The Mysteries of a Hairdresser's Shop (1923) Movie Script

Silent film of 1922.
With added noises and elaborated
by Martin and Andreas Lippl.
The owner of the room:
Otto Wernicke.
Hairdresser: Karl Valentn.
Hairdresser: Blandine Ebinger.
A client: Liesl Karistadt.
Dr. Moro: Erwin Faber.
A gentleman: Kurt Horwitz.
A client:
Joseph Eichheim... and many more.
The hairdresser, Blandine Ebinger.
With the head of the hairdresser.
The press reads from beginning to end.
One goes charging with electricity.
You will have to replace it!
The secret passion of the hairdresser:
Moras, professor of cosmetics and author of
the play: How to be nice?.
Professor Moras!
I have to look the
same as in the ad!
Did you say something, honey?
Another barber who cuts
a customer's neck!
The truth is that it has
a little weird taste.
Lightning and thunder!
What have you done with my beard?
Let's see what the chinorris does!
This is suspicious, again busy!
On top of this! An acquaintance!
A hat! A hat!
My kingdom for a hat!!
Alcohol for those who have sorrows.
Your humble servant, Mr. Moras!
We're going to make this one say hello!
How do you think to steal my hat!
This has to be washed with blood!
The preparations for the duel.
What, let's warm the Lord!
Affirm me. The saber, miss!
Now we will go to the bottom of the matter!
Rrrrsss... a little mishap or why
you have to scare the barber.
Entertain the gentlemen
until I fix this!
God... a human head!
This is your pay-a bullet!
The duel in the Senegalese room.
A truce.
Could you give me fire?