The Nan Movie (2022) Movie Script

Mr O'Neill?
It's coming out, Peggy.
Leave it in!
Leave it in!
Look at you!
Look at you! You're an angel.
I'm gonna love you so much.
And when you grow up...
You'll be the greatest woman
this world has ever seen.
Just you wait.
And he was right!
Hello, sweetheart.
Here, I've seen your daughter.
She's had the baby, ain't she?
Oh, ain't it lovely?
Yeah, I seen it.
It's a dinky little lot,
innit, darlin'? Ta ta.
Ugly looking thing.
How's your Margaret?
Tell her I said hello,
Big old girl, ain't she, eh?
Yeah, big old Margaret.
Look! Look at that!
Oh, you've still got
your little dog.
Oh, innit a lovely little thing.
Little dog.
Vicious bastard.
- Sorry I'm late, nan.
- Oh, here he is.
- You come up and see me?
- I've come up to see ya.
You've come up to see me,
ain't ya?
- I have, nan.
- Oh, you are a good boy.
You're late.
I was trying to park, nan.
You ain't got a car.
I've got a minibus,
for my charity.
They give you a minibus
'cause you're gay?
I'm not gay, nan.
Oh, hello, sweetheart.
Ooh, what you got here?
Tarka dhal and saag aloo.
Tarka dhal and saag...
Well, that looks lovely,
don't it?
Yeah, I'll have
some of that, darlin'.
Erm, could you do me some
without the spinach?
Mm, I can do that.
Yes and I...
I don't want no lentils.
I suppose so.
Yeah, and no coriander.
Oh, that would just be a potato.
Oh, yes, smashing.
I'll have a potato.
Thank you, darlin'.
Pay the woman.
Oh, it's a bit plain, innit?
No, nan, the minibus
is a craft-mobile...
- For gays?
- No, a craft-mobile
for people
with emotional difficulties.
"A craft-mobile for people
with emotional difficulties."
What a load of old shit!
Ooh... ha-ha,
little fat Buddha.
- I'll have that one.
- That one? Are you sure?
Yes. I love him.
Wonderful man.
Outstanding in his field.
Natural authority, you see.
When he speaks,
you shut up and listen.
It's 50.
I'll give you 10,
I know his worth.
Done! Been having trouble
shifting this one, to be fair.
Oh, you surprise me, love.
Come on, then,
let's take him home.
Nan, why do you want this?
I just love him.
Here, are you still drawing
your cartoons?
- They're animations, nan.
- Oh, yeah?
I'm still doing them.
- I put them on YouTube.
- Oh.
I've got 30 subscribers now.
Oh, someone's gone viral.
All right, joanie love!
Hello, sweetheart!
Mind his head.
- Hello, mrs Taylor.
- Oh, hello, Carolyn.
Have you met my grandson?
This is my grandson, Jamie.
He's come home to see me.
Oh, how lovely.
Well, lovely to meet you.
- It's a real pleasure.
- Nice to meet you.
Can we squeeze in?
No chance, son.
You all right, Colin?
Well, we've just been
to the doctor, actually.
Oh... for your diabetes?
Oh, I don't have diabetes.
Oh... heart disease.
Er, not heart disease.
He has to go for counselling.
- For your gout?
- Er, no.
I've been eating my feelings.
Have ya, darlin'? Oh...
Still, by the looks of things,
they're delicious.
What are you huffin'
and puffin' for?
Ooh, let me get that.
I have to ask,
why are you carrying
that statue of Robert Mugabe?
Who is it?
Oh, I thought
it was Trevor McDonald.
Shame. He's me favourite.
Mrs Taylor, we were wondering
if you would like
to join us for Sunday lunch.
You can come, too, Jamie,
if you like?
Oh, that sounds really nice.
Oh, we're very busy.
Sorry, our diaries are full.
Ta ta.
- Bye.
- Good to meet you.
What are you doing Sunday,
nan? She seemed nice.
You know they're deviants.
What do you mean "deviants",
Naturists. The pair of them.
They're having naked parties,
if you don't mind.
- Oh, come on...
- You Mark my words,
I know what Sunday lunch means.
He'll be sat around the table
with his nies hanging out,
she'll have her iils dangling
in a gravy boat. No fear!
I can't believe that.
How'd you know that?
They have organic fruit
and veg delivered.
Once a week. In a box.
It don't mean they're walking
around with no clothes on.
Can hear 'em, all day.
Touching things.
With their bare arses!
Make us a cup of tea, son.
Oh, look at that one.
Fancy handwriting.
Let's have a look.
Junk, junk, bi, bi,
overdue bill.
Oh, me new cinema pass.
Final demand, junk, junk,
Come on, then...
Dear joanie.
I bet you didn't expect
to hear from me
after all these years.
I've tried to write
this letter so many times,
but time is not a luxury
I have any more.
I'm dying, joanie.
I have one last wish:
That you will come and see me.
Even if you won't forgive me,
I just wanna see you.
I've missed you terribly.
I am still your sister.
With love, your Nelly.
Fuck off!
Who was it, nan?
Ah, no one. Just a bill,
you know. Usual old shit.
You don't normally
get handwritten bills.
Don't you dare read that!
- Nan!
- Jamie, I mean it!
You do,
I'll cut you out me will.
What, and I won't get
the Robert Mugabe statue?
- Nan!
- What?
Why do you never talk
about auntie Nell?
Don't you say her name
in this house!
I could take you, you know?
Got the minibus.
What do I wanna go
and see her for?
Because she's dying, nan.
If you don't go,
you'll regret it.
It's not like you've got
anything else to do.
I've got plenty to do,
- thank you very much.
- Like what?
I've gotta watch me programmes.
I've got me sudoku.
I've got me wowchers,
they're gonna expire soon.
You'll regret it.
Oh, will I? Pfff... watch me.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm staying put and that's it.
Me again.
Sorry to interrupt.
Er, Colin and I
were just chatting,
- and er...
- Oh...
Seeing as you can't
come over Sunday,
we were wondering if we could
tempt you over another day?
Friday or Saturday or whatever
works for you, really.
Mm, sorry, love,
I'm completely swamped.
- No, you're not, nan.
- Yes, I am.
She's not.
She's free tonight, actually.
Oh, wonderful!
- Shall we say 8 o'clock, then?
- She'd love that.
- Wouldn't you, nan?
- Er, Jamie...
Nan was just saying
how much she'd like
to get to know
her neighbours better.
Colin will be thrilled!
Yes, I bet he will.
You'll enjoy that,
won't you, nan?
Er, no, I can't come.
She'll see you later.
Yeah, I can't come
'cause my sister's dying.
Oh, god.
I'm so sorry.
Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, we were very close.
Got to go
and spend some time with her.
He's taking me to see her.
Yeah, 'course.
- We'll leave you to it.
- Ah.
Sorry to disturb you.
Good luck with it all.
Mm... mm.
You happy now,
you interfering old Mary Ann?
Go on, then,
go and get your minibus.
Look at the state of this!
It's to make it stand out.
I'm hoping the bee
will become iconic.
Iconic like the fyre festival.
I might change the name.
Yeah, bit of a mouthful.
Right, nan, if we have
one stop in Birmingham,
I reckon we can make the last
ferry in liverpool and then...
What you talking about?
I think we can get
to Nell's by Sunday.
We're not going to Nell's.
I've got a two-for-one wowcher
for a day spa in coventry.
If we're only going
to a day spa,
why have you brought
so many clothes?
No, darlin',
that's all my snacks.
Coventry's on the way
to Nell's...
Is it?
Here, want a fridge rustler?
Jesus, nan. You can't eat them.
You know what they're made of?
Bits of chicken.
Yeah, chickens that have been
bred and kept in micro cages
and then crushed and ground up
and processed. It's appalling.
Mm. Appallingly delicious.
Look at all this toot
you got in here.
Hashtag "road trip".
Hashtag "bants".
Hashtag "crafts".
What's this, knitting needles?
You can't have knitting needles
around negative thinkers, love.
Well, it depends 'cause
it's a spectrum, isn't it?
You can with some of them, yeah.
Well, they... not if
they turn on each other, love.
That's all you need.
Here, ya, look, oi.
Here, how many?
- Jame, how many can I do?
- I don't know, nan.
One... one, two...
- Here, Jay.
- What?
- Jay.
- W hat?
- Jamie!
- What?
I've eaten
a multicoloured tarantula.
It's in me...
- It's in me mouth.
- I know what you're doing.
Those are the legs.
Yeah, I know they are.
I'm eating the body.
Take a picture. One, two, three!
I thought I'd left me glasses
at home, but I haven't.
You should put me
in one of your cartoons.
I look like a fly.
- Who am I, jame?
- Charles dickens.
- "It was the best of times..."
- Charles dickens.
"It was the worst
of times." Charles dickens.
One, two, three, four, five!
Go on, your go.
- Uh... I'm driving, nan!
- Oh, sorry.
Nan... will you ever tell me
what happened with auntie Nell?
She's a miserable old whore,
went off to live on an island
off of Ireland, the end.
There you go.
Now you know the whole story.
- Nan...
- Now, I don't
- want to talk about it.
- Come on...
Nah, I gotta take
my angina pill!
If you don't tell me
about auntie Nell,
I'll tell you
all about my charity work.
Aah, well, you've backed me
into a corner now, son.
I was a daddy's girl, you see.
I was a beautiful-looking child.
I loved to bounce.
Bounce, bounce, bounce.
There was only one thing
I loved more than bouncing:
That was my father.
I adored him.
Best part of my day was
when he came home from work.
I was his pride and joy.
Until one day,
he told me
there was another one.
He said to me, "this is Nelly.
She's your sister."
"You're gonna look after her
till the day you die."
I wasn't that keen at first.
But it turned out
she liked to bounce an' all.
And we became inseparable.
Bounce, bounce, bounce.
We bounced our way
all through our childhood.
Until the day my mother said
those dreadful words...
Your father died this morning.
There's nothing we can do,
so let that be an end to it.
Now, stop your snivelling
and buck up.
Aii's fair in love
and war, joanie.
There weren't
no therapy through crafts
in them days, love.
We had to get straight
on his horse and cart
and make a living.
Boy: Come on, Nell!
As the years went by,
Nell and I started
building up our business.
Hello, sir. Can I
interest you in a carpet...
Hello, madam. What can I do
for you today, eh?
We were flying high,
me and Nell.
We both had our roles.
She made eyes at the fellas,
while I lugged away the gear.
'Course, nowadays
you'd call it theft.
Get your gramophone! Gramophone!
We were a good team,
me and Nell.
Should have seen us.
They were the glory days.
But once she got a taste
for it, she didn't wanna stop.
We had a plan
to save up enough money
to buy a little cottage
on an island off of Ireland.
That was the dream.
It's where my father was born.
When we were young,
he used to tell us it's where
the leprechauns come from.
'Course, can't say
"leprechauns" no more.
Nowadays you just say "Irish".
Neville Chamberlain:
You can imagine
what a bitter blow it is to me
that all my long struggle
to win peace has failed.
This country
is at war with Germany.
And then it was the blitz.
And everyone lived
like they always tell you to.
Like every day was our last.
Me and Nell got a job
down the ammunitions factory,
helping out our boys.
Friday night was dance night.
Oh, we used to love it.
We worked hard all week,
then we let our hair down.
Oh, we had a great time.
Mind if I cut in?
'Course she was always
more popular with the fellas.
Oh, do you mind, joanie?
No, no, 'course not. Go on.
And I didn't mind.
Not much, anyway.
But, as my mother used to say,
"all's fair in love and war."
There was
this one fella, though...
always firing after me.
I got this for you.
Oh, leave off, Terry!
Morning, joanie.
Morning, joanie.
Morning, joanie.
Nicked this for ya.
Ain't got time
for an horse, tel.
He 'd been there for
as long as I could remember.
Poor sod.
What you doing here, tel?
This is for gl's.
How'd you get in?
Knocked out the doorman.
- We don't have a doorman.
- Oh.
Listen, joanie,
I went to sign up today,
but they wouldn't let me.
Oh, what,
do you fail the IQ test?
No, I passed that.
What was it, then? Your guts?
Flat feet. Apparently
I'm not fit for duty.
So I thought... well,
I thought maybe it was a sign.
What, that you should get
your feet looked at?
No, that I'm meant to stay
here and look after you.
Joanie, you know
I've always loved you.
We'd be good together,
you and me.
Oh, tel...
I'm sorry to interrupt.
I know it's rude,
but I can't help myself.
Ain't you a big black
beautiful sight for sore eyes.
Get off me, tel.
I was wondering if you'd like
to go out with me Tuesday night?
Well, I can't do Tuesday.
How about Monday?
I can't do Monday.
How about Wednesday?
I can't do Wednesday.
How about Friday?
I can't do Friday.
How about Thursday?
I can't do Thursday.
How about Saturday?
- I can't do Saturday...
- Oh, jog on, you fat yank!
I'll take that as a no, then?
Oh, you weren't being serious,
were you?
I'm absolutely serious.
I think you're marvellous.
- Do you?
- Yes!
Can I at least
have this dance, then?
Well, yes, you may.
Excuse me,
my costermonger friend...
We was just talking
about philosophy, etcetera.
I'll be off then, joanie.
Don't I know you?
We must have met before
don't I know you?
Are you the one I'm looking for?
It's not a mistake
you're here, I'm awake
and don't I know you?
I feel I have known you forever
forever before
yes, I have known you forever...
Who's this handsome iunk?
Nelly. This is Walter.
He's from america. He's very
tall and he's a black man.
Yes. All these things
are true. Nice to meet you.
'Ere, have you ever
met ai jolson?
Whatever's the matter
with you, Nell?
Just because
Walter's a black man,
it don't mean
he knows ai jolson.
Ai jolson's not a black man.
- Ain't he?
- No.
He's a white man
who paints his face black.
- Does he?
- Yes.
Whatever for?
Well, due to fear and mistrust,
white mainstream audiences
take pleasure
in the use of blackface
as a grotesque infantilisation
of black people
and black culture.
Oh... right.
So you have
or you haven't met him?
I have not.
- Shame.
- I've always thought so.
Step away
from those white girls, boy.
- Excuse me?
- Do what?
He'll step away from no one.
He's got more right
to be here than you have,
- judging by the way you dance.
- Okay, I'll handle it.
No, you stay out of it.
Clear off, you.
Your kind's not welcome
'round here.
I regret ever dancing with you.
- Tainted.
- Likewise.
Come on, Walter,
let's have a proper dance.
Do you mind?
Oh, no, no. Not at all.
Why... why would I mind?
Okay. Well, see you later,
miss Joan...
Come on, then.
I've seen that look
I've read this book
your Greek's not Greek to me
oh, howl know you
you're all I can see
oh, howl know you
and know you know me
That was wonderful.
Pleasure to meet you. Both.
Thank you for making my evening.
- Oh, thank you.
- Thank you.
And I hope
I get to see you again...
On whatever day of the week
is mutually convenient.
Oh, those cheekbones.
Oh, you could
cut yourself on them.
But I couldn't
see him straight away,
because we were stuck down
that shelter for weeks.
People copping off
left, right and centre.
Not me, though.
I only had eyes for Walter.
All right, joanie?
Pull over, son.
I'm dying for the lav.
Gotta go now.
We're 12 miles
from the services, nan.
Well, I'd step on it
if I were you
before I pee myself
all over your arts and crafts.
I can't, nan, I'm already
at the speed limit.
Mm, suit yourself.
Er, here we go.
Nan, you just peed into
a tupperware box, didn't ya?
I did, love. Yep.
I should have put a lid on that.
Looking foward to this day spa.
What a thing, eh? Day spa.
What is a Hollywood, jame?
Got one of them booked.
Is it to do with that fella
off the bake off?
- Paul Hollywood, innit?
- Yeah.
Maybe I'll meet him. Don't know.
Love the bake off, jame.
- Love it, don't we, eh?
- Yeah.
Sit there and make cupcakes.
Ha-ha. It's all changed
though, innit, eh?
- It has.
- A while ago now.
So, Mary Berry not in it.
You got Prue Leith, Noel edmonds
and that other one
who's left now...
Sandi tokspiss.
Sandi stokpig.
Standi tok... standi tokpic...
- Sandi to...
- Toksvig.
Mandy toksvig.
- My name is nan
- Yeah
from London town -what?
You got a problem -yeah
I'll take ya down!
Roll call!
shabooya, roll call!
shabooya, roll call!
My name is Jamie...
Ooh, where they gone, then?
I'm dying for a rustler.
Oh... I can't find them.
Oh... er...
Oh, here they are! Oh...
Ooh, smell that!
Oh, Jamie,
are we in one of your cartoons now?
They're animations, nan.
Oh! Ain't it marvellous, eh?
Better make a snack stop.
- Ugh".
- Won't be a minute.
Don't like them, don't
like them, like them.
That'll keep me going.
Mm. Delicious.
Get a job!
What did you do that for?
Breaks up the, mm,
journey, don't it?
Come on then, nan, tell me more.
If you must know,
me and Walter finally
found a night to meet.
Tuesday. Nelly tagged along.
Me and Walter got on
like eyes are winking.
He saw me for who I really was.
Don't tell me you did
your boiled egg routine?
What, me eggy eyed-
llzard tongue combo?
'Course I did, son!
I was trying to impress him.
And it worked.
'Course Nelly got
the right needle.
She couldn't bear
me getting the attention.
So she found her own way
to get noticed.
But I made him laugh, see?
What you two lunatics
laughing about now?
Joanie was doing an impression
of mrs McDonald
down at the market.
You do that
again and I'll skin ya,
ya wee bastard!
Ock aye the noo!
She was shocking at impressions.
Mm. Embarrassing.
I dunno what you two
are talking about
half the time, anyway.
But she did have
a tidy pair of knockers,
which, at the end of the day,
he valued more highly
than regional accents.
Mm. Shame.
But as the weeks went by...
Nelly got between us. Literally.
She bided her time
and sealed the deal.
Don't go. What would
we do without you?
Oh, yeah. Don't be silly, stay.
You won't know
what happens at the end.
Oh, I... I don't think
anything important.
all's fair in love and war.
What you thinking about, nan?
I was thinking...
It never fails to amaze me
when I see a fat girl married.
Nan, what is wrong with you?
Curvy brides' boutique.
Seen that?
Oh, that's me programme.
Fat girls getting married.
Amazing, innit?
Enough of 'em for three series.
Most of 'em to skinny blokes.
Boggles your mind.
Girl: You wanna get us
a drink, you two?
Come on, nan,
let's get some sleep.
Hold on...
This don't look like coventry.
Everyone's orange.
It's liverpool, nan.
I think I missed the turning.
I know what
you're trying to do, love.
You're trying to trick me
into going to see Nell
and I'm not gonna stand for it.
But seeing as it's late
and they've got two-for-ones
on jager bombs,
we'll stay here tonight.
But, you Mark my words,
6 o'clock tomorrow morning,
we are out of here.
You are taking me
to a day spa in coventry,
where I'm getting a manicure,
my eyebrows threaded
and a Hollywood.
Whatever that is.
You can't park there!
What's that?
I said, you can't park there!
Oh, have a look!
Hello, sweetheart!
Not seen you in ages!
Who is it, nan?
Here, jame, do you remember?
It's that bastard woman
from up the council!
You used to work
up the council, didn't ya?
I did. Until you got me sacked.
Because you were a bastard.
What you doing now, love?
Come back to liverpool.
I had to.
'Cause you got me fired
for being insensitive
to the needs of the elderly.
Well, you were very insensitive.
You stopped me
using a communal sky dish.
It wasn't communal! You were
stealing from your neighbour.
You said I traumatised ya.
I was very traumatised!
I missed the finale
of ex on the beach!
I have dreamt
about seeing you again.
Well, whatever floats
your boat, love.
And now here you are.
Illegally parked
across three disabled bays.
Well, here's lucky...
I've got three disabled badges!
- Where'd you get them?
- From up the council!
They've been ever so nice
to me since you left.
You shouldn't have three.
And yet I do. Riddle me that.
Oh, yeah, I do remember.
It's ms mahler, isn't it?
It's officer mahler now.
There is a distinct smell
of urine in this minibus.
Mm, that was him.
Let's go, nan.
Careful, you.
If you put a foot wrong
while you're in my city,
I'll be onto you.
I am a member
of the road policing unit.
- Traffic warden.
- Traffic police.
- Traffic warden.
- They are vastly different.
Do you give out tickets?
Yes, I do.
Then you're a traffic warden.
Anyway, lovely to see you again.
I'm glad you've maintained
that snap-on hairdo.
It's like a lego hat, innit?
Come on, nan, let's go.
Oh, looks like
this was named after you.
That is grossly offensive
to an officer of the law.
Well, it's what most people
call traffic wardens, anyway.
Ta ta, square head!
I'll go
and have a word with them.
No, leave off.
What you gonna do, invite them
to a "find the goddess within"
No, I'll just ask them politely.
Like a chicken shit?
What do you call me?
Chicken... shit.
Nobody calls me chicken shit!
Well, I do all the time.
I'll sort it.
No, leave off, Marty mcfly,
I'll deal with this.
Nan, don't.
They sound really drunk.
Nah, it's all right, son,
I once knocked out
a skinhead in magaluf.
I think I can handle a couple
of pissed-up rugby lads.
Now, listen up! Millennials!
I said, "shove it up your arse",
"it's only Tuesday."
Oh! Give us
another bit of lemon,
that's repeating on me!
- Get her one, come on!
- Come on, let's go again!
Down again!
Hello, darlin'!
Hello, jame. It's my grandson.
Come down and see me.
Come down and see me!
Nan, don't you think we should
be getting some rest?
No! I'm hanging with me squad!
Meet me pals. This is froggo,
this is mabbo, this is nutsack,
this is piss up,
this is crystal meth Cathy,
- this is arsemunch...
- Arsemunch.
And this one here
on the end, this is Dan.
- He's gonna kill us all.
- Yep.
Come on! Do a shot!
Do a shot! Do a shot!
No, I don't want to, nan.
I've gotta be up early.
Drink, drink, drink,
dnnk, dnnk, dnnk, dnnk!
And I've gotta drive
in the morning!
Shame! Boo!
Come on then, nutsack.
Load me up again!
Oh! Look out, here she is...
Sir Ken dodd.
Are you aware that you're
being drunk and disorderly?
Are you aware how much
like k.D. Iang you look?
Keep your voice down,
people are trying to sleep.
Their loss.
They won't get
another chance to catch
crystal meth Cathy
burp the alphabet!
Go on, love.
Now listen,
it's all just a laugh
with people like you.
Coming in, taking advantage
of the system
and good
hard-working people like me.
I had to rebuild my life
'cause of you.
While you remain oblivious
to the damage you cause
all around ya.
Well, now that I've got you
in my sights again,
I won't let you out of it.
And I will have my revenge...
In this world or the next.
Right, yep, sounds like a plan.
Yep, see ya!
Is that from gladiator?
Nan! Nan! Nan! Nan!
Nan! Nan! Nan! Nan!
Can't hear ya!
What's my name?
- Come on, then!
- Yeah!
Better take me angina pill.
Here we go!
What's up, nan?
I dropped me pill!
You wanna drop a pill?
Yeah, dropped me pill.
Are you sure?
Well, 'course I'm sure!
Oh, that's it! You found it!
Thank you, arsemunch.
Mm? Mm?
Oh... oh, oh, oh, oh...
Here we go!
I need... I need to come in.
In you go.
Excuse me! Excuse me!
Nan? Nan?
Oi! Oi!
- Jamie! What's up?
- Where's my nan?
Fuckin' have it!
Excuse me!
Ooh! Mind me canary!
Nan! Nan!
Hello there, sweetheart!
It's like...
It's like being on the moon,
innh, eh?
Are we on the moon?
We're in liverpool, nan.
Ain't it amazing how the feet
get on the floor,
and theyju...
Oh, officer mahler!
- Get off!
- Bring it in...
Here... oh, it's a nice
bit of kit, love.
That is police property!
- Nan...
- Jame, put the hat on me.
Have a go with the hat. Ha-ha.
All units.
Officer on radio: Location,
please, officer mahler.
Roger that.
- Can you hear that as well?
- Yeah.
Oh, look...
Ooh, how's that happened?
All right.
Oh... you can
leave me here, jame.
- Oh, no.
- I like it here!
Oh, it's nice. Look at the sky.
No, nan.
Put that hat on.
Put that on your head, love.
Put that on.
Cover that up.
I love the scouse.
I love the scouse.
I do, darlin'.
Why do I love the scouse
so much, jame?
Mind you, I don't know how
anyone understands what
they're saying. Hollyoaks.
T's all... Innh, eh?
And a...
Where is she? Mwah...
I love that one!
Mwah, mwah, mwah...
- Come on, nan.
- Mwah, mwah...
Come on.
Oh, she's my favourite scouser!
Ooh, look how many stairs.
I will get you, old woman.
I will get you.
Careful... shit.
I love you, jame...
Oh, ain't that soft, eh?
Ah... you know...
You know that though,
don't you? You know that.
I do, nan.
Yes, you know
'cause you are a good boy.
I know, nan.
- No, down here, nan.
- You are a good boy.
Ah, yeah... do you know that?
You know it, don't you?
Er, listen...
- What?
- I didn't say anything.
I can be an absolute mare
to you, I know.
I know.
And I don't... I don't...
So fuckin' soft, this is...
I don't... I don't always
tell you how I feel.
But I am telling you now,
right now...
What's under there?
Look at this!
Look at the little hands.
Yeah, I am telling you, son...
You make me so proud.
I love you, darlin'.
Thanks, nan, I love you too.
And I do miss my Nell.
Oh... I miss her.
Oh, get up, you lazy bastard!
Come on, we've got
a spa to get to!
Well, that was nice
while it lasted.
Ooh, useless. No stamina.
That was one I didn't want.
Right, let's go to Nell's.
- We're going to coventry!
- Ooh... manners.
Oh, hello.
Our favourite
traffic warden's up early.
What an absolute fruitcake.
Nan, who keeps texting ya?
Oh, we've got a group chat,
me and the lads.
Froggo's just sent me a photo
of him spewing on a cat.
That's just...
Classic froggo, that is.
Did you ever get together
with Walter?
Chicken bites, chicken skewers,
pork shots. High in protein,
big on flavour.
I mean, absolutely delicious.
Look at that!
They've squashed all that meat
into one tasty mouthful.
- Smashing.
- Nan!
Go on, jame, your turn.
- My name is Jamie
- yeah!
- Hip hip hooray!
- Yep!
I drive a minibus -yep!
- Because...
- Because I'm gay
roll call!
That's it. Yeah!
That's it,
that's the way it goes. Yeah.
I mean,
"hip hip hooray" bit was pony.
But you're only starting out,
it's all right.
Gotta say, nan, I'm really
impressed with your stamina.
It's amazing how you...
Sorry, nan,
but we've come too far.
Oh... oh...
Don't wake up. Please don't wake up!
Ol! Ole! Ol! Ole!
Oosh! What's that?
Where am I?
I'm not in Ireland, am I?
Am I in Ireland?
I'm in fucking Ireland?
What have you done?
Sorry, nan. I just thought
we can't go back,
so we may as well go fonnard.
If you don't wanna see Nell,
that's fine,
but I'd like to meet her.
You can just wait in the bus.
Oh, all right. Come on, then.
But after we've had
a quick drink, eh?
Proper guinness, quench
me thirst, then we'll be off.
Guinness? It's 9:00am.
When in Rome.
And it's no, nay, never
go on, my son!
No, nay, never, no more
will I play the wild rover
no, never, no more!
Come on, nan,
we should get going.
Oh, my grandson Jamie.
Here, come and meet
my new best friend, Mick.
I love your nan!
What a treat, you lucky fella.
Yeah. She's a real prize.
Ooh, look, what you got there?
M-M-M. What's that stand for?
Mick Mick Mick?
You got a stutter?
She's the best!
Listen to that accent, jame.
Everything he says sounds like
good news on a sunny morning.
Well, you say that,
but I have my dark days.
Lilting melody.
Sometimes I struggle
to get up in the morning...
I've never been
properly diagnosed,
but I'm pretty sure
I have clinical depression.
A real tonic you are, son!
I could listen to him all day.
You have, nan.
Come on, we've gotta go.
Mick needs a lift.
One for the road, son'?
Yeah, let's. Why not drown
me sorrows, huh?
See what I mean.
Shabooya, roll call!
shabooya, roll call!
My name is Mick
- nan and Yeah!
- I've drank a lot
- nan and What?
- I'm feeling sick now
- Yes!
- That's all I've got
roll call!
That is how you do it!
shabooya, roll call!
See? Excellent work!
shabooya, roll call!
What's all this back here?
It's craft therapy.
Here, Mick, Mick, Mick,
make yourself a mood cube.
You'll enjoy that!
Yeah, I'll give it a go.
Pork shots?
Butter fingers!
Don't worry, love,
there's plenty more
where they came from.
Wait, what time is it?
It's 2.30.
Oh, we're early.
Early for what?
Turn right up ahead
and then the next left.
My god! No offence,
but there's a distinct smell
of urine in here.
No offence taken, darling,
not with that voice.
Here, I've gotta say, son,
you were right.
It's magical up here.
Look at this!
Oh, leave off
with the reminiscing.
I'm enjoying the view.
Why don't you go and help Mick,
Mick, Mick with his mood cube?
Oh, come on, nan, tell me.
You must have been upset
about Nell and Walter.
Well, course I was.
But I had no choice, did I?
I had to get on with me life
and forget all about him.
Problem was
I'd see him everywhere.
And my heart would skip a beat.
And, lswear,
the way he'd look at me.
Come on.
And then, one day...
Not now, Terry,
I'm not in the mood.
Yourfella told me
to give you this.
I thought you'd be sad
if you didn't get it.
I hope you get what makes
you happy, joanie.
Dearest joanie,
I've been deployed
and leave for France tonight.
I need to see you before I go.
Please come and meet me
at the station.
I beg you.
Don't tell Nell. Walter.
Here, what you got there?
Just another bleedin'
love letter from tel.
Oh. Poor fella.
He doesn't give up, does he?
At work, I could barely
contain me excitement.
Ooh, is that a new hat, fee?
Here, lil, ain't it
your birthday today?
- Lil: Yeah.
- Good luck to ya.
Ooh, look at you! All dolled up.
You've been grinning
like a loon all day.
What's the matter with you?
Nothing. I'm just feeling...
I don't know, hopeful.
Oh, here, have you got a minute?
I've got some wonderful news.
Been waiting to tell ya.
What is it?
You'll never believe it.
I'm expecting.
You what?
How about that?
You're gonna be an auntie.
You're having a baby?
Yeah. Smashing, innit?
And you'll have to look
after me while he's away.
You will look after me,
won't you, joanie?
Does he know?
Well, hadn't you
better tell him?
Well, he's going to war, joanie.
I don't want to burden him
with it.
Walter needs a clear head,
not worried about me
and a baby. And then,
when he gets back,
it'll be a lovely surprise
and then we can get married.
Oh. Ain't life wonderful?
You came.
Nell wants to get married.
To me.
I gathered.
I'm very fond of her,
you know that.
Er, looks like it.
I got carried away thinking
I could have fun
with both of you.
This damn war made me feel
like I could act like
there was no tomorrow.
Look, it's all right.
And it wasn't fair.
And I'm sorry it! Hurt you.
Please, don't.
But the truth is,
if there is a tomorrow,
it's you I'd want to
spend it with, not her.
Oh. Walter.
Well, I don't know where
you got that idea from,
because the feeling's
not mutual.
You don't mean that.
Oh, don't I? I...
I only let you pal around
with me and Nell because
I knew she was sweet on ya.
I mean, what would I want with
a big iongshanks like you?
Joanie, I'm being serious.
So am I. Now get on that train.
This can't be true.
Well, it is, Walter.
And the sooner you get it
into that fat yank head
of yours, the better.
Now get on that train
and go and do
something useful with your life.
Joanie, you're killing me.
This could be the last time
we ever see each other.
Oh, well. Ta, ta.
Joanie, I swear I will
make a good life for you.
I will do everything I can
to make you happy.
I will be your rock.
I will be your heart.
Please, joanie.
Will you marry me?
No, I'm sorry, isaid,
"will you marry me?"
I know, and I said yes.
How'd he react?
He shit himself.
I don't think either of us
were expecting it.
We did a quick registry office
and moved in together.
It was quite the weekend.
Wow, that's amazing.
What's all this then,
Mick, Mick, Mick?
Represents the struggle
for dominance
between man and beast.
The machine that tries
to belittle him,
and how the only way to beat
the cruel system of capitalism
is to blow it up
from the inside.
And I thought it was a gonk.
Feeling better?
I won't lie, I do.
See? The healing
power of crafts.
Erm, froggo again.
It's the 4am news,
and gardal' are still
on the hunt for an arson/st
who planted explosives
in a factory fire in kildare.
The last suspected attack
believed to be as recent
as Tuesday.
Garda believe the arson/st
to be a militant
animal rights activist
who is considered
extremely dangerous
and to be avoided at all costs.
It's all happening
in Ireland, innit?
Describe him as a man with
dark hair, deep-set eyes,
and a tattoo on his arm
with the letters m-m-m.
And now for the weather.
I'm afraid
there's more doom and gloom.
Mick, Mick, Mick.
"Meat means murder."
Oh? Right.
Yeah, that makes more sense.
Well, we better make a move.
Yeah, busy schedule.
Yeah, I've got to go see
my sister. She's dying.
- Get in the Van.
- What?
Get in the Van.
I've gotta say, even now,
it's hard not to feel charmed.
Let's all take a nice
drive to the countryside.
What are you gonna do?
"We." what are "we" gonna do?
We're gonna blow up a farm.
A farm? With what?
With this.
Oh-ho, no, we're not, son.
As we know,
I'm not immune to
your dulcet tones,
but I've gotta draw
the line somewhere.
You know,
there's a good way to live,
and there's a bad way.
And the bad way is walking
away from what's right.
And what's a good way?
It doesn't matter.
Now you don't have a choice.
- Ah, done it again.
- What are you doin'?
I'm not a monster,
I'm on a mission.
You don't know
what they do to them.
- To whom?
- To the animals.
Now that's a waste.
They're already dead.
The way they treat them.
Bred from birth to die
in horrific circumstances.
It's just not right!
All right, son. Keep it light.
All I did was let
the animals go free,
and then burn down the
buildings. Is that a crime?
Well, yeah, course it is.
Definitely a crime.
- What do you want with my nan?
- Collateral.
She comes with me and then
when we're done,
you drive us away.
Are you touched?
I'm not blowing up
a fucking farm.
I'm a pensioner.
I'm not spending me
last few years in a cell
fighting off a woman
called Beth.
That's an offensive stereotype.
Oh, wake up
and smell the lesbian.
Orange might be the new black.
But they still wanna have a go
up your clacker
when the lights go out.
Security takes ten minutes
to change shift.
That's gonna be our window.
So let's get in position
before the guard comes out.
Come on.
When you get the signal,
you step on it
and come and get us
and then we get the hell
out of here, all right?
What's the signal?
A bloody great big explosion.
That be enough for ya?
- Yeah.
- Okay, let's go. Come on.
You've got it all caught.
Get the seatbelt off
first, please.
Oh, that's all I need!
I mean, this is all I need,
I can tell you that much.
I shouldn't be here.
I'm supposed to be
cashing in me wowchers.
All I wanted was
to get a Paul Hollywood
and see coventry.
Nah. But instead, I'm handcuffed
to Daniel o-fucking-donnell.
- Oh, no.
- What?
- Oh, I need the lav.
- You're joking me.
No, no.
Oh, we'll have to go over there.
Ooh, quick. Oh, quick.
Let me behind this bush.
Oh, come on,
it's fallin' out of me.
Let's get this done.
Hello, mate.
Are you lost?
Yeah, I am, actually.
What are you lookin' for?
You're pretty far away
from anywhere.
I'm looking...
Looking, looking...
Looking to get into
the security game.
- You?
- Yep.
Yeah, right.
Open the door.
Your mini bus says...
Find me a dock leaf, son.
It's running down
the back of me legs.
Mind my shoes!
Yeah, it's a long story.
Is it?
I don't know what they put
in them fridge rustlers.
But it definitely don't go
with 12 pints of guinness!
Fuck me!
We've got, erm, buttons,
shells, feathers,
googly eyes, crayons.
My wife finds colouring in
very soothing.
- Oh, does she?
- Yeah.
I'm not great with crayons,
but I've tried a bit of origami
and I was surprisingly nimble.
That's nice.
Come on then, Mick, Mick, Mick.
Let's do this,
you mad vegan fucker.
Actually, I've put a lot
of posts on pinterest.
Oh, right.
It was decoupage that changed
the paradigm for me.
- Really?
- Oh, absolute game-changer.
You have to have
the precision of a sniper
and the gossamer-like touch
of a butterfly's wing.
Look, you seem
like a really nice man
and I love that you get
so much out of papier-mach,
but I'm in a really
complicated situation.
Decoupage is not papier-mach.
It's more glaze based.
My mistake.
When I said papier-mach...
Hang on.
Oh, cluck. Cluck me.
I'm coming!
Come on!
I suppose
we gotta make a move...
Come on.
Quickly, hurry up, get in!
That was amazing! Ha-ha!
You're a good man, Jamie.
We saved all them chickens!
Nearly all of 'em.
- What do we do now?
- Drive, drive!
Go, go, go, go!
Now this is what
I call a proper day out!
Ahh. No. th
I think I lost 'em.
Come on, then, Mick. Aah!
- Oh, no.
- Wooo.
This is insane.
What do we do now?
I am buzzing.
I gotta say,
I could see how you could get
a taste for all this,
Mick, Mick, Mick. Whoo!
I've never felt so alive.
I'm buzzing.
Is this what they mean
when they say it, eh?
Because I am buzzing.
I do feel like I'm buzzing.
It makes me wonder what
I've been doing all my life.
Well, we didn't just
do it for the buzz.
There was a point
to what we did.
Oh, I see.
Can you uncuff my nan, please?
I can't. I chucked the key
out the window, remember?
You got a saw back here?
It's a craft mobile for people
with emotional difficulties.
I don't carry sharp objects.
Well, I guess we're stuck
together then, aren't we?
We need to get out
of the country
and then we'll work it out.
Get out of the country?
We're wanted criminals.
There'll be police everywhere.
And they'll be watching
the airports, the sea ports.
It's only a matter of time.
I think we should
hand ourselves in.
Oh, calm down,
you big old Mary Ann.
You're harshing my vibe.
We're going to the island
off of Ireland,
hiding Mick from the police.
Oh, god.
Oh, I've got an idea.
Still buzzing, you know.
All done.
Oh, thanks for helping out,
Ah, you're welcome, nan.
We wanted to see the island
off of Ireland, anyway.
- Aussies on tour.
- Are we all ready?
Come on, we gotta be quick.
Come on then!
Let's go the island
that is off of Ireland
la-la-la-la hey
la-la-la-la hey
let's go to the island
that is off of Ireland
shabooya, roll call!
- My name is arsemunch
- Yeah!
And I drink beer -Yeah!
While playing rugby -Yeah!
I hope we win
ruined it.
Roll call
shabooya, roll call!
shabooya, roll call!
Oh, shit.
Get your head down, Mick.
- Nan.
- There we go.
Jamie, you can do this.
You're an Australian
rugby player
from Australia in Ireland.
Keep your voice down.
G'day, officer.
Morning, lads.
G'day, officer.
G'day, officer.
Where are you boys off to?
Big game.
Yeah. Who's in here?
The rugby team?
Oh, yeah, just us boys.
Mahler: Oh, really?
Justus boys, is it?
Just us boys!
Here enjoying
a couple of tinnies.
And saving babies
from dingoes, Sarah.
- What's she saying?
- iishell?
It's how we identify.
Oh, yeah.
I need a number plate checked.
- We're fluid.
- Ar 02.
There is a distinct smell
of urine in this mini bus.
That was nutsack.
Take that wig off.
It's stuck to my head.
Take that wig off!
I can't hear you!
We're fucked.
You're not. It's me they want.
I knew it was you.
Oh, well done, scouse Sherlock.
That number
plate matches the bee Van.
That's him. He's in here!
Oh, god. We're trapped.
All units, suspect in the Van,
in the blue-purple Van.
They only want me.
Well, you might be
Ireland's most wanted,
but I've got a bit
of form meself.
No regrets. Promise me
you'll see your sister.
What are you talking about?
Thought you threw that
out of the window.
Tullamore child magician
of the year, 1994.
I don't need 'em no more.
Go and see Nell. I mean it.
Open the boot, open the boot.
Close the boot, close the boot.
What a smashing fella.
Violent, angry, dangerous.
Everything you'd want
in a vegan.
I could vomit,
I could vomit, I could vomit.
But in a good way,
in a good way I could vomit.
Let's go to the island
that is off of Ireland
la-la-la-la hey
la-la-la-la hey
let's go to the island
that is off of Ireland
la-la-la-la hey
la-la-la-la hey
nan, nan, look.
Gotta make this ferry.
No ferry, no beer.
Before they do
all the fuckin' booze.
This is all your fault.
We're only here because of you.
I mean, I'm supposed to be
in a day spa in coventry
with my legs up, having hot wax
poured all over me noon.
Which, as crystal meth Cathy
reliably informed me,
is the correct definition
of an Hollywood.
I mean, that fella
off the bake off,
he ain't gonna be there.
Nothing to do with him.
He won't be anywhere in sight.
Take all your hair off.
Mary Berry wouldn't stand
for that.
- My name is nutsack!
- Not now!
She's gaining on us.
This woman stops me
getting a drink...
pull yourself together.
For god's sake, calm down.
I can't go any faster.
Hyperventilating clown.
What's the matter with ya?
The law,
she's an officer of the law.
She's a fucking traffic warden.
Lose her, mate.
She can't stop us.
No ferry, no beer.
Quick, the ferry's leaving.
It's okay, I'm sorry.
- We missed it, nan.
- We haven't! You can do it!
Or are you just chicken shit?
- What did you call me?
- Chicken shit.
Nobody calls me chicken shit.
- Chicken shit! Did it again.
- Chicken shit!
Froggo just called you
chicken shit!
Chicken shit! Chicken shit!
- Chicken shit!
- I am not chicken shit!
The copper's missed!
I'll get you, old woman!
You nailed it, Jamie!
Well, I gotta hand it to you.
You got me there in the end.
Yeah, I did.
So, go on, then.
You had a whirlwind wedding
with Terry.
Yeah, I married tel.
And Walter went off to war.
Then Terry spent every night
interfering with me.
Sometimes twice
if he had an early shift.
Nan, didn't need
to know all that.
Well, you did ask.
And then, four months later,
that was it.
War was over.
And after all those years,
all that chaos and commotion,
It all stopped.
And Walter came back to make
an honest woman of Nell.
Oh. Ah.
Oh, do you think I look nice?
Here, you're lucky
you're not showin'.
You are sweet, joanie.
What are you talking about?
Come on, Joan.
I'm not really pregnant.
- I never was.
- What?
I thought you'd have
worked that out by now.
I'm not a tart.
I saw that note
Walter wrote to you.
I thought, "I'm not having
that. He's mine."
Oh, come on, joanie.
What did mum always say?
"All's fair in love and war."
What'd you do that for?
What's wrong with you?
- Get off!
- You say sorry.
You pathetic lump of lard.
It's my wedding day.
Well, then, go and get married.
You wouldn't have known
what to do with him anyway.
You're a piece of work, Nell.
I gave him up for you!
He wouldn't have wanted you.
But he did, Nell.
And you took him just
because you couldn't...
What the bleedin' hell
is going on in here?
The day you were born,
daddy told me
to always look after you
and I always have.
But that ends today.
You are dead to me.
Don't be so dramatic, joanie.
Today's supposed
to be a celebration.
Tel: It is, Nell.
Because if I've read
this situation correctly,
we don't ever
have to see you again.
Well said, tel.
Shall we?
Couldn't you have been
with Walter then,
once you knew the truth?
No, I was a married woman.
That's not how things were done.
So, that's why you never
speak to auntie Nell?
She stole my life.
I got lumbered with tel.
While she swanked off into
the sunset drinking champagne
and snorting caviar,
or whatever it is
heavy-chested girls get to do.
Yeah, but you had a nice life
with grandad tel, didn't ya?
It was all right.
But it wasn't what I deserved.
I did everything right.
And look where it got me.
We are on the island
that is off of Ireland
la-la-la-la hey
la-la-la-la hey
we are on the island
that is off of Ireland
la-la-la-la hey
la-la-la-la hey
Here, I'll tell you what,
we'll always have
that ferry jump.
Oh, er, quick question.
What is there to do on the
island off of Ireland, nan?
Oh, nothing, darling.
No, I mean,
it's an absolute tip.
Still, there's another
ferry tomorrow.
- Tally-ho, sweethearts.
- Bye, nan.
We're really grateful,
thanks very much.
Hey, well done, tough guy.
You really think I'm tough?
Well, no. Not now
you said that.
Boom, explosion, shrapnel.
Her name is nan Yeah!
And she is lairy -yeah!
She dropped a pill -yeah!
And jumped a ferry -yeah!
Oh. Oh.
Poor old Mick, Mick, Mick.
Do you think he'll
be all right in prison?
Everyone loves magic.
It's all right.
Shall we go home now?
You're so close, nan.
Let's go home.
Chicken shit.
Touch, son.
I meant it,
what I said, you know?
What's that, nan?
I am proud of you.
You remembered saying that?
Of course I remember.
Also meant it
when I blew off in your face.
- Thanks, nan.
- Yeah.
I'll wait here for a bit,
let you say hello,
get reacquainted.
What are you gonna do?
I've got my crafts, haven't I?
You've come up and seen me.
I've come up and seen you.
You've come up
and seen me, ain't ya?
I've come up and seen you.
Well, you are a good girl.
You look rough.
- Well, I'm dying.
- Oh.
Read your letter.
No need to keep banging on
about it.
You've landed on your feet,
as usual.
In what way?
Living in paradise.
- Look at this place.
- We've made do.
Made do?
Where's Walter, then?
He's upstairs getting ready.
I think he's a bit nervous to
see you after all this time.
So I'm here, then.
Got what you wanted?
You want to show me
your perfect life
in your perfect house
with your perfect man?
You want me to see all
the things you stole from me,
so you can have one
last thrill before you go?
You always resented me, Nell.
And all I ever did
was try and look after ya.
Hello, joanie.
Joanie, it's me.
Nell: Say hello to Walter.
It's wonderful to see you.
I've missed you.
We both have.
Who is it?
It's me, joanie.
- Who is it?
- Joanie, it's me.
What? So, erm...
You look well.
How long has this been going on?
All our lives.
We came out here
for some privacy.
I suppose it wasn't
as accepted as it is now.
We had to keep ourselves
to ourselves.
Er, so you
both wear dresses?
Yeah, sometimes we share them.
He has tremendous taste
in fashion.
Oh, it's...
"He," is it?
Vvhats, el
what's going on? Am I...
Am I having a stroke?
It's a lot to process,
but it's still me.
I've just always felt happier
in women's clothing.
I'm still a man
in every respect.
If you understand my meaning.
We have a voracious sex life.
All right, sailor,
I don't need all the details.
Well, I've gotta admit,
I never saw that coming.
Neither did I.
Is that chiffon you're wearing?
Are those buttons
mother of Pearl?
Fair enough.
So when did you find out
about all this?
On our wedding night.
His drawers were frillier
than mine.
Look at the size of the shoes.
They're like boats!
Oh, I do feel better.
Oh, that has cheered me up.
I mean, all these years
I thought you'd been
living the perfect life.
Little did I know most of it's
been spent arguing over
who looks best in
a feathered muumuu.
A muumuu!
Whoo! That can't have been easy.
Well, I'm glad you had
a rough ride of it an' all.
Well, how did you
have a rough ride?
You were with Terry. He was
your soulmate, wasn't he?
We all thought
you were meant to be.
Terry? Terry?
It's always the way,
though, innit?
You don't appreciate what
you've had till it's gone.
He was a wonderful man.
My Terry.
He loved me so much.
Obsessed with my arsehole.
But, other than that,
a proper gent.
Oh, here's me grandson.
He's drove me all this way.
Oh, he's a good boy.
- Is it all right it! Come in?
- Come in.
Come and meet youraunfie.
Nell: Oh.
Oh, I do love a corduroy collar.
Lovely to meet you.
Look how big your hat is there.
"Our life through a series of
gorgeous outfits". All right.
Oh, very nice.
Wear it well, don't ya?
Nell: Oh...
Yeah, that's very, er...
- That was new year.
- Yeah. Nice.
It's very, innit, eh?
Here's his power dressing.
Nell: Mmm. Innit, eh?
He's got a cape on that suit.
It's a scarf.
Oh, it's a scarf. Do excuse me.
It was a scarf.
Yeah, it's, it's a pashmina.
Oh, a pashmina, this one, see?
Have you met?
I'll give you a minute.
I hated what Nell did to us.
Took me a long time to forgive
her for keeping us apart.
She stole our lives.
- I mean...
- Butshe...
She changed.
She regretted hurting you.
And I grew to love her.
So maybe I ended up with
the right sister, after all.
Did I?
Hands up, I don't think
I could have got on board
with any of this.
You really are marvellous.
I don't know what to say.
Then don't.
You conniving old 'ore.
You miserable old shithouse.
Joanie, I just
want you to know...
Me, too.
You okay, nan?
I will be.
We're in trouble, aren't we?
Like, really serious
criminal trouble?
Aii's fair in love and war.
Come on, son, let's go home.
Thank you, arsemunch!
Good effort, son.
Love you, nan!
Well, that turned out to be
a very multi-layered road trip.
You'll have a field day
with your cartoons.
Prisoners: Mick! Mick! Mick!
Mick! Mick!
It's not over!
See ya!
Oh, sweetheart.
- You're back!
- Hi!
Oh, do join us.
What a fucking Liberty!
All together now!