The Music Box (2018) Movie Script

As I was saying, it's about
a thousand square meters,
really spacious.
Your daughter will have
plenty of room to run around,
I have a daughter, too.
You'll see how lucky you are
to have such a big yard too.
It was beautiful once.
There were lots of flowers here,
some lawn furniture also,
but they took it all away
because the rain ruined it.
Who lived here?
The owner was an
old woman, Mrs. White.
She passed away two years ago.
The children moved
away for work.
They decided to rent it,
and they'll probably
sell it in a few years.
The decorations
aren't that great,
but it's a lot of
room for your budget.
Let's go upstairs!
The main bedroom is here.
And there's a smaller bedroom.
It's perfect for the kid.
There is also an attic upstairs.
You can use it as a storage
or as an office if you prefer.
Come on.
It's only temporary.
You'll like it when it's all
fixed up and clean, I bet.
What's wrong, Sophie?
It's okay.
It won't hurt you.
Come on, come with
me in the other room.
I know what we'll do.
Let's order a pizza.
Now, what do you say?
Do you like that idea?
You want some water?
Is there something wrong?
What did you find?
What is it?
September 10, 1989.
Let's see if it works.
The gears just must
a little rusted.
Sophie, time for bed.
What are you gonna tell
Dr. Loris tomorrow?
That you're tired?
Time for bed!
Do you like these toys, Sophie?
Which is your favorite?
Who are they?
What are they doing?
And who is it?
Her parents death shocked her.
You have to stay close
to her, Annabelle
Sophie's going through
a delicate phase.
I know there isn't a lot
of trust between you.
The fact that Sophie
doesn't speak anymore
certainly doesn't help,
but you have to try
and forge a connection.
I'm trying.
It's just, it's like
there's a wall there.
I hadn't seen my
sister in 10 years.
The first time I even met
Sophie was in the court
when they were giving
me the guardianship.
I know, it's normal,
she feels abandoned.
Everything's new.
You have to insist,
even if she seems like
she has no interest
in knowing you at all.
She needs you,
you're all she has.
I'm Annabelle Spear.
I called on Thursday about
restoring some books.
They said to come by today.
Oh, yes, I was expecting you.
I'm Eva.
Mrs. Brown told me
you were coming.
Let's go!
There was a mouse, actually.
More than one to
tell you the truth.
The damn critters
chewed on some books.
I hope that doesn't
gross you out.
Chewed pages, no.
A mouse between the pages maybe.
Don't worry, I'm
fighting back with poison.
There are five of them in all.
You're bringing
that to school, too?
You don't need it.
Don't tear the flowers
up out of the garden.
Why did you put them
on my bed this morning?
So, who did?
Sophie, don't run in the house!
Sophie, I said don't
run in the house!
I don't know if it's me
doing something wrong.
Maybe it's something I'm doing
that's making her act like this.
Sophie's behavior is normal.
Creating an imaginary friend
is a way for her to
feel less lonely.
I don't know, Loris.
For the last few days,
I keep finding rose
petals on my pillow.
Sophie says it wasn't her.
She seems so convincing.
I, I wouldn't want
her be creating
some kind of split personality.
That's what you call it, right?
No, I don't believe so.
Listen, bring her by
my office tomorrow.
It'll put your mind at ease.
Alright, thanks.
No, don't touch my carillon!
Sophie, what are you doing?
Stop it!
Sophie, Sophie!
Sophie, stop it!
Sophie, stop it!
Gosh, what are
you doing, Sophie?
You don't ever hit
anyone, do you under...
10, nine, eight, seven,
six, five, four,
three, two, one, here I come!
Sophie what are
you doing out here?
Sophie, go to bed.
I'm going to show you a color
and you tell me what
it makes you think of,
whatever comes to mind.
That carillon is really nice
Can I look at it closer?
Who'll get angry?
Your imaginary friend?
Tell me about her,
what's her name?
What is it, Sophie?
Is Lania here with us?
Is there some pet you have
or maybe a friend
of hers named Lania?
Not that I know of.
Who's Lania?
Sophie associates this name
with her imaginary friend.
She's really convinced.
She really fantasizes
seeing her.
She talks to her.
The other night, she
was out in the garden.
I swear I heard her talking.
That's great news.
She's starting to speak again.
That's always a good start.
She went through
a horrible shock.
Her not speaking, creating
an imaginary friends,
it's just a phase,
she'll get over it.
It's really nice of
you to reassure me.
It's really tough, the house,
and work,
and Sophie is so
Thank you.
Of course.
Before, she almost
had me convinced.
If you think it might help,
I could come to the
house for her sessions.
Maybe it would make her
feel more comfortable.
Five, four, three, two, one.
I'm going to show you a color
and you tell me what
it makes you think of.
Your imaginary friend?
Hey, I need to talk to you.
Are you okay?
How did you fall?
Uh, I don't remember.
I just fell back and...
I don't know you that well,
but I know now that
you're a terrible liar.
I saw something that scared me.
Hold the ice there.
Loris, I think it's time
I call social services
and reconsider the guardianship.
I'm afraid I have real problems.
I'm not well
and I'm afraid that if
things keep up like this,
I'm gonna need therapy.
It's just,
it's the fantasy of a child,
and me, she's rubbing off on me,
and I am going crazy.
No, Annabelle.
I'm here because
I wanna show you
the video of this
morning's sessions.
Your imaginary friend?
Oh, my God!
Sophie and I were alone.
What does she want with us?
Why is she following Sophie?
I don't know, Annabelle.
Whatever it is, she's
connected to your niece.
It was her in the attic.
This makes me doubt
everything I thought was true.
If I hadn't seen the video,
I would have never believed you.
It's the carillon!
It all started
when she found it.
It was buried in this
box in the garden.
Can you come with
me to the library?
In this book, there's a symbol
identical to the one on the box.
I wanna know who
checked the book out.
What does it mean?
Do you think
whoever had the book
was the one to inscribe
that symbol on the box
and bury it?
I don't know it could be.
It's the only thing
that makes any sense.
Maybe, Eva the
librarian, can help us.
What year do the
lending files go back to?
The library was opened in 1962.
Eva, out of curiosity,
could you let me know who
checked this book out last?
Oh, Annabelle, I can't.
Privacy, you know?
I'm, I'm sorry.
Why do you want to know?
Just work reasons.
You didn't get it from me.
The last time the book
was taken out was in 1989,
Margaret White, 34
Saint Louis Street.
Okay, okay, thanks.
Sophie, come on, let's go.
Isn't that your house?
So, the former tenant
buried it probably.
Do you know where they live now?
She died two years ago.
I have got to know
what that symbol means.
Annabelle, could
you come here, please?
That book deals with
supernatural if I'm not mistaken.
I overheard your conversation.
There is a woman.
She comes very
often at the library
and she takes out
book like that.
She's a psychic or so she says,
but in any case,
she knows a lot
about supernatural.
She's really nice, too.
Maybe she could help you.
Eva can I just ask
you one more favor?
When I go to talk to this woman,
can I leave Sophie
here with you?
Oh, yeah.
This is her address.
Thank you.
Hi, I'm Annabelle Spear,
and we're looking
for Mrs. Nills.
It's late.
She's not seeing
anyone else today.
I'm sorry for bothering you.
Eva the librarian, said
that she could help me.
I'm trying to find the
meaning of a symbol.
Please, I'm desperate.
One can plead with
the saints for mercy,
but Morris, my
assistant, is no saint,
or am I missing something?
These people
were hoping to see you.
I need to speak with you
just for a few minutes.
Here at the door or inside?
It's written in Latin.
If you're here to ask my help,
I imagine you believe
in the supernatural.
Mrs. Nills, I saw the
symbol printed on this book
carved on a box
that my niece found.
May I ask where you found it?
It was buried in the garden.
If I were you,
I would put it right
back where it was buried.
It's a warning.
This symbol means
it's possessed.
I'll explain better.
Sometimes, tormented souls
attach themselves to an object
and are unable to let it go.
Sort of like there
are haunted places,
there are also haunted objects.
The more time spent
with an object,
the more its owner
connects with it,
until they finally,
can't be without it.
The tormented soul
can also affect
the personality of the owner,
making them absorb their
positive or negative energy,
whatever the case may be.
Well, positive or
negative in what sense?
A possessed object
can be good luck
if the spirit connected to
it experienced immense joy,
while it can cause misery
if the object was connected
with a tragic or sad event.
So, if I understand
you correctly,
the spirit makes a
strong connection
with whoever comes to
possess the haunted object.
No, it's much worse.
It conditions their life.
Did you open the box?
And, what was in it?
Sophie, be careful!
Don't wander around
the bookshelves.
I'm sorry I'm late.
That's okay, she's sleeping.
I hope it wasn't too
much trouble for you
No, not at all.
Did you find Mrs. Nills?
Oh, sorry.
Thank you so much
for everything,
for being here with Sophie
and I, I really appreciate it.
I'm sorry.
It's not you.
I'll call you tomorrow
to check on Sophie.
Is somebody there?
Dumb mice.
Sophie, calm down!
Don't ever do that
again, do you understand?
You're not my mother!
Hi, have you seen a little girl?
She's over there.
Is Eva off today?
She's in the hospital.
We found her unconscious.
Oh my God, that's awful.
Everything all right at school?
Sophie, can I see your carillon?
What if I just
take it for tonight,
and I give it back tomorrow?
Sophie, give me the carillon.
Sophie, don't worry, sweetie.
It's okay.
Lania is mean.
She can't be mean if
we bury the carillon.
Don't go away, you too.
What are you talking about?
I'll never go away,
but honey, we have
to bury the carillon.
Okay, tomorrow?
Did you bury it?
Yes, sweetheart
the carillon is gone.
I buried the box
but it didn't work,
Then all this happened.
So, you say it's the
spirit of a little girl?
Yes, Lania, that's her name.
At least that's what
Sophie calls her.
And, your niece sees her
all the time and talks to her?
Yes, she dug up
the box by herself,
maybe that's why.
May I see the box?
Do you know who lived
here before you?
Yes, of course Mrs. White,
but I didn't know her.
So, you don't know what
she did in this house?
She was a psychic herself.
In those days,
I mean when I was just a girl,
people believed much
more in these things.
They would come from
town to ask for her help.
She had this kind of gift.
She could speak to spirits.
This is the symbol.
The carillon is inside,
It was locked inside here.
This is certainly
not a good spirit.
May I?
Mrs. White knew the
world of the afterlife
very intimately.
She knew how to defend
herself from evil.
This is a protective symbol.
The spirit of this child has
been, let's say, weakened,
because this house is protected.
This is the safest
room in the house.
Mrs. White probably worked here,
however this protection
won't last forever.
Generally, in cases
such as these,
the more time passes,
the more the person
that has the object
becomes attached to
that possessed object.
Simply put,
the more time your niece
spends with the carillon,
the more powerful
the spirit becomes,
regardless of where it is,
because, in a certain
sense, they become one.
We, we did didn't do anything
when we buried it again.
What do we do?
I'm sorry, I don't know.
Let's ask Mrs. White for help.
Mrs. White, you
lived in this house.
I need to speak with you.
If your spirit is with
us, please give me a sign.
Mrs. White, if your
spirit is with us,
please, give me a sign.
Hopefully, we can try
again another day.
Alright, thanks.
Put everything back
exactly as it was.
It's a child spirit.
It must know that
you are in control.
Third step.
September 10,
1989, The Carillon.
Mrs. Roseline Potter
asked for my help.
A case of a possessed object,
a carillon linked to the
spirit of a child named Lania.
I shut the carillon in
a box and buried it,
so that the spirit
connected to the object
may rest in peace.
She felt really sick
during the session.
I figured it was better not to
wait, so I brought her here.
How is she now?
The doctor is
inside with her now.
How is she?
Are you her parents?
No, I'm her aunt.
She has got a really high fever.
We're doing more tests
to try and understand
what the matter is.
Medication doesn't seem to
have had an effect so far.
The carillon.
No, sweetie.
The carillon.
I want to hear it, please.
The doctor says that her
condition is back to normal.
Tests show everything is fine.
They'll keep an
eye on her tonight
and release her
tomorrow morning.
Hey, come on.
The doctor says she's fine.
Don't worry.
I saw that Sophie is
starting to speak again.
Yeah, and the first
thing she said to me
is that I'm not her mother.
Since Sophie has
come into my life,
everything has
gotten so difficult.
Don't say that,
everything will work out.
See you tomorrow.
If you need anything...
What do you want to eat?
Should we order a pizza?
Okay, yeah.
I just need you
for another hour.
In the diary of Mrs. White,
I found the person who asked her
for help with the carillon.
I wanna go talk to her.
Sure, don't worry.
Okay, thank you.
Are you Mrs. Roseline Potter?
Yes, who wants to know?
Hello, I'm sorry,
you don't know me.
My name is Annabelle Spear.
I need your help.
What's this about?
I know that, years
ago, you had a carillon.
Go away!
No, no Mrs. Potter,
please, please!
I need to talk to you.
I know about your daughter Jade.
Please, it's about my
niece, she's only six.
Come on.
I didn't think to
contact a psychic
until after the death
of my daughter, Jade.
Mrs. White.
Lania, after Jade was gone,
manifested herself to me.
She didn't try to hurt me.
She was just there, next to me.
She was there always,
until Mrs. White found
a way to free me.
She put the carillon in
a box and she buried it.
My niece found it
playing in the garden
and since then, it's,
it's been a nightmare.
Do you know exactly
what Mrs. White did?
I tried burying the box again.
It didn't make any difference.
I'm sorry, I don't know.
Where did she get the carillon?
She got it at an antiques fair.
My daughter couldn't
be separated from it.
She listened to it all the time.
In the beginning,
she said she was playing
with a little girl.
I didn't believe her.
I just thought she
wanted more attention.
Then she started to get sick.
She had this high
incurable fever.
It would come and go.
She'd seem to get better
and then she'd get worse.
I'll never forget that night.
I was, I was sitting
there reading
and when I heard the carillon
play its entire melody,
I had never heard the
whole thing through.
It would always get stuck.
I just felt something was wrong.
I went to try and find Jade.
I found her there on the sofa.
She was dead.
She'd been smothered.
The carillon was
there next to her.
If only I'd believed her.
Do you wake up with rose
petals on your bed everyday?
Lania did the same
thing with me.
She gave me rose
petals every morning.
She put them on my pillow.
I think it was some sort
of attention, a gift.
She wanted me as her mother.
That's why she
killed my daughter.
And now, she wants to
get rid of your niece.
She wants me.
The carillon has almost
played its whole tune.
Then the time has come.
What's wrong, Sophie?
Aunt Annabelle doesn't care.
Come on, you know
that's not true.
Don't ever think that.
Is anybody there?
I'm here.
I'm here!
You didn't go away.
I will never go away, okay?
I will never go away, okay?
Now, let's go!
I heard the
carillon play its entire melody.
I had never heard the
whole thing through.
It would always get stuck.
It didn't work
because it didn't play
the whole melody yet.
Sophie, you have
to listen to me,
I have to bury the
carillon now, okay?
You stay here.
Don't leave this room, okay?
Don't go!
You have to trust me.
Everything will be okay.
Just stay here, okay, okay.
Aunt Annabelle!
It's over, sweetie.
It's all over.
I'm here with you now.
I love you.
I love you too.