The Nameless Days (2022) Movie Script

Anyone there?
I can't see shit.
It better all be here, asshole,
or it's going to
cost you your dick.
Clear accounts
make for long friendships.
Bring me the boy.
No, no!
Take it easy.
Okay. Let's go!
We're almost there.
Hey! You two!
Hi. You scared me.
What are you doing
out in this weather?
I gotta train.
This is crazy though.
All this snow.
Never seen it like this before.
Do you want to come in?
I am watching movies
and eating processed food.
I can't.
My dad will send a search party
looking for me
if I'm not home soon.
What the hell does he think
is gonna happen to you
in Coulter Springs?
That my naked, dismembered body
will be found scattered
down by the border.
Cheese puff?
So what's up?
Um, do you.
Do you remember my uncle?
The one who
your dad doesn't like?
Mm-hm, okay.
He said that he could
get me into the private school
where all my cousins go.
In San Diego?
He said
that I could like stay with him
and that he'd pay for
my tuition and everything.
Holy shit!
Wait, he's not a pervert, is he?
At least I don't think.
Well, then,
why else would he want you
to live with him?
Because, um, this school, like,
it has one of the best
track programs in the country.
Something like
half the kids that go there
get full athletic scholarships.
I mean, like,
not that I want you to leave,
but like, you have to go.
You gotta get out of here,
follow your dreams.
It's not that simple.
It seems pretty simple to me.
What if I go there and I suck?
What if I don't even
make the team?
Well, then you laugh
all the way to the beach.
Try it now.
Yeah, it's-it's
the alternator, man.
I don't think so.
I should know.
I was a rallycross driver
in Norway for three years.
Of course you were.
Is there anything
you haven't done?
Not really.
So are you still doing
that radio thing?
It's a podcast, man.
I just hit 500,000 subscribers
last week.
Lady, come here.
You went running
in this weather?
She's the female
Philippides, dude.
The-the who? The what?
The messenger who ran from the
Battle of Marathon
to Athens to announce
the defeat of the Persians,
then collapsed and died.
It's where the marathon
comes from.
- Cool.
- Hmm.
Well, I hope you
weren't running by the border.
Just by Caitlin's house.
What's up?
Damn truck won't start.
It's the alternator.
It's not the alternator.
And you can't tell
by smelling it.
Yeah, you can.
All right,
I'm gonna go get cleaned up.
See you guys.
Hasta la vista.
Hang on.
Aren't you forgetting something?
- Um.
- The animals ain't
gonna feed themselves.
Come on. Come on.
You see that?
That's my life.
This is what these people
bring into our country.
More junk.
Because if there's one thing
we hate around here,
it's junk.
This is the third one of these
we found this year.
You almost have to
admire their moxie, though.
Killing my damn chickens now.
Well, you do live
on a major migration route.
Hey, be careful.
There could be
a needle in there.
Hey. What is that?
May I?
Well, it appears to be
some kind of totemic figure.
Well, if these people
want to improve their lives,
I suggest they start by moving
into the 21st century.
Clean this up, will ya, Nicole?
Greetings, my fellow travelers.
It is your man, Wade,
broadcasting to you
from the Wade Compound
deep in the heart of Texas.
I gotta be honest with you guys.
Right now I've got a real
eerie vibe going on tonight.
And it all started
when a friend of mine
this creepy wild-looking doll
some migrants left behind
on her property.
I sent a picture of it
- to my friend Carlos...
- You hear that, girl?
- Who is an afficionado...
- We're famous.
Of all things
dark and devilish,
and he told me
it was a cihuateotl.
If I'm saying that correctly,
it's a type of Aztec demon.
Carlos, thanks
for coming on, my man.
How are you, amigo?
Thanks for having me.
so you got to tell my audience
what you told me
about these cihuateotls.
the ancient Aztecs believed
that women who died
in childbirth
would sometimes be transformed
into terrifying demons
that would come back to Earth
to hunt for the thing
that they were denied in life.
You gotta
hand it to those Aztecs
that they knew
how to do creepy, right?
So why do you think
a modern immigrant
would be carrying a doll
depicting an ancient demon
across the border?
Uh, for protection, most likely.
Cihuateotls were believed
to haunt crossroads
of border areas specifically...
You kept that thing?
Why not? It's cool.
You didn't check
the mail earlier, did you?
Okay. Well, I'm fixing
to make some supper.
You want anything?
I was thinking meatloaf.
Or chicken?
We had chicken last night.
I think
we might need to agree on
the meaning of the word
Uh, it's Caitlin.
You mind?
Meatloaf it is.
Hi, Uncle Chris.
Are we whispering?
No, no.
Um, uh, what's up?
I talked to
the headmaster at Eastlake
the other day, and he said if
we're going to do this thing,
there's some paperwork
that you'll need to fill out.
Oh, okay.
Your dad will
need to sign off on it too.
Is that a problem?
No, no, no, no. Um, not at all.
How is he taking
the whole idea anyway?
Uh, it's fine.
Um, better than you'd expect.
Well, I guess
you can teach an old dog
new tricks after all.
Anyway, they sent the paperwork
out a few days ago.
You should be getting it soon.
We'll need to get
back to them ASAP.
Um, I... thank you.
Um, I got to go, Uncle Chris.
Uh, bye, sorry.
Eastlake Academy?
This is where Chris's kids go.
Dad, we should talk.
Talk about what?
- No. No. No.
- Stay here.
Maybe you should come inside.
I like the cold.
That way, I can get drunk
and sober up,
all at the same time.
I.I was going to
talk to you about it first.
I guess you think
you're all ready to
strike out on your own, then.
I did-I didn't say that.
But I.
I wouldn't be on my own.
Chris never could turn down
an opportunity to show me up,
but this?
No one is trying
to show anyone up.
He tries to steal
my only child away from me
without even talking to me
about it first.
I told him
not to say anything to you...
so that I could talk to you
about it.
So, what's his angle?
What's he get out of all this?
He just believes in me.
Of course.
Guess that's what I've been
doing all these years
since your mother left, then?
Not believing in you.
That's not what.
He just thinks
that I might be able to compete
at a higher level and maybe
even can get a scholarship.
Well, excuse me for not living
in a high enough level place.
It wasn't high enough
for your mother.
Why would it be for you?
Maybe it wasn't
the place that was the problem.
I'll tell you what.
If you think you're such a star
you can go out to California,
compete with those big girls,
I'll sign these papers.
What? No, I will.
I didn't say I was a star.
Forget it.
Lady, get out!
Dad? Is that you?
Let me see your hands!
Who are you?
Oh, here we go.
There we go.
- Uh-huh.
- There we go.
Where were you?
What are you doing?
He called me
and said he needed to talk.
While you were out talking,
someone broke into our house.
I don't know.
Give me that.
Come on, Lady.
Give me that.
You-you really think
you should be
holding a loaded gun
in your condition?
She's right.
You just stay here.
Keep the doors
and windows locked.
Come on, girl.
I got him.
Wade, come on!
I'm coming.
Looks like
it's trampled down around here.
What's that there?
This has got to be
where they're coming through.
He's got to be long gone by now.
Oh shit!
are you coming?
Lady, hey!
No. Get away.
You're sure about that?
I made it up.
I can take you to him.
Unfortunately, our
jurisdiction ends at the border.
There are two men
lying dead out there!
Out of interest,
what exactly were you doing
on the Mexican side?
I was chasing my dog.
What's going on?
Who are you?
I'm his daughter.
And did you see these bodies?
What. what bodies?
Uh, someone broke into the house
when she was here alone.
That's why we went to the border
in the first place.
Do you know who it was?
Another border jumper.
What did he look like?
He was, um, Hispanic,
uh, late teens, early 20s.
Did he threaten you in any way?
Actually, he seemed
more scared than anything.
All right, well, we'll notify
the Spanish authorities
about the bodies you found,
and keep an eye out
for your intruder.
In the meantime, you might
want to be a little careful.
Maybe not wander too far
from the house for now.
For now?
When the hell is this
going to end?
Hey, hey.
We're all friends here, man.
These guys are just
doing their job, all right?
Well, I'm not gonna become
a prisoner in my own home,
in the home where I was born,
where my brother is buried.
We understand your
frustration, Mister Sorenson.
The truth is,
we had a similar incident
reported a couple days ago.
Body was found
on our side of the fence.
It had been eviscerated.
So we're just asking you
to be a little extra careful.
Stay away from the border
for the time being.
All right.
You fellas better
up your game and quick,
because I'm sick and tired
of my property
being used as Grand Central
for illegals.
Do your damn job!
Sorry about that.
What're you doing?
I'm heading up to Midland.
Midland? That's like four hours
from here.
Wade's got a buddy who owns
a electronic shop up there.
He's going to hook me up
some CCTV cameras.
I thought the truck was broken.
I fixed it.
It was the alternator.
While I'm out,
I want you to stay inside.
Keep the doors
and windows locked.
What am I supposed to do
inside all day?
I don't know.
Watch TV.
Knit something.
Doors and windows locked.
You mean like-like
No. Like
My dad found them.
You know, maybe we should
all move to San Diego.
I'm pretty sure they
have murderers in San Diego too.
I don't think so.
Speaking of which,
what did he say?
He said I could go
if I wanted to.
Well, that's great.
Isn't it?
I don't think I even want to go.
I mean, it's one semester;
it doesn't even matter.
- Okay.
- What are you doing?
Mm. Pack.
No, come on.
You are a freaking
genius runner.
And you're gonna go to San Diego
and prove it.
I might be good
in Coulter Springs but.
It's not really fair to my dad.
I knew it.
I knew he guilted you.
No, he didn't.
Okay, he did,
but he has a point.
My dad stuck with me
all those years
when my mom bailed out on us.
It's not really fair
for me to bail on him now.
Let's go.
It's all right.
It's all right.
You. you know this guy?
He broke
into our house last night
while my dad was at the bar.
Are you insane?
He-he could be the guy
who killed those soldiers.
He could kill us.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Okay, that's it.
I'm calling my dad.
No, don't.
Okay, well,
then you call your dad.
Definitely not.
I can't get in trouble for this.
Don't tell anyone.
Here, it's okay.
My father found
two Mexican soldiers
murdered last night.
I didn't kill them.
I believe you.
Well, that should
be good for now,
but you should really go
to a hospital.
No. No hospital.
I-I know that you don't
want to get in trouble, but...
My sister is still out there.
Across the border?
Is-is she hurt?
No. No hurt.
She has a baby in her belly.
She's pregnant?
Si. Si. Pregnant.
What were you doing
bringing a pregnant girl
across the border?
Never mind.
Um, who did this to you?
You won't believe me
if I tell you.
There is a myth in my country
about women who come back
from the death to steal babies.
Shut up!
Where'd you get this?
We found it in our shed.
This is Coaxoch, Serpent Flower.
She was a beautiful woman
who was sacrificed
with her unborn baby
by the Aztec king Montezuma.
There's a legend
among people near here
that she comes back
as a cihuateotl
to haunt the border.
This is all I could find.
All my exes live in Texas?
Uh, I've. I was just
noticing your necklace.
My mother gave it to me
before we came up north.
It's Saint Christopher.
Patron saint of travelers.
What's he carrying?
A child.
Fits perfectly.
You're a local now.
What are those?
Oh, nothing.
That's just, um, I, I run track.
You must be very good at it.
I guess.
I mean, there's not really
much competition out here.
My mother's people run too.
They do?
It started
as a way of sending messages
between the villages.
Now it's just a tradition.
So cool.
I guess we have
something in common.
Oh, shit.
It's my dad.
Stay here and be quiet.
Here, here let me help you.
Why don't you take those?
Yeah. Of course.
Take those.
These are for me.
Lady, it's just me.
You got the cameras.
I got them.
Next time anyone
gets near this place,
we'll have a record of it.
That's great.
What's wrong with her?
What did you do all day?
Knitted a sweater.
Caitlin came over.
You want some jerky?
It's your favorite.
Um, no, I'm fine.
I'm not feeling that well.
I think I'm actually
gonna go to bed soon.
What about apology pizza?
What is with that dog?
What's going on in here?
Dad! That is my room.
It's a boundary.
We talked about this.
Well, we don't get to have those
when people get killed
near our house.
Nicole, I told you to
keep these windows shut.
Are you all right?
I said I'm not feeling well.
Maybe you should eat something.
Dad, I'm not feeling well.
Oh. All right.
Hope you feel better.
Rahui, is that you?
You're bleeding again.
We need to get out of here.
- I need to find Gabriela.
- No.
You're not gonna
find anyone like this.
- I need to find her.
- No.
I know someone who can help us
and then we can find her, okay?
We can take my dad's truck.
Come on. It's gonna be okay.
That is one mean manhole
somebody poked in you, buddy.
Who did it?
You know to use one of these?
I know you do.
You said the soldier
shot at that thing, right?
Many times.
I don't think
guns are gonna get it done.
She's right.
My friend Carlos,
he'll know what to do.
Ugh, voicemail.
Carlos, I know it's late, man,
but we got to talk.
It's important.
On my way.
You two, stay here
until I get back.
Hey, girl.
- Wade.
- Hey.
You gotta talk to me
about these cihuateotls.
Are you okay?
Five days?
Are you sure about that?
That's what the legend says.
The cihuateotls
can only return to Earth
during those five days
the Aztec call
The Nameless Days.
And so what happens
after the five days are up?
Good question.
Look, border patrol
said they found
another eviscerated body
a couple of days before
we found those dead
Mexican soldiers.
That's good news.
Not that they found another body
but that this might
almost be over.
How would one
go about getting rid of
one of these things
before the five days is up,
if you had to?
You don't.
You can't kill something
that's already dead.
You just got to run.hide. try to
outlast the suckers.
It's here. Right up.
Let's go.
Are you okay?
Just stay here.
I'll go get her.
It's okay.
I'm here to help you.
I'm with Rahui.
What is it?
Run! Just run!
What happened?
Rahui, we need to go.
I can't.
Come on.
Excuse us for a second.
An Aztec demon?
She's looking for babies.
Are you on something?
- Who are these.?
- Listen to me!
She's the one who's cutting
the stomachs.
No, that's the cartels...
No, Dad. No.
I saw it.
I never told you how
your Uncle Nicholas died, did I?
He was.
He-he was cut.
In the stomach?
We were down playing
by the border and I left,
and he never came home.
I was the one who found him.
Almost rolled over him
on my bike, and he had been.
He'd been gutted like an animal.
I still can't get
that image out of my head.
Come on.
Pick up the call.
This is great.
What the hell?
You think
that thing followed you?
I don't know.
I pushed it down
a mineshaft or something.
It seemed pretty deep.
A mineshaft?
They are plenty deep.
Halfway to hell.
Least, that was my experience.
You-you were a miner?
Nah. A grunt.
But I'll tell you what,
working in that mine
bought you
a hell of a lot more diapers
than my rodeo career
ever would have.
I heard you were pretty good.
Where'd you hear that?
I've never been
an easy guy to talk to,
to live with.
One thing I always have been
is, uh, a man of my word.
Like I said I would.
I want you to be happy.
Oh, hi.
What are you doing here?
Sorry, you weren't
answering your phone.
Am I interrupting?
No. Oh, uh, I'll, I'll wait
in the other room.
It''s nice
to see you, Caitlin.
Is this a bad time?
No. Um, you just scared us.
So what's up?
Okay, I had an epiphany.
What if we go
to San Diego together?
I mean,
I have some money saved up.
And what do I love more
than anything in the world?
TV and movies.
And where do they make
TV and movies?
Not in Coulter Springs.
So I figure you and I
could go to California
and pursue our dreams together.
What do you think?
What about school?
What about it?
It's not like
I'm learning anything, so.
Can we talk about it later?
Oh, okay.
But I'm not leaving here
until you tell me
that there is, like,
a chance you'll say yes.
Okay what?
There's a chance I'll say yes.
Okay, I knew you would.
Okay, I have to go to my aunt's
wedding in Lubbock tomorrow,
but I will call you
from the road
because it's going to be boring.
Um, Caitlin?
Maybe you should just
lock all your doors and windows
and stay inside tonight.
Okay, Grandma.
Oh, oh, cuz of the...
Oh, how would I ever survive
in this world without you,
Nikki Sorenson?
You're useless.
I know. Bye.
That was just my friend Caitlin.
Keep the baby quiet.
Nicole, don't.
Oh, honey.
Don't, don't.
Honey, no, no, no, no, no.
Don't look.
- Don't look, honey. No.
- No! No!
- Don't! Don't. No.
- No!
Don't, don't look, honey.
Honey, honey, don't.
There's a crawlspace
that leads outside.
If it gets in, we can get out
that way and get to the truck.
Come on, honey.
Go. Go. Come on!
Inside. Inside.
No, no. Dad!
Hey, girl.
Hey. You stay here.
Guard the castle.
Keep everyone safe, okay?
I need to get my dad.
Dad. Dad.
Dad, let's go.
Come on. Come on.
We have to go!
We have to go!
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I'm so sorry.
You need to go.
You're gonna be okay.
You need to get them
out of here.
You need to. you need to
save that little baby.
You can do anything.
You can go.
Get in!
The oil pan is punctured.
What is that?
It's metal epoxy.
I think we might be able to
patch it up with this.
How long would that take?
Maybe ten minutes to set
but 24 hours
for it to fully cure.
We don't have 24 hours.
If we heat it up,
and then we cover it
in duct tape,
it might hold long enough
for us to get to safety.
We can try.
All right, let's do it.
No! No! No!
What is it?
No! No!
No! No!
Back off!
Back off!
Or I'll slit his throat.
I'll do it!
Get back.
I'll do it!
Back off.
Tie her to me.
Do it!
Get the truck fixed.
We meet at Wade's.