The Neighbors' Window (2019) Movie Script

Ow! Oh my god
Wow, are they down?
Nice job. That was fast.
Yeah, theyre whooped.
I thought I was gonna lose it when they wouldnt quit with that Captain Underpants thing.
They have no idea what it was like to grow up
back when kids got spanked.
Oh, god...
That looks good.
- Have a little.
- No, I shouldn't.
What the?
ALLI: Oh my god!
Oh, I can't watch.
As she keeps watching.
But seriously, they need to order some drapes.
Its disgraceful.
Alright, stop drooling.
Theyre christening the new apartment.
Do you think they really dont think that people can see them?
Or are they getting off on it?
I just think they really dont care.
- Woah!
- Woah.
Thats a new one.
Shes very flexible.
You know, hes really hot too.
I didnt say hot. I said flexible.
Do you think we should turn out the lights?
Why should we turn out the lights? Were not doing anything.
Theyre the ones who are
ALLI: Just one more second!
Were almost there.
- JACOB: No! (laughs)
- ALLI: Alright.
OK, just keep holding it.
JACOB: No, he thinks thats what a producer does.
Quick, quick, quick!
Quick, quick, quick!
JACOB: Well, that's because he doesnt know exactly what happens in a studio session.
ALLI: How are you doing, Tanner?
ALLI: No, no, no! Into the toilet!
JACOB: Its like the labels being run by freakin teenagers.
JACOB: I know.
Youre still in here.
What did he do?
What? He missed the toilet.
- Again?
- Yes, again.
It's okay.
ALLI: Here, I need to...
JACOB: Look, no, I love the song and I will send it.
But honestly, I dont think they give two shits about what I think anymore.
Alright. Break a leg tonight.
(mockingly) Laters!
What is that supposed to mean?
I just spent my whole Saturday
haggling about contracts and recoupment schedules
while you guys were out having fun.
I would give anything to haggle about a recoupment schedule.
Why are you working out here?
Just the...Skype signal's better.
Are your friends home?
- My friends?
- Yeah.
Across the street?
Or are you working too hard to notice them?
Oh, shit.
Fine, alright - I got it, thank you!
- Woah, what happened to you today?
- What happened to me?
I was juggling three kids all day by myself
at the zoo in the snow. And one of them was
snotty or poopy or hungry or had a scraped
knee every 'effing second.
I had four hours of sleep last night!
Because I was up nursing or getting spit up on.
And then I got home and my husband is just chilling
with his music bros and
gawking at the neighbors with his dick hanging out.
Hey guys, why dont you go into your room for a little bit?
Here you go.
Ill come in and hang out in a minute, okay?
I thought after three months theyd figure out
theres a whole building of people who live over here.
I swear to God, its like they live with us.
I think you might be overreacting a little.
Oh, do you?
Are you enjoying the binoculars you wanted for your birthday present
to use in the Catskills?
Look, I know Im not 22
and Im tired all the time
and my nipples feel like a piranha has been fucking gnawing at them.
But its just a little dispiriting
the way youre captivated by them.
Wait a minute. I dont think Im the only one who's captivated.
Theyre like a car crash that you cant look away from.
Okay, a beautiful sexy young car crash.
I didnt say that!
I mean for real, do they have jobs?
Or clothes? All they do is host dance parties
and sleep till noon and screw.
You have no idea what it feels like to have your face constantly rubbed --
Yes, I do!
What, you think I like talking about
how many times Luther pooped or whos doing drop off?
And Im becoming the old geezer at work.
Ive ever started getting grey pubic hairs.
Which I assume you havent noticed because when would you?
Youre not the only one who misses being 20.
Staying up all night.
Getting jiggy with it.
Getting jiggy with it?
You know that song came out before your friends were born.
- Well, it did!
- Lets stop talking.
Come here.
(Music starts: "Nobody Else Will Be There" by The National)
You said were not so tied together.
What did you mean?
Meet me in the stairwell in a second
For a glass of gin.
Nobody else will be there then.
Nobody else will be there.
Oh, no! Oh yuck yuck yuck!
Can you remind me the building you live in?
Im on my way.
Its getting cold again but New Yorks gorgeous.
Its a subway day.
Nobody else will be there then.
Nobody else will be there.
Nobody else will be there then.
Nobody else will be there.
KID: Look it, look it!
ALLI: Well, can you get on standby?
Jesus, well what time does that get you in?
KID: That's a lot of tape.
Have you tried just ripping into them?
Okay, alright. Call me if you get on.
Goodbyes always take us
Half an hour.
Cant we just go home?
Nobody else will be there then.
Nobody else will be there.
Nobody else will be there then.
Nobody else will be there.
(Music ends.)
Is that the guy?
Did he shave his head?
I guess so.
I guess I havent seen him in a while.
He doesnt look so good.
Do you think hes hungover?
I dont know.
KID: Daddy, Tanner bit my leg!
Why would you even have your leg near his mouth?
Okay, be good!
Can you give the phone to daddy?
Yeah, if you need to, just go to the blue whale room
and let the kids run around.
Its so dark in there, Luther will probably just fall asleep.
I know, Im going to get in the tub with my book right now.
See you then.
(Doorbell rings.)
(Door opens.)
- Hi. Thank you!
- Take care.
Are you okay?
Do you live in that building right over there?
I think...
I think our apartments might face each other.
You have a little girl
and a boy and a baby.
I hope that doesn't seem creepy.
Your children are...
Really adorable.
And hilarious.
My husband and I.
My husband...
Has been really sick.
We would
look over and see your kids
and you or your husband, I guess.
Sitting up at night to feed the new baby.
It was...
It was...
JACOB: Hello?
- Hi mommy.
- Hi sweetie pie.
- How was it?
- Good.
What did you do?
We saw a Tyrannosaurus Rex!
ALLI: You did?
Did Luther like it?
No, he cried.
And Daddy let us stop for milkshakes.
Oh, Daddy let you stop for milkshakes?
- We gave Luther some milkshake.
- You gave Luther some milkshake?
JACOB: Just a little bit! And he fell asleep.
How are you? How was your day off?