The Nanny's Night (2021) Movie Script

It's 420.
We have a 10 zero.
I repeat, a 10 zero.
We need backup.
Now the bride
had her fun, she must pay.
Do you think we'll
need anything else?
Um, I don't know.
Maybe not, but we'll see.
You know what?
I always felt comfortable
at supermarkets.
I don't know, call me weird.
Look at me, you
think you are weird?
Cherry cola, seriously?
Grab it and we'll
go get ice cream.
Right, ice cream.
Why didn't we think
about it before?
You know
what ice cream soda is?
Um no, but I can imagine.
It's very easy, it's
just mixing a bowl
of ice cream with soda.
So a sloppy mess.
The crazier the
flavors, the better.
And the bigger the
cavities on the sugar rush.
Have you seen most
of the shopping cart?
Yeah, that's true.
Where did you learn
that recipe from, hell?
At chess camp.
Chess camp?
Bianka in chess camp.
It's okay, you can
laugh if you want.
Why would I laugh?
Well, other people
used to, you know.
I've just confessed to
you that I feel wonder
in a supermarket, I don't
know what's worse.
Well, the thing is that there,
instead of telling horror
stories at night around the fire,
or I don't know, playing
baseball in our spare time,
we used to make the most
disgusting recipes from back home.
Got it.
Well, and, um, I got
a recipe from Eric,
a guy from Philly.
Yeah, the ice cream or Eric?
Wow, now you are talking.
You like him, huh?
Um, well, there weren't
any Asian guys at the camp
and he was the only one
who didn't wear glasses.
And he watched
underground anime.
Thank you.
Hi Melanie.
Hi girl.
Are you going to a
pajama party tonight?
Ha, we wish.
So you were talking about Eric,
the hot ice cream soda guy?
Yeah, him, you
know, he just...
Yes, what?
Well, um, he had
lousy technique.
A lousy technique?
Yeah, um, he didn't
win many games, you know?
And he was disqualified
in a first round, so...
Okay, come on,
don't fuck with me.
I'm not talking about that.
What happened with him?
Um, well, um, the last night
we were together for a while.
That's all, it was just nice.
What do you mean?
39.40, girls.
Okay, keep the change.
Thank you, sweetie.
- Bye.
- Bye.
It was nice, okay, that's all.
I don't want Melanie to
know anything about my life.
It was bad enough with
everyone at high school
knew that I was a virgin at 17.
But you still are.
Well, we were together,
okay, and we made out.
But why do you wanna know?
Well, I thought
we were friends.
Well, it was
really good, okay.
And you only kissed?
You only kissed, right?
Why do you wanna know?
Did he put in you or not?
Oh my God, what's
wrong with you?
Yeah, um, I'm, I'm sorry.
I'm a bit nervous
about the job tonight,
and I'm just worried
about you, that's all.
Well, we had a good
time together, okay?
I am happy for you.
By the way, he put it
inside of me.
I am so happy
for you, I'm glad.
No seriously,
I am so, so glad.
Oh, thank you.
And you know what?
I think it's best if
you don't come tonight.
Wait, really?
Yeah, don't worry,
I do it myself.
But everything
we just bought...
Seriously, don't worry.
Go home and don't
think about it.
I will call you
tomorrow, okay?
Okay, fine, but can I keep
the blueberry jam at least?
Oh sure, yes, take it.
Take care.
Yeah, yeah, this
is fucking great.
Yeah, of course I have it.
And are you bringing yours?
You better not screw up.
It's about time to get
on my case, Charlie?
Hey Bianka, what a surprise.
How you doing?
You going anywhere?
Listen, let's
talk later, okay?
I have to go, bye.
Hey, was it
business or pleasure?
I don't know,
it was my stepdad.
I always
love your sense of humor.
Where are you going?
To the McGraw's.
For real?
For real, I'm taking care
of the daughter tonight
while they're going to an
orgy at the country club.
So I don't know
which plan I'll have tonight,
going to the country
club or to the McGraw's.
Do you need help with that bag?
You only have those two plans?
Not really, but if you
want, I can go and see you.
You know what, let's see.
Now seriously?
Fucking big ones.
Princess, are you ready?
Come on, I've been waiting
for more than half an hour.
You've been drinking for more
than half an hour, you mean.
You cannot drink this
whiskey, you taste it.
Do you think we
are doing it right?
Leaving our little
girl with a stranger?
Are you really going
to start with that now?
Of course we are doing
it right, we deserve it.
Yes I know, but...
But she has good
recommendations, doesn't she?
Mm hm.
She's not a stranger.
Please stop worrying about it.
That money hungry group
willing to do anything,
what tonight we have ahead?
You already know I'm more
comfortable among equals.
Sam, stop it.
Hm, oh?
Not when the girl's
at home, you know it.
She might come and see us.
The girl is 13.
Do you really think
she's that naive?
Enough, Sam.
I'm serious.
I'm almost done.
As soon as she arrives,
we'll show her everything.
We'll introduce
them, and we leave.
She should have gotten an IUD
instead of that stupid lipo.
Well, maybe both.
Oh, excuse me.
I thought the bell
wasn't working, and...
There is nothing
wrong with the bell.
Don't worry, relax.
Come in.
Sam, come down,
the nanny is here.
Sorry your name was?
Oh, eh, don't worry.
It's fine, my name is Bianka.
Right, Bianka.
This is the last time I'm
betting for those Anaheim idiots.
They fucked up my fucking...
Hi, Mr. McGraw.
She's the nanny.
Oh, sorry, Bianka, okay?
She's the girl we were
talking about earlier.
I better finish getting ready.
Sweetie, make
yourself comfortable.
You'll meet our
daughter right away.
Sam, please, would you
mind showing her around?
Of course, Allie.
Wanna come with
me to the kitchen?
Oh yes, sir.
No, thank you, sir.
I don't drink during work hours.
That's the spirit.
It was the test to
see what you'd say.
By the way, you don't
have to call me sir.
Mr. McGraw is better?
Mm, doctor?
To be honest,
I'd rather you call me Sam.
Do you know what
I do for living?
You are very famous, Sam.
Let's stop
with the formalities.
Am I really?
Yeah, something like that.
The best plastic
surgeon in the city.
For real?
That's where I heard.
I know some of your clients.
Well, luckily
for me and my job,
not all women are like you.
What do you mean?
I mean that if they were, I
wouldn't have any work to do.
Hey, Nicole!
That's my daughter.
Nicole, this is Bianka.
Hello, Nicole.
She'll be taking
care of you tonight.
I already told my parents
I didn't need a nanny,
but they insisted.
Come, I'll show you
the rest of the house.
Relax, honey, I'll do it.
What a nice living room.
You have a really
beautiful house.
Drink Bloodwiser.
The beer of the demon.
Out of the way, out of
the way, out of the way.
Well, that would be all.
I don't know, you
have our phone number
in case something happens.
Don't worry, Mrs.
McGraw, we'll be fine.
Needless to
say that, no junk food.
- Mm hm.
- Horror films, mobile phones,
and especially no boys.
Okay, don't
worry, Mrs. McGraw.
Don't stay up
any later than 11.
Nicole has to be
in bed and asleep.
And um, will there
be bedtime stories?
Oh, come on honey.
We are late, as usual.
Yes, we are leaving.
So like I said,
you can be relaxed.
You have our phone number,
just in case call us.
But it's better if you don't.
Goodbye, Mrs. McGraw.
Bye, Sam!
Are you okay?
Without the girl,
I'm surrounded
by all those blood suckers
from the country club, super.
One thing, did she just call
you Sam, and me Mrs. McGraw?
Youth nowadays, they
don't respect anything,
Mrs. McGraw.
Do I have to go to bed yet?
Only if you want.
Um, what's for dinner?
Veggie soup.
I suppose so.
Change the channel.
Yeah, and what are you gonna
put on TV, The Holy Mass?
"Night of the Living Dreads."
What do you prefer?
Pizza, nachos, or gummies?
You're messing with me.
And I have something
very special for dessert.
What's the catch?
Tonight we're gonna
have a blast.
It's Mom.
Mm, then answer it.
Hi, love.
How are you doing?
Is everything all right?
No, the nanny's kidnapped
me and tied me to the bed.
Don't be silly, honey.
Everything's fine.
Don't worry.
Is she there?
Oh yeah, I'm
here, Mrs. McGraw.
Everything is in order.
So isn't it time you take
my little girl to bed?
Sure, Mrs. McGraw,
I will do it now.
And do you know what?
Tell me.
I'd rather you
call me Mrs. Santera.
Paquita Maria Santera.
I don't like feeling I'm
property of my husband
by a simple surname.
Furthermore, it is written
on my legal documents.
Oh yeah, I'm sorry, Mrs...
Plus, I like to feel
attached to my Hispanic roots.
Okay, understood Mrs. Santera.
Goodbye and good night.
Night, night, Love.
Sleep tight, my love.
Night, Mom.
So nice, your mom, isn't she?
Well, she grows on you.
I like the zombies nowadays
more than these old ones.
I bet you love those
stupid creepy pastas.
I know, old stuff sucks,
even if it's something
as cool as zombies.
This ice cream soda is so tasty.
Isn't it?
I learned it from a boy
called Eric from Philly.
My mom won't let me
drink this too often.
Enjoy it while you can.
Hey, how are you?
How's it going?
Everything is
okay, don't worry.
We are watching "High
School Musical."
Are you sure?
I mean, I can take
the shit off my face
and be there in a bit.
Seriously, everything is okay.
Don't worry.
Yeah, okay, thanks babe.
Okay, fine.
Um, see you tomorrow.
Ricky, come here boy.
Mm, good boy, come here.
And what about this?
Have you ever tried?
Um, um, my mom doesn't
ever let my dad smoke.
Am I not the coolest
nanny you ever had?
I won't complain.
And you didn't want
me to come?
Well, I think it's
time to go to bed.
Um, are you going
to tuck me in?
Let's go.
Tell me a bedtime story.
Let's go!
Come on, shorty.
Leave that and go to sleep.
Who's this?
Nosy, a friend.
A friend?
You wouldn't have done any bad
things with him, would you?
Like smoking?
Okay, come on.
Leave the phone
and hit the sack.
Wait, what about
my bedtime story?
Bedtime story,
are you serious?
If you'd rather I
can tell one to you.
Don't you know the legend
of Jimmy, the Fumigator?
If you're not telling
me a story, I will.
Jimmy the Fumigator,
wasn't that a "Mortal
Combat" character?
You wish.
The famous pervert
murderer that broke out
of a high security mental
hospital for disturbed criminals.
Oh, sounds scary.
And why was he there?
He was a mutilator murder.
He wore the fumigator mask
because that used to be his job.
And guess what?
He used to sneak
in people's houses
just to kill and rape nannies.
As long as he did
it in that same order.
I'm serious.
You are not safe either.
Oh, he only kills nanny.
Go to sleep now, girl.
Even the Slenderman is scarier.
forecast, plenty of sunshine
through today with...
Mr. McGraw.
No, you can't.
I told you to warn me and
I opened the back door
when the kid was asleep.
I just wanted to
add some excitement.
That not necessary.
Were you scared?
Is she asleep?
Yeah, I put tons of shit
in her ice cream soda.
And you said you don't
need any more excitement?
What the fuck is
an ice cream soda?
It's an ice cream
with some cherry cola.
Well, it's a bowl of ice
cream with some soft drink.
I dunno.
The fuck is that?
Actually, it doesn't matter.
- Okay.
- Did you bring everything?
Good morning.
Charlie, leave that alone!
Everything babe,
check it yourself.
The capes,
the rope,
Yeah, I'm starving.
I love the dagger.
You have any ketchup?
What, this?
Is this what
you talking about?
Charlie, what is it?
The spell, duh.
I already told you, I
bring the original one.
What's next?
You brought a photo copy?
Yeah, just in case.
At the shop?
Yeah, of course.
Fuck off, Charlie.
We weren't supposed
to leave traces
of what we were doing tonight.
Oh yeah, for sure the
guy in the photocopy shop,
the moment he saw it, he said,
"Oh my God, this girl belongs
to the Lucifera Satanic Sect."
And she's sprinting,
and they're spelling.
They're going to murder a
poor and innocent virgin
with a sacrificial dagger...
Don't you dare pronounce
her name in vain.
Lucifera is
an ancient demon praised
by the Lucifera's Clan,
online lesbian satanic sect,
which you can only join
obviously by being a woman
on the dark web, creating a
snuff film sacrificing a virgin,
but first reading the
words of the spell
and then carrying it out
with a sacrificial dagger.
Bianka and Charlie
signed themselves up
in the summer of 2019.
And tonight they've decided
to take this important step.
Fine, fine.
You have any ketchup?
Let's get to work.
The time has come.
We've been waiting for so long.
Now the bride had her fun.
She must pay.
Help, please!
Please, someone help me.
Bianka, she just woke up.
Oh no no no.
No, Bianka please,
what are you doing?
Do I do it or do you?
Hm, I want to stab her.
Do I read them?
Please, someone,
please help me!
Oh, sorry.
You're dying in honor
of the great Lucifera.
Help me, someone help me!
Fuck it.
I knew I had
forgotten something.
The tape for her mouth.
Mm, what, don't worry.
I use some sock or something.
Are we really
going to kill her
with her mother's
underwear in her mouth?
Not even one ounce of dignity.
I couldn't care less.
Is the camera recording?
Um, I don't think so.
Fucking aye, these
circles will be for nothing
if we don't record it.
Ah, done!
You bitches, let me loose!
Help, someone!
Fuck it, give me three
panties from that damn drawer.
Who the fuck is that?
How the fuck would I know?
Are you expecting someone?
Sure, fucking Santa Claus.
Who the fuck would
I be expecting?
Ah, okay, I'm going
downstairs and I go to check.
Stay here and make
sure she doesn't move.
She doesn't move.
Relax, I'm on it.
What a surprise, I
wasn't expecting you.
I already told you that
I will call you tomorrow.
Oh, come on.
For sure that girl is
sleeping and you are bored.
I know you're a night owl.
Your Instagram
stories betray you.
Yeah, I know, but I have...
I will help you with
anything you need.
By the way, what
are you wearing?
Wow, it's the latest trend.
I think it will be best if
you come on over time, please.
Oh come on, babe.
I've even ordered a pizza.
I won't take know
for an answer, no.
For how long have
you been avoiding me?
Okay, come inside.
Cool, great.
Only for a while.
So this is
home for Dr. McGraw
and his MILF of a wife?
It is.
Not bad.
Not bad.
You keep
repeating what I'm saying.
It seems.
Will you repeat what I do?
Um, who knows?
You knew deep inside,
this had to happen.
For sure.
It's not true what
they said about you back
in the high school, right?
What did they say?
You were a dyke.
Is that so?
It really was not true, okay?
So it's also not true what
people said about you, is it?
What do they say about me?
Hat you like
chicks with dicks.
What the fuck is this?
Who was that?
Did you untie her?
Um, yeah.
Don't worry, everything
is under control.
You're a complete retard,
aren't you?
Don't say that, Nanny.
I have a cousin with the
real mental deficiency
and it's not nice
to call someone a...
Could you shut up?
And you tie her up now.
But who was at the door?
Okay, can we finish this
for the last fucking
time, please?
I'm sorry, little girl.
Don't worry.
These things happen.
I'm sorry, what was that?
If I'd stay downstairs any
longer what would you done?
You take her to a
trip in the zoo?
The zoos are cool places,
with all these animals
locked up in close spaces.
Shut the fuck up!
I want to see how
that stupid spell works.
What did you just say?
Let me take care of killing
this last famous little bitch.
You read.
- But you said that...
- No, read.
I think that... I said read.
Fuck's sake, all right.
You're saying it wrong, it's
Jesus, start over.
Oh yeah, sorry.
You're kind
of a joke, aren't you?
You shut up.
Ah, wait, I start recording.
No, you're not looking at
me like that about nothing.
What's happening?
It ran out battery.
Well, that.
Okay um, take
my phone, Charlie.
Start recording,
let's do this quickly.
It's the bitch of
a mother again.
Don't answer.
Um, okay.
Help someone,
someone please help!
Don't make us look
for another disgusting virgin.
My classroom is full of them.
I think.
You shut up.
You go down.
Like this?
Hey, hi, here's your order.
The pizza you ordered.
I'm not sure
whether you order it,
but I believe this is
the address, isn't it?
Um, right?
Okay then, here's
a Hawaiian pizza,
with a surprise ingredient.
Family size, 17.50, please.
So, a surprise ingredient?
And I suppose it would
be pineapple, right?
No, err, the surprise
ingredient is secret.
Not even us delivery guys know.
It is a secret then.
And uh, tell me.
Oh, I lost my bet.
I lost it with cows.
Well, the truth is a long story.
Cherry jam.
Thank goodness.
Bianka, come down.
Our order has arrived
Oh, so there's more people?
Of course, babe.
How would I eat a family
size pizza all by myself?
Some people save some
to eat cold for breakfast.
Not me.
Especially after having
eaten some already.
That's from yesterday.
We are such slobs.
Do you think he'll do the job?
Excuse me?
I think he will.
Why don't you leave the box?
We'll get you the money now.
All right.
She's Bianka.
And I'm Charlie.
My, my name...
You know what?
We are giving you
another name for today.
Will you?
We like to play.
How about some music?
Fine for me.
- Yeah?
- Sure.
Demons in hell
So Charlie, what
should we call him?
Let me think.
He has the face of a horror
master, don't you think?
What name do these
kind of guys have?
I'm not sure either.
I'm Natalie, I don't know.
How about something Italian?
Mm, I like that.
Something like Bernardo?
Let's see.
Your name is not Bernardo,
by a chance, is it?
No, through...
You still have the look
of a horror master.
Yes you do.
And we like playing.
A lot.
And weird stuff.
How weird?
Weird, you know, like
recording ourselves.
But you have done this
before, haven't you?
Recording myself?
A threesome?
Have you even been
with a girl before?
I will honestly, no.
Relax, Bernardo.
We're not judging you.
I will honestly, no.
In her name
I'll pray for
light in the dark
He tastes like shit.
You bastard!
Are you recording everything?
I don't feel anything.
Me neither.
Should we wait?
It should be immediate.
I think this was
fucking useless.
He was not a damn virgin.
Listen to me, piece of shit.
You told us you were virgin.
Is that true or no?
If that's not true, you're
dying in vain, you asshole.
Come on, talk.
I fucked...
I fuck my cousin from my...
My name's Gary.
That's a horror master name.
Don't be ridiculous, that's
some Latin ex immigrant name.
We've screwed
up, we screwed out so bad.
Fuck me.
And wait till you hear who I
locked in the bathroom there.
Shit, the kid.
Let's go.
Where the fuck has she gotten?
Okay, go out and look for her.
I'll look for her inside.
She couldn't have gone too far.
Hey, kiddo.
I know that people tend
to say this in these situations.
But it's best if you come out,
before we find you.
It's for your own good!
Hello, shorty.
What are you going
to do with that?
We are not thinking
to use it, are you?
Bye, bye, Nanny.
What now, huh?
You bitch!
You killed my best friend!
Who's laughing now?
Hey, Bianka, really?
My parents are so
loaded, you know?
You don't say?
I think that you could
reach an agreement, and...
You're about to die in
honor of the great Lucifera,
so shut up and show a
little bit of respect.
No, please.
Die, you little bitch!
You die, you bitch!
I, I wasn't expecting that.
Hey kid.
Can you release me?
Sure, let's get
the fuck out of here.
You've gotta leave in this
scary house, don't worry.
I need to call my parents.
Right away, come on.
Get into the car, okay?
Where are we going?
I'm taking you
to the hospital,
from there you will be
able to call your parents.
Thank you, so much.
No problem.
Open, police!
420, we have a 10 zero.
I repeat, a 10 zero,
we need back up.
Oh my daughter, my God.
My girl, where is my daughter?
What's going on?
I'm sorry, but you
cannot go inside.
Let me in.
It's okay, officers.
This is our home,
for fuck's sake.
This is helpful.
Sir, this is an
active crime scene.
What's happened
for the love of Dios!
Where my daughter, Nicole!
Miss, seriously, you
cannot go into the house
for now, until...
Please, Paquita!
understanding the game,
understanding positioning.
He's taken down!
Preston Smith comes in for the...
Where's the nanny,
where, where's my daughter?
Mr. McGraw, your
daughter is missing.
Where are we?
What's this?
It's okay.
Everything will be fine.
She is ready.
Let's begin.
Don't you know the
legend of Jimmy the Fumigator?