The Neon Demon (2016) Movie Script

Am I staring?
A little.
You just have
such beautiful
I'm Ruby,
by the way.
Do you have
a name,
or you want
me to guess?
And you just got
to la, Jesse?
How did you know?
You've got
that look.
Oh, don't
worry, honey.
That whole
deer-in-the-headlights thing
is exactly what they want.
Here. Let me
help you with that.
Are you a model?
No, I do makeup.
So, where are
you staying?
At a motel
in Pasadena.
By yourself?
What do your parents
think about that?
They don't really.
Don't think,
or just don't care?
They're not
around anymore.
I'm sorry.
Hey, you wanna
go somewhere?
A party.
What kind of party?
The fun kind.
God, I love
this color on me.
Red rum.
That's what
it's called.
They say women
are more likely
to buy a lipstick
if it's named
after food or sex.
Just think
about it.
Plum passion.
Peachy keen.
Pink pussy.
What about you, Sarah,
what would your
lipstick be called?
Fuck off.
What about
What about me?
Are you food
or are you sex?
She's dessert
because she's so sweet.
Shouldn't we get
back to the party?
Don't talk.
So what do
we think?
I think that
i wish I had
your hair.
Is this your
natural color?
You are just
so beautiful.
Don't you think that
she's just perfect?
Is that your
real nose?
God, life is
so unfair.
Gigi just got out
of the body shop.
She's still
a little sensitive.
You had work done?
You say that like
it's a bad thing.
Sweet, plastics is
just good grooming.
Imagine going
a year without
brushing your teeth.
I go to this guy
in Beverly hills.
- Andrew.
- Dr. Andrew.
She is in love with him.
Of course I love him.
Look at me.
He calls me
the bionic woman.
Is that a compliment?
I hear your parents
are dead.
That must be
really hard for you.
Do you have
other family?
No one at all?
You must have
a boyfriend.
All she really
wants to know is,
who are you fucking?
Isn't that
what everyone
wants to know?
A pretty new girl
walks into a room,
everyone's head turns,
looks her up and down,
"who is she fucking?
"Who could she fuck?
"And how high can she climb,
and is it higher than me?"
I don't...
I don't know.
I just got to town,
so I don't know
anybody here.
Right. But you've
slept with men before.
You do sleep
with men, don't you?
All the time.
I think I will get
back to the party.
Someone said there
was gonna be a show.
are you coming?
Who did
you say shot these?
A boyfriend?
Not really.
Not really or no?
It was just some guy,
he found me online.
Be careful with that.
You're very fit.
Thank you.
You're also
very young.
I think you're perfect.
I would never
say you're fat.
But that doesn't mean
that someone else won't.
I see 20 or 30 girls
come in here every day.
Mostly from small towns
with big dreams
because some guy named Chad
in the food court told them
they were beautiful
enough to be a model.
And they're all good.
You're going to be great.
Some girls crack
under the pressure,
but if you do okay,
then we are off
to New York.
You'll work with
all the top designers.
So the first thing
we need to do
is get you some pictures
that are a little less
amateur hour,
no offence.
Jack MacArthur is in town.
Do you know him?
Get to know him.
I had to pull
some strings,
but I sent him
your polaroids,
and he has agreed to
do a test with you.
How does that sound?
It sounds great.
It sounds...
Sounds good.
Well, there's just
a teensy bit of paperwork.
I'll need a copy of
your driver's license
and a voided check,
and I can
take those right now.
When did you graduate
from high school?
I'm actually still
kind of working on it.
I need a parental
consent form.
You can go.
consent form.
Just one
signature there for
parental consent.
One little signature
and we're off.
When someone asks,
i want you to say
you are 19.
Always 19.
is too on the nose.
No one's going
to believe that.
People believe
what they are told.
I have...
I bought you
flowers, but...
Oh. Sorry.
You go.
No, you first.
I was just gonna say
i signed with that agency.
That's great news.
Hey, did they say
anything about my
Didn't come up.
Cool, that's cool.
Come on.
Don't forget me when
you're all famous now.
In Georgia, the sky
is also this big.
Makes being
a person down on earth
feel really small.
You could feel
small here, too.
Do you?
When I was a kid,
I would sneak out
onto the roof at night.
I thought the moon
looked like a big round eye.
And I would look up
and I'd say,
"do you see me?"
I would stay out
there for hours.
Sometimes I'd fall
asleep just dreaming.
About what?
What I would be.
What was that?
I could never
figure it out.
I can't sing.
I can't dance.
I can't write.
No real talent.
But I'm pretty,
and I can make
money off pretty.
I think you're probably
good at a lot of things.
You can't tell.
We just met.
We didn't
just meet.
We met the other day.
Trust me.
I can tell.
They want me
to lie.
Who wants you to lie?
The agency.
They want me
to say I'm 19.
How old are you?
Sixteen last month.
You know, I think
i left the stove
on at home.
Listen. I think
you ought to do what
you think is right.
I should go.
Thank you.
Do you wanna
go out again?
Yeah. That...
That'd be cool.
Something's in my room.
What do you mean,
something's in your room?
I saw something
in my room.
Are you high?
What are you doing?
Calling the police.
Whoa, whoa, whoa...
Relax, okay?
This lady has
an unwanted guest.
All right, asshole.
Party's over.
Open up.
Give me the key.
Mikey, open the door.
The fuck?
You're paying for this.
I didn't do it.
You fucking kids are
all the fucking same.
I will find you.
Got it?
There's your visitor.
You're done.
Let's go show him.
Ready, ready.
Take off your shoes.
All right, everybody.
Thank you for your work.
It's gonna be
a closed set.
I don't mind staying.
It's not a problem.
We're good.
Take off your clothes.
Is there a problem?
All of it.
Turn around.
You're still here?
How did it go?
It went good.
It was great actually.
Did he say anything?
My agency said
if the pictures
turned out good,
he might consider them
for an editorial.
Do you think he would?
I think he makes a lot of
promises to young girls.
I should go, before
my meter runs out.
I don't think you should
be alone with him.
He seemed fine to me.
That's not what
I'm saying, Jesse.
I'm not as helpless
as I look.
Will you promise me
Will you call me
if you need anything?
Night or day.
Doesn't matter.
Give me your phone.
It's good to have
good girls around.
You promise
you'll call?
I promise.
Thank you for
the makeup today.
Sorry I'm late.
Would you like
to hear the specials?
not gonna eat it.
But they work so hard
to memorize them.
Today we have
a loaded baked potato
with a side of broccoli,
a pan-seared Halibut
served with rice
and a fruit cup,
and a steak sandwich
that comes with fries.
If I don't want fries,
could I substitute
the fruit cup?
If you
just want the fruit,
you'll have to
order the fruit bowl.
How about we just
have three coffees
and a fruit cup?
How was the shoot?
Jesse was there.
Oh, yeah, her.
Jack was
shooting her.
She's been in town
for, like, a minute.
They brought
her in for a test.
Jack doesn't
test new models.
Well, he does now.
Apparently, they think she
is gonna be this giant star.
Jack shoots me
all the time.
That's not gonna last.
What's that
supposed to mean?
It means your
expiration date is
almost due.
Who wants sour milk when
you can get fresh meat?
Sarah, these girls
come and go all the time.
She's not special yet.
But you have to admit,
there is something about her.
Like what?
She's young,
and she's thin.
No, it's
more than that.
She has that
Thank you.
So the same.
Straight back.
This way, ladies.
So do straight
back between the pillars,
and then right back here.
Thank you very much.
you remember Sarah?
Let's just
see the walk.
Should I go again?
No, thank you,
that will be all.
Could you come
forward, please?
This is Jesse.
Where's your card?
I don't have one yet.
Jesse's new in town,
but she's just
been signed by
Roberta hoffmann.
How old are you?
Any runway
Not really.
Okay, let's
see the walk, dear.
Thank you. We'll take
her to measurements.
Thank you.
Lift up.
You should
really fix this.
I don't
wanna fix it.
I thought
you did great.
Don't do that.
Pretend that
you don't know.
People see you.
They notice.
Do you know
how lucky you are?
I'm a ghost.
What's it feel like?
What do you mean?
To walk
into a room,
and it's like
in the middle of winter,
you're the sun.
It's everything.
- Oh, shit.
- Let me see.
Stop! Stop!
Sorry, I'm late.
Hey. No problem.
Are you
the manager?
Depends who's asking.
My friend
says she owes you
some money.
Room 212.
Oh, the wildcat.
That's some
real hard candy.
You know
what I mean?
I beg your pardon?
What, are you a mormon?
No, sir.
Are you with the dph?
'Cause we passed
our last inspection.
I can show you
the paperwork
if you want.
She said she owes
you for the damages.
I should charge her
for emotional distress.
You know how long
it took to get that
thing out of here?
Well, I don't think
she should have to pay.
That so?
Yeah. I mean,
technically it
wasn't her fault.
Not her fault?
Who do you think left
the sliding door open?
Yeah, but I don't
see how that makes...
Was it you?
Sure as hell
wasn't me.
How much?
New door
plus labor.
At least 100.
Or was it two?
I have
140 in cash.
Is there a pharmacy
around here?
She send you out
for tampons, too?
You know, you've got
a real attitude problem,
you know that?
I'm just
being friendly.
I just wanna
make sure
you're getting
something out
of this deal.
'Cause if you're not,
got plenty of
other girls here.
Take a peek in room 214
if you get a chance.
Rented it this week to a
girl from sandusky, Ohio.
Thirteen years old.
Real lolita shit.
Real lolita shit.
Room 214.
Gotta be seen.
What are you
doing here?
They told me
to wait.
For what?
For makeup.
You're in the show?
This show?
That's my chair.
You certainly
move fast.
What do you mean?
You must be fucking him.
Sarno doesn't let
just anyone walk
his collection.
I don't think
I'm his type.
Why not?
You're very masculine.
I bet they made you
do the casting.
I didn't have to.
I just come in,
choose what I wanna wear.
But I'm not sure about
the makeup this year.
I think
you look perfect.
Well, flattery will
get you everywhere.
You wanna know what
i had done, don't you?
Well, I thought
I'd get more work
if I went down
a cup size.
So I look like
a hanger. You know?
But then
my surgeon, Dr. Andrew,
he pointed out a lot
of other problems
with my body.
So I had them
shave my jaw,
I had a slight
eyebrow lift,
new nose, cheeks,
inner and outer lipo,
oh, and they
pinned my ears.
So I could wear
a ponytail.
Didn't it hurt?
Anything worth having
hurts a little.
Besides, nobody likes
the way they look.
I do.
Are you Jesse?
They wanna
see you.
I already
had my fitting.
I'm just the
I've decided you're
gonna close the show.
"...pry through
the portage of the head..."
"...Like a brass Cannon."
I want you to
meet my friend.
This is Dean.
Your name's bean?
No, Dean.
Dean, yeah.
Dean, nice to meet you.
Nice to
meet you, too.
Well, come, join us.
Have a drink.
Sit down.
I don't think
there's room
for two.
That's all right,
we can just sit
over there.
"Now set the teeth
"and stretch
the nostril wide,
"hold hard the breath
"and bend up
every spirit to
his full height.
"On, on!"
And so on
and so forth.
Did you always
wanna be an actor?
Well, performing
always came naturally
to me
I'm a creator.
All right?
I build, I make.
It's in my blood.
So whether
I'm designing
a collection
or creating
a character,
it's all the
same, right?
I went out for
a film last week.
Oh, yeah,
how did it go?
They said my face
didn't match my voice.
Well, you can
fix your face.
No, don't do that.
Why not?
Because you can
always tell
when beauty
is manufactured.
And if you
aren't born beautiful,
you never will be.
That's terrible.
No, it's true.
I don't think you
can always tell.
we're having a little
debate over here,
and we need
your expertise.
You know
gigi, right?
Well, I mean,
we just met.
Will you stand up
so that he can take
a look at you?
Go on, stand up.
Well, what?
What do you think?
Do you think she is
I don't know,
i mean...
Yeah, I guess
she's fine.
Yes, yes.
That's exactly the word
that I was looking for.
She's fine, right?
You can sit down
now, thanks.
Thank you, Dean.
Now look at Jesse.
Nothing fake,
nothing false.
A diamond
in a sea of glass.
True beauty
is the highest
currency we have.
Now, without it,
she would be nothing.
I think
you're wrong.
Excuse me.
I said, I think
you're wrong.
So are you gonna
tell me that
it's what's inside
that counts?
Yeah, that's exactly
what I think.
Well, I think
that if
she wasn't beautiful,
you wouldn't have
even stopped to look.
Beauty isn't everything.
It's the only thing.
Hey, let's
get out of here.
I wanna go.
So go.
What are you
doing here?
What are you?
Is that what you want?
You wanna be like them?
I don't wanna be them.
They wanna be me.
- Hello?
- Ruby.
- Thank god you're awake.
- Jesse?
I didn't
know who to call.
Are you okay?
It sounds
like he's killing her.
What? Who is?
What do I do?
He already
tried to get in.
Can you get out?
I think so.
Come here.
You're gonna be safe.
I brought you
some things.
You can wear this
if you want.
Unless you prefer
to sleep naked.
Are you going out?
I'm not
going anywhere.
I'm going to
stay here with you.
This house
is amazing.
How long have
you lived here?
I don't live here.
But I thought
you said this was
your house.
No, I said I'm
Watering the plants.
Checking the mail.
Oh, well...
Do you think
they'll mind that
I'm crashing?
You can stay here
for as long as you like.
My mom used to
brush my hair
after a bad day.
It's very soothing.
Just relax.
Thank you.
For what?
For being
so good to me.
It's what
friends are for.
No, I mean...
I think you're
really wonderful.
I think
you're just...
I think
you are, too.
I think you're
so beautiful.
And you have
such beautiful skin.
What are you doing?
I thought that's
what you wanted.
It's not what you think.
Then what is it?
I lied before.
I've never been
with anyone like that.
I don't care.
I don't care.
I want to.
I wanna be
your first.
I said stop!
What are you doing?
You know
what my mother
used to call me?
"You're a dangerous girl."
She was right.
I am dangerous.
I know what
i look like.
And what's wrong
with that anyway?
Women would kill
to look like this.
They carve and stuff
and inject themselves.
They starve to death,
praying that one
day they'll look
like a second-rate
version of me.
Are we having
a party or something?
My girlfriend,
she hasn't worked in months.
I mean, I keep telling her,
"girl, you need to retire."
Once you hit
21 in this industry,
you're so irrelevant.
Try 20.
She won't listen.
Of course she won't.
I mean, she's
so desperate,
the other day
she went uptown,
she was trying to
buy this baby seal fat
from this random woman.
What, you think
that's funny?
No, I don't.
You ever had a girl
screw you out of a job?
So what did you
do about it?
I ate her.
Do I know you?
What are you
doing here?
I'm waiting
for my friend.
I'd like to use you for this.
Would you be okay with that?
Annie, you're fired!
Thank you.
Are you serious?
It's not fair.
You can't fire me.
Can you tell us
what's so interesting?
You're staring in the pool.
Look in the camera.
I need to get
her out of me.
I need to get
her out of me.