The Muthers (1976) Movie Script

- Tell me I'm seeing things.
- Nope, it's coming straight at us,
- I don't believe it.
It gets easier every time.
- Oh, you bragging up complaining.
- Complaining?
It's getting to be boring.
- Oh yeah.
- Oh, how are you?
Oh, it's a nice little trip.
- Oh, we're so glad
you join us out here.
- Rocco, get the boys ready.
Cayman, get ready.
Lopez, get that gun ready.
Anggie, you ready?
- Yeah.
- Rocco, you ready?
- Si.
- Fire across the boat!
Let's go!
Alright, just settle down and
no one gets hurt.
- What's happening?
- It's hold up, dumbo.
These aren't girls, they're pirates.
- Pirates?
Like Errol Flynn?
Where's they're sword?
- Will this do, love?
- Buenas noches.
- Good evening.
- We have a boat in the harbor.
- That is very nice.
Boats are very nice.
- I understand your the man
we talk to about
unloading our cargo here.
- You have fish?
- A little more valuable than fish.
- I always makes arrangements
for unloading fish.
- Is there anyone else
we can talk to?
- Cayman miante.
- Oh, no, no.
Somebody other than the capitan.
- Somebody a little, um--
- A little grow?
- A little.
- Cayman miante.
- HEY-
- A police captain makes
very little money.
I have a big family.
One has to make ends meet somehow.
What did you say you want to sell?
- Everything but the boat.
- Oh, that sounds very interesting.
- We like to unload as
soon as possible.
- Tomorrow.
No business tonight.
Tonight is fiesta night.
- Tomorrow is bound to be a fiesta.
We have a fiesta for everything.
A fiesta when it rains, a fiesta
when it stop raining.
- Afiesta when a woman gives birth,
a fiesta when someone gets divorced,
everyday is fiesta time.
- Why not?
Our life is a big fiesta.
- Oh, come on we're
in a big hurry.
- Tomorrow, tomorrow.
But tonight.
You are my guests.
Just be happy, eat drink and dance
and do anything that will
make you happy.
I have to see someone.
- I thought you weren't doing
business tonight.
- El Turko is one of my
best costumers.
We got work to do.
- Well, well, El Turko
is trying to move on our territory.
- Goddammit, Turko is
beginning to bug me.
- Me too.
- You've been
complaining of boredom.
What do you say we hit him?
- Come on, come on!
Get on boat!
Let's go!
- Now, Turko, how would it be?
- Put down the arms, boys.
Baby, remember is that the
score does favor.
Someday I'll get you for this.
- Rocco.
- Turko, now you got no
score to settle!
Rocco, help Pedro to gas up first
thing in the morning.
- Yeah.
- Oh, Rocco, clean my gun.
This afternoon, it jammed.
- Will do.
- Where's my kiss?
Oh, wait till you see what I have.
- For me, really?
- Sure, who else?
- Thank you.
I love you, I love you, Kelly.
Mama, mama.
- Fortunate.
- You're useless, useless.
And you say you are a brave man?
And swore as fucking pirate?
Then well, what are you doing hiding
behind my skirt, he?
Kelly, Kelly.
If you say you are half
the man you are,
you go to talk to her yourself.
Come on, ada!
- Welcome home, Kelly.
Welcome home.
Fortunata and I were just
talking about you.
I was just telling her
about our raid.
Remember Maracaibo?
The raid on Sea Fuego.
The sorties Leeward Islands.
Those were the says.
There wasn't a sailor in the Seven
Seas wouldn't tremble
in the mention Crossbone Kelly.
I would've loved to see the
look on Turko's face.
- Nina, come on, nina, you can
give me a hand, eh.
Come on, come on, Anggie.
- Hiding at that dreaded turkey
is nothing more than dreaded duck.
Do you know what that makes us,
Top d09-
Do you understand, Cayman'?
Top d09-
- Anggie, andale.
- Sandra's gone.
- What happened?
- You know your
sister head like a rock
when she makes up her mind.
Aweek ago, I wake up, she's gone.
Wat do you want me to do?
Tie her up to a tree?
- If you keep your eyes open always
instead of sleeping,
you are always a sleeping.
- I'm sorry, Kelly.
- Where did she go?
- Do you have any idea
where she went?
- When little Sandra
gets out of camp,
she doesn't leave or
write in a diary.
- Don't get sassy with me, Sancho.
- Just wait until I lay
my hands on her.
- At Santo Domingo, she
has friends there.
I tried everywhere else.
- No, sir.
If she wants out, she can
damn well stay out.
- Senorita Kelly.
- No, I mean it this time.
I am tired of babysitting
for that brat.
From now on, every man
is for himself.
- Cut the crap, Kelly.
Let's go.
We'll reach Santo Domingo
by dawn tomorrow.
She's not here.
I can tell by the look on
Sancho's face.
- Wait here, I'll
be right back.
- She's
nowhere to be found.
Madre de Dios, I could kill her.
- Let's hope no
one's beat you to it.
Life ain't easy on these parts.
- Excuse me, have you seen a girl
with a big natural, wearing beads?
She's about 5'7", my complexion.
- Ah, yeah, yeah.
South of Suarez.
- Thank you.
Sancho, take us south of Suarez.
- What for?
That's no man's land.
- They tell me
they a black girl
singing in there before.
It might turn out to be Sandy, yet.
- Madre de Dios, Kelly.
That's no man's land.
Please, Kelly, please.
- Oh, lighten up, Sancho.
It's not that bad.
- Someone wants to see you.
- Oh, yeah, where?
Oh, yeah.
You wanna see me?
- Yes, I'm looking for someone.
- Oh, yeah?
Now maybe I can help you out.
How about coming up to my office.
We'll talk about that.
- Sure.
- What a bunny.
What a bunny.
- Oh la la.
- Please, don't touch.
- No, I don't touch.
I say.
I like you.
In your language, I say,
I've got the blues.
You come out on, okay?
- Coffee, please.
Black, very hot.
- Go refill, will you?
- Why don't you leave, huh?
That's gonna keep happening as long
as you keep sitting here.
- Oh, it doesn't bother me.
As long as you keep
filling up that glass.
- You're the first American girl
who ever stayed here long
enough for a refill.
- I like you.
You got a lot of spunk.
- I like you but you still didn't
tell about my sister.
- Oh yeah, your sister.
I remember her.
Sandra, I think her name was.
She worked for me for a
couple of days
and then she just disappeared.
Hey, wait a minute.
Why don't you, won't you stay here
and work for me, huh?
- No, thanks.
- Yeah sure, but I want you.
- Oh, how fragile.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
I can make you very happy here,
- Oh, you wanna make me happy?
Open this door.
- I Will, I Will.
How about of you give me a little
pleasure first, huh?
Oh come on.
Babe, come on.
I like it when a girl struggles.
- I like it when a man doesn't
get what he wants.
- Get over here!
- Stop this!
You're hurting my arm!
Take that fuck in you, you slob!
- Some people can't take
yes for an answer.
- That's it, baby.
Now you got the idea.
That's just the way I like it.
- You're a sick man.
- What's happening over there!
Open up!
Open up!
- Grab her!
That bitch was trying to rob me!
- Oh sure.
- Kelly.
- Go.
Kelly, eh.
- So, where do
we go from here?
- I don't know.
Maybe the next town, I guess.
You know how Sandy is.
She's probably making all her round
with all the boards.
Like she always said, "I'm
trying to find myself."
- Good morning.
May I join you?
- We we're just leaving.
- It will just take a minute.
Clemente Navarro.
I'm with the justice department.
Which of you is Kelly Harrington.
- Neither of us,
if you're here on business.
- It's so far from being business.
Not even my own staff
knows I'm here.
I understand you're looking
for your sister.
- We were just getting ready to
move up the coast.
- I can save you some time.
You're sister is not up the coast.
- Do you know where she is?
- Is she alive?
- She's alive but in trouble.
She's been kidnapped.
- Oh, no.
- You want to see your sister?
I can help.
But I want you to do
something for me.
You see, there's a gang
of kidnappers.
Victimizing unescorted women in the
remote sections of town.
They work for a sadist
called Monteiro.
- That's where Sandra is?
- He is gotten up a reef.
Bound by forests and swamps.
Very strategic and
quite impregnable.
They call the area Salir Si Puedes,
which is Spanish for get
out if you can.
- That's cute.
- The few have been to the camp say
that it's nothing more than a
coffee plantation.
But I know different.
But I have no proof.
I set one of my people in
a few month ago
and made her pose as a prostitute.
They fell for it.
She was supplying us
with information
about Monteiro's activities.
But we haven't heard from
Joyce for weeks.
And I need someone to go in there.
And be, well, or a lack of
a better word--
- Spies?
- Are you sure Sandy is there?
- Yes.
That we know.
And we also know the kind of
business you're engaged in.
We're willing to let
bygones to be bygones.
That is, if you cooperate.
Otherwise, we will go to the
embarrassing ordeal
of arresting you.
Thereby, preventing you from
saving your sister.
- How do we get in to this
Monteiro plantation?
- Getting in easy, but getting out,
that's another story.
- Just get us in, we worry
about getting out.
Right, Sancho?
- Imagine if you knew
this was the keys.
- There's a lot of work to be
done around here.
Our rules are simple enough.
Obey them without question and you
will be treated well.
If you don't, you'll get yourself
into a lot of trouble.
Welcome Salir Si Puede.
- Ah, this buzz is
driving me crazy!
- Hi.
We're gonna roommate
for a long time.
So I think we better get to
know each other.
I'm Marcie.
- Angela.
- I've been here eight months.
I'm the trustee here.
Well, I guess that's my problem.
You see, I trusted this dude
who said he was gonna set me up real
nice and comfy life,
he set me up, alright.
He set me up right here.
Well, enough of that.
What are you two black beauties
doing in a nice place like this?
- We're pirates.
- And I'm Snow White.
Come on.
- Alright, it was a bunch of
girls and myself.
We saw this ad in this Burghley bar.
This rich dude wanted some girls
to have them sail his yacht
around the world.
No experience necessary, right?
- Sounds like here.
Come as you are.
- Well, the yacht turned out
to be a bathtub.
The captain got broke, he split
and there we were.
We taked up NGU in Paraguay.
- I was slinging hash with tourists
in a hotel coffee shop
when I met Kelly and her sister.
They asked me to join them.
I said why not?
Time for me to take my
destiny in my hands.
Then one big adventure instead, huh.
- This is just another glamorous
stop on our global tour.
I never did like coffee
in the morning.
- There's a lucky one.
And that's Barrows.
He's what you call a peculiar
in the flesh market.
If he likes you, he pay Montiero
and then it's hot bath, good food
and soft bed from then on.
' Sandy!
- You know her?
- It ain't helping but at least
they give you decency
of a shower after work.
- It's not too bad once you
get used to it.
- I could never get used to
being caged in.
- Yeah, well, I know what you mean
but I had to get used to it.
You make the best of this situation,
you'll survive.
- Honey, we're not staying.
- Didn't you know?
There's no way out.
- Huh, there's my way.
- Well, I was just trying to
make conversation.
What's she so uptight about?
- Her sister.
- Well, I'm not her sister.
- Her sister's been missing for
about a month now.
- Oh.
- Nobody knows where she is.
- That sounds bad.
- Maybe you can help.
" How?
- They say she might have
been brought here.
That's why we came.
- How old is she?
- 16.
- Did she have curly black hair
and sort of a kinda wild
and had bangles and beads on?
- Yeah, yeah.
That's Sandra.
- Sandra Harrington?
- Kelly!
- Yeah?
- She's here.
Sandy's here.
- Well, not really.
- What's happened to her?
- You see, she escaped two days
ago with a girl, Joyce.
- Marcie, what are her
chances out there?
- Bad, very bad.
- She got out, didn't she?
- They'll get them.
They always do.
- Shit.
- They found her, heaven help us.
- What are you talking about?
- She's been caught.
She's badly beaten up.
- Out.
- Out, out!
- You, stay there.
You, you, hear me out.
Better back, beat it.
Yeah you, you.
- That's Serena.
She got sent on here
something rather.
But she managed to get herself
a job in the house
instead of the field.
- Looks to me like she
does a lot more
than just work around the house.
- You can say that again.
- There are different
kinds of work, honey.
But she's cool.
She'll sneak stuff to me sometimes.
Food, book, even nail polish.
You know there ain't no luxuries
in this plantation.
But you can't hate a girl just
because she got it easy.
- Let this serve as a
lesson to all of you!
That no one can escape Monteiro!
No one!
Even before the jungle can kill you.
We shall find you and
bring you back.
Then you will wish that you
had never left out.
All dancing crocodiles had
been to his swamp.
This stupid girl thought
she could escape.
But as you can see,
she's sadly mistaken.
But we will make sure she does not
repeat the same mistake.
A more severe penalty
await the other girl
when she's caught.
And she will be caught.
It is only a matter of time.
- That man should better be
glad it wasn't Sandy.
- Oh, Kelly, you realize Joyce
is the girl Navarro was counting on.
This Monteiro really knows how to
make our life difficult.
- You haven't seen half of it yet.
Wait till you see what
happens to the guard
who gave that girl the gun.
- You all know Ramon.
He is the one responsible for
the girl's escape.
Senior Monteiro is not happy.
So because of this man,
lights out at nine o'clock.
Only one meal a day for two months.
Everyone in the fields at four
o'clock every morning.
No lunch break.
If you show Senior Monteiro
how displeased you are
with this man,
he will reconsider and give
back your privileges.
It's up to you.
- They're gonna kill him.
- This kind men.
- Somebody woulda help him.
- They'll kill you.
- Have you ever been right?
- Enough to know that fighting
back is the surest way
to get your head kicked in.
- Thinking all the work we
do around here,
they give us a little coffee.
- We're what you call
minimum maintenance.
- I'm what you call
sick of this slob.
- You wanna make a petition to
make get a new cook?
- You mean to tell me somebody
cooked this mess?
- And here comes dessert.
- Thought you might need
some cigarettes.
- Oh, Serena, you're a fine rider.
- Yeah, I'm also a reckless fool.
You know I could get my head
bashed in for this?
- Oh, these are the new girls.
Anggie and Kelly.
- Hello, welcome to the
- Hey Kelly, take a look at this.
A house nigger.
- Be cool, girls.
- I have to go through a lot more
than picking coffee beans, honey.
A hell of a lot more.
- Yeah, but I don't think I
have the stomach
to do what you do.
- No, I don't think you do.
Enjoy your lunch.
- You know, I kissed a lot
of ass in my time,
but I'm not gonna take
non of her shit.
- This place is really getting
in my nerves too.
- Well, let's bust out then.
- I wouldn't try it.
- Sandy's out there somewhere
and she needs help.
- We'll leave tonight.
" How?
You know what happens when
somebody tries.
- I see what happens when
somebody don't.
- What the hell do you think
we're running here?
A nursery school?
- But Senior Monteiro--
- Excuses, I don't need excuses.
What I want is action.
Results, positive results.
- But we've doubled the guards,
- Double the guards is nothing.
- Loyalty, discipline, fear.
That's what you need
among the ranks.
- Si, senior.
- It took you one whole week
to catch one girl.
- Si, senior.
- You have until this afternoon to
bring me the other one.
- She will be caught, senior.
- If you bother, your next.
Where have you been?
- Just riding.
- Sancho, what the hell are
you doing here?
- Turks h the camp.
Killed some of our men.
He's looking for you.
Where's Sandra?
- She's not here.
- Get us outta here, Sancho.
- The men are ready.
They're waiting at Pico de Loro,
along the coast.
- Let's go.
- Sancho!
- Oh no!
You bastard, you fucking bastard!
I'm gonna kill every
last one of you.
That man has gotta die.
- That's what all the
girls talk about.
Talk about killing Montiero and
talk about escaping.
You know, I must've heard 10,000
ways how to kill a man
and another five how to
get outta here.
We can talk in our way,
keeps us going.
But pretty soon, all you wanna do
is just stay alive.
And you get on your
knees and you crawl
and you do anything they
want you to do.
- I won't crawl on my
knees for nobody.
I'm not one of Monteiro's slaves.
I was fighting for my life when
I was five years old
and I'm not rolling over and
playing dead now.
- Anggie, there is no
way out of here.
Just no way.
- I'm gonna find it.
- You, time is up.
- Just tell your friends
they better be extra careful.
Monteiro has his eyes on them.
You know how it works.
Half the girls in this plantations
would sell them their mother
for a cigarette.
- I don't think they'd be stopping.
- Would you got with them?
- I might.
- You'd be killed.
- Is that an official statement?
- Marcie, you know me
better than that.
If I thought there was a
chance I go with you,
but there isn't.
I know Monteiro better
than anybody alive.
No one has ever escaped from here.
That's more important to him
than anybody's life.
- You call this a life?
- I'm trying to make it as
easy for you as I can.
- Serena, it ain't easy enough.
- I'll do this much.
I'll see to it that they're
released from their cells
and they can work the fields gain.
- Gee, thanks.
- Marcie, at least they get a
chance to eat a full meal.
And the chance to think it over.
But no more games.
At least not until we get a
definite plan mapped out.
Is that a deal?
- The only deal I'm gonna make
is to put a bullet through
Monteiro's head.
- Now, Serena's only trying to help.
- There's not much difference
between the frying pan and the fire.
Take my word, stay away from her.
- Anggie, I've had enough
of your bitching.
And another thing, there
ain't no house niggers
around here either.
So let's forget all that bull
and see at how Serena can help us
get us out of here.
- Fuck Serena.
If only we can get a
message to our men
so they can come and blow
this place sky high.
- My clients
were very pleased
with the last batch.
- All the
credits goes to Serena.
- It would be a shame if you ever
had to lose all these.
- I don't intend to.
- I blew the government has
different ideas.
You know, in the capital, I keep
her all those lose talk
about the justice department
being anxious to see
this closed down.
- Barrows, it will take much more
than lose talk to do that.
Much much more, my friend.
- It won't work.
I don't care how many
men they've got.
Monteiro has this place
so well-guarded,
it would be suicide to try anything.
- Serena, they're gonna die here.
- I know that.
Trust me.
- That's the
best of the breed.
- Her.
- You know your women.
Open your mouth.
- I'll get us outta here.
- Anggie, don't be stupid.
- Let me please, no!
Leave me alone!
Save me, please!
No, please!
Please take me with you!
Goddammit, leave me alone!
No, no!
- I'm sorry for this.
They'll have better
manners next time.
- You see what happened, Anggie?
- I'm sorry, I didn't get to him.
- You'll be alright, Anggie.
- Serena!
What do you want?
- Nothing.
That can wait.
- What's the matter with you?
Is it those black girls again?
I'm fed up about you
concerned over them.
You've interceded for them
once too often.
You forget why you're here?
- No.
- Don't forget you're here
because I need you.
For my convenience.
And I can do any damn
thing that I want
so stop meddling with my affairs.
Remember that I own you
and never forget where you
came from or else.
- Then why don't you just let me go?
' YOu?
Up to this time, you're still hoping
that I would change?
That somehow, we could still
make it together?
- Kelly, Kelly.
I've decided.
- What?
- Beer.
- Oh, Anggie.
- When I get out of here, I'm gonna
get a barrel of beer
and I'm gonna get them, I'm gonna
wallow 'em.
- That's the spirit, girl.
- Not spirit, beer.
I'm gonna get outta here.
- I know what I need when I
get outta here, girl.
- Dancing?
- No, a good man.
- Can I have a piece?
- I'm just get outwith them,
I guess I haven't been fair getting
you involved like this.
But you got yourself
put of the field
and outta the barracks.
- You think that's the heel
of a deal, huh?
You know damn well what
I go through.
You think I wouldn't get
out of this shit
if I thought there was a way?
- Then help us.
If there is a way, you are the only
one who can find it.
- Marcie, it's not that I
don't wanna help you.
It's just that you'd stand a better
chance if you went alone
than if you went with me.
Anybody else seem to follow them
till they figured the
jungle killed them.
But me, Marcie, he's never
gonna give up on me.
- Well, think about it, will you?
- Marcie, I've been thinking
about it for years.
- You, you!
Follow me, come on!
- I find you very troublesome,
You never seem to be
content with your life.
- If you was in our shoes,
you'd understand why.
- You must be Kelly.
Crossbone Kelly.
You see, nothing ever escapes me.
Nothing at all.
- Except me.
I'm busting out of this, Monteiro.
But before I do, I'm gonna put a
bullet between your eyes.
- You resent me because of your
sister's death, of course.
But you must realize, she
gave me no choice.
She made me do it.
- FUCK yQu!
- I understand you were sent by
the justice department
to find out what happened
with a contact here.
But as you know, they have lost
their contact here.
She's been disconnected.
At least, her neck was.
- I'm gonna kill all you!
- I'm sure you will if I let you.
But I won't.
- Your gonna buffer my arms off,
but I'll still find a
way to kill you.
- Now, listen here and listen good.
I'm sick and tired of all
this business.
I have no quarrel with you.
So forget about your friend in
the justice department
because he's dead.
Forget about your sister
because she's dead too.
And if you don't forget about
escaping, you will be dead.
Take them away!
No food, no water, two days.
- Oh, Kelly.
- Get some water,
get some water.
Come on!
Don't let the girls escape!
The water.
- Marcie.
Hold this up.
Let's go.
- Away!
- And to think,
the only thing I ever liked
about the girl scouts
is the boy scouts.
You never know when you gonna
learn something useful.
- I'm learning something useful.
Like staying ofjungle.
I just hope we're the only
ones in the jungle.
- Serena, throw that fire.
You wanna know
everybody where we are?
Every time I move, I can't help
think there's someone's
following my thoughts.
- It's the jungle.
It's got eyes.
Everywhere you turn, there's
eyes looking at you.
Birds, animals.
You ever have a cat?
You can be sitting at home,
doing something.
Reading a book, then that cat
comes in the room
and he just sits there in the
doorway staring at you.
You know it.
You feel it.
- I never feel like no cat's
going drive me back
to that plantation.
- Serena, are you sure
we're headed to the coast?
- I'm sure.
- We're gonna have to take a rest.
I'm too used to hopping in my car
when I need to go some place.
- I don't suppose grandmother here
would let us set the cap fire now.
- We don't need a fire.
We just need to sleep.
- Or eat.
You don't suppose you could kill an
animal or something.
- The gorillas are close
enough as it is.
- Oh, shit.
I didn't bring a can't opener.
- Oh, that's terrific, Serena.
- You planned a hell of a picnic.
We've got mosquitoes,
we've got ants,
we got no can opener.
- Listen, do you wanna go back?
- Serena, let me see
one of the cans.
- Is this another one of
Monteiro's tortures?
Did he set you out here to
starve us to death?
- Do you see her in anything?
- Dinner is sewed.
- Hey, Serena.
- Huh?
Don't move.
- Just like every other
snake I ever met.
Can't leave my tits alone.
- This is gonna hurt.
- No more, I'm gonna die already.
Just do it.
- Look at it this way, Marcie.
It could've been worse.
Snake would've crawl up your pants.
- Oh, please.
Don't make me laugh.
- Just get some rest and you'll
be as good as new.
Kelly, that way.
- I swear
someone's watching us.
- I feel it too,
and it ain't owls.
- Hey!
- Kelly!
- Hey, listen, we got
girls over there.
We gotta get outta here.
We did it!
Come on!
The captain's up ahead.
Tell me what's going on?
- I want you to meet my fiends.
That's Marcie and
that's Serena back.
They're gonna be friends, boys.
- Yeah.
- I'm so glad to
see you again.
- Rocco.
- Si.
- Now that amenities are over,
may I ask you to put down your guns?
Serena, of course, Turko deserves
our gratitude as well.
- You low down bitch.
You set us up!
- Drop the gun, Monteiro.
Drop it!
Go ahead, shoot!
I dare you to shoot!
- Marcie, get Serena.
- Let's go!
- Go ahead, Serena.
Shoot me!
- Come on, Marcie.
- Serena!
Serena, for the last time!
Come back here!
- Get outta here, Marcie.
- I'm not leaving you here, Serena.
- Come on!
- Magazine!
- Get back in the boat!
- Kelly, Turko!
- To the beach!
- Quick, cover the bridge!
That's them, follow me!
Get back, you guys.
- It's Turko!
How the hell do we get out of this?
- I'll get Monteiro.
- Anggie!
Rocco, get the boys ready.
Marcie, get that gun ready!
Come on, faster.
Come on, Capitan, load that gun.
Come on, come on, hurry.
Steady as she goes.
Hard right!
Hold on tight!
Rocco, tell the captain
back to the beach.
- Capitan, back
to the beach!
- At last we're free,
never to go home.
- But we are home.