The Naked Spur (1953) Movie Script

Don't move.
Turn around.
Keep your
hands wide.
You want
something from me, mister?
Sure came up
Got to give
you credit.
My name's tate.
Guess that don't
mean much to you...
or anyone else, huh?
This here's
You fixing to
meet somebody?
Meet somebody?
Wouldn't mind
if i did.
Wouldn't care
who he was
or where
he comes from or what he does.
A man ought to always
mind his own business, i say.
Looks like
you're the one expecting company.
How long
you been here?
Been poking around
these hills
three or four
weeks now.
Got no calendar
to know exact.
Got nothing
to show for it either.
If you're ready
to talk some,
i'd appreciate
your putting that gun down.
You might
get bee stung or something,
but i'd be
just as dead.
Got some breakfast
coffee boiling.
You want some?
Uh, tobacco?
This party you're
asking after,
friend of yours?
He killed
a marshal.
You've come a ways.
It ain't every
peace officer
who'd do that.
I ain't seen kansas
since before the war,
so i wouldn't know
you to look at.
My name's tate,
like i said.
Jesse tate.
Howard kemp.
You figure he's
back in these hills, mr. Kemp?
I lost his trail
this side of the river.
Did you see
any sign?
Hmm. Ran across
a dead fire the other day.
Back in there.
Got no map to
tell you sure.
You can tell me
better than that.
Maybe, if we
was going the same way,
but we ain't.
You got your job,
mister, and i got mine.
Helping you
don't put no money in my pocket.
I got
$20 here.
$20. it's yours
if you get me on a fresh trail.
$20, i...
10 now...
10 now, 10 when
we find him.
Start out by showing
me that dead fire.
Does this fella know
you're after him?
He knows.
Then he might be
waiting behind some rock,
waiting for us
to ride up in front of his gun.
He might.
It was still
warm yesterday.
Horses moved
out this way.
More than one
for sure.
This fellow
got company?
Could be packing
an extra horse.
But there might be
two of them waiting for us, huh?
That's why
you held a gun on me.
Come on.
Let's go, come on.
Trail's as plain
for you as it is for me.
Another fire.
They ain't making
much time.
Must be
something wrong with them.
Looks like
a horse fell there.
well, it's
no use guessing.
Look out!
Well, i guess that's
the end of it.
Yeah, if it was
a natural slide.
Look out!
Look out!
[Horse whinnies]
[Rocks crashing]
Well, you
found him.
Yeah. He got
to come down sometime.
but when?
A day, a week,
and the chance is
he sneaks down
some night and gets us.
We'll take
turn on watch.
Having it out
with this fellow ain't my job,
not for no $20.
You've got him,
but he got you,
Unless there's
another way up there.
You're crazy.
You can't get up there.
Go up the trail
and get some cover,
and take a shot
at him every once in a while.
Make him think we're
stuck down here.
Ain't we?
Come on.
Hold it!
the trouble?
Get down.
I heard
some shooting
and came
to look.
Who are you?
Oh, that's
the way it is.
roy anderson, sixth cavalry,
indian fighter
You're a long way
from an army post, lieutenant.
I quit
playing soldier last week.
Uh-huh. Let's see
your discharge.
What's wrong
with that?
Nothing. Except
the bozeman trail runs east from ellis.
How come you're
this far off it?
Well, you see,
there's some bad-
tempered indians along the bozeman trail.
Seems this
chief's daughter fell into some trouble
with a handsome,
young army lieutenant and...
well, you know
how it is.
The army never did
understand me.
Hey, uh,
how about these?
All right,
give him back his gun.
Come on.
Oh, you never
did tell me
what the shooting
was about.
I don't even know
who i'm talking to.
This here's
mr. Kemp.
My name is tate,
jesse tate.
You don't say.
We got an outlaw killer
trapped up there,
starting rockslides
every time we show our heads.
An outlaw killer
throwing rocks?
That sounds
real desperate.
Come on.
Show him
the picture, mr. Kemp.
Come on.
Show me.
You followed him
all the way from kansas?
He did.
I joined up with him this morning,
sort of helping out,
like a deputy.
Looks like you got yourself
a real interesting problem in tactics, sheriff.
Come on up the trail.
Crazy, ain't
it, pokey,
what one man
will do to catch another?
Now, if it was
gold up there
instead of
this outlaw,
i'd put my carcass
to climbing that cliff
and never
think twice.
come on!
I thought you said
you were going someplace.
Don't mind me.
I won't get in the way.
I'll be right here
behind you, sheriff,
in case the bad man
sticks his head out.
Wonder if
i could make it.
Now what do
you want here?
Just offering
my help.
Why are you
turning it down?
If i burn
my hands,
i'll let you
try it again.
Stand by
with your gun.
I did as much
for you.
[Twig snaps]
Now, ain't that
the way?
Man gets set
for trouble head-on,
and it sneaks up
behind him every time.
That's life.
Get up.
Open your gun belt
and let it fall.
No need to fuss
there, soldier.
I been out of
cartridges since abilene.
You can see.
Now, why don't you
just do what i say?
Hey, you two!
It's all over!
Get him, ben!
Ha ha ha
ha ha!
Ha ha ha
ha ha!
All right, ben.
Tie him up!
Let me go! Let me alone!
Let me alone!
Calm down, sweetheart,
we're not going to hang you.
I ain't fightin'
you no more, howie.
Not the three
of you, i ain't.
Who's she?
You remember
old frank patch, don't you, howie?
This here's
his daughter, lina.
I remember
an outlaw name of patch
lying dead
in front of a bank in abilene.
I don't remember
any talk about kinfolk.
He was
my father.
What's she
doing here with you?
I guess she don't
know nobody but me.
And i didn't figure on
seeing kansas again,
till now i didn't.
All right.
Get up.
Come on,
get up!
Here you are,
That settles us.
I'm much obliged to you.
Say, mr. Kemp,
now you got
two of them to handle,
maybe you're still
of a mind to hire up help.
This is my job.
I'll do it.
Make you feel
any better, sheriff,
you could make
me deputy. Official-like.
You ain't
letting on
like you was a sheriff
or something, are you, howie?
Why, sure he is.
Ain't he?
He told me he was
a peace officer.
I don't know why
you should do that.
No matter who gets me,
the reward still holds.
How's that?
Ain't you showed them
my picture, howie?
I seen a paper
saying you was wanted.
Nothing about
no reward.
Maybe he ain't got
a good copy like i have.
Is that what he showed you?
How much?
Says $5,000.
Why, you talk
like you knowed it all along.
Why else
would a man
tear off
the bottom of a poster?
I'm taking him back,
and i'm going
to do it alone.
You didn't
catch him alone.
You was going
round and round until you run into me.
You were hired to do
a job, and you were paid for it.
You ain't
gonna buy
my claim in this
for no $20.
What about him?
He done
the climbing, didn't he?
Could've gotten
killed, too.
Tell you what.
I'll settle
for a third.
How about you,
Share and
share alike?
That's the way
it is,
unless you're of
a mind to kill us all.
Looks like you
got yourself a couple of partners, howie.
Aw, quit acting like
we was friends, you...
maybe we sat down
at the same card game once or twice,
but that don't mean
dirt to me now.
You shot a man in a back,
and i'm taking you in
to hang for it.
wasn't ben that killed that man.
It's him they're
paying the reward on.
Now, where are
your horses?
Back of
the rocks.
Lina's horse got
a belly full of disease. He can't travel.
He can't,
All right.
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
Easy, boy.
Easy there,
All right, watch him.
Easy, boy,
He's really
sick, mister.
That's why we
held up here.
Must of took
bad water someplace.
I rode him two days
like this
when he should've
rested and throwed it off.
Easy, boy, easy.
What are you
gonna do, mister?
That horse is suffering.
He can't hardly breathe.
You've seen
sicker horses than this,
ain't you,
He's pretty bad,
No sense in shooting
a good horse just to hang me a day sooner.
You keep out
of this.
Besides, if we aimed
for the big river before the rains,
it's another week
downstream to find a crossing.
Nobody's going
to touch my horse.
Nobody is.
Come on, girlie,
you don't want
to leave him
for some cat
or bear to rip open.
No! No, i'm not
gonna go!
Let me.
There's no reward
for killing my horse!
Ben, don't let him
kill my horse!
Don't let him
kill my horse!
Listen to me!
Listen to me!
That horse
wouldn't have lasted the night anyway.
Forget about him,
and worry about
me swinging from a rope.
I need time.
You understand, lina?
And you got
to help me.
I've already scratched
open a sore spot over that reward.
The longer
we ride,
the more things
that can happen.
That's the fight.
Are you listening?
Listen to me!
I heard you,
I heard you.
All right,
come on.
Move, you flop-eared
Quit dragging
your feet.
Pokey don't like
it no more than you do.
Honey, first thing
i'm going to get you
out of that
reward money
is the biggest steak
in kansas for that cheek.
Aw, you're not gonna
be mad at me all the way, are you?
Come on, i'll
make it up to you.
What are you
doing tonight?
You're having quite
a time, aren't you?
Aw, come on,
loosen up. Spring is here.
It's going to be
a long, lonely ride to abilene,
and being as
jesse's too old,
i'll toss you
for her.
Right now she's
probably telling ben
how to cut
your throat.
You don't think
that pretty little thing would...
hey, you two!
Break it up there!
Here, try it
with this.
Come on,
don't be stubborn.
Press it against
your face.
Get away
from me!
Like it better
this way?
Let me go!
Let me alone!
If she bothers you
so much,
why don't you
tie her up
and be done
with it?
No bother.
I like to wrestle with her.
You're a big man
for beating up women, ain't you?
And you're
no better.
That jackass started
a misery in my back.
Can you do me?
Don't get them fired up
all the time.
Best thing on our side
is your pretty face.
They're men, honey,
and you ain't. Remember that.
I'm not going to...
i ain't asking you
to marry them.
The more they look
at you,
the less they'll
be seeing of me.
You sure got her
trained, ben.
I'll tell you,
if i was to have
a daughter,
i wouldn't want
her no different than lina here.
Except she shouldn't
have such sharp nails.
Maybe not so
much temper.
Hold still!
you remember
those cigars
i got put away?
I could do
with one now.
Get two.
I don't smoke.
Any more at home
like her?
She got no home,
that's the trouble.
Ma died in 'paso
couple months ago.
And she come
up north hunting her pa.
He was dead
and planted
when she
got here.
So of course
you felt obliged to look out for her.
Son, her pa was
my best friend.
Hey, jesse!
Why don't you
get a pan and do it right?
What do you
know about gold?
Just what
i heard.
Come on,
let's get riding.
the crazy hurry? We can camp here.
That's right,
A day more or less
won't change the price on me.
'Course, it might give
one of you boys time to think.
Plain arithmetic.
Money splits better two ways
instead of three.
Come on!
Hyah! Hyah!
Hyah! Hyah!
How can you breathe
that stinking rope?
Kills the taste of
your cooking, jesse.
Nothing like
a good woman to stir a pot.
Nothing like
a good woman.
I guess you got
the years
to know better than
any of us, jesse.
Did you ever marry
one of them?
Never had to
with my good looks.
No sense in asking roy
here about women.
He'd keep us
up all night.
Well, right now i'm sort
of in-between.
Well, looks like we're
a herd of bachelors,
even kemp.
Never should have
marched off to war, howie.
Should have stayed home
and married the girl.
'Course, none of
my business.
That's right.
It's none of your business.
Come on, let's
get this stuff cleaned up.
All right, girlie.
Grab a handful.
I'll do mine
and ben's.
You'll do what
i tell you,
that's what
you'll do.
I think
i'll go along to protect her.
Sure works
on me,
the way his eyes
hang on her.
eastern boy.
Trouble is, talk's
just the beginning
with wild kids
like that... you watch.
When he's ready,
he'll reach out and take,
and who's
to stop him?
Did you think
i was going to jump you?
That's right.
No, no. I was
just uncramping.
You look almost sorry
i didn't.
Yeah, killing me
in self-defense
is a lot better than
killing me for money.
it's your choice, ben.
A bullet right here
on the trail
or a rope in abilene.
Choosing a way to die...
what's the difference?
Choosing a way to live,
that's the hard part.
That's what's eating you,
ain't it, howie?
There's nothing
eating me.
Somebody was bound
to collect on you.
I calculated some
horse-thieving scum
would want
the price on my hide,
but not you, howie.
Oh, why don't you
shut up?
Not a man of your leanings,
not a ranching man.
I don't deny
you got a dirty deal,
but... ah... the things a gal
can do to a man.
Aw, shut up!
Hold it up here!
Might save a day
if we went over instead of around.
A day might make
the difference.
Better take
a look first to find some kind of trail.
Wait, i got
some glasses.
I knew you had your nuggets
hid somewhere under me.
I wouldn't be
putting up with you
if i had nuggets
to take back.
Let me get in there.
Funny you ain't had
no luck in this country.
Fella i know struck gold
just north of here,
half a mountain of it
What fella was that?
Fella i know.
Only thing,
he had more trouble getting it out of the ground
than he had finding it,
that's what i hear.
He don't know much.
Got them from
an officer fella.
Swapped them even
for a fayute tomahawk.
Weren't really fayute,
i made it myself.
Ha ha ha!
I had you figured
for a horse trader.
[Hoofbeats approaching]
Keep your eye
on him, roy!
Mind if i get off
and stand a while?
Go ahead.
You can, too.
They gone up higher
to look ahead?
Oh, that man could do that
with his own life.
Maybe if i'd seen
what was ahead when i was younger,
i wouldn't be in this fix.
Ah, of course i would.
Some of the things...
Nope. I wouldn't have done
nothing no different.
Except for you, honey.
I wouldn't have
dragged you with me.
You didn't
drag me, ben.
I wish there was
some way to protect you from howie.
He's gonna start
on you pretty soon.
I've seen him
with women.
He'll look
and think,
and then he'll
reach out and take.
And the way
things are,
who's going
to stop him?
You better.
I'm the jealous type.
It's not much of
a trail.
I think we can make it
right through that path.
At least
the pay is good.
[Distant whooping]
Give me those glasses.
What do you make of it?
2, 4, 6, 7...
about 12 of them.
Are they wearing
Hard to tell.
Right up there.
They're just
to worry about.
Been no trouble
with them for years.
Little far south
for blackfeet, aren't we?
Hunting party,
i guess.
Hunting what?
All right, mount up.
We're going over.
Oh, yeah,
and don't get nervous
if we see
a couple of indians coming up behind us.
Don't worry,
don't worry, now. They're just blackfeet.
Take it easy
on the trail up there.
Wait a minute.
What do you think you're doing?
You want to get us
all scalped?
We got nothing
they want.
Isn't that right,
Indians are indians.
We can cover this trail
and finish them off when they come through.
Why look for
What's the matter,
All right,
if you want to know, they're after me.
They've been hunting me
ever since i left the fort.
chief's daughter
you was
holding hands with,
was she willing?
Never mind the sermon.
We've got a fight on our hands.
This is
# your fight, not ours.
You expect me
to take them alone?
They don't just
kill a man.
He's right.
Them indians are out
to revenge a squaw,
they'll make him holler
Do the same thing to us
if we're with him.
Maybe worse.
All right, you better
start riding skin off that horse of yours
if you want to stay out
ahead of them.
The reward cuts bigger
two ways, huh?
You're losing time.
All right, now keep
close together.
You ride next
to ben.
Come on.
Oh, happy home,
where art thou now?
Now, just sit easy.
Let's go!
Get down!
[Gun clicks]
[Indian yelling]
Anybody got
a match?
You could have
got us all killed.
It worked,
didn't it?
Did you think i was going to
let those indians
ride me into the ground?
Let them peel my hide
over a slow-burning fire?
Oh, no.
Not me... partners.
Come on. Mount up.
You can't sit a-horse
with a slug in your leg, howie.
You get on
that burro.
Come on.
[Groaning quietly]
He's done a day's work.
Fix a fire.
Where are they?
Where are they?
Where'd they take her?
Where'd they take her?
Get your hands off me!
Get your hands off me!
I've got to find her!
I've got to!
I've got to find her!
He been like
this long?
Not as bad.
[Breathing heavily]
What are you trying
to do, drown him?
Here. Give me
that handkerchief.
Mary. Mary. Mary!
don't worry.
The war won't last
a year.
I'll be home
before you know it.
No sense getting married
and then having to say good-bye.
You understand that.
Sure, i understand.
Now, get some sleep.
You can manage, mary.
The boys will take care
of the stock.
When i get back,
it'll be just like
we talked about
last night.
You understand, mary?
You remember
what you said?
I remember.
I said i'll wait for you.
He got what was
coming to him.
Half of abilene
knows about it.
I've heard of
some big suckers in my time...
this ain't
our affair!
You know what he done?
When he marched off
to preserve the union,
he signed over
his ranch to this gal
so she could
work it legal.
Guess what.
Come back to find out
she'd sold it...
used the money
to run off with another fella!
It's nothing
to laugh at!
No? Well,
laugh at this, then!
What am i
supposed to do, cry?
Feel sorry for him?
I got nothing against
these fellas.
They just happened along.
But him... i never hurt him
no ways,
and he starts out
to hunt me!
Days, weeks,
like an animal.
That's enough.
This ain't none of
our business.
He wants his land back,
and i'll tell you
his end of the reward
ain't enough to buy it.
# your business.
I think i'll make
some coffee.
Then why did he make
a deal with us to begin with?
Howie's a practical man.
He needed you fellas' help
to get through this rough country.
But the closer we get
to abilene,
the more you've got
to worry.
Given my choice,
i'll take hand-panning
and running water
especially when
you're working alone like i do.
Of course, when you
get a strike
in high country...
like here, for instance...
your big problem
is getting the water
to where
you're digging.
Yeah. That's the trouble
my friend had.
Ground full of gold
and no water to work it...
Now maybe
you'll shut up!
I've been meaning
to ask...
you talk
like you seen
this fella's mine
with your own eyes.
Just heard.
Never hit it,
huh, jesse?
Nothing worth
the mention.
Seems i been looking
all my life.
All my life.
That's a long time
to look
for something.
Maybe you been looking
in the wrong places.
Fella says there's
gold in the valley,
i go to
the valley.
Fella says dig here,
i dig.
Fella says
there's a rush on to the north,
i go north.
In '49,
run to california.
Still remember...
spent good money for maps.
Even made
my own maps.
I've seen fellas
too drunk to walk
fall on their face
and find gold,
but never me.
Hey, jesse!
Where's roy?
He rode off
before dawn.
Didn't say where.
That's enough
Give me that.
Drop it there.
Well, you slept
yourself out.
Must be halfway
to noon almost.
Why didn't
somebody wake me?
What's everybody
lying around for?
That tells you
better than me.
You get him
some breakfast.
You can change the wrapping,
Why me?
Because i say so!
Don't fuss
all the time!
Hold on, jesse.
This girl's been up
half the night
taking care of him.
She's wore out.
Never mind, ben.
Here, i'll do it.
Lay still!
You don't have to.
I'll do it!
You sat up with me?
Somebody had to.
You was raving so,
no one could sleep.
Why should you care?
I don't. I'd have
done it for a dog, if he was suffering.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You said i was raving.
What about?
that made sense.
You thought
i was your girl.
You kept calling me mary.
You were really
out of your head.
We ain't nothing alike,
mary and me.
At least that's what
ben says.
Ben's just like all
the rest of them.
He never even
met her.
Well, he knows
what she did!
What she did's
her business.
She had no business
selling your ranch!
All right,
you're different.
You would have
done it different.
Let's let it go.
How do you mean,
i'm different?
I mean
you got a man.
At least
you stick to him.
He's not my man!
Well, you're
with him, ain't you?
Not like you mean!
All right.
Forget it.
What are you doing
with ben, anyway?
You expect to run
and hide forever?
Ben was taking me
to california.
He was going to
start new.
Start new at what?
Ranching, maybe.
He knows a lot about cattle.
Other people's cattle.
Did you ever think
for a minute
that ben had the temper
to settle on the land,
to clear it,
to build on it,
to bring in the cattle
and nurse them through
the winter
and round up strays,
brand calves?
Starting new?
The only thing
ben will start is trouble.
He's wild, sure,
like my father
used to be.
But they didn't do
1 of the 10 things people blamed them for!
He's mean,
he was born mean,
and you know he
was born mean.
He's treated me
Well, that's more
than he's done for most people.
I've never seen him
hurt no one except in a fair fight.
Sure, i know, sure.
And who are you
to talk?
You didn't track him
all this way just because he's mean!
Never said i did.
There's a lot
of outlaws riding free, with no one after them.
Ben could have killed
a dozen men,
and you wouldn't have
looked twice...
if it wasn't for
the reward!
Where have you been?
How's the leg?
Here you are.
Breakfast in bed.
What's this?
You better eat it
before we tell you.
I made a map
of the trail ahead. Here, take a look.
I know the way.
Hey, look.
Here's this
pony back ridge
marked along
this stretch of trees.
You follow these
mountains right down to the big river,
and we'll meet
on the other side.
Meet who?
What he means,
all of you go on ahead,
and i use this map
to catch up with you later.
That's right,
isn't it?
It's the only smart way.
Riding alone, he can make up time
it would take us
days to cover,
and the rain's coming.
Well, jesse,
what do you think?
I'm thinking if
something goes wrong
and you don't
meet up with us,
i stand to gain from it
as much as roy here.
a dirty idea!
I ain't much proud of it,
but it's the truth.
Won't be that way with me
is all i can promise.
As soon as we
get across,
we wait for you
on the other side.
You got jesse's word
on it, and mine.
Here. This is yours.
Come on, let's get
the horses ready.
I'm riding with you.
What are you you
trying to do,
kill yourself?
I ain't gonna
cheat you.
You know,
your trouble is
you just think of
one thing at a time.
If this is his plan
to get rid of me,
who's next?
Just think
that over!
You better let roy
ride drag.
You ain't fit.
You know, howie,
i ain't been
tied up like this
since i was
knee-high to spit,
about the time pa sold
our place in missouri
and started us out
for texas.
I didn't want to go,
so i run off.
He caught me,
tied me up,
and thrown me in the wagon.
That was
a hard winter.
Ma caught the fever
and died on the way.
Pa didn't amount to much
after that.
Got gunned down
in a saloon
before we ever saw texas.
After that, i met up with
some wild young fellas.
You might say
i come to no good.
[Horse whinnies]
Look out!
Come on,
you buzzard bait!
Is it time yet?
Pretty near.
I can't sleep anyway.
[Horse whinnying]
Might be a cat
poking around.
I'll go and see.
I'd better see
what's at
the other end.
Now, this ain't bad.
We could all do with
some of jesse's coffee.
Hey, roy.
Wet cords
are shrinking.
How about it?
I'm not going out
in this weather.
Easy there, girlie.
You'll have it all
down on us.
Runs back
about 30 yards.
Funnels down
to another opening
about big enough
for a cat to crawl through...
or him.
Hey, lina, honey.
This weather's
creeping into my bones.
Can you do me?
I wonder if you
really need this
or if you just like
to be rubbed.
Same thing.
A man needs
what he likes.
Poor old howie.
That bad leg's
just about got him wore out.
Might not be too sharp
on his watch tonight.
have to stand one, the way he is.
Better for us.
This might be
our chance.
He's come around
on his feeling for you.
If you was to sit up
with him tonight
and tell him the things
a man likes to know, you know?
Only be a minute
before i'd be out of that hole in back.
But if kemp
finds out...
finds out what?
I'll be long gone.
You're not going
to let me down,
are you, honey?
No, ben. Only...
only what?
He's got no feeling
for me.
All he cares about
is the reward.
Well, you're right,
You're better off
out of it.
I guess
my only hope is
that he'll drop off,
at least long enough
for me to...
pick up a rock
and smash his head in.
I don't want to,
but time's running out.
I can help you,
the way
you said.
You sure?
It'll be all right,
It'll be all right.
Now, you get
some coffee, huh?
What's the matter?
Nothing. Restless.
[Rain pattering musically
on dishes]
Stuff's been out
long enough.
It can't hurt it.
It's all right.
It's, uh,
making music.
There's a sour one
Without that,
it sounds better
than some fiddlers
i've heard.
Is dancing
hard to learn?
Nope. Not the way
i do it.
Do you like it?
Used to.
i just like
to sit outside
by a window
and listen to
the music.
Like now.
Did you ever see
mexican dancing?
What are you gonna do
when you get back to abilene?
Help ben if i can.
Don't you
want anything for yourself?
Used to think of
going to california.
Why california?
Someplace new.
Nobody caring
who you are
or where
you come from.
A place you could
belong to.
A... house.
Maybe even neighbors.
I had neighbors,
you know.
Tom webster
and his missis
lived right across
the river.
Had four sons,
each one of them
skinnier than the other.
Always coming over
to lend a hand.
Didn't give you
much chance
to get lonesome.
Well, the house...
the house
ain't much,
but it's just prime
cattle country.
And the fella that
owns the ranch now,
he's willing
to sell.
Maybe you'd...
like to take
a look at it
after i buy it back.
With the money
you get for ben?
That's something else.
I'm talking to you now.
Be like stepping
on a grave.
You know what
i'm asking you?
I... can't say
how i feel,
the way things are.
All right. Get up!
Come on! Come on!
Get up!
Come on.
We're through
fooling with you.
Quit that!
"Dead or alive"
it says!
Stop him!
Ben won't have a chance!
A chance at what...
to kill us all?
If that's what you want,
i'll give him a chance.
Now, cut him loose.
Don't let him
do it.
Cut him loose!
All right, ben.
It ain't
a fair fight, howie.
My hands ain't fit.
You're ready now.
Come on, draw.
I ain't got a prayer
against you,
and you know it.
It's your first move.
If you're going to
murder me, howie,
don't try
to make it look
like something else.
Come on, draw.
Kill him!
All right.
Leave it be!
It's getting so
i don't know which way
to point this no more.
How many chances
does he get?
Is this part of
your deal with her?
I didn't...
you didn't keep me busy
while he was making his break?
Nah, it just
happened that way.
It just happened
that way.
This is no good.
Any more shortcuts?
There's no sense stewin' about it.
We got here late,
and that's it.
That's the time you cost us!
If you'd listened to me...
i'll listen to
you now if you got any ideas
about how to
get across here.
You can't
get across that.
You got to go
downstream a ways.
How far?
Oh, four or five days,
if we make time.
We can swim this,
so let's start now!
I'll take the point
if you're afraid.
Least i got the sense
to be afraid.
what about her?
She wouldn't
last two minutes in that current.
You want to go downstream?
Take her with you.
What if ben gets
washed away?
Then we got nothing.
I bow to your
superior wisdom.
I promise you, jesse,
he'll get across.
One way
or the other.
Hey! Wait a minute!
I'll try the river,
but not like this.
Yes, like this!
Why not?
We'll go downstream
before we cross.
What are you
worried about? Your girl?
Don't tell me you're
worried about him!
Why? It's
no different from the rope in abilene.
You knew you were
gonna bring him back to die
when you started
after him. You know that now.
That hasn't changed.
He's not a man.
He's a sack
of money.
That's why
we're all here... especially you!
Why don't you
face up to it!
I don't suppose either of you object
to stopping the night here.
Yeah, i didn't think so.
hey, lina, honey.
It's my back again.
Can you do me?
Let me do you this time.
Start fixing for a fire, girlie.
How do you
like your rubbin'?
Up and down
or side to side?
Hey! You don't
have to do that.
Better look
after your partners.
Partners, uhh.
If i didn't need
a grubstake,
i'd have walked out
on this deal long ago.
It's too bad.
If you'd been lucky
like my friend...
and i've had about
enough of that, too.
You got no friend
found gold around here.
You're talking
about yourself!
I knowed i shouldn't
have shot off my mouth in front of you.
Quit playacting.
You wanted me to
know it all along,
so let's get at it.
You tell me
where to dig,
and i'll see
that your gal is provided for.
Don't try to
horse-trade me, jesse.
I ain't gonna tell
where my gold is, but i'll show you.
I knew that's what
you've been scratchin' for all along.
Trouble is,
i don't trust you
no more
than i trust them.
You don't
have to trust nobody.
Even if you don't
fancy my gold mine,
you still got me
all to yourself.
That's sayin'
i trust you.
Say i tell you
where my gold is,
you might still
turn me in.
If i make a deal,
i stick by it.
Least i wouldn't
have any partners
to worry about.
'Cept me.
What do you mean, you?
If i did it...
now, just if...
it would be
an even swap.
You'd go loose,
i'd get the gold mine.
That ain't fair,
I got a right to
some of that gold.
Fair or no,
it's the only deal i'd make...
and it's a poor deal,
no matter.
Same deal.
I'll trade you even up.
Your neck
for that gold.
Yes or no?
I ain't fixed for
bargaining, jesse.
You know that.
Come on, then.
I got two horses ready.
I'll get lina.
No. She ain't part
of the deal.
She goes with me.
If i'm gonna be
i ain't gonna be
Get her up, then.
i'm watching you.
I'll tell you later.
Come on.
Where? Where?
Whoa! Ben, hey!
[Horse whinnies]
Fun's over.
Get down off that horse.
I said off!
Come on! Move!
You all right,
You got the gun.
What do you care?
You're all right.
Get movin'.
I got it comin'.
Do business
with the devil,
and you'll get it
every time.
Ain't it the truth?
Get goin'!
Lina, honey,
you take the horse.
Hold it, jesse.
You better
get goin', ben.
The other two
will be along any minute.
You mean!! We
better get goin', don't you, honey?
If it suits you,
i'll settle for goin'.
I don't fancy
a friend with a gun in his hand.
i don't suppose
ben would be
fool enough to shoot it.
Be heard
20 mile or more.
Who's talking
about shooting?
Leave him with
the burro, ben.
You don't need him.
I'm just thinking
from up there,
a man could pick off
anything that moved
in this clearing.
The only trouble is,
there's nothing to
stop a man,
make him hold up
for a while.
Ben, i got to talk
a different way now, i know that,
but that gold mine
still ain't gonna do you much good.
I'm thinkin'...
thinkin's your
weak spot, jesse.
Here, lina.
Hold the horses.
Leave the burro.
Ben! No!
You had no reason
to kill him.
He couldn't
hurt you none.
Leave him lay
like that.
They'll come
after you sure now.
That shot'll bring them,
and they'll finish you.
I figured they'll come.
Now, get those horses on
the other side of that rock...
come on, do as i say
before i have to knock some sense into you!
Up here!
Get down.
Better not
move around
too much
up here.
Come on.
You, too.
I swear, he ain't
half as worried over it
as you are.
Look at him.
Lyin' there,
peaceful in the sun.
Ain't never gonna be
hungry again,
never want anything
he can't have.
That's more
than we can say.
Hold still.
Hold still!
You're gonna be
still from now on.
I ain't been
harder on you
'cause i know
you never seen a man killed close up.
Well, that'll pass.
Day after tomorrow,
it'll be just like
a story you once heard.
You killed that man in
abilene, like kemp said!
Just another gun i'll
never have to look into, you understand?
Pretty soon roy
and your friend howie
are gonna show up,
then i'll get me
some more insurance
against dying young.
Ben, we can get away...
We can go there.
You always said you'd
take me to california.
Might go
to california.
Kemp didn't kill you.
When he had the chance. You got to remember that!
I remember
what suits me.
If you forget this,
i won't ever do anything you don't want,
i promise. I won't talk,
i won't do anything wrong...
of course
you won't, honey.
I decided how it
was gonna be with us
when i took you in.
Boys must be
having trouble finding their way.
Ain't lost
my touch.
Think i'll try
for a pair.
Quiet, now.
Here they come.
That's better,
Stand together,
Lina's hurt bad.
She caught a ricochet,
and she's bleeding
something awful.
How about a truce
so i can fix her up?
What do you say, howie?
Lina! You all right?
I didn't know
what to do.
W-where is...
I got him!
I got him!
Come in alone.
We'll pull him in after!
Stop it!
Ben's dead!
Ain't that enough?
Look out!
Let go of him!
Look out!
Cut him loose, howie!
I'm takin' him back!
This is what i came after,
and now i've got it!
No partners,
like i started.
He's going to pay
for my land!
Jesse and roy
and him!
They're dead!
Ben's not dead ifu take him back!
He'll never be dead
for you!
I don't care anything
about that.
The money,
that's all i care about!
That's all i've
ever cared about.
Roy, he called the tune...
he said, "face up to it."
That's what i'm doin'.
That's what i'm doin'!
Maybe i don't fit
your ideas of me,
but that's the way i am!
All right, if that's
the way you want it,
i'll ride with you...
i'll ride with you
all the way.
I'm taking him back!
I know!
I'll marry you.
I'll go with you.
I'll even live on that land with you.
What else do you
want from me?
Tell me why.
I'm taking him back,
i swear it.
I'm going to sell him
for money.
You still want to
try california?
If you want.
That's it, then.
I'll fix some of
jesse's coffee for you.
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