The Mystery Man (1935) Movie Script

well it must have broken Jonas's heart
to write that word mister
yeah you wouldn't say the Jonas Old Jojo
really likes Larry
no you would say he'd sooner eat one of
Larry's eyes out as he would've cherry
yeah well he certainly chose a fine time
to get us up out of bed
and me with tickets to the opening game
you'll be there
Larry won't be on time and Old Jojo will
dynamite the building
here's the Jojo the dog face boy
mr Jonas breaks the ritual
razor in the words of the immortal poet
i observe thus shines a good deed
in a naughty world what a mortal poet
Shakespeare what paper is he on paper
he's a fullback on Notre Dame
Larry you're almost on time mr Doyle
of course you know you're mister today
where's the tin cup the other fella
looks all right i didn't catch the door
and I haven't got a mother-in-law
Jojo will break the other one for me I
burned it hot gian
no a furnace I was turning on a pilot
light it seems there was gas
wait a minute wait a minute is Jonas
going through with this presentation
pardon me gentlemen
one hour late and he walks right in on
the buses
where is that Doyle get him for me here
I am chief
my dear boy congratulations
this is the secretary to the police
commissioner the new secretary
uh uh congratulations sir sure and I
thank you mr, uh the
Whistler at Fulton Whistler Whitler
when you are ready mr Doyle
on behalf of the police commissioner p
blindheim Durkin
i thought his name was just plain Pete
Durkin since wendy's start partner's
name in the middle cut it Doyle
send in the photographer
on behalf of our commissioner I'm here
to thank mr Lawrence Doyle
for his highly commendable work in
solving the recent duckshaw murder case
i especially extol his zeal efficiency
repertorial sagacity and civic spirit
mr Doyle though this is by proxy the
commission of the police department
shake your hand
that's not fair you read it i thank you
very much mr Whitley
no we start so sorry that's fine that's
we're weeks done come in here
now than you fellas take a look at a
real newspaper man
Larry the paper is proud of you
had for me Keith that was yesterday I
just got your mess fine then get this
one take a shot at Doyle and get your
check and get out of this office you're
through yeah yes g
get it yes wait a minute where's the gun
i upon my soul the gift where did I put
oh thank you very much
the physical token of the commission is
all right Larry get the gun up a little
higher all right hold it
get that back as fast as you can that's
cheap put a rush on it yes what about my
job what's the matter with it nothing i
like it
thanks chief give me a half column with
that cut for tonight's final
get it okay chief well what are you
waiting for get
mr Whistler do you have to go oh no no
no no I see
well we won't forget you in our story
we'll stress the cooperation showing us
the healthy conditions existing between
the uh newspaper dumb and police
official though
my best wishes to the inspector yes
indeed well I guess the recreation hour
is over with
well uh my personal solicitations upon
your marvelous work
as a matter of fact you've been doing so
many wonderful things oh thanks but any
of the boys could have done it I just
got the brakes that's
all I. I'm not surprised at your modesty
oh thank you mr Puttier
we slept
well chief I guess i had you all wrong
i thought you were tough you're not who
put your ways to that
you the crack you made about me being a
good newspaper man just a crack
oh you didn't take it seriously no
don't I won't fine
you're good when you're good that's all
this Upshaw case all right but what
about a couple of others I brought him
in didn't I
after I went nursed you I'm giving you
the breaks I see
maybe you should have fired me maybe I
should have and maybe I will someday
meantime I'm trying to give you a break
Doyle the nifty gun
someday I'm gonna use it that's your man
pick yeah
I'm gonna get me a city editor wait a
no speeches with this the boss handed me
this to hand to you don't open it in
a good story might hop out and I'd have
to get a good man to write it
it's another joke a bonus
as long as you live don't ever give any
credit to anybody for anything
might keep you awake nice
and I've got the keys to 15 different
and I've got the day off present from
Jojo no I'm just taking it
so let's see that gun
special 45
well you might as well be armed right
here's my contribution
and here's mine
say what do you think we could get on
this gun what do you mean we
you think I'd pawn this token of a steam
from t Whittier wiffletree
well we always split don't we this time
we don't have to
the Upshaw case gave us this
just what is it I wouldn't be any
it says
that the government will redeem it for
when now
onward brave musketeers
we're only playing
I recognize the formula but not
the particular song well you have no
soul he has no soul
my verse is all right oh oh oppressive
are my stews here who meant for my paper
the record
no sir names
wailing weeks done and Doyle no sir
I've covered the town they haven't been
in here somebody must have opened a new
place today
all right thanks
I'm gonna tell that mismanaging editor
just what I
think of it it's easy to say when it's
tough to do not for me I should have
told them today
funny we can always think of the things
that we should have said
later diplomacy is the best
policy policy my neck this is a
principle of the thing with me
and what is more it's always a mistake
to let a newspaper man get hold of fifty
oh listen chief I may be old-fashioned
but somehow I like to run a newspaper
from a newspaper office
maybe I'm wrong you've been wrong from
birth to run a newspaper you have to be
a newspaper man
and you're not no no you're just no good
what do you suggest I do resign
you three the office tomorrow morning on
time and sober
or a bad newspaper man I'll show you how
to run one without you and that goes
okay you get my point yes
and your resignation and this time mr
that goal you have done me a favor when
you want another
call on me and try and get it
what's the difference everything's paid
for the last two rounds okay
here you are everything's even thank you
mr Doyle
grab a cab pick up my bag and I'm on my
hey fox coming with me sure let's go
if I have my life filled with
I think
where are you going anywhere this will
take me
come on
oh it's time to get up oh boss
don't you know it's time to get up
boss we're getting into St. Louis yeah
yeah okay St. Louis yes sir St.
Louis Missouri what poor what for what
you mean my ticket to read St. Louis yes
where'd all this junk come from well
that come aboard with you last night in
i see well look there was I uh was I
oh no the bridal party was with a bridal
surely you remember no I drew a blank
bridal party well here we are yeah
I'll have to break a dollar oh that's
all right boss you took care of me last
i give up is the little lady gonna meet
I don't know little lady oh
boy you can't fool me I know she was
coming to St.
Louis to get married I am huh yes sir
mixes everything up just dandy
remember I guess I won't need this
Saint Louis bridal party
little oh
hey son
hi buddy where's the closest place a
fella can go and get something for
uh that you mean
that yeah that
thanks pal okay buddy
what'll it be lady oh uh a cup of coffee
and some donuts
and you
uh uh donut some coffee
check 20 cents
that's right 10 cents for coffee it's
never more than a nickel
well it's ten here and donuts you can
get them anyplace for a nickel
lady we get five cents straight three
for fifteen
i serve them you wet them and that's the
check oh look
all i have is a nickel and five pennies
honestly it is
lady if I let you talk me out of this
I'll have to pay the difference
oh don't you believe me with all the
gags they play on me I don't believe
nobody hej buddy check
and uh
thanks say waiter you got any dishes
you'd like washed
forget it that won't be necessary I can
tell a lady when I see one
oh thanks here no no no no no this is on
the house
that'll be uh 48 cents I can just meet
and two cents tax i said i say I can
just meet it
this name uh Weston yes
that'll be uh 56 cents I'd like to send
a collect
what's your name uh any identification
but it it's to my mother enormous but uh
we don't know your mother
and I can't accept it
you can't
well that's all right thanks just the
look isn't there something I can do no
thank you
well now don't get me wrong I'm just not
that's telling me
hey what do you think are going when you
see fellas like that you wish you were a
anyone hurt no no
but how come you let that fella get away
I whistle didn't I officer everything is
all right everything isn't all right
that fella
that fella didn't give me an argument he
went right ahead that's what burns me
would you and the lady like to go to the
station and make a complaint we
certainly would well you know we got
killed you just step off the turbo what
kind of attack oh
no don't you know that you can never win
an argument with a wife
yeah but sometimes a good smack does her
I'll have to carry across the next
street you might throw yourself under
another car
i appreciate very much what you did but
now I wish you'd go away and leave me
you can't be trusted out alone you could
tell our traffic officer how to handle
his job but don't give me any of your
I was funny that mrs stuff wasn't it no
I thought it was
oh you you you know you're prettier than
ever when you're mad
you will either go away and leave me
alone or I'll call a policeman and tell
him that you're annoying me
would you do that
yes i believe you would have that
well so long
miss me
I love your laugh is this gonna keep up
all day
why not I don't know what to do with you
I don't know what to do with you come on
you know you're not fooling me a bit you
haven't any more place to go than a
rabbit neither have I
your growth and I'm broke but I'm not
gonna let you go I'm sure you're all
well don't worry about me well i have to
ever since that car missed you and you
threw yourself in my arms
I did not look that way to me well you
grabbed me could I help that
no I suppose not but you didn't have to
kiss me as a reward for saving your life
what well you didn't think about it it's
okay be nice if you had though
but on the level you are up against it
aren't you
so am i
now look if you're willing to take a
chance I can get us both out of a jam
just what do you mean by taking a chance
figure there are some men in this world
that know a decent girl when they see
then forget all those others and focus
on me now
there you are and here I am we have one
bag between us
that bag will get us into a good hotel
now please please don't get me wrong
I'll see that you get a good room a good
meal good sleep
and incidentally I'll get a little
shadow myself because I won't have to be
worrying about you
what'd he say
well here comes an officer coming along
with me or
you're going to turn me in nice day
what's nice about it well I think it's a
lovely day
nothing like picking the best huh I keep
smiling keep on looking happy
if I start getting in wrong you laugh
that'll kill the clerk
whatever I do you play straight for me
we'll get all set i have something to
eat and
tomorrow's another day you trust me
don't you
I trust you that's great
oh come on turn on that smile that's it
come on
how do you do how do you do
uh now I can give you something very
nice on the third floor with tub and
shower for
ten dollars you're not talking my
language what did the president have
last time he stopped here
perhaps I better call the manager yes
would you Shelly
play straight place uh mr Clark our
manager mr and mrs Doyle oh uh how do
you do mrs Doyle hello
uh how do you do mr Doyle park now uh
what can I do for you well what we
really wanted was the honeymoon suite of
its vegans
oh honeymooners eh yes indeed
that's 35 a day mr Doyle it's all right
that's perfectly all right
mrs Doyle insisted upon coming here and
at least I'm starting in right whatever
mrs Doyle wants
i want isn't that right dear my that's
mr shaw the keys to nineteen boy
front I'll conduct you to the suite
personally oh thank you just a moment mr
I'm expecting a very very important wire
will you phone over to the railroad
station and have them forwarded over
here please
yeah certainly
thanks uh now children
come with me listen mr Clark nice dear
these bridegrooms get on my nerves
maybe when you get one he won't oh
wise guy huh
like this oh it's fine lotu
the president did oh we do don't we dear
she's a little tired a good kid but
moody now don't you hesitate to ask me
anything you desire I won't
goodbye mr Doyle awesome goodbye mrs
are you are sir oh yes oh yeah uh is
there anything else there
oh boy hurry
well did I or did I not put that one
over you did I told you I would
you told me I could trust you and I
believed you oh kid this is the way to
do it
make them think we're important people
well I prefer nice people
we are I kept my bargain I played
and now I'll go quietly and you can
explain your wife's going as glibly as
you did her coming here
oh now look kids you can't do this I
wasn't fooling you I meant everything I
i thought you understood I told you
there'd be no
oh now look there's your room and
there's mine and here's your key
well you couldn't be as safe anywhere in
the world as you are right here
miss me which key is mine
hello is mr Clark in the office
hello mr Clark mr Doyle oh
no no no everything is fine yes no I
want to order some lunch
oh uh some pheasant I think
oh mr Clark that's too bad
no pheasant dear she says gross then
yes gross and some wine oh I should say
two bottles
oh it really doesn't matter mr Clark
I'll leave the vintage to you
thank you
I don't think I've ever been so hungry
in all my life
I got that at the station you looked all
in I was
do you know I couldn't even pay my check
no if it hadn't been for that waiter I
don't know what I'd have done
he trusted me for 20 cents he did say
that fella's all right
you'd never know it by looking at him
I'm going to see that he gets that 20
no I'll take care of that no no no I'll
do it
I'm your business manager all right now
here's the idea
we haven't a thing to worry about I've
wired my old paper for 200
that's the wire sent from the station
that ought to be here tomorrow with the
latest I really ought to get it tonight
and we pay our bill here and we're all
set how's that Anne
say how'd you know my name was Anne
did I hit it well what are you
now how do you suppose oh I know
you look like an ant well just what do
ants look like
just like you mr Clark
just came in for mr Doyle
you know that millionaire bridegroom up
in 910
can I send it up to him
I'll deliver it myself
mr Doily
why it's easy of course Larry Doyle
doesn't mean anything to you
but any good newspaper knows me I'll buy
there you are something happening
oh hello mr Clark come right in it's mr
Clark here how do you do mr Clark
hello there mr Doyle oh thank you well
what do you think of that
a wire for us the telegram was for you
oh what's it oh I'm sorry yeah
good news oh yes marvelous
just a joke another comedy wire for the
honeymoon couple
I don't know how they ever knew we were
stopping here
could i see you in the hall for just a
minute huh oh yeah certainly
excuse us there want to see mr Clark
that line of talk you gave me was good i
don't know what your game is
and I don't care but you've involved me
now I could put you out but that won't
do me any good
so I'll take a gamble I'll give you just
24 hours to settle up your bill
or I'll call the police
oh thanks very much mr Clark
good-bye mr Clark
he killed me
just another joke he wanted me to invest
money in a new chain of hotels
what was in that wire oh the wire
oh just decay it's kind of funny though
but it's
uh well you know you can't read it to a
girl it's kind of
you know
here's a laugh from Larry Doyle Saint
Louis he's flattening the jam and wires
me for 200.
what are you going to do I've done it I
wanted him nothing doing that I don't
even know him but he's in a jam
he didn't yell to me I'm through with
I just thought you boys might be
interested that's all
with kids in a jam
how much money you fella scott
I haven't got any money but I got an
what is it oh babies be
hot for me tonight can you use them
I made them well come on
well the grouse was delicious and I
noticed that you enjoyed the wine
what do we do next mr business manager
say you're not even listening to me
I've got it I've got it he always works
the same way
he pulls off a job and then calls up the
district returning in the newspapers and
laughs at him he's just pulled his most
sensational job
and he's laughing at them all right now
who in the world are you
talking about the eagle there it is
treated oh boy is this up my alley
here's where I go to work
I'm on my way to the news office keep
your branch legged back
hello listen I just told the district
attorney where he stands now I'll tell
you're editing the paper we're doing
everything we can sir
I've got everybody out covering the case
as usual he
left no clues you get the eel
or I'll get another managing editor
what a piece of luck I am for you who
are you harry Doyle the best newspaper
man either side of the rocky get out of
don't you want to catch the eel yeah all
right you're looking at the original eel
Larry Doyle the one and only why you
know me Larry don't you call the record
oh I know what you're thinking you think
I'm a lot of I do you think I'm a bluff
a fake
right all right I'll prove it I got my
press card right here anybody knows me
you're a managing editor you want to oh
I'm afraid I haven't got it you see a
bunch of the thought we
uh uh that last night in Chicago get out
of here or
you'll try and kick me out or you
wouldn't do that you'd check out the
best little newspaper man you ever took
a boot at besides you'd lose the boot in
the opportunity your life I'm not going
to let you do it I'm going to call up a
boss and be identified
charges reverse certainly get jordan for
me i want to talk to Jonah Chicago
I don't care where you've looked get him
why of course charge is reversed
you arrow look in every gin mill pool
hall dance hall the river anywhere
and when you find him tell him go down
the trocadero and see if he can pick up
anything on the yield crocodile huh
hello hello Jonas it's Larry Doyle
yeah I'm talking to Marvinson Lewis news
yeah big story's popped and I'm telling
him I'm the boy to handle it
he doesn't believe I'm Larry Doyle can
you imagine that
yeah will he put him straight sure I'll
fix it for you put Marvin on
thanks there you are that's my voice
this is Marvin give me the lowdown sure
he's a fake if I were you I'd turn him
over to the police
he's lying because the real Larry is
sitting here in my office right now
hey well he told you didn't he
he sure did that was my boss
your boy says you're a fake and a liar
the real Larry Doyle is sitting in his
office right now
quit kidding why it must be a rip
I'm Larry Doylanis get out of here
before you tell me you're damon runyan
and here's one city editor you can't put
anything over on
all right you don't believe I'm married
Doyle well the next time I come in I'll
have the story maybe you'll believe that
mr editor
the charges on that call were six
dollars and sixty cents
everything all right is everything all
right say listen I talked to Marvin the
managing editor of the news for about 15
told him I was Larry Doyle he put me on
the payroll oh I'm riding on top of the
world again oh I'm so
glad Larry riding on top of the world
Larry come here
he's fine look me straight in the eye
are you lying to me
i lost out cnn my old boss let me down
i called him told him they didn't
believe I was Larry Doyle he said he'd
fix it he did
he told him I was a fake it's kind of
it's a shame it's just a shame
it's all on the brakes but I'm not
licked yet I'll show them and I'll show
the Jonas too
wait a minute I'll go it might be mr
thank you another wire for you Larry
yeah I know it's from Jonas and I don't
want it
well look here's 50 dollars yeah sure
what what does this mean sorry couldn't
do better
the bones went cold at 50 regards
wayland weeks and dunn
now can you imagine pals like that
hello hello if this hotel can scrape up
fifty dollars get it together because
I'm coming right down
it's always a mistake to let the
newspaper man get his hand on fifty
dollars I told you something to break
where are you going how to spend my
inheritance money drives me crazy
what's all this
Larry they're beautiful put those things
down boys
you shouldn't have done it rather I
hadn't no
oh boy thank you sir
the bears paid the managers apologizing
we've got two days credit you're a sweet
and we're broke again that's it money
where can we get a hold of some money
I got it
and you know there's a good pawn shop I
everything I own is there what time is
it closed
how much do you think they'll give you
on as little as possible
I do how much
what do you want 50 bucks 15
4020. best I can do I wouldn't sell it
for less than 35
well I wouldn't pay more than 25 it's
there's your money thank you just take
thank you we're rich again come on
hello this is nate yes I just got a
special police 45
exactly what you're looking for thanks
I'll be right down for it
twenty-five dollars a good gambler place
I'll make it a hundred
well as a tacodero I hear they gamble
there crocodyro
crocodile that's the place Marvin spoke
that's where we'll go Larry do you think
we should
listen where the gamble they drink where
they drink I can gamble
all right but don't you drink
certainly not maybe one or two
I don't know where this place got a
reputation for being a live one
it is dead tonight but it's all right
with me
good night
wait here I'll get a camp
what's the matter a story hop right in
my lap feed it back to hotel and wait
for me
keep this stuff overnight meet me
tomorrow at 530 and be sure and be
all right get going
attention all cars are holed up at the
trucadero two men killed
bandit got away an open touring car
headed west from the trucadero
bring him in that is all bronson
man and murder car scene turning south
on Eighth Street
oh Larry are you all right ladies lady
have I got a story
police car 17 reports bandit car did not
go beyond elm avenue on 8th street keep
your eyes open
bronson what a crazy thing to do Larry
they might have killed you but they
look at that stuff boy with a story like
this I'll make Marvin on the news do
back handsprings
can you stay here and this time keep
your fingers crossed I'm going with you
no you stay here I'll be right back
you'll do nothing of the sort you're not
going to get away again where you go i
go I'm not going to stay up in this room
all by myself I'm going with it i say
you're going come on
mom I'm talking this is your friend the
eel talking
i knocked over the trocadero what
see if you can trace that call on the
other wire hurry us the eel
can't you hurry can't you hear me that
was a yield it won't do you any good
because you can't
hello hello hello hello
how would you like to heal this time I
haven't enough on my hands you're going
into your dance again
and now you've got a partner oh I'm not
a dancer I'm his wife
don't bring any of your children in here
I'm bringing the greatest story of the
year in here if it got sense enough to
grab it
he's a much better newspaper man than
any you've got on this paper he's out of
his mind now get out of here both of you
all right I'm going over to the dispatch
they know a great story when they hear
one and you'll lose your job why a
feature story signed by Larry Doyle
bust this town wide open but you're not
Doyle all right supposing I'm not but i
can turn up to you
lots of people have fallen down trying
to do that but they haven't seen him i
haven't I'd believe anything if I could
believe that I'll tell you I've seen him
I could pick him out of a hundred men
prove it i will but first I got to be on
the payroll
all right I'll take a chance how much
never mind dan oh no we're not giving
things away
all right all right 100 a week get the
eel and you'll get a bonus it's a bet
now call up the district attorney tell
him to get his men up to the trocadero
we'll be there before they are
get me Johnson the district attorney
right away if you're kidding me your
wife will take you home in ambassador
get the district attorney and make a
reputation for yourself come on
hello Johnson the news Marvin talking
I've got a hot tip on the yield
one of my best men is on his way down to
the crocodile with the dope this is hot
you will right away good his name
Doyle that's it Larry Doyle
I hope
now this is what we know officer brian
was killed by the gunman in the car and
the gunman was killed by O'brien the
bullets found in their respective bodies
make a certain of that right
right now which officer found the body
of detective riley
i did good was the bullet found in the
body yes
the 45
good now uh how did you find it I mean
which way was it lying
the head that way defeat this now if the
body fell like that
he must have been killed by someone who
stood about
here sure the man in the car no the man
in the car had a shotgun
now just let us suppose that the eel
comes out of this door
he has the money he stops he hears riley
he turns and fires and kills him
he steps over to the car he hands
someone in the car the money and they
beat it
now let's suppose that just to cover up
the eel starts back into the club
he still has the gun it's hot what does
he do
throws it away right he throws it away
now where would he throw it
here it is what did I tell you give it
to me
no doubt about it it's a 45. I tell you
no matter how clever they are they
always leave a clue now gentlemen you
have the gun
you have the bullet and the fingerprints
right now all you have to do is find the
owner of the gun and you found the
and the eel come on man
we have no time to lose
Larry it's your gun
26000 in cash me left holding the bag
i find the killer's gun and it turns out
to be my own what a story
what a spot all right we're the only
ones that know about the money
and as for the guns that would have the
fingerprints of the killer not yours
that's right Larry there's nothing more
we can do about it tonight is there
there certainly is we can go down to
that pawn shop and find out who got the
that's been closed for hours you know
that oh that's right too look
you're all tired off why don't you go in
and get some sleep lie down and get your
nerves all straightened out
what about you you're all in yourself oh
I'm all right
well I guess you're the business manager
this is one time you need it thanks
you know i nearly died when you told
Marvin you were my wife nobody can call
me a dancer
you better get some sleep yourself i
hey you're cute you know that
good night
well what is it it's about that eel case
oh sit down
I'm a pawn broker uh near that gambling
joint where the policemen were killed
go on well i see by the paper about the
gun that killed him
the number and so on anyhow
just before the murder a young fella
come in to sell me that
same gun well that is interesting
what happened I wouldn't buy it why not
he ain't got no identification I get
take his number the gun and his name
here it is
Larry Doyle yeah
do you have a girl with him sure
send in jackson and kelly right away
there's no doubt about it we've got a
real job on our hands
right come on
take the money safe oh sure it's locked
in the cabinet
Larry Doyle yes what is it the district
attorney would like to see you
okay I've got to run over the newspaper
office first and I'll be right over
no you better come along now
all right Larry you run ahead norway for
you right here
the district attorney said he'd like to
see you too
you didn't think I was really gonna stay
here did you
sit down please what you sit down
mrs Doyle
now convinced as I am of your analysis
of the crime last night
i would like to make sure of some minor
because it may not seem important to you
but I would like to check up on
my deduction now as I remember
your deductions were that officer
O'brien was killed by the gunman in the
and that he was killed by O'brien
now the bullets found in the respective
bodies make that
positively certain right right
now there was one thing you overlooked
something that we now know
another man drove that murder car away
find that man and you'll find the eel
well isn't that a reasonable supposition
I suppose so now now check me if you
see me going wrong but now Doyle
it isn't possible is it that for the
sake of a good story you might be
withholding something that could be
construed as
well not as deductions but as evidence
a good newspaper man never reveals the
source of his information
right now for the sake of
my deductions or you tell us something
about your movements yesterday
where were you from one
to say 130 a. m hey
I was you interviewed Marvin at 120
right about that where had you been just
before you interviewed
Marvin I was uh you went to the
commodore hotel at one o'clock and left
there at 1
5. now that we know
of course this all may seem irrelevant
to you but
it has its merits at least I think so
now where were you between the hours of
nine and 12
20. oh we went several places
having to drop in at the truck at euro
yes what time was this oh cut this out
I'm not
well you have charge of the cloak room
the trunk of their own yes
recognize this lady and gentlemen where
did you see them last
at the chocodero i gave this gentleman
his hat and coke
lady with him gentlemen say anything
he remarked to the lady that our joint
was a dead one lady say anything
she agreed with him about what time was
that about
1220. that's all thank you
boss the district attorney has Doyle
down in his office all right he knows
how to get out
not today the D.A. is putting the screws
on him what for
am i supposed to crab our story see
that hold up occurred about the same
time suppose it did
are you accusing me
fingerprints on the wheel and those of
mr Doyle found in the hotel room are the
that's all
i repeat find the man who drove that
car and you'll have the evil you mean
you're charging me with murder
I do you're going to talk go on Larry
tell them what happened
all right all this evidence you have is
well i only did what any good newspaper
men would do in the same spot we don't
even know that you are a newspaper man
but we do know that you are not Larry
what are you trying to do Johnson run my
office then lay off my paper
what's the deal Larry I'm charged with a
Truckadaro murder
have you gone insane no I'm getting
first who is he what do you mean who is
he he's not Larry Doyle who said so you
you kicked him out once when Chicago
said he was a fake
what do you want to do Larry get Chicago
get Jonas again
hey that's an idea get zoned to Chicago
quick and remember it was your own idea
get it you're not picking very fast
today cut out the jolts Johnson they're
not funny
well this call will be
what are you on oh Jonah Chicago Record
yeah mr Johnson district attorney of st
Louis an identification
hello Jonas this is Marvin again the
news about Larry Doyle
let me talk to him hello chief I'm in a
if you fall down and this time is my
finish I got a great story but it's
backed up on me
my only artist to prove that I put that
district attorney on
right Johnson talking
hello Johnson that's Doyle
Larry Doyle he's a good boy
and you fella stop kidding him out there
well he says you're him
thanks chief now are you satisfied
well I'm sure he's Doyle all right and
I'm also
sure I'm holding him for murder come on
let me in on this well here it is
besides all this evidence Doyle was the
driver of the murder car
part of the story oh you're right Larry
if you'll stick with me
that's good enough for me we'll crack
this story wide open come on kid oh no
he's going to stay right here you'd hold
up my paper
well I gotta handle my end too you know
I'm guaranteeing him
if you give me 24 hours I'll produce eel
no you won't take my guarantee no
i see well maybe I don't pack the wallet
give me fire 6370
if the managing editor can't talk since
you maybe the owner can now wait a
that's all man hello hold it a minute
there's no need of calling him in oh yes
he'll tell you things i having a heart
to will not settle but
we can be reasonable do I get 24 hours
for Doyle
I'll play with you cancel the call I'll
keep your men out of this Doyle gets a
free hand are we set
I guess so what yes come on kids
Larry what was it that man said to you
last night when he handed you the bag
we said keep this and meet me tomorrow
at 530. but that doesn't make sense
no but this does let's get to that pawn
shop no cops will stop us this time
Larry look
there's your 530.
I'll redeem this
what's the matter can't you read your
own handwriting everything's blurred
just get me the gun Jake handles this
uh come back in half an hour yeah do i
get the gun or do I come over the
counter after here
and don't reach under there
maybe it's in the safe I'll see so will
oh I forgot Jake's got the combination
what stolen
I'm not no no no getting tough I tell
you I haven't got it
of course you haven't who'd you sell it
I can't remember
he's out
you hear me wake up come on there's
somebody outside quick give me something
to gaggle
open that with
get that gun
you guard him I'll get rid of the
it's the eel
what can I do for you well I'd like to
see something in
revolvers anything special yes
a police special 45.
I'm uh I'm afraid we haven't any of
those in stock
well the district attorney has
the papers say what have you got in bags
bags yes with money and jewelry in them
come on get wise Doyle maybe the
district attorney has that too no that's
just too bad
get over there
we're going in and call on nate
giving you another headline story Doyle
but you won't ride it
nate nate
all right Doyle I'm giving you three to
tell me where that bag
is where is it
one where is it
two where
is it
well it isn't Larry Doyle it wasn't over
after all the nice things that have
happened now comes the earthquake
goodness Larry what happened didn't you
read it in all the write-ups they call
mrs Doyle is that all that's worried
is that all
well we're not married so
but don't you understand now you'll have
to marry me
wouldn't that be awful