The New York Butcher (2016) Movie Script

(ominous music)
("Little Red Riding Bitch" by Demon Boy)
Hey there, Little Red Riding Bitch
You're the next one on my list
You're everything that
a demon spawn could want
Hey little girl in a big bad world
You're kind pretty,
gotta get some tail
Pack your bag, you're
on the move tonight
But you better watch
out for a demon bite
Hey there, Little Red Riding Bitch
You're the next one on my list
You're everything that
a demon spawn could want
Hey there, Little Red Riding Bitch
Grant you one final wish
Kneel down low and
pray to the demon spawn
- You know they say the thing
that people dread most about death,
it's not the when.
It could be your 80s.
Or in your case, your 20s.
It's the how.
How painful is it gonna be,
how long is it gonna take?
Blah, blah, blah, blah.
Well, you are not gonna have
to anticipate and fear anymore.
Because I am gonna gut
you like the pig you are.
(metal clanking)
And I'm gonna have a front row seat
(muffled whimpering)
to watch you bleed out.
Fine, I'll let you get your last words,
but if you scream, I'm
gonna carve that tongue
out of your mouth and
torture you for months
'til I feel like killing you.
You understand me?
(muffled whimpering)
(eerie music)
- This isn't you, Clive.
(metal clanking)
- How do you know my name?
- I need you to listen to me.
That bitch has fucked your mind.
There has to be some
part of your subconscious
that realizes it.
You have to stop killing for her!
I know you think this is all a dream
but if you kill me, I am not
coming back from the dead.
My name is Annabelle Higgins.
I'm a reporter and you've been sent here
to kill me because of what I know.
- What do you think you know?
- The truth, the truth about
you, the truth about her,
the police are calling
you the New York Butcher,
and they're on their way here right now.
- Bullshit, you'd say anything to survive.
- You're right, I would, but
I'm not bullshitting you.
They're on their way here
and you'll serve life
because of all the people
that you've killed.
We need each other, Clive.
Because the way things are right now
I'm the only one that can save you.
And you're the only one who can save me.
Now let me go before they get here, okay?
That's it (panting)!
Why are you stopping?
What's going on?
Clive, talk to me.
- [Clive] I'm sorry, Annabelle Higgins.
The truth is, I'm too far behind.
It's too late for me.
- [Annabelle] No (crying).
- [Clive] And you.
(wind blowing)
(metal clanking)
- [Dispatcher] We have
a call from a neighbor
of Beth Servinson, 317
West 14th Street, Brooklyn.
Is there anyone in the area?
Repeat, is there anyone in the area, over.
- [Linda] Roger that, this
is Officer Linda Blair.
I'm actually on my way
back to the precinct now
but if no one else is gonna take that,
I'm only a few blocks away, over.
- [Dispatcher] I got it, Officer Blair.
Once again, repeat, is
there any on duty officer
near 14th Street, Brooklyn?
If you don't mind, Officer Blair, over.
- [Linda] No problem, over.
- [Dispatch] Let us know
if you need backup, over.
- Yeah, you got it, over and out.
(eerie wind howling)
Police department, is there anyone here?
Answer me, this is the police!
I warn you, I'm armed and I
have the perimeter surrounded.
Alright, you two, take the front.
You four, the back.
Sir, stop right there, I'll shoot!
- She said it wasn't real.
She said it wasn't real.
If I knew it was real,
I wouldn't have done it.
She made me do it, you
believe me, don't you?
- Yes, I believe you, now drop,
drop the weapon, drop, stop!
(gun firing)
- Please help me.
(eerie music)
- Well, it's about time.
("Fly on the Wall" by Demon Boy)
You don't understand what
it is that makes me tick
But you wish you did
You always second guess,
wonder if I say yes
But you just lose out every time
If you only knew what I talked about
When I'm with my
friends just hanging out
Then you'd have the inside scoop
On what to say, what to do
That way when you play the game
Baby, you'd never lose
Don't you wish you could
be a fly on the wall
A creepy, little, sneaky,
little fly on the wall
All my precious secrets,
yeah, you'd know them all
Don't you wish that you
could be a fly on the wall
You'd love to know, the things I do
When I'm with my
friends and not with you
You always second guess, wonder if
There's other girls I'm flirting with
But you should know by now
If I was your boyfriend,
I'd be true to you
And if I make a promise,
yeah, I'm comin' through
Don't you wish that you could see me
Every second of the day
That way you would have no doubt
That baby I would never stray
Don't you wish that you
could be a fly on the wall
A creepy, little, sneaky,
little fly on the wall
All my precious secrets,
yeah, you'd know them all
Don't you wish that you
could be a fly on the wall
A little communication
Well, that'll go a long way
Too much misinformation
Too much hearsay, hearsay
And what I say is
Come a little closer
Don't you
Don't you
Don't you
Don't you wish you were a, hey
Don't you wish that you
could be a fly on the wall
A creepy, little, sneaky,
little fly on the wall
All my precious secrets,
yeah, you'd know them all
Don't you wish that you
could be a fly on the wall
(paper crinkling)
- Hello, what do you want?
Well, I'm sorry, Wes,
but I keep telling you
that I need my space right now.
No, well, the job gave me four weeks,
paid time off, and I think I'm entitled
to taking that time off right now.
No, I'm not seeing anyone else.
It's not about you, it has
nothing to do with you!
Because I can't deal with
being around people right now!
What do you mean, get over it?
You are such an insensitive
prick, oh my god.
It is so over between us,
don't ever call me again!
(fridge rattling)
("Pain" by Demon Boy)
Oh, that's the fire in my brain
Hey, ho, hey, ho
Hey, ho, hey, ho
Hey, ho, hey, ho
Hey, ho, hey, ho
Feed your baited woes
here, breathing down
No one knows where it
came from, you didn't know
Couldn't see every outcome
Bet your precious needles get messy
It's a fuckin' world,
it's all blood thirsty
No good come, reach around fella
Some of it come, fuck yella killer
Even the demon gets fucked one either
By some black body, they
take your busy yachts,
They take your mugshots
With a different diablo, hey
Didn't you want a fuckin' hell
But did it worst than you need
Hearts red, so long, leave as you go
Go insane for the cocaine
The pain in your brain is
the devil in your veins
Hey, ho
The pain in your brain is
the devil in your veins
Hey, ho
The pain in your brain is
the devil in your veins
Hey, ho,
The pain in your brain is
the devil in your veins
Hey, ho
So once inside, it's all there
Can't get off the
table without a lighter
The Tylenol blade and
the bird's maturin'
You won't go home until
your pocket's unheard
You got no money in your pocket
You owe this one and
that one on the arm
Make it stick to that big long razor
Some people never fuckin'
cheat, let them go
They going to death row
Looking told by the other tow
You can't stop now, you're in too deep
With the needles in your
veins and go to sleep
Like a pin they rush,
your eyes are bugged
You're lying on the floor
You can't get enough,
you in deep, man, deep
And you're back for more
Never had that much and
you're headed for the morgue
The pain in your brain is
the devil in your veins
Hey, ho
The pain in your brain is
the devil in your veins
Hey, ho
The pain in your brain is
the devil in your veins
Hey, ho
The pain in your brain is
the devil in your veins
Hey, ho
(heavy breathing)
(phone ringing)
- You know who this is,
I know what you did,
and I want my cut, pay me!
Or else I'll let everyone
know what really happened.
(phone ringing)
- Hello, this is Dr.
Victoria Regina Phibes
and I'm calling about Officer Linda Blair.
The hero cop who murdered
that serial killer.
You don't understand.
I know how traumatic an experience
like this can be as a psychiatrist.
And while I know there
are some in-house services
for things like this, I
just wanted to throw my hat
into the mix to see if I could help.
That's what I thought you'd say.
What if I put it this way,
Clive Barker was a patient of mine,
and 95% of what we discussed
was doctor/patient confidentiality,
however, there's certain information
that may fall outside of those lines
that I could share with Officer Blair,
and Officer Blair only.
I don't think so, I'm sorry, sweetie.
I have no patience and I hate waiting.
Get her to meet me by tomorrow afternoon
or the offer's off the table.
You've got my name, look it up.
- Hey, Chief.
No, uh, I'm glad you called actually.
There's something I've been
needing to discuss with you.
Yeah, it's about my time off.
You know, I only got
two days left, but, uh,
I've just been doing a
lot of thinking and I--
What kind of game are you playing?
Dr. Phibes?
- Well, I want to help you.
- (chuckles) By withholding evidence?
Of a serial killer?
- It was the only way I
could get you to show up.
Believe me, I feel a sense
of responsibility for what Clive did.
I had no idea he was
capable of such actions.
I tried to help him as best I could.
- Well, if it's the same help
that you're going to offer me,
thanks, I'll pass.
- If we could all bat one thousand,
what a wonderful world this would be.
You should know all too
well, we can't save everyone.
We're connected by the life
and death of Clive Barker.
I want to give us closure
and a peace of mind.
- Maybe you have some
type of guilty conscience,
but I'm fine.
I'm great, in fact.
I'm in better shape than I've
been in in my entire life.
I've read more in the past 10 days
than I've read in the past 10 years.
- [Victoria] And, how
have your nights been?
You look like you haven't slept in days.
- Well as the saying goes,
I'll sleep when I'm dead.
- Anxious, jittery,
irritated, and trouble sleeping.
Check, check, check, and check.
Have you been having nightmares,
vivid memories, flashbacks
of killing Clive
that make it seem like it's
happening all over again?
The tough cop act isn't
going to help you here.
Only by letting your guard
down and being honest
are you going to get past this.
Unless, you want the rest of your life
to feel like the last few weeks?
I hope you don't mind
us meeting in a hotel.
It's a temporary situation.
Just bought a house with
space for a home office
and until renovations are complete,
this is the best I can do.
- Oh, I'm glad to hear that your business
is doing so well that you
can afford a new home.
And a fancy hotel in the interim.
- Business is booming, Officer.
And I plan on doing everything
I can to keep it that way.
If you're done playing inquisitive cop,
you ready for me to do my job?
- I'm all yours, doc.
(eerie wind howling and rattling)
- You feel emotionally cut
off from others, feeling numb,
and losing interest in things
you used to care about.
Becoming depressed, becoming isolated.
The only way to free yourself
is to travel back to that night.
I want you to look up
and focus on the light.
As you focus on it,
I want you to tune
everything out of your mind
and focus only on my voice.
Because you'll notice a
change in focus in your eyes.
Once you notice a change
in focus in your eyes,
I want you to go ahead
and close your eyes.
Now sleep.
I want you to be completely relaxed.
A rock with your body.
Every muscle, every cell, every fiber
should just completely melt and relax
as you focus only on my voice.
Every sound that you hear,
every beat of your heart,
every breath that you take,
allows you to focus on my
voice and go even deeper
into a state of relaxation.
Every time I say the word sleep,
you'll go deeper into
a state of relaxation.
Nod your head yes if you understand me.
I want you to take me back to that night.
What happened?
- I've never had to pull
my gun in the field before.
I told him to stop.
But he wouldn't.
So I shot him.
And I could tell by looking at
him he wasn't gonna hurt me,
and I shot him anyway.
'Cause I was scared.
- What did he say?
It's important that you remember.
What did he say?
- He kept repeating,
"She said it wasn't real.
"She said it wasn't real!
"I wouldn't have done it
if I'd known it was real!
"You believe me, don't you?
"Please, help me, she
said it wasn't real."
- Did he say who she was?
It's important that you remember.
Did he say who she was?
(wind howling)
(muffled distorted screeching)
- Did she send you?
Stop or I'll shoot!
- You know the last one to kill me
said that exact same thing?
Except she had the safety off.
- This isn't a fucking joke.
- If it is, then the
joke's on you, isn't it?
I'm just kidding, what
kind of person would I be
to kill you with your own gun?
Nope, I'm gonna give
you a sporting chance.
You can shoot all of this
and I won't shoot you.
- This much heroin will kill me.
- Nah, that much heroin may kill you.
This, on the other hand, will kill you.
Your choice.
(distorted wind howling)
- Did you sleep?
- Yes.
For the first time in weeks I actually
got a full night's sleep.
But I just had this horrible dream.
I was seeing everything
through the eyes of Clive and,
I watched as he forced
a woman to overdose.
But I couldn't stop him, I
couldn't help her (sighs).
I'm just seeing everything
through him but,
it just, it felt so real.
(pen clicks)
- This is all part of your PTSD.
The point is, you're able to sleep now,
which means we're making progress.
This scenario wasn't real,
it was all in your mind.
Clive is dead.
He was a bad person, you
shouldn't feel guilty
for killing bad people.
It makes the world a better place.
Now, look into the light.
("Posse of the Living Dead" by Demon Boy)
The dead are returning to
life and attacking the living
I got the posse from six below
Here I go down stone cold,
knowing who to look for
All in, fully loaded,
waiting at the back door
I am the one
I am the one that's
gonna catch this bad man
Wonder why, do or die,
sign through the dark side
Demon boy's pauper, fire in the dark
Back down, light's
out, strike me down,
Down to the ground of the sour ground
50,000 dead people all held down
It's a ghost town,
viral round town, pa-pow
(phone ringing)
From the ghosts of war,
we take a world tour
Rip off all your heads off
Where your brains are stored
- Hello?
- Who is this?
- You called me, friend.
- Is that what we are, friends?
- What can I do for you?
- Is this Dr. Lon Chaney?
- Yes, it is, who's this?
- The person that's going to kill you.
- Is this a joke?
- Far from it, I take
my job very seriously.
- I'm hanging up, psycho.
- That's good, I prefer
to talk face to face.
Some live, some die,
and you all get munched
For the gates of hell,
you're all zombie lunch
As they come on down,
I'll make the stand
In a bad land, bad man,
looking like a mad man
Fucking on hand, 50 grand in the other
Undercover, another brain
sucking blood brother
The evil that lurks
in the hearts of men
Armageddon sends them to
my lens and I cleanse them
Friends of the dead,
put your heads to bed
Saw demon on the mic
while you bang ya head
So, round up the posse
of the living dead
From the south side of heaven
Where the posses fled
The day of never end
is like blood shed
So round up the posse
of the living dead, ruh
Round up the posse of
the living dead, ruh
Round up the posse of
the living dead, ruh
Round up the posse of
the living dead, ruh
The dead eat the living
and within the blood shed
- The nightmares won't
stop (sobs), Dr. Phibes.
- It's important that
you let them play out.
No matter how disturbing they may be.
You've come this far, we've
made incredible progress.
And we're almost done.
Ave Maria
Grate plena, Maria
- Hello, don't, don't stop singing, Rose.
You're, you've got an amazing voice.
You looking amazing, too.
Why are you all dressed up?
- Because you're taking
me to the opera tonight.
- (groans) My god, my god.
- We're not going to opera, are we?
- I'm so sorry, I totally,
I was supposed to write it
down, buy opera tickets.
I (stutters) don't know how I forgot.
- You don't?
Of course you don't.
(speaking in a foreign language)
- I don't understand you
when you speak Armenian.
The counselor, the psychologist,
she said we need to communicate better.
(phone buzzing)
Come on, don't answer that.
(speaking in a foreign language)
- It's my mother.
She is a blind, 70 years
old widow, with a bad back.
Who lives alone because I came to America
to stay with you, dream lover.
She has to travel eight
miles to her sister's house
to call me and you want
me not to answer her call
just to make you feel better
for disappointing me again?
So you don't worry, I'm sure
you will have another chance
to disappoint me again later tonight.
(speaking in a foreign language)
(faint knocking)
Did you hear that?
- Hear what, sweetie, hear what?
- Listen.
- Nah, I don't hear it--
- Shh!
(faint knocking)
Did you hear that?
- I did hear that, stay here, stay here.
- Ah, be careful.
- If anyone's gonna break into my house,
they better be careful.
(distorted wind howling)
Honey, it turns out it was a false--
- Looks like things just
got a lot more interesting.
Hello, Guy.
Injun, injun, number nine,
on the New York transit line.
If the train falls off the track,
do you want your money back?
- No.
- N-O.
- (sobbing) No.
(metal thwacking)
("This Halloween" by Demon Boy)
Oh no.
(metal thwacking)
(metal thwacking)
(metal thwacking)
Oh, no.
The ghouls and the goblins
feed your mortal souls
They come alive this Halloween
Pass the house on haunted hill
Where the psycho stalks to kill
There's no escape and no way out
From the nightmares of
Shelley, Stoker, and Poe
The demons in your mind come alive
So as you trick or treat
down that lonely street
Fear those things that
go bump in the night
So put your jack-o'-lantern
on the porch
Fire up the hearse and grab your cross
The dead will walk the
earth this Halloween
Under the hunter's moon,
under the witches' broom
Signed is a devil's pact
(metal thwacking)
No hocus pocus here,
superstition is fact
The creepy crawlies they do call
(gun firing)
So now drink your drink,
reveal your monster mash
This dance macabre is to be crashed
Don't allow the danger
to escape your head
Before the night is
over you'll be dead
So put your jack-o'-lantern
on the porch
Fire up the hearse and grab your cross
The dead will walk the
earth this Halloween
(gun firing)
So put your jack-o'-lantern
on the porch
Fire up the hearse and grab your cross
The dead will walk the
earth this Halloween
Thrashed, slashed, and trashed
Death surely takes its toll
Bloody apples everywhere
Sinners and killers line them up
'Cause no on here escapes
- (gasps) No, no!
- Calm down, please, calm down.
I'm gonna show you something
that's gonna explain everything.
Look in the mirror.
- This isn't happening.
It's another nightmare.
I just need to shock myself awake.
- Yeah.
That wound's real.
Good thing for us, Rose isn't a good shot.
Except if you count her aim close range
and she's sticking the
gun in her own mouth.
Lucky for us, it was just a flesh wound.
- Would you stop talking like
we're two different people?
We're the same person.
We're the same person.
Means that I killed those people.
Oh god, oh, no.
- You can't run from me, Linda.
Our mind isn't split, it's shattered.
Like a waking nightmare.
We can either figure
this thing out together
or spend the rest of our life
between the nut house and jail.
- Okay, we have spun this
thing every way possible
and in every scenario I
look like a total psychopath
and Victoria walks, she'll
probably get a book deal.
- We're missing a motive.
There has to be reason she
wanted these people dead
bad enough that after I died,
and she was in the clear,
she still took a chance
to go out and recruit a cop.
- Do you remember anything
else about her locations?
- The only memories I have are the ones
Phibes implanted in you and the ones
you've projected on me.
- But maybe that's enough, though.
Clive kept massive
journals, just so much stuff
that it's out of context when
I'm reading it at the time,
but, I don't know, maybe
hidden in there somewhere
is the answer to figuring it out.
It's just the memories, they're
deep in my subconscious.
I can't remember anything.
- Maybe they're with me.
How do we know Phibes
didn't just wipe them?
- Well, I told her I've
been doing a lot of reading,
but I didn't mention
that exclusively included
the case file and your journals.
- I guess there's only
one way to know for sure.
- Clive, why did you start going
to Dr. Phibes in the first place?
- I was an accountant in Arizona.
I was to forced to relocate to New York
because the software
company I was working for
merged with a larger firm.
The move cost me my girlfriend
and all of my friends.
It also came with a lower salary.
Then, I was constantly being asked
to be creative with the bookkeeping,
and passed up for promotions and raises.
I was bitter, lonely, and angry.
I started having vivid delusions
of killing my boss and coworkers.
That's when I went to Victoria for help.
That's when the nightmares started.
- Who'd you kill first?
- An old lady, Janet Lee.
I knew Janet, I liked her.
But once I overheard her
calling me motherfucking psycho,
I wanted to stop her.
I came up on her when
she felt the most safe
and the stabbed her over
and over and over again.
Victoria said it was okay, though,
because it was only in my mind.
- Wait, who was Janet?
- She was Victoria's only
other client at the time.
- Well, maybe that's it then.
Keep going, Clive, tell me
everything you can remember.
Hi, Wes?
Oh, (chuckles) no, believe me.
I'm actually thrilled to hear
that you've moved on so quickly.
Anyway, did you get
the information for me?
Okay, thank you, I gotta go.
- What was that about?
- It's complicated.
- Any more complicated
than this conversation
you're having right now with yourself?
- I suppose not.
It's my ex, who also happens
to be best friends with my father,
and, you know, they're still friends,
even though we broke up.
- Sorry I asked.
- Anyway, getting back on track.
What I found out was the
junkie she had us kill,
her name was Jamie Lee.
So, I'm judging by her
surname and her age,
she's probably a relative of Janet's.
A niece, maybe even her daughter?
- We make a hell of a team.
- I know this isn't real
right now, but I don't care.
- It's as real as we want it to be.
(skin slapping)
We're gonna do this now?
- Not we, just me.
- With me there, she
can control your mind.
I'm your one weakness.
- I'm the one that comes to her, though.
- If you take her in
alive, we all go down.
Is that the other reason
you wanna leave me behind?
- At the end of the day, I'm still a cop.
- And a serial killer.
("Born Dead" by Demon Boy)
On the hearse on the
way to the graveyard
I'm gonna carve around your body
With a tune that's stone hard
Pale hot skin, yeah, big ol' teeth
The grave is a hole,
can ya dig it, man
My father was a gravedigger
My mother was a con, I was born dead
Born dead, I was born dead
I was born dead, born
dead, I was born dead
Don't plan rolling
on the crush of feels
The zombies are looking
for 10 inch heels
- Linda?
- You seem surprised to see me.
(sighs) You know, I'm
standing outside your office
for over an hour, and then I remembered,
that you like to get your coffee here.
Did you forget that we had
a session today, doctor?
- Um, it must've slipped my mind.
- Shall we go?
- To the hotel?
- Too crowded.
Why don't we check out that
new home office of yours?
My father was a gravedigger
My mother was a con
- Sleep.
- I decided to leave Clive at home.
(eerie wind howling)
I figured that this is between you and I.
Why did you do this?
- Money, why else?
I still didn't pay off my college tuition
and my business was going under.
I had two patients, one kept telling me
how much he wanted to kill,
and the other had lived most of her life
and had me in her will.
- Then you had to keep going 'cause money,
money is just numbers and,
numbers, numbers never end.
- I can't wait to see your defense team
try to prove to a jury that
while you slept at night,
a serial killer who died by your hands
took over your body and
made you kill at my will.
(laughs) You're crazier
than I thought you were.
Arrest me, Officer.
I'll make bail and be back at
home in time for Corn Flakes.
- Hello, Chief?
Turns out that Dr. Phibes was behind
the Clive Barker killings
and four more recent deaths
to cover her trail.
Send some squad cars,
and an ambulance.
She was shot and killed
during her apprehension.
- You don't have this in you.
That's why I had to create an alter ego.
I mean, just knowing that
you took a single life
in self defense was enough
to send you over the edge.
How are you gonna live with knowing
that you're killing someone in cold blood?
- Do you really think that I would spend
the rest of my life in prison for some
fucked up sociopath
that fucked with my head
and made me take innocent lives?
Do you think that my perception of justice
is proving in a court of law
that you are an insane sociopath,
just so that you can have your lawyers,
all with your blood
money, bargain you down
to a couple weeks jail
time just so that you can
come out and sign some Hollywood fantasy
million dollar fucking book deal?
I'm asking you, Dr. Phibes,
which one of us in this
room's truly insane?
- If you think killing me is going
to do some kind of good,
you're sadly mistaken.
I came from nothing to
get to where I am today.
So a few people were killed along the way.
Fuck them!
Do you have any idea of the evils
that people admit to in this office?
The atrocities that are allowed to go on
in this world by the people at the top?
I did what I had to and I have no regrets.
You, you kill me,
and you'll be haunted
for the rest of your--
(gun firing)
- You're a bad person.
And I shouldn't feel guilty
about killing bad people.
It makes the world a better place.
Now, doctor, into the light.
(gun firing)
- Detective Linda Blair.
I like the sound of that.
- And I couldn't have done it without you.
- You do know the killings
aren't going to stop.
- I know.
- Good.
I say next on our list
should be my former boss.
300 pound son-of-a-bitch.
If we don't get him soon,
his clogged arteries will.
- No.
- How 'bout a hooker?
They never get missed
and we could probably
have a threesome before we kill her.
- I was thinking we could
be a little more discerning.
My job enables me to enforce the law,
but even that can only do so much
when those in power hide
behind it and corrupt it.
A cop shoots an unarmed teenager,
he gets a 30 day paid vacation.
The GM executives, for decades
they ignored complaints
about faulty ignition switches,
hundreds of people die,
but no one goes to jail,
no one gets charged,
no one even loses their job.
Or a priest molesting little boys
and The Vatican just moves him
from city to city, protecting
him so he can keep doing it.
There are people out there who think
that because they're above the law,
they can escape social justice.
So I say we go out and find those people
and we kill 'em. ("Party
to the Grave" by Demon Boy)
- [Man] Here is a place of torment.
A place occupied, they
say, by half beings.
A twilight world of spirits.
Ghosts, and ghouls, and
banshees, and apparitions
from the netherworld of darkness.
How ya feelin'
You feelin' alright
Said, how ya feelin'
Set fire to the grave
right here tonight
Why don't you come out
here to the house of sin
Go ahead and let the celebration begin
It's dark outside, feels awfully dry
The fever with vengeance
from the father of lies
The souls of the living
and the souls of the dead
Dance in the moonlight, shake
their ass and their heads
The clock strikes 12
and the demons arrive
So let us all hail zombies
Will ride at their side
Keep us all in the gates
To the devil's estate
We're all here to party, party, party
When the sun goes down
And some fangs come out
Everybody's gonna party to the grave
The moon brings them out
All the devils abound
The ghosts and the witches
start to labor around
The blood runs hot and
the drapes glow red
God somewhere above but
tonight's he's at his bed
Keep us all in the gates
To the devil's estate
We're all here to party, party, party
When the sun goes down
And some fangs come out
Everybody's gonna party to the grave
Come and join the feast
Celebrate the beast
The freaks are on the loose
and they walk the street
Now the sun comes up
and the party's on
Stumble to the coffin
to the crack of dawn
Keep us all in the gates
To the devil's estate
We're all here to party, party, party
When the sun goes down
And some fangs come out
Everybody's gonna party to the grave
Keep us all in the gates
To the devil's estate
We're all here to party, party, party
When the sun goes down
And some fangs come out
Everybody's gonna party to the grave
Party to the grave
We're gonna party to the grave
We're gonna party to the grave
Party to the grave