The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu (1929) Movie Script

Thank heavens you've come, Li Po.
Lia is here already.
Don't be afraid, little one.
You're old enough to understand Daddy.
You're in great danger here
and I am sending you to
the great Dr. Fu Manchu
because he's our friend and very powerful.
No, no, Daddy!
I'm frightened!
Oh, don't be afraid, little one.
No one will harm you in his house.
My master say
you his friend, come too.
My place is here with my people.
We can't hold out very much longer.
But tell Dr. Fu that
no matter what happens,
I shall bless him for
saving my little girl.
Go with Wai Yi, my son.
Honorable scholar husband,
may this inferior one speak?
What do you wish, my golden jewel?
Oh, honorable lord,
the crowds are growing dangerous.
Do not fear, little flower.
They will not touch the house of Fu.
Why, even the coolies in the street know
that I am dedicating my life to mankind.
Has Li Po returned with
Dr. Eltham's scion?
Yes, exalted one.
But she's crazed with terror.
We cannot quiet her.
Poor little bird.
Bring her here to me.
Hush, little flower.
Quiet, little flower.
Do not be concerned, Fai Lu.
Hypnotism is a very good
thing when used wisely.
The child will sleep.
Master, the white devil
soldiers have come from the sea.
Their great fire sticks belch forth death.
Keep watch at the gate and
bring me word of what happens.
Master, I beg you,
awaken the child.
You are quite right.
If anything should happen to me,
no one could waken her.
Waken, little blossom.
Do not fear, little flower.
The white men are kind and generous
and they will not hurt our son,
nor harm the house of Fu.
Captain Petrie!
The Colonel thinks we've got them.
Observation reports snipers
on your right front.
All right.
Tyler, see the house on the
right there with the garden?
500 yards, open sights,
two rounds gunfire.
Yes, sir.
Gods of my ancestors,
I have been blind!
These whites are barbarians.
They have slain my lotus blossom.
They have slain my little son!
Blood of my blood!
Hear me, great gods of my rage!
Hear me!
I swear by this emblem of the house of Fu
that I shall wipe out the stains
with the lives of the foreign devils,
father and sons to the third generation!
Oh, no!
Shush, shush, shush, shush.
This child shall be the
means of my vengeance!
Oh, I'm frightfully sorry.
Did I hurt you?
I'll be all right in a moment.
What is it?
I'm afraid it's my ankle.
Please don't be frightened.
I may be rather a clumsy brute,
but I am also a doctor.
Won't you let me see if
I can help you, please?
I'm afraid it's rather a bad sprain.
I'll call a cab and take you home.
Oh, please!
Don't leave me here alone.
Did I frighten you so?
Oh, no.
It's the fog.
I'm afraid I don't know where I am.
I'm lost.
Ah, well, now you're found.
Come, we'll find a cab together.
Oh, taxi!
Drive to 624 Park Lane, please.
Where on earth were you going alone?
That's just what I
was trying to remember.
Oh, I'm so confused.
I recall dimly looking for a certain house
in this neighborhood.
In this neighborhood?
Well, possibly I could help you find it.
Was it on this street?
I think so.
But still I'm not sure.
Oh, I'm all mixed up.
As though I'd been walking in my sleep.
Until I bumped into you and
then I seemed to wake up.
That's strange.
Has that ever happened to you before?
Yes, several times.
Well, my guardian is a doctor
and he's done everything to cure me.
But it still goes on and on.
Oh, I wish I might stop it.
It frightens me so.
There, there.
I'm sure something can be done about it.
Oh, do you really think so?
I know so.
Oh, here's my house.
If you don't mind, I'll go
in and get my medicine case
before I take you home.
Where are you going?
Here's to grandfather on his birthday.
He may be 80 today,
but he can still down
a bottle, kiss a girl,
and be up at daybreak for the hunt.
It will be the same when I'm a hundred.
To Father.
You're on my foot!
I beg your pardon?
You're on my foot, sir!
Oh, so I am, sir.
I am frightfully sorry.
Sylvester, you ought
to get some eyeglasses.
Oh, I'd rather not, sir.
I have been told they make
me look slightly effeminate.
Well, what is your errand?
Oh, sir, most extraordinary, sir.
After typing your letters,
I felt rather faint.
So I rang for a cup of custard.
Well, just as I was spooning up the stuff,
I suddenly became aware of a
veiled lady hovering over me.
Well, of course, it's not polite to go on
spooning up custard with veiled
ladies hovering over you.
So I got up.
And she handed me this letter.
Why, it's addressed to me.
Yes, sir.
I stooped over to read the address.
When I looked up again, she was gone.
Was she, er, tall or short?
She had on a long, black cloak,
so she might have been tall.
Or else, er, a short
girl on stilts.
You fool.
You fool.
She may have been the one
that you have been looking for, Jack.
Not likely.
What did she bring you, Grandfather?
Well, let me see.
That's queer.
It's a Chinese dragon.
Well, what's that red stain on it?
Blessed if I know.
"Inspector Nayland Smith, Scotland Yard."
Nayland Smith?
Why, I was up at Oxford with him.
Scotland Yard?
Show him in.
I say, I didn't know
that you knew him, Dad.
Why, he's the greatest
criminologist alive.
I place him now.
He specializes in murder mysteries.
General Petrie.
I'm sorry to intrude, gentlemen,
but I've something of the upmost
importance to communicate.
Oh, certainly, Inspector.
Come in, come in.
Sir John Petrie, I believe.
Delighted to see you again, Smith.
My son, Doctor Petrie.
How do you do?
Delighted, Inspector.
- And my secretary, Mr.
- Sylvester Wadsworth.
How do you do?
General, you will forgive me
if I come straight to the point.
I understand you saw service in China
during the Boxer Rebellion.
My son and I were at the
relief of the legations.
In that case, I must warn you
that you are in the gravest danger.
Oh, I say, that's strange.
I could have sworn that I locked
that window before dinner.
That's queer.
Somebody's broken the glass
and unlocked the door.
Where'd you get that?
The dragon!
Turn out those lights!
Hurry, close these curtains.
Help me close them!
There, is everything closed?
Yes, everything's
quite closed, Inspector.
Turn on the lights.
All right.
Turn on the lights.
Why doesn't somebody turn...
I am trying to,
but I can't find the confounded button!
What is the meaning of all this?
General, I came to warn
you of impending danger.
But I find it's already upon you.
Oh, nonsense!
Did you know a Colonel
LaSalle in the French Army?
I met him at Peking.
Seems to me he died rather
suddenly some years ago.
He did.
Very suddenly.
Did you know Brigadier General Van Hought?
That was the fellow who was
found dead in his garden.
Both these men were in
the Siege of the Legations.
Both of them died under
mysterious circumstances.
In both cases, this
bloodstained dragon was received
just before death.
I don't understand what you mean.
I mean that for years somebody has been
systematically poisoning the officers
of the Boxer Rebellion.
First in Russia, then
Germany, then France.
And now this fiend has reached London
and Scotland Yard has taken charge.
This dragon means that you're
marked for the next victim.
Oh, nonsense!
Why, that's perfectly fantastic.
Oh, surely the Inspector
cannot be serious.
Don't touch that!
Quickly, sir!
Don't breathe that stuff!
Don't breathe it!
I'll open the window.
Yes, and open the door.
Clarkson are you there?
There's a man calling the garden wall.
After him!
Follow him!
How is he, Doctor?
Why, we're too late.
He's dead.
If the rest of us had
got a full breath of that,
we should all be dead.
You see, gentlemen,
I am very serious.
You have delivered the dragon?
Even as you commanded, O Master.
It is well.
Prepare her that I may
bring her out of her trance.
You have done my bidding?
Yes, master.
The Englishman is dead.
Give me two more lives,
gods of my ancestors.
Only two more.
Let the accursed house of
Petrie atone to the house of Fu!
Master, this contemptible one
was found by a police person.
He waits in the street below.
Have you completed
the examination, Doctor?
His heart failed.
If I hadn't been here at the time,
I would have sworn natural death.
That's true of all the dragon murders.
Obvious methods are never used.
The crime is covered up by
appearing to be natural death.
I tell you, Petrie,
we are dealing with a
diabolical genius of a madman.
But have you no suspicion who it is?
A suspicion, yes, but not a certainty.
When we are certain,
we'll spring our trap.
Like that.
Until then, you must leave London.
Are you asking me to run away?
The General wouldn't heed my warning,
but you must.
You're a marked man.
Petrie residence?
Must talk to Inspector Smith at once.
Er, it's the chap you sent
after the man, Inspector.
Smith speaking.
Clarkson reporting.
They got me.
I'm through.
Watch Singapore Charlie's.
Clarkson, where are you?
Good heavens.
Here, Inspector.
Get my hat and coat.
Yes, sir.
What's happened?
Clarkson is dead.
Petrie, it's necessary
for me to go to Limehouse
and follow a new clue.
And I must feel that you and your son
are safely out of London.
Might I suggest your country place, sir?
We'll be perfectly safe at Redmoat.
Capital, capital.
I'll send a couple of my men to guard you.
But look here, you know, Smith, I...
Oh, very well.
I'll go.
Goodbye, Petrie.
Be careful.
Goodbye, Doctor.
I'm going along with you, Inspector.
I must warn you, Doctor,
you are taking your life in your hands.
They've got your grandfather.
They'll try to get your father.
They'll try to get you.
I'm in on this thing to the finish.
We may need a doctor
before we're through.
Goodbye, Father.
Sylvester, you'll keep an eye on Sir John
while I'm gone.
Of course.
And remember, Petrie,
take no chances.
You will never be out of danger
until we find this murderer.
Don't be alarmed, Sir John.
I shall stay with you every minute.
If you'll only stay with me.
You men mix with the crowd
around Singapore Charlie's.
If you hear a shot, raid the place.
Got your revolver, Petrie?
Right here.
Come on, Weymouth.
Bet your lousy dough.
Oh, you will, will you?
Hey, Charlie.
Charlie, give us three beers.
One for me, one for
Eric, one for Carl, eh?
Oh, if I could indeed.
Close that door.
Looks like a blind alley.
Quick, up here!
Let's separate.
You go that way.
Don't make a sound!
Put that down!
I say, I've seen you before.
Last night.
The fog!
Your ankle.
Why, you're the girl who disappeared.
And you're the doctor.
I say, I'm sorry, I
didn't mean to frighten you.
So you're not a doctor after all.
You're a burglar.
And you wanted to come home
with me that night to steal.
Oh, now, listen,
you must listen.
Oh, well, put that thing down.
Now I'll listen.
I'm not a burglar, really I'm not.
I was in the gambling room
below and there was trouble.
I got mixed up in and
they chased me up here.
So you're not a burglar,
you're a gambler.
They're out there, they'll hear us.
One minute.
What do you want?
Oh, there's no one here.
Come and look for yourself.
I say, that was wonderful of you.
You're saving my life.
I haven't quite made up my mind.
I'd go at once if you wish.
Oh, no, they might hurt you.
Oh, please, wait just a little minute.
I'll show you a way that is safe.
So you don't really think
I'm a burglar after all?
But you must tell me
what you're doing here.
Well, I'm in trouble.
Well, I'm afraid I can't tell you
until you explain to me
why you're here yourself.
Why, I live here.
Here in Limehouse?
I suppose that does seem
a little strange to you.
But it's quite simple, really.
You see, my guardian,
who took me when I was a very little girl,
is a high-class Chinese.
He lives here in Limehouse
so that he may be near the
people he can help most,
his own people.
My guardian is Dr. Fu Manchu.
Not Dr. Fu Manchu the
expert on Oriental diseases.
Oh, why, I know all about him.
The whole world knows about him.
He's the best and kindest
man that ever lived.
I'm in trouble and I believe
that Dr. Fu could help me.
Oh, oh, I'm sure he could.
He's always very glad to help everyone.
May I be of assistance?
Uncle Fu, I want you to know Doctor...
Uh, Petrie, Jack Petrie.
Dr. Petrie.
My revered guardian, Dr. Fu Manchu.
I am indeed very glad to know you, sir.
Your presence honors our house.
Uncle Fu, Dr. Petrie was just telling me
that he's in some sort of trouble
and I told him you'd be
awfully glad to help him.
Nothing would delight me more
than to be of service to Dr. Petrie.
Why, I scarcely know
whether I should bother you.
Oh, please.
Please tell him about it.
Hush, little flower.
If the Doctor feels he had
rather not trust me, why...
Oh, no, of course not.
That is well.
Will you come into my study?
Thank you again.
I'll say goodbye after
we've had our little talk.
Fai Lu.
You've been listening.
Oh, did you see the marvelous Englishman?
Mm-hmm, yes.
Oh, Fai Lu, I want my green dress
and my gold slippers
and those pearl-drops for my ears.
Now, run quickly.
You, uh...
You are in trouble, Dr. Petrie.
Yes, I am.
Tonight, my grandfather,
General Petrie, was Killed.
General Petrie murdered?
Scotland Yard is on the case and,
well, an Oriental was suspected.
A clue led to the gambling room below.
The suspect was chased
through these corridors and
I became confused.
That accounts for my
presence in your ward's room.
Your news shocks me.
Thank you for your sympathy, Doctor.
Later, I may ask your assistance,
but right at the present moment,
I think I'd better be trying to find
my friend, Nayland Smith.
It would not be safe for you to leave now.
If you will sit down, I
will send one of my servants
to find your friend.
Er, Nayland Smith?
Oh, yes, yes, that's it.
That's very good of you.
Thank you, Doctor.
Not at all.
I am delighted to serve, Dr. Petrie.
There is a stranger lost in the corridor.
You are to give orders
that he is to be found
and brought here.
And in the meantime, bring tea.
Er, guest tea.
With your knowledge
of Limehouse, Doctor,
you'll be invaluable to us.
My people are peculiar.
And, uh, only an Oriental
understands them.
But I mean to act quickly,
before your Scotland
Yard friends act rashly.
And I think I may safely
promise to bring you
face to face with the man who
murdered your grandfather.
Thank you.
An interesting relic.
From the tomb of Genghis Khan.
Perhaps, er, you do not
know our Chinese ceremonials
of guest tea?
It is the drink we serve our friends
just before they, er, depart.
Another moment and
you'd have been poisoned!
But this is Dr. Fu Manchu.
The insidious Dr. Fu Manchu.
The murderer we're looking for.
How do you know?
Look there.
The original bloodstained dragon.
I congratulate you.
I did not think the honorable
Inspector would search for me
in so obvious a place as Limehouse.
You forget, Doctor,
I've learned your Chinese proverb.
If a wise man would hide from fools,
let him stay in his bed.
Being fools, they will credit him with
the most distant hiding places.
Again, I congratulate you, Inspector,
for having followed my
reasoning so perfectly.
Oh, but Smith, surely
Dr. Fu Manchu would never...
I tell you, this maniac
has caused the death
of a score of men!
14, to be exact,
counting General Petrie.
You killed him?
Oh, they don't understand
because they don't know you.
Oh, can't you see?
Can't you see he's only jesting?
I jest?
First ask them if the white devils
who put the bloodstain there were jesting.
Ask them!
If not, I shall continue to Kill
until the last stain is wiped out!
Oh, no!
Oh, I can't believe it.
Can you believe, little fool,
that I hate your detestable white skin?
- Oh...
- Up with your hands, Doctor.
Forgive my anger.
Forgive me, too, for
having underestimated you.
To be caught by the great Nayland Smith
is almost a compliment.
At least I've never
underestimated you, Doctor.
But now,
you've killed your last man.
Not quite my last.
I am counting on Dr. Petrie and his father
to complete my work here.
Keep your gun on him.
Your wrists, Doctor.
One question first.
What would you do if I told you
that your esteemed friend
was no longer behind you?
Oh, I should say, "Too
old a trick, Doctor."
Help, Smith!
Sorry to disappoint you, Smith,
but perhaps we'll meet again.
I have many hiding places.
Gone, too!
We heard the shots, sir.
Have you got him?
That's a blind door.
Open it.
Very good.
Give us a hand here, men.
There, you're all right now.
Oh, I'm frightened, terribly frightened!
Now, now, don't tremble like that.
I won't let him hurt you.
Take me away from here.
Say you'll take me away.
Of course we'll take you away.
Of course we will.
Nothing on the other side
within a few rooms, sir.
I was afraid of that.
Here, Jones, search this
place from top to bottom.
Barker, put in a dragnet
around the entire district.
Smith, we can't leave
her here like this.
I want to take her away some place
where she'll be safe from that fiend.
Why worry about her, sir?
She's one of Fu Manchu's gang.
Oh, no, I, tell you!
I'm not!
Of course she's not.
Can't you see she had
nothing to do with it?
Don't worry.
No harm will come to her.
Yes, sir?
I think we'll take her
with us to headquarters
and guard her until morning.
And then she can go with us to Redmoat.
Isn't that where you sent Sir John, sir?
And the girl will fit nicely
into a little plan I've formed.
You will arrange this place
in accordance with my orders.
Ah, Li Po.
They have taken the infidel girl
and her clothing to Redmoat.
Shall thy worm follow and kill?
I am well pleased.
Better for them they had
a cobra in their midst
than that girl.
Here, Mr. Smith, is the detailed report
on Dr. Fu Manchu.
I thank your excellency.
What a tragedy that such a brilliant man
should be criminally insane.
We were shocked by the facts, Mr. Smith.
But his intelligence makes
his menace the greater
and we as Chinese officials
are only too anxious
that he should be brought to justice.
I thank your excellency
for your cooperation.
I hope that you will
count upon it at all times.
Quiet, Phyllis.
Who named that unfortunate
dog Phyllis, anyway?
I did.
She looks rather like
an old aunt of mine.
Well, what is she, a bloodhound?
My aunt, a bloodhound?
No, the dog!
Oh, the dog.
Oh, well, well, she is
a bloodhound in spots,
with a dash of Newfoundland and whatnot.
All right, Simpson, I saw
the car from the window.
You can let them in.
Yes, Sir John.
Is it all right?
Oh, hello, Jack.
Hello, Father.
This is Miss Lia.
Oh, delighted to see you, Miss Lia.
It's very good of you
to let me come, Sir John.
Well, not at all.
If you'll come with
me, I'll show you around.
I say, Smith, isn't this a bit thick?
I thought you said on the phone
that this girl was mixed
up with that murderer.
Petrie, you're willing to take a risk
in order to help me trap Fu Manchu?
Well, you know I am.
Very well.
I'm convinced that girl is
a creature of Fu Manchu's
and I mean to use her.
Now, this is my plan.
Oh, I don't know what I
would have done without you.
Have I made myself clear?
And you'll leave the details to me.
With the utmost confidence.
All right.
I say, you're not leaving us, Inspector?
Yes, I'm off for London.
Well, goodnight, Smith.
I wish he hadn't gone.
You might try and see if you can get
something cheerful on
the radio, Sylvester.
It'll be a comfort to be
in touch at least once more
with civilization.
Dr. Fu Manchu,
the murderer wanted by Scotland Yard,
is still at large.
Report has been received
that he has left London
and is headed for the coast.
Oh, what is the matter?
There's nothing the matter.
Be quiet, Phyllis.
Are you quite sure we're safe here?
I never was surer.
Why, the old boys who built this place
were used to standing sieges.
Why, the sea is on three sides
and the front, a 12 foot wall
with a gate that a cat
couldn't get through.
There are two Scotland Yard
men on guard night and day.
So you see, my dear, we're as safe...
Well, we're as safe as
the Bank of England.
I say, that's a good one.
Only one of Father's masks.
It is rather a ghastly thing.
You see, my father makes a hobby
of collecting all sorts of weird things.
He's a bit of an antiquarian.
He has a book he's
writing about his travels.
Oh, hello, Father.
I was just telling Lia about your book.
Well, it's nothing, really, Miss Lia.
Just a rough sketch, you know, and, er...
And, er, a few photographs.
The dragon!
Evidently, I am to be honored next.
Well, who could have put it there?
Oh, you don't mean...
You don't think that I did it.
Of course not.
Well, someone must have slipped in
while we were upstairs.
What on earth are you doing here?
I was trying to get something
cheerful on the radio,
when [...
There's that horrid caterpillar again!
It's your chauffer, sir.
Why, what's happened?
That broken tree across the road, sir,
when we drove down.
A great big chink was
hiding behind the hedge
with two others.
You mean...
Yes, sir.
They knocked me out, took my hat and coat,
and somebody else drove
you through the gates.
Fu Manchu is here.
In this house!
Oh, I know it!
I know it!
Who turned out those lights?
Look out, Father, look out!
Quick, somebody, strike a light!
Are you all right?
Yes, sir, I'm all right but look there.
Good heavens!
Missed me that time.
Where's Miss Lia?
Quick, everybody let's see,
we've got to scour and find her!
Miss Lia!
It's no use, Father.
We've searched the place
from the cellar to the tower,
but we can't find her.
And you never will.
I tell you, my boy, there's
no question about it.
The girl's in league with that Chinaman.
I believe she is, sir.
Oh, you're wrong, the both of you.
All this fighting with shadows.
If I could only get my hands on him.
Oh, Phyllis, stop!
Dr. Fu Manchu,
the notorious murderer,
still at large.
Wanted by Scotland Yard.
Phyllis, do you think I'll ever live
to eat tomorrow's marmalade?
Well, if you will
stay with Sir John, sir,
I'll join Wilkins at the gate.
Let's have Simpson bring
us some coffee, Father.
Well, I'm sorry, son, but he's gone.
After what happened in the hall,
the servants took the car
and simply cleared out.
You don't mean to say
that we've only Sylvester
and those Scotland Yard men left?
Sir John!
Wilkins has disappeared!
It's true, he's gone.
I can't find him anywhere.
I should say that called for a drink.
You know, I don't
think you quite realize
how serious this is, sir.
No, thank you.
Yes, thank you.
Oh, I'm no fool, Trent.
I know I'm next on that Chinaman's list.
After all, I went through the Boxer Rising
and I've been through the Great War
and I'm not going to
lose any sleep over this.
Now, you fellows can sit
up as long as you like.
I'm going to have a nap now.
Well, very good, sir.
You better stay here, though,
where Dr. Petrie can keep his eye on you.
I'm going to call Scotland Yard.
What's up?
The wires have been cut.
Well, what's that?
Help, help!
Oh, so it's you, is it?
Is it?
Yes, I suppose it is.
All that's left of me.
Well, what happened?
Well, I was up on the landing
and I thought I heard someone.
So I tried to get behind the armor to hide
and as I backed into it, it sprang at me.
And I think I fell down the stairs.
Yes, I did.
Well, er, try and keep
quiet, will you, Sylvester?
I am trying to get a nap.
Say, just keep an eye on
your father, will you, sir?
I want to have another look around.
And as for you, Sylvester,
will you go somewhere and go to sleep?
Did you say "sleep?"
Yes, sleep.
All right.
Dr. Fu Manchu,
the notorious murderer,
still at large.
Wanted by Scotland Yard.
Smith, let me go!
Smith, where's my father?
Oh, he's all right, Jack.
I'm quite all right.
This was Smith's plan.
And it worked.
Trent's got the girl.
Come on, come on!
Hold on.
She's been hypnotized
and doesn't know what she's doing.
Let her go.
Let her go.
She may lead us to Fu Manchu.
Sir John.
You sit in that chair.
Don't take your eyes
off him for a moment.
Dr. Jack, you come with me.
It's all right, dear.
You're safe.
Quite safe.
Oh, has something terrible happened?
You don't remember that
you tried to kill my father?
Oh, no!
No, it isn't true!
Oh, listen, darling,
didn't you know that
Fu Manchu has the power
to make you do anything he wishes?
You mean without my knowing?
And he made me try to kill your father.
Oh, no, don't touch me, you mustn't.
Oh, I must go away from here.
He might make me hurt you!
Oh, please, let me go...
Now, listen, darling, listen.
He had that power over you,
but he never can have it again.
Because now that you know,
we can fight it together.
Oh, no.
I'm afraid.
Horribly afraid.
Oh, I feel weak when I think of him.
I hope you never meet him again.
But if you do
and he tries to get you into his power,
I want you to fight against him.
You must.
Remember I love you
and fight him.
Oh, remember you love me.
And fight him.
Oh, I will, Dr. Jack.
I will.
He got away.
Is there any secret passage in this place?
Why, yes!
There's an old staircase leading down
from the tower room into
my father's library.
The library!
Come, Lia!
Trent! Trent!
Sir John!
They must have taken
him down those stairs.
I'll go.
See if you can do anything for Trent.
Trent, what happened?
He's dead.
Oh, it's Fu Manchu!
Oh, no!
A monument to your honorable father.
But for you is reserved a higher place.
Your debt means the
gilding of the last scale
and the completion of my work.
Oh, no!
You do not wish me to kill him?
Very well.
I shall not kill him, little flower.
You shall kill him yourself.
Look at me, Lia.
You shall do as I say.
Do you hear me, Lia?
I hear you, master.
Oh, Lia!
You are my slave.
I am your slave.
No, no, Lia!
You are my slave.
Fight him, fight him!
Oh, I am fighting.
I am fighting, Dr. Jack!
Oh, you have no power over me!
I'm not afraid!
I'm not afraid!
I congratulate you.
And you, too, Doctor, for your
prodigious mental victory.
You can't make me kill him!
That is as you like, my child.
But as for your sweetheart,
I think he would rather die by your hand
than to suffer the death
of a thousand deaths.
Here is proof that I am prepared.
Come, look for yourself.
An especially prepared quicklime,
most advantageous when you do not wish
to leave a trace.
You'll pay for this when Smith gets you.
And he will, too!
Don't ever doubt that.
He will!
I humbly apologize.
I'm afraid my somewhat
weird and Oriental methods
may have misled your Occidental mind
into believing that this is nothing but
a gigantic melodrama
in which the detective's
arrival at the last moment
produces the happy ending.
Don't deny it.
I can see by your face it is so.
Permit me to settle that
idea once and for all.
As you see,
you can scarcely expect the usual ending.
Bear yourself.
I ask you, Dr. Petrie,
what Western mind could have conceived
this little pleasantry of mine?
For years, I raised this girl
and planned that she should
fall in love with you
and you with her.
Then I caused you to meet
In the fog.
And now it is my plan
that she should kill you.
The idea of allowing a
girl to kill her lover...
To save him from a worse death
is rather intriguing, is it not?
And to prove to you that I
have the soul of romance,
I shall allow you a few
delicious moments of farewell.
But I should not advise
your attempting to escape,
nor loose your bonds,
as I shall be on guard out there.
I had forgotten.
The scene calls for a
little soft music.
And to make it quite perfect...
Darkness holds magic for romance.
How long will you give us?
We are unfortunately
lacking in timepieces.
Do you see that moonbeam
crawling along these walls?
It shall be your clock.
You mean...
I mean
when the moonbeam touches the dragon,
I shall return.
Believe me, honorable Inspector,
I regret that our contest is ended.
Yours is the first intellect
that I have really respected
since I left China.
It is too bad that your
affection for Petrie.
So overcame your judgment
that you forgot that
Redmoat is an historic house
and that anyone might get
a plan of it at the museum.
You see, it is little things like that
which prove my mind to
be superior to yours.
Your efficient subordinates
are searching for you.
Perhaps it would interest
you to watch, hm?
Mm, it is too bad their
effort should be so useless.
I am sorry if the ropes are tight.
But I assure you they shall
not trouble you for long.
Within an hour, my work
shall be completed here
and I shall be on my way.
To China.
And as a matter of courtesy,
so that no one will know
that I was the victor
and you the vanquished,
I assure you that your body,
if it is found,
will be quite unrecognizable.
No, Lia.
Don't cry.
If there's any memory left me
out there,
I want it to be of your smile.
I'll try to smile.
I regret to interrupt.
The time has come
for guest tea.
You may have the pleasure of
serving Dr. Petrie, my child.
That cup.
Guest tea, Dr. Petrie.
The drink we serve our friends
just before they depart.
You have not kept your
word, little flower.
In order to poison me,
you have lost your chance
to save your sweetheart from that!
Oh, no!
No, no!
Too late.
You know I always keep my word.
I think Inspector Smith would enjoy this.
Bring him.
Oh, no!
Please, please!
Too late.
Too late.
Oh, no!
You can't be so cruel!
Release him.
But keep his hands tied.
You, no doubt, have witnessed
many executions, Inspector,
but I think this one will
interest you, eh?
You see, Dr. Fu,
you did overlook something.
You forgot that Fai Lu loved that girl.
Fu Manchu here!
Come on upstairs!
You blundering fool!
Hold where you are!
Are you all right, Chief?
Here you are, boys.
Forgive me, Smith.
Soon I shall be with my ancestors.
Gods of my ancestors.
I only regret
that I still lack one life
to complete my masterpiece.
After all, Inspector,
our story ends in the usual way.