The Night Eats the World (2018) Movie Script

I can't believe you came.
- You didn't tell me you were
celebrating something.
They're just some of my dear friends.
Yeah, I just came to get my
tapes and then I'll go.
Why don't you stick around,
have a drink?
Meet some new people, try
it for a change.
Ahhh... I don't know.
Sam, this is Mathieu
Damian and Zoe just got here.
They're looking for you.
Ummmm... Where's my stuff?
- Wait, I'll be right back.
Can you just tell me where my
tapes are and then I'll get outta here..
Hey, what's your problem?
He just wants his stuff.
What stuff?
- The stuff I actually took when I left...
Everything ends up in my boxes.
Just tell me.
Tell them where they are and I'll get out of here..
- Take your stuff and get out.
It's fine, let me take care of it.
- Sam, wait.
Sam, please.
It's in the office at
the end of the hall.
You can stay there, it's quieter.
I'll be there in a minute and
then we can chat, just
the two of us, OK?
My fault.
Hey, go back in! Come on!.
Stay inside the building!
I just wanted to tell
you that I love you.
I'm stuck in this building in Paris.
There's blood everywhere.
I just wanted to tell
you I love you.
Daniel, you have to come right away.
Please, right away. Chris has gone crazy...
he jumped on me and he bit me.
I managed to get in the loo
but I am so scared.
You have to come over, please Daniel. Please.
Anybody here?
In English.
- Hello sir. I am coming.
125 grams.
Alfred, huh?
I'm Sam.
Nice to meet you.
So, uh... you're a doctor, right?
You traveled all over the world,
didn't you?
You must have seen some
nasty stuff out there..
But you made it, through everything.
You probably thought you'd drop
dead peacefully in your sleep.
And then, this happens.
Do you think there's a cure?
Or are we all goners?
The hardest part is...
not knowing what's happened to them.
Because my mother, she's
not really the type walk all
over people to make it.
So I guess it ended
pretty quickly for her.
But at least she didn't die
of something unfair like..., cancer or a car accident.
I don't know.
She died like everyone else.
With everyone else.
Like you.
Dead is the norm now.
I'm the one who's not normal.
Come here kitty.
You and I are going to be
buddies, I promise. Come on.
Come here.
You hungry?
Come here kitty.
You hungry?
Where are you, damn it?
Is anyone here?
Is someone here?
Come out.
Answer me.
Is anyone there?
Hey... your pals. They all left.
I haven't seen any of
them for days now.
Aren't you pissed that
they just left you here?
All by yourself.
you and I are the same.
We're alone.
Uh...... sorry.
Hey, I didn't do it on purpose.
Why are you always sulking?
Come on.
Come on, smile for fuck's sake.
Make an effort. You know
what your problem is?
You're such a fucking bore.
You don't know how to have fun.
Your kids must have been thrilled
that you were nver around.
One day, I'm gonna get sick of
all and get the hell out of here..
And you'll be left all alone.
Like an arsehole.
And you can't even die
'cause you're just gonna stay here.
And you'll regret this moment.
You'll gonna think to yourself...
Why did I let him go.
But it'll be too late because I'm...
gonna be far, far away from here.
Do you hear me?
I'm sorry I talked to you like that.
It was out of line.
Are you still coming?
I don't want to.
Come here Sam.
Was it late this morning?
Stay with me.
Stay with me, please.
Stay with me.
What was it?
- Pigeon.
Not bad.
What's wrong?
You should see the
look on your face.
Ah, nothing. It's, uh...
It's just strange hearing
another voice than my own.
I thought that...
- That you were the last human on earth.
Sorry to disappoint you.
What's your name?
- Sam. I'm Sam.
I'm Sarah.
Nice to meet you.
Have you met any other survivors?
- Not many.
A few guys hiding
out in apartments.
Kinda like you.
Most of them more or less crazy.
Just like you, actually.
Being on my own saved me.
Well, what about you?
How did you manage all this time?
- I really don't know.
Did you have a good hideout?
- No.
I kept moving from roof to roof.
They're not good with heights.
Never stayed more than
a week in one place.
Once they find you, you're fucked.
Not necessarily.
It's safe here.
It might have been safe, but with
the racket you made, not anymore.
Did you see how many
there are downstairs?
They have all the time in the world.
Nothing better to do.
I'm coming with you.
But you can't even stand up.
- I can't stay in that room anymore.
This is Alfred
He's been with me all along.
He'd kill you if he could.
You know that, right?
No. Look at him.
He's not going to eat us.
Hey, Alfred.
You wanna to eat Sarah?
It's your home.
You do what you like.
Do you think we can still
make it here? Both of us?
So, what do you think of her?
Yeah, I agree.
Where are you?
What are you doing?
- Looking for a way to get out of here.
Going down is out of the question.
The only solution is to jump.
You gotta be kidding me.
That's insane.
Never in my life can I jump that far.
We just have to practice.
- No, it's totally pointless.
There's no way we can jump that.
I don't get you.
We're safe here.
Especially now that we don't have
to worry about food for a while.
I don't get you.
There has to be a place away from
all this shit. It's worth taking the risk.
You wanna stay here? You may
as well get it over with right now.
Ok, what if you're wrong?
What if there isn't such a sanctuary?
Then you would have
sacrificed everything for nothing.
- At least I'll have tried.
Yeah, the streets are full
of people who have tried.
You really think that
you'll hold out here? Alone?
You're fooling yourself.
They will end up forcing their way in.
- No, they won't get in.
Then you will go completely nuts
and you will shoot your brains out.
Sarah. Sarah, you're right, we have
to get the hell out of here. I'm sorry.
Please open up , come on. You
know, you've been right all along.
Sarah, answer me.
Stay with me.
Please stay there.