The Navigator (1924) Movie Script

Buster Keaton in The Navigator
Directed by Donald Crisp and Buster Keaton
Copyrighted MCMXXIV in United States of America
and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn Distributing Corporation.
All rights reserved under
International Convention of Buenos Aires.
Our story deals with one of those queer
tricks that Fate sometimes plays.
Nobody would believe, for instance, that the
entire lives of a peaceful American boy and girl -
- could be changed by a funny little war
between two small countries far across the sea.
And yet it came to pass. The spies of the
two little nations were at a Pacific seaport, -
- each trying to prevent the
other getting ships and supplies.
"Gentlemen, the enemy have just
purchased the steamship Navigator."
"There she lies now, and it is our
patriotic duty to destroy that ship."
"We will send her adrift in the fog
tonight before the new crew goes aboard. -
- The wind - the tide -
and the rocks will do the rest."
The wealthy ship owner who has just
sold the Navigator.
(Actor : Fredrick Vroom)
And his daughter.
(Actress : Kathryn Maguire)
Rollo Treadway - Heir to the
Treadway fortune - a living proof that -
- every family tree must have its sap.
(Actor : Buster Keaton)
"I think I'll get married."
"We'll sail for Honolulu tomorrow on
our honey-moon - get two tickets."
"He had completed all arrangements
- - except to notify the girl."
"Will you marry me?"
"Certainly not!"
"I think a long walk would do me good."
"Your tickets, sir - - and congratulations."
"The boat sails at ten
in the morning, sir."
"I don't get up that early -
so I'll go aboard tonight."
Going on a honeymoon without a
bride is like singing the words of -
- "Kiss Me Again" to the music
of "Alice, Where Art Thou."
"What pier, sir?"
"Pier two."
"I must get some papers off the
Navigator, so stop at Pier 12."
Pier 12 Pier 2
"Is there any one on board?"
Under the cover of darkness the foreign
agents prepared to carry out their plans.
The next morning found the Navigator
drifting helplessly at sea.
"Will you marry me?"
"This is a fine time to ask me that.
I'm cold and hungry and - -"
"Put up that bright one."
"She's quarantined."
"Try and catch them!"
"Hey! Wait a minute!"
By the time they were
ready to say "good-night" -
- they had found a couple
of sea-going tuxedos.
Giant Fire Crackers
Roman Candles
Asleep in the Deep - Wilfred Glenn
Danger is near thee -
Many brave hearts are asleep in the Deep -
Weeks later - still drifting.
We now find the crew -
- with a safe and
quiet place to sleep.
"We're safer on the boat."
"We're drifting toward them."
"We're safe! I've anchored the ship."
"We are sinking! It's just a matter
of time until we're captured."
"Can't you fix it?"
"That would have to be
fixed from the outside."
Instructions for Deep Sea Divers
Where ignorance is bliss - -
Men At Work!
Subtitle By Reza Fa