The National Tree (2009) Movie Script

They say in life you never know
which way the wind will blow.
So, who knew that
a spring thunderstorm
thousands of miles
from where I live
would change my life forever.
This is where I live.
Liberty, Oregon.
It's so green here
and the air is so fresh.
It's, like, impossible for
things not to grow here.
Smile at the camera, Corey.
That's my mom and dad and me
when I was, like, a day old.
Show the world
what a proud papa you are.
Except for home movies
and photos,
I don't remember my mom because
she died when I was 1 ,
which is sad
because everybody says
she was
a really special person.
The day I was born,
my dad planted a tree for me.
A Sitka spruce.
My dad had to move
a giant rock to do it.
That's how I got my name. Rock.
A Sitka grows a lot
in 17 years. Mine sure did.
Why do I think
my tree is special?
Well, it looks awesome, you can
see that, but think about it.
How many birthday presents,
especially ones you get
when you're only 1 day old...
Are still there 17 years later,
bigger and better than ever?
That is a pretty special gift,
my friends.
Well, it's better to give
than to receive, right?
And this is my gift to you.
Hey, Belinda.
Corey, hey. It's for Rock.
Sign by the X.
So, you trying to
fix him up again?
Here. Gloria's coming
for Thanksgiving.
It's a lost cause.
I gave up trying hitting on
this man years ago.
You're married, Belinda.
Yeah, and don't remind me.
Hey, and don't take all of
Eddie's money tomorrow night.
Hi, Belinda.
Okay, would you stop growing,
for crying out loud?
Are you trying to
make me feel old? See you, boys.
Well, I'm late. Sorry.
We managed without you
but you have to remember--
Uh-oh, I hear a teachable moment
coming on.
If you worked for someone else,
being late
would have consequences.
Your pay could be docked,
you could lose your job.
Yeah, but who would fire
a great kid like me?
I'll be on time tomorrow.
Got a dolly out back.
How was school?
Some things don't change.
That's hilarious, Ash.
The Gold Rush, right?
Bollywood style.
Hey guys, it rained
in Shanghai today.
We haven't had rain in weeks.
You should come to Liberty,
dude. Always rains here.
And you must come to China,
And Mumbai.
Oh, I will, dudes.
I totally will.
Do you have a movie for us,
Yeah, a little animated thing
I'm working on.
Hey, umm, I got a stack
of catalogues today
from college counselling.
The Film Studies program
at University of Oregon
sounds kind of cool.
I'm looking at that school too.
I think I might, you know, come
up for a tour in the spring.
Me too. We should, like,
coordinate and do that together.
Yeah, that would be awesome.
Count me in too, guys.
Hi, Rock. Faith Russell.
I sent you a certified letter
telling you I was coming.
Post Office tracking
said you signed for it.
Yeah. Well, we tried e-mailing
you but they all bounced back.
Did you change
your e-mail address?
Ah, yes. I was getting
a lot of spam.
Look, is there something I can--
Help you with, ma'am?
Oh, hi. Faith Russell, Box Of
Toys. You must be Rock's father.
Did I get a certified letter?
Yeah, yesterday.
I put it on your dresser.
I didn't see it.
Oh, so you don't know.
Know what?
Your tree. Your Simka.
It won. It's our new
national tree.
It won?
Mm-hmm. Congratulations.
My tree won?
He seems happy.
After you.
The previous national tree had
been there for almost 100 years.
It was a popular DC landmark
but it was hit and destroyed
by lightning last March and
there wasn't enough money left
in this year's
park service budget,
so we signed on to find
a new tree, bring it to DC
and plant it all
on our own nickel.
The contest to pick the tree,
I read about it on Facebook.
It was a great submission, Rock.
I did this cool video.
It was so funny and touching.
So, let me see if
I understand this.
You want to uproot the tree,
put it on the back of a truck,
drive it across country and
plant it at the White House?
Across the street from
The White House in the ellipse.
And then the day
after Thanksgiving,
to kick off the holidays,
we'll decorate it to the nines
and the president himself
will turn on the lights.
The president?
Dad, how cool is that?
So, you want to buy the tree?
No, there is
a $5,000 cash prize, but...
You can't actually put a value
on a tree like this.
It's priceless,
which is why we want it to be
our national tree so we can
share it with the world.
And how are you
going to transport it,
keep it alive, along the way?
A licenced arborist
will supervise
and a team of professionals
will drive it cross-country.
It'll be in good hands.
And you can't find a tree
back east?
We could but this is
our first choice and, well,
this is my project
and I'm based in Portland,
so I think there is a wee bit of
regional pride happening here.
I don't know.
Dad, this is awesome.
I get to go
to Washington, right?
Absolutely. We'll fly you out,
put you up.
You'll be right there
when the lights go on.
What about school?
It'll be Thanksgiving week,
I'll be on break.
We'll think about it.
Think about it?
There's nothing to think about.
I'm not sure how comfortable
I am with the idea.
You don't have to be
comfortable with this.
It's my tree, remember?
Isn't that what you always say?
"I planted this tree
for you, Rock."
You planted it for me,
didn't you?
We'll talk about it, Rock.
You know, your dad's right.
It's a big decision.
So, look, I'm staying at
the Liberty Pines B&B.
Let me know when you've decided.
But I will need to know
by tomorrow morning.
We do have a tree back East,
a Douglas fir in Bethel, Maine.
And if this isn't going to work
out, we'll just move to plan B.
I can let myself out.
Why did you do that?
Rock, a tree is a delicate
thing, a living thing.
A trip like that,
clear across the country,
they don't know what they're
doing, they could kill it.
How do you know they don't know
what they're doing?
Well, she called it a Simka,
for one thing.
You always do this.
You always say no.
That is not true.
This is my chance to
get out of here.
This is my chance to
do something cool,
to meet the president.
But you don't care about me.
All you care about is the tree.
Well, shall we offer
more money?
I don't think it's about
the money.
I think the father's just really
protective of the tree.
So, we go to plan B.
No, no. Not yet.
I mean, I'm here,
I've given them
until tomorrow morning.
Let's just see how it plays out.
Whatever you say.
It's your baby.
Okay, I'll keep you posted.
Hi, sweetheart.
No, I'm still in Liberty,
ironing out details.
I can't wait either.
How are your mom and dad?
Ah, I miss you too.
You in, Hank?
5 bucks.
See that? And... raise.
You're bluffing.
Only one way to find out.
Well, one of us is. Take it.
You know, I think you're out of
line on this one, Corey.
Eddie's right. It's Rock's tree.
He should be able to do
whatever he wants with it.
Transplanting a tree that big,
and 3,000 miles away...
It can be done.
Look, I understand that it is
cool and exciting for Rock
that they picked the tree
and they want to
put it on display in DC,
but once that tree is gone
from here, it's gone forever.
Yeah, well,
let's bottom line this.
Whose tree is it?
Who does it belong to?
Who didn't ante?
Come on, Corey.
It might be an opportunity to
spend some time with Rock.
Must be tough.
Well, knowing Rock
will be gone soon.
He's still got
a year and a half.
That will go fast.
Core's 14, Connor's 12.
I'm already thinking about it.
You're really cheering me up
here, Hank.
What are you going to do
when he's gone?
I do not want to
think about that, all right?
You really think
that tree can be moved?
Trees get moved all the time.
This one's a little bigger, it's
going a little further, sure.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Yeah, all right.
You're right. It's your tree.
You want to see it
planted in DC,
then that's your decision,
not mine.
But I don't want strangers
doing it.
I'm going to drive it to
Washington and I need help.
I want you to come with me.
But they were going to
fly me there.
Yeah, well, that's the deal.
Take it or leave it.
The national tree, Rock?
That's awesome.
It gets lit the day
after Thanksgiving?
Is Thanksgiving Day
close to Christmas?
Not even. But in America,
we start putting up
Christmas decorations
right after Halloween.
The thing is, I have to travel
with my dad for, like, a week.
Ooh, brutal.
Yeah. I don't know if
I can handle that.
I'm thinking about
maybe not going.
You have to go, Rock.
Hey, would you be
coming out I-80?
I don't know.
Because if you are,
you'll go straight to Cheyenne,
and I'm only, like,
40 miles from there.
It'll take us 3 days
to get the tree ready,
to really pare the root bed
and make sure it's viable
for transplanting.
That doesn't give us
a lot of time.
We need to be in DC
no later than Thanksgiving.
That's November 26th.
We can do that. My crew and I
start this afternoon,
we're ready by Friday,
that's the 20th.
That gives us 6 days
to get there.
So, are we taking I-80?
We'll stop each night
at one of our stores,
give people a chance
to see the tree.
Yeah, maybe, if we have time.
We're stopping, Corey. Box of
Toys is underwriting this trip.
Are we going through Cheyenne?
Yeah, we're stopping there
the second night.
So, when do we leave?
Looking forward to hitting the
road with the old man, huh?
Ah, father and son on a journey
across America together,
delivering our national tree
to our nation's capital.
As a marketing rep,
I can work with that.
I can definitely work with that.
Friday morning, November 20th.
My Sitka's about ready to see
the world. Or America, at least.
Here's the drill:
We go through Oregon.
Then Idaho.
Then once we pick it up,
it's pretty much
the I-80 all the way.
First stop,
Salt Lake City, Utah,
home of the Mormons
and other things.
The next night, Cheyenne,
Wyoming, where the historic
Rock/Katie face-to-face meeting
will happen.
I'm excited about that.
Then it's Omaha, NE.
Chicago, IL, my kind of town.
Grove City, Pennsylvania.
And finally, Washington DC.
Let's kick it.
That's a great root bundle
there, Hank.
As long as I don't
fall off the tree, right?
And you've got to love
that banner.
Box of Toys knows an advertising
opportunity when it sees one,
although they might have
measured it first
to fit the tree.
Hank's Ebert and Roeper today.
Eddie, make sure
the front strap's secure.
Ah, bungee cords,
the miracle rope.
They can hold down anything.
And the final piece of the
puzzle, our fearless companion.
Love the sign.
Wouldn't have been my first
choice for a vanity plate.
You're bringing
that camera with you?
Just for my friends.
You know, the road, DC.
Right. Could we link it up
with the company website?
We have a national tree page.
All right, we're good to go.
Let me just grab my gear.
All that gear.
Let's hope he remembered
to pack some clothes, huh?
We're good to go.
All right, guys. Thanks.
Speaking of gear, I don't have
a cell. That's Rocks number.
Oh, okay. Great, thanks.
Let's go.
I'm ready. Let's kick it.
Okay. See you at lunch.
(Phone ringing)
Hi sweetheart.
You got my message?
I know, I'm disappointed
too but--
I know.
I know, but this is
my job, John,
and it's an incredible
marketing opportunity.
The human interest angle is--
Don't say that.
John? John?
Here's the tree.
Yeah! Go Rock!
Woo hoo!
Woo hoo!
Don't forget to write!
I'll send you a postcard
from DC.
If I'm not too busy
shooting hoops with the pres'.
Have a great trip!
We'll be watching you!
Any bon voyage comments
for the fans, cap'?
Yeah. Turn that thing off.
Uh oh. Captain's a little
camera shy this morning, folks.
Over and out.
I mean, seriously. Do you
have to film everything?
This is going to be
an epic trip, Dad.
I'm just trying to
memorialize it.
Let's just keep our eye
on the ball, huh?
Epic trip.
Take care of your dad!
We've had a picture perfect
morning, travel fans.
Left Oregon in good time and now
we're driving through Idaho.
So, Captain,
anything to say now?
Legendary fishing around here.
We ought to
check it out some time.
I hate fishing.
Come on, you used to fish
all the time. You loved it.
I don't remember loving it.
Well, you did.
On that note, we're going to
head down into Utah.
Here we are in
Salt Lake City, gang.
The Mormons, the Jazz,
the Olympics, the...
The Mormons, who've come
to greet us in force,
as you can see.
I guess the national tree
isn't such a big deal around
these parts.
Hi, you must be John,
nice to meet you.
This is our manager
from our Salt Lake City store.
The store went all out.
That is the biggest Santa
I have ever seen.
Good Christmas? Well, not in
this year's radar. Not yet.
I'll check the tree.
I just checked the DOT website.
There's roadwork about
an hour east of here.
They're detouring onto
a smaller road.
We'll lose about
3 hours tomorrow.
We'll just have to leave
3 hours earlier.
You mean like 3:00 a.m.?
We've got a schedule, Rock.
Where are you going?
Work on the vlog.
Wow. Did he even swallow
that last bite?
It's like that every night.
Can't get away from the table
fast enough.
I was just like him when I was
his age. Parents were so boring.
I'm just joking. I was
going through a phase.
Well, if he's going through one,
I hope he goes through it quick.
Being a single dad
can't be easy.
It's none of my business.
Stephanie, Rock's mother,
she would have understood him
a lot better than I do.
You seem to be doing okay.
I don't know.
Can't get out
of dodge quick enough.
That's pretty normal.
What about you? Are you married?
I am engaged.
Yes. Or at least I hope so.
I was supposed to spend
Thanksgiving in Boston
with John, my fianc and his
family, but I had to cancel.
Why's that?
To be on the road with you guys.
It's an incredible
marketing opportunity,
and the human interest angle
is fantastic.
I realize we need to build
a little more momentum,
but I just wanted to be here to
make sure it all went well.
John, on the other hand,
thinks I should be with him
and he is not happy.
You're just doing your job.
Try telling him that.
So, anything else for you folks?
Go ahead.
No, no. Go on.
Umm, I think I would like
some lemon meringue pie.
We've had a picture perfect
morning, travel fans.
Left Oregon in good time
and now we're driving
through Idaho.
So Captain, any thoughts now?
Legendary fishing around here.
We ought to
check it out some time.
I hate fishing.
What are you talking about?
We used to fish all the time.
You loved it.
I don't remember loving it.
That footage on the vlog,
coming into Salt Lake out of
the mountains, that was wicked.
So, when do you hit
Cheyenne tomorrow?
Around 5:00.
I'm supposed to work until then,
but I should be able to
get out early.
Ooh, romance of the century.
Dudes, I can feel it.
Yeah right.
Mind if I ask you a question?
Fire away.
Does your job ever bother you?
How do you mean?
Just travelling all the time,
being away from home so much.
Well, one day, I'd like to
get off the road
and into a big, cushy office,
but no, I love my job.
I love it.
And selling people all those
things they don't need:
toys that break as soon as
you get them out of the box;
plastic that won't biodegrade
for generations.
Right. Well, since you asked,
no, it doesn't bother me
because we work very closely
with several prominent
environmental groups
to ensure our products
are user and earth friendly.
Sounds like a press release.
It is. I wrote it myself.
No, it's all right, I get it.
You're not a fan of
consumer culture.
I'm not all that bad,
you know.
I do drive a hybrid,
which is slightly better
than a one ton pickup truck.
Try dragging around 2 dozen
cedar trees without one.
Touch, Burdock.
Good night.
Good night.
They have the part. It shouldn't
be more than an hour.
Faith will be another hour.
I heard that.
She heard that.
Okay, Faith. We'll see you on
the other side of the detour.
Okay, drive safe.
See you then.
When did you start
drinking coffee?
When people started waking me up
in the middle of the night.
I know. The old man:
There it is, our exit for
the detour. Highway 32.
This just in,
wildfire has broken out
east of Salt Lake City
near highway 32.
This is live coverage from
our sky watch helicopter.
The fire has not yet
reached the highway,
but vehicles are advised to
stay out of the vicinity.
Rock Burdock's phone.
You know the drill.
No bars.
It's 4:00 in the morning.
Who are you going to call?
You are so funny.
You ever see that movie?
It's funny.
'Course I saw that movie.
Cinema is my life.
Cinema is your life?
55th highest grossing movie
of all time.
How do you know that?
You're what?
Oh, wow. I'd show you
if I had any reception.
He slimed me.
(Shouting in distance)
Oh, look at that.
Wow. I've got to get this.
Why are people waving at us?
Maybe they saw the tree.
Maybe they're saying hello.
Hey! Over here! Right here!
Wow, fog.
What's the matter?
That's not fog.
What is that sound?
That is heat splitting
the trees.
We've just driven into a fire.
Well, then turn
the truck around.
Can't, we're too big.
Fire could cross the road
behind us
just as easily
as in front of us.
We're right in the middle of it.
What are you doing?
We've got to get the tarp wet.
It could catch on fire.
I need you to drive.
No. No, I don't know how to
drive a truck like this, Dad.
It's just like the pickup,
only bigger.
Let me water the tarp.
No, no. It's too dangerous.
I need you inside the truck.
Just keep your eye on the centre
line, take it nice and slow.
You'll be fine, Son.
Let's do it.
Let's go, Rock. Now!
Firefighters expect to have
the blaze under control soon,
but it has reached Highway 32.
That was insane.
We could have been killed.
We had no choice
but to drive through it.
We should have
cut the tree loose.
There wasn't time.
I don't know how to drive
a truck like that.
You just did.
Look, we did what we had to do.
We made it, all right?
You did great.
Oh, man. Oh, man.
Yeah, we're at exit 17
outside Rock Springs.
Yeah, scrambled?
The fire's moved on.
She'll be here in a few minutes
as to order her breakfast.
Are you the Burdocks?
That was a heck of thing you
did, driving through that fire.
How'd you hear about that?
I heard it on the radio.
Local News probably picked it up
off the highway patrol.
Tree came through just fine.
Yeah, yeah. I stayed with it,
kept it wet.
Always protect your payload.
That means you must have
been driving.
I'm impressed. I've got
a boy about your age,
been around trucks all his life.
He wouldn't have been able to
handle a rig that size.
Good on you.
Just wanted to say well done.
Enjoy your breakfast.
You earned it.
The radio? Cool.
Let's eat.
Ready to roll?
Just give me one more minute.
We've just driven into a fire.
Well, then turn
the truck around.
Can't, we're too big.
Fire could cross behind us
just as easily as in front.
We're right in
the middle of it.
What's that sound?
That's wood splitting
with heat.
What are you doing?
I need to wet the tarp.
It might catch on fire.
I need you to drive.
No, no. I don't know how to
drive a truck like this, Dad.
It's just like the pickup
truck, only bigger.
They say 'Wyoming' is derived
from an Algonquin word
for the "big river flat",
but I know better.
It means the intersection
of Rock and Katie.
I got that footage up
on the vlog
and news of our daring drive
spread, well, like wildfire.
Ash and Ming texted me from
Mumbai and Shanghai
to tell me how wicked it was.
That's the internet for you.
You do something in Utah
in the morning,
and by afternoon,
it's everywhere.
Fans and even some media
turned out in Cheyenne
to say hello to the tree
and to us.
Some were a little
too enthusiastic,
according to my dad.
He found pieces of the tree
on the ground.
But let me tell you
something, folks.
Fame isn't all
it's cracked up to be.
For one thing, it's painful.
From signing autographs,
nearly about 100 of them.
It's amazing, guys.
Seeing so many people
who are into the tree,
it's totally amazing and I am
stoked. More news tomorrow.
So, we're staying at
the Cheyenne Motor Lodge,
which is a mile east of here on
the right. You can't miss it.
All right. See you there.
See you there.
Let's go, Rock.
Let me just wait a couple more
minutes. She said she'd be here.
Rock, she'll call if
she's coming.
She can meet us over at
the motel, all right?
Dad, 5 minutes is not going to
make that big a difference,
you know that.
Hey, I'm such an idiot.
I forgot to charge my cell, then
I tried to get out of work early
but my stupid boss
wouldn't let me,
so finally I just left and
I'm probably, like, fired but--
So, I checked out the vlog.
Driving through the fire?
That was sick.
Yeah. Yes, yeah. It was crazy.
You must be Katie.
Hi, I'm Corey, Rock's dad.
Hi, nice to meet you,
Mr. Burdock.
So, have you had dinner yet?
Because I'm, like, starving,
and there's this amazing diner
near here.
Go on. We're staying at
the Cheyenne Motor Lodge.
I know where that is. Let's go.
Well, I'll see you--
Have fun.
(Car horn honking)
(Phone ringing)
Hey Aaron, you're working late.
You had a big day.
Tell me about it.
How did you know?
Well, Rock's video log,
for one thing.
Starting to generate
a heck of a buzz, Faith.
America loves the tree.
E-mails to Corporate,
positives have doubled,
traffic on the website
is up 300%.
Well, I'm sure driving through
a wall of fire didn't hurt.
Yeah, hey, how about a tornado
tomorrow? Maybe a rain of frogs?
I'll see what I can do.
And make sure he keeps vlogging.
He's getting the most hits.
That shouldn't be a problem.
He's practically grafted
to the camera.
Oh, this is big, big bang
for the buck, Faith.
It's too bad we can't keep him
on the road 365.
If you need anything,
let me know.
I will. Thanks.
Hey, it's me again.
We really need to talk.
Will you call me? Please.
Mmm. Oh, my God.
This is incredible.
Yeah, these are the best burgers
in the whole state.
So, like I was saying,
it's crazy the way
we go straight into college
out of high school.
You know, kids in Europe,
they take a year off.
I'm thinking of doing that
and, like, travel.
Go to Egypt, Italy,
Machu Picchu.
I want to see the world
before I get, you know,
sucked into the matrix
of real life and all that.
Me too. We should go together.
And, like, get Ash and Ming
to join us, obviously.
That would be awesome.
Did you really lose your job?
Probably, which is fine.
A junior miss store where I sell
crop tops and thongs for, like,
12-year-olds. Lame.
Man, this is just unbelievable.
Just being here with you.
It's so, I don't know...
Natural. It's like we totally
know each other.
Well, we've been virtual
for over a year.
It's not like
we've never seen each other.
I know, but now it's real.
Just feels really cool.
Romance of the century.
So, you should come with us.
There's plenty of room
in the truck.
You want me to come to
Washington with you?
Yeah. Wouldn't that be awesome?
You can meet the president.
I don't know if I can.
Your parents wouldn't let you?
No, they probably would,
but what about your dad?
Wouldn't he mind?
My dad? No. No, my dad is cool.
Absolutely not.
Her parents said it was okay.
We are not on vacation, Rock,
okay? We have work to do,
we have a deadline.
She'd be a distraction.
No, she wouldn't.
Look, I am glad that you
got to meet her, I am.
If she wants to come out to
Liberty for a visit,
maybe at the holidays--
I want her to come with us now.
She can't.
Why? Because it will
get in the way
of your father-son
bonding fantasy?
Give me one reason,
just one reason--
Because I said so.
That's not a reason!
You have to keep your eye
on the big picture.
What does that even mean?
It means that you want to
control me. Just like this trip.
It had to be on your terms or
else it wasn't going to happen.
I hate it when you
do this to me.
I hate it when you do this
to me.
I don't know why
he has to be like that,
just why he has to be such a
jerk all the time.
It changes everything.
Hey, you're going to
have a fantastic time.
It's going to be majorly cool.
I want you to be there.
I know, and that's so sweet.
I don't, I don't...
I don't even know when
I'm going to see you again.
University of Oregon. Spring.
That's too far away.
I just couldn't let her go.
Lana, hey, it's Corey.
Yeah, long time.
Listen, umm, Rock and I,
we're on the road and--
Oh, you did? Wow, good.
Anyway, listen, we're going to
be passing through
North Platte tomorrow
and Rock would really--
He'd love to see you.
If you're free.
Good. Okay, that's great.
Then I'll tell you what,
we'll call you from the road.
Great, okay. Yeah.
You too. Goodnight.
Hey, great minds.
Can I have a glass of white
wine, and another beer?
Listen, we need to stop by
North Platte tomorrow.
Rock's grandmother lives there,
Stephanie's mom.
We don't have to stay long,
but we'll get to Omaha
later than planned.
Okay, well, that shouldn't be
a problem.
The store's open till 9:00.
Yeah, about that.
I want to drop
those media events.
Too many people
hanging around the trailer,
breaking off branches,
hurting it.
I'll see there's more
security tomorrow.
No, no more media events,
all right?
I'm not interested in helping
your company push product
on a bunch of yahoos.
Those media events
are promoting this trip, Corey,
they're paying for it.
I know you don't respect
what I do.
But every year I buy a Christmas
tree and I decorate it
and I string it with lights
and I put all my silly,
unnecessary presents
underneath it.
And I do that because
it makes me feel good.
It makes me feel happy,
And your tree is doing that
for the entire country,
or at least the part
that is paying attention,
and I'm proud of that.
A bunch of yahoos, huh?
Thanks for the clarification,
I thought it was just me
you didn't like.
Where are you going?
Walk a little,
get some exercise.
Exercise? You've never even
been up this early, have you?
I can't sleep. Just thought
I'd check on the tree.
Anything wrong?
Nope, just can't sleep.
When did you get here?
Half hour ago.
Your parents?
They're cool. I promised
to call them along the way.
So, you okay in there?
Enough room to move around?
Tons. I cribbed a sleeping bag
and some clothes and stuff,
and this time I charged my cell.
So, I'll see you in Omaha.
If I don't fall out
along the way.
I'm kidding! I'll be fine.
You better be.
I will be.
Hey, if you feel a bump--
Hilarious. Hilarious.
So, with our valuable cargo
in back,
we are rolling through the
Cornhusker State, gang.
And all the corn seems to have
been husked and then some.
Can anyone say "ethanol"?
A lot of banners today.
Yeah, well,
people love the tree.
Look, I'm sorry
I had to say no to Katie.
It's cool.
Seems like a nice girl.
She is. She's an amazing girl,
actually. She makes movies too.
I hope she's not
too disappointed
she couldn't come along.
You know, somehow I think
she'll be okay with it.
She makes movies?
What kind of movies?
Yeah. 3 minute horse operas.
She's always the guy
in the white hat
that rides in to save the day
at the end.
She likes to ride, does she?
Yeah. She loves horses.
I never met a girl who didn't.
Did Mom love horses?
She did.
She was a beautiful rider.
It's this exit up here.
We'll only stay at Grandma's
a minute, all right?
Just to say hello.
Whatever you say.
Make her happy.
Fame is not all it's cracked up
to be. It's painful.
From signing autographs,
nearly about 100 of them.
It's amazing, guys.
Seeing so many people
who are into the tree,
it's totally amazing and I am
stoked. More news tomorrow.
Commissioner Gregg from
the National Parks Services
on line 1.
Mr. Gregg. Hey, thanks for
returning my call.
I am, catching a plane
to Dulles in a couple of hours.
Have you been following the
progress of the tree at all?
Yeah, some extraordinary
Sheds a very positive light on
the Park service.
Well, I'm glad you agree.
So listen, I've...
I've got kind of an idea
I'd like to run by you.
Well, good. I love a man
who's all ears.
(Horn honking)
Oh! Look at you!
Oh, it's good to see you, kiddo.
How you doing? Oh, you're bigger
and handsomer than ever.
Hi, Corey.
How are you? Oh, it's good
to see you, honey.
You too.
Oh, hi.
This is Faith.
I'm Lana. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Well, come on. Come on in.
You get in here.
Okey-dokey, here you go.
It's not real beer, is it?
Oh no, it's iced tea.
I can't stand the taste of beer.
But I love the mugs.
This one, I just got
from Brugal.
Or was it Schwab?
I can't remember.
Anyway, each one
has its own story.
They sure do.
So, I've been following your
progress across the country.
Yeah, I heard it was on
the TV news a little bit.
Oh, I haven't been watching
the TV,
I've been watching Rock's vlog.
You have?
Oh, yeah.
Guys, over here. Take a look.
Oh, boy.
Okay, I told some of the
neighbours you were coming by
and they're very excited
about what you're doing.
Well, I was wondering, would you
mind posing for a few pictures
and signing a couple
of autographs?
Sure, Grandma.
Ah, thanks. Thank you.
Corey, please.
Be happy too.
Oh, thank you.
They'll be thrilled.
Is he always like this?
Well, yeah.
He's a little bit closed.
You know, when Rock was born,
he was so excited
and the only way he could show
it was by planting that tree.
He watched the 2 of them
grew up together.
But since Stephie passed,
I think he's been doing his duty
but he hasn't opened his heart.
Anyway, did you know that he
used to cut down trees?
Corey did?
Mm-hmm. Controlled thinning
to prevent wildfires,
protect the ecosystem.
Next to Rock,
the forest was his passion.
So, why doesn't he
do that anymore?
Well, to be there for Rock.
But you know what?
Before you know it,
Rock's going to be gone.
All you have to do
is check his vlog to know
that he is a citizen
of the world.
He's going to say goodbye to
Liberty and never look back.
If I can get your picture,
that would be just great.
Yeah, this is going on
the internet.
Got to go.
It was really nice to meet you.
It was really nice meeting you.
You take care of yourself.
You too.
Well, here's some cookies and
that's your Christmas cheque.
I just saved myself a stamp.
Thanks, Grandma.
Oh, honey. And you keep up that
vlog. It rules!
I love you.
I love you too.
Bye, Corey.
All right.
Oh, it's a good thing
you're doing.
Stephie would've been so proud.
We'll see you.
Yeah. Happy trails.
Say hi to the world, Grandma.
Oh, hello world!
I'm his grandma!
Thanks for coming by.
Hey, guess who?
John, you have to answer at
least one of my phone calls.
Do you know what,
I can't do this any more.
I've tried,
but this isn't working
and I think I realize
it never really has.
I deserve better, John.
I deserve a whole lot better.
Well? What do you think?
It's doable.
I'll need authorization.
I'm already on it.
Yeah, definitely doable.
More exercise?
Yeah. I'm, like, obsessed now.
What about dinner?
I'll catch up with you later.
Is that cologne?
It was aftershave.
It was a sample.
Thought I might give it a try.
Corey, hi.
Wow, umm...
Look, I was out of line
last night.
I think it's great that
people like the tree.
I'm happy about it. And I also--
I could tell that
you like Christmas,
you care about it
and I'm happy about that too.
I'm glad.
You want to have dinner?
I could buy you dinner.
Uh, give me a minute.
I'll wait out here.
Okay, pre-punk bands only.
The Beatles.
The greatest.
The Rolling Stones.
With Brian Jones, they rock.
Beach Boys?
Underrated yet eternal.
Thank you.
Sorry I took so long.
No. You clean up real nice.
So, where are we going?
Well, I just thought here in the
lobby, the restaurant there.
I'm sorry. I tried to stay
in the truck but--
But I'm freezing.
Bring her in, Rock.
So, the back of the truck, huh?
That was pretty dumb.
I know, but--
That's okay. Love can make us
do crazy things.
Love? Who said anything
about love?
You know, Rock and I hang out
online, like, all the time
and it's really cool.
We talk and we laugh,
rent all the same things,
but I was scared to meet him
because up close and personal,
guys can be kind of--
Yeah, but Rock, he isn't
disappointing at all. He's--
Majorly cool?
So, you just weren't thinking.
It's okay.
When we're in love,
we're all capable of that.
Just what were you thinking?
She could've been killed
riding back there.
I messed up.
Rock, why would you
do something like this?
I wanted her to come to
Washington with us.
I told you, no.
There's no reason for her
not to be with us.
You can't just say no
and not give me a reason.
Rock, she is not coming
to Washington.
Neither am I.
Where are you going?
Buy Katie breakfast, figure out
how we're going to get home.
You're right to be angry.
They did a stupid thing.
But you've got a great son.
Think I don't know that?
Rock is an amazing kid,
I just need him to listen to me,
otherwise I can't keep him safe.
And have you told him that?
I don't need to tell him that.
He knows that.
Maybe he doesn't.
Do you really want to go
to Washington without him?
Well, that's his choice.
Look, I know it's none
of my business,
but Rock wants to be there
when they light that tree
more than anybody, and instead
he's standing by his girl,
and I respect him for that.
Oh, there's your dad.
Here we go.
Your parents know you're here?
Yeah. I mean,
they didn't know about
the back of the truck thing.
Well, I'm going to need to
touch base with them.
From here on out, you can ride
up front with Rock and myself.
Or with Faith.
Should be a little
more comfortable.
Thanks, Dad.
Finish up. We need to get going.
Here we go.
Let's kick it. Thanks for
tuning in, vlogophiles.
Welcome to Rock's incredibly
epic cross-country vlog.
So, as you know,
after my dad busted
our bonehead stowaway scheme,
the way-cool Katie emerges
from behind the curtain
and becomes
a full-fledged member
of our motley crew.
Say cheese.
Uh, no.
Say it!
Come on!
Cheese. Cheese.
We said goodbye to Nebraska.
Goodbye Nebraska.
After you.
Well, thank you.
"Is this heaven?"
"No, this is Iowa."
Name that movie.
I know this.
I don't think he knows it.
I know this. Umm...
Come on, come on.
The next few days
were pretty uneventful.
No fires, no frostbite scares,
no teenagers acting lame.
Every town we passed by, more
and more people came to see us.
We had fans.
It was pretty mind blowing
for little old me,
the country bumpkin from
Liberty, to see Chicago,
the city of the big shoulders.
I totally loved it.
But the fans. Oh man, the fans.
They just totally loved the
tree, and it has to be said,
with all due modesty, they
totally loved the Rockster.
But if you're worried
that all this attention
has gone to my head
or something, don't.
I have a 24/7 reality check
travelling with me.
What's your name?
Excuse me. Excuse me, Rock.
Could you tell us what's
going through your head
as you go across the country?
Uh, well, uh, I love that people
are into the tree.
We get it everywhere we go and
it's amazing, it really is.
We never expected
it'd be like this.
Well, good luck to you.
Thank you.
Okay, so after a warm welcome
in Chicago,
the Burdocks hit the Hoosier
State for a short period of time
before moving on
to Washington DC.
All the attention we're getting
adds a whole level of coolness
to something that is already
pretty awesome.
But it hasn't been all media
events and White Line Fever.
There's been times for
some serious chillaxing.
Ah, karaoke,
the great equalizer.
It makes everyone
look ridiculous.
But even in party mode, we
never forgot about our payload.
When people started trying to
get into it at night,
we weren't around to keep
an eye on it.
We called in reinforcements.
My name is Katie
and I've got a lot to say
About our friendship of one
year, many more on the way
It's time to bring it back
to where it all began
If it wasn't for the Skypin',
we wouldn't be chillin'
This is such an
awesome country,
especially when you're lucky
enough to drive across it.
I'm so glad I made this trip.
I mean,
I was supposed to fly out.
If I had, just imagine
how much I would've missed.
And now it's almost over.
This trip has taken us
so many places.
It really has been
an epic journey,
more than I ever dreamt
it would be.
But we did it and we made it.
We're just a couple of miles
from the White House.
We deliver the tree
tomorrow morning.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.
This way.
This place even open?
Well, once they found out who
they were cooking for, it was.
I know.
I hope you're hungry.
Thank you very much.
I would like to propose a toast,
Umm, well, uh, okay. To Faith.
I want to thank you for
selecting Rock's tree
to be the national tree
and for giving up
your own Thanksgiving plans
to help us get it here safely.
Thanks, Corey.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving.
It's a good year.
(Phone ringing)
Oh. Sorry, that's me.
I'll just be one minute.
Yeah, this is Jim O'Connor,
Miss Russell,
the NPS ranger coordinating
the tree lighting ceremony.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Oh, thank you. You too.
Listen, I won't keep you.
I just wanted to confirm that
we'll be there at 8:00 a.m.
to escort the tree
to the ellipse.
That's the plan.
Good, 'cause they're going to
start setting up
the stand at 9:00.
Yeah, then the chainsaw crew
arrives at noon.
What are you talking about?
It's going to be a bear getting
that tree into the stand.
I have enough trouble
with just a 6 footer at home.
But we're planting the tree.
Uh, no, ma'am,
we're just erecting it.
No, that's not what--
That's not what we're doing.
We're planting the tree.
Well, those aren't my
instructions, ma'am,
not anymore. Look, if we have
some crossed wires here,
talk to Aaron Sprague.
He authorized this.
Aaron, it's Faith. There must be
some kind of a misunderstanding.
I just talked with Park Services
and they're talking about
erecting the tree
and not planting it.
And they're saying
that you authorized it,
but that can't be right.
So, will you call me
when you get this message?
Hey, have you seen Faith?
I was going to ask you.
She's not in our room
and her car's gone.
Mr. Burdock.
Jim O'Connor, real pleasure
to meet you, sir.
You too. This is my son, Rock.
Rock. Katie. Well, you ready to
take this beauty to the ellipse?
Let's do that.
Right, follow me.
All right, then.
Good work. Thank you.
I've left you 10 messages
since last night.
Why didn't you call me back?
Oh, what's the matter?
You seem upset.
You authorized the tree
to be erected in a stand
instead of plant it?
Well, I didn't. Corporate did.
You didn't think
to tell me this?
Look, Corporate is over the moon
about the tree.
Nationwide sales
have gone through the roof,
all thanks to you.
But why aren't we
planting the tree?
Well, I mean, they saw how much
excitement the tree generated
and they thought, "Why plant it
when we can do this again
next year? Every year."
They're already putting together
a series pitch,
kind of an "Amazing Race" thing,
4 or maybe 6 trees
all competing to get to DC.
They? Who's "They"?
Well, I'm not crazy
about the idea
and I weighed in with that but--
You and I are Marketing,
so I am telling you
that Corey Burdock does not want
that tree to be cut.
I know and I feel as bad about
this as you do but...
It's out of our hands.
Either we plant that tree or...
I quit.
Rock, it's me, Faith. Call me as
soon as you get this message
and if you haven't delivered
the tree yet, don't.
Don't do this, Faith.
You'll regret it.
Don't do this, Faith.
Mr. Burdock, I'll need your
signature right here.
Okay, so Capital buildings,
Smithsonian, an hour there.
No, 2.
Okay, fine, 2. And then
the Washington monument,
Lincoln Memorial
and Vietnam wall--
And the International Spy
Museum. We can't miss that.
There's an
International Spy Museum?
Hey, superstar. You want to
go talk to your public
and then we'll go get
something to eat?
This is unbelievable.
Excuse me. What is that?
That's the stand for the tree.
Stand for--?
They're not planting the tree.
I know, they told me last night.
I've been trying to call.
Last night?
Why didn't you tell me?
I thought it was a mistake.
You let me bring the tree here
and you knew
they were going to cut it?
I came in early
to straighten things out.
I trusted you, Faith.
I believed you.
This is a mistake.
You can't cut down the tree.
I told you, ma'am,
I have my instructions.
Look, we're not staying
for the lighting.
They are not going to
plant the tree.
They're going to stick it in a
stand, they're going to cut it.
Well, tell them
they can't do that.
I can't, I just--
I signed it over to them.
They're still going on with the
ceremony, right? The lighting?
Of course, it's on
national television.
I want to be here.
You want to stand up
in front of the world
and to watch them celebrate
the lighting of your dead tree?
Yeah, that's why we came here.
So that they could kill it?
The tree that we nurtured
for 17 years?
No, I--
Rock, this is your tree, Rock.
I know--
We drove it across the country
together to keep it alive.
What is important to you, Son?
What do you care about?
He won't budge. He says
his orders come from
the commissioner
and he has to follow them.
I'm going back to the hotel.
I'm not watching this.
Corey, please.
Keep an eye on them, will you?
Call me after
the festivities are over.
I can trust you to do that,
can't I?
This is not my doing. Please
tell me that you believe me.
Of course it wasn't.
(Phone ringing)
Hi, Rock. It's Grandma.
Hi, Grandma.
I just wanted to let you know
that we're all going to
be watching tonight
when they light the tree.
Ooh, and guess what?
The girls and I have already
booked a trip for next summer
to DC. A little Christmas
in July,
and it's going to mean so much
to us to see your tree there.
I bet you a lot of people
are going to do the same.
Anyway, I'm so proud of
you and your dad.
You've done such a good thing.
I'm just so proud of you both.
All right, well, you have
a blast tonight.
I'll talk to you soon, honey.
Thanks, Grandma.
What is wrong with me?
I'm, like, the biggest jerk
that ever lived.
My dad's right, we can't
let them kill the tree.
We have to stop them.
But it's too late.
No, it isn't.
Look, he loves you, Corey.
He heard you,
and he needs your help.
What's going on?
Come on, let's go.
Oh, I am so getting you
a cell phone to Christmas.
Hey, everybody!
Hello, Washington.
Let's get this thing started.
Oh, oh. Hi, sorry about this.
We'll be as quick as possible.
Why, what's going on?
Uh, it's a final media op
before the tree goes up.
Media op?
Hey, you're going to be on
Channel 4. How sweet is that?
Channel 4?
Well, I love Channel 4.
So what do you think?
We need some footage with the
tree before the tree goes up.
Please, can we roll this along?
Thank you very much. Thank you
so much, you're so kind.
Hey, fellows. How's it going?
Hey guys, this shouldn't
take long at all.
Beautiful day.
We came here to plant this tree
and now they're going to
cut it down!
Are you going to stand for that?
So please, help us!
Save our tree!
Save our tree!
Save our tree!
Save our tree!
Our national tree!
Save our tree!
Our national tree!
Hey, hey, hey!
What are you doing?
I told you I wasn't going to
let you cut down this tree
and I meant it.
Save our tree!
Our national tree!
Yeah, this is Jim O'Connor
of the National Park Service.
I need police backup
at the ellipse right away.
Save our tree!
Save our tree!
(Siren wailing)
Save our tree!
Our national tree!
The press secretary's here,
Mr. President.
He says it's urgent.
How far is the ellipse?
Another 2 blocks.
Save our tree! Our national
tree! Save our tree!
Our national tree!
Save our tree! Our national
tree! Save our tree!
Our national tree!
Save our tree! Our national
tree! Save our tree!
Our national tree! Save our
tree! Our national tree!
Save our tree! Our national
tree! Save our tree!
Our national tree! Save our
tree! Our national tree!
Oh, hi. Faith Russell,
Box of Toys.
Correct that: private citizen.
What do you think of our tree?
Our national tree! Save--
Rock. Why are you up there?
Why have you cuffed yourself
to the tree?
Well, my dad planted this tree
to celebrate... me... and life.
It's good to celebrate life.
It's important.
My dad always said that
this is my tree and it was,
but not anymore.
This is America's tree now.
And I want it to live.
I want the President
to look out of the window of
the oval office every morning
and see a living thing,
not just some hunk of wood
we're going to trash
when we're done with it.
I want everyone who visits
Washington from America
and all over the world
to see it and to understand
that in its own funny way,
this tree is America.
It may not be perfect,
but it's strong, it's alive,
it's here to stay. So, we need
to nurture it, protect it,
just like we need to nurture
and protect each other.
All right, let's break this up.
This is a restricted area.
You're trespassing.
Vacate the property
or you will be arrested.
Where's the key?
Don't remember.
Cut him loose.
Don't you dare.
Step away from the tree, sir.
Arrest us if you have to but
we're not moving. Not willingly.
Me neither.
And me.
You've got to be kidding me.
Vacate the premises now. You're
trespassing on federal property.
Save our tree! Our national
tree! Save our tree!
Here at the ellipse,
the angry crowd
is now fully behind
the Burdocks and their mission
to save the national tree.
Tensions have been rising
throughout the day
as more people arrived
to join this growing protest.
You'll see behind me
some of the signs
that we've seen throughout
the day: "Rock's tree is tops."
And a few minutes ago
we heard from Rock
who said he is
not leaving this tree.
He wants it planted
in the ground,
he wants it beside The White
House so that the president
can look out at that tree
every day and see it.
Yes, Mr. President?
(Phone ringing)
Umm, yes, sir.
Of course, sir.
I understand. I will.
You have a terrific
Christmas too, sir.
That was the president.
He said...
He said when he looks out
his window every day,
he wants to see a living tree.
He wants you to vacate
the property now
and he wants me to get
a planting crew here ASAP.
A lot of people out there.
It's going to be a full house.
You clean up real nice.
Dress up much?
I owe you an apology.
I never should've...
Looks like the most eligible man
in Liberty
is about to go
out of circulation.
Dude, you're taller.
Oh. Cool, but when we go
to Machu Picchu,
you're losing those.
Time to take your seats.
The president's coming.
Ladies first.
When we get back, I want to
see your footage.
Which part?
All of it.
You know what?
I think it's going to be
a good Christmas.
It's going to be
an awesome Christmas.
Let's kick it.
And in 3, 2, 1.
Who was to know that a
thunderstorm in Washington, DC,
thousands of miles
from where I live,
would not only change
my life forever,
but my father's as well.