The Negotiation (2018) Movie Script

CJ Entertainment Presents
A JK Film Production
Executive Producer
JEONG Tae-sung
Co-executive Producer
IM Myung-kyoon
Various events are happening
across the city for the family month.
Produced by
YOUN Je-kyoun
At Han River Park... excuse me.
This just in. Breaking news of
a hostage situation in Yangjae, Seoul.
We'll take you now to Lee,
who's live at the scene.
Please, stay back!
Directed by
LEE Jong-suk
This is crazy.
So much for vacation.
Excuse me,
excuse me.
Let me pass, please.
Hey... what're you wearing?
I was on a date.
You should've changed.
There are cameras.
You said hurry.
Have you been drinking?
You can tell? I only had one.
Just hurry. Come on..
All right, all right..
You're here.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You can't show up looking like that.
There could be talk.
What talk?
Like how the police are lax now.
Come on,
what does that matter?
You're driving me nuts.
So, what's going on?
Male and female hostages, one each.
Southeast Asian suspects, in their 30s,
armed with knives.
They're speaking English.
No Korean at all.
That's why we called you in.
Their demands?
They want a helicopter. To escape.
Looks like a simple robbery.
They've seen too many movies.
And the captain?
He's not doing so well.
It's his English.
Hey, Inspector Ha is here!
What are you doing here?
I thought you were on vacation.
I was. You approved it yourself.
He just can't get through.
It's okay. I'm already here now.
What's the situation?
What was explained earlier, that's it.
I'll see what I can do.
No, don't. We're sending in SWAT.
You're not going to try
to talk to them first?
They're not responding to any talk.
So we're going in.
Give me 30 minutes.
I'll get them talking.
Just 30 minutes.
Inspector Ha Chae-youn
begins Negotiation
Wow, she's good.
So much better than you.
What is she saying?
What are you doing?
Maintain your position.
Do not leave your position!
I can't assess the situation from out here.
Min-woo, take over all audio.
Okay. Be careful.
Do not go inside that house!
Son of a...
Please help me.
Don't worry. Everything will be okay.
What do we do?
What do you mean?
We wait. She's negotiating.
If we don't act now,
we lose the hostages.
Captain Jung!
Help me!
Please help.
Help me!
Alpha, secure the room!
Bravo, move in!
Fire at will.
You're okay. You're okay.
We got casualties!
Need immediate assistance!
Bangkok, Thailand
Reporter Lee Sang-mok?
You know me?
You dumbass...
why else would I follow you?
Get out.
Get him out.
Going somewhere?
Work trip.
Thank you.
Not in today either?
You should take care of your own.
You brought her in from America.
Pay her some attention.
Inspector Ha!
What's this?
Hey, what's going on?
Can you give us a minute?
Because of the incident?
It wasn't your fault.
I can't watch people die
in front of me anymore.
You also saved lives.
You don't think about that?
I really think this isn't for me.
I'm sorry.
I... hold on.
Take a few days off.
Let's talk after my trip.
After my trip.
I'll be back soon.
Mr. Nag
What is it?
Where have you been?
Do you know how many times I've called?
It's an emergency!
I'm almost there, but where is it?
Oh, wait. Is this it?
What're you talking about?
Got it! I'm here. I'm here.
Has he lost his mind?
You can't just barge in like this.
You've showered? Good.
Where are your clothes?
- What?
- Your uniform.
My uniform? Hey, where are you going?
Where is your uniform?
I quit, remember?
It hasn't been processed yet,
and the commissioner wants to see you.
The commissioner called for you.
Where are we?
Beats me. I just followed directions.
Good, you're here.
Superintendent Ahn Hyuk-su, sir!
Inspector Ha?
Inspector Ha Chae-youn, sir.
This is Inspector Ha.
Presidential Secretary Gong
for National Security.
Inspector Ha Chae-youn.
Okay, okay.
Have someone brief her.
Chief Han will...
A call's coming in.
Already? Go.
Negotiator Ha?
Sit there.
Who am I talking to?
- There's no time to explain.
- Well, at least...
Take the call first. There's the camera.
Connect us.
What's wrong with this thing? Fuck...
Is it on?
Can you see me?
I am Min Tae-gu.
Ha Chae-youn.
Come on, full rank and name.
Inspector Ha Chae-youn,
Seoul Police Crisis Negotiation Team.
And you are the best
negotiator they've got?
I am one of their negotiators, yes.
They went on and on
about how hot you are,
but I've seen better.
What are your measurements?
You know, like in beauty pageants.
Chest, waist, hips...
Where'd he go?
We lost the call?
What happened? Did he hang up?
I did, sir.
Come on.
What are you doing?
Inspector Ha, are you serious?
He'll call back,
but I need to know what's going
on to respond to the situation.
Sergeant, he's calling again.
Connect the call.
I'll explain everything later.
Don't pick up. We can't let
him lead negotiations.
Hold. Hold.
We will explain later.
Now, pick up the call!
What the hell...
Hello. I need to sort some things out, so
please call back in a little while. Thank you.
She hung up again.
For fuck's sake!
Please tell me what's going on.
He's calling again.
Chief Han!
You take it.
Do it!
I am Han Young-sook, Seoul Police
Foreign Investigation Division.
Captain Jung?
- Bring me that.
- What's he doing there?
Say hello. Up there.
Do a peace sign.
You think we're kidding around.
Mr. Min...
Look, we haven't even started yet.
We haven't...
Mr. Min!
It's your lucky day, Captain Jung!
Get ready.
Mr. Min,
can we talk now?
- The fuck? Is it broken?
- Mr. Min?
Hanging up like that is rude.
No matter how busy you are.
I apologize,
but how about extending
us some manners too?
I'm not sure you're in a
position to demand manners.
165, 34, 24, 35.
To answer your question.
Right, the measurements!
You don't look it.
Get a date, and go on a diet.
Captain Jung, I like her.
Maybe I should just pack
it all in and ask her out.
I'm up for it.
How about a drink then? You and me?
Sure. Whatever you want.
Let's leave my demands for
later, but before that...
Can we speak frankly?
Of course.
No lies, okay?
You have my word.
It's important you are
completely honest,
Chae-youn. Okay?
Inspector Ha?
What happened? Did we disconnect?
I'm listening.
Were you scared just then?
Could you put the gun away?
I don't think we can have a frank
conversation in this atmosphere.
And what if we can't? Just
going to give up on him?
Give me the chance not to give up.
The chance not to give up.
I like that.
Okay, tell me who is watching us.
Put the gun away, and I'll tell you.
Seems studying abroad paid off for you.
You're good at the basics.
Chief Han of Foreign Investigations.
Oh, the old lady? Okay.
Police Commissioner Moon Jong-hyuk.
Several agents monitoring the screens.
Some officers I don't know.
No one else higher up?
Don't tell him Secretary Gong is here.
Nobody higher than the commissioner.
The commissioner has command.
- Chae-youn.
- Yes.
Look at me.
We can't get to know each other
if you tell lies. You get that, right?
Yes. Of course.
Okay. I'll trust you then.
Thank you.
Are there other...
Is the food ready?
Chae-youn, we have to eat,
so let's end the intros.
I'll talk to you soon.
If you have demands, tell us now.
We need time to prepare.
You can't handle that right now.
You haven't said hello to Captain Jung.
Sir, are you okay?
You weren't told a thing, right?
Inspector Ha, from here on you have to
handle the situation by the book.
Step by step. All right?
Don't worry. Everything will be okay.
By the book. Like in the field.
Okay. That's it.
Remember, complete honesty.
We'll talk soon. Bye.
Reporter Lee was following
a lead on crimes against
Koreans in Southeast Asia when
he was abducted a week ago.
Min Tae-gu is the kidnappers' boss.
From Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok,
he leads an international gang
that has a hand in everything dirty.
It's the most vicious Korean gang,
so they are high on our blacklist.
Three days ago, Daehan
Daily's officials
went to Bangkok with Captain
Jung as the negotiator.
Min Tae-gu intercepted them,
and Jung was kidnapped on the
way to the rendezvous point.
They don't seem to be
interested in negotiating.
Those sons of bitches...
They contacted us just recently.
Hit play.
I now have two cards.
A reporter and a cop.
I am wondering what I
should do with the cards.
Your side
- should have a think.
- Pause.
This morning, after three days,
they called back, showing us Captain Jung
and saying they wanted Inspector Ha.
The media doesn't know yet.
We asked Daehan Daily
to maintain an embargo.
The presidential office feels
uncomfortable about the whole thing.
Not so much uncomfortable as
concerned for our oversea Koreans.
But what's more,
a police officer being taken
is a very serious matter.
We've sent in the Special Air Force
as a joint police-military op.
The area is plagued by pirates
and the Philippines' rebel militia.
So Thai, Malay, and Indonesian
authorities have little control.
Min's gang is holding the
hostages on this island.
It's officially Thai territory.
We will launch a rescue operation
with Thai government support.
If we can buy time,
the special forces can move in.
Do you see what we're saying?
How much time?
They'll move in at 10 p.m. local time.
That's midnight Korea time.
It's 10 now so you have 14 hours.
The president is very
concerned about this, okay?
It's an overseas military op.
We had to get Thai government support,
as well as help from US recon assets.
It was not easy.
Can you do it?
You can do it, Ha Chae-youn!
For God's sake, man.
Please call in my team.
Indian Ocean, 14 hours to operation
Listen up!
We touch down at the Thai
navy base in three hours.
We stay there till sundown.
We will be transported
by ship to the island.
H-hour is 2200 local time.
Operation code name, Shadow.
Sync watches. 0805.
Take a look.
Min is a foreign citizen.
He received UK citizenship last year.
Richard Min.
He obtained it through the UK's
immigrant investment program.
Some bastards are quick when
it comes to things like this.
No information about family.
He's an orphan, has been
abroad since an early age.
So there's little info on him.
Who are these people behind him?
Oversea Koreans he met.
We only know they are Korean.
Bloody hell...
It does look like a hostage situation.
And not a non-hostage.
What do you mean?
A hostage situation is using hostages
to get what you want.
In a non-hostage situation,
assailants are just venting anger.
They're calling.
We aren't supposed to wear
uniforms in negotiations.
I'll take it for you.
Did you enjoy your meal?
Yeah, thanks to you.
Where is Captain Jung?
What do you look for in a man?
You know, looks, money, personality...
I like honest men, like you.
Like me? How do you know I'm honest?
I've been told I have a gift.
What kind of ending do you
think this will have?
A happy ending.
A happy ending?
I don't think so.
I do
because you're not a fool.
I have someone I want to
see. Could you call him in?
Before that, may I see Captain Jung?
Sure, why not? Let's say hi.
Bring it.
Captain, are you okay?
Inspector Ha...
Inspector Ha...
How much did you give him?
About 50 milliliters.
Didn't I say that much can kill him?
Captain Jung was having trouble
relaxing, so I gave him something.
He'll be okay. Don't worry.
Captain Jung...
Is he dead?
Mr. Min!
Please, don't hit him.
What's this?
Are you two going out?
Is that how it is?
If you carry on like this, I won't
have the room to deal with you.
Put it back.
What room?
Here. This will shut itself up.
I am the only channel you
have to get what you want.
I haven't told you what I want.
So tell me now.
CEO of Daehan Daily,
Yoon Dong-hoon.
I'll give you one hour.
First, we need to know
reporter Lee is still alive.
Come on, what kind of deal is that?.
I need something to convince
my superiors. Give me something.
One hour.
Hold on! We don't know where he is.
It's impossible with Seoul traffic.
Send a chopper.
CEO of Daehan Daily,
Yoon Dong-hoon
He's here.
Mr. Yoon Dong-hoon?
I'm Commissioner Moon Jong-hyuk.
Were you briefed on the way?
Yes, yes...
You just need to talk to him
and follow our instructions.
Yes, okay.
Ha Chae-youn, Crisis negotiation Team.
I'm Yoon Dong-hoon.
Thank you for coming.
This way.
Excuse me, but
could you change your clothes?
Sit there.
Take off the jacket.
Just the shirt.
I'll take it.
He's calling!
Don't worry, we will support
you through the earpiece.
If you get stuck, look at me.
Mr. Yoon Dong-hoon?
Yes, I am Yoon Dong-hoon.
You look younger than the photos.
You look tense.
Say thank you.
No, I'm okay. Thank you.
No need for that.
Hey, bring over the reporter.
No, both of them.
Ask how reporter Lee is first.
Lee, are you okay?
I'm fine, sir.
Hang in there. It'll be okay.
Thank you, sir.
Such good rapport.
Mr. Yoon,
there were no stories about
Lee's abduction in Daehan Daily.
Police requested an embargo,
so we have been careful.
Tell him Lee's safety is priority.
But Lee's safety is more
important than some story.
Yes, of course. Are you two close?
Yes, I meet with him now and then.
Had a drink or two?
Yes, that's right.
What were Lee's exclusives?
Um... June 2014,
a story about military service
being recognized for college points,
and in 2015, one about a Jeju kindergarten.
About a family that died there.
You are smart. You remember all that?
I read his files because of this incident.
You didn't just read it, you memorized it.
You'd think someone prepped
you for being asked about it.
What about his family?
Wife and a school-aged daughter.
You have a good boss, Mr. Lee.
He knows everything.
How much does he drink?
Did you not hear me?
How much can he drink?
I... I don't like drinking.
You said you drank with him,
but you can't answer my question?
I always leave early.
Okay, Mr. Leave Early, stand up.
Stand up.
Okay, okay.
Take a step back,
so I can see your whole body.
- Okay.
- Back, back, back, back...
What are you wearing?
You were out golfing while one of
your men was being held hostage.
Tell him it was a prior engagement.
It was arranged before. I'm sorry.
Lee is not one of yours, is he?
Sorry? What do you mean?
Be honest,
or your life gets very complicated.
Your wife is Baek Hee-kyung.
Your daughter, Yoon Ju-ri, is in the US.
Your second child, Yoon Ju-seung,
studies at Korea University.
I'm Commissioner Moon Jong-hyuk.
Talk to me. I am in charge.
You stay out of it for now.
What are your demands?
You'll come in when I tell you to.
We are ready to talk
with all options open.
Fuck... I said stay out!
How many times did I say that?!
We are talking. Can't you see?
You think I'm a fucking
joke, don't you? You fuck!
I'm sorry. Things get rough
when I lose my cool.
It's hard to change.
All right.
Mr. Yoon?
Lee is not with Daehan Daily, is he?
I will ask one last time.
Is he or isn't he one of yours?
Please, put the gun away!
You can't solve anything like that!
Should I bring your wife
and kids into this?
Mr. Min,
there must be some misunderstanding.
Answer me, Yoon Dong-hoon.
Inspector Ha! Take Mr. Yoon out. Now!
Mr. Yoon is too taken aback.
Three seconds, or it's his head.
One, two...
He is not!
Take a seat.
We said no lies, didn't we?
I didn't know.
But you caught on. Even I did.
I really didn't know.
Shut up, you bitch.
What did I say will happen if you lie?
I said complete honesty.
Mr. Min...
Get rid of him.
It's all over me.
Crazy bastard...
Crazy bastard!
Are you swearing at me?
Hang up! Hang up!
You son of a bitch!
Crazy bastard...
Thai airspace, T-9 to H-hour
Eagle one, this is the nest.
Dove two has been killed.
Change of plans, I repeat.
Change of plans.
We infiltrate from the sea.
Gear up.
Gear up!
Who is Lee Sang-mok?
- I'll tell you later.
- Later when?
When everyone's dead?
Inspector Ha!
A call's coming in.
Get ready.
Do not connect!
You knew, right?
You both knew he is not a reporter.
Who is he?
Why aren't you telling me
who Lee Sang-mok is?
Inspector Ha!
From now on, they will handle Min.
Take her away.
Captain Jung is dead.
You're not the only one who saw that!
You're not the only one suffering!
Take her away, now.
Let's go.
Come on.
Anyone not involved, please leave.
Me too?
We're taking over.
Sorry, but...
what is going on here?
What's going on?
Can I get one?
Here you go.
Lee is a black agent from the
National Intelligence Service.
He was sent to spy on Min's gang.
Is Min a North Korean spy?
He's an arms dealer.
He sells to pirates in the Malacca Straits.
Everything from machine guns and RPGs
to booby traps and body armor.
NIS found out,
sent Lee in undercover.
Why didn't you tell us that?
To keep it from Min.
You being unaware seemed better
for buying time and keeping Min calm.
What does he want?
We don't know.
Maybe he planned on doing that
to Jung from the very start.
Nobody blames you.
You did the best you could.
Sorry, I'm late.
It isn't over. There are more hostages.
We need to stop him.
Let's get that bastard ourselves.
How? He's in Thailand.
We're not Interpol.
Get info on arms trade
in Southeast Asia.
Anything linked to Min Tae-gu.
- Yes.
- Yes.
And you,
go see Yoon. Something will come up.
Inspector Ha...
Ha Chae-youn.
If we do it like this, you might...
And let Jung die for nothing?
Fine, fine. I'll let you know.
Hello, I'm NIS agent Choi Chun-jung.
Park Kyoung-mook.
NIS? Where are the police?
Why is NIS here?
Mr. Min, let's cut the bullshit.
We're all professionals. Let's talk.
Lee is an NIS agent.
You knew, right?
Is that so?
A simple mistake could bring
the entire NIS down on you.
I am so scared.
Release Agent Lee.
How can I just let him go?
Shangri-La Mountain.
It's all about that, right?
You're the president, aren't you?
NIS is so much better than the cops.
But Shangri-La, that's a UK firm.
How does it concern you people?
Why is the NIS involved?
I'm a foreigner.
Because Korean weapons
are being traded.
Agent Lee went to gather intel.
So what does the NIS want?
Let's make a deal.
A deal?
Release Lee, stop selling weapons,
and hand over all information.
Then, we will forget about your past.
You mean, give up everything and
be an NIS snitch, then I get to live.
Is that about right?
Let's avoid a bad situation.
Fuck you.
Don't waste your time.
Bring me Inspector Ha.
I want to deal with her.
You think we're fucking around here?!
Shut up.
If I was scared of you, I never
would have started this.
Bring him.
Mercenaries called Deadpol,
and Min was something else.
Iraq, Libya, Philippines, Lithuania...
He was all over the place.
Then he disappeared five years ago.
He's heavily linked to Korean
weapons trade in Southeast Asia.
How did a foreign mercenary
get hold of Korean weapons?
It's not just a few
stolen weapons either.
Pack up. Let's go.
To ask him in person.
what will you do?
If I blow his head off now,
what will you do?
We'll kill you.
Will you fire a missile or something?
What? You think we won't?
You've got something up
your sleeve, don't you?
We can give up Agent Lee,
but you're going down too.
Well, fuck...
Bring them in.
Say hello.
You can't talk?
They are NIS.
It's okay. Come here.
No, No!
Let's go have a chat.
It's okay.
What's your favorite song?
It's okay, you can talk.
Come on then, sing.
You don't know it?
Elephant's nose is like a hand
If you give him something...
If you give him a cookie
If you give him a cookie,
he'll take it with his nose
No? She says that's not it.
Hey, Min Tae-gu.
Min Tae-gu!
Mr. Elephant, on a fine spring day
crosses the Pacific on a leaf
Ms. Whale sees Mr. Elephant,
falls in love and winks at him
You are a gentleman of the land
I am a lady of the sea
We are meant to be
Please, marry me
We'll have our wedding
in the sea palace
Dr. Octopus will officiate
Squid on the piano
Seashells for gifts
Round of applause.
Go to your mother.
Good girl.
What are you doing?
I'm showing a few more
of my hidden cards.
Now, I don't need Lee Sang-mok.
Hey, Tae-gu...
What? Don't kill him?
Bring me Inspector Ha,
or Lee loses his head.
Get it?
Chae-youn, do you see?
Min Tae-gu...
It's okay.
It's okay.
Half an hour.
If she's not here by
then, we kill Lee.
Why isn't she picking up?
People will die! Let me go!
Malacca Straits, T-4 hours
Three! Two! One! Go!
Looks like a family on vacation.
He's even holding children.
Brother and sister.
Inspector Ha, come in.
Min Tae-gu is now...
Give me everything.
I want all the intel on Min and Lee,
and anything else you've got.
Min only deals with me from here on.
This way.
Stay out. I won't let anyone in.
You will need our help.
I told you to share everything.
Call coming in.
Everyone out.
You must be busy.
I waited for so long.
I went out to eat.
Sure. Everyone's gotta eat, even
when their colleagues are dying.
Yes, but there are still
people who can be saved.
Were you upset by Jung's death?
He died because of me,
because of my ineptitude.
Come on, you're making me feel bad.
I missed something important.
And that is?
The reasons you're doing this.
He's feeling emotional.
Might be because of the kids.
Send the kids and the mom next door.
Daddy, no!
Please, spare their father!
Don't worry and hush!
Be quiet.
Cho-rong, go with your mom. Okay?
Good girl.
Be gentle.
Were you a good kid?
Any memories with your family?
Parents, siblings...
Cut the chitchat.
Ask me a real question.
Why did you bring me back here?
Right. You really want to know?
Of course.
Nine Electrics Chairman Koo Gwan-su.
Get him.
Then you will know why you are here.
One hour.
We expected he'd ask for Koo.
On paper, Min was the president of
a company in the British Virgin Islands.
A company called
Shangri-La Mountain.
Koo is the man who set it up.
Koo is no longer involved,
and Min is now the owner.
According to intel Agent Lee sent us,
funds from selling weapons to
pirates are sent to Shangri-La Mountain.
At first, Koo used the company to
hide the rebates from arms contracts.
So, Min was Koo's man.
Koo helped Min get UK citizenship.
When Min started working
alone in the Malacca Straits,
they fell out.
Koo tipped off the NIS about Min
and reported the $50 million
he'd evaded taxes on.
Authorities wiped his slate clean.
So Koo betrayed Min?
From Min's point of view, yes.
We have no ulterior motives.
We just want to save Agent Lee
and the hostages.
So do I.
Where is Koo now?
Where do you think you are?
Nine Electrics' weapons lab.
The funding for the operation,
the location, equipment, everything
is being provided by Koo.
Nine Electrics Chairman
Koo Gwan-su
NIS Deputy Chief Park In-kyu
Commander of Air Force
Son Jung-tae
National Security Chief
Hwang Ju-ik
Take a seat.
You didn't have to come personally.
I had a bit of time before dinner.
How's it going?
Min's being more
stubborn than expected.
Looks like there is no other way.
I will take care of it.
Not much time till the operation.
About four hours.
Four hours.
I wish I could stay until it's done.
It will be done before dinner, right?
Don't worry, sir.
I will stay until the end.
Gong is here too. No need to worry.
It's okay, don't pay me any mind.
It will be done soon.
Get in. I'll tell you on the way.
Get in.
Going away?
In a hurry, taking the family too.
Who are you?
We met earlier in the situation room.
Honey, what's wrong?
Oh, your wife?
Hello, I met your husband earlier.
Just... let's talk over here.
What do you want?
I told you everything I know.
What did you tell us?
That you don't recall anything?
No, let's go downtown.
You can try to recall
more at the station.
The man who asked Yoon to
give Lee Sang-mok a false ID
was NIS Deputy Park In-kyu.
If the NIS is involved,
this is no ordinary case.
This is Commissioner Moon Jong-hyuk,
Choi Tae-suk of NIS,
and Chief Han of Foreign Investigations.
This way please.
What are your thoughts on Min?
He didn't seem to be a violent man,
more a clever businessman.
It all began after setting up
a small company together.
I hear you're funding this operation.
Is there a special reason?
This feels like an interrogation.
I'm sorry you feel that way,
but I need to know certain
things before I brief you.
Call coming in.
Don't be alarmed if I cut in.
Talk to him like usual.
Hello, Mr. Chairman!
Hello, Tae-gu. Was this the only way?
You couldn't find some other means?
I am very sorry.
What is it that you want?
If you'd rather not say in front...
No, it's okay.
The Shangri-La Swiss
account is blocked.
I will fix that right away.
It's probably because my name has
been removed from the account.
Thank you, sir.
Anything else?
Anything else...
Oh... why did you kill Hyun-ju?
Hyun-ju, from Yangjae.
10 days ago. It was on the news.
What're you talking about?
You don't know her?
You want me to resolve
the Swiss account issue?
Yes, of course,
but you saying you don't know
Hyun-ju really bothers me.
Yes, sir?
I don't know what you're up to,
but you could get hurt.
I ask if you know someone, and
you fucking say I could get hurt.
Do you know Yoo Hyun-ju?
A hostage case. 10 days ago.
You were at the scene.
Are you okay?
Well, do you know her or not?
I do.
Right? You remember?
How did that end?
It was a robbery, right?
Did you believe that?
You saw the paintings?
I did.
Did you find the owner?
They were killed at the scene.
Killed? No, no.
The owner is alive and well.
Right there next to you.
Actually, to be exact,
one of the owners. Isn't that so?
What do you think you'll
gain with these lies?
All you have to do is open
the Swiss account,
but if you could also tell me why
you killed her, that'd be great.
I don't know who you
are talking about.
Do I seem to be lying?
Right, yet he calls me a liar.
That's hurtful.
What makes you think he killed her?
Where do I begin?
See, she was his keeper of secrets.
Looks like he can't recall.
I introduced the two of them.
Hello, my name is Yoo Hyun-ju.
Good to meet you.
There isn't that much cash in there.
About 2 billion won. For emergencies.
The real money is in the paintings.
Each one is worth 10 billion or better.
Perfect for laundering money.
But where did all of it go?
Oh, come on,
you still don't believe me?
what does a fighter jet's
specifications matter?
Pilots retire before they
can learn all functions.
The media is all over that.
New generation models will
be launched in just a year.
So why are you dumping back stock now?
The public won't know the difference.
You just have to create good hype.
Deputy Park, it's not that easy.
Jung-tae, you have something to say?
No, sir. Why would you say that?
Do you think I'm doing
all this just for myself?
No, sir, that's not it.
you won't take the fall
even if this all goes wrong.
We are in the same boat.
The chairman, he trusts no one,
so he has a habit of recording
important conversations.
He's probably doing it right now.
Are you following me?
Do you think you can arrest them all?
Recordings are difficult
to use as evidence,
particularly in these cases.
You need something better?
Okay, let's take it to
the next level then.
National Security Chief Hwang Ju-ik.
Exactly one hour.
If he's not here, they all die,
including Cho-rong.
Everyone out.
Until Min is removed and
all the evidence is gone,
nobody leaves this room.
Is that clear?
She lost her parents while in college,
studied accounting, then
worked for a year at a bank.
After that, no real job to speak of.
Hyun-ju's account records
show large transactions,
but there's nothing on Min Tae-gu.
There's gotta be
something between them.
Dig deeper.
Maybe they were lovers?
Inspector Ha?
What is it?
Hwang is with the President.
He said we should do everything
to ensure the safety of the hostages.
How can we?!
Did you not hear him?
If Hwang doesn't come, they all die.
Do your best.
I tracked NIS Deputy Park's phone.
Nothing. They're all borrowed names,
but on second look,
I saw Captain Jung's number.
Park and Jung talked a few
times after the Yangjae case.
What do you mean?
Looks like Jung took a bribe.
He paid off all his debts
and his wife's medical bills.
How can that be? Are you sure?
I checked.
Look, I have to go. I'll call you later.
What are you doing here?
Take a few days off.
Let's talk after my trip.
- What the...
- The commissioner wants to see you.
Buy more time. Two hours.
Sir, there's no telling
what he'll do next.
He's shown his face, which means
this may be a suicide mission.
This order
came from all the way up.
Do you understand?
Malacca Straits, T-2 hours
All clear.
Shadow is on radio.
You're alone.
We can't reach Hwang.
NIS is looking.
And Koo?
He is being
Chief Hwang...
he won't come.
A promise is a promise.
Mr. Min, the people you're fighting,
they can't be beaten like this.
Let the hostages go and work with me.
I can help you.
Chae-youn, you're coming on strong.
The co-owners of the paintings
Koo kept in Yoo Hyun-ju's care,
the people who took them as bribes,
I need their names.
If I tell you, you'll lose your job.
Are you worrying about me?
Let's say I did tell you...
If Koo is the owner, then he must
have visited Yoo at least once.
There may be CCTV
footage or witnesses.
Then everything Koo said
about not knowing her is a lie.
Hyun-ju's case will be reopened.
Anyone linked to the case
the victims, the robbers...
I'll analyze them all over again.
To find proof that Koo ordered it?
If I have the list of the owners of
paintings and those who took the bribe...
You can link them all.
Is the commissioner still there?
Bring him in.
You heard everything she said?
Yes, I did.
Is Koo really being questioned?
Yes, he is.
If I give you the names of everyone,
will you reopen Yoo Hyun-ju's case?
It will be reopened, whether
or not you make the demand.
Is that an official statement?
Yes, it is.
Search 'police hostage'.
Hold on.
Min's being streamed live.
How? Where's it coming from?
A Thai server.
Show me.
We're the law-enforcement authority.
How can the police make up a lie?
Inspector, this whole
thing's being streamed!
Trust us and tell us what you want.
It's on the news. Local cable TV.
Check the feed.
This just in.
The hostage situation that
began a week ago in Bangkok,
in which Daehan Daily's reporter
Lee Sang-mok was kidnapped,
is being live streamed.
Shut it down!
Seoul Police's Captain...
Fuck! Hurry!
Call the TV stations and stop
it from spreading!
Check that news station first.
So, the man in the live video is
definitely commissioner Moon?
Yes. Definitely.
I am outside the police agency now.
Access is being strictly controlled.
Do we know who the victim was?
Yes, the man killed by the kidnapper is
thought to be Captain Jung Jun-gu,
though that still has not been confirmed.
What is it?
It's being live streamed.
From a Thai server.
It's Min's doing.
That son of a bitch...
Mr. Min,
the live streaming, are you doing it?
Oh, did I forget to tell you that?
I'm sorry.
Chae-youn, the number of hits...
A million? Two?
I know it's over 2.
But we'll see 10 million soon.
If you keep tricking me, I can
neither help nor trust you.
And I can trust you?
Is Koo really being questioned?
And Hwang, he really can't be reached?
Mr. Hwang...
are you watching?
One hour.
One last chance.
If you're not here by then,
someone dies every 10 minutes,
starting with this bastard.
Yes, sir.
Make up a story, with
Koo as the main player.
Yes, sir.
And begin the military op now.
It's still light out. The hostages
could be put in danger.
Begin now!
Kill them all, including the hostages!
The bastard!
You didn't take care of the girl,
and now we have this mess!
You incompetent piece of shit!
There must be something.
What do you think will happen?
I think they'll give up on you.
Then you die too.
This is the generator and
satellite broadcasting gear.
That generator probably
powers the whole camp.
If we take that out, we
can stop the broadcasts.
Okay, start there.
What about the hostages?
We won't be able to see them.
Inspector Ha!
Can't you see how urgent this is?
It's a national crisis!
Once we set up a KAISHO cam, we can see inside.
Can you connect me to the agents?
Hey, why are police involved
in a military operation?
If the hostages die, will
you take responsibility?
There's a 6 and 8 year old in there.
If they die, will you take the blame?
That's it.
What're you doing?
If you send me out, I'll go to Hwang,
and if that doesn't work,
I'll tell Min about the op.
Have you lost it?
No, I'm completely sane.
It's you who's lost it.
Where did you get the photograph?
That's the old building.
So this one is...?
The new one.
But there wasn't a Yoo Hyun-ju
at our orphanage back in 1993.
There was a Hyun-ju though.
Want to see her?
Her surname was Min.
Min Hyun-ju.
She had a brother.
Mr. Nag
Hwang isn't coming, is he?
If you pull the trigger, it's all over.
The hostages need to be alive.
That's how you keep the upper hand.
Koo, Hwang, Park, and Yoo Hyun-ju.
Their connection can be proven.
I know Jung is connected too.
You want the truth to come out.
You can win this.
Yoo Hyun-ju: real name Min Hyun-ju
Min Hyun-ju, Min Tae-gu, siblings
Min's hideout, Thailand,
20 min to H-hour
KAISHOT on the main screen.
Suppression team at cuckoo's nest.
Demolition team at generator.
Suppression team, move in!
Suppression team moving in.
Need more time.
Mr. Min.
I promise you,
if you let them go,
I will do all I can to bring Koo
and his accomplices to justice.
If I let them go, Hyun-ju's case will be
buried, and they'll get off scot-free.
Plus, they'll kill me.
Korea's not so innocent
and beautiful anymore.
Times have changed.
We will protect you as a witness.
Oh, you will protect me?
I am so grateful. Drinks are on me.
Inspector Ha,
you suck as a negotiator.
You're too passionate
and a terrible liar.
Please, let them go. I will defend you.
Just like her...
Ready to move in.
Demolition team ready.
Fire in the hole.
Suppression team, go.
Blowing doors.
- There's a bomb inside!
- Three, two, one...
Halt. Explosives inside.
Holding position.
The hostages are
rigged with explosives.
Who cares? Just move in!
We need to stop.
Hurry up and move in!
Move in.
Move in.
We need to stop!
There are children!
Min seems to have blown himself
up, along with the hostages.
Get me a drink.
Mr. Choi, good work.
Good work, good work.
Good work.
Chief Han, nice work.
Inspector Ha.
Min is alive.
The sunlight disappears
at 5:08 local time.
That's before sundown.
Korea is 2 hours ahead of
Thailand, so the time is 7:08.
Today's sundown was at 7:01.
Min's in Korea.
Find everyone who traveled from
Bangkok to Seoul the last 3 days.
Look at cargo too. Get me everything.
CCTV, immigration, cargo, everything.
Everyone, good work.
Park and Son, wrap things up.
- Yes.
- Yes, sir.
I'm sorry.
What a total mess.
Drink up.
Pick up.
Pick up, pick up, please.
Secretary Gong
Check it out.
Didn't you see the sign?
Drop the guns!
Drop the gun.
Drop the gun!
On the ground!
I'll take it from here.
You did well.
Got it!
He came by cargo flight, two
days ago, Cheongju Airport.
Under the name Ko Min-jun,
a trading firm employee.
The Superintendent.
You were right, Inspector Ha!
He's here in Korea.
Where are you?
Somang orphanage.
What about the hostages?
The hostages,
they're fine. I called an ambulance.
And Min Tae-gu?
He took off an hour ago.
Where is Hwang and Koo?
I told you. At the presidential office.
If you lie to me, they are in danger!
Don't get up. Take a seat.
Sit down.
Tae-gu, you...
Be quiet.
And Mr. Chairman...
one word out of you, and you're dead.
want to come with us?
This is the place, huh?
Hyun-ju mentioned it.
A place just plastered with money.
Min... Tae-gu, is it?
There seems to be a misunderstanding.
Look here, Min...
I said don't talk.
Target has moved from the
parking lot to the VIP lounge.
Move quickly.
That's right.
Sometimes you need a sacrifice.
It's okay if that's trash like us.
to do something like that
to someone like Hyun-ju.
That's just fucking shitty.
what do you want?
No, how...
can we be forgiven?
I don't know. Ask Hyun-ju.
Let's go and ask her together.
Mr. Min!
Mr. Min...
Go. If you don't want to die.
I know why you called for me.
Min Hyun-ju,
your sister,
I let her die.
I am sorry.
I know why you had to do this.
I see why this was the only way.
But please stop now.
The truth you want to bring to light,
I will do it.
Should I tell you the truth?
It was me
that got Hyun-ju killed.
It was me who told
her to steal the files.
For my business.
She was just doing what I told her.
And she died for it.
That's the real truth.
Get it?
Awaiting orders.
Clear to take a shot.
Visual lost. Obstacle.
I don't want to kill you.
Is this all you wanted?
I can uncover the truth!
Why won't you fuck off?!
Just do it
because I'm tired of watching people die.
You are a pain in the ass.
trust me, for just a little bit.
What do you want with
a shitty life like mine?
Give me one more chance.
Trust you again?
Min Hyun-ju...
think of her.
Show the world how these
monsters killed your sister.
Then die or... do whatever it is you want.
I actually did want to
get a drink with you.
No, Tae-gu.
let's not do this.
It's too dangerous.
I'd rather do this than
live in fear my whole life.
Hyun-ju, the situation over there...
Find us a place to live.
Somewhere with an ocean view.
Don't worry.
I got your back. Okay?
You're a pain in the ass.
Let's go.
Get him outside!
The detonator.
It's off.
Target eliminated. One hostage dead.
We need to change the story.
Yes, it needs a lot of work.
Think on it.
Excuse me. I am Inspector Ha
from the Seoul Police Agency.
Good work. Thanks to you
today's situation ended well.
Take care of things here. Let's go.
I'll tell you something now
that my peers will repeat later.
For the murder of Yoo Hyun-ju,
illegal arms dealing, bribery,
and treason, you are under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will
be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford one, one will be
appointed to you by the court.
Crazy bitch!
Go, now!
Can you comment?
What happened here?
Give me a smoke.
What is this?
We need our health.
What's that?
Any words to the public?
I will cooperate with the investigation.
The charge of conspiracy to murder!
And illegal arms
dealing, do you admit?
Can you explain?
Witness, come forward.
Present the evidence.
All rise, hold your right hands up.
Take the oath.
I, in the Parliament's probe
on military and government
corruption in the case
of Yoo Hyun-ju's death,
swear to tell the truth
and nothing but the truth.
I will accept prosecution
if any falsehood is discovered.
I am Inspector Ha Chae-youn
with the Seoul Metropolitan Police.