The Netflix Cup (2023) Movie Script

And Netflix is live.
You're here exactly where
you should be, the only place to be.
You're watching for the very first time,
live sports on Netflix.
We're at the stunning Wynn Golf Club
in Las Vegas, just a few tee shots away
from the sexy street circuit
for this weekend's Las Vegas Grand Prix.
This city is keyed up for Formula 1.
And in just a few moments,
some of F1's flashiest faces
will tee off with some
of the very best golfers on the PGA TOUR.
And this isn't just another round
in the desert, people.
No, no, no, no. This is The Netflix Cup.
The anticipation,
it's been building for months.
One of the most popular sports
in the world in Vegas, baby. Vegas.
But first, how about a little action
before the action?
Some of the biggest names in Formula 1
daring to try something
even more audacious
than being strapped into a car
going 200 miles an hour.
And that's stepping onto this course
with some of
the best golfers on the planet.
They all play to win,
and they're all ready
to swing to survive.
While the world watches sports
live on Netflix for the first time ever.
Welcome to The Netflix Cup.
In the heart of Las Vegas
Am I living in a postcard? Unbelievable!
This is the Wynn Golf Club.
Immaculate, energetic.
Not a cloud in the sky.
A beautiful day.
Welcome to The Netflix Cup.
We're making history, baby.
We could not be more excited about it.
Are we kidding? Live sports on Netflix.
Let's go. Welcome, everyone.
You found us. You're in the right spot.
My name is Kay Adams. And check out
You two are a reality show in the making.
Let me do some proper introductions here.
My road dog for the day,
a gentleman, a PGA TOUR pro,
and, of course, scene-stealer,
the sweetheart of the first season
of Netflix's Full Swing, a bucket-hat tip
to Joel Dahmen. How are you?
I'm doing great. I'm excited to be here.
You can't wear a bucket hat.
You got a nice side part.
I'm working on it. It's not as good
as it could be, but it's nearly perfect.
And you've probably cried laughing,
watching any one of this guy's
Netflix comedy specials.
We've been crying rehearsing this today--
Okay. Oh, boy. No, this is
"The Machine" Bert Kreischer
I had a bet going
on when you guys were going
to take off your shirts
because you've both done it. Take a look.
Talk me through this. What do you mean?
He was better at it, 'cause the shirt
coming off needs to be a surprise.
I'm embarrassed, actually,
more now than I was in the moment.
I'm going to the gym after this.
Wanna go to the gym?
- Let's go to the bar.
- You look a lot better now.
These are bodies women
fall in love with, not with Blake Griffin.
Two married gentlemen in sunglasses.
We're here in this beautiful view
You're like a walking 16th hole
at Waste Management, Bert.
- That's what you are.
- That's my energy.
We've got The Machine with us.
We've got Joel Dahmen,
and we have so much fun.
This is where Full Swing meets
F1: Drive to Survive in Las Vegas.
Why Vegas? Well, 'cause
the Vegas Grand Prix is just days away.
So we're putting both
of these smash hits in a blender,
with some very Netflix-y
surprises along the way.
Let me explain what you're about to see
go down on this beauty of a golf course.
This is a competition
featuring four teams.
Two players on each team,
one a PGA TOUR pro,
and the other, an F1 driver competing
in this weekend's Vegas Grand Prix.
We're looking at a scramble format,
two separate 8-hole matches.
Each team plays their best ball
on a given hole.
If the match is tied
at the end of eight holes,
and I hope that happens,
the tiebreaker will go to the team
that won the first hole,
which is very special.
It's called the Speed Hole.
I'll explain it in a minute. Hang on.
Then, the winners will square off
in a closest-to-the-pin contest,
crowning The Netflix Cup champs.
And there better be bottles of bubbly
at the end of this one.
And it all takes place
here at the beautiful Wynn Golf Club.
This is my first visit. The hospitality,
everything is a ten out of ten.
Big thanks to everyone at the Wynn.
This is the only
golf course on the Las Vegas Strip.
We assure you, though, this isn't gonna be
your everyday round on a Tuesday.
No, no, no, no.
We've got holes that give nods to F1,
given the race,
given the love for Netflix fam.
And we've got some nods
to some of your favorite
Netflix shows as well.
Bert, get out of here
on the golf course today.
And so is this guy,
give it up for
"Beast Mode," in rare form might I add,
Super Bowl champ Marshawn Lynch.
Marshawn, how is it out there?
Hey, you know what? It's really,
really comfortable out here, you know?
I got my nice little sun
gleaming right here.
Got the fans right here.
And I see it's like a little a race car
track in the middle of the golf course,
something I ain't seen before,
but I'm really excited about it.
All right. Time now Look at that
Netflix Cup in the Sphere!
It's the first time I'm seeing that.
This is amazing.
I saw Blake Griffin. I saw Mark Wahlberg.
I'm here with Joel Dahmen, but let's go
ahead right now and meet the real stars,
our teams.
To the eighth Good tee shot
from Justin Thomas here.
It's Carlos Sainz's day,
in pole position!
It's a long one here
for Justin Thomas.
Finds the cup!
Great shot, JT!
Elbow's out!
Lando Norris has done it again!
The crowd adore him!
That is three birdies.
Rickie Fowler's ideal start.
Yeah, baby! Let's go!
Fowler with a beauty!
Let's welcome our first team,
Carlos Sainz and Justin Thomas!
And split!
Let's go, Carlos!
And facing off against them
is Lando Norris
and Rickie Fowler!
Let's go, Rickie!
Tony Finau
with his second birdie.
Pierre Gasly is in front.
Well done, Tony Finau.
Career-winning number six on the PGA TOUR.
Let's go!
What a race! What a race!
Two-time defending champ,
loves it here, Max Homa.
Alexander Albon who gets
his best finish of the season!
What a shot from Max Homa!
Albon goes over the line
with the fastest time!
And now our second matchup,
Pierre Gasly and Tony Finau!
Taking on Alex Albon
and Max Homa!
It is getting real.
You saw us five seconds ago.
Yeah, yeah,
you two walked the fastest.
I mean, the dulcet tones,
those vocals and pipes
on one Bert Kreischer, who knew?
We also want to give
a shout-out, Joel and I,
and really everyone at Netflix,
and F1, and the PGA,
for Tony Finau's, I'm going
to say, superhero performance.
He stepped into the competition,
what, like, 12 hours ago,
after we found out Collin Morikawa
had to bow out with a back injury.
Collin, by the way,
is going to join us later up here
to chop it up during the live action.
I gotta tell ya, you guys,
attaboy to Finau, right?
Huge attaboy.
He is one of the nicest guys on tour.
Not shocked that
he stepped up in this moment.
Yeah, and he's here.
He's smiling. He is a stud.
We'll see how his putting is today!
We're going to get into the action.
I'm excited about some
of the special guests stopping by
from the world of Drive to Survive,
and maybe even a little
How should I put this? An appearance
by a certain superstar NFL quarterback?
A little Netflix segway.
I just got nervous
when you mentioned that.
What do you think it might be?
I don't know.
Hope it's one of them.
Rhymes with "Shmahomes," perhaps?
Stay tuned for that right now.
This is where
the PGA TOUR meets Formula 1.
And a fitting warmup to the
Las Vegas Grand Prix Saturday night.
Vegas is alive.
And if you've ever watched an F1 race,
you know all the action starts
with a grid walk, and no, Joel,
that's not a new TikTok dance.
It is a spectacular part
of the pre-race festivities.
And here for our little spin on it,
Bert Kreischer.
Oh. Here we go.
We're going to run the pit real quick.
Should we take a walk?
Let's see who we got.
What are we talking about, boys?
I can't wait to see them
shoot their first shot.
I think So excited.
And, yes, competition is on.
I'm not talking to that guy no more.
Game's on.
We're talking about
throwing them off this bridge.
Our game plan is not the shot.
It's throwing them off this bridge.
Is this more nerve-racking than F1?
By far. This is the only thing
I've thought about
for the last three weeks.
This is all that matters.
So I am very nervous, yes.
Old hat, right, Max?
Yeah. That was the meanest
I've ever heard Tony Finau--
I'm sorry.
Davante Adams, are you serious--
Sorry, Max. Take a look at who's here!
You're just standing here.
- How you doing?
- I'm good. How are you?
- Are you a golfer?
- I wouldn't say that. I like to golf.
Yeah, what about a driver?
Do you drive fast?
I drive, usually the speed limit.
- Okay.
- I do have some fast cars.
Don't drive with Marshawn.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm going
to step over OG gangster.
The best in the game. Mark Wahlberg.
Brother, it is so good to see you.
I love the fit, "MUNICIPAL."
I love it. This is
my favorite movie star right here.
We hit each other up on Instagram.
You don't have to be security, you know?
I know. A fight broke out.
I'm sweating already.
Yeah, we're gonna I got your back.
You're a big golf fan,
but are you an F1 fan, too?
I am. You know, my daughter Grace
actually introduced me to F1.
Grace, do you want to get on screen?
She's the big F1
Come on, Grace. Come on, Grace.
- She's the big F1 supporter.
- Come on, Grace.
- Who's your favorite driver?
- Lando Norris.
Lando Norris is your favorite driver.
You don't like Carlos Sainz,
you said. Interesting.
- No, she
- Sorry. Sorry, Carlos.
She likes them all.
- Are you having fun?
- Yeah.
Hell, yeah. Awesome.
Well, you guys enjoy it.
Kay, let's go back to you.
I'll enjoy these beautiful shoes.
Thank you, Mark.
Thought you'd say
"those beautiful beers."
Was that really Davante Adams,
the best wide receiver in the game?
I said it. Incredible stars on stars here
at the Wynn Golf Club for The Netflix Cup.
Now let's get to business, people.
The first hole of The Netflix Cup
is a par 3, but here's our twist.
It may be the most chaotic hole
the game of golf has ever seen.
We asked ourselves, as a Netflix family,
how do we F1-ify golf
for the Vegas Grand Prix festivities?
How do we do it? Well, we came up
with a "Speed Hole."
In just a moment,
the first two teams will tee off,
and it will be a race, people,
a race to the hole from there.
They'll be trying
to finish the hole as fast as possible.
That's the name of the game.
Can't imagine there's doubt
on which team members
would be doing the cart driving.
Curious to see how
that conversation goes. Joel.
There's a lot of strategy
involved here.
All four players
are being teed off at one time.
The driving of the cart
and getting the ball in the hole
as quick as possible is something
Tour players aren't typically used to.
Would you say, "Hey, F1 driver,
I'll handle driving duties."
I wouldn't have that in me.
I would handle the golf club.
- That's all I got.
- They look great.
Mark Wahlberg set to join us,
too, which will be super fun.
We got to get Davante Adams here.
It's just about time, guys, for the teams
to take off on the first hole.
It's here.
The first hole of The Netflix Cup.
Lights out, and away we go!
Go, go, go!
Keep going, keep going, keep going!
Lando, where'd you go?
We have one ball on the green.
We don't know who's who right now.
This is the fun part.
I think
we've gotta stay on the course!
Stay on the course!
- Rickie Fowler's driving?
- Why is he driving?
What a strategy.
He was a motocross racer though,
back in his heyday, takes an early lead.
It's bad strategy not getting the clubs
out of the golf cart early.
I told you
this was going to be chaotic.
This is the fastest golfers
have ever ran.
Non-athletes right here.
We're watching Fowler's
Ooh. Dodging golf balls
Fowler finishes first.
Feel like a fight's gonna break out.
Carlos Sainz
and Justin Thomas sneak in there.
Carlos and JT just take that somehow.
I'm not sure what happened
in there. Absolute chaos.
Carlos Sainz. Love it, Ferrari
I mean, Ferrari on top.
What else is new, Joel?
I lost my ear piece, too.
I'm confused at what happened.
There was a lot going on.
Somehow, Justin Thomas came back and won.
Marshawn, can you track these boys?
I bet they're out of breath.
Where'd you hit yours?
Wow, Fowler wearing orange?
Not on a Sunday.
I mean, I think it's a McLaren thing.
But it's the same
as Sunday final-round pressure
out there for these guys.
So no question that Mr. Fowler
would be having some orange on him.
- We're trying to get
- Okay, now we can breathe.
There he is.
Justin can
barely breathe right now.
Justin just took a 17-hour flight.
- I'm good.
- I like the fit.
Ah-ha. Yeah, we come dapper like that.
You understand me?
Hello. So what's going on?
- We're trying to figure that out.
- You're trying to figure it out?
I wanna know
who was driving this car right here.
- Yeah, Carlos.
- Ooh!
- I was fast, no?
- Yeah. You got bars
What's up?
I ain't gonna leave you hanging.
Yeah. You got the handling
of that thing, you know?
Yeah. We had a good reaction time,
and then we just made it.
- You just made it.
- We were flying.
- Yeah.
- So who took this out?
- We don't know what we did.
- I blacked out.
I think we made it before you guys did.
Yeah, but you did in four.
You did in four?
Uh-oh. Hold on. We got
to get these numbers right.
Look, we have cameras.
Cameras will judge.
I know that I think it honestly
was very close to a tie.
- Photo-finish.
- I'm sorry Photo-finish?
I think because it was a tie
and whoever won the cart race
I was meant to?
- I was mean to, right?
- Yeah. Scramble.
Yeah? So it seems like
we don't know who won it,
so we're just gonna call it
a win for both of 'em.
Both teams, you know what
I'm talking about? No losers here.
- Let's call it a tie. Deal?
- We'll go with photo-finish.
I think we need to
rock-paper-scissor then or something.
We got to rock-paper-scissor for it.
You know what I mean?
We got to get
to understanding who took it.
- I want to see replay.
- What happened?
So you guys won.
You made three first.
Let's go!
His went in before theirs.
Did he go in before? I didn't
It doesn't matter how many
strokes he did, he putted it first.
- Yeah, it's who went in it first.
- Yeah, we went in first.
You two missed it, right?
Mine hit the pin, came out.
He went over and tapped it in for me.
We're going to the replay.
We're going to take it
to replay right here.
Way to go, Joel.
Kim a PGA TOUR rules official
is getting this sorted out for us.
We have a replay here.
It's not every day we try to run
Let's take a look at what happened.
It's like
All right, so Rickie Fowler
is there putting first.
JT is over the green.
Rickie's closest to the hole.
JT chips on, but here comes Carlos Sainz.
I believe Rickie tapped it,
it bounces off the flagstick.
That's what happened.
He didn't pull the pin.
Carlos came in and swooped him.
Lando's went in first
is what I'm hearing from the truck.
Oh. He picked up and moved it.
Is that a disqualification
on the hole?
Disqualification on the hole
by Lando.
Carlos Sainz is our winner.
Carlos Sainz and Justin Thomas
take the Speed Hole.
All right, let's get
the next group in position.
A little weebly-wobbly, but we're live.
Things can happen.
Joel, I appreciate you
telling me what's going on.
I don't know what's going on.
This is something that is not usual.
Here's the thing.
This hole is very important.
It's not just some like
"The Speed Hole declares the tiebreaker."
If we're tied up after eight holes,
it's whoever won this Speed Hole,
and if that happens,
it is team smiling and laughing
frick and frack here,
Justin Thomas and Carlos Sainz.
That is a big hole to win
right off the bat.
That was wild.
We have the next team up here.
What advantage do these guys
have now seeing that?
They have
a huge advantage going second.
The other one is that right cart.
Whoever gets in it
can get to the bridge first.
Right cart's
where you want to be. Let's go.
Balls are in the air.
Two three great golf shots.
Let's go.
- Oh, no. They turned it off.
- That is incredible.
Albon and Gasly struggling
on the golf carts.
They can't figure out the gas.
Here we go.
Looks like Homa
has taken the early lead.
I don't know who's hit the ball closest.
Last time
we've been in this position
and Tony Finau ran on a golf course,
it wasn't good for his ankle.
I hope he takes it easy here.
Finau, Finau!
They mixed up their golf balls.
- You put a tee down?
- Yeah, I'll put it.
Max Homa clutch putter early.
Finau! Drains a two!
Absolutely clutch.
This man
didn't even know he was golfing.
There's Marshawn. Take a look.
My boy!
What's going on, man?
I see you knocked down that putt with
I think it's the shoes.
- It's the shoes.
- It's gotta be the shoe.
Travis Scott AJ-1s.
- How long-- You said them what?
- Travis Scott AJ-1s.
Yeah. He can't I apologize.
He came out here big-stepping with the J,
Travis Scott and some more.
So it was only right.
He did what he did
on that Speed Hole, but--
That was mad, man
How was it for
How was it for y'all, though?
- Good. It was fun.
- Yeah?
No, I see you did a
Jumped out the cart.
Somebody left their shoes back there.
I think your back pocket fell off,
but you went back to go get it
and you came and got with it.
We got the speed race,
we got the We started strong, man.
All right, all right.
Yeah, right on--
I mean
Y'all had an opportunity.
Thank you so much, Marshawn.
Let's take a look at a replay here.
Three great golf shots here. Um
Still a little confused,
but obviously, Max Homa and Tony.
As Max Homa comes in here
Drive They're cutting off
each other at the bridge.
- Alex having the time of his life.
- He's jumping in the golf cart.
Who says golfers aren't athletes?
Right there.
And they mixed up their golf ball.
Tony Finau is coming cold
off the couch in here
and he steps up and drains this putt
in the Speed Hole.
He wears the freshest Jordans,
which Marshawn Lynch pointed out.
Did it help him with his stride?
I think it did.
Tony is a great athlete
and he did not break his ankle there,
but also drained that 15-footer.
That was impressive stuff.
Yeah, yeah.
All right, let's take a look
at our leaderboard here.
I love the golf ball in the Sphere.
Or as Marshawn called it yesterday,
the egg, Joel. What do you think?
The egg, as Marshawn calls it,
you're right.
Team Sainz and Thomas
were one up through the first hole
and Gasly-Finau one up
after the great putt.
I mean, Finau didn't even know
he was golfing until like 20 minutes ago,
and I was going to say,
Max Homa maybe has some jet lag,
but, Justin, who was also in South Africa,
came to play.
Justin here on the second hole
with driver
par 5.
- Oh.
- Uh-oh.
The ball looks like
it's flying into the Sphere.
And the Sphere looks worried.
What's there? Any news?
I got no idea, partner.
We have no idea what's there, no?
There's more room
right off this tee than people think.
You're telling me
we might need this one.
We'll find it. There's room over there.
But, yeah, I got a good one, just in case.
Justin is putting
the pressure on early
to his teammate Carlos Sainz here,
he's not sure if he's in ploy.
Let's see if he can step up
early in this round.
Carlos is in the bunker off the tee.
It's actually not that bad of a spot.
Norris is leading the way,
which is a strategy I would use.
I would always have the driver being
teeing off first, so he has less pressure.
Go on, get the tractor going.
Justin, don't worry.
My partner's in play.
I didn't ask you to play longer.
I just asked you
Ah, sorry.
So for the pro golfers here,
this left bunker's not in play.
He's going to be looking to take this on.
Rickie Fowler has the power
to cover the left bunker here
on this par 5.
I'm liking those orange shoes.
Right there over there.
The orange shoes, I wouldn't wear.
But Rickie can actually pull that off.
I hope so.
I hope there's enough space there.
Not worth playing from the bunker, no?
We'll see what's up there.
Watch out for the camera.
From Fowler to Beast Mode.
The announcer ever say that
in their sports history life? Don't know.
But let's take it back to Marshawn Lynch
and get a little gander at our next hole.
Take it away, Beast Mode.
You're out here
on the second hole.
Yeah, I'm talking about we got a par 5,
515 yards.
God-damn! That's a lot of yards.
But if anybody out here can do it,
it's these golfers.
And now I am out here,
you know what I mean?
Peeping the scenery, and I see
this big ass egg in the back
with the sign on a
You are a player, Marshawn Lynch.
Now, here we go. Here we go.
We need more Beast Mode in our life
with those flyovers.
I can get used to that here.
The water short right here is going
to come into play on their second shots.
Up against a tree.
JT, you got Joel Dahmen here.
- Can you hear me?
- Yeah, Joel, I can.
Hey, you're fresh off your flight
from South Africa.
Do they have the same trees there
that your ball happens to be in?
No, I actually.
I hid it behind it.
You want to play yours
in the bunker, Carlos?
I think I might get free relief
I think
Justin, that is not a good spot.
Justin, how does it feel
to be using your amateur's drive
on the second hole of the day?
Does that worry you right now?
We're gonna play the bunker.
You know, Joel, it feels just fine.
I think, at some point, you are a team.
I'm not out of here playing,
you know, solo.
We're playing to our strengths.
He knows to hit it up the left side.
So you just keep commentating,
and worry about yourself in there.
Wherever you are.
Coming off hot early.
You are one of the better
fairway bunker players in the game.
You haven't quite got there,
but let me know how far you have in here
and can you to go for
this green with the water short right?
There's water short right?
No, I'll be your eyes in the sky for you.
We have 219 yards, Carlos.
So we're around 200 meters.
Look at that. How'd that team work?
Justin, does it help?
- What's up? What you got?
- That you're playing a scramble
so you can perch your ball
perfectly in the bunker?
Does that help you in the shot?
Yeah, I do that in tournaments
when people aren't looking.
I'm pretty used to this. Ah
It definitely helps a lot,
because this is a hard shot,
so it's nice to put it on a good lie.
You want to go ahead, or you want me to?
- Do you want me to
- Go for it.
Joel, did you tell me your
You get to put it on a good lie
because it's scrambled.
So you have, a club length, any direction,
then you place it on a good lie,
especially where I just walked.
This is gonna be a really nice lie.
What are you hitting there?
Okay. See, like, the tower over there.
I would just aim it like right at that.
Because then you Gives you a little room.
My gosh, that's literally
exactly at the tower.
Maybe I should have told you
to aim it right at the pin.
- Dude. Great shot.
- Thank you.
This is gonna be so embarrassing
when I lose to my partner
who's a Formula 1 driver today.
All right, Joel, I got
water short right apparently.
Uh-oh. You're right.
Right at the left eyeball.
There we go, partner.
There we go, partner.
Joel, why don't you
rake this bunker for us?
What do you say? It sounded good.
Says I'm pretty.
- "I'm pretty."
- Yeah.
- Let's put some pressure on these guys.
- Mm-hmm.
Good shot, man.
Joel can't hear you right now.
He's in broadcasting 101, you know.
Any tips for him?
Any tips from me being
his co-host for the day?
All right, Lando to hit here.
Function here, we are back.
Rickie Fowler
is going for this green in two.
Such speeds on the racetrack.
Whenever I get on the car,
I actually don't drive,
driving on the road. I don't like it.
Over the weekend.
Are you staying with the team?
Yeah. I'm stoked.
Absolutely gorgeous shot
from Mr. Fowler right there.
That's exactly what he steps up and does.
All right, we've got this fear.
We've got lots of chaos.
Beautiful Vegas, a big week
for Las Vegas Grand Prix just days away.
Joined by some special guests,
and we will now introduce them.
Drive to Survive royalty,
ladies and gentlemen,
the CEO of McLaren Racing Zak Brown,
and actor-producer, big golf
cardio golf and racing fan.
I was going to ask how you met,
but I think your daughter told Bert.
Lando was quite excited.
He's like Mark Wahlberg knows me,
and his daughter.
Awesome. So he was excited.
How do you size up his golf game?
You've golfed with him once or twice.
I think we need to clear once and for all
who's better between Lando and I.
Okay, who's better?
That's pretty clear.
I think I don't know
if Lando's listening,
but hopefully, Lando,
if you can hear us, let us know.
I think we've sort of
sorted out our earpieces
and our microphones and all of that.
Mark, you're wearing MUNICIPAL.
We love to see it. Bert is sucking up.
He's wearing the shoes.
I talked to Myles Garrett
last week about it
and all the amazing things you're doing.
How did you fall in love with F1
outside of your daughter?
And what are races like,
'cause we've never been?
Honestly, she was the first one to really
turned me on to Drive to Survive
I think
We had heard that there was
going to be a race here in Vegas.
"We're going, right?"
I was like, "Why are you interested?"
Then she said, "If we're going to go,
we can only root for McLaren."
I looked up the drivers and saw,
"Okay, this is why she's interested."
But as a dad, I'm like,
whatever she wants to do.
And now, I mean, we had
one of the cars at the house yesterday
and everything is revolving around F1.
What do you mean you have Stop there.
You'll see.
We had a car out in front of our house.
- Here in Vegas.
- Okay.
I hijacked Lando's car
and we held it for ransom.
We did. We couldn't drive it.
I didn't want trouble,
but we had the car near the house.
What's it like preparing for a track
no one's ever been on?
Well, it's the same for everyone,
so that's good. A lot of simulation.
You know, we know the track layout,
but it's going to be cold,
maybe the coldest Grand Prix
as far as the tires getting turned on
Uh I think our race car likes that.
Long straights will be a challenge for us,
but I'm counting on my two drivers
to pull it through.
Rickie Rickie just made an eagle.
Now, did you have a say in the pairing?
Because obviously Rickie's wearing
his orange. It's very Little too cute.
Did you have a say at the Lando
I only make racing decisions,
golf I stay out of.
Rickie's been wearing orange for
many, many years.
I had to tell Lando,
Rickey caddied for me
in 2010 at Pebble Beach.
He had to hump my bag five hours a day
for the U.S. Open Challenge
two or three days in a row.
So Rickie's a good teammate to have.
Mark, the list of people that
you've golfed with must be insane.
Yes, some not so good.
But Rickie was a good one.
I mean, you know what?
When I fell in love with the game,
I obviously became obsessed
to the point where I thought
I would do this professionally.
And I played in every
tournament that year.
I played in the Bob Hope, I played
in the AT&T, Michael Jordan's event,
and then after the six hour rounds,
I said "no more."
And now I do what they're doing.
I play in an hour and 15 minutes an hour,
20 minutes.
I hit the ball, I run to the hole
or I fly around the cart to the ball.
I'm not that good,
so I just try to get it in.
It's my little private time.
You've been hanging out
with the recent U.S. Open champion.
Wyndham Clark. A MUNICIPAL man.
All right. Thank you for stopping by.
Good luck this week. Good luck to Lando.
And good luck casting him in
whatever movie about F1
that you're producing, I'm sure.
Yes. Thank you very much.
Thanks, guys.
Let's get back to the live action here.
Moved your ball and it deflected it
Joel, let's take a look
at our leaderboard. What we got?
Two matching eagles on the second
for Fowler and Thomas.
Thomas remains one up through two.
Uh What an incredible hole,
to tie a hole with eagles,
that's incredible stuff.
Mr. Maximus Homa. It's Joel Dahmen.
Can you hear me?
Unfortunately, I can. Yes, Joel.
Max, let's not start off like this.
We're good buddies. Let's tell everyone
how friendly we can be. Uh
You're fresh off your win
there in South Africa.
How incredible is that?
Yeah, it's pretty great.
I never really thought
I would back up a win
by playing my next hole
as fast as I possibly can.
So that was definitely new for me.
You actually looked
very athletic in that.
- Sometimes people
- Yeah, I didn't die.
People kind of think
you walk like a T-Rex there,
but you're running like an athlete.
-I thought that was great
-So funny.
Max, how far do you have here?
- Club length. Right.
- How far are you?
- 184.
- Exactly.
Uh Max, what's your club
at 184 here?
Uh I don't know.
I just kept up with Tony, kind of.
So I think I might be able
to get a 7 there, 6 or 7.
Anywhere not closer.
My partner's striping it right now.
So I'm going to see
where he hits it first.
We're right here. Sorry.
I picked the worst color tee.
Then we can just put the ball around it.
- We can't hit it.
- I don't know
So you get a club length, so we just
Can we go on the fairway?
- No, 'cause you won't make it.
- I got 9 iron and he got 7.
Max, thanks for following the rules
by not going to the fairway there.
I didn't want to see that.
Yeah, I would never cheat the game,
you know.
This Sphere is wild.
Do I aim at the left?
Yeah. So just aim just left of the
Just in the middle of that green,
left side of the green.
And then do what you did
on that last hole.
That Sphere looks interesting.
- Very interested in this golf shot.
- Love it!
- Bunker?
- No.
- Your money.
- Good try.
- Good shot.
- That is a great golf shot.
- Thank you.
- That sets up Max
only here to be more aggressive.
- Good shot, Alex.
- Thank you.
My guy came
to play, boys.
This is by far the best I've played
in the last four months.
But I was in the rough.
I shouldn't be helping you here,
but I will.
That's it.
His wife is from the same town
- Nice.
- No idea.
That was a good swing by Max there.
He just I think this altitude
here in Vegas and a little adrenaline.
Any ideas to distract Pierre.
If you are that dialed in
All smiles for Albon and Homa.
Aerial coverage of the Netflix Cup
presented by NetJets.
What a night.
Let's take it down to Bert.
I can't even imagine where you are,
what you're doing
or who you're talking to.
It is absolute chaos here, Kay.
Absolute chaos.
I just gave Steve Aoki my number.
Blake Griffin got my wife's number.
A dude just chugged beers.
This is our personal pit lane.
It is our party and the fans love it.
Fans, are you having a good time?
I mean, seriously,
this is who's who of Vegas.
Our golfers are coming up right now.
Let's see who's in the lead.
All right, here comes our first group.
Did they just walk past me?
They're on the tee. All right.
After two, two holes right now,
JT and Sainz are leading. Correct?
JT and Sainz are up.
And this is our long drive hole.
This hole, whoever drives the longest.
And this is the powerful drive challenge
presented by American Express.
Whoever drives the longest
gets a mulligan
This hole or on the next hole,
mulligans are important in life.
They're very important in life.
That's why we have Xanax.
But let's find out.
Who's going to use their mulligan?
Who's got the long drive?
Let's go, big dogs.
Is that good?
Or you want me to
I'll hit it. I'll hit it.
It's our long drive hole here.
Kind of a narrow hole for a long drive.
Hey, guys, Steve Aoki's up there.
Blake Griffin's up there. This is chaos.
Steve Aoki
just asked for my number.
Goodbye. Hit that one good.
177 ball speed out of Justin Thomas
is rather impressive.
Also, if you watch, he lifts his left heel
up to get a little more distance there.
What was that? What was that?
What happened there?
You went like
Really go for it, Carlos.
I'm trying. I'm trying.
Hurt yourself.
I'm trying.
Typical amateur.
I overstretched.
Full turn.
Zak Brown. Nice swing by Lando.
24-years-old a couple of days ago.
Yep. Happy birthday to Lando.
And that was a good shot Carlos.
- Competitive on and off the racetrack.
- You're a better golfer than him?
You'll tell him you're a better golfer
than Mark Wahlberg?
I've never played with Mark.
You've never played together?
Not yet,
but we would love to play together.
Nobody better to ask
about competitive nature
of Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris than you.
You had them, of course,
teammates once upon a time.
How much do they want to
beat each other here?
They want to beat each other more
on the golf course than on the racetrack.
Is that right?
On the track as well,
they're very competitive.
Zak, Lando wins on Saturday,
Are you going to get another tattoo.
You'll be at a tattoo parlor?
I think if he does,
I might be tempted to do that.
Yeah, I think
If Lando wins,
I think I'm getting a tattoo as well.
We'll get one together.
- Yeah.
- You heard it here first.
Mark Walberg, thank you for being here.
Good luck on Saturday.
- Thank you very much.
- Thanks for having us.
What's that?
Let's go back to the 3 fairway.
We're going to figure out
the long drive winner.
They are measuring it right now, Joel.
Little more power
and it kind of uses the ground more
to get probably 10-15 more yards
in the air, something like that.
Yeah, so it's I'll use it.
Depends on the golf course,
but I'll get places where I can use it.
You know, 2, 3, 4 times around.
But like a place like last week,
it was very narrow.
I couldn't use it at all.
It's not wide enough that you
Yeah, there's no carries
that I need to use it for kind of thing.
You hit it long, man.
I'm trying to.
How much is that, you're hitting? 310?
Something like that.
Maybe a little more with the altitude,
but it's just
As long as it goes straight,
that's more important for us.
All right, who's got who here?
I think Rick may have got me.
Well, he had the reference
to go for it.
- No, I'm way past him.
- You're past.
So that means
- What's the prize for the long drive?
- I don't know.
Justin Thomas. Thanks, guys!
Saying bye to Zac Brown, to Mark Wahlberg.
I believe we might have
an MVP Quarterback joining us.
Justin Thomas, long flight, but you won.
You're killing it, kid.
Thank you. I appreciate that.
Okay, so you've got a mulligan
that you can use
on this hole or the next hole.
What's your plan?
We get a mulligan that we can use.
Hopefully, we don't need it.
But I guess it's nice to know
that we have that in our back pocket.
Uh, if need be.
Mulligan is only off the tee?
No, we can use it any time.
I think on this hole or the next hole.
- This or the next.
- This hole?
This one or the next one.
- We'll save it.
- Save it.
Justin, would you save it
for a putt?
Or approach shot or
What's your strategy with that Mulligan?
Um, I don't know.
I've often thought about what we would do
if we got a mulligan
over the course of the tournament,
how I would use it.
I feel like it's probably gonna be
more useful in a putt if you need to,
just because
the more times you can see it,
the line, the better off it is.
I think, Justin,
if you're seeing two putts,
you're probably not gonna miss it.
I know you wouldn't, Joel.
I've seen you putt before.
You don't miss putts very often,
in general.
- That's very kind of you.
- What would you do?
I would definitely use it on a putt.
Close, yeah.
Lando has
a short pitch shot here.
A little chunk and tumble.
Come on.
- Carry. Carry.
- Tumble.
- Rickie, I expect this to be better.
- I've got nothing in my ears.
So it's kind of like I'm just playing
You know, me and Lando hanging out.
Pros are much better
at these short wedge shots.
They have a lot more practice at 'em.
You're gonna see a shorter swing here,
with a little more speed through the ball.
You're gonna see some spin on the green.
Rickie is known for his wedge play.
Is that a comfy wedge, Joel?
You were teaching me? No, no.
Not a comfy wedge.
I was going for it.
It's good.
What a shot.
As expected, Rickie comes through
in the clutch there for his team
- on a short wedge shot.
- I got you, partner.
You want the yardage, partner?
Normally played by
Your face was up on there.
- How'd I look?
- Awesome.
Forty-six yards.
All right, here, I'm gonna
help out a little bit.
- See, that's into the grain.
- Yeah.
We're gonna put it on this.
I love those tricks.
Because when it's down
No, you're good.
- It's all good.
- The cart was worse than you.
Justin putting Carlos
in a downgrain lie
is something that most amateurs
don't know about.
But the club will go through the ground
much better when it's downgrain
versus into the grain.
Much easier to hit these short wedge shots
when it's downgrain.
Come on, JT!
I think JT spent a lot of time
in Tiger Woods' backyard recently
hitting these short wedge shots.
Oh, it tried to go
It punched in the
- Yeah.
- Mocking.
Justin trying to use the slope
and hit a cut spinner.
Not his best putt.
It's rolled back quite a bit.
I'm not gonna hit it outside of that.
I promise that.
- You're not?
- No.
Then hit another one, no?
- Yeah.
- Or should we save it for a drive?
- I think we should take it, dude.
- Go for it.
All right.
- My partner's fed up with me walking away.
- Yeah, take it.
Surprised Justin's going
with the mulligan here on a wedge shot.
We just talked about going with the putt,
but his wedge shot was so poor,
he's gonna try it again.
Right on cue.
Justin used a great mulligan there.
- Hi.
- It's Lando.
All right, let's go back
to the second hole.
Tony Finau for birdie.
And Tony
He misses and they
Yeah, they concede the hole to Mr. Homa.
That was a pretty good effort
by Tony there.
Just missed on the hind side.
And that match is all square.
Yep. Okay.
Back on the third green here.
Justin used his mulligan, and
I can see that.
Tough when you have a mulligan.
Pro golfers, don't get them
out there very often,
so there's actually a lot more pressure
on that mulligan shot,
knowing that you have to take that ball.
He came through in the clutch.
Both have short birdie putts here.
Let's go, Team Red!
I'm a little surprised
they're not going, "Good, good."
You tell me, JT.
You can see here, we've got,
like, a little sneaky one.
It's also great to have
a professional on your team.
He's gonna read the putts.
Most amateurs struggle reading greens.
It's actually not because of their stroke
as they don't know where to aim the ball.
When you have a professional
telling you what the read is
and what the line is,
especially a two-time
major champion like Justin,
you're gonna be dialed in.
- I'm going.
- Yeah.
I'd like you going
just a fraction to the right.
- Something near that left, so
- Little bit down or
It's left edge.
- Yeah.
- Back down.
Knock it in.
Great putt.
Let me get that for you, partner.
Yeah, straight edge.
That was a gorgeous putt
by Carlos there.
Great use of the mulligan by Team Thomas.
At least I can putt.
This putt
just got a whole lot longer.
It goes from four feet to
Feels like longer to have the hole.
Nice putt, man.
Clutch putt there.
That was perfect.
Jeez, guys. Great job, everybody.
- I love when I don't have to putt.
- Look at this friend trip.
I didn't want to have to hit that putt.
Come in on Sunday, Lando!
It's all love between
former teammates Sainz and Norris.
Let's take a look at
the T-Mobile for Business leaderboard.
What's sticking out to you, Joel?
All smiles out there.
Impressive play by Thomas
and Fowler.
They are Thomas remains 1-up through 3,
and the other match is all square,
Homa and Finau.
Getting exciting!
Bert Kreischer, I believe, on the 3 tee.
Where you at, buddy?
We are over here, gentlemen.
Welcome to Hole 3.
This is the Powerful Drive Challenge
brought to you by American Express.
Here's the deal. Gentlemen,
racers, can you please pay attention?
So whoever gets the longest drive
gets the mulligan,
usually on either this hole
or the next hole.
But you've got to go yard, okay?
Stripe it.
Throw your back out.
We've got Blake Griffin
and Steve Aoki watching.
Gentlemen, let's see some bombs.
There is no doubt that Tony Finau
is the longest player on the PGA Tour.
I don't think Max Homa has a chance here.
We talked a lot about that jet lag
for Homa, you and I yesterday.
What do you make of that? Nothing?
Him being a professional athlete,
he's gonna get through this round
just fine.
It will hurt him a little
on this Long Drive Challenge.
He probably has the legs underneath him.
But Tony Finau just hit 200 ball speed
in a Power Ranger suit on Halloween.
Let's see what Albon can do right here.
- Wow!
- Good rip.
158 ball speed is very good.
- Good far right.
- He smashed it.
That's sniffing my ball speed
territory there.
Okay, Joel.
We're gonna see Max here.
I believe he's gonna lift this left heel
just like Justin Thomas does.
That's gonna give you
a bigger back swing and a wider arc.
Let's see what Max can do.
- Whoa!
- I think the jet lag got him there.
Not Max's best effort.
He'll admit that himself.
- Is that fairway?
- You got that fairway, guys?
You just say yes.
- Yeah, it was. It was.
- Not the fairway.
Not the fairway.
It's not the fairway, everybody.
That's what they say.
I'd give it to you if you played with me.
- "I'd give it to you."
- Why?
They're gonna win all the BS games.
The Squid Game, too.
I believe
we call that a can of corn.
High pop fly.
I didn't get the sense of the game.
- I think it was a high drive.
- Come on, big dog!
Come on, big dog!
Joel, is Bert distracting?
He's always is,
but that's why we love Bert.
Let's see what Tony can do.
I want to see 200 ball speed
out of this guy.
What are you--
That's way
further than his, though.
I know that's further than Max's,
so you should get that challenge.
Further than Max's. All right.
We've got Bert Kreischer.
We've got Marshawn Lynch.
I spotted Collin Morikawa, who was
supposed to be playing Tony Finau here.
We'll explain it all in just a little bit.
The sun's kind of going down.
We've got lots of excitement here.
Joel. Max Homa. What happened?
Not Max's best there.
He had 168 ball speed.
I expect a little more out of him.
We're on the fourth tee now with Lando.
Fourth tee, Lando Norris.
We have watered down
the left side here, the whole way.
And it's not good
when they laugh immediately.
Joel, you've never played this course.
I have not,
but it is in immaculate shape right now.
The greens are rolling, it is pure,
and this is one of my favorite
holes out here.
God damn!
Why are we surprised?
- When you just hit that ball
- What a beauty.
Damn, you looked like
a body builder.
I gotta try to hang with him.
Yeah, or like a power lift.
When you hit that ball,
you got a little bit of
He got it up.
Yeah, he got some ponies in them arms.
You hit the ball a mile, though.
How'd that feel?
I'm actually I'm not happy with that.
I don't think we got
a whole lot of warm up time.
- JT came straight from South Africa.
- Straight from South Africa?
- Oh, you're off the bird
- Oh, yeah.
and then you gonna hit a bird.
All right, so, look, from JT
- We're just happy with
- With that right there.
So, JT, I'm looking for all birdies
for you.
Let's take a look at the aerial now.
Thanks, Marshawn.
All right,
so we report in front of four.
You know what I'm talking about?
The four hole.
And we've got a par 5, 573 yard.
I'm telling you, I think these golfers
are gonna have to go
and get their Happy Gilmore on,
'cause this looks like it's about
a mile long, you understand me?
So they need to go ahead
and put up their mud.
Them drivers are gonna find them
a goddamn hockey stick
to go ahead and make sure
they'll be able to cover all this ground.
We've got par 5 and 573 yard.
That is
an absolutely gorgeous golf hole.
It is a long par 5.
The other difficulty,
green with the second shot,
water is all down this left side,
but you can use the right slope
on the side of this green
to bounce onto the green.
Room to swim with the fishies,
as it were, on this par 5.
Joel Dahmen, your hair looks amazing.
Who is this but Collin Morikawa,
who has made his way to our set.
This has been wild, huh?
It's been a wild four days,
to say the least.
I've been doing everything I can
to get out here
and unfortunately, we couldn't make it.
Collin, you're on this list here.
And it's Collin Morikawa
with Pierre Gasly,
and you were in the promos
and all of that.
What happened?
To be honest, I've been watching
David Goggins work out every day,
and decided to push myself a little hard.
No, I'm kidding.
I was just, you know,
something with the back, you know,
just kind of jumping back and forth.
That happened three months ago.
It happened again, and I gotta go back
to the drawing board
and figure out, you know,
how to how to not do this,
'cause obviously,
I'd love to be out there.
It's amazing that you showed up
and are part of the party.
We have, like, Steve Aoki running around.
We've got Blake Griffin,
who keeps getting the FaceTime love.
We've got Joel Dahmen and Tony Finau.
What do you make of him just stepping in?
Tony's awesome.
He's one of the best guys on tour.
I think Joel could second that.
Like I said, actually,
I probably would have beat them
in the long drive contest with an iron,
since they missed the fairway.
But you know what? I couldn't keep up
with Max or Tony with length.
So I'm glad Tony could come in today,
and they're doing good
with my partner, Pierre.
Here's Max, straight off the bird.
Straight off the bird, as Marshawn says.
This is your town.
He's never played it.
You've played here, 90 million times?
I've played here a handful of times.
We've played some pretty
good rounds out here.
I mean, the first cut out here
is a little tricky.
You don't really know how to spin, but
Max coming off a win like that,
that's pretty standard for what
we were gonna expect out of that one.
Joel, you have a friend.
This is nice to have Collin here
and calling some golf shots for me.
- Comfy wedges.
- This is nice.
Collin, it's never a good time
to be injured,
but it is a good time
to be injured in the fall.
It's a little bit
of the off-season for you.
Can we expect you to be back
and healthy by January?
Yeah, I think even a week from now,
I think I'll be fully fine.
Two weeks, I'll be very good and
The end of the day,
it's not fun playing injured,
and with golf, where we've got
to rotate and get into position.
So just watching these guys, it almost
hurts me to think about playing golf.
Let's watch
and have you call some golf.
What do you make of this shot
by your would-be partner, Gasly?
I am rooting so hard right now
for Pierre Gasly and Tony Finau.
If I'm allowed to root
for a team, that's my team.
- Pierre did an incredible shot.
- Tell you something?
Last night we wrapped around,
I don't know, like 9:00-9:30,
and Pierre, in the dark,
was practicing by himself.
- Love that.
- It was amazing.
- That's dedication.
- Tony Finau about to play.
Tony Finau here
with the short wedge.
It's a little tricky out of this first cut
as you said.
You can't control the spin
as well as you can out of the fairway.
Great hands there from Tony.
I always tell Tony
that he has great hands for a big man.
And he always corrects me
that he just has great hands.
Is that okay if Pierre got inside of him?
I mean, how do we feel about that?
I would just be happy
that my partner's on the green.
- You think so?
- Straight up hill, but we'll see.
They're talking
uphill-downhill putts now.
Where should we park it?
- Next to Max is good.
- Okay.
Hey, Tony. Joel Dahmen,
Collin Morikawa here.
How you doing?
What up, guys?
Thanks for showing up
on short notice.
How does it feel to fill in
You know, Collin's one of the best
players in the world.
Do you have extra pressure today
to fill in for him?
No, no extra pressure.
I got a couple of the challenges already,
so I'm happy.
I'm happy with the start.
I'm sad Collin's not feeling good,
but happy to be out here with these guys.
Rickie has lumber here
coming into the par 5 on the fourth hole.
Didn't have the gas to quite get it there,
but that's a good angle to chip from.
Let's go back to 3 green.
Looks like they're discussing
who's away here.
Joel, what do you like?
You like the player going first
or the driver?
The driver should go first.
You're gonna get a look at the read.
Typically, the professional
would be the better putter.
- Downhill? All right. That much?
- Yeah.
- It's breaking a lot.
- A little downhill, yeah.
It's gonna have to go in here.
Oh, Pierre.
I'd be taking that glove off,
- but I don't really enjoy that.
- All right.
Is that first tip
you would give him?
Yes, first thing I'd tell him.
There he goes.
- Look at that.
- He heard you.
- I love this.
- There we go.
When you have a guy like Tony
reading greens as well
That's white, white one was my tee.
Yeah. I'm looking, you know
- All right.
- on a smooth putt right in there.
- It's definitely got a lot of hook on it.
- Yeah.
You hit it harder, then, you know,
it's gonna be a little less, but
Nice. Too far. It's too far.
The hardest things
reading greens for amateurs
is they really struggle
with their actual speed control.
It's hard to tell them
exactly where to hit it
'cos it's a feel putting and the speed,
they can't control their speed
like the professional.
Right. You can hit this putt
maybe 10, 15 different ways, right?
So, how do you figure out the right line
for what we're gonna actually see that.
Let's see if Tony can adjust here.
That was a good putt,
swung out high on the right side.
That was a good ball.
Good thing.
Max Homa and his partner
have two chances to win this hole.
Pretty fast.
Knock this thing in,
make them go crazy.
Albon going first here
with a read from Max.
This putt to win the hole.
Did that go?
Do you think that throws Max off?
It looks like he pulled in,
but it's always a little unnerving
when you see one that you think
might be slightly better than it is.
I thought you guys
were going to take your
You can't take it now, can you?
That's different different
Oh, my goodness.
Yeah, really cool.
- What just happened?
- That's like a pet peeve.
The early call is the worst thing
you can do on the putting green.
I am surprised he dived that.
I expected a little more pace.
Considering they're
pretty much in for par.
Look at that Sphere.
I wish I had a slow-mo of your face,
Joel, when that happened.
That's the replay I'm looking for,
taking a look at the leaderboard here
as we come back
to our set overlooking that fountain.
Look at that
beautiful Netflix Cup behind us.
Who wants it more?
We've got Collin Morikawa here.
Thank you for hanging out with us.
How'd you feel about that little
broadcasting stuff for you?
I loved it. I mean, I still
We still like playing golf.
- That's what I'm most comfortable with.
- So does he.
But you know what? It's pretty fun
to watch these guys play golf
and watching what Max just did there
with early walk-in,
I'm never going to do that.
You want to get back out there.
Can't wait. Thank you so much.
Vegas, your home.
So much excitement with
the Grand Prix in town this weekend,
and we're going to let you go
hang out with, you know, who?
- Blake Griffin, of all people.
- Of course.
Collin, thanks. Get healthy.
- Can't wait to see you back out soon.
- Thanks, everyone.
Let's take a look at today's
first unforgettable moment
presented by Nespresso.
I broke the camera.
I've shredded it.
- We should move this.
- I got no idea partner.
Hey, this is what happened to them.
- Max, show them your finger.
- I think there's room.
I had a good idea.
- We got 'em back.
- Yes.
Are you sure
you're not a professional golfer?
Well, he's impressed.
There we have it.
Taking a look at the Sphere.
We're here at
the beautiful Wynn Golf Club.
Collin Morikawa has left us.
We have so many more people coming on.
We have a quarterback
from the Quarterback show
you, of course, love.
Zip up your tracksuits, guys.
Right now, coming to Netflix,
a series bringing Squid Game to life.
The Challenge.
This is wild.
It follows 456 real life players
in pursuit of $4.56 million
as they compete through a series of games
inspired by the original show,
plus some surprising new additions.
How you play is who you are.
Okay, that's wild.
We're gonna send it down to Bert.
That looks spooky.
Bert, what's going on?
Welcome to
our Squid Game: The Challenge Hole.
Look at these guards.
Are they gonna kill me,
or break out into dance?
Either way, they are creepy shit.
And that's the thing.
This is the Red Light, Green Light doll.
The creepy face is looking at you
when you take your shot.
Not only will you probably piss yourself,
but your shot doesn't count
and you have to use your partners.
But the good news good news is
there's a massive prize at stake.
If you hit a hole in one on this hole,
you win $4.56 million for charity
inspired by the lead character
from the Squid Game
and brought to you
brought to us by the PGA TOUR.
$4.56 million is so much money.
I'll piss myself
on television right now for it.
I will.
I've done it for less.
Here they come. Come on up, boys.
I'm telling you,
if I get a hole in one,
this shirt's coming off.
Same with Same?
Same with them.
Do you want me just
- Mine's out.
- Do the slope.
What's their slope on you?
If I had to guess it'd be
- Yeah.
- Fifty-one.
What are they doing?
The golfers are talking,
the drivers are talking.
But where's everyone going?
One 143, 144.
- What club are we hitting?
- With the downhill.
- Nine irons.
- Nine irons?
Nine irons is good for me.
Bring a bunch of nine irons, extra balls.
So on the book,
it's saying down nine to 42,
so I think it's just a 140 shot.
- To the pit, 140.
- Yeah,
He's a gangster. Come on up.
Watch Steve throw
two or three cakes at people.
It's freaking awesome.
Yeah, people let him.
Rickie, how are you?
How are you? Pleasure.
I feel like this could have been
Squid Game and maybe a little cake.
We can whip up
a cake real quick if you want.
Who's hitting first?
- I think we're up.
- You guys are up?
Here we go.
I don't know.
- It's gonna be a hole in one.
- I'll go.
Take off the pressure.
Hey, you.
You're the one carrying him.
So you're freeing him up.
$4.56 million is at stake.
If you get a hole in one, $4.56 million.
That's a lot to regular people.
I don't know
what an F1 driver pulls in these days.
No comment.
Wait. It needs to not be looking?
Yeah. The doll needs to not be
looking at you when you hit.
If it's looking at you,
your shot doesn't count.
She's got crazy eyes.
There you go. Get in there quick.
- Now.
- Get in there quick.
You're good.
- Yeah.
- You're good.
Oh, Jesus.
That looks pretty good.
- Tell her.
- Yeah.
- You playing the next few nights?
- Yeah.
- The opening ceremony tomorrow.
- Cool.
All right, Carlos.
- What's that?
- What was the yardage?
It's like a 145 shot.
You want me to tell you
Hold on. Don't hit right now.
I'll tell you You're good. Get ready.
Yeah, that'll be awesome.
- We got you covered on the golf side.
- I appreciate it.
All right. On the green.
Okay. Good call.
All right, partner.
The reason you hit the second,
JT wanted him on back up.
Is it okay?
He'd agreed.
Does he
Yeah, it did.
Hey, partner, hold on a sec.
Okay, you're good.
You're good now.
I don't think Lando
understands the rules.
It can't be looking at you, Lando.
Now or never.
No, no, no, not now.
- Just stay there.
- Yeah, get ready.
Yeah, we'll tell you when.
You're got a few seconds.
- Go, go.
- Lando, what the
Hit the ball!
Pull the trigger, Lando!
- Oh, my
- Jesus!
Lando, we got you, okay?
We got you.
We got you, Lando.
You look down. Now.
Come on.
These guys can golf and drive?
All right.
We'll work together, right?
Hole in one. Hole in one.
Keep turning.
Left turn signal.
Nobody at least got
- That was a waste.
- Yeah, that's shit.
Is that what you just said?
- See you later, man.
- Yeah, good going, man.
Taking a look here at
our T-Mobile for Business leaderboard.
I can't get my eyes off that Sphere,
that Red Light, Green Light doll.
It's a little creepy.
But Team Thomas
remains one up through five
and the Homa-Finau match remains tied.
These are great matches.
Highly competitive.
It could come down
to that Speed Hole tiebreaker.
Do you think so? In those AF1s?
We're going to the fourth fairway,
I don't think they were AF1s.
I'll have look at a recap of that.
But let's do Alex Albon, let's go.
Alex Albon here
in the fourth fairway, ball above feet.
- Oh, my God.
- Typical amateurs.
You would stand
a little closer to the ball.
Go real smooth.
Don't worry too much about your legs.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- That's good coaching.
- Great coaching.
Nice to have
a PGA Tour player on your team.
Oh, my goodness.
That was pretty sick.
Is that bad?
Makes the pot, right?
Yeah, but I
- Break it down.
- Don't see that often.
I don't know if he has golf shoes
on there, but it is getting a little
Sorry, it's getting dewy out here
because it's chilly.
And when it cools down,
you get a little dew on the grass.
You get a side slope like that.
Max did give him great advice here,
saying "Use less of your legs
because that will happen."
Still got a smile on his face.
That's great.
So this is the big difference here,
is that Max has a three wood out.
He's still going to go
for this par 5 in two,
where his partner
just fell down with an iron.
- Fore!
- Fore.
Team Homa, major trouble here
on the par 5.
I don't think my caddy
would have let me try that.
You're exactly right, Max.
- Pierre Gasly here.
- He is going first.
He's going to try to get a ball in play,
probably lay it up
short of the water on the left
and let his partner Tony Finau
knock it on the green.
Oh, no, full right shank.
Joel just ruined his perfect hair.
- Oh, no.
- Everybody safe.
That's basically
a car crash, I think.
That is the car crash on a golf course.
Everybody safe, bro.
The number one thing
is everyone's safe.
The hardest shot in golf
- Everybody's safe.
- Is after a shank.
To follow up shank
is the hardest thing to do in golf.
I knew one was coming.
The shanks just give you
the willies, a bad feeling.
You don't want to see 'em.
I believe Tony can overcome.
Nice shot, Tony!
Hey, I'm in a mulligan.
I'm in a mulligan.
Tony's going to take
his mulligan here, so we'll stay.
He, of course, won that
for winning the long drive competition.
That was an early mulligan call.
He hated that golf shot.
He immediately went to the pocket
like a true amateur right there.
He had a ball ready. I love that.
Second one's gonna be
on the green right here.
Like a true professional,
Tony comes through with his mulligan.
Knocked it on the fringe in 2.
That was worth a mulligan.
Let's go over to 5.
Lando missed Rickie for birdie.
Cardinal sin right there.
When you're playing a scramble
and your partner's already in,
you can't be leaving putt shorts out here.
You cannot be leaving putt short.
Rickie knows it,
especially when it's right in the throat.
Disappointing stuff there from Mr. Fowler,
All right, chili.
Birdie to win the hole for Carlos Sainz.
- Stay up.
- Okay
Early walk there.
- I pulled it a bit.
- Just a little.
That was nice of Justin.
I think he pulled more than a little.
Justin's made a lot of these
in his career.
Two-time major champion,
expect this one to go in.
Right in the heart.
Exactly what I'd expect.
Team Thomas wins that hole with a birdie.
Two-O, Thomas
And they possess the tiebreaker.
- Damn right we do.
- It's on your tiebreaker.
Damn right we do.
And there's the competitor
taking a look at the leaderboard.
Currently still tied,
we're two up between Ferrari, McLaren.
I'm going to say it that way
in the spirit, of course,
of the Vegas Grand Prix here on Saturday.
Now, time for another unforgettable moment
presented by Nespresso.
I can't believe you made that.
That putt was so good.
- See? The less you think
- Yeah.
Are they letting you drive any golf carts?
Hell no. I want to drive
one of them damn cars.
You can have a go.
I wouldn't fit.
Your face was up on there.
How'd I look?
- Awesome.
- Old?
Is that me?
No, I'm in the rough?
Let's see. Damn! I thought that was it.
I got real excited.
I think that was you.
Explain the scoreboard.
What's going on?
Team Thomas is two up.
They also have three holes to play.
But they also own the tiebreaker,
so if they have this hole,
they will win the match.
It might be a short night.
Might be a short night
for Team Fowler and Norris.
Good thing there's a lot to do in Vegas.
There certainly is so much
to do here at the Wynn Golf Club.
Incredible experience.
We appreciate the hospitality, of course.
So much fun in Netflix's
first venture into live sports.
- Are you having a good time?
- This is a blast.
You called
the pro golfer's swing an amateur's,
you've never been
more sports media in your life.
Look at you, talking head out here.
I'm getting
a little more comfortable.
We're here at 4 green.
Take it away, Joel.
Back to you.
Pierre Gasly has a putt for eagle.
- It's gonna go down
- Yeah.
It's gonna be
downhill left to right.
So I need to play
I got to play it shoulder, Tony, right?
Tony used his mulligan
and used it very wisely
and executed a great golf shot
to get him in this spot here.
This is about 30 feet, so outside chance.
Eagle wins the hole here, Joel.
Eagle does win this hole.
They have two chances.
And with Tony getting a read
from his partner, I'm thinking,
If the first one doesn't scare,
the next one will for sure.
Do something.
- That was a great effort.
- Yeah, really nice.
That gives Tony a great line as well.
Pull that.
Tony's just going to
dip in and dip out of Vegas
with the Netflix Cup, potentially.
That's the way he likes to do it.
I respect that guy right there.
I love this view as well.
Right down the line,
you can see how much it's breaking.
It is downhill.
It has quite a bit of speed.
- It's on the green.
- Great line.
Do something, honey.
Max Homa couldn't believe that missed.
Good birdie, boys.
That was a birdie 4 for Tony Finau.
Over to 6. Justin Thomas's tee shot.
Here we go.
We have a drivable par 4.
JT giving it a rip into the sunset.
And he knocked it on the green.
Incredible shot by Justin.
I need to learn about this hole.
We're getting fist pumps out of JT,
but, Marshawn, size it up for us.
Sixth hole.
You got a par 4, 325 yards,
and it look like they got
a super drone out here,
it's really sliding through this thing.
But if I'm saying,
"They've got nice little scenery".
You can't beat this scenery, man.
Nice little breeze out there on the court.
Go ahead and do your thing, golfers.
This is a great sixth hole.
It's drivable.
We just saw Justin Thomas
knocking on the front edge.
It is a little narrow for drivable par 4,
but having a partner
laid up in the fairway,
and having JT give it a rip is great.
I believe Rickie Fowler
is in the short right bunker there.
"Smooth Operator." Is that your nickname?
That's how they call me.
- How'd that happen?
- I sang that once.
- You know, after a race, like, the song.
- Yeah, yeah.
Bert Kreisher
at the Squid Game Hole.
There's Chandler Parsons.
Bye, Blake Griffin.
Bert, what's going on over there?
These guys are leaving your party?
No, this party is actually awesome.
Marshawn Lynch does not know
that he's not live right now.
He's been interviewing everybody.
Steve Aoki is over with Ted,
they're talking to the Squid Game dolls.
It's not like we're
making a show right now.
I'm waiting for the next group
to come up this part of threes.
These part threes are exciting.
Bert, who's in those costumes?
Is that the the crew of Selling Sunset
in those costumes?
- No. Hey, Marshawn!
- Is it Grayson
Who's in those costumes?
Hey, guys, Marshawn Lynch.
Hey, what's up, my boy?
- How you doing?
- I'm taking it easy. Where you come from?
- I've been looking for you.
- Sitting here waiting for you.
Let's get in court.
Let's do the rest of the thing together.
After this hole, let's just go party.
You know, I ain't no individual
that, you know, get in the spotlight.
Hey, who's inside the Squid Game dolls?
I don't I met them.
You've got triangle face,
you've got Square Cuts,
and you've got a Circle Head.
I've done give them nicknames.
- But they're really cool, though.
- They are cool.
They are the stars.
But here come the real stars, Marshawn.
Yeah. This time, yeah.
- They the truth?
- Yeah, they are the truth.
Yeah, they're the truth, both teams.
You see Tony Finau
do the long drive contest?
Dropping bombs.
- Come on up, gentlemen.
- There you go. There you go.
Welcome to the Squid Game Hole.
It's really creepy.
It gets creepier.
I'll wait till everyone gets up
and I'll tell you the rules.
We've got Steve Aoki here, Marshawn Lynch,
most of the Netflix Board
of Council up there.
Come on in, guys.
It's a nine iron, guys. It's a nine iron.
It's a nine iron. Yeah, it's a nine iron.
Here are the rules to the game, okay?
If you hit while that creepy ass
doll is looking at you,
then your shot doesn't count
and you have to play your partner's shot.
You have to have it
where the doll's looking away from you.
Okay? And it will look away from you.
So, it's kind of a team function here.
You guys want to take a look at
your yardage, pick out your clubs?
I am saying nine for you, Tony.
I'd go sand wedge.
Really muscle it. Really muscle it.
Yeah, fuck, come on, you can do it.
I saw your swing.
Everyone hit the green on this last hole.
What have you got, Tony?
- 151.
- 151. I would say that's a 9, right?
Everyone's second guessing.
I just watched everyone else.
Yeah, it is a wedge.
Hey, so, how do I
Nah, I'm okay. Yeah. I'm okay.
151. So it's probably down
to three or four yards.
Pitching wedge.
Pitching wedge? Pitching wedge?
The man's got muscle, everybody.
Now, I should let it be known,
Gentlemen, a hole-in-one
counts for $4.56 million to a charity.
And I will take my shirt off.
Where did Marshawn go?
How quickly does it turn?
When does it turn away?
We've got to see how that thing works.
Right now
is when you'd have to hit. Yeah.
Don't hit now.
Get ready.
Let me know when you're comfy
and I'm gonna watch this.
There you go.
You get yourself ready.
You get yourself ready.
You're good.
Wait, wait. One more time.
All right. Wait, wait, wait.
I'll let you know
when she starts moving, all right?
All right, hit it.
Over to the left a little bit.
Good swing, dude.
Our bank account
is safe from that one.
All right, Max. What are you hitting, Max?
- I've got nine.
- You've got a nine?
Nice, soft nine?
I don't know what that is.
There's $4 million inside that.
Break the bank.
Do you want me to tell you?
Holler when she looks away.
Yeah, you're good.
Wow. He striped that one, everybody.
I hate to say it.
That's looking really good.
That's looking really good.
Nice! Great shot!
God dang!
Nice shot.
$4.5 million.
$4.56 if you get a hole-in-one.
All right.
Looking straight.
Head is going to turn pretty soon.
Go now.
- No!
- Skip, skip.
I think we are safe with that
hole-in-one challenge on that one.
Not bad.
If it's any consolation,
you're the first person
to hit it in the water.
Tony Finau.
With a pitching wedge.
There's a lot going on.
You're not good right now, Tony.
There you go.
It's turning. It's rolling left.
Good shot, Tony.
We're okay. We're okay.
Take it off!
All right, no hole-in-one,
everybody out there.
But guess what.
$456,000 still being donated
to the Las Vegas Grand Prix
Foundation which is unbelievable.
I really wanted to see a hole-in-one,
but I can understand
why it didn't happen here today.
All right, time now for another
Nespresso Unforgettable Moment.
That thing is super creepy.
It kind of looks like my girlfriend.
I'm not even joking.
An unforgettable moment
presented by Nespresso.
Let's take a look at our first
match which just ended.
Joel, this was just moments ago.
Let's go through it.
The match is over here.
Absolute domination
from Team Thomas there.
His partner, Carlos Sainz,
I think he's the biggest golfer
and the best golfer.
No doubt Thomas and Sainz won
that first match.
They are dapping each other up
which we love.
We are here at the Netflix Cup,
of course, but we are going to bring,
you know,
we've got golfers, drivers, actors,
you name it, we got it.
Comedians as well as an NFL legend
who nobody seems to be able
to find at a given time, Marshawn Lynch.
How about we keep
the football vibes going, everybody,
with the best player in the game today.
I said it.
The star quarterback on Netflix,
reigning NFL and Super Bowl MVP,
Patrick Mahomes, good to see you.
It's good seeing you all.
I wish I was there in person.
Do you want to come visit
Lake Travis?
Do you miss pelting people
with golf balls?
I'll tell you what.
When me and Travis
get on that golf course,
a lot of good things happen.
So any time I get the opportunity,
I'm trying to get back.
I watched you
on ManningCast last night.
So I saw you call
like three straight plays.
Tell me, who's winning the Netflix Cup?
We got my boy Tony Finau,
a fellow T-Mobile guy,
and then the Alpine team of Pierre Gasly.
That's a loaded team. It's a loaded team.
Nice putt, Pierre.
Patrick, you're an investor
in the Alpine Formula 1 Racing.
You're rooting for Pierre, of course.
I have never been to any F1 event.
What do I have in store on
Saturday here in Vegas?
It's straight energy the entire time.
Obviously the race will be awesome.
But I think just seeing
the cars and how close they are
and how fast they're going,
I wish I was on the track.
Maybe one of these days I'll get out there
and test out my driving skills.
Which teammate on The Chiefs
would you not want behind the wheel?
I mean, Travis.
Anything that has to do
with Travis and fast cars
or anything that's dangerous,
you've got to keep him away 'em.
Patrick, you are no stranger
to playing golf
in front of cameras, national audience,
This is a global audience on Netflix
all over the world watching live now.
What advice do you want me
to give to Pierre?
I will tell him in a minute.
I don't know if this'll work for him
because he has a race this weekend.
But every time I get on the stage,
I get a few Coors Lights in me
and it helps me loosen up.
Just go out there and swing it hard
and see if I can hit some
good golf shots along the way.
There's always a perfect number.
Is it two? Is it three?
What is the perfect number
of Coors Light according
to Patrick Mahomes?
The adrenaline gives you an edge
so you can get a couple of extras
you wouldn't
usually have on a golf course.
So I would say around four to five.
That's kind of where
you get in that good zone.
Then you get any more than that,
that's when you start hitting people
and fans everywhere.
Patrick, enjoy it.
I'll go say hi to Lake Travis for you.
Good luck. Hope you enjoy your bi-week.
I'm seeing all of the gear
and the family pictures.
Much love to your family and Brittany.
Hopefully, you rock some Alpine gear
come Saturday.
We'll be ready.
Always good to see you
from Kansas City.
And the star of "Quarterback."
Man, smiles all around Patrick Mahomes,
with double love for Finau and Gasly.
Who by the way, who just won.
They went one up.
Sorry, they didn't win.
- They didn't win.
- They won that hole.
Finau put the pressure
on making the putt
and Homa who's much closer
couldn't come through on that one.
Finau goes to one up in the match.
This is close.
Couple of great golf holes
coming up as well.
You knew how the golfers would be.
We were talking about the F1 drivers.
They love golf.
They travel with golf balls in their bags.
Are you impressed with the play?
You like Carlos Sainz.
How's everybody else?
Holding up under pressure.
We did see a shank earlier.
It's a huge adjustment
for amateurs coming here
and they have cameras on,
there's fans out here.
It's one of the hardest things
to do for amateurs
to actually
get adjusted to this golf game.
All right, let's take a look
now at our aerial coverage
provided by NetJets.
Look at the Sphere, the majesty of it all.
An electric Las Vegas.
Hey, Joel. Wanna go to the sixth tee?
Let's go to the sixth tee.
Finau is 1 up.
This is a par four.
We saw Justin Thomas knock it
on the green here earlier
to close out the match.
I expect Tony Finau and Max Homa
both to have the fire power
to knock this on the green.
I would expect you're going
to see the drivers
hit a shorter club off the tee
to get a ball in play
and let the professionals
try to knock it on the green.
Where you going?
How far is it?
There are not many better
things in pro golf
than watching Tony Finau with a driver.
Looks like a toothpick in his hands.
He has massive hands, long arms.
It's one of my favorite things to do
is to play with Tony Finau
and watch him hit a driver.
I'm excited
that we get to do that right here.
I know. You got my back
and you got that.
I am surprised
to see the driver in the hands here.
I'd expect something like a hybrid
or long iron to lay it out.
But when you're one up,
you get to put the gas pedal down
and that's what Gasly does.
That is the most amateur
golf shot we've seen.
This is a typical Pro-Am
that we are seeing out of Gasly.
I think the nerves are getting
the best of him right now.
But when you have a guy
like Tony Finau backing you up,
it's okay to hit some bad golf shots.
It is much darker
than the cameras make it appear.
Pointing left.
Fore left.
That's on the F1 track, I believe.
It hit the road, bounced up.
Is it going to hit the Sphere?
Where are we going?
A little left.
We will be fine, no?
Wow. That is not going to be fine.
That is actually on the F1 track.
I hope they grab the ball
before this weekend gets here.
Albon up next.
See if he can get one in play for Max.
Actually a very solid golf move.
There's a lot of potential
from Albon here.
Nice shot, buddy.
With Homa and Albon
being one down
and Finau out of play,
it's a great start to this hole.
See if Max can knock
this one on the green.
I think he has the prettiest
swing in golf.
- Maybe not that one.
- Everyone says that.
Max has worked very hard on
his golf swing,
his mental game and that's why
he's one of the best right now.
Joel, you're famous.
Yeah, I am famous.
You are famous.
Everybody remembers your debut.
First season of Full Swing.
You are so self-deprecating.
You capture the hearts
of all Netflix viewers.
This coming season,
everybody gets to see Joel again
and we get to see you experience
a lot of life changes, rigs.
The newfound fame.
Which you're going to argue.
People are lining up
in the lobby hotel bar
to autographs and photos
with my co-host here.
Did you ever get used
to the cameras or the fame, Joel?
The cameras you get used to,
the fame thing's a little bit
different for me,
but everyone's been super nice,
super amazing,
it's been awesome having all the support.
I have a phenomenal
caddie in Geno Bonnalie.
And my amazing wife.
So they all help keep me grounded
even though I'm starting
to be a little more famous
than even I like to be.
Well, Leanardo Di Caprio
was in the lobby,
and people said, "Can you move over
so I can get a photo with Joel Dahmen?"
That's what's going on. Cannot wait
to see another season
of Full Swing on Netflix.
And we're in the mulch.
What do we got going on?
We are on the sixth hole here
Albon already played,
we have Max Homa here.
So from there, you wanna play
Great shot by Max.
You give these pros a short wedge shot,
they're going to take advantage
just like Max did right there.
With Finau in trouble off the tee,
huge advantage for Max.
They are trying to get this
match back to all square.
Behind Tony, you have
the F1 circuit right there.
Fine with that on the angle?
It is always nice to have
the PGA Tour officials out here
making sure the rules
are applied properly.
No illegal drops, no questions asked.
They truly are the best in the game.
What do you think he's saying?
I think
they are discussing is actually
Dropping is a skill in golf
that amateurs aren't great at,
so if you're taking a drop,
the pros will check out the area,
check the lie, sweep some bark around,
some mulch,
try to get the best lie possible.
I see a lot of amateurs
throw the ball on the ground.
Where should I try to end it, basically?
Just short of the green.
Bounce it up.
That's what I'm thinking.
I'd would probably listen
to Tony in this situation.
I would like
to see a narrower stance here,
a little more choke
down on the golf club.
You're going to have more control.
His game night
might not be the best right now,
but his outfit is on point.
A great golf shot
out of the mulch right there.
Even got some spin on the ball.
It's going to free Tony to be
a little bit more aggressive here.
JT and Carlos
have already won their match.
They'll be awaiting the winner
of this match for the closest
to the hole challenge.
That's a great shot by Tony right there.
I was going to say, your speechless.
I am. I was speechless.
Great thing about a scramble,
you get to tee the ball little bit more,
little more aggressive.
This match is tight.
Coming down to the wire.
Photo finish?
I might say.
Team Homa in here
closer than Team Finau.
It's a must make.
JT is waiting in the wings.
He put on his jacket.
It is getting chilly out here.
Tell me about that
as far as the approach.
You want to stay loose.
As Pat Mahomes said,
maybe a cocktail or a beer.
That's what he likes to do.
I know JT likes to drink long drinks.
So maybe he has one of those
waiting in the wings for him.
But you try to stay
moving around a little bit.
Stay warm, stay loose.
Like right here.
We do have lights out here.
That's why you're seeing
multiple shadows on the ground.
It's one of the fun things we
can do here in Vegas.
off that edge right there.
Kind of what I'm seeing.
Now, Pierre did somehow weasel
a golf lesson out of Rory McIlroy.
I don't know if they got it in
between Brazil and now,
but he's clearly taking everything
very seriously.
Getting a lesson from one of the greats.
I'd love to get a lesson
from Rory McIlroy.
That can't hurt at all.
Gasly with the birdie putt here.
Team Homa is inside of them
with their own birdie putt.
So, I would call this a must make
for Gasly and Finau right now.
- What happened?
- Tragic error there.
He can't be leaving putts short
in this situation.
I thought it was gonna roll more.
He had the line.
He just didn't keep up the speed.
Tony has really improved
his putting back the last couple of years.
It's been fun to watch.
He's worked hard with his coach on this.
That was a great putt by Tony.
He's blown away
that one broke at the hole there.
Maybe goes a little to the left.
Albon for birdie to win the hole
and square the match.
He's got Max reading the putts.
Did some aim-point for him there.
Do your thing.
Max is so positive.
I love having him around.
I think you're seeing the nerves come out
- No.
- from the drivers now.
These are clutch putts
coming down at the end.
They're leaving them short,
not hitting them with enough pace.
But when you have Max Homa
who've just came out for victory
down in South Africa.
- Let me finish and get this.
- Confidence abides.
He has a lot of confidence
right now.
This birdie putt to win the hole
and square the match.
Hit right in the center.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- Zero putt.
Zero percent chance that was a miss.
We've got a chance. We're back.
two holes to go here
at the Netflix Cup.
Joel mentioned that the sun's
starting to go down in Vegas.
We're approaching the 7th and 8th holes
here at the Wynn,
and that means it's time to turn
the lights on at the Netflix Cup,
and this momentous occasion is presented
by the Kingdom of Light, Morocco.
It's my first time here
at the Wynn Golf Club.
I never want to leave.
We've got a pro-am in the morning.
It's beautiful.
It's stunning. What am I supposed to say?
Golf under the lights is something
that we don't get to do very often,
the Sphere in the background.
Lighted golf should be
a thing of the future.
I love it. I would love to be
out there playing right now.
Second best thing is calling
this great golf match right now.
I was gonna say you would
so much rather be out there.
I think I think JT and Max Homa
lost their earbuds
and you were stuck talking to me.
Let's look at the T-Mobile
Business leaderboard.
Taking a look at the The score here.
Albon and Homa has squared
the match with a birdie.
Two holes to play.
We are coming down to the final stuff.
I can't tell you enough
how competitive these guys are.
When tour players tee it up, they do not
wanna lose their good friends out there.
They're having a good time.
But they do not wanna lose.
And in that match here, Gasly and Finau
have the tiebreaker from the Speed Hole.
So Homa need
and Albon need to win this hole.
They need to go one up.
So what have we got next?
That Speed Hole is coming in
big time play here on this final match.
It was so chaotic.
It just doesn't feel right.
It was hard to call the golf shots.
Balls were flying.
We didn't know what was going on.
Thank goodness for our incredible truck
and those replays. They saved us.
We're here on 17th at par 4,
slightly up the hill.
The bunker's not in play for the pros.
This green is a very sneaky complex.
It actually is kind of an infinity green,
but this pin,
you can't tell how far it is.
I wouldn't be surprised
to see these guys leave the ball short
on their approach shots.
But a pretty easy fairway to hit here
with the bunkers not being in play.
Absolute hype.
Smoked it.
What a drive by Albon right there.
Coming in clutch.
Hey, we're gonna bring
that heat right here.
Gonna bring that heat right here.
Tony wants Max
to bring in the heat.
Yes, man.
Just a bit outside.
That's a great thing.
When you have a partner in the fairway,
- you can free it up and give it a rip.
- Easy, man.
I think Finau needs to have
a little talk here and settle him down.
Tell him it's gonna be okay.
Put his arm around him.
They're still tied here
and they have the tiebreaker.
- Coming in clutch.
- Oh, baby.
Let's go.
What's that smile
- Look at that smile, this Frenchman.
- Giving him
Giving him props on that one.
All right, Tony, put on a show.
Selfie time.
JT is anxiously awaiting his playoff hole.
The crowd
is getting rowdy out there.
- I love it.
- The drinks are flowing.
I'm living for it.
It's electric here at the Wynn
and part of the festivities here this week
leading up to the Las Vegas Grand Prix,
an auction.
The first car that
Lewis Hamilton drove to victory
for the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Team.
The auction's held at RM Sotheby's
at the Wynn on Friday.
The final bid price, get this, Joel,
expected to be
between $10 and $15 million.
You're putting in a bid?
I'm not putting a bid for that.
I will look at it.
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
No Mercedes car like this has ever been
made available to an outside buyer.
Max Homa, will you put in a bid
for Lewis Hamilton's car
at 10 to 15 million Million a pop.
- What do you think?
- I just changed my grip a bit.
I'm not so sure I got that kind of
That kind of cheddar.
Max, it seems rowdy down there.
Tell us what the energy is like.
We're very far away.
We're starting to smell the booze.
That's not booze.
Maybe not booze.
We're starting to smell something else.
So, I think the people are loosening up.
They're getting ready to get loud.
I'd love to hear it.
Max, how is it when your partner
rips one down the middle
and frees you up out there?
It is heaven. I thought
this hole went to the left, but
So we're getting
a little confused down here.
I swear I didn't have
any of that green stuff,
but I was a partially confused now.
It is a little dark out there.
I will forgive you on that.
Look at my boys drive.
I'm Yeah, I'm happy with that.
What, is that new?
Yeah, we'll take this one.
- Right.
- Yeah, the fairway is always better.
This is beautiful.
- Do you ever
- Yeah.
I feel like they haven't even
used it this whole time.
That wasn't bad. Thank you.
- I'm only about 70 yards behind.
- 155. 155. Okay.
Max, you have 155.
It's colder out there,
are you gonna take
a little more club on this?
You know, I thought about it,
but the adrenaline's running so fast,
you know, adren We
We tied them up on that last hole.
So I think I'm going to stick with
With the 9 iron.
And they hold the tiebreaker
over you guys. What is that
Does that Is that causing
a little more panic in you guys?
Do you feel like
you have to win this hole?
Yeah, we are in a bad spot. We need
We need to win one of these next two.
I'm feeling good,
my partner's swinging it nice.
If you win tonight, I hear
there's a karaoke bar around here.
Are you interested?
As long as you and Jes come with me.
- Run Japan back.
- I think--
Yeah, I mean, Japan, Vegas,
they're basically the same place
when it comes to karaoke.
Yeah, karaoke bars aren't so good
for your golf, if I remember correctly.
At least the Japanese ones.
- All right!
- Oh, my gosh.
Four, right It's under the lights.
He'll be able to find that one at least.
I can't see well out there.
Max's partner picked him up here
with the drive.
Let's see if he can pick him back up
with this great shot.
Into here where there is
This is a big moment.
He knows he has to hit it close,
see if they can get one up.
That's what is with this green complex.
If you get it past this hole,
it actually runs away.
There's a lot of small slopes
around this green.
It'll be a tough spot for him.
It's gonna be up
and then back down the hill.
He did say
he had a lot of adrenaline going there.
That could be the reason
that ball went to
Let's do that.
Pierre Gasly
leading off for Team Finau.
It looks like they just have
a short wedge in here.
I haven't seen the Coors Lights,
though, to help him out.
His friend, Patrick Mahomes.
He's not taken the full advice
from Mahomes, has he?
I don't know
that we gave it to him, but--
Looks like Max is moving the heads.
This is good gamesmanship on him.
Oh, man.
Great teamwork.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
They were They were very in sync.
They're on their head moving well.
You wouldn't think driving a car
200mph that some shadows
on a golf course would affect 'em,
but it got 'em.
- Oh, man.
- Look at these two yahoos.
It has come to that
at this point in the match.
They're doing everything they can.
They're pulling out all the stops.
Hole 7.
Now we have hand puppets,
some disco
Night at the Roxbury. We get it.
Tony unaffected.
- No. Short.
- It did affect him.
- Good shot, team.
- It happened.
Those shadows. I mean,
any time you have shadows moving,
I was I didn't expect
to see that tonight.
- They're loving it, though.
- Can you see the shadow?
- I was ready.
- This way, this way.
Tony being
one of the nicest guys on Tour,
I'm doubting he will come back at them
with something.
No retaliation.
I'm calling no retaliation
from Team Finau.
The man's
The man's a professional.
Alex Albon,
how much fun are you having today?
I'm having a lot of fun.
I want to do this
again and again and again.
I hope we do this every year.
Maybe not every race because I think
these guys have a job to do.
But we should do this every year,
that's for sure.
Alex, you've a lot on your mind.
Of course, you've got a big race
- here in Las Vegas.
- a bomb.
- Grand Prix.
- It is.
Don't put that in the universe.
It was impossible.
I thought I was gonna shake it.
Have you ever been
in a golf course before?
- This just feels weird.
- No, no.
I I feel like my legs are shaking
every time I hit a ball.
I feel like I have no balance at all.
- But it's going well.
- I'm enjoying it.
I actually
Especially when there's fans around
and I feel like it can hit someone,
that's when it gets quite dangerous.
I think Pierre had a very close call.
A couple A couple holes ago,
but I think everyone on the course
has signed a good liability waiver,
so we're fine.
It's just a bit different
with some
When the cameras are on
and there's people around,
but you guys are handling great.
You guys do have a long birdie putt here.
Max will get you down in here with a read.
It's overall pretty straight, dude.
It's not gonna move
Just wanna remind everybody
that the Finau Team group
has the tiebreaker,
and that's going to be big
- Just a little bit right.
- down the stretch here.
Obviously, the speed
Former teammates for McLaren
now signs with Ferrari,
signing autographs, kissing babies,
shaking hands, getting set.
If Team Finau wins this hole,
they win the match
because they have the tiebreaker.
So this is a big putt here for Team Homa.
Albon leading the way.
Said it was pretty straight.
I think the speed's gonna be
the toughest thing here.
Hey, that was a very good putt.
- It was a slower than I thought.
- It goes uphill for quite a long time.
Mark that for me. Thank you.
You think you might need the mark here?
Well, yeah, I think so. Maybe.
Max got a great read
from his partner there.
Said it was a little slower
than they thought it was.
I expect Max to get it there,
with his partner basically in for par
and it's almost a must-make moment
right now.
Go, go.
That thing was slow.
That was slow.
Thanks, T.
We got him in there.
- here.
- Sorry.
- We good. You good, man?
- Yeah, we're good.
Conceited par for Team Homa there.
This putt from Gasly and Finau to win
- the match.
- You wanna be about a foot right of it
and then just kind of fill the pace out.
It's a little uphill.
Two putts to win the match here.
Let's see if they can get it here.
They're both talking that it's uphill.
Oh, no.
This green is causing
all kinds of fits.
There's a bunch of small slopes,
and with the lights, we're
We're just not used to putting
under the lights, it's a different read.
Dews on the ground so the speed
of the greens are a little bit different.
But this putt from Tony Finau
to win the match.
Now it comes down to the last.
- Put it down the line.
- We just needed
We need a win now.
That hole is halved with fours.
Heading to the last hole, but Team Finau
has the tiebreaker from the Speed Hole.
This is a must-win hole
for Team Homa and Albon.
And his wife is here.
Right here, right up here.
Taking a look at the T-Mobile for
the leaderboard going to the eighth hole.
This is the final hole here.
This is 8.
And I think Marshawn will be having
Taking us to a flyover here
on the eighth hole.
Check it out.
We have made it to the eighth hole.
We got a par 4, 370 yards,
you know what I mean?
And look, man,
I really had a good time out here
enjoying this real good scenery.
Nice seeing this nice, nice grass
and everything.
But I think it's about time
for me to wrap it up.
Golfers go out there and do your shit.
I love when Marshawn
does a flyover for us.
I hope that it comes to all
of the golf matches out there.
This is one of the great holes out here.
This is a shortage par 4,
but it's for the professionals.
You have to take it down
the right side over.
It's a blind tee shot for him,
but the waters in play down the right.
I think it's imperative that
the drivers get a ball in play, so the
- Max Homa has to win this.
- Correct.
And Team Homa, they have to win this hole
because they don't have the tiebreaker.
You've got some notes here.
You drove around,
you've never played the course.
What were your notes for this?
I said it's drivable.
It's on the edge of drivable,
but with that water coming in play
on that right side, um,
I wouldn't be surprised if they maybe
take less off the tee a 3 wood
or a long iron to get yourself
in position for
For an easy wedge shot in there.
But with Team Homa being down,
they have to win this hole.
They're gonna see some drivers.
He knocked it over onto the first tee.
It didn't kill anyone.
JT found the ball. Love that.
No ball left behind
as he throws it in the water.
I'm assuming
they won't be playing that ball.
Hang in there.
- final there.
- No clue.
We are looking for the ball
in the mulch, I believe.
I think it's safe.
Does it
I think it goes a little right.
Five points
Yeah, yours is
These players are seeing this hole
for the first time,
makes it a little more difficult for 'em.
It's all fitting with the very first
circuit here in Vegas. Nobody's seen it.
Nobody's driven on it
or raced on it, and here we go.
Gasly. If you can get a ball
in play here, that'd be huge for Tony
to be able to give it a rip there
by the green.
Here, hey, hey.
- Thanks, man.
- Nice shot.
That is a great golf shot.
- Great swing.
- to be played.
Got one in play for Tony.
With Gasly being in play,
I think you're gonna see Tony
let this one go. He's gonna
If he hits this solid,
he can get this on the green.
He just has to take it a little
more right than he thinks,
which is It's uncomfortable for pros
to hit the ball where they can't see it.
That's 191mph ball speed
and it is not warm out here.
Damn it!
In the bunker hole high.
Let's go home
That is an incredible drive
by Finau.
The anticipation's building
for Saturday night in Vegas.
That's why we're here
when Formula 1 comes to the Strip
for the Las Vegas Grand Prix.
Mic check.
One, two, one, two.
The Las Vegas Grand Prix will be wild.
- Pretty hyped.
- Very hyped.
Racing on this trip with F1 car
is just gonna be mental.
- Chaos.
- Fire.
With all those lights,
it's just gonna look iconic.
Probably the most challenging would be to
stay focused on the race for a full week.
I feel readier than ever.
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
Nothing like a sexy street circuit.
Let's talk to Pierre Gasly.
I got to tell you,
Joel Dahmen loves your outfit.
You've won best-dressed.
Pierre, I heard that you are
If you can hear me.
You were out here
under the lights last night practicing.
How you feeling out there?
I I want to say that's
That's false information.
There's no There's no proof of it.
So as long as there's no proof,
it's just a false thing.
He's got all these information,
but I must say, it's been incredible.
Tony's been incredible.
It's a lot of fun down to the last hole,
so the competition is on.
Pierre, it's kind of cold outside.
You're a Frenchman,
you guys are taken on the street circuit.
It might be the coldest ever.
How is the weather feeling
to you here in Vegas?
Um, yeah. I must say,
I'm absolutely stoked to be here.
It's just It's gonna be
an incredible week.
First time for F1 in Vegas.
The track looks super, super fast
and it's just amazing to be
sticking up the week
in that way beyond the golf course
with these girls
and it's just been very, very impressive,
like Tony's been on a
And he's just been very very impressive.
With Team Finau having won
the speedhole for their tie-breaker,
Team Homa has to win this hole.
But Tony had an incredible drive,
total high, just left the green,
and it looks like Max is still
wandering around looking for his ball.
Unfortunately, JT picked up Albon's ball
and threw it in the water.
Might have to call
a rules official in for that one.
The drama.
There is drama unfolding here.
And it's not looking good
for Team Homa at the moment.
Here's my question.
JT and Sainz are signing autographs,
they're like, taking Instagram stories.
How much advantage do they have
or disadvantage with all this time going?
I think at this point,
it's a disadvantage.
You're getting cold,
you haven't any golf shots recently.
They might be having cocktails, beers,
signing autographs, being distracted.
Who do you think's
having the most fun?
Marshawn Lynch.
Outside of Marshawn, who's a player.
Uh, I think Tony's having a blast.
He got called in here late.
He's playing great tonight
and he's got his
He's got his team in a position
to win this match.
He seems very calm.
Carlos seems very stressed there,
he's sitting on a block
and just enjoying his time.
He's ready to go for Ferrari
on Saturday night,
all the festivities here
kicking off with the Netflix cup.
JT and Carlos
getting the dice warm.
Perhaps heading
to the craps table later?
Maybe. It's the new warm and
blowing on the dice vibes over here.
What's the longest you ever looked
for a golf ball?
Uh, for far too long
Golf balls are expensive out there,
you don't want to lose them.
We may have to get
the flashlights, guys.
We're getting close.
Golf rules only give you
3 minutes to find your ball.
Luckily, they found it in time.
- There we go.
- Taken some drops.
I believe they're getting fearly
from some cables there.
Looks like they're not in Vegas right now.
Looks like they're in South Africa
where Max came from.
Even if they do get themselves a good lie,
they're short-sighted,
coming out of the mulch,
over a bunker, water long.
This is a very difficult golf shot
and they have to win this hole.
Some last second pointers from Max.
- What do you think he's telling him?
- Close your eyes and pray?
Looks like he wants
a more weight on the left.
He wants a stable lower body.
Your feet can slip easily,
as we saw earlier from him
as he fell down.
- Now, now, we forgot about that.
- Oh, yeah, you're right.
Just a difficult golf shot.
They have to hoist this thing
over the tree.
Out of the pine straw.
And on the way to Gr house.
Yes, all those things.
- These two
- Just having a ball over there.
Carlos Sainz and Justin Thomas
awaiting their competition.
Who do you think they want?
Uh, I don't think they want
any piece of Max Homa's.
So it's looking like Tony Finau
is in the driver's seat right now.
Fore! Holy
Pretty good golf shot
there from Max.
He's got a long putt for birdie.
Want to talk to Justin and Carlos?
Let's chat with these champions.
You stayed warm down there, Justin?
I mean, we've been done
for so long, I don't
- I Just kind of waiting for this to
- Yeah.
These guys
have finished their match.
What have you guys been doing down here?
Are you guys staying warm?
Are you signing autographs?
Yeah, Carlos and I got a couple sessions
on the blackjack table, I think,
he got maybe a test run around the track.
We got a n yeah.
Been so long, we're starting
to lose track of what's going on.
What are you guys sitting on?
We're sitting on the dice
we are going to roll
whenever this match finishes
to see who goes first.
I love that, that is
You gonna hit the craps tables
later tonight?
Uh, I don't know.
I'm just focused on this match right now.
I'm not thinking
about the fact I'm in Vegas,
and wanna gamble. So, we'll see.
- He didn't fall for it though.
- Let's head back
and take a look at Finau.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
- Yeah, we can't go in.
- We're not going.
With the match play rules
Max is still
Even though he's on the green,
they're still further away, so
Team Homa and Albon will be playing first.
This is a must-make putt.
They have to win this hole.
Team Finau was in great position
to get up and down for birdie.
Their hopes are dwindling right now.
The lights are about to go out
on Team Homa I believe.
Gonna sweep all the way around, okay?
It's all downhill.
Look at all of these lights.
This is incredible setup right now.
I guess, when you're in Vegas,
you have a chip and a chair,
you have a chance. I believe that's all
they have left, a chip and a chair.
Go. Go. Go.
This is hunting.
- Go.
- Oh, my God.
That was like great effort.
Gave a great read to Max Homa here.
Must make I mean,
the odds of making this are
maybe two percent.
Surprised he's not having
his partner mark his ball.
It just stayed out on more time.
Might see a concession here.
I needed to hit one good driver.
Just chipping for fun, Tony, but
Yeah, well We'll chip for fun.
Looks like Team Finau
is going for style points here.
See if they can chip this in
for an eagle 2 on a par 4.
Win this match in style.
Oh my!
- Nice hand.
- Good shot there.
Thanks. That's tough.
Might have been
his best shot of the day there.
When you think about Gasly,
you cannot count him out.
Tony hit a 330 yard drive
to get here,
let's see if he can show a little finesse.
- Wow.
- In, right there.
And that is it,
Team Finau wins the match.
Good stuff. Hey, Alex.
What's up, Alex?
Let's go
here, Gasly's getting set to face
Justin Thomas and Carlos Sainz.
This is sort of a wild night,
our eighth hole ninth hole.
- Now we're gonna to the ninth hole.
- We're going to the ninth hole.
- This the closest to the hole challenge.
- Where it all began.
Where it all began,
we're back at the starting line,
which is also the finish line today.
This is a nice little par 3,
there is ridge here right
of this hole you can use.
You can kind of funnel the ball
down in there.
I expect one of these guys
to hit a great golf shot.
Kind of drop the mic,
walk off with a win here.
Each player will hit one shot.
Closest to wins the Netflix cup.
One more shot
This is an absolute scene out here.
Thank you.
There you go.
I think that Justin and Carlos
have been waiting too long.
It's chilly,
they haven't had any golf shots.
They looked
a little too relaxed for me where
Finau and Gasly are coming off,
they're still warm,
they just hit a They just played
So I'm going Team Finau and Gasly here
probably have the advantage.
- We did it.
- Nice. That's right.
- Is it high or low.
- High.
I choose this.
So how far
How far, I can't remember
All right, we gotta figure out
See these die
Are they chairs? Are they like a utility?
What are we doing
to determine the paying order
on our closest to the hole challenge?
And, Bert Kresicher, break it down.
All right,
here's what's gonna happen, Kay.
The driver's are gonna roll
these ridiculously big die
down the hill.
Whoever scores higher gets to pick
who tees off first.
Remember, it's closest to the pen.
You want to let the other team
tee off first
and know what you have to beat.
That's how I'd play it. But I'm not a pro.
So let's have the drivers here
when Tony get's here.
have them roll these Tony just showed up.
That's perfect timing.
I'm not
These guys are loose, they're warm.
Justin's been sitting on ice with Carlos.
That guy is the beast. Wow.
All right. Are you guys ready?
- Carlos, you got your club?
- No.
- Get your club.
- We gotta roll the dice first.
- Grab a club.
- Who's rolling the dice?
The driver's are rollng the dice.
So what's going on, like
Get the red one.
So really give it a roll, it's like craps.
The harder you roll it,
the luckier you are.
And yell something in Spanish, Carlos.
Like, something lucky, like
- Down the hill?
- I don't know.
- Carlos.
- Yeah.
One, two, yeet.
All right.
Flag's on our side, man.
Team Finau, you guys go first.
You guys get to pick.
Who goes first?
You get to pick who goes first.
We wanna go first.
Now that's how a baller does it.
Yeah, we wanna go first.
The driver is gonna hit first.
Pierre Gasly here.
This is the moment right here.
He can come through in the clutch,
hit a great golf shot,
and win the Netflix Cup.
a great line.
Hit the pit.
Oh, my God.
That was a great golf swing.
Thank you.
He went right at it and loved that.
A little adrenaline pump in there
is my guess.
Anyone have a ball?
- You have a ball?
- He had a ball, like, right here.
- Do you have ball?
- Where did it go?
- All right, here we go.
- Carlos next to play.
- He's kept quiet a break.
- He has had a long break.
I hope he's been taking
some practice swings.
These guys are great athletes,
but there's nothing worse than
hitting a golf shot cold.
Especially in front of people.
With all this pressure on the line
It's perfect distance
I thought
he was better than that.
It was a good swing.
It was perfect distance.
Just as we expected here
All right, Tony, nothing crazy, man.
it's gonna come down to
Tony Finau and Justin Thomas.
These guys hate to lose.
They wanna win this.
Dude, I don't I blacked out
That was a solid swing
by Tony Finau there.
It just didn't get there
There is a lot of room in there
for Justin Thomas.
Justin Thomas won multiple majors.
If JT hits this inside of Tony Finau,
Carlos Sainz and Justin Thomas
win the Netflix Cup.
It all comes down to this.
There it is.
Justin Thomas, Carlos Sainz
are your Netflix Cup champions.
Good job.
Incredible performance
from that team.
I think they were
the favorite the whole time.
It's hard to come up
with a target on your back.
Wow. Look at the Sphere,
we got our winners here.
You called it many holes ago,
Carlos Sainz.
An impressive performance as an F1 driver
golfing with the big boys.
He showed up today,
he played phenomenal.
I know he plays a lot
back home with the boys.
And Justin Thomas came in clutcher
with that final golf shot.
Bert, take it away.
I'm here with the winners,
the champions.
After sitting on ice for about 35 minutes,
you guys came in clutch.
What do you think about your partner?
Cool as ice, you know.
We stayed cool and he stayed cool.
When he needed to nail this shot,
he nailed it
like he's done all day, so
You wanted to
change clubs the last minute.
Yeah, I didn't honestly think
I could get it there,
'cause I thought Tony's was gonna be nice,
so I just kind of hit a little
sling hook in there,
and, yeah, I was glad
that finally helped my partner out.
You guys have a big weekend,
but you'll party tonight? You just won.
Are we getting loose? Let's get loose.
We are the first ever Netflix Cup winners,
so it deserves a bit
We'll go out
I say we take you guys over
and spray you down with champagne
or something big right now, right?
I wish. I wish I could do that
on Saturday night,
means I won the race,
but actually today,
I wouldn't mind either.
This is your Saturday night,
but it is my New Year's eve.
Okay? We're getting loose.
Marshawn's half in the bag,
he's got blunts, let's do it.
We're coming over to you, Kay.
How does one follow that?
I mean, Carlos Sainz's cool as ice,
Justin Thomas
I mean, they don't call Carlos
chilly for nothing.
I don't know how Who had the job
of picking this next moment?
Out of all the incredible moments,
let's take a look at
another unforgettable moment
presented by Nespresso.
That wasn't
Hit the ball. Hit it
- Pull the trigger, Lando.
- Oh, my Jesus.
Here we go, partner.
Oh, my gosh.
It has truly been an honor
to be here,
the crowd is You guys having fun?
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
This has been amazing
from everybody at F1,
of course, the Netflix family
that brings everyone together,
and the PGA Tour,
It has been an unforgettable night,
full of moments, full of highlights.
And all in honor of, of course,
the Las Vegas Grand Prix
festivities this weekend.
We're getting everybody set,
we're trying to get all the golfers,
all of every coming on over.
Uh, everybody's had a
There's a lot of things going on here.
Lot of interesting moments,
we've had a great time, I of course
wanted to thank just everyone.
Everyone in the truck, in the crew,
you guys having fun.
Who has a beer for me after this? Anyone?
All right. All right.
He's taken inside the
Only Marshawn Lynch can do that.
Marshawn and Bert Kreischer
who crushed it.
I think we're ready.
Bert Kreischer, are we ready?
Let's do this thing. It's a pleasure.
I'm gonna move my sweater here,
because someone's gonna fall.
The winners
of the first ever Netflix Cup,
put your hands together,
I want to hear this crowd get loud,
for Carlos Sainz and Justin Thomas.
You want to take the champagne
- and I'll take the trophy?
- Yeah.
And helping us
Helping us with the presentation,
we have a ceremonial checkered jacket,
we got a trophy, we've got some
really special guests in the house,
the CEO of Liberty Media,
the owner of Formula 1
Greg Maffei is here.
And welcome Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos.
Netflix cup, baby. Netflix cup.
All right, we have the jackets,
we have Gref Maffei, we have Ted Sarandos.
You guys were smart
and stayed out of the champagne.
You got to love that.
- Here you go.
- What's going on here?
Let's hear it for 'em.
Feels so good.
Feels so good. Thank you.
- Partner.
- Could you send me
Yeah, I'll try. I promise.
- How's it looking in there?
- Oh, yeah.
Hold on, let's raise it.
Feed me.
Butt chug! Butt chug!
Thank you.
- Winners win.
- Spray him one more time.
- No, no.
- He asked for it.
Greg, Ted.
You want a little champagne shower here?
You guys are okay? All right.
Gref Maffei and Ted Sarandos
are doing just fine.
We thank you both,
especially for everyone here,
for Carloz Sainz, for Justin Thomas,
for Bert Kreischer, The Machine,
who has drank Marshawn Lynch,
and Joel Dahmen, my co-host,
you did an amazing job broadcasting.
We wish you guys a good night,
and make the start of our night
here in Las Vegas.