The Neighbor (2016) Movie Script

# Tell me all of
your thoughts #
# Show me what it is
to be free #
# I've been riding
on this dream #
# Flying high #
# Flying high #
# Flying high #
# Tell me all of
your thoughts #
# I've been riding on
this dream #
# Flying high #
# Flying high #
# Flying high #
# Flying high #
# Flying high #
# Flying high... #
Turn it off.
Give me the keys.
How bad is it?
I can make it.
I only got one more day.
I can make it.
Let me see it.
I went straight through,
thank God.
-You got lucky.
-This is lucky?
Yep, darling,
this is lucky.
It's okay, baby.
You may want to
bite something.
Do you know what you're doing?
Spent three years
in the desert, darling.
I need you to hold still.
All right?
Your plates are swapped.
You're good until Alabama.
If you get woozy,
you take a bump.
Not a line,
a bump.
Go straight down this road
and keep your lights off.
You keep 'em fucking off
until you hit the pavement.
-You understand me?
-Thank you so much.
What's he doing?
He's shooting rabbits.
What's he doing that for?
'Cause they're like squirrels,
chewing and digging everything up.
Or maybe this is
what people do around here.
What, is he like a tweaker
or something?
No, he's not a tweaker.
How do you know?
His aim's too good.
You're such a jerk.
I'm late, babe.
Johnny, when are you
coming back?
I don't know. It...
it shouldn't take too long.
A few hours. I can stop
and get lunch if you want.
What is it, then?
This is temporary.
How temporary?
A few more deliveries
and we're cool.
I get straight
with my uncle,
and then we can get
oceanside, you know?
Someplace nobody
can find us.
We're close, babe.
We're really,
really close.
You come in late,
you come in short,
and you've brought me
a side of attitude.
I've been sticking
my fucking neck out for you.
I get it.
You know, I read that,
the number one reason
people give for office theft...
is "the company
owes me something."
You see that employee
right there?
My nephew.
He knows
how to do his job.
He keeps it clean.
And he knows that
I don't owe nobody jack shit.
That's why he's gonna
grow old and fat.
And you,
I don't know about you.
Guille, get this jackass outta
here before I lose my temper.
Sorry to keep ya.
Training day.
-Big delivery today, John.
What should I expect?
100. Not a penny less.
-Light me a goddamn cigarette.
Go on, Guille.
How's things
out at the ranch?
Rosie's complaining
about the bugs a little bit,
but other than that,
everything's good.
You're doing pretty good
for yourself?
No problems, right?
So if, anything
was bothering you,
you'd tell me, right?
I mean, yeah,
of course.
Of course I would.
Everything's good.
your daddy
was like you.
The devil
keep his soul.
He didn't say much,
but when he did,
He-he saved my neck
more times than I can
even think about.
I owed him, you see?
And that's why
I took you in,
taught you how to be
a man, you know?
I mean, you said you wanted
to go in the Service.
I allowed it.
But that's over now,
John, you know?
You've done your time.
You at home now
with family, right?
Where you belong, no?
I know, Neil.
-Uncle Neil.
-Uncle Neil.
Is there a problem, Officer?
Step out of
the vehicle.
Have an appointment
today, Johnny?
Make a little pickup
from your uncle?
-I'm clean.
You was born dirty.
You know better than to
leave it out in the open.
Maybe you're hiding it
someplace else.
Someplace I gotta look
a little harder to find.
You think I don't know
what goes on here, Johnny?
Your kind rots this town
from the inside out.
And I don't take no shit from
two-bit dirt rats like you.
No matter what
your tats say,
you'll always be scum
under my boots.
What you say to me?
I just said
you're not wrong.
you're clean.
Guess you weren't lying.
Drive safe, Johnny.
What happened to you?
It ain't mine.
How's that gal
of yours?
She's sick.
Is she inside?
Well, I hope
she's all right.
See ya in a few days.
-Hey, what happened?
-All good.
-There was a good amount.
-How much?
I think it was like
100 grand or something.
100 grand?
How much of that
do we get?
Tomorrow, the white bag
goes to Neil,
and we get
the fuck outta here.
I knew you could do it.
I knew you could do it.
I knew we could do it.
What if we took
all of it?
Neil would hunt us down
and kill us.
Is he gonna kill us
if we leave?
Well, not fucking him over
would certainly
help him cope.
We could really use
the whole 100.
Yeah, we could, right?
It'd certainly
make a difference.
That would be greedy.
Greed makes people unlucky.
Hey, neighbor.
Hey, listen, I hate
to bother you so late,
got a question for you.
All right.
Brought over
a couple cold ones.
Yeah, come on in.
-All right, cool, thanks.
-Have a seat over there.
Thank you.
-What's he want?
-I don't know.
-So, what's going on?
-I appreciate it.
By any chance,
were you on my land today?
Yeah, your trashcan was laying
in the middle of the road.
Just drug it back up
to your house.
All right.
Makes me feel better.
Found some tracks,
you know,
I didn't know if someone was
trying to rob me or whatever.
Hell, you can't tell
about people in these parts.
Nope, that was just me.
You gonna keep peekin' around that
corner or you gonna come out?
-Good to meet you.
-How you doin'?
I'm Rosie.
We don't get too many women
good-looking as you around these parts.
Y'all married?
All right.
Just wondering who you was.
I'm Rosie.
Night, baby.
Yeah, I got me
one of those.
Yeah, they're pretty good
for looking at the stars.
I use mine for
looking at my neighbors.
I'm just screwing with you,
John boy, come on.
No, but I do watch
that road out front.
See some pretty
interesting things.
Sometimes a car will come in
light with one pair of plates.
Hour later,
goes out heavy
with another pair of plates.
Ain't that weird?
We all got our secrets.
I ain't no hypocrite.
You do what you do,
I do what I do.
That's why we live
out in these parts.
Don't want to be
bothered by others.
Well, I better be
headin' on back.
My boys gonna be
gettin' home at any second.
Hey, come on by sometime.
I owe you
for a cold one.
Nighty night,
Stop being nosey, babe.
And pack your bags, we gotta go
as soon as I get back, all right?
Are you sure you're
ready for this?
Leaving everyone?
Friends and family
and everyone?
We don't have
any friends.
I'll see ya, babe.
Should just buy
everything new.
-Hey, any bumps on the road?
-Nope. All good.
All right.
Here you go.
Try this.
I'm not that hungry...
I didn't ask you
if you were hungry.
-Where you going, John?
-I'm not going anywhere.
-What the fuck are you talking about?
-This is a small town, boy.
There's no secrets
I don't hear.
I don't know what you're
listening to, but it's bullshit.
-Why would I fuck you over?
You're the only family I got.
You are right
for Hallmark, boy.
I hear everything.
Sometimes I hear things
I don't like.
Now, I rely on
a lot of people.
Most especially you.
I can't afford for there
to be any dissension.
You understand?
Even if we are family...
Come on, come on,
come on, come on!
Pick up the phone!
At the tone,
please record your message.
When you finish recording,
you may hang up...
You didn't happen to see, Rosie come
by here in last hour or so, did you?
Yeah, as a matter
of fact, I did.
Caused quite a dust storm.
Seemed she was in a big
old hurry to get somewhere.
Yeah, see that?
That's why I don't
mess with 'em.
What's that?
Pretty girls.
Will break your heart
every time.
Got those beers.
You motherfucker.
# Everybody loves,
everybody loves #
# Everybody making love... #
# Everybody making love #
# Everybody
making love #
# Everybody making love #
# Everybody... #
Kid, you better get up.
-You're not one of them?
-I'm not one of them.
-You have to help me get out.
-I'm gonna help you.
Your last name,
what's your name?
-I'm Sarah.
-They're not gonna hurt you.
They took my friend Cole.
You have to help me find him.
I know, I know.
I just saw him next door.
No, that's not him.
You have to find him.
You have to help him.
-I'm going to.
I just need you to
stay quiet, all right?
People don't
make it out of here.
-Girl, you gotta be quiet, all right?
I'll be back.
John! Holy shit.
John, he's fucking crazy.
-Slow down.
-Help me, John, help me.
-Slow it down, slow it down, slow down.
John, help me.
Get me out of here,
This lock, babe,
I need bolt cutters.
No, no, you don't.
No, just break it off!
Just break it
the fuck off!
-Get me out of here, John, please!
-It's him.
It's him.
He's back.
He's back.
Fuck. John...
I can take him.
I'll stop this.
I can take him.
-He doesn't know that I'm here.
-He's by himself.
-One blow and he's done.
-I'll be back before you know it.
side of the road.
Sir, put your hands
on your head.
You. - What are you
doing this evening?
-I know my rights.
-What are you doing out here?
-show you my.
-Put your hands on your head, sir.
Hey, put your...
Down on the ground.
Down the ground, sir!
Hey! Hey!
Sir, down on the ground.
-Down on the ground, sir.
-, I know my rights.
-Down on the ground, sir.
-I know my rights.
-Down on the ground.
-Take me home.
There you go, sir.
Thank you very much.
Hey, hey! Why you...
Why you messing with me?
Get off of me.
Come on, man!
About damn time.
Well, which one of you dumbshits
forgot how to tie a slipknot?
It's nice to see you,
too, Daddy.
-You got any aspirin?
I'm the one
who needs aspirin.
I had that kid's dad
on the hook for 50K.
Now we ain't got shit.
Well, you know,
you didn't have to kill him.
-He saw my face.
-What'd you expect me to do?
I'm sorry, okay?
What do you want from me?
You're gonna dig the damn hole.
Hell, like I've never dug
a goddamn hole before.
you all right?
Just allergies.
It's not allergies.
Harley, give us a sec,
would you?
God damn it.
it's okay to be scared.
When your mom died,
I was scared.
I didn't know how
we was gonna survive.
But we made it work,
didn't we?
We found a way.
Now, can it get ugly?
Did we ever mean to hurt
these people? No.
Hell no.
We was just tryin' to get a few bucks
from people who already got plenty.
And then we was gonna
give 'em back.
You gotta know that, boy.
something went wrong.
We just doing our best
to make it right and move on.
I'm gonna need you
to do everything I tell you,
no matter what happens.
Because tonight,
we are gonna get everything
we need to survive.
And then we ain't
gonna be scared no more.
You go get your brother and go
downstairs and I'll show you, okay?
-I love you, son.
All right, boys, we got
something special tonight.
That little girl's dad is
in real estate development.
He's worth about
five mill.
But the mom,
she's loaded.
I figure her inheritance
is worth about 35.
Which means
little blondie in there
oughta fetch about
high six figures.
Boys, we do this right,
we are set.
Well, hell,
let's just ask for seven.
No, no.
We play by the rules
just enough till they know
we're serious,
but not too much that
they're gonna go call the cops.
All right?
Let's get to work.
-Which one's yours, bud?
-Don't matter, either one.
Well, it kinda
does matter.
I don't want
your fucking sickness.
All right, Cooper.
Now, listen to me.
When you pick up this hammer,
you pick it up real,
real slow.
It's not about what
you're gonna do with it.
It's what they think
you're gonna do with it.
-Yes, Dad.
-All right.
Let the camera
do the rest of it.
All right,
let's go get her.
Please stop.
Please don't hurt me.
P... please don't...
Please. No.
This is your proof of life.
As you can see,
your daughter
has not been harmed.
If you do not do
as you're instructed...
you will never see her
alive again.
You did good, boy.
You did real good.
We done?
Don't it look like it?
What about
the other girl?
She ain't worth nothin'.
We're gonna have to
get rid of her.
Why not just ransom
her back to that guy?
She's seen too much, son.
Just ask John.
Hell, he's some
lowlife trafficker.
Can't pay if you don't
need the problems.
Right? We're just
taking out the trash.
Doing the world
a favor.
What we gotta do is keep
our eye on that prize.
All right, attaboy.
-God, John.
-It's all right.
You've gotta keep quiet.
There's three now.
-There's three people here.
I saw the other kids
in the rooms.
-I'm going back to our house.
I'm gonna get the bolt cutters
and I'm gonna get my gun.
-This is gonna get really bad...
-really quickly.
-I'm not gonna let them hurt you.
-I'm not gonna let them hurt you.
Okay, okay.
Okay, okay.
Please don't.
Dad, help!
Eat that shit!
Where's the fucking gun?
Hey, where the hell
is your brother?
You know Cooper.
Goddamn shame
we can't keep her, Dad.
Yeah, she's a pretty
little thing, ain't she?
Now, remember,
you said I have dibs.
You do.
Do me a favor, though.
Don't tear her up too bad.
I'm thinking I might like
a poke at this little one.
Bet you'd enjoy that,
wouldn't you, princess?
Dress her up.
Something nice.
Don't mind him.
No! No!
Shut the fuck up!
I'm here to help you.
I found your friend Sarah, and
I've got a girl upstairs, okay?
-I need your help.
-I'm sorry, I can't walk or run.
I tried to run.
I'm sorry.
I can't walk. No, wait!
Where are you going?!
-No, don't leave me!
-Shut up.
I'm gonna cut this chain.
I do not want you to move.
I am not gonna leave you.
Please tell me that
you can move on your own.
-Yeah, I'm okay, I can move.
All right, listen.
I found your friend.
He's down the hall.
He's hurt pretty badly
and he can't move on his own.
I need you to
dial in right now.
Do you understand me?
My girl is upstairs
and I need your help.
-Can I count on you?
-Can you throw?
Take this.
I want you to throw the rock
at that house.
And hit it hard.
They're gonna come out.
So as soon as you throw that,
you take him,
you go to my truck
right over there, start it up,
but do not turn
the lights on, all right?
-You wait for me there.
All right, listen,
do not lose those keys.
Count to 100,
then throw the rock.
Now, I got this
off an Iowa girl.
They paid a lot of money
to get her back.
You can tell
how much money folks got
when they get the girl
something like this.
You know, little girls generally
don't make it on the good wall.
No, ma'am.
they're too strung out.
Too easy to get.
But you are
a special little bird.
Prettiest goddamn girl
I've ever seen.
You're gonna do
just right by us.
I was beginning to think
you didn't speak.
You wanna look nice and pretty
for your close-up, don't you?
Don't you?
Zip it up.
Something's going on.
Coop! Cooper!
Come on.
He's fucking dead!
-I will not leave!
-Come on!
-Go! Get up!
-Keys. Come on.
-Shit! Shit!
-Get in the truck!
Start the fucking truck!
Shit! Hold on.
-Where you going, John?
-It's not what you think.
-They got guns.
They're coming with guns!
Get in the car! Get in the car!
-He's dead. Go! Get in the car!
-My God!
-Get in the car!
Come on!
Go, go, go, go!
-Are you all right?
Go, go, go!
Keep your heads down.
Heads down!
Ain't nobody gonna take me!
Come on, motherfuckers!
John, I'm gonna need you...
-Don't fucking move!
# Take my heart #
# Precious love #
# Guide my hand... #
That motherfucker!
I knew you
were trouble, Johnny.
The Service puts a certain
moral code in you.
Just like it puts
a certain moral code in me.
You know,
I just wanted to kill you.
This is ugly country.
People do ugly things.
Ain't it like that
Get the fuck up!
You understand what
it means to take a life.
They don't understand
what it means to give it.
Fuck you!
God damn it!
This is old country, Johnny.
No place for weakness.
Cooper didn't do shit to you.
You fucking murderers!
Takes someone like me
to see that.
To see that some people ain't even
meant to be born in the first place.
# Woe to those #
# Who embark #
# Then to take us apart #
# I call upon #
# The Lord #
# Whom I serve... #
No, don't you fucking die!
Don't you fucking die!
You don't get to fucking die!
# Take my heart #
# Hold my hand #
Let me the fuck outta here!
# Take my heart #
# Precious love #
# Guide my hand #
# From above #
# Keep me safe... #
No. Fuck you!
No, no, no.
Fuck you!
# Guide my soul #
# Guard my heart #
# Precious love... #
Am I pretty now,
Prettiest thing you ever saw?!
You know, it's always the ones that
look nice with the sick minds.
# Precious love #
# Take my heart... #
Don't move.
Don't move!
You're sadistic.
Hit her again! Do it!
Let us go
or I'll fucking shoot you!
Do it here! Do it!
Let's go, baby.
Do not...
a gun if you don't know
what the hell you're doing!
-Let her go!
He's locked us in.
-Move back.
-Come on, come on.
Back! Back!
He's coming back
up the stairs.
Get her down there.
Get her down the fucking hole!
-Come on.
Okay. Okay.
You think this ends
with me?
I'm just a middleman.
Just like you, John.
That's right.
That's right.
They all know
who you are.
And they're coming.
Nobody gets away.
Now, why don't you to be
a good little soldier,
John boy,
and put the fucking
gun do...
# Blessed above #
# May I see #
# Our work done #
# Let it be #
# Precious love #
# Take my heart #
# Hold my hand #
# Take my heart #
# Precious love #
# Guide my hand #
# From above #
# Keep me safe #
# In the light #
# Of the Lord #
# Precious love #
# Take my heart #
# Hold my hand #