The Neighbor Zombie (2010) Movie Script

Oct. 2009.
Global pharmaceutical
company BRINDLE experiment
on small ethnic middle Asian
with a new medicine BH-1 against AIDS.
A schoolboy Amile died
after the inoculation BH-1.
Three days later
half of million, which is Half
of Yebgenin population died.
28th Oct, 2010
In Korea, the first infected
with BH virus came out.
2nd Nov, 2010.
The Government proclaimed
martial law of emergency.
20th Jan, 2011.
Shoot-to-kill order was proclaimed
to kill infectors.
(Material from The Ministry
of Health and Welfare)
The total numbers of infectors
are 5million 8hundred 20thousand.
Deaths are 3.2 million.
In Korea, the first infected
with BH virus came out.
Hello, this is Kim Hee-chang
from YD telecom customer service.
Can I speak to Mr. Hong Young-geun?
Mr. Hong, your phone bill hasnt t been
paid for three months
and there will be late fee charged
180 dollars.
My finger. . .
I gotta get out!
Is that dream?
Parcel for you.
Hello? Yes Im almost there
Wait a moment!
I bought some pasta and fruits.
I'll be there soon.
This is the Headquarter
of security and disaster management.
There is some unknown virus
is being spread
and it gives serious damages
in Seoul and Gyung-gi district.
This is emergency situation
and everyone must return home
and listen to the Headquarter security
and disaster management's dire Again!
This is emergency. ....
Run away
What's wrong?
Please... Let's stop this...
I can't do this anymore.
It's been exactly one year since we met.
Sorry. . .
Don't say that. it's not your fault.
And I think Im lucky.
lucky for what?
At least your one eye is still normal.
If you became a zombie,
you'd bite and tear me off,
wouldn't you?
I mean. . .
Please! baby! Somebody would see you..!
Breaking news!
As a result of the law
to kill the infected,
government says about 500,000
infected as decreased to 200,000
at the present and within a week
The number of infected will be removed.
Turn it back on!
let's have some wine, huh?
I am crossing the bridge.
I think I can reach a place to cure us.
I see!
I will call you again when I get there.
Stop crying...
It's not good for you. . .
I know it is hard,
but we have to endure this situation.
I can't bear this anymore.
It's gonna be ok, baby.
He was such a nice guy...
I know....
Lets get away from here!
No, no!
We're gonna be killed right away,
if we go out.
No! itll be OK if we go together.
Look, my friend just got killed
while trying to escape.
Don't worry, we will be OK.
Lets go, yes?
You should go!
You have to go alone!
What are you talking about?
You'd be in danger because of me.
No! I won't go anywhere without you.
Lets do this way.
If I get cured, I'll be back to you.
I promise you.
Well then, what can you do?
What can you do all by yourself!!
Just go!!!!
It's hard to control myself
when I get tempered.
Maybe this is real me, infected.
Please... go... please.
No! No!
Look! Can't you see it?!
I'm infected as same as you
and now I have no reason to leave you.
Nothing can divide us.
From the moment we met
you've been in me.
Youll be OK.
This is gonna take a little while.
Maybe you were right.
I didn't know how much you
were painful. ...
Do we have any more meat left?
No more. We need to buy some.
I feel weird.
What if we suicide?
I can't imagine my life like this.
I wanna kill myself!
Try to be calm a little bit.
Baby, we can survive.
I heard about the place called Won-gok
in southern area
where we can have treatment.
If we get there, we will be OK.
In order to go to the south,
we have to cross the river.
I can swim.
No that's not a good idea.
Why not?
The water is too cold. No way.
It's summer.
Anyway, NO!!
Why not?
I can't swim.
I was almost drowned when I was young
I don't know how to swim.
Then, what else we can do?
Dang-san Iron Bridge
It's a bridge only for a train.
Where is it?
It's a. . .
Why are you looking at me like that?
You are so gorgeous. . .
More than before.
Why don't we get disguised!
Yes! That's a good idea.
Lets go!
Well. baby...
When we get there, let's marry.
I'm sorry. I should've said first...
Yes! let's marry.
Lets be together till death do us part.
Yes, let's do that.
Lets go.
Zombie! there's fucking zombies!!
Kill them all!!
Mother, I love you
Excuse me. Police...
Can I inspect inside of your house?
Wait. Nobody is at home except me.
And I've just taken a shower.
Do you live alone?
Here is G-1.
No 155 in 15 district is Clear.
You heard the news, didn't you?
The number of the infected has been
increasing more and more now.
You should know that going outside
can be seriously endangering yourself.
So please stay inside
and lock the door back to front.
Thank you.
There seems an infected.
Step back please.
You crazy bitch!
What the fuck are you doing?
Untie this right now!!!
Fuck! why is it so tight!
You!! you don't know who I am?!!
I'm Police! Huh!! Police!!
You're in deep shit,
you fucking bitch!!
Let me go!
I'm Police! Police!!
What are you doing?
I'm sorry but I can't let you go...
I'm gonna cut just one of your finger.
I tried this and that...
And this kitchen saw worked
better than a normal knife...
And less painful.
I'm really sorry for this.
I'm sorry, Im so sorry.
Ill be quite, I promise.
I feel stuffy.
I took snickers out of your pocket
without asking. . . Im sorry.
No problem it's OK!
You can eat them all.
Do you think how long you
can keep going like this?
Theyll find a vaccine
to cure the infected.
She wasn't like that at the beginning.
But I feel relief she's still alive.
Don't you know if you feed blood
and human fresh to that monster,
that bloody thing get more violent?
If we don't kill off all of the infected
this hell's never gonna end.
I will do everything I can do.
I will do my best to keep my mom alive.
You're fucking insane!
You think to feed your own fingers
is your love for your mom?
So when she eats me up,
are you gonna cut your finger again
and then your own fresh
or are you gonna hunt other people?
No! Wait, Wait!
Lastly just one word.
just one word please.
I think the method of taking blood
is not right.
It's really hurt.
Can you take blood using a syringe?
huh? Please!!
It's really hurt.
Where is my gun?
My gun! Give that to me. Come on!!
Please. . .
Shoot her! Just pull the trigger!
Fucking bitch!
Mom. its me Jeong-ah.
Please! Just pull the fucking trigger!
Give me the gun!
Give it to me! Please!!
Mom, please..
Mom, it's me, wake up!
Mom please mom...
Mom, don't leave me..
The total numbers of infectors
are 582 million
and deaths are 320 million.
While covering up all the evidence
including things about myself,
David Park,
the BrindeI developed imperfect vaccine
and make a enormous profit
through the exclusive sale.
Also they developed a drug
called Zombie High
which made from body fluid of zombies
and made more profit by supplying
the drug to international terrorists
After escaping from the Brindel,
I carried out researches on the vaccine
conducting numerous experiments
on my body.
As a result of that,
my lung became emitting toxic gas and
my body became incurable zombie state.
Finally I succeeded to
make a right vaccine
Now l, myself, will shut down the door
of this hell which I had created.
It's been a while to talk to you.
We found the trace of Dr. Park
in the restricted area.
It seems that He is meeting
with some members of the doctors
without borders there.
The Age of Vaccine
Get rid of them all
and get hold of the stuff.
As for return,
I will send you zombie-high.
Yes. I'll send his mask
as a prize then.
(The urgent report by a search party)
(of the Center
for Disease Control CDC search party.)
(22:3415th Dec.)
(Requested the doctors without Boarders
to rescue from the infected district.)
(23:4515th Dec.)
(Committed third platoon urgently.)
(07:351 7th Dec.)
(Request third platoon to return.)
Check the place!
What a bloody weather!
Sir. its time to go up.
We're just waiting for our copter,
aren't we?
Search everyplace as we planned.
There might be survivors.
No, don't shoot!!
You fucking bitch!
If the blood gets into his wounds,
he can be infected.
You fucking bitch!
Do you wanna make me a zombie, or what!!
Sorry sir.
Hands of!
If you wanna die, then die alone,
you bitch!
I said hands of!
Shit! What the fuck is all this,
because of the fucking virus!
Put your hands up!
Check the lD.
Stand against wall!
Where are the others?
I don't know. Spare my life.
Take me out of here please.
Ill ask you couple of questions.
You are from the doctors
without Borders, aren't you?
Please, don't kill me.
Calm down.
All of sudden,
he burst in and kill everyone.
I don't know,
I really don't know anything.
So why did you come to do
relief activities even
in restrict area like this!
I'm sorry.
Well.. Are you solider? Or police?
We are a search party from the CDC.
How many of you came here?
No more backup forces?
How can we get out of here?
We are waiting for a helicopter.
Itll be in an hour.
Three in an hour.
What's up?
You must check this out!
Jesus! What the bloody!
These are vaccine, right?
Yes. All of them
and these are not registered yet.
I can save my children with these.
It's the government's property.
So what?
It's illegal to take this
as a personal purpose.
You would get death penalty.
Are you stupid or what!
You said your mom also infected!
Nobody has to know except you and me.
If we have these,
we can save my daughter, also your mom!
Are you crazy?
Stop pretend you are all innocent!
You too came for this, didn't you?
Stop it!
I didn't hear anything sir.
Jesus! what a fucking bitch!
Hands off from the gun!
OK, OK...
Well then how about dividing them 50:50?
After you cure your mom,
you can sell the left of them
to a black market,
then you can make millions.
Sir! You should calm down
and think rationally.
I was a bit out of temper.
I'm sorry.
Put your gun down,
Ill put mine down, too. Look!
I'm lowering mine.. see?
What the fuck are you?
You're zombie- high.
Go to hell!
You killed all doctors, didn't you?
I don't think it's your job to get me..
I arrest you as a illegal possession
of drug and murder.
Don't move!
Put your hands up!
You've just bitten and you're already
in second stage, huh?
Who the hell are you?
I'd better stop this to be healthy.
Useless desire for life is bad
for your health, worse than cigarettes
With a lame vaccine,
your head is only normal, huh?
You fucking zombie!
Today, I will finish you up.
You shouldn't mass around with drug.
Your poor wife died because of you,
fucking moron, huh?
And you're the one
who made people like me!
Have you seen him?
Is there anything suspicious
or anybody with a mask on?
Thank you. You can go.
After That, Im So Sorry
You had worked as head of global
business manager in Brindel.
Yes, I successfully made a five million
contract with French European group.
Your CV is very impressive.
Umm, by the way,
do you have any after-effects?
No. Not at all.
Do you still have an impulse
toward row meat?
I became a vegetarian
after I got treatment
and I completely recovered from the
disease physically and mentally as well.
Good for you,
but... have you ever eaten people?
And do you still have those memories?
OK, thank you. Next, please.
Mr. Bae Yong-geun?
Yes. I am.
The Lord's Prayer
Our Father which art in heaven
Hallowed be Thy name
Thy Kingdom come,
Thy will be done on earth,
as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
And forgive us our debts,
as we forgive our debtors.
Hey! What's up! Young ~~~
Long time no see
Pour him a drink.
Try this, try a bit, will you?
Well, have some.
It makes you feel better.
Please try this, too.
Have some drink, here..
Jae-hyeon called me
he can't make it today, so...
Well then, everyone from
the third ward is all gathered.
It's very nice to see you guys again.
Cheers! let's drink. Cheer.
Cheers! Happy to see you all again!
It's good~!
It's nice, very nice.
How have you been doing everyone?
Well, we're just hanging in there.
What about you?
I have been having a job interview.
You can even go for a job interview.
I heard you were a hot shot.
For me, there is only rough work
in construction sites with shit wages.
You're working in a construction site?
Even there,
ex-infected like us are not welcome.
What's wrong with us? huh? Fuck!
We were infected, so what!!
We're cured,
we're human like everybody else!
What a temper! Hey, calm down a bit.
What! I don't wanna fucking calm down!
This ass-hole is like this all the time.
I even can't pay the fucking rent,
so I have to move out next month.
We have to go to the regular check up.
Last week, I went for, you know.
Well, I don't know whether
something wrong with me or not,..
Anyway, they gave some medicine.
But after taking that medicine,
I get sleepy all the time,
also feeling weary,
and my eye site got bad,
so I can't see properly.
Don't you think
it's better not to take them?
Now I can see...
that's why you look like dump monkey.
Do not take that medicine anymore.
I know...
But Im kind of scared of possibility
of going back to before.
Forget it, let's just drink. Come on.
Mr. Bae.
This is the Center of
Dieses Control department
and you didn't come to
the regular check-up last week.
There will be second check-up
which is on next Wednesday at 2 p.m.
Don't be late and make sure to come.
Our Father which art in heaven...
Is anybody here? Gas check!
Excuse me. Mr.
Oh yes..
Here is your electricity bill and
you have to pay more than last month.
It's 27,300won (about 25 dollar).
It seems that you didn't turn off
the light during the night.
Oh, Im sorry, Ill be careful.
And one more thing.
I heard that there was a robbery
in neighbouring town
and some people were killed.
So be careful and lock the door?
Yes. .
Anyway, Could you pay me now?
Sorry? How much did you say?
It's 27,300won (about 25 dollar)
Sorry.. I have no cash with me now. . .
Is it OK to give it later?
OK, but you should give it
to me tomorrow morning.
Dont forget.
I won't.
Please don't kill me.
Do you know what day is it today?
The day my mom and dad were killed.
238-69 Oksoo-dong.
They died here?
It took me over a year to find you.
Today is the last day
for you to be alive!
Why are you doing this to me?
Hey, you two! What the fuck
are you doing?
You! put the knife down and hands up!
Hey, woman!
You'd better put the knife down,
or shall I shoot a bullet
into your head?
You two.
Go in!
You too!
Sit back to back !
I don't want to be near that murderer!!
Give me just a little time
to kill that fucking murderer.
After I kill that shit, you can kill me.
I have no desire to live.
Crazy bitch.
Hey, you! Are you a murderer?
No, not at all!
What ? No?
You lived next to us.
Don't you remember!
I saw everything.
You bit and tore off my mom
and dad like crazy animal.
You were dead lucky to be still alive
but my mom and dad were beaten to death,
right in front of my eyes,
because of you!
I'm not gonna let you live!
You can't even imagine
how badly Ive wanted this moment!
Were you a zombie?
After being infected,
I couldn't control myself.
I didn't mean to do that...really..
Please forgive me.
Fuck you!! You ask me forgiveness now?
No! you must die!
Don't ask me forgive you!
And I will kill you with my own hands!
And you can ask forgiveness
Later to people you murdered.
But myself as well have been
suffered a lot.
And every time I have a nightmare,
I pray and repent my sin.
It's true, believe me.
Funny, very funny.
Sin? what sin?
When I was a zombie,
you, people did everything to kill us.
You too never imagine
how I managed to survive!
And now, you're talking about paying
the price for death of your mom and dad?
You know what? Your mom and dad
were killed by normal people!
Like my friends and my brother!
Normal people like you murdered us!!
You got people infected!
You bunch of fucking zombies.
You got people killed.
And now you all have to die!!
You fucking bitch!
You killed so many infected mercilessly
and now you're talking about revenge?!
If anybody has to do the revenge,
that will be us!
Not you! We just infected people,
we didn't kill anyone.
Because of that infection,
they were killed!
It was normal people like you
who killed them!!!
What a life you're having here...
You fucking moron..
OK, kill this bitch
and come with me.
Get up!
Get up, you moron!!
We live our life just once.
We should enjoy our life, huh?
Just kill the fucking bitch!
I knew it! You two are the same shit!
Fuck you, you murderers!!
Kill the bitch!!
I'm sorry but I can't.
Bloody hell!!
Don't be such a wimp!
That's nothing, just shoot!
That bitch said she will do the revenge.
Did you forget already
how we had survived?
Fuck you!
If you don't, then Ill do it.
Come on! Well Ill count ten.
Ten, nine,
-Our Father which art in heaven
eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one!
Don't kill her, please don't!!
I... I was going to kill you....
I was the one who should kill you....
Wake up!
Pain Killer
Winner - deadline for the manuscript