The Nanny (2017) Movie Script

"And ere he blew three notes,
such sweet soft notes as yet a musician's
cunning never gave the enraptured air.
There was a rustling
that seemed like a bustling,
of merry crowds jostling
and pitching and hustling.
Small feet were pattering,
wooden shoes clattering.
Little hands clapping
and little tongues
That's enough, Daddy.
Is it scaring you?
No, it's just,
I know the ending.
Let me close that for you.
All right?
I'm not afraid anymore.
It's just
a nice old tree.
Good-bye, Daddy.
I think you mean
"good night," sweetheart.
You only say good-bye when you're
going away for a long time.
Oh, yeah. I forgot.
Good night.
Good night, love.
Get some sleep.
Sometimes I wish we could just
freeze her in time. You know?
Keep her our little kid
Selfish, I know.Mmm.
All parents feel that way,
I think.
Sometimes I just wanna grab her
by the shoulders and say,
"I love you.
Stop growing up."
I hear you.
Did you hear that?
Call the police.
Wh-What is it? Just call the police!
where is she? I don't know.
- Emma!
- Emma!
- Daddy!
- Emma!
This is insane.
He's not a threat.
He is nine years old.
And how old are you?
What does that have
to do with anything?
Maybe he's not the threat
Officer Frank is worried about.
Ever think of that?
What did you want me to do?
Just let them bully him?
Your mom's gonna be here soon.
Shouldn't be long.
They don't pay me enough
for this crap.
You going somewhere?
We were coming out
to meet you.Uh-huh.
Okay, in the car. Let's go.
Michael. Come on.
Come on, bud.
Put your feet in.
Feet in.
Too fast.
Hey, Doris.
I'm so sorry.
You have
my sympathies.
Anna, hey.Hi.
- Officer Frank.
- Oh. Hey.
Hey, Noa.Hi.
I just need to talk to your mom for a minute.
I mean,
he's an imaginative kid.
You know Michael.
I mean,
it's been a while.
Well, I mean,
I've been working a lot.
It's not like I have free time,
like, to do things.
Is this
really necessary?
Well, he... he told the principal
he heard naughty voices
telling him
to do very, very bad things.
So what does that mean? I don't know.
But, you know, in today's world,
with the schools,
we can't take any chances,
you know.
He's a little kid! I know.
But it's a thin line between
imaginative and troubled.
Oh, now he's "troubled"?
This is... I... I don't know. I don't...
No, I don't think so.
No. He's... He's just...
I think that...
I think he's just a lonely kid,
that's all.
I don't know what to do
about that.
I have to work. A lot.
So that we can live.
Well, I mean, if you didn't delete my number,
you know, it's 911.
You gotta tell me something,
What's going on at school?
What's happening?
I need you
to tell me something.
Jesus, Noa!
I have a paper to do.
Seat belt.
Jesus! Oh. Sorry.
I didn't mean to... Scare me?
Yeah. I didn't...
I'm sorry. Uh, I just...
I wanted to say,
just before you left, if you, uh...
if you need me to come by, make dinner, check
on 'em, or check on you, or, you know...
If I'm not working, or even
if I'm working, I could... Okay.
Oh, my God.
Now they're flirting.
Stop it. You stop.
Stop being so weird. Look what you
do with your freaking weirdness.
I can't deal with
a mom relationship right now.
She doesn't have time
to date.
Is this your way of worming
your way back into my life?
Well, I take issue
with "worm."
Thank you. All right.
Be good to your mom.
Seat belt.
Shouldn't we have
a family meeting?
Take a vote?
Let's not
rush into this.
Baby, we're not
rushing into anything.
We're gonna interview each
candidate really carefully. Okay?
I've outgrown
the nanny era.
I can take care
of Michael.
Haven't I done good,
not counting today?
Yes. But then...
And I'm not blaming you...
I get a call from the school,
who's called in Frank
because they're concerned
about a potential
school shooting
kind of situation.
I'm not blaming you,
but I'm blaming you. I'm... No.
He screwed up.
The system screwed up.
But somehow I'm not the
one who's good enough?
No. I'm sorry.
You're right.
But obviously
something isn't working.
I'm thinking, you know,
three nights a week,
at the most.
And the person will be
really focused on Michael.
'Cause he needs
Baby, I know that you've been really
looking out for your brother.
And I love that.
I really do.
But when was the last time
you hung out with your friends?
Like Kyra.
And that cute boy, Matt.
I'm not friends
with them anymore. What?
People change,
I guess.
Baby, you're so dirty.
But you're cute.
What are you doing?
- Stop being so weird.
- You're weirder than me.
At least I'm not the reason Mom's
trying to hire a new nanny right now.
- A new nanny?
- No. There will be no new nanny.
It's humiliating.
You owe me.
Mom said
we all gotta agree.
You vote how I tell you.
Look, if I cough after
an interview, like this...
it means no way,
thumbs down.
Vote "no"
even if I vote "yes."
And if I rub my eyebrow,
like this,
it means say "yes"
and I'll say "no."
We gotta mix it up so she doesn't
know we're up to something.
What if there's
someone really great?
In this town?
Remember who was there trying
to break you out of there
before Mom even got around
to showing up?
I know what I'm doing.
Now repeat after me.
The only good nanny
is no nanny.
The only good nanny
is no nanny.
What am I gonna do
with you, kiddo?
All right, it's bedtime.
Come on. Careful.
I have games, if you guys like games.
I love playing games.
I also love to bake,
so if your children are...
I have a lot of experience
as a substitute teacher.
I love helping kids
with their homework.
Oh, of course,
I can make a lunch.
Put some mayo on there, put some,
uh, you know, ham and cheese.
It's one of my favorites.
- I'm not a fan.
- You didn't like her?
- I mean, she was okay, but...
- I thought you liked her.
Even if it's sort of last minute,
that's definitely fine.
I'm more than happy to help your children
with their homework. Absolutely.
And I would probably...
Okay, so she's a maybe.
- Melanie?
- Not her.
- Thank you so much. Have a good one.
- You too.
Nah, I don't think so.
I thought
she was so great.
Yeah. What the heck?
I loved her.
God, are my standards
just too low?
We still have
a couple more people.
I bet one of them
will be the one.
Don't give up yet, Mom.
Maybe we should
just make do.
Maybe Frank can bring us pizza
Thursday night.
No. You said it.
We can't just give up.
Oh, guys,
I have to go in to work.
Am I just
a horrible mother?
I mean, I was gonna leave you
with those people.
I thought
they were all fine.
But maybe I'm
just the worst.
- No!
- What Michael means...
Noa made sure we said no to everybody.
She made me!
She had signals!
Shut up.
Noa, is that true?
We don't need a nanny
It's a waste.
Like, I'm literally saving this family money.
How could you do that,
Do you have any idea
how badly I need help?
- Noa, upstairs.
- Mom, a crasher?
- She probably has a butcher knife!
- Upstairs now. Let's go.
Come on.
You too, Michael.
But why? Up. Up.
She made me. Up, up, up.
Leonor from Spenser.
I'm sorry?
Leonor Cottingwood from the
Spenser Domestic Agency.
I was sent in regards
to the nanny position.
Did you walk here?
Has it already been filled,
Ms. Montaner?
I'm sorry. I'm just...
I'm a little confused.
I... You weren't on my list.
Did you reply
to the ad or...
Ms. Montaner,
the Spenser Agency
is the most prestigious nanny
placement service in the world.
They've placed
the perfect nannies
with the right families
for centuries.
Should there be a situation
in which they can be of help,
you can be certain
they will hear of it.
Come on in.
So it's...
it's three nights a week.
The ideal is for our nannies to
live with their chosen families.
It is the only way to truly
reach the little ones.
It really would be
I just wish I had time
to properly interview you.
But I have to
run off to work.
But maybe you could
leave your number?
Or I could start now
and save you the bother.
I really have to run that
kind of thing by the kids.
I have a feeling this may be
just what is needed by them,
and by you.
Yeah. Let's...
We should...
Let's give it
a shot.
But you have to meet
the kids first.
I feel
that we already have.
Mom, can I talk to you
for a sec?
Um, I don't think
we should hire this...
We are just giving her
a tryout.
What is wrong
with that?
There's something... What?
She just gives me
a bad feeling. Okay?
Noa, I cannot handle double
shifts and Michael's stuff.
I just can't.
So just please
give her a chance.
Please. For me.
So, I should
just be a few hours.
And if there's any problem,
just call me.
There shall be no problems,
I assure you.Okay.
Thank you so much.
Are you not going to eat,
my dear?
I'm good.
Something is not quite right.
Is it now?
Now... isn't that
much more comfortable?
I guess so.
Eat. It's good.
It is good for you.
I... I-I just
need some water.
Of course. Allow me to...
No. I can get it.
now that you're in my care I think
it time we set some ground rules.
Firstly, could I ask you
both to be so good
as not to leave your seats
without first being excused?
Secondly, I shall ask you to kindly
not stay up past your bedtime.
And third?
And what, my dear,
makes you think there is a third?
I don't know.
Don't these things
usually come in threes?
When is our bedtime?
Whenever I say it is,
my dear.
What happens if we
stay up past bedtime?
Do you really want to find out?
Off to bed now.
I-I heard noises.
It is your imagination
playing tricks on you,
my dear.
You children
are far too full of fancy.
Need to keep your feet firmly
planted on the ground.
Off to bed now.
He locks his door at night.
You won't be able to...
It would seem your brother
is a remarkably light sleeper.
Cannot sleep either,
my dear?
Is it the thunder?
Or are there other sounds that
have been plaguing your ears?
We all hear things.
It's simply a question of
whether one chooses to listen.
Something out here,
They're just in my head.
They are quite real,
my dear.
Would you like it if I were
to tell you a bedtime story?
Once upon a time
there was another world.
It was very, very far away,
and yet right beside this one.
- It was a world of magic and wonder,
- Anna.
but also of war, villains, and horror.
Hi! How are you?
It was not unlike this one in
that way, and in other ways too.
In fact, they were those who found
themselves living in the wrong world
and didn't even know it.
Hi. Yeah, um, I was trying to
reach Officer Frank Gomez.
Frank, you got a call
for a disturbance over
at the Montaner place.
Request that you go over there immediately.
Yeah, okay. I copy that.
I got it!
Officer Frank, come in.
Come in, come in.
Is everything okay,
Noa? It's the new nanny.
She locked Michael in his room and she
was on top of the roof, climbing around.
Anna got a nanny?
I mean, I could've
just watched you guys.Listen.
She had some really
weird stuff in her bag.
I mean, like,
really strange.
You were going through
her things?
Come on. You'll see.
This is our new nanny,
Nice to meet you.
You'll have to excuse
this mess, Officer.
Just whipping up
a late-night snack.
This might not be
to your taste.
But perhaps I could warm you up
some leftovers from dinner?
Don't eat it.
A hardworking officer
needs his strength.
Wow. It's really good.
You're up past your bedtime,
my dear.
Oh, man.
Left my lights on again. Now, don't tell
the sheriff. He hates it when I do that.
Honestly, though, that was the best
food I think I've ever had in my life.
Thank you.
you drive safely then.
All right.
Okay. Yeah.
Please, no!
We should get a drink.
Yeah, I wish.
Come on.
The new nanny's so great. Right?
It's not even late.
Come on. It is her first night.
No way.
I cannot do that. Yeah, you can.
Maybe I can start to get
some of my life back, you know?
That's the spirit.
Yeah, maybe I'll, like,
start dating again.
Frank was kinda
sniffing around,
but, I don't know,
he's such a teddy bear.
Sometimes in a cute way.
Sometimes in, like,
a no-genitals way.
You must be giving out
pheromones already,
'cause that kinda-scary,
kinda-hot, intense guy
keeps checking you out.
Just signal
if he's weird.
Hi. I'm David.
Good morning,
Ms. Montaner.
Good morning.
Of course, I cook all three meals every day,
without fail.
But should I ever
be detained,
there will always be a meal tailored
exactly to their individual needs.
What is that?
Some kind of kale
or something?
Only the best
for my dearies.
Nothing more nutritious.
Good luck
getting them to eat that.
Fear not, my dear.
I have my ways.
Well, it seems like you really
have it all figured out.
Pretty soon
you're not even gonna need me.
I find most children
just need a gentle push
to help them see the magic
of the great outdoors.
Hey. Wait. Noa!
That lady you left us with
is a monster.
Oh, is that so? Yeah.
Last night she lit candles and
locked Michael and me in our rooms.
- And she cooked some weird stew.
- Stop it.
You promised me that
you would give her a chance.
Because we need her.
Ineed her.
And so far
it looks like she is
the best thing that has
ever happened to us.
I'm not crazy.
I think she has wings.Noa. Stop.
So we're gonna stick it out
with her a little bit. Okay?
Hey, wait.
It is time for school.
Follow me.
Who are you?
We're not really
going to school, are we?
And what on Earth
makes you say that?
I know all the shortcuts to school.
This ain't one of them.
Tell me, Michael.
What is it
that you fear?
The woods.
Then it is best that you confront that fear,
is it not?
Words are magic...
very old and powerful magic.
They make the world real.
They bring things out of the
darkness into the light of the fire
where they can be understood.
But there are older words...
words that most have forgotten.
And so there are things that remain unseen.
Agas taoibh trid.
Agas taoibh trid.
Agas taoibh trid an fialaigh gan eagla.
Agas taoibh trid
an fialaigh gan eagla?
This is the only way,
The sacred shows itself
in nature.
And this is where
the worlds converge.
Where is your school
if not here, Michael?
Kids call me a freak
at school.
Then this is
where you shall learn.
Learn what?
Water holds memories,
and so does the earth.
You are much more
than you know, Michael.
As I live and breathe.
Do you work here now,
my dear?
What? Wait.
What are you doing?
Emma Quinn.
She was a student here.
So? They never found her?
Get out.
Get out of my place.
Why do you need
to know that?
I'm doing a story
for the school newspaper.
The father said
he saw strange things.
Said monsters
stole his daughter.
Basically went mad.
he became a suspect,
and his wife, um,
began to doubt him.
And, uh, you know,
everyone involved just tore themselves apart.
But in the end,
there was nothing.
just faded away.
So this kid gets kidnapped,
and nobody in this town
knows anything about it?
Emma Quinn was
the sweetest girl you ever knew.
And I combed the woods for months,
looking for her. We all did.
Listen, you can't be talking about those kind
of things here in our neck of the woods.
In our redneck part
of the woods, you mean?
Well, it's not quite
that simple, my dear.
Everything has
its own rhythms.
Like, uh, right about now...
Earl's postal truck is gonna
be coming down Oakland Avenue.
Yates High's, uh,
fifth period bell's about to ring.
Oh, and Greg Stillson
is going to be... Okay, okay,
I don't even know
who that is.
That's because you are such in a
hurry to get out of this place
that you've failed
to... look around.
Like down at Odin's,
the old townies are gathering,
and soon they're going
to be deep in the sauce
and start talking
about mad things.
That sounds
really fascinating.
You never know
what you might hear.
Burger and chocolate milk.
First time that's been
ordered here, I think.
Need anything else, sweetie?
This looks great.
Thank you.
You're too young.
Don't even try.
The painting over there,
do you know...
I don't know nothin'
about it.
It's quite old, you see.
Before Mike's dad ever came
over from the old country.
And he's been gone
some years now.
It's just that tree thingy
looks very familiar.
Just wondering
if you knew who painted it.
Surely one of the greats.
I mean, why else would it be
hanging in such a refined locale?
Your food's gettin' cold.
Well, thanks anyways.
Your shirt's wet.
Of the hidden world.
Elkrog is the worst
of the worst.
Always stealing the kids
for his army to fight
the fairy king.
When the moon
turns to blood...
I should've cut him off
17 drinks ago.
The fairy king...
Is make-believe.
The king and the queen
keep the fairies in tow,
wishing to stay,
but then were forced to go.
And when the good folks tried to
intervene and put on their best,
they quickly found
themselves very distressed.
For not all the fairies
are good to the core.
The smart ones know
to look for the back door.
Enough there, Mike.
Pay him no mind,
The burger's on us, and don't come
back till you're of drinking age.
And stop asking
about such things.
Go, for your own good.
My own good?
Just be careful.
Use iron,
or tell 'em their true name,
if it comes to it.
Only way to kill a fairy.
Anyone here?
You scared me.
I'm a little hungry.
Don't you wanna come in?
My, my.
Aren't you a clever one.
Tell me your real name.
You are going through
changes, my dear.
Nothing to be
frightened of.
You might ask yourself
what yourreal name is.
You look so familiar.
Are you sure
we haven't met before?
I mean, it-it's possible.
I do a lot of work
for the town.
So, tell me more about
that nanny you just hired.
We literally interviewed...
I think there was a list of 24...
Literally, 24 people.
That's two dozen.
And, mmm, it was like, not...
They didn't like anyone.
But they actually were kind
of pulling my leg on that.
But I'm confused,
because Leonor is amazing.
She's from the, uh,
Spenser Domestic Agency?
Have you ever heard
of that place?
Yeah, I have.
Do you have kids?
I'm sorry.
I should have asked that a while ago.
- I had a daughter, but...
- Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
I'm such an idiot for asking like that.
How could you've known?
Happened a long time ago.
But you know what?
It gave me purpose.
I wish it never happened,
but, uh, it defined
the life I live today.
I don't think
I even know what you do.
Did you tell me?
I'm... I'm sorry.
I'm really out
of practice.
Short version,
I, uh, help keep kids safe.
Long version,
I'll have to tell you
when I get to know you
a little bit better.
Which I am
looking forward to.
I had a really good time.
Me too.
I have to warn you though.
Most of my nights are spent at the hospital.
I'll be patient.
Do you mind
if I use your restroom?
I know it's a little early to
have a strange man in your house,
but, um...
I know kids,
and I promise
to stay out of sight.
So just straight
through the hall.
It's the second door
on the right.
You okay?
Who are you?
My name is David.
I'm a friend of your mom's.
But don't tell her
you saw me.
What happened?
And she's dating again?
My God.
Did that Spenser witch
hurt you?
Yeah. How did you know that?
Can I see?
I'm not a freak, okay?
Our new nanny,
she did this to me.
And she's not a witch.
She's a...
A fairy. I know.
Yes. How did you...
That's not important.
What's important is you have
to stay away from her. Okay?
Stay away.
Wait! Hey!
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
How did you know she's a...
A fairy?
Well, let's just say
I know a fairy when I see one.
Check it out?
Here, I'll show you.
Come here.
Took me years to complete.
But as far as I know,
this is the only, uh,
fairy-proof mobile containment unit.
Go on. Check it out.
Okay, but how are we
gonna get her in here?
Well, that's
the tough part.
But once she's in here,
no fairy can escape.
Not Elkrog. Not her.
Not you.
Wait! No!
What are you doing?
Let me out of here.
Why are you doing this?
It's too late for you,
but Emma may still be in the liminal stage.
Stop it!
Sit down,
or I'll zap you again.
I'm not a fairy.
Well, then how
do you explain those?
I... I don't know.
Leonor did it to me.
I'm gonna take care of her too. Don't
worry about her. That's why you're here.
I'm not. Please.
I... I was trying to stop her.
I believe you. I really do.
But here's the thing.
I've traveled to Donegal
and hunted leprechauns,
yokaiin Japan.
And you, my dear,
are a fairy.
Now, you're going through
a period of transition.
And that witch...
is gonna want you back.
Have you seen Noa?
She's not in her room,
her phone is off.
call it intuition...
I can sense my little ones
out there, but... I can't.
It is strange
that I can't.
Who did you let
into this house?
Get up.
Please, there has to be some way I
can prove to you that I'm normal.
You don't have half an idea
of what you are.
Get up.
Emma Quinn.
What'd you say?
Have you seen her? In your world?
Emma? Have you seen her?
She's about the same age
as she was.
Please, I... I just want
my daughter back, okay?
Get up.
Get up, get up.
Get up
and get in that cage.
Put those shackles on.
Hurry up.
This is just so not
like her. She's...
Mad as she gets, rebellious, whatever,
this is... I... Something is not right.
Could she
have gone to a friend's house?
Maybe her phone just died.
That happens all the time.
Anna, I promise you,
we will find her.
Just give me names,
uh, hangout spots,
um, ev-everything.
What about that girl she used
to hang out with? Uh, Ariana.
Ariel. No, they're not
even friends anymore.
I don't even know
who her friends are now.
I know precisely where Noa is.
The man you allowed
into the house,
near my children,
has taken her.
Did you just say,
"my children"?
Such a shame, Anna.
You should not have
trusted that man.
"That man"? What man?
You don't even know him.
I'm afraid, my dear,
neither do you.
Who do you think you are?
Was this, like,
a date man or, uh...
Frank. Sorry.
Leave it to me.
Only I know how to find her.
Only I know
how to keep her safe.
She's my daughter.
No, Mommy. She isn't.
What did you just say?
Michael, get out of the car.
There's a good boy.
No, no, no.
You stay right there.
What has this woman
been telling you?
I think, everybody, maybe
we should just calm down.
Stay out of this, Frank. Okay.
Get out.
It's too dangerous for him,
here with you.
Oh, and he's safer
with you?
You're scaring him.
Hey, Anna, what's going on?
Hey, hang on, okay?
Stay right there. I'm on my way.
No, we're coming to you.
Your services will
no longer be required.
And you'll be the judge
of that, will you?
I am their mother.
Are you quite sure
of that now?
Noa, come out, sweetheart.
I'm not gonna hurt ya.
He's a monster.
It's gonna be all right.
We're gonna find her, okay?
The town's not that big.
We'll turn it upside down.
Think of any friends that
maybe she would have gone to.
Hideout spots
or, uh, friends' houses.
Kids do this
all the time.
Do they?
Um, I'll take him.
- Okay. Thank you.
- Okay, we'll take my car.
She said something
about a man?
Like, uh,
you were seeing a man?
Are you seeing a man? What?
Frank, this is not
the time to get jealous.
Oh, Anna,
I'm not getting jealous.
We need to cover all of our bases here.
You don't know this guy.
He was in the house. He could be
some kind of creep or have a record.
I'm not gonna just let a creep into my house,
around my kids.
Give me
a little credit, okay?
What was his name?
His name is David Quinn.
David Quinn?
You said David Quinn?
I... I know David Quinn.
Everybody knows David Quinn.
That's where we're going.
Sorry, Noa.
I'm afraid this concludes
our little fairy tale.
It's time for us
to be heading home,
my daughter.
Oh, my God.
I'm gonna need additional
units at 17728 Marana Drive.
Send a coroner.
What is this place?
What the hell
is that?
This is Noa's hat.
Noa! Noa!
Oh, please.
Yeah? Doris?
You need to come back to
the school right away.
Michael's been taken.
If you're my mother,
why did I grow up here?
Many fairy children
ended up in orphanages.
Elkrog had seized power.
He would have hunted you down
and killed you.
Or worse, made you join him.
No. This is all crazy.
It's time for you to let go of
everything you think you know.
Are you so stuck in the
drudgery of this world
that you cannot hear
the whispers all around you?
You are not
just my daughter.
You are the protector.
For there are
dark forces afoot,
and we must fight them.
What happened? It took Michael.
It? In the park.
In the woods,
where Emma went missing.
North Stream Park.
North Stream Park. Let's go.
I always got
a strange feeling here.
Are you frightened?
Is my brother... Is...
Elkrog has not left yet.
I shall show you across,
and then I will deal with
him once and for all.
I shan't be long behind.
With your brother
in my loving arms.
What's on the other side?
Your home.
Your true home.
I'll be able
to come back here someday.
Where's my daughter?
Some fairies, like this little girl,
I kill quickly.
But I'm gonna
make you suffer...
unless you tell me
where Emma is.
Tell me.
I've missed you so much.
Join us...
or join him.
Noa. Noa.Noa.
Wake up, baby. Wake up.
I need backup units and an ambulance
right away. North Stream Park.
Wake up.
He is upon us.
Where did she go?
Always remember.
Remember. Remember.
Every day I
see more of the hidden world.
Sometimes it's just a feeling.
I need to face the darkness to see the light.
More and more I understand who I am,
where I come from, and what I'm capable of.
I know I'll go there someday when I'm ready.
But for now,
I've got a family, here in this world,
and I've got to keep 'em safe.
There she is. Hi!
What about dinner?
forget where you came from.
In the hidden world lurk dangers yet to come.
You must keep your eyes and your spirit open.
You must never forget who you truly are.