did
sing it the best.
so then what's the problem?
To be brutally honest
with you, you are a nobody.
Right now Broadway
is hemorrhaging money.
Name recognition
is all that matters,
and you are a chorus girl
at best.
We need a star, not another
dime-a-dozen socialite.
Why did you agree to see me?
Apparently your fiance's
very well-connected,
and someone called in a favor
and is wasting my time.
Thank you.
Oop, sorry.
- Will still here?
- We what?
Where's Will?
Uh, I... I don't know.
Poppy, oh, my God,
I love your dress.
Where'd you get it?
My parents took me shopping
there last weekend
when I visited them in the city.
Your taste is so on point.
I'm gonna have to make a trip
down there next week.
Sweetie, I'm just saying this
because I'm your friend,
but I doubt
they carry your size.
I hear Sears has a new line
of curve couture, though.
Sorry, muscle spasm.
See you next Tuesday.
Uh, I need a favor.
Thank you.
Hey, there.
You looking for somebody?
Do you know Will LaSalle?
You don't mean
the Will LaSalle?
Yeah, do you know where he is?
No, but I'm right here.
So, Heidi, why don't you
follow me to the Delta party,
and maybe we'll find
Will along the way?
I need another drink.
- I got something better.
- What?
Tonight's entertainment is
brought to you by the letter K.
I don't have any money.
First round's on me.
What about you?
Sampling your own wares
is bad for business.
Plus, coach would kill me.
Let's go, Heidi.
Heidi, let's just go.
I have to tell him.
Just... just meet me outside.
I'll be right out.
Are you sure?
Thank you so much.
Hi, Camille.
Hi, Poppy.
If you're looking for Will,
he disappeared upstairs
with Annabel.
You know, you should really
put a leash on him
until he learns how to behave.
Oh, great.
Why haven't you
called me back?
I don't think you get it.
It was a one-time thing.
Yeah, you made
that pretty clear, but,
look, we have to talk alone.
Uh, Roderick, my good man,
happy belated birthday.
Thanks, homie,
but you know I don't wear
anything from the Goodwill.
- Get off of me.
- Hey, take a hint.
Get out of here.
I'll just go talk to Camille
see what she thinks about
your extracurricular activities.
Uh, you keep your mouth
shut to Camille.
Hey, if you mess that up,
I swear to God
I'll make that scholarship
of yours disappear.
I hear that
Gateway Community College
has a great liberal arts
Get away from
the ledge, Heidi.
Whoa, don't tease us now.
What are you doing?
Hey, babe, you're back.
Just having a little chat,
right, Heidi?
Okay, well, she's drunk,
and you're not sober, so...
Cam, don't be mad.
We're just having a little fun.
Heidi, do you want
to come down?
I'll walk you home.
That'd be great.
Hey, where do you
think you're going?
Get off of me.
Oh, my God.
Do you think we should call
the cops or something?
Sure, Rick,
and then you can tell them
about that medication
you prescribed her too.
Well, what should we do?
Well, it was an accident,
so we could just walk away,
She got drunk at the party.
She wandered up here by herself.
She broke through that door,
And then she accidentally fell.
- Fine with me.
- Yeah, me too.
Cam, let's go.
Are you okay?
She's dead, Will.
I know,
but you said it yourself.
It was an accident.
I forgot to ask
how the audition was yesterday.
Um, sorry, what?
What did you say?
The audition?
Um, it was productive,
and I had constructive feedback.
You don't always have
to put that in.
I think you're really handsome
without it.
It builds character.
Spare the flattery.
It's a birth defect.
Character doesn't book jobs;
perfection does.
Make sure you keep the 30th free
for the masquerade.
I thought your parents
were gonna be out of town.
They are, but they still
want to hold the party
for appearances,
which means you
get to officially host
your first society event.
- Really?
- Absolutely.
Just make sure you wear
something respectable.
Do you love me?
Do you really
have to question that?
That really wasn't an answer.
Oh, Cam, oh, hey, I chose you
out of all of the other girls.
Of course I love you.
Once I take over
the old man's business,
we will be society's
most unstoppable "it" couple.
Page Six won't be able to resist
running our wedding photos.
You want to talk
about what happened last night,
why Heidi was even there
to begin with?
There's nothing
to talk about, Cam.
Hey, quieting down,
quieting down, everyone.
I know you're all preoccupied
with the events at Price Hall
last night.
Losing a fellow student
like that,
it can be
a traumatizing experience.
Too often we're... we're
pressured to stay strong
and keep our emotions buried,
and that's why I just
want to take a little time
and talk about
how we're feeling.
Anybody want to go first,
share their thoughts
with the rest of us?
I just think it's ridiculous
that the school's doing nothing.
They should have at least
canceled classes today.
That's good, Natalie,
and it's normal
to feel angry and resentful.
Cancel classes?
Because some drunk girl
fell off a balcony?
the second-leading cause
of death for college students.
Okay, let's not start rumors.
According to the police
it was a tragic accident.
I think it's disgusting
that the media is referring
to this girl like she's just
some kind of statistic.
Okay, go on.
She was in my physics class,
I sat next to her every day,
and now she's gone.
What was her name?
Excuse me?
Well, she sat next
to you every day,
and you seem so distraught over
her death,
so what was her name?
I didn't say
I actually talked to her.
You don't understand.
Suicide or accident,
a person's dead.
What exactly defines
an accident?
I'm not quite sure
what you mean.
Theoretically, let's just say
that she was meeting someone
up there last night
and wasn't alone,
someone who cornered her
against the railing.
Would that be a crime?
Well, depending on
all the circumstances, sure.
It could be
involuntary manslaughter.
Murder, you mean.
Uh, well, yeah.
Anybody who happened
to be there could have
legal action taken up
against them too, right?
If they don't immediately
tell anyone.
I'd assume giving drugs
to the victim beforehand
couldn't help the situation
either, right?
Lisa, do you know something
about what happened there
last night?
If you do, you have the
responsibility to report it.
I was just curious.
Watch the hall.
Ow, get off.
What the hell
are you trying to pull?
Will, calm down.
No, not until she tells us
what she knows.
Oh, is that guilt I see
starting to settle in?
No, I have nothing
to feel guilty about.
Oh, please, you may as well
have just pushed her
off that ledge yourself.
- If...
- Heidi's dead.
You need to be held
accountable for that.
If I had anything
to do with her death,
you would be absolutely right.
You know what you did to her.
And you, you're just gonna
pretend that nothing happened?
Lisa, I saw it.
None of us did anything wrong.
The pictures I have
might suggest otherwise.
Oh, all right.
Well, let's get right
down to it.
How much do you want for them?
Your money can't buy you
out of everything.
What the hell was that?
She's gonna go to the cops.
I don't care what Netflix says.
I look terrible in orange.
Don't you have a benzo
or something you can slip her?
I wouldn't worry
about the wardrobe, princess.
With those legs you'll be
the most popular girl in lockup.
Oh, in that case,
you of all people
would be clamoring
to get caught.
She's not going to the police.
If she was, she would
have done it already.
Maybe if you
hadn't attacked her,
we could have found out
what she wanted.
Oh, that's great.
Now you're taking her side,
and, you know, hello to you too.
I'm not taking sides.
She has pictures of all of us.
So she says; she could be
making that up for all we know.
Well, then, we have
to find out for sure.
If I just get her alone,
maybe I could reason with her.
I know exactly how to reason
with people like that, okay?
Everybody has their price.
We just got to figure out
what hers is.
Even if we did pay her off,
who's to say
she'll just go away?
Yeah, and if she ever
says anything to anyone,
our futures are gone.
Thanks, bud.
Hey, why don't you
shut the hell up?
I didn't do anything wrong.
Okay, stop.
Guys, we're not talking
about who's to blame.
We just have to figure out
a way
to get her out of our lives.
Why don't we just
kill her too,
add that to your body count?
That was a joke.
Okay, what if she was to...
I mean, would anybody
actually miss her?
By lunchtime nobody was even
talking about Heidi anymore.
I... I'm just weighing
all of our options.
Well, this isn't
the dark ages, Will.
You can't just kill someone
and get away with it.
People get caught
because people want the fame.
Yeah, you can learn a lot
from other people's mistakes.
I don't want to go to jail.
Even if it was ruled
an accident,
we'd be forever connected to it.
what if we just beat her to it?
What if we went to the cops and
just told them what happened?
Are you willing to take
that risk?
I'm sorry, Cam,
but as far as I'm concerned,
our options are limited.
Are you guys serious?
We're talking
about taking a life.
Giving us ours back in return.
Well, you can count me out.
Hey, Cam, Cam,
we all left together that night.
How's that gonna
look to the cops?
Yeah, we wanted to tell
the cops, Camille,
but you wouldn't let us.
That is not what happened,
and you know it.
Let me just talk to her and see
what she even has on us, okay?
I'll get the pictures.
Okay, that's... go ahead,
but just remember, okay,
in the end we're gonna
do what's best for us.
That's a good picture.
What are you doing here?
Will you just calm down
so we can talk?
Will you just listen
to what I have to say?
I'm not like the others.
I don't care.
Get out.
I don't have the money
to buy me out of this.
Fine, I'll leave then.
I hope the cops think
they're good pictures too.
We have to do something.
Hey, girl, hey,
and I really mean that.
I'm really glad
we ran into you.
I thought I told you that
I didn't want to talk to you.
Oh, come on.
Let's have a kiki,
just us girls.
I don't think so.
Sorry about how Will
treated you the other day.
Sit down.
You know how boys can be.
Sit down.
Emotionally abusive?
I was going
for slightly overzealous.
Oh, is this the part where
you guys offer me a makeover
in exchange for my silence?
Oh, God, no.
This isn't the '90s.
We think we've found a way
where we can all get
what we want.
I thought I already told you
that I can't be bought.
Are you sure about that?
See, I actually
think this is your way
of jacking up the price.
I mean, why else wouldn't you
have gone to the cops?
Exactly, and even if you did,
you don't know what happened
or what was said up there.
Yeah, I don't have to.
The pictures say enough.
Well, since you don't care
about the truth, you do realize
that you are just as guilty
for withholding information?
How are you gonna pay
for your tuition next semester?
I mean, your financial aid
just got pulled.
Your mom flaked
on re-filing her paperwork.
How is her rehab stint going,
by the way?
How did you know that?
From this moment forward,
we are always one step
ahead of you.
You're the Britney,
and she's the Madonna.
Will's having a cocktail party
this Friday at 8:00
with all your new best friends.
Be there, bring the photos,
and we'll make a trade.
Thanks for coming.
Let's just get this over with.
I see you've met everyone.
Yeah, I think so.
Let me see
if I got this straight,
the drug dealing neurotic
with the double life,
the self-conscious follower,
the abusive,
womanizing sociopath,
and finally the gold-digging
social climber?
How cute.
Yeah, well, I've been around,
you know?
I've seen all the skeletons
in your closets,
probably even the ones
you hid from each other.
Okay, that's enough.
You've put us in
a very compromising position.
Yeah, something new
and different for you, I'm sure.
Can we not
with the sarcastic quips?
I get that it's your
insecure defense mechanism,
but it's... you know, it's really
starting to piss me off.
Then just say what you
brought me here to say.
The stunt you pulled in class
the other day was unacceptable,
and we're here to do something
about that
so it doesn't happen again.
Yeah, how's that?
You know that we all have
very bright futures ahead of us.
You, not so much, huh?
Yeah, well, not everybody
was born with the taste
of silver in their mouths.
Don't turn this into
class warfare.
Your hard-knock life
doesn't make
you better than the rest of us.
You don't understand.
Heidi wasn't just my roommate.
She was my only friend here.
You know, never once
did any of you even
acknowledge my existence
until it threatened
your perfect lives.
Yeah, you're right.
Why would we?
But, you know, here we are,
Look, do you have the photos?
You wouldn't have come here
without a number in mind.
4 million.
Even I don't have that just
laying around the house, Lisa.
I know.
Um, I have an account set up.
Just transfer the funds, and
you'll never hear from me again.
You put a lot of thought
into this for someone
who can't be bought.
What do you guys think?
Expensive price tag
for such a low-end product.
What the hell?
It's pocket change, right?
Looks like you're
the tiebreaker, Cam.
What do we do?
Give it to her.
Why not?
Two to one.
There's no other copies
I got to worry about popping up
down the road
or anything like that?
- No, just these.
- No? That's good.
Good, well, looks like
it's your lucky day, Lisa.
There's one problem.
I... I can't...
I cannot bring myself to trust
that you'll just disappear,
which is why I can't let
you leave here tonight.
Did you drug her?
I don't know about this.
Well, it's a little late
to go back now.
Well, we could just pay her,
let her go.
We are all in this together.
So this is how it's gonna be?
You were the most
reluctant, Cam.
You guys dragged me into this,
and you expect me to do it?
Camille, w-wait.
What, do you volunteer?
She lives in Goff Hall.
Go pack a bag
and bring back her laptop.
- What for?
- Because we're gonna need it.
Rick, go with her.
What happened?
Her eyes twitched.
She's dead, Will.
Get it together.
Go, go, go.
She's not summering
in South Hampton, Bel.
Just grab some stuff
so we can get out of here.
What are you doing?
Making it look
like she ducked out in a hurry.
You're doing it wrong.
You've got to make it so
the last one's out further
so it looks like she worked her
way down
but she could still get
into them.
That's actually kind
of brilliant.
I saw it on "Forensic Files."
We should get back.
Anything else?
Oh, her computer.
She's so...
That's kind of the point.
Is that all of them?
You okay?
I'm fine.
Hey, do you have her computer?
She only had a tablet.
What are you doing?
I'm sending her out of town.
Okay, all set.
She was never here, and no one
saw or spoke to her tonight.
Mm, what are you doing?
Shh, nothing.
Go back to sleep.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go.
Cheers, Pops.
It's good to see you.
I can't believe
you actually live here.
This is insane.
Well, you can come here
whenever you want.
You mean when your girlfriend
isn't around?
What girlfriend?
Come on, everyone
knows you're dating Camille.
I'm engaged to Camille.
Is that a problem?
Not if it isn't for you.
Let's go! Let's go!
Do you think this is acceptable?
Get going, Rick!
Go faster!
Hit the showers!
My office.
I'll be all right.
I need you to be better
than all right,
do you understand me?
You... you look terrible.
Well, I didn't get
much sleep last night.
Why's that?
Were you out partying?
Answer me, Rick.
Yes, sir,
I was out partying.
You know the rules.
I need you focused
during the season.
I'm sorry, Coach.
I made a mistake.
Oh, this is what's wrong
with your generation.
You're all raised in this bubble
where you have no
repercussions for your actions
so you slack and take
advantage of everything.
Will you say something?
You're right.
We get away with everything.
- Hey.
- Hey, Bels.
You look like hell.
Yeah, thanks.
How'd you sleep?
What sleep?
Yeah, me too.
I feel bad.
I never feel bad.
Of course you do.
You have a heart.
Shocking, I'm sure.
When I got home last night
all I could think about
was her lying in the ground.
Can we talk about this later?
Don't you feel bad at all?
Look, of course I do,
but it's done now.
What do you think
would happen if we got caught?
- Are you kidding?
- Worst-case scenario?
You know what would happen.
Well, it's not like either
of us did anything.
We were just kind of there.
We were a big part of it.
You know that.
Uh, I guess you're right.
I just can't help but think
someone's gonna
find out eventually,
that it'd be easier
if we just tell someone now.
No, no, look.
Everything's fine, okay?
We're gonna finish school,
and we're gonna
start our new lives,
and we're gonna forget
that this even happened, okay?
Look, as far as I'm concerned,
it's just a bad dream.
I hope you're right.
Walk much, Screech?
Um, actually, I'm...
I'm applying to grad schools
now, and I was wondering
if maybe you could write me
a recommendation letter?
- Sure.
- Excuse me.
Yes, can I help you?
My name
is Detective Alex Dakoulas.
You mind
if I ask a few questions?
Well, sure.
I needed to talk to one
of your students, Will LaSalle.
Oh, Will, yeah.
He's right over th...
He was just there.
I don't know where he went.
Can I do anything for you?
One of you was in my room,
so just tell me who,
'cause this is not funny.
If none of you did it,
then somebody else knows.
That's not possible.
Of course it's possible.
If anyone found out,
it's because you let it slip.
- I didn't tell anybody.
- Stop.
We should have just gone
to the cops
after what happened with Heidi.
Yeah, we should have.
Maybe you didn't bury
it with her, you know?
Maybe you forgot
and accidentally took it home.
Of course
I didn't take it home.
You saw me put it in the duffel
bag with the rest of her stuff.
Look, I'm just trying
to think logically, okay?
Yeah, well,
don't strain yourself.
I wouldn't want
you to break a sweat.
Look, you don't have
to be a jerk about it, okay?
I'm just saying
leave the thinking
to the rest of us, you know?
Stick to what you're good at,
throwing up your dinner.
You know what?
Screw all of you.
Can you believe her?
I can't believe you.
Annabel told us how you
wanted to go to the cops
and rat us out?
She doesn't know
what she's talking about.
Oh, I hope so,
because I would hate to see
something happen to you as well.
Or worse, your reputation.
Are you threatening me?
Because I'd be careful
about throwing those stones.
That is not a threat.
That is a promise.
Let's just say it became public
knowledge of where you really
test on the Kinsey scale
during a pop quiz.
Please, half the team
would score at least a three.
Besides, this is New England,
not the Bible Belt, okay?
No one would care.
Oh, not even your dad?
It's been a while since
I've chatted with the senator.
Maybe I should give him a call
and ask him how the campaign
planning is going.
You wouldn't.
Oh, here we go.
Knock it off, Will.
Shh, I'm on the phone.
Are you just gonna
let him do this?
Hang up now!
Well, that was very rude.
You made your point, okay?
Now get out of my sight.
Did you put the camera
in his closet?
I was gonna
ask you the same thing.
Well, what if he's right
and somebody does know?
Cam, he probably made it up,
or Annabel did it.
You don't trust them?
No, and neither should you.
Hey. Wait, wait.
I've been thinking
about what you said,
about how someone
might know something.
So you believe me now?
Well, I think
it's a possibility.
What do we do?
Well, we can tell someone,
end it all now.
That's what you want, right?
What, did Will send you
to check up on me?
No, Will did not send me here
to check up on you.
I don't always agree
with how Will handles things.
Just call me if anything
else happens, okay?
You can trust me.
Cam, wait.
You should know he probably has
an insurance policy on you too,
something to hang over you
if you cause trouble.
Just look out, okay?
Uh, what are you
doing in here?
Um, I couldn't sleep,
so I was going over the emails
from the party planner.
Oh, and how's that going?
She just needs a final budget.
No budget; just make sure
it's a night to remember.
Well, in that case,
I will do my best.
- You're looking at it again.
- What are you talking about?
You're staring at my eye,
No, I wasn't.
You have the lifestyle you're
living right now because of me,
and all that I want from you
is to not look at me
like I'm a sideshow attraction.
I know that,
and you know I am very thankful
for everything you do for me.
Then act like it.
I'm sorry, Camille.
I know.
You always are.
Will LaSalle?
Can I help you?
Hi, I'm Detective Dakoulas.
You mind if I ask you
a couple questions?
Looking for a girl that went
missing from your school
a few nights ago,
Lisa Thompson.
You know her?
Uh, doesn't ring a bell.
You sure?
You've shared several
classes with her
over the last few years.
Uh, not to sound like a dick,
but if someone
doesn't run in my circle,
I've probably never
heard of them.
She, uh, definitely
isn't in your circle,
so I was surprised
that a witness spotted her
with your friend,
Camille, Friday night.
That's news to me.
You're sure
you don't know her?
It's a big island.
She could have been
visiting anyone.
It's a funny thing
that you don't recognize her,
considering your relationship
with her roommate.
Excuse me?
Heidi Wilkes?
Shame what happened to her.
I'm sure you're broken up
about her death.
Yeah, no, of course I was.
Why do you ask?
You were seeing her,
weren't you?
Uh, I don't know
who told you that,
but you have the wrong
It's funny.
I just got that impression
considering the text history
between the two of you
on her phone.
She was supposed
to delete those.
And according to a
conversation with her roommate,
she was pregnant
on the night of her death.
- Pregnant?
- Yeah.
Anything you want to tell me?
I... I'd really appreciate it if
you didn't let that get around.
Why's that?
To be honest, I don't want
my fiance finding out about it.
Hey, I'm not here
to cause you that type
of trouble, Mr. LaSalle.
I appreciate that.
Uh, just so you know,
when I get back, I will be
talking to Camille about Lisa.
I doubt she'll be much
more help than I was.
You never know.
I don't mean to hold you up.
Pick up.
Camille, sweetheart,
call me as soon as you get this.
Hey, babe, sorry.
My phone died in class.
Oh, hi.
Listen, we need to get
our stories straight.
- What do you mean?
- A detective's gonna come...
Hey, let me call you right
back; somebody's at the door.
- Cam, you listen...
- Just a second.
Listen... damn it.
Um, Lisa, right?
That's right, Lisa Thompson.
Yeah, I think she's
in my criminal studies class.
When was the last time
you saw her?
Um, last week sometime?
You don't recall seeing
her Friday night at the docks?
You know what?
I think you're right.
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no.
Are you sure?
Yeah, yeah, definitely.
I'm sorry, I don't really
know her that well,
so my mind just kind of blanked.
Do you have any idea where she
may have been going that night?
So you didn't speak
to her at all?
I mean, we just exchanged
pleasantries just to be nice,
Is she okay?
I don't know.
Now, the other two?
Rick and Annabel?
They live here on campus,
Rick, listen,
there might be someone coming
to talk to you about Lisa.
Yeah, thanks
for the heads-up, buddy.
He pulled me out of practice.
Coach made me stay after
and clean up the locker room
because of it.
- What'd you say?
- Nothing.
I told him I'd never spoken
to Lisa, just like we agreed.
You did good.
What the hell, man?
Why is somebody
asking us questions?
He's not gonna find out
Just stick to the story
and don't do anything stupid.
Yeah, well,
I think it's a little late
for all of us on that.
What is it?
Camille? Camille,
it's your turn.
Oh, um, yes, I'm ready.
I just have to hook it up
to the projector.
Hurry it along 'cause
we're running low on time.
No cell phone.
I'm having computer problems.
Hey, hold it a second.
you've got to stop this.
I've got midterms.
Bels, please.
Look at yourself.
You got to get it
together, okay?
Let's get into positions.
Oh, don't stop on my account.
I was just finishing
getting ready.
Quite the change
since freshman year, huh?
How much did you lose,
50, 60 pounds?
65 pounds, wow.
Mary Kate, eat your heart out.
You're a better dancer
than ever too.
Almost perfect.
Well, I wouldn't go that far.
You know, you're right.
No one's perfect,
especially someone
with secrets like yours.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Just letting you know
that nothing escapes me.
Annabel, are you okay?
I'm fine!
Annabel Montgomery?
You told him
you never saw her, right?
He knew I was lying.
I know he did.
And what'd you tell him?
I told him
I didn't know anything.
I don't talk to Lisa.
You sure about that?
You know, all of us have
to stick to the same story.
I know.
If one of us slips,
he'll start to catch on...
I said I know.
Well, I think it's time
we update Lisa's status, huh?
Get him off our backs?
did you bring her tablet?
I did, but now it's...
It's kind of missing.
Look, I put it
under my bed, okay?
But it's just not there.
You're kidding me.
Look, I'm sorry, okay?
I... I don't know
what happened to it.
Oh, my God,
oh, my... just calm down, okay?
All we have to do is sit down
and talk it out.
Where's Rick?
I think he has a meet
at the lake today.
What's happening?
Locker search.
They got an anonymous tip
about drug abuse on the team.
what the hell's wrong with you?
I know how you feel,
but please don't hesitate to...
Abs... I can't...
I can't make the match.
All right, well,
I will let them know.
Well, that was Rick's mom.
It's not good.
He's alive, right?
But they don't even know
if he's ever gonna wake up.
This has gone way too far.
I don't know.
Maybe we do just...
Come clean?
That is not happening.
Rick might die.
Do you even care?
Of course I do,
but turning ourselves
in isn't gonna wake him up.
Guys, we have dug the hole
too deep to turn back now.
I think Rick was right.
I think someone's onto us.
I got a note backstage
with one of Lisa's pictures.
What's it say?
$4 million.
Let me see the note.
- I... I don't have it.
- Where is it?
I threw it away.
Why would you do that?
I don't know, what was
I supposed to do with it?
Not leave it
where anyone can find it.
Will, I...
Who would have access
to put it there?
Anybody at class.
Um, Poppy was the last person
I talked to.
She did say something
about knowing my secret.
How the hell
would Poppy know anything?
Well, she's the biggest
gossip in school.
I mean, she could have
eavesdropped on any one of us.
She'll be at the masquerade.
We can pull her aside
and confront her there.
How can you want
to have your stupid party
with everything that's happened?
At the scene
of the crime, no less?
No, we... we can't cancel.
Why not?
'Cause if we do,
Dakoulas'll think something's up
and ask even more questions.
I don't know, you're the one
who wants to come clean.
I know that, but...
You're right.
We're in this way too deep,
so I'm just gonna go on and act
like everything's normal.
I mean, Rick is gonna be fine.
We're all gonna be fine.
you're only 20 minutes late.
Careful, you might actually be
here on time one of these days.
You can always find
someone else.
Not if I ever
want to work again.
- Hi, Will.
- Hi.
Good to see you again,
The chair's all yours.
And I will be back
in a second.
Is everything okay?
No, everything is not okay.
Will, I really need you to
hurry up and get into wardrobe.
Hey, I can't do the shoot
We have to reschedule.
We can't reschedule. The
client's on a strict deadline.
Just call them
and figure it out.
What's wrong? Is there some
sort of emergency or something?
I forgot my contacts.
Will, I don't need you
to be able to see.
I need you to stand over there
and look pretty.
We can... we can totally
Photoshop that out, no problem.
Jesus, Dad.
What are you doing here?
Your mother insisted
that I take three days
out of our vacation
and that I fly home immediately
and speak to you in person.
Uh, is everything okay?
Well, apparently not,
unless you want to explain to me
why some detective is,
uh, sending me letters
asking me about your involvement
with some missing girl.
I don't know
what he told you...
You know what?
It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.
You've had everything.
You've had the freedom to go
and come
and do whatever
the hell you want.
You never so much as lifted
a finger.
All I ever asked of you
is that you stay out of trouble.
I know, Dad.
What, I didn't keep
my mouth shut
while you're going through
your modeling phase?
I didn't, uh...
I wasn't tolerant enough
for this girl with whom
you seem to be so enamored?
Well, you think, what?
You're gonna drag the family
name through the mud?
I have everything
under control.
You better, for your sake.
You know, we all do a lot
of questionable things, son,
only most of us are not stupid
enough to get caught.
You have my word.
You have nothing to worry about.
If I get one more phone call,
that's it.
You can forget about
taking over the company.
You're on your own.
I mean it.
I won't be there
to bail you out.
Do we understand each other?
- Yeah.
- All right.
I've got the plane
waiting for me.
You just got here.
I promised your mother.
Why didn't she come too?
You want the honest truth?
She doesn't want to see you.
She doesn't want to see you
until all of this is blown over.
You got to fix this, Son.
Babe, what's wrong?
You used to talk to me
about everything.
When you need to know
I'll tell you, Camille.
Go back to sleep.
Tomorrow's a very important day
for us.
[dramatic electronic
Let me know when you see
Would you please excuse me
for one second?
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Quite an extravagant gathering
you got going on here
tonight, huh?
No offense, but I don't remember
putting you on the guest list.
Lisa didn't happen to be
on the guest list, was she?
- Then why is she here?
- What?
I'm going by her check-in.
Why don't you
gather up your friends,
and we'll find a quiet
place to chat?
Maybe later.
I wasn't asking.
Looks like we lost one.
There was an accident.
So I heard.
It's almost in bad taste to be
throwing an event like this
when your good friend is
clinging to life
in a hospital bed.
Rick loved a good party.
He wouldn't want
us to cancel it.
Fair enough.
And I'll let you guys
get back to it
as soon as you tell me
why my missing girl
just tagged the three
of you here with her?
We've all told you
that we don't know her.
If she says she's with us,
it's just her pathetic attempt
to climb the social ladder.
Sure, makes sense.
The only problem
is I'm not buying it.
Something's not fitting.
I don't know what else
to tell you.
Shut your mouth.
I have a girl from the other
side of the tracks dead.
Her roommate goes missing
a few days later.
She's last seen
on a ferry boat heading here.
Add to that the fact
that your stories
about the night in question
don't even match up,
and you can understand
my hesitation
in believing any of you.
Is everything all right,
Miss Montgomery?
Doesn't look like it.
Looks like you have something
you want to tell me.
You look like you're
under a lot of pressure.
You know, it's gonna feel a hell
of a lot better if you just
get it off your chest.
I'm just really upset
about Rick.
That's right.
Isn't it strange how he
just OD'd all of a sudden?
Not really.
He's had a drug problem
for years,
which we have tried
to get him help with before.
Years, huh?
But he's passed
every single random drug test
he's had since he joined
the crew team freshman year.
You know, maybe
you should go find Lisa.
If she's here, I'm sure she
can answer all your questions.
That is a good idea.
I'm gonna be on the island,
so why don't you guys do me
a favor and stick around, huh?
We're not going anywhere,
Hey, you did good, baby.
Don't touch me.
You know,
I knew your reputation
before we started dating,
but I was dumb enough to think
that you'd be different.
- Cam, is...
- Now it's led us to this.
No, go ahead.
I want to hear what kind
of excuse you have for this.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
You know, it's bad enough
that you throw Annabel
a pity lay once in a while,
but Heidi?
Wait, who told you?
I'm not blind, Annabel.
Nobody had to tell me.
You could have left
at any time,
but you chose to stay.
- Because I love you.
- No, you don't.
You love what I can do for you,
and now you've gone and you've
screwed up everything for us.
I screwed everything up?
I heard you tell Dakoulas
that you spoke with Lisa
on the ferry.
How could you be so stupid?
Wait, you were spying on me?
You've proven
you can't be trusted.
I can't believe
I actually thought
you could be a good person.
No, no, this is... this is over.
This ends tonight.
Come on, two against one
if we turn him in now.
You won't do it.
You would be surprised
at how far you have pushed me.
Tell Dakoulas then.
Get him back here right now.
I got a picture
I think he would love to see.
I knew that picture
was from you.
You would sell me out
to save yourself.
If you make me.
All right, you guys
had your chance.
You deserve everything
that's coming to you.
Excuse you.
Rude much?
I don't know what you want.
You knock off the games,
you hear me?
What, are you high?
Don't play stupid with me.
I know you've been following us.
Yeah, 'cause I'm sure.
Don't flatter yourself,
Charlie Sheen.
Annabel said
you knew her secret.
You're damn right I do.
She better not think
she's getting the lead role
because of that tummy tuck
she snuck in over the summer.
Everyone please
choose your partner wisely
for the annual masquerade dance.
I was lost in the dark
Now this light's in my face
Say good-bye
to my broken heart
Gonna take center stage
I won't keep
playing these games
Tired of these
tattered masks
Let's let the curtains
It's time
for the next act, yeah
Shot to the heart,
but you missed your mark
I'm still bleeding
Stop! Hey!
Falling apart,
your arrow is sharp
Oh, I'm leaving
She is here.
Don't you have somewhere
you should be?
What are you doing in here?
I saw you guys
come downstairs.
- Did you find her?
- She got away!
Who got away? Poppy?
It's not Poppy.
Well, I mean,
who else would it be?
It has to be Lisa.
Guys, what if we accidentally
buried her alive?
Oh, my God.
I'm gonna be sick.
This doesn't make any sense.
Even if she was alive, she
wouldn't exactly be in any shape
to just, what, dig herself out?
Well, then, we have
to find out for sure.
All her stuff is gone too.
It's from Lisa.
"Transfer the funds,
and you'll never
hear from me again."
Hey, hey, hey, hey, wait.
Where do you think you're going?
I'm gonna find
Detective Dakoulas.
No, you can't do that.
No, Will,
enough of your lies.
We buried a girl alive, okay?
And she's out to find us?
No, I would rather go to jail
than have what happened to Rick
happen to me, or worse.
I can't let you go
to the cops.
If she's alive, we can still
fix this and put her right
back in that hole.
You'd really do
this all over again?
If it means cleaning up
this mess, absolutely.
Just give her the money, Will.
Fine, give me the numbers.
What if she doesn't go away,
It's already been done.
Just calm down.
I... I can't do this again.
I can't believe
you actually live here.
I can't believe
you actually live here.
This is insane.
You can come here
whenever you want.
You mean when your girlfriend
isn't around?
What girlfriend?
Come on, everyone knows
you're dating Camille.
Hey, who's controlling
the projector?
Turn it off?
Detective, wait!
You're gonna ruin everything.
Let go of me!
I'm gonna find
Detective Dakoulas.
Stop it! Stop!
- Shut up! Shut up!
- Stop!
Shut up! Shut up!
Shut up! Shut up!
Please, wait.
I just want to say good-bye.
Cam, tell them what happened.
Tell them it was an accident.
No touching.
You know, this whole time
I just wanted to see
you care about anything other
than your own ego.
You're not perfect, and you
can't get away with everything.
Cam, what...
But you're right.
I do love what you
can do for me.
Now I can do it on my own.
You dropped this.
Let's go, Mr. LaSalle.
Listen to me.
It was all an accident.
Then why don't you tell me
how your friend
accidentally wound up dead
at your party?
All right, I'm just gonna
start from the very beginning.
It all has to do
with Lisa Thompson.
The missing girl
from our school.
I have no knowledge
of missing persons.
Speak with Detective Dakoulas.
He knows all about it.
Who's Detective Dakoulas?
He's one of you guys.
I can assure you
I don't know a Dakoulas.
He was just
at the party tonight.
He is right there.
Kid, I don't know
who you're talking to,
but he's not a detective.
This doesn't make any sense.
Even if she was alive,
she wouldn't exactly be
in any shape
to dig herself out.
Let me just talk to her.
You wouldn't have come here
if you didn't have a number
in mind.
4 million.
- Her eyes twitched.
- She's dead, Will.
Get it together.
They're not gonna
give you any money,
but I know another way
of getting it.
Is it safe?
It's safer than what they're
on doing to you tonight.
What... what did you do to me?
I had to sell it.
Looks like it all worked out
for you.
Oh, for the both of us.
Where'd your
Detective Dakoulas go?
He has an acting class
in the morning.
Shame about Annabel.
They could have
turned it around
before it ever got this far.
How did you know that
the others were gonna back out
when it came time to kill me?
I didn't.
Don't go spending your share
all in one place.
They're waiting for me.
Miss Taylor, right over here.
Can you tell us what happened?
What happened tonight?
We want to know.
Just... I'm trying to stay
strong through it all.
My thoughts are with
Annabel's family.
She's the one from the news.
Huh. Send her in.
Thank you.
Miss Taylor,
good to see you again.
Thank you.
Very grateful
for another opportunity.
No problem.
When you're ready,
let's start right off
with the song,
and we'll move on
to reading the scene.
I trust you memorized it?
Every word.