The New Adventures of Peter Rabbit (1995) Movie Script

All right!
(SINGING) Every bunny
jump in a line.
The sun is shining, and
the weather's fine.
We'll all have fun, and we'll
never stop when we hippity,
hippity hop, hop, hop.
Every bunny, this
is your chance.
It's time to do our
bunny dance.
We'll hop through Mr. McGregor's
grove when we
hippity, hippity
hop, hop, hop.
Hop to the left and
hop to the right.
We'll hippity, hoppity,
day and night.
Hop, hop, hop 'til the
day is through.
That's what all of
us bunnies do.
Every bunny, all in a row.
We'll hop wherever
the bunnies go.
We're hop, hop, hoppin' until
we drop when we hippity,
hippity hop, hop, hop.
Hop to the left and
hop to the right.
We'll hippity hoppity
day and night.
Hop, hop, hop 'til the
day is through.
Well, that's what all
of us bunnies do.
Every bunny, all in a row.
We'll hop wherever
the bunnies go.
We're hop, hop, hoppin' until
we drop when we hippity,
hippity, hippity, hippity,
hippity, hop, hop, hop.
Guess I don't have to worry
about rabbits with
you around, do I?
Heh, heh, heh.
But if you see one, catch
it, and I'll cook
up some rabbit stew.
-On second thought, don't.
I'm not in the mood
for rabbit stew.
-Actually, I don't much
like rabbit stew.
-Matter of fact, I can't
stand rabbit stew.
Tastes like rabbit.
Peter Rabbit?
Wherever you are, why
aren't you here?
I need you.
Can't talk now, Mother.
Uh, uh, uh.
You said I could go see Benny
in the city, 'member?
And that's where I'm going.
To the city.
To see Benny.
And I'm already late,
late, late!
-Let me see.
A little bit of this,
a lot of that.
Maybe a little bit more of this,
and, oh, my goodness.
I never meant to add that.
Cinnamon rhubarb mustard
pie, with radish.
Where are you going, Peter?
-To the city.
A little less of that, and a
good two thirds more of this.
Another radish for taste.
What for, Peter?
-To see cousin Benny?
-Let me just pinch in a dab,
and a squeege of that.
No, better make it a quart.
My, no.
Not now, Peter.
Not at all now.
You have to stay here
and watch the girls.
-Excuse me, Mother, but
what did you say?
No, not now, Peter.
Not at all now.
-You have to stay here, Peter.
-And watch the girls.
-And don't try to weasel
out of it.
-Oh, but Mother, it's Flopsy's
turn to watch 'em.
-He's lying.
-Am not.
-When he says he isn't
lying, it's a lie.
-That's a lie!
-When he says he isn't lying
when he says he wasn't lying,
he's lying.
-You're lying!
-That's a lie!
-That's not true.
-It certainly isn't.
-Now, that's a lie.
-You're a liar for calling
her a liar. you liar.
-Children, children, that's
enough bickering.
Peter knows the difference
between the truth and a lie.
-He should.
He's told enough of 'em.
-Now, Peter.
You'll watch the girls because
I must get to the store.
I need radishes for my baking,
and I must get going now.
Yes, right away.
If not sooner.
-When will you be back?
-Oh, I should say no longer
than a spell, but not less
than a stretch.
It may take some time.
It may take more.
Possibly less.
-That long?
-Be good, now.
Stay in the yard.
Don't go anywhere near Mr.
McGregor's garden.
Remember, girls.
Peter's in charge,
so do as he says.
I'll see you when I see you.
Or thereabouts.
-Is she really gone?
-Oh, what did I do
to deserve this?
-Why, brother, dear, is
that a fine attitude?
-I would think he'd
be delighted.
-Well, I'm not.
-What's the matter?
Don't you love us?
-We're gonna have so much fun!
-Oh, how can I possibly
have fun babysitting?
-What was that about
What makes you think
I'm babysitting?
You think I'd stand for that?
Never a million billion years.
-Then what kept you?
I waited hours and hours,
and you never showed up.
-I, I, I, uh-- but Benny, no.
I was coming tomorrow.
-You were?
Well, anyway, I've just come
five miles, and I'm starving.
What's there to eat
around here?
-Mother's gone to
the store now.
She should be back soon with--
-There's a nice garden
over here.
And I saw some awfully plump
carrots when I was coming in.
-Yeah, but I can't go--
I mean, I'm not supposed to--
well, sure.
We could go over
to the garden.
I go over there all the time.
-You do not!
-I do, too.
I just don't tell
you about it.
-Then come on.
What are you waiting for?
-Well, I have to watch--
I mean--
Let's go!
-But Mother said--
-And she also said I'm
in charge, right?
-And she said you'd do
what I say, right?
I mean--
oh, just come on!
-What did we do today, Mother?
-Why, we watched Peter rob from
Mr. McGregor's garden.
That's our brother's idea
of babysitting.
Teaching us how to steal.
-Won't she be thrilled when
she hears about this?
-You can wait in here,
where you won't
get into any trouble.
-I don't want to go in there.
It looks just awful.
And what-- what is all this
writing on the top?
-She can't even read.
Can you believe it?
Well, uh, that letter there
is obviously, uh, q.
And that one's a w, of course.
So it clearly says, uh--
-Who's Zanzibar?
-It's not a who, it's a where.
And it's all the way on the
other side of the world.
A good 40 or 50 miles
from here.
As you can see, Mr. McGregor is
sending this package there
by first class air mail.
Now go ahead.
Get in.
Peter, I'm stuck!
-All right, Flopsy.
All of you heave,
and we'll ho.
-That sister of yours could
stand to lose some weight.
-Now, these carrots here
are a little young.
The tastiest ones are
clear over there.
-Could you give me
a hand, Peter?
-Breathe in, Benny.
In, in, in.
-Could you move over?
-Who is standing on my foot?
-I can't see a thing.
-Will you get your elbow
out of my mouth?
-How's that?
-I can't hear!
Someone's head is in my ear!
Where is he?
-Can you see him?
-Step back!
Let me look!
-Will someone please
get off of my foot?
-(SINGING) Veggies.
I love to eat my veggies.
Veggies, veggies, veggies,
veggies, veggies.
I get crazy over green
and leafy vegetables.
And a crunchy bunch of
celery's exciting.
I could eat a giant carrot,
but I wouldn't
want to share it.
I get happy when a vegetable
I'm biting.
I get wacky over lettuce
and arugula.
And a crispy garden
salad is a habit.
I could eat a ripe tomato,
I could nibble a potato.
Well, I guess I'm just like
any other rabbit.
It's not because my veggies
are good for me.
And carrots help me
see in the dark.
Look at that!
I don't eat meat or
candy 'cause my
veggies are so dandy.
I would even eat the grass
that's in the park.
I go loco over leaves
and cauliflower.
And I'm goofy for some
water crescent beats.
And some beans and tender soya,
that's a meal I enjoy-a.
Oh, I'm nuts about what
every bunny eats.
I take a little nibble
of this and that.
I tippy-toe to eat
what's above.
I munch a bunch of crunchies
'cause my vegetable lunchies
are so wonderful I think
that I'm in love.
I go loco over leaves
and cauliflower.
And I'm goofy for some
water crescent beats.
And some beans and tender soya,
that's a meal I enjoy-a.
Oh, I'm nuts about what
every bunny eats.
I love cabbages and cucumbers
and turnips and asparagus and
coriander leaves and
nice zucchini.
Oh, yum.
And peas and corn and peppers,
and kale and curly endive.
And I hope that I don't
turn into a greenie.
I go bonkers for a radish,
I go loony for a squash.
I go nutty for a parsnip, I
can't even wait to wash.
I go kooky zany silly for
a stock of brocco-lilly.
Oh, the garden is a symphony
of treats!
I go nuts about what
every bunny eats.
Veggies, veggies, I love
to eat my veggies.
Veggies, veggies, veggies,
veggies, veggies.
-Do you see them yet?
Let me look.
It's my turn!
Oh, my.
-Peter, you sisters
are calling you.
-They just want me
to let 'em out.
Watch this.
I'll have some fun with 'em.
-What is it?
-Look out behind you!
-Boy, what a cheap trick.
-Look out for what?
Bet you a buck she says a cat.
Mr. McGregor's cat!
-They think I'm so dumb.
You will have to speak up!
-They want me to come running
because McGregor's
cat is behind us.
What a riot!
-What did you say?
There's a cat behind us.
They just want us to
think there is.
-Was that you?
-No, Peter.
-Then does that mean--
-There's a cat behind us!
-Over here!
In the bucket!
it would have been too much
for you to--
to have found an empty bucket?
-Oh, no.
-Quick, Benny.
I don't usually allow such
things to happen.
If I hadn't been so worried for
your safety, I would have
knocked the stuffing
out of that cat!
-Please, don't stop
on my account.
-Oh, no!
[angry meowing]
Hopsy, Cottontail!
Get out of there!
Get out!
-Is that Peter?
-What's he saying?
-Yes, what's he yelling about?
-Well, how would I know?
I can't hear a thing
with you talking.
-Oh, no.
Oh, no, oh, no, oh,
no, oh, no!
It's all the cat's fault,
trapping us in here!
If I get my hands
on that animal!
I'll teach him a lesson
he'll never forget!
-Well, go ahead, Peter.
Kn-kn-knock the stuffing
out of him.
Teach him a lesson.
-I would, but, but you
see, I, well, I, uh--
Mother just cleaned this jacket,
and she'd be awful mad
if I got cat on it.
What's that?
Do you smell that?
-I don't smell any--
-Smells like fish, doesn't it?
Definitely fish.
Salmon, I believe.
Fresh salmon?
-Oh, yes.
I'd forgotten.
You're a cat.
You don't have as keen a sense
of smell as we rabbits do.
Now, what's that?
oh, yes.
Tarragon butter, and a sprig
of rosemary on the side.
What was that?
Sounded like Mr. McGregor.
Calling the cat to dinner.
Come on, Benny!
Oh, no.
It can't be.
They're gone!
Benny, they're gone!
-All the way to Zanzibar?
-Oh, mother's gonna kill me--
kill them!
The girls!
She'll be very angry at them
for disobeying me.
So I have to do something.
But what?
What am I going to do?
-Well, look at the bright
side, Peter.
-What bright side?
-At least they're going
first class.
-Come on!
We have to find them.
For their sake, you
-What's wrong with you, cat?
Dinner's not for another
three hours.
-Well, come back at 5:00, and
you'll get your boiled potato.
Same as always.
Oh, I have to find them before
Mother gets back.
-Didn't you say you know
where Zanzibar is?
-I did?
I mean, I did!
I've said that because I do.
I do know where it is.
-Did I hear someone
mention Zanzibar?
-Who said that?
-Oh, I did.
Or at least, I hope it was me,
otherwise someone's using my
voice without my permission,
which is a very unsettling
thing to have happen.
-Who are you?
-Trevor T. Tittlemouse,
attorney at law.
My card.
And you are?
Peter Rabbit.
-No, no, no!
Don't tell me!
Your name is Peter Rabbit.
How do I do it, huh?
I must be psychic.
And in fact, I am.
-I'm Benny.
-I knew you were going
to say that.
It comes with being psychic.
This is a very mystical
power I have.
A gift, it's true!
And yet, sometimes a
great burden, too.
Pleased to meet you, Barney.
-You, too.
My card.
Trevor T. Tittlemouse, professor
of entomology.
That's the study of
bugs, by the way.
Now, why did I ask you here
in the first place, huh?
-You didn't ask us here.
-Yet you come anyway!
Uninvited, imposing on my
hospitality and good nature.
That's the last time I'll ever
ask the two of you to drop by,
I can tell you that much.
-Oh, come on, Benny.
Let's get to Zanzibar.
So, now the truth comes out.
This is really about
Zanzibar, isn't it?
-Yes, it is.
Come on, Benny.
Let's go.
-One moment!
I have a cousin in Zanzibar.
But, uh, wouldn't it be faster
to take the main highway?
That was my plan.
I thought we'd switch over
to it just up ahead.
-Uh, there's a shortcut
right over that way.
-Can you show us?
-Well, I should help so.
I know that way like that
back of my hand.
Hm, that's not the
back of my hand.
I've never seen that before.
What is it?
-You'll show us, won't you?
Please, you have to!
-All right, all right.
Just don't beg.
I hate it when people beg.
Well, I don't really hate it.
Let's say I'm not particularly
fond of it, but it's not bad.
Makes for a nice change of
pace every now and again.
You'll have to cross this creek,
of course, because you
need to be on the other side.
It follows logically, you see?
In all the years I've known you,
I never knew you could
jump like that.
-Neither did I!
Well, but since I've only known
you for five minutes, I
have very little to
compare it with.
-All I did was job.
-Uh, I, alas, will be unable to
cross in a similar manner.
-I will help you, but please,
we really have to hurry!
[clearing throat]
-Being of the height which
I am, wading will
simply not be possible.
And I cannot swim, because
I've just had
this fur dry cleaned.
Ride on my shoulders.
-Turtle, turtle, turtle!
That's the trouble with
snapping turtles.
They snap.
Now, you take the common
box turtle.
It's a much more docile
little creature.
-Please, we really
are in a hurry.
-Well, why didn't you say so?
Come on, now.
We head this way due
west for a short
while, then turn north.
You see that mountain
up there, the one
with the craggy peak?
We don't want to go that way.
Still, it's a lovely place.
Magnificent view.
It's absolutely incredible.
-Oh, doesn't that tree
look familiar, Benny?
-I suspect it's a common
sort of tree.
We've already passed
three of them.
-Well, here we are.
-But we're right where
we started.
-I hardly think so.
-We are.
We're right here again.
-Of course we're here.
Where else would we be?
If we were somewhere else,
then who would be here?
And this someone else who was
someplace else wouldn't be us,
and we wouldn't be we,
now, would we?
It only stands to reason.
-I think we'd better ask someone
else for directions.
-Perhaps we should
stop for lunch?
It's only mid-morning.
It's too early for lunch.
-Peter, it's never too
early for lunch.
-Hold on, now, you two!
I was gonna accompany
you to Zanzibar,
in case you've forgotten!
Which one do we take?
-I believe it's that way.
If I'm not mistaken.
-I say that one is
the right road.
Or at least, it's the road
off to the right.
And chances are the right road
would be that right road.
Or at least, the
odds are 50/50.
GIRL (OFFSCREEN): Excuse me?
-Are you lost?
-Heavens No, my dear.
We are here, just
as we should be.
Trevor T. Tittlemouse,
My card.
-We're going to Zanzibar to get
his sisters, who got sent
there in a box this morning
after a cat--
well, I could go on forever.
It's a long story.
Well, wouldn't it be easier
to just catch the mailman?
-Well, of course.
That's my plan.
GIRL (OFFSCREEN): Is something
wrong with your ear?
I, uh, I injured it.
In a fight.
Against three wolves.
But you should have
seen the wolves.
And have you seen
this mailman?
He's on his way to
the mail train.
Down that road.
-I knew the left road
was the right road.
-Oh, come on, Benny.
If we hurry, we'll have them
back before Mother gets home!
-It's at least 20
miles from here!
-It is?
You could take the
shortcut, though.
Across the pasture and
through the forest.
-There's a rumor, you know,
that the world is round.
So I should imagine that if one
were to look long enough,
and hard enough, one might
very well find
oneself sooner or later.
Or that, at least, is
a theory of mine.
That smell smells very much like
something I could eat!
Berries and more berries!
The choicest seem to
be at the top.
If I start at the bottom and
work my way up, I may get too
full before I reach
the best to them.
So I think I should start at the
top and work my way down!
-I beg your pardon?
Uh, down here.
Yeah, it was me.
Uh, I'm Tommy Brock.
And you are?
-I'm Benny.
You're a trespasser.
That's my berry bush, you see?
-I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
-Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
I planted it from a seed.
I did.
-I apologize.
If I'd known--
-But that's neither here
nor there, is it?
Because you are here, and
you shouldn't be there.
Several branches have
been broken.
Ah, the deed's been done.
Now, we must determine
a punishment.
-We must what?
-Perhaps you could
come work for me.
No salary, obviously, until
you've paid off the debt.
I think a year or two should
do it, provided closer
inspection does not
reveal further
structural damage, huh?
Somebody help me!
Where are you?
-Where did you come from?
-Oh, no time.
No time!
We have to get out of here!
Cattle headed this way!
Hundreds, thousands of them!
-Just over that hill!
Now, hurry!
Find high ground, or you'll
be trampled for sure!
Yes, I must!
Everyone, run for your lives!
-How did you get up there?
-Well, first I saw
some berry--
well, how I got up
hardly matters.
Just get me down before
the cows get here.
Hurry, Peter, hurry!
-Benny, there aren't any cows.
-Well, of course there are.
You said hundreds, thousands
of them.
I mean, how can you have a
stampede without cows?
You need lot--
I see.
That was quite a jump,
Peter Rabbit.
-Did you think so.
It was nothing, really.
-I've never seen jumping
like that before.
-I have!
-It wasn't such a big jump.
I've jumped bigger ones.
-Um-- perhaps you could
discuss this later?
We should go before that nasty
little fellow realizes there
are no cows.
-You're right.
And it's getting awfully late.
This doesn't look so bad.
-That's all well and good for
you, Peter, but what about us?
-I'm afraid he's right.
-Have a problem?
-Uh, no thank you, we
already have one.
-I'm trying to figure how to
get them from down there to
over there.
Only one way for them
to be over there.
-What's that?
-They'd have to be
born over there.
-Yes, well, it's a little
late for that, isn't it?
-Oh, a lot of folks have tried
getting over that wall.
None have made it.
-Hardly surprising.
Keeping a body on one side and
not the other is, after all,
the purpose of a wall.
If it did not function thusly,
it would not be a wall.
It would be a barn,
or a toad, or
something entirely different.
-Would you happen to
have any rope?
let me see, now.
Don't have any.
Would twine do?
Don't have any of
that, either.
What about a nice, long piece
of real thick thread?
-Oh, do you have any?
I was just curious.
-If, as they say, you are what
you eat, I believe this
fellow's consumed one
too many nuts.
-Then i guess we're stuck.
-'Course, there is a nice,
thick patch of
ivy vines over there.
I suppose that might
do in a pinch.
Is this a pitch?
-Oh, it certainly is.
what are you going to do now?
-Well, we'll push the rock over
the far edge, and it'll
pull 'em up.
-All of 'em?
I don't think that rock's
big enough.
Maybe you're right.
-Could you move over?
-Move over where?
-Whose arm is this?
It's mine.
-Are you ready?
BENNY (OFFSCREEN): Very ready.
Thank you.
-Can you give me a hand?
-A little crowded.
Otherwise, a nice enough
form of transportation.
I've experienced worse.
Such as once, I remember--
-Uh, you fellas suppose
I could join you?
Wherever you're going?
I haven't been on a nice
trips since, uh--
well, I've never been
on a nice trip.
-Well, sure, if you want.
-Guess one rock would
have done the job.
Are you scared?
Are you kidding?
Well, you should be.
You have every right to be.
-Who said that?
You see, you have to be on
your guard around there.
There are any number of beasts
in these woods who would be
happy to feast on a
group like yours.
Listen, there's danger
What was that?
Only my tail.
Of course, these things
can be dangerous, too.
Couldn't tell you how many
serious injuries have been
caused by them.
Hey, where are you
going, anyway?
-To the mail train, on the
other side of the forest.
-Oh, yes, there.
I mean, that's a good place to
be, because it isn't here.
Of course, you should have a
guide to get you through.
Hey, how about me?
I'd be happy to do it because,
well, frankly, I can't take
the stress of being alone
here anymore.
-That would be fine.
-Oh, thank you.
Thank you very much.
Safety in numbers, you know?
Come along.
-'Course, why should I worry
about wild animals when I'm
going to die of starvation
at any moment?
-No, is that all you
think about?
Honestly, nothing
on your mind but
breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
-That's not true.
Sometimes I think
about dessert.
-You know, it's been
far too long since
anything awful has happened.
Far, far too long.
Well, we're overdue.
You see?
I knew we were due.
-What is it, Peter?
-N-n-now, now, there's n-n-no
reason to be scared.
There's always reason
to be scared.
-And that's a fine
one right there.
-All right.
Whoever you are,
show yourself!
We're not looking for trouble.
There's no call for you
to get aggressive.
-What means this word,
-Uh, um, I, uh, mean.
It means mean.
Then I am not mean.
I am only lost.
My name is Perkius Fasal
Alshad Compaton.
So much name for so
little animal.
-Could we just call you Perky?
Yes, if you will show me how to
get out of this woodedness,
you may call me anything.
-You could come with us.
We're on our way to Zanzibar.
-Oh, Zanzibar.
It is on the road
to my country.
But, you see, I came here to
visit, but I have become
very-- how you say,
-How we say is homesick.
If I could join you, I would
be eternally grateful.
-Well, certainly.
Of course.
-Hold on, now.
Just one moment.
Let us clarify one
issue first.
Are you the sort of kitten who
eats mice the way cats do?
Because what is a kitten, but
a cat waiting to happen?
You are too--
what's your word?
That's good to hear.
That's a definite load
off my-- hey, who
are you calling scrawny?
My whole family's thin.
It's my metabolism.
Nothing I can do about it.
You know, some would kill
for a figure like this.
-Oh, the food situation has gone
from bad to worse, and
all the way to positively
There's nothing left of me.
I'll need a new coat
of fur soon.
This one's two sizes too big.
A nice bowl of steam.
Needs salt.
I'm worried.
It's been several minutes since
anything calamitous has
-What means this word,
-It means catastrophe, disaster,
misfortune, tragedy,
suffering, mishap.
-That chipmunk's positively
glum, don't you think?
Very negative view
of the universe.
Clinically depressed, that's
what I'd call him.
-If I don't find some real
food soon, I'll dry
out and blow away.
Though I suppose that would
require a small miracle.
-Ow, ow, ow, ow!
Hot, hot, hot, boiling!
-What a fat miracle.
Well, hello there.
-Such a plump little
fellow, aren't you?
-Yes, well, I'm very sorry for
dropping in uninvited.
-Please, please, have a seat.
Rest your feet.
You look tired.
And hungry, too.
-I don't believe
we've ever met.
Are you new to the forest?
-Oh, I'm just here visiting.
Perhaps you know my
cousin, Peter?
Can't say that I do.
But I'd love to eat him--
meet him.
I have only a small circle of
friends, such as Jeremiah
Puddleduck and family.
Maybe you know them?
Lovely family.
I had them for dinner
just last month.
-Oh, that smells wonderful.
What are you having?
-Baked rabbit.
I've never had it, but I try to
keep an open mind when it
comes to food.
You know, I'll try anything
once, yes sir.
did you have any particular
rabbit in mind?
-Oh, just whatever rabbit
happens to be convenient.
-Oh, my!
Oh, help!
Oh, somebody help!
Help me!
Somebody help me!
Benny, where have you
gotten off to now?
Please, help me!
-You see?
What did I tell ya?
Danger is everywhere.
-You know, I think that
sound's coming from
From over there.
-Oh, I'm getting tired.
Let me eat you first.
Then I'll have the strength
to chase you.
-No way.
No way!
-Hold it!
Excuse me, sir, ah,
but were you
intending to eat this rabbit?
-I was.
-I see.
Have you been inspected?
-No, I, I don't believe so.
-Is that bad?
-Oh, it's not good.
All rabbits, as I'm sure you
know, must pass inspection to
be certain they are
fit to eat.
-Well, yes, certainly.
That makes sense, yes.
-Mm-hm, mm-hm.
Well, looks healthy enough.
Plenty of meat on these bones.
-So I may eat him?
-Well, of course.
Assuming he's not over
the weight limit.
Do you weigh more
than 15 pounds?
-Are you sure about that?
-Well, all right.
A little bit over.
A smidgen.
Well, then, that's that.
Sorry, old fellow.
But laws are laws.
-Oh, yes, well, indeed,
I understand fully.
I'll say, that was a close.
Imagine, I almost ate a rabbit
over the weight limit.
What are you doing in there?
That's no place for rabbits.
You might get yourselves
mailed somewhere.
Now, you bunnies be careful.
Steer clear of my cat.
Mean-spirited fellow,
I'm sorry to say.
-What is taking Peter so long?
-You don't really suppose he
ran all the way to Zanzibar
after that box?
Surely not.
Not even Peter would
be that dense.
Would he?
-Would he?
-Would he?
-He would.
-I suppose we're gonna
have to go get him.
-Do we have to?
-We have to.
-Why do we have to?
-Because we have to.
-Are you sure we have to?
We have to.
If there were such a thing as
a rabbit inspector, it seems
odd that another rabbit would
do the inspecting.
Unless, of course,
I've been had!
What cows?
I don't see any cows.
The stampede should
be here by now.
Unless, of course,
I've been had!
So, we made it.
And all in one piece, not that
I ever expected us to.
No, sir.
Didn't think we had a prayer.
We're there.
Come on!
Hurry, everyone!
-I hope they're all right.
-Oh, my.
This is exciting.
You know, I've never been
involved in a venture that
actually ended well.
-And soon, I will be back
in my homeland.
-You know, I've enjoyed this
little trip. l'll have to
start getting out more often.
-If we hurry, we'll be back
in time for dinner.
-Could you, oh, ow!
Slow down just a--
Little bit?
-Oh, no!
It's leaving!
Please don't go!
-Oh, we were so close!
-I knew things were
going too well.
It'll be all right, Peter.
-We'll just go on to Zanzibar
to get them.
-Well, sure.
We can make it.
-We made it this
far, didn't we?
-And we work quite
well as a team.
-You know how to get
there, Peter.
-Mm, just point us in the
appropriate direction, and
we'll get going right away.
-But I can't, because
I don't know.
I have no idea where
Zanzibar is.
-What do you mean?
-Of course you know
where it is.
-I don't.
I don't even know if it's really
where they're going.
I made that all up.
you what?
it was a lie, I'm afraid.
All of it.
-Then-- then---
we came all this way
for no good reason?
-You misleaded us?
-That wasn't a very
nice thing to do.
-Not nice at all.
-I know.
I'm sorry.
-Well, I suppose there's
little use in
hanging around here.
I'm better off back
in the forest.
Dangerous as it is.
-Hold on, I'm coming with you.
-And I, since it would
seem I am not
going back to my country.
-I think I'll go home, too.
-Me, too.
I'm sorry!
I really am!
-And we're supposed
to believe that?
-I am!
I mean it!
-Sure you do.
-Expects us to fall for
another one, does he?
-He thinks we are lollipops.
-You mean suckers.
-I didn't tell any big lies.
I never meant any harm by it.
I wasn't trying to
hurt anyone.
They were just a few
little white lies.
little gray rabbit tells
little white lies.
very bad habit, indeed.
-Why, perhaps you've told lies
about rabbit inspectors.
-And cow stampedes?
-And salmon and tarragon
butter, he says?
-I, I, I only said those things
to protect my friends.
-Ah, yes.
Your friends.
-We ran into them
on our way here.
Is that you?
you give us a hand?
cramped in here!
this isn't the most fun
I've ever had.
I knew something
like this would happen.
in here needs a bath.
-What are you doing with them?
-Oh, just thought we'd take
them back for a little
celebratory dinner.
-Perhaps you'd like
to join them?
-I think you should let
them go right now!
-Oh, dear, dear, dear.
I'm afraid we couldn't
do that.
-Shall we get him, Mr. Todd?
-Where'd he go?
-I'm right here!
-Watch where you're going.
-You watch out!
-Make way!
-One side!
-He's over there!
-Oh, now you've lost them all!
It was your fault!
-Never mind.
It's not important.
We have to get them back,
since you lost them.
-Let go.
Let me go!
-Okie dokie.
-Get off of me!
Now as if you didn't
deserve it.
-Stop this!
-So were you.
-And you.
-Didn't think you
had it in you.
-I didn't think I had
it in me, either.
-Many congratulations.
-Hey, perhaps for the sake of
safety, we'd be better off
sticking together.
-Good idea.
-Couldn't agree more.
-I'm all for it.
-And I, too.
-Me also, myself as well.
-I don't think you want
to be around me.
Not when I go home and tell my
mother that my sisters are--
-And here.
Hopsy Cottontail!
You're all right!
-Of course we're all right.
-We're always all right.
Because we have the sense
to stick together.
[music playing]
good, good to be together.
It's good, good, good
to be together.
Together again with you.
It's good, god, good
to be together.
It's good, good, good
to be together.
Together again with you.
When we meet again after being
apart, the bad time's over,
and the good times start.
We can have some fun when you're
here with me, and we'll
be one happy family.
It's good, good, good
to be together.
It's good, good, good
to be together.
Together again with you.
Sometimes at the end of the
day I gotta go, but my
memories stay.
I know that when my journey
ends, I'll be together with
all of my friends.
It's good, good, good
to be together.
It's good, good, good
to be together.
Together again with you.
When I'm all alone, and I'm
feeling so blue, I just
remember all the
times with you.
Had I known that soon we could
sing and dance, in a little
while we'll get the chance.
It's good, good, good
to be together.
It's good, good, good
to be together.
Together again with you.
Every time my world is wrong,
I think of friends and it
helps me along.
I know my troubles disappear
when all my
wonderful friends are here.
It's good, good, good
to be together.
Together Together.
It's good, good, good
to be together.
Together again with you.
-You know, it really might be
best if we started back now.
nice of you, spoiling
everything like that.
-Oh, me?
It was you who let them
get the best of us.
-It was your fault.
-No, it was yours!
-How so?
-Well, it certainly
wasn't my fault.
the train was gone.
The girls were fine all
along, but the whole
thing was my fault.
-Well, what matters most, Peter,
is that you're safe.
All of you.
Now then, let me make
a nice supper.
You must be starved after
such an adventure.
Do you suppose I might ask a
friend or two to join us?
-Certainly, Peter.
-You know Benny, of course.
-Oh, of course.
Hello, Benny.
-And this is my friend
the squirrel.
-Oh, howdy do.
Pleased to make your
acquaintance, I sure am.
-And Chipmunk.
-Good afternoon.
If it is a good afternoon.
Awfully humid.
Earth [inaudible] weather,
if you ask me.
-And Perky.
How do you do?
-How do I do what?
-And this is my friend Fluff.
-Pleasure to meet you.
a moment, now!
-Trevor T. Tittlemouse,
My card?
-Yes, well, the more
the merrier, I say.
it me, or is it a
little crowded in here?
little on the cozy side.
you move over?
I can't reach my fork.
an itch I can't scratch!
PERKY (OFFSCREEN): I'll scratch
your back if you'll
scratch mine.
Someone's standing on my tail.
I'm gonna sneeze.
there isn't room.
no, my foot's asleep.
your foot, it's mine!
I think I'd better
do some more baking.
That's right.
All right!
Every bunny, jump in a line.
The sun is shining, and
the weather's fine.
We'll all have fun and won't
ever stop when we hippity
hippity hop, hop, hop.
Into Mr. McGregor's crop
when we hippity,
hippity hop, hop, hop.
Hop to the left and
hop to the right.
We'll hippity hoppity
day and night.
Hop, hop, hop 'til the
day is through.
Well, that's what all
of us bunnies do.
Every bunny, all in a row.
We'll hop wherever
the bunnies go.
We're hop, hop, hoppin' until
we drop when we hippity,
hippity me I thought
hop, hop, hop.
Hop to the left and
hop to the right.
We'll hippity hoppity
day and night.
Hop, hop, hop 'til the
day is through.
Well, that's what all
of us bunnies do.
Every bunny, all in a row.
We'll hop wherever
the bunnies go.
We're hop, hop, hoppin' until
we drop when we hippity,
hippity, hippity, hippity,
hippity, hippity, hippity,
hippity, hippity, hippity,
hippity, hippity, hippity--
Oh, yeah!
All right!
Hippity, hippity, hippity,
hippity hop, hop, hop!