The Mysterious Note (2019) Movie Script

(determined music)
(keys tapping)
(light buzzing)
(light gentle music)
(kids chattering)
- [Teacher] And the right
side of the meridian
is called the
Eastern hemisphere.
- Today we are going to learn
how to create a text box.
Use the text box
tool to start writing
the first paragraph
of the essay.
Make sure you put your name
and the date at the top.
(quirky music)
(watch beeping)
(phone ringing)
- Edward Middle School.
Hi Ms. Annie, I'm
sorry, but the principle
stepped out of the office.
Can I have him call you back?
Thank you, bye bye.
(screen beeping)
(suspenseful music)
(intercom static)
- [Male] This is Mr.
Barnaby your principle
here at Edward Middle School.
I have a special
announcement for you.
(Mexican mariachi music)
(kids laughing)
- I don't know how
to make this stop!
(quirky music)
- Josh, I think
you left this here.
Josh, why would you do this?
- To celebrate Cinco De Mayo.
- Very funny.
That was three weeks ago,
and you don't even like
that type of music.
I can see here Josh that
you're a bright student,
except in history.
And you're very
strong in technology,
except you're not doing
anything with those talents.
You're just wasting
it on doing pranks.
This is third time this year
that you've tried to pull
your little technology pranks.
I'm going to have
to call your father.
Let's see what he has
to say about this.
(upbeat music)
(singing in foreign language)
(horn honking)
- Oh yes sir, I am
planning to go in person
to Michigan this Friday
to see if he'll sign the deal.
Well, with that
kind of a bonus sir,
I'm gonna do everything I can
to make sure he agrees to it.
(phone calling)
Sorry sir, it looks
like it's the principal
of my sons school calling.
Can I call you back?
- [Male] Sure.
- Alright.
Vargas, go.
- [Barnaby] Hello Mr. Vargas,
this is Principle Barnaby.
We have a little problem.
We need to talk about Josh.
(singing in foreign language)
- Do you know how
embarrassing it is
to get a call from
your principle?
- Since when did you care
about what I do in school?
All you care about
is not looking bad.
- Watch your mouth Josh!
- Listen, that's what you think,
but I need to be
able to concentrate
on doing my work.
I can't be getting calls
from your principle
telling me about your
little spy pranks.
And besides that, he
tells me that you're
currently failing history?
- What do you have
to say for yourself?
- What?
I got an F, big deal.
- That is a big deal.
And what about your
little spy prank?
(slow paced music)
- What are you going
to do with him?
Okay, here's what's
going to happen.
First of all Joshua, no
video games for two weeks.
- Mom!
- And, if you do not ace
your history presentation,
you will not have video
games for the whole summer.
And I'll take away all
your little spy toys
for the whole summer too.
- That's not fair!
- And playing
disrespectful pranks
on your principle is fair?
- That's final.
- Okay, it wasn't me.
- Well, since you're
here now Jessy,
this Friday I have
a business meeting
in a small town in Michigan,
just a few hours away from here.
But I figure since you
have a long weekend,
we can all go out
together on Thursday
and come back on Friday.
- Dad!
- Awe Dad!
- [Dad] Come on buys,
you're always complaining
that I'm always too busy.
This is a time that we can
go and do something together.
- Dad, that usually means
doing something fun.
- You heard your father,
we are going with him.
The country?
Aren't there animals and bugs?
And where are we gonna stay?
- Well, there's no
hotels in this town,
but I did find a
nice vacation rental
that we can rent for the night.
- A town with no hotels!
That's my worst nightmare!
- Is everyone ready!
- And this one.
- Hun, we're just
going for one day.
- True, I forgot
a few more things.
We need to be
ready for anything.
- Two weeks of anything.
(quirky music)
- Are you sure about this
place you're renting?
- Hun, there is nothing
else in this town.
Don't worry, it looked great.
- In the pictures.
- That's what I'm worried about.
Anyone can use
Photoshop nowadays.
- Okay everyone, settle down.
We'll know in a moment,
we're almost there.
- [Jessy] Dad, I thought you
said we were almost there?
- [Mom] I'm not gonna
be happy if a lion
jumps out all of a sudden.
- [Josh] That would be cool.
Not bad dad.
- Way to go Pops.
- Are you sure you
got the right address?
I'm slightly impressed,
but there is
(owl hooting)
a lot of creatures in here.
(Mom screams)
- [Dad] What happened?
- I think there was a squirrel.
- What?
What's the matter?
- Dad, there's no signal here.
- There's not even wifi.
- Come on guys, it's
like an adventure.
- [Family] We don't
like adventure.
(quirky music)
- Come on hun, this
is a nice place.
There's no critters in here.
- Well, we'll see.
(Mom giggling)
- [Dad] What?
- [Mom] Stop tickling my feet.
- Hun, I'm not in bed yet.
(Mom screaming)
(Dad laughing)
(light music)
Mr. Thomas, when
you bought the store
we assumed you would run the
store a little differently.
We're hearing reports about
some unusual practices here.
As you know, we sent
you an email last week.
Our investors are a
little bit worried,
and basically, we either need
you to pay back the loan,
or you need to return
the store to us.
- I can't pay back
the loan Mr. Vargas.
I don't have that kind of
money just lying around.
- We are prepared to
make you an offer.
If you cooperate and sign
the store over to us,
we are prepared to
offer you this check.
That way you can get
a little bit of money
that you can walk away with
and we can avoid a
nasty legal mess.
- Mr. Vargas, thank you.
But I believe the store
is doing just fine.
- Mr. Thomas, I hear
you closed the store
on the busiest day of the week.
And you even give things away.
This is not good business.
- Look, I'm just trying
to be a good manager.
- A good manager?
- Yes a good manager.
It's called being
a good steward.
- Steward?
Like Martha Steward?
Like the Steward of Gondor?
- No.
The biblical guidelines on
how to best manage your life.
Especially the most
important things.
- That's all very nice,
but I'm not convinced that
you are a good manager.
And the store needs to
be run like a business.
I urge you to take this offer
before I walk out that door.
- Mr. Vargas, I cannot
accept your offer,
but I'll tell you what.
It's a long weekend coming up,
maybe if you can stay til
Monday, three o'clock.
Look at how I run my store.
And if you're not convinced,
I will sign over
the store to you
without a fight.
However, if I can
change your mind,
then I want you to go
back to your investors
and let them know there's
nothing to worry about here.
What do you think?
- Are you insane?
I'm not staying
here all weekend.
Forget it, we'll
see you in court.
- He wanted us to stay
here for four days?
Is he crazy?
- That's what I told him.
- Besides, I didn't bring
enough clothes for four days.
- Four days without internet?
Come on dad, you're
killing my social life.
I'm not gonna have any friends
by the time I get back.
- Yeah dad, this
place is boring.
- I don't need your opinion.
Besides, if you were smart,
you'd be worried about
acing your history report.
(quirky music)
- Hun, maybe it's just worth
staying here for a few days.
- I thought you,
I thought you
didn't like it here?
- Maybe if we can
stay here until Monday
we can close the deal
and get your bonus.
Plus, you can spend
some time helping Josh
in his history project.
- A hardware store?
Really dad?
Could there be a
more boring place?
- Come on Josh, maybe
there's wifi here.
- I don't care about wifi.
(Jessy gasps)
- How could you?
- Alright guys, I have to
go up and see Mr. Thomas.
Stay out of trouble.
- That's my specialty.
- No.
(Jessy chuckles)
- I'm glad you changed
your mind Mr. Vargas.
- Please, just call me Tony.
And the only thing
that I've agreed to
is to stay here til Monday.
Nothing in my mind has changed
about what I see going on here.
- Fair enough.
I only ask for one other thing.
You see, I really
want you to understand
what I mean about
being a good steward.
It's not just something
that we do at a store.
It's a way of living your life.
You see, I've chosen
to manage the details
of my life God's way.
While most people choose
to do that their own way
or the way society
says they should.
- So, what are you saying?
- So I want you to
compare the common way of
managing your life and
God's way of managing it.
And then Monday at three p.m.
You can decide for yourself
how I run this store.
- Okay, fine.
I'll go along with this.
- Just to make sure you
fully understand some things,
I might ask you to do
some special tasks.
Don't worry, it's
nothing wild or illegal.
And if you do, I'll
sign the papers
over to the investment
company quick and painless.
- What exactly do
you have in mind?
- Hey, what are you doing?
- What am I doing or what
am I supposed to be doing?
- I guess they're
not the same thing.
- I'm supposed to be working
on my history project.
- Ooh, sorry.
We finished school last week.
- Lucky.
- So what are those?
- I'm making my own pair
of night vision goggles
using this modified
virtual reality headset.
- Well that's a mouth full.
Well, I'm Cam and this is Faith.
My mom works here in the store.
- And my Uncle James
owns the store.
- I'm Josh, I'm stuck
here for a few days
because my dad has some
meetings or something.
And that's my brother Jessy.
- [Faith] What's he doing?
- He's just trying to
save his social life
from being flushed
down the toilet.
- So Josh, that's going to
be an aphotic optical device?
Night vision goggles.
- Yeah.
- What is that?
- It means you can supposedly
see in the dark with those.
- Not supposedly, it
will see in the dark.
- You want to test it
in the store basement?
It's dark down there.
- It's very dark down there.
- You think we could?
- Indubitably!
Come on.
- Did you hear me?
I said it's very
dark down there.
(slow paced music)
Did I mention it's a
little scary down there?
- I believe you may
have mentioned it.
- I don't like coming down here.
But Cam's not scared.
- Wow.
This building is old.
- Yeah, Mr. Thomas said the
original part was built in 1912.
Are you ready for delumination?
- Delumination?
- To turn off the lights.
- Oh yeah, just wait a second.
Does he always talk like that?
- That's affirmative.
- Okay, turn off the lights.
- I don't like the dark, Cam.
- Come on Faith, try
not to be scared.
Well Josh, are they operational?
- [Josh] Yeah!
- Can I look?
Maybe I'll be less scared.
- [Josh] Sure.
- [Faith] Cool!
These are neat!
- Can I see?
- You don't need them Cam,
you're not afraid of the dark.
- I just wanna
see how they work.
- They work just fine.
- Come on Faith.
- Oh, okay.
- [Cam] Whoa, these
are pretty cool!
- How does he get
anything done around here?
He's been with that
guy for 15 minutes!
And, there's a dog walking
around in the store, nice.
- Those are cool.
What are you gonna do with them?
- I don't know, spying.
- There is not much of a
populace for espionage.
There's not much to spy here.
- Don't remind me.
Hey what's that over there?
- [Cam] Oh, that's the part
of the basement that...
- Dark.
We don't go there.
- I was gonna say tenebrous.
But yeah, the light
over there doesn't work.
- Lets check it out with these!
- You want to go back there?
- Yeah, come on!
(ominous music)
Hey, did you know there's
hole in the wall here?
- [Cam] A hole?
We never saw that before.
I wish this place
had lights back here.
- [Josh] I have a
flashlight if you want.
- Why didn't you say so!
- [Josh] You never asked!
- Cool flashlight.
That's pretty,
Hold on guys,
I'm gonna be blind for a
couple of seconds here.
You go on without me.
- Come on, let's go in.
- You know, I think
my mom is calling me.
- Come on Faith!
- Wow, this place
is way too cool.
- [Cam] I never knew
this place existed.
- I wish I never knew
this place existed.
- Hold on, let me see this.
What is this?
- [Faith] Maybe it's
a secret treasure map!
- Don't be silly Faith.
It's just an old piece of paper.
Look, it's addressed
to a place in Arizona.
- Maybe it's a spy document.
- Maybe it's a secret
letter from the President!
- Maybe it's a "do
not enter" sign
that somebody forgot to put up.
- What does it say?
- "Dear sir, thank
you for your help.
"Per our agreement,
you must now..."
"You must now
destroy all documents
"that refer to 'the door'
"in order to keep
the location secret."
- A secret door?
- [Faith] In Arizona?
- Look, it's dated 1958.
- Cool!
- That thing is ancient.
- Maybe it's an
important document.
Maybe we should return
it to the original owner?
- Are you serious?
It looks like trash,
but I wonder what it means?
A secret door?
- Maybe we should give
it back to the person
who put it there.
- Dude, you guys are crazy.
That's been sitting
for about 50 years.
No one's missing it.
Besides, helping someone
you don't even know,
that's just whack.
- Well, my dad says
you should help others
before you help yourself.
- Helping someone that you
don't even know exists?
That just doesn't make sense.
But then again, it
is a mysterious note.
And since I'm bored
out of my mind,
I guess I'll help you.
- Cool.
Well your spy stuff already
helped us find this paper.
- I have an idea.
Let's show this
to my Uncle James,
maybe he'll know
something about it.
- Hey guys, who's your friend?
- This is one of my boys.
Josh this is Mr. Thomas,
he's the owner of the store.
- Hi.
- Uncle James, we found
this paper in the basement.
- Yeah, it's
superannuated from 1958.
It mentions a man
named Jack Hawkins.
You know anything about him?
- Superannuated?
- Yeah.
If I'm not mistaken,
Jack Hawkins used to own
this store a long time ago.
But that's a neat piece
of store history though.
- Do you think it's important?
- Yeah, do you think we
should return it to him?
- Oh no, I wouldn't
worry about that,
although it is a bit of
a historical mystery!
- Okay, thanks.
- James, I was
watching you earlier.
I believe in customer
service but you're spending
way too much time
with your customers.
You spent like 20 minutes
with this one guy.
(Thomas chuckling)
- Maybe.
He had some big questions.
He's working on a project.
But Tony, I think
you forget something.
Remember, this store is not
just about making money,
it's about serving my community
and connecting with them.
- Well, your investors
believe the purpose of this
store to make money.
I do well in my business
because I focus on making money,
like a business should.
- I'm sure you're
a good businessman,
and you're right, I
probably don't spend
enough time focusing
on making money.
- Which is why I'm stuck here.
- Which reminds me, as
part of our agreement,
I mentioned to you
that while you're here
I might ask you
to do a few tasks.
- That's true, I agreed to that.
What are you gonna make me do?
Are you going to make
me sweep the floor?
(Thomas chuckling)
- Nothing of the sort.
I want you to make a list.
- A list of what?
- A list of things
you're thankful for.
I gotta run now
for a few minutes,
but you can work on that.
- Are you serious?
This is ridiculous.
- I wish this note
had more information.
- Maybe it does, maybe
it's written in code!
- Or with invisible ink!
(light music)
- [Faith] What?
What did I say?
- They used a lot of
invisible ink in the 1950's.
Maybe there's invisible
ink on this note.
- Okay, take it easy.
I like this spy playing a lot,
but I think you're taking this
a little bit too seriously.
- What if there is something?
How could we read it?
- With this.
This is an ultraviolet light.
- Do you always walk around
with all this paraphernalia?
- Mm hm.
- Good try.
It would've been really cool.
- Can I see that?
Uh, guys, what's this?
(whimsical music)
(slow paced music)
- Alrighty, here
you go, one list.
- Oh, that's not for
me, that's for you.
- What do you mean it's for me?
What are you talking about?
- Actually, it's
for your family.
You see, the second
part of this task
is for you to share that list
with your family
over supper tonight.
- You're kidding, right?
- No, not at all.
- They're going to think
I've gone off the deep end.
Supper at six
at home.
No I'm not kidding.
They're gonna
think I've flipped.
- I got one bar!
I got a message from Dad?
- Alright, I sent the message.
I just hope they get my text
because there's not
much signal around here.
- Where you guys staying?
- It's a rental over
on Garrenridge Road.
- Oh yeah, not much
signal in some parts.
(slow loving music)
- Well, look at us
sitting around the table.
This is interesting!
- This is weird.
What's going on dad?
- Well, there's something
I need to tell you guys.
- Please tell me the
man accepted your offer
and we are going home tomorrow.
- No, no, no, nothing like that.
- You're getting me a car?
- You're sending Jessy to
boarding school in Alaska?
- No guys.
I kind of agreed to
do a couple of things
while I'm here observing.
And this is Mr. Thomas's
idea by the way.
- Dad, you're
getting really weird.
- Well, today I wrote a list
of things I'm thankful for
and I need to share
them with you.
- This should be interesting.
- We should do
supper more often,
this is better watching TV!
- Well, I probably don't
say this very much guys,
but the one thing that
I'm most thankful for
is you guys.
- Mom, I think dad has
malaria or something.
(slow paced music)
Can't find the words
How can I say
All that you mean
To me
All that you bring
- Well, thanks for coming
out and checking up on us.
- Oh not a problem.
You guys are guests
in this town.
I just wanted to stop by
and see if needed anything.
- Listen, thanks for
suggesting that task today.
You know, the list.
- How'd it go?
- Actually, we had a
nice time together.
It was a kinda awkward, mostly
for me.
But I still don't know
what you're getting at.
- Well Tony, I also stopped
by to tell you something else.
The store is closed tomorrow,
so you don't have to go hang
out there tomorrow morning.
- Right, you close
on the busiest day.
- Yes, well, we'll be at
church tomorrow morning,
of course you are welcome
to join is if you like.
And, I also wanted to invite you
and your family at three
tomorrow for a little outing.
- So is this one of
your required tasks?
- No, but I'd really
like it if you
and your family came.
I think you'd have fun.
Just meet me at the store at
three if you decide to come.
Well, have a good night Tony.
(light music)
- This is crazy.
- Dad, did you
really mean all that
stuff you said at supper?
- Of course I did Josh.
Listen, I probably don't
say this enough, or ever,
but you guys really
do mean a lot to me.
And you know what,
I'm gonna get better
at showing that okay.
Hey you know what?
Mr. Thomas invited us
to go with him tomorrow
at three p.m. to go
do something with him.
I'm not sure what
he has in mind,
but it sounds kind
of mysterious.
Do you wanna go?
- Yeah!
Is Mr. Thomas still making
you do weird things?
(Tony chuckling)
- I don't know, we'll see.
Why don't you get
some sleep now okay?
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Do you think you'd have
some time this weekend
to help me on my
history project?
- That sounds like a great idea.
What part of history do you
need to do your report about?
- Anything in the 1900's.
I was thinking about doing
something about spies.
- That sounds pretty cool.
Why don't we plan on working
on that together this weekend.
- Awesome, thanks Dad.
- Josh,
I think I don't spend
enough time with you.
And if it's okay, I
think it'd be great
if we could maybe do
more stuff together.
- That would be great Dad.
All I want is you
- Tony, I get the
impression something is on
on your mind this morning?
- Well, I had a talk
with Josh last night
and, I don't know,
I'm just wondering
if I'm being a good Dad.
I mean, I'm at
work all the time,
and my kids are
getting in trouble.
Then it hit me, am
I being a good dad?
I mean, that's also
part of my job.
- What did you tell him?
- Well, I told him
he gets in trouble
because he doesn't use his time
and his energy to
do good things,
and then it hit
me, what about me?
Do I use my time and
energy to guide the boys?
To spend time with you guys?
I felt awful.
(light upbeat music)
Walking down the street
I see so many things
Too many people
That are struggling to meet
A lot of hurt
and lots of pain
Will there ever be a day
Where everyone in the world
Has a smile on their face
How could a perfect
world go wrong
It's like we all
have something better
And it's been here all along
If we would all
just take the chance
Not taking things
for granted
We could all be happy
(everyone laughing)
- James, those were
really beautiful flowers.
- Yes, they were gorgeous.
- Yup, they arrived yesterday.
I thought Mrs, Henderson
could use them.
You know, her husband
died a couple months ago?
- Wait a second, so that lady
didn't pay you
for those flowers?
So you're taking
your best flower pots
and giving them away?
No wonder your
business is failing.
You close on the busiest
day, you give stuff away!
It's true, you're
gonna go bankrupt!
- Tony!
- That's okay.
As I told you yesterday,
we love serving
the people of this town.
It's not just a job for us.
We love being generous
and I'm not talking
about sharing
what we have leftover.
- [Tony] What do
you mean "leftover?"
- If I give what
I have leftover,
or stuff I don't need anymore,
am I really being generous?
I'm trying to do that in
all the areas of my life.
With my time, my money,
my store, my family.
- Tony, there's actually
a word for that,
being a good steward.
We're always wanting more
Selfish hearts can
get the best of us
Or as simple thing
could help somebody else
- Thanks for helping
me out on history Dad.
- I'm glad I can help.
I actually used to
like history a lot
when I was in school.
- Really?
- Yeah, sure.
So, you're interested
in spies huh?
That's pretty cool.
Always something better
And that's been
here all along
If we would all
just take the chance
And not taking
things for granted
We could all be happy
Yeah we can make this
world a better place
Ah ah ah
If we all just try
To show a little love
Ah ah ah
Yeah we can make this
world a better place
Ah ah ah
If we all just try
to show a little love
Ah ah ah
How could a perfect
world go wrong
(perky suspenseful music)
- So how are we gonna track
this man down in the letter?
- Step aside, and let the
professionals through.
First of all, we have no
idea what those invisible
ink numbers mean.
I'm guessing they're important.
But I got another idea.
Oh yeah, there's no
wifi around here.
- If you need wifi,
I can turn it on in
my Uncles office.
- Turn it on?
Yeah, go turn it on.
You have to turn on the wifi?
- Yeah, it's byzantine.
(slow banjo music)
- You should get be getting
a wifi signal right about
- Oh, oh I have wifi!
- Nice.
I say we start with the company
at the top of the letter.
(slow paced music)
- I bet this Hawkins man
is going to be very happy
to get his letter back
about the secret door.
- Hmm, dead end guys.
It looks like the
company on the letter
went out of business since 1979.
- 1979?
That's prehistoric!
- Now what?
- Well, it looks like
the man in this letter,
Mr. Hawkins, died in 1989.
But check this out.
He was living in this
town when he died.
- Not in Arizona?
- [Faith] Uh oh.
- What?
- That's the look he gets when
he thinks he has a great idea
but it's usually not.
- Guys, the cemetery's
just down the street,
maybe we can find his grave.
- His grave?
Isn't that kind of creepy?
- What are you, timorous?
- Me?
- What's timorous?
- He's used that
one on me before.
He's saying you're chicken.
I'll admit it, I'm chicken.
- No you're not Faith.
Come on guys, spies
need to follow clues
no matter where they lead.
- Yeah, he's right.
Come on Faith.
- How do I get dragged
into these things?
I'm timorous, remember?
(ominous music)
- Well, I guess we're here.
- Are you sure we
have to go in there?
- If we wanna find more
clues about Mr. Hawkins,
we have to go in there.
(twig cracking)
- Seriously?
I thought you guys
weren't scared.
- Well just do us a favor
and watch where you're going.
(twig cracking)
- That wasn't me.
- It wasn't me either.
(kids screaming)
- Hey kids, can I help
you with something?
- I just need my heart
to get started again.
- It's just you Mr. Becker.
We didn't see you.
- Sorry kids I startled you.
Been doing a little
bit of raking.
Can I help you find something?
- We are looking for the
grave of Jack Hawkins.
- Jack Hawkins.
Let me think, where is he?
I believe he's right over there.
Go that direction.
- Wow, you're pretty good.
- Yeah.
- Well, thanks Mr. Becker.
- Certainly, have a great day.
- You too.
- Maybe we should
split up and search.
- Great idea.
Me and Cam are
gonna go over there.
- I thought we
were gonna split...
- I don't think
this is a good idea.
- Yeah, I've been in
more delightful places.
(perky music)
- Hey guys!
I found it!
(gentle music)
- Already?
Yeah, there it is.
Died on August two, 1989.
- Guys, look what
it says back here.
- "Dad, I'll see you on
resurrection morning.
- You guys know what that means?
- That he was a Christian?
- No.
I mean yes, but look,
he has a son, Bill.
Maybe he still lives in town.
Come on, let's go!
- Yeah, let's go!
- Why do we have
to run everywhere?
(bird cawing)
Wait up!
Uncle James!
Uncle James!
Do you know a guy
named Bill Hawkins?
- Bill Hawkins?
Hmm, I don't think I know
anybody by that name.
I'm assuming he's
related to that guy
in your mystery letter?
- Excuse me Mr. Thomas,
Mrs. Heinz wants to know
when the kangaroo
closure's gonna arrive.
- Oh Mrs. Heinz?
I need to speak with her.
I'll be right back guys.
Hey there Mrs. Heinz.
- [Heinz] Hi.
- Good news, your enclosure
arrived this morning.
Sorry for the delay.
- Awe, no worries mate.
But I tell you what,
it's hard to keep
those little Joeys from
jumping all over the furniture.
- Look, I'll go get it for you.
- Thanks heaps.
- Kangaroo enclosure?
- Well so much for
that Bill Hawkins clue.
- Yeah, we hit a dead end.
- Hold on!
We can look up his
name in the phone book!
- Whoa, put that away.
There's technology for that.
Phone book, what's next?
- What's wrong
with a phone book?
- Okay, there is
one person in town
with the last name Hawkins.
But his name is William.
- Wait a second!
The gravestone said Bill,
and Bill is short for William!
- That's right!
There isn't a phone number,
but there's an address!
- [Josh And Cam] Let's go!
- Why do we have
to run everywhere?
(triumphant music)
I'm tired?
- Hey, this is the neighborhood
I was at yesterday.
Helping a lady bring flowers.
- Really?
You came to help someone?
I thought you said helping
a total stranger was whack?
- Yeah, I know.
- I'm glad you're helping
us figure out this mystery.
- Let's go.
(light music)
I guess this is it.
(heavy breathing)
(Cam knocking)
I guess there's nobody home.
- Maybe we should leave a note?
- I have a notebook and a pen.
- What do you not have in there?
- Spies need to be
prepared for anything.
- Okay guys, this is what I got.
"Hello Mr. Hawkins, we
are Faith, Josh, and Cam.
"We found an old
letter in the basement
"of the hardware store.
"I think it has your
dads name on it.
"It talks about a secret door.
"We think it's in Arizona.
"We wanted to just
return it to you.
"We'll come back later."
What do you guys think?
- I like it.
- I can't believe we're
doing so much work
to help somebody.
- Yoo hoo!
Yoo hoo!
- [Cam] Yes?
- Didn't you come here
yesterday to bring my flowers?
- Yeah, that was me.
- I thought so.
You have no idea
how much pleasure
those flowers have given me.
- Is there anything
else I could do for you?
- Yes, my son in Oregon
gave me this the other day.
And he said we can see
each other when we call,
but I have no idea
how to use this.
- Can you make it
work for her Josh?
- [Josh] I think I can do it.
- I'll be right back okay?
(slow paced music)
Here you go kids.
- Alright!
- Awesome!
- [Faith] Wow, thank you!
- Excuse me ma'am,
do you know the man
that lives across
the street there?
- Oh yes, I have known
him since he was a boy.
Billy Hawkins.
Well, he's not a
little boy anymore,
but he travels a
lot for work now.
And when he's gone he
lives his dog Jack with me.
- Hey, I think I got it!
- Ma?
- Hello Justin!
- I can see you!
Kids, come see grandma!
- [Child] Grandma!
Ooh it's grandma!
- Hi!
- Josh, why did
you help that lady?
- I knew you were
gonna ask that.
I don't know.
- Wow, you really made
her day when you fixed it
so she can see her family.
Did you see the
look on her face?
- Plus we got cookies!
- So, do you give stuff
away all the time?
- No of course not.
But I do when I
think it's needed
or if I think it's
the right thing to do.
- I mean, yesterday
was nice with the lady,
but I don't know.
I work hard for the
stuff that I have.
It's mine, I just
don't see why I
need to be giving it away.
Besides, being generous seems
to be getting you in trouble.
- Excuse me.
Sir, are you a
new employee here?
- No, no, no.
I'm just here helping Mr.
Thomas for a couple of days.
But, is it okay if I
ask you a question?
- Sure, what?
- Why do you shop here?
I mean there's one of
those big giant discount
superstore lumberyards
up just a few miles away
with more variety
and cheaper prices.
Why do you come here?
- I just like coming
to this store.
- Mom, that's not
why you come here.
You should tell him mom.
- Tell me what?
- It's not a big deal.
- Yes it is.
It's a miracle.
Last year my mom lost her job.
These things happen, but
things got pretty bad
and a man even came and
took her phone away.
That was not cool.
And then something
else happened.
Like the worst thing you
could possibly imagine.
The plumbing in
the basement broke.
There was water
gushing out everywhere.
We cleaned up the water
and a plumber came,
but he told us it would
cost like $400 to fix.
We came here to see how much
the materials would cost
and it was 200 bucks.
Which we still didn't have.
The next you know, Mr.
Thomas tells my mom
he wants to give us
the plumbing materials.
Can you believe that?
Who gives people
plumbing materials?
Plus, he closed his
shop for like two hours
just to come and help
us fix the problem.
Isn't that crazy?
- Crazy's not a nice
thing to say sweetie.
But Mr. Thomas is a
kind and generous man.
I try to do as much
shopping as I can here
because I like the
way he runs his store.
Plus, I told all my friends
to come and shop here.
Do you know how
rare it is to find
a store like this nowadays?
- Well, who knows when Mr.
Hawkins is coming back.
I wish we knew more about
the secret door in Arizona.
- Yeah.
- Plus, I'm gonna
be leaving tomorrow.
I don't think
we're gonna be able
to solve the
mystery by tomorrow.
- I wish the letter said
more about the secret door.
- That's the whole point silly.
It's a secret door.
Don't worry Josh, we had
fun with you being spies.
Can you show me what
other cool stuff
you have in your backpack?
- You like my spy gear?
This is my ultraviolet
light, you already saw that.
This is my GPS, it
connects with a satellite,
and gives directions,
type in your address
or the coordinates.
- What?
What is it?
- Hmm?
Let me see the letter.
Look at these
numbers on the back.
What if...
- What if what?
- What if these numbers
are coordinates?
Read the numbers off to me.
- Okay, here's the first set.
- Slowly.
- Four, got it?
Two, got it?
- Faster.
- 42.009300.
Is that good?
- Yes, thank you.
- Okay, 86.158
- Is it in Arizona?
- No, these aren't coordinates.
If they are, the door's
in the middle of China.
At least we tried.
- Well Mr. Green,
looks like you've got
quite a project going on here.
- Yeah, just repainting
the kitchen at home.
You know, I really don't
know much about painting.
But I hope I got
enough stuff here.
- Well, if you manage
your portions right,
I think you have
enough for your kitchen
and your neighbors
kitchen as well.
(men laughing)
Happy painting!
- [Green] Thanks!
- So now you're
encouraging others
to give their stuff away too?
- Well, there's nothing
wrong with being generous.
- Sure, I guess.
I guess I'm just not
understanding this stuff yet.
I mean, didn't you
also tell me that
you give a portion
of your income away?
- Well, I wouldn't exactly
call it giving it away.
It's called tithing.
You see, God has
given me so much
that we return a portion of that
to pay for all the good things
that the church is doing
all around the world.
And even here in our community.
Is that everything sir?
- [Customer] Yup,
that'll be all.
- Very good.
That'll be $7.22.
Thank you.
- Can I get one?
- No, it's mine!
- [James] Here you are sir.
- [Customer] Thank you.
- Have a great day.
- You too.
- Thank you for
shopping with us.
- Kids, they're so
selfish nowadays.
- And why is that?
Let me ask you a question.
Who provided that boy with
a bag of chips that he had?
- Well, the father did.
- And you saw how the
boy didn't even want
to give one chip to the
one who provided it to him?
Do you think that's right?
Do you think the father's happy
about how his son
wouldn't even give
him not one potato chip?
Or should he get angry
and never give his
son chips again
for being so selfish?
- Well of course not.
I'm sure as he grows
he'll teach him
that he shouldn't be selfish
and that he should
be generous with
the things that he's been...
(light music)
- Hey Josh?
- [Josh] Yeah.
- See this dash?
Well I thought it was a dash,
but do you think it
could be a negative?
- Wait a minute.
If that number's a negative,
it'll be pointing at
the complete opposite
side of the world.
No way!
You're not gonna believe this!
By adding the negative,
the place is only
five miles away
from where we are right now.
- Are you sure?
What do we do?
- Should we go to
these coordinates
and see what's there?
- It looks like the location
of these coordinates
is in the middle of the woods.
Near the state road.
- Well five miles
is not too far.
- Five miles is very far.
I'm not gonna run five miles.
- Maybe we can
organize an expedition!
What do you guys think?
- I vote yes.
- I vote affirmative.
- Why do I get the
feeling we're going
no matter what I say?
Fine, I'll go.
But I don't think this
is a good idea though.
- Well, it's probably
too late today,
so let's go first
thing tomorrow morning.
Come on.
- Remember, I'm leaving
tomorrow afternoon,
so we have to go early.
- Well, Faith and
I both have bikes
and I can borrow my dads.
- Amen I don't have to run.
- Okay, let's do this!
- Okay, let's meet at
the store when it opens.
- Okay, I'm gonna
get so grounded.
- Hey Tony, I hope
you haven't forgotten
about our little assignments.
I know tomorrow's your last day,
but I have one last task
for you, a simple one.
- Alright, these assignments
haven't been too bad.
- Have you ever heard of a
man named John D. Rockefeller?
- Of course, wasn't he like
the first billionaire ever?
- Correct.
Now, from the age of
53 when he retired,
John D. Rockefeller
was sick mentally,
emotionally, physically,
and he was just
totally miserable.
But then something
completely changed his life.
And that's your assignment.
See if you can tell me
what changed his life
and brought him joy for
another 40 plus years
way up into his 90's.
(slow paced music)
- So, what was your task today?
- Well, it was an
interesting one.
When Rockefeller was 53--
- Rockefeller, the rich guy?
- Yes, that one.
When he retired, he
was miserable and
in really bad shape.
But something changed.
And for the last 40
years of his life,
they were wonderful.
- Really?
What changed?
- It turns out that for the
second half of his life,
he spent all of his time
and effort giving away
billions of dollars
to like missionaries,
and education, and science.
It was amazing.
- Wow.
- I just don't know what
to do about this store.
I mean, Mr. Thomas
is a really nice guy.
I see what he's doing here.
I see how he's
trying to be helpful
and an important part
of this community,
but his business
practices are just so
Of course there's no way the
investors are gonna go for it.
And I really wanted that bonus.
I just need to figure out how
to break it to him softly.
- Well, I guess you have until
tomorrow to figure it out,
but maybe you can take him
out for lunch or something?
(slow paced music)
Falling in your arms again
It doesn't matter
Where I am
I can always think back
Find the arms that always
Calm me down
Lean upon me now
Lay your troubles down
My shoulder's strong enough
To hold you
Lean upon me now
Lay your troubles down
My shoulder's strong enough
To hold you
To hold you
- Hey Dad!
Can we go to the store now?
- Yes, yes, let's go.
Hey, I thought you said the
hardware store was boring?
- Hey guys, sorry I'm late.
- It's okay, we just
got here a minute ago.
Did anyone disclose to
anyone where we're going?
- Not me.
- Me neither.
- It's not that big of a deal.
It's only five miles.
We'll be back before lunch.
- What do you think Faith?
- Why are you asking me?
Can you think of a better
way to get grounded?
- You won't get grounded.
- You'll be surprised how
often she gets grounded.
- Really?
- Let's just go.
Is he still trying
to save his...
- [Kids] Social life.
- Yeah.
- So, what are you gonna do?
- I'm actually gonna help him.
- Awe, that's so cute!
- You can't call
my spy stuff cute.
You may call it cool.
By the way, can you
hold your hand out?
(machine buzzing)
(upbeat music)
(machine beeping)
- That was so cool!
- Hey Jessy!
The nearest cell tower
is in that direction!
- Thanks!
- Come on, let's go.
(upbeat music)
(ominous music)
I guess we're gonna
have to go on foot now.
- Are you sure?
- Yup.
Well, let's get to it.
- You guys ever
been here before?
This place is kinda
cool and spooky.
- Dude, I've never
been here before.
- Dude, I wish I've
never been here before.
This is the stuff of nightmares.
- Seriously?
It's just some woods.
- [Cam] You think
it's safe to traverse?
- It looks like it hasn't
been used in a long time.
- So who's going first?
- Clearly that's your job.
- Why me?
- 'Cause you're holding the GPS
and no, I don't wanna hold it.
- Fine.
It's just a little bridge.
- Little and decrepit.
- Come on guys,
it's not that bad.
(wood cracking)
- Is he alive?
- I'm okay guys, it's safe!
Just step on the edges.
- Hey, you think
we're trespassing?
- I don't think so.
According to the GPS, I
think we're on state land.
- Nice touch with
the "I think" Josh.
- Stop worrying.
Anyways, I think
we're almost there.
Come on.
We're getting close guys.
According to this, we're
about 25 feet away.
Start looking around.
- [Faith] Look!
- I think I'm hallucinating.
- I see it but I
don't believe it.
- Why is there a door in
the middle of the woods?
- Hey Tony, thanks again
for inviting me to lunch.
- Hey, happy to do it.
We've got some important
things to talk about.
- I suppose we do.
(door ringing)
- Hello, table for two please?
- Just give me one minute.
I need to clear one off for you.
- Thank you.
- [Cashier] You're welcome.
(door ringing)
- That's true.
Let's see if we can
grab a quick bite to eat
and get back to work.
- They need all the
help they can get.
- Gentlemen, I got your table
cleared off right over here.
- Young lady, I think these
gentlemen are in a hurry.
So why don't you
give them our table.
- Oh okay.
Alright guys, if you
wanna come this way
I have a seat for you.
- Thank you so much.
We really appreciate this.
- That was really nice of him.
- Boy it really was, man.
- Sorry, I hope that's okay.
Another table will free up soon.
- Finally, see what I.
See what I mean?
You give up our table
and it gives us
nothing in return.
If you ask me, this is
poor time management.
Your decision to
give up our table
just wasted five
minutes of our time.
James, you ask me to come here
and stay til Monday
at three o'clock.
Here we are, but things
aren't looking good.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Thanks so much.
(slow paced music)
- I can't believe this
door is actually here.
(ominous music)
- [Faith] This place looks
like it's falling apart.
- [Josh] What should we do?
(loud banging)
- What?
- Don't do that!
You scared us half to death!
- You expecting
someone to answer?
- [Cam] Look, there's
a lock on the door.
- [Faith] What do you
think is behind this door?
- I don't know.
(zipper zipping)
What are you looking for?
- This.
It's a surveillance
device for spies.
- That's cool.
Can I live in your backpack?
(Josh chuckling)
(slow paced music)
- What do you see?
- [Josh] I don't
really see anything.
It looks like a
little concrete room.
Empty and crumbly.
- Man, I wish this lock was
(lock clanking)
(door creaking)
- Guys--
- Yeah yeah, we know Faith.
Maybe we shouldn't go in.
- How did you know what
I was going to say?
I'm not going in first.
You have the light,
you go in first.
- She does have a point.
(suspenseful music)
(Josh and Faith screaming)
- I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.
- That was dreadfully awesome.
It's just what you
saw with your camera.
Just a small concrete room.
Maybe we should go.
(wood cracking)
(kids screaming)
(kids coughing)
Is everyone okay?
- I'm good.
- I'm scared.
- I'm with you Faith.
Come on, let's get out of here.
- [Josh] Come on guys, push!
(kids grunting)
- We're stuck.
Wait, Josh, couldn't
you call someone?
- There's no signal.
- What are we gonna do?
(kids screaming)
- No one can hear us.
- And no one even
knows we're here.
- So here's the bottom line,
as I told you, the
investors are concerned
about how you manage the store.
And since they only
care about numbers,
my report is going to
have to reflect this.
They will take the store
away from you James.
I'm really sorry, I just
don't see any other way.
- I understand.
An agreement is an agreement.
You held up your
end of the bargain.
(solemn music)
- How long have we been here?
- I don't know.
- We've been here for hours.
- I'm really scared.
- Don't worry Faith,
we'll get out of here.
Actually, you know what
we haven't done yet?
We haven't prayed.
- Praying?
Do you think praying
will really help us?
- Yeah!
- How do you pray?
- I'll pray.
Dear Jesus, we're in
a lot of trouble here.
We were trying to help this man
and now we're stuck
in this place.
Can you help us get out?
- Amen.
- So what happens next?
- Well, I guess we trust God
and be patient.
- Has God ever
helped you before?
- Sure, lots of times.
- Really?
- [Cam] Hey guys!
You gotta check this out!
Come on!
I think there's a door
behind all this junk!
- I wonder what's
behind the door.
- I don't know if
we should go in.
We already got in
trouble from the first
door we went into.
- Yeah, but what
if it's a way out?
- We have to look in there.
- [Faith] Be careful.
- What is this place?
- [Faith] I don't
know, I don't like it.
It's, it's,
- [Faith And Cam] Scary.
- Yeah, we know.
- [Cam] This place looks like
a secret hideout or something.
Look, these used to be beds.
- I wonder what this
hand crank thing is?
It's a dead end.
- [Faith] What are we gonna do?
- Do you think God
will really help us?
- I have to admit, I
was a bit surprised
by your management style.
But, you do close
on the busiest day
and sometimes you close
in the middle of the day.
And you do give things away,
and you even have
animals walking
around in your store.
Unfortunately, the
investors will disagree
with this management style
and they will take
away the store.
Unless something happens
in the next minute.
At least I'm paying for lunch.
Miss, could I get
the check please?
- Oh I forgot to tell you,
those four gentlemen who
you guys let sit down,
they actually paid
your bill for you?
- What?
- Yeah, they were
impressed by your
kindness and generosity.
And they even left me a
big tip too, so thank you!
(perky music)
(phone buzzing)
- It's my wife.
This signal here is bad news.
(ominous music)
What's that?
What do you mean you
haven't seen them all day?
Okay, I'm coming to
the store right now.
Josh and the other
two kids are missing.
- Missing?
- I haven't seen them for hours!
- Honey what's going on?
- Tony, I haven't seen
Josh the whole day.
And no one else has seen him.
Have you seen him?
- No I haven't.
- He didn't come
for lunch either.
Jessy said he saw them.
- The three of them
rode off on bikes.
- On bikes?
Josh doesn't have a bike here.
Besides, he knew we
were leaving at three.
- Mrs. Vargas, I'm
gonna close this store
so we can all fan out
and search for them.
- Thank you!
- Let's go this way guys.
- It's getting pretty late.
Our parents are probably
disquieted by now.
- Do you always talk like that?
- My mom gives me a new
vocab word every day,
she says it will
help me one day.
I'm still waiting.
- Do you think we'll
ever get out of here?
- I don't know.
If you do, what would
you do different?
- What do you mean?
- I don't know, like if
you had a second chance
to do something different,
how would you do it?
- Well I would probably
stop following you guys
to all these crazy places.
- I don't know.
I would probably help Mr.
Thomas more around the store.
I know your dad is here
because he's in trouble.
Maybe I could help him?
How 'bout you?
- I don't know.
Ever since we've tried to
return this mysterious note,
things have been a
little different.
I like using my spy
stuff to do good things,
but usually all it does
is get me in trouble.
- I think there's definitely
a right and wrong
way of doing things.
- Well, I'm glad
you guys are here
to help me not be afraid.
I heard there were bears
and bobcats in these woods.
- Bears and bobcats?
Aren't those dangerous?
(footsteps approaching)
- What was that?
(rock clanking)
- There's something
digging at the door.
- Let's go hide at the back.
- It's coming in!
(kids screaming)
- Josh?
Where is he?
- Nothing.
I don't know where
those kids could be.
- But what should we do?
- Well Mr. Thomas already
has the police department
and the fire department looking.
All we can really do is wait
and trust that they
know where to look.
- Waiting and
trusting is so hard.
I wish we could do something.
(solemn music)
- What if, what if we pray?
- [Cam] Are we dead?
- [Josh] Not yet.
- [Faith] I am.
It's a dog.
- Everybody okay in here?
- [Faith And Cam] Yes.
- You scared us half to death.
- Who are you?
- I'm Billy Hawkins.
This is my dog,
Stewardship Jack.
I take it you're
Faith, Cam, and Josh?
- [Kids] Yeah.
- Hawkins to Fire Chief over.
- [Chief] This is
Fire Chief, over.
- Jeff, this is Billy, I found
the kids and they're alright.
I'll bring them back
to meet their parents.
- That's great news Billy!
That's music to my ears.
I'll let the parents know.
- Alright, over and out.
- That's a pretty cool watch
you got there Mr. Hawkins.
- Yes it is.
Come on, let's
get you guys home.
- [Faith] How did you
know we were here?
- [Billy] Well I just got
home from a trip today.
When I went to get Jack,
Mrs. Henderson said
there were some
kids looking for me.
And then I heard
some kids were lost
and the Fire Chief asked
me to help look for them.
Plus, I saw your
note at the house.
- [Josh] But how did
you know we were here?
- When I was a kid I used
to come to this place.
I loved it here.
Then I saw the note.
Then I realized you
probably discovered a clue
about the location.
But anyway, I thought God
wanted me to come here.
- That's God.
- We were trying to return
a mysterious note to you.
It looked important.
- Yeah, we found it in the
basement of the hardware store
using Josh's spy stuff.
- Spy stuff?
- See, it looks like
your dad wrote down
the coordinates of this
place in invisible ink
and we found it.
- Wow, I'm impressed.
You are guys are
great detectives.
- And we're spies too.
- I used to play spy stuff too.
That was a big deal
when I was a kid.
- Really?
- Sure.
- Why did your dad
even build that
place in the first place?
- That's called a
fallout shelter.
Or a bomb shelter.
- [Faith] What's a bomb shelter?
- When I was a kid,
times were different.
I lived during what they
called The Cold War.
- [Cam] The Cold War?
- I've heard of that.
What is that?
- It was a time
of fear, distrust,
threats, and spies.
- Spies?
- My dad built that
place to protect us.
He stockpiled it with food,
there were beds, there's
even a hand crank
that you can use to
circulate the air.
- Yeah, I saw the broken
hand crank in there.
- The nations of the world were
threatening each other
with nuclear bombs,
so they sent spies
to the other country
to see what they were doing.
So people started building
these bomb shelters
in case of an attack.
- [Faith] What happened next?
- [Billy] Well sadly, the
leaders of the United States
and Russia, they became enemies.
- It got to the point
that both countries
were threatening
to launch horrible
nuclear missiles
toward each other.
People were scared,
so many people built
underground bomb shelters
to protect their families.
They had beds, food, and water.
Last week I got to visit
an actual bomb shelter
that had been hidden
away for decades.
All I know is that it
would be really hard
to have to stay in there
for a very long time.
By 1962, the relationship
between the US
and the Soviet Union
became super intense
during a period called
the Cuban Missile Crisis.
US spy planes discovered
Soviet missiles in Cuba.
Both countries
had their missiles
pointed at each other.
Things became very
tense and people thought
within hours there would be
a nuclear missile launched.
Fortunately, some
spies got involved
and helped diffuse a super
tense moment between
the countries.
Most historians say the
Cold War ended around 1991.
And the reason
they called it Cold
was because there
was a lot of tension.
But no actual large scale
fighting ever happened.
I'm glad I don't have
the huge responsibility
of managing an
army or a country.
But I learned
recently that we do
have other important
things we oversee.
It could be our
health, our families,
our resources, our
environments, even our talents.
I had an experience
recently that made me see
that everyone, including
me, you, world leaders,
parents, kids, we
should each learn
to manage all these
things in a positive way
so that the history that is
yet to be made in the future
can be one we can
all be proud of.
Thank you.
(audience applauds)
Hey Mr. Hawkins!
- Josh, you did great up there.
- Thanks for coming.
- [Billy] I brought
you a little something.
- Wow!
Cool, thanks!
This is from the bomb shelter!
- Neat!
You can add that to
your spy collection.
Thanks a lot Billy.
I mean not just for the sign,
but also for getting
them out of trouble.
- Hey, I didn't
know you guys came.
- Yup, Uncle James brought us.
We came just in time.
- Josh, your presentation
was meritorious.
- I had a meeting with
your dad earlier today
and he told me all
about your presentation
and I came to surprise you.
- Well, thanks for coming.
My dad's been different
since he's met you.
- Well I'm definitely
learning that
there's a right and a wrong way
of managing the
important things in life.
What was the word
you used James?
- Steward, being a good steward.
- Right.
And the way that he
stewards all the important
things in life, it makes sense.
- And, since Tony
told the investors
that there's nothing to worry
about down at the store,
he's gonna be coming back
every once in a while
to give us some business
tips that just might help.
- It's gonna be splendiferous.
(everyone laughing)
- Josh.
Your presentation was well done.
I'm glad to see you're putting
your talents to good use.
- Thank you sir.
- No more spy pranks right?
- Spy pranks are history.
Starting tomorrow
I'm a new Josh.
- Tomorrow?
(timer beeping)
(upbeat music)
I get up, I'm not
even out the door
Too much, what
am I looking for
I'm stuck with
too many problems
So many mistakes
Will there be a day where
I don't always feel insecure
Where I know that
hope will endure
And loving will
come naturally
And all of the world
Will live peacefully
And it's time
It's time to make a stand
And show the world I can
Yeah I can
It's time for me to wake up
See the brighter days
Listen to what
they have to say
Bring out the sunny
side of things
And make it a brighter day
It's time for me to
Look up at the
clear blue skies
Have faith, and
just stop asking why
Bring out, the
sunny side of things
And make it a brighter day
You said you'd always
be there for me
Sometimes it's hard
for me to believe
I'm sure your
promise is good
You've opened the door
I've been there before
So I move on right
towards the sun
Bright skies already begun
And I look back,
see nothing but pain
I keep moving on
by sunshine or rain
And it's time
It's time to make a stand
And show the world I can
Yeah I can
It's time for me to wake up
To see the brighter days
Listen, to what
they have to say
Bring out, the
sunny side of things
And make it a brighter day
It's time for me to look up
At the clear blue skies
Have faith and just
stop asking why
Bring out the sunny
side of things
And make it a brighter day
Oh it's time to make a stand
And show the world I can
Yeah I can
Wake up and see
the brighter days
Listen to what
they have to say
Bring out, the
sunny side of things
And make it a brighter day
It's time for us to look up
At the clear blue skies
Have faith and just
stop asking why
Bring out, the
sunny side of things
And make it a brighter day
And make it a brighter day