The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave (1971) Movie Script

Why did you stop?
Let's smoke a cigarette.
I can't smoke driving.
As you wish.
What's wrong with you?
Are you mad?
I'm sorry, I thought it was a wig.
No, it's my hair.
Do you like it?
- It's 200.
- Did you say 200?
You don't have to count it.
- I'll give you 300 more if...
- Are you fooling me?
If you'll be nice to me.
I'm always nice,
especially to someone
who coughs up 500.
- Do you live alone?
- With the work I do...
- What about your family?
- My father and my sisters are in Ireland.
Why are you asking me this?
Just because...
I'm going to check the tyres, all right?
- This is a castle.
- It was a castle.
Now it's turning into a ruin.
Perhaps it'd be better
to go to my place.
No, come on,
some of the rooms are fine.
Let's go to my place.
This is wonderful.
It's amazing.
I'd love a drink.
I'll get you something.
Why are you letting the rest
go to ruin?
I live in the city,
I don't often come here.
I must confess,
I didn't imagine it would be this chic.
You're really something.
Do you think so?
It's great being in the country
but close to the city.
I don't like it.
This house is full of bad memories.
You don't like it?
You're bored, aren't you, darling?
You feel lonely.
Polly will take away your sadness,
you'll see.
Here's the other 1500...
if you can earn it.
You'll be happy, trust Polly.
I haven't even got a dressing gown.
What a pity.
Choose one.
You've got nice stuff.
This one...
Who's that woman?
- Darling...
- No, not here.
You don't seem surprised.
It's natural. When somebody gives me
that much money, I expect the unusual.
I bet this isn't the first time
you've been in a situation like this.
A lot of men like strange games.
So you're my slave now.
Come on, undress.
Stop it. Give me the whip
and put those boots on.
You look good like that.
You're really beautiful in those boots.
Maybe you didn't realise,
but the whip's for me.
I won't be the victim this time.
I'm not going to be a slave for anyone.
Not for anyone.
I'll do anything you want.
Get down.
Get on that rack.
Get down.
Please let me go.
I don't want the money.
I don't want it.
Let me go.
You're insane.
Prostitutes used to be
branded with iron.
It was an excellent system.
Scream. Scream as much as you want.
Nobody will hear you.
Please, Evelyn...
Please forgive me.
- Alan...
- You're the only woman I've ever loved.
I know I hurt you in the past.
I know.
I know, Evelyn,
it's my fault that you suffered.
But it's over now.
No, not in the garden. No.
It's where you were unfaithful, Evelyn.
- Why did you do it?
- The garden...
I saw you with my own eyes, Evelyn.
You were naked.
You shouldn't have...
What are you doing?
My friends
took your number plate.
I know.
It's an old whores' trick.
But your friends didn't know
the plates were fake.
- Let's go to Lord Cunningham's castle.
- Turn right.
- But, Doctor,
I called the clinic
and told them we were coming.
You go ahead
and say I had an urgent call.
- Take Miss Barbara and come back.
Barbara, I don't know
how long I'll stay here.
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
- What about you?
- I was coming to see you, Richard.
Another attack?
Alan, you need to listen to me.
If you don't control yourself,
you'll end up in a bad way.
There's always... your clinic.
You cured me the first time
and you'll do it again.
Yes, if you don't end up
in a criminal asylum first.
- Listen...
- It's not funny.
I've given it some thought.
I've left my will with my solicitor.
Don't worry,
I remembered you in it. Happy?
Stop it, please.
You could be normal again
if you wanted to.
You need to sort your life out.
Marry again, forget Evelyn.
That's the problem, Richard.
I can't forget her.
I'm obsessed with her.
Talking to you is a waste of time.
Nobody can help you
if you don't help yourself.
Why were you coming to see me?
Aunt Agatha introduced me
to a medium.
If I manage to contact Evelyn
through her,
she said my attacks will stop.
I want to give it a try.
I've arranged a sance for tonight.
Come on. You could have
a very dangerous shock.
I was about to come and invite you.
My cousin George will be there.
I must find a way
to stop this nightmare.
You'll never be able to stop it
with these pointless idiotic tricks.
Who knows?
Please come tonight.
What do you want now?
I just wanted to tell you that
I heard some strange noises last night.
- How much do you want this time?
- I need 20.
How come?
Have you put your price up?
You're becoming
too demanding, Albert.
Miranda, we're almost ready.
Do you need anything else?
I need a fistful of ash.
That's essential.
I forgot.
I must confess
I don't believe in seances.
I've always suspected foul play,
or at least some lucky coincidences.
But there are scientific studies
with reliable evidence.
Will you stop saying these things
in front of Miranda?
- Let them talk.
- There's George. I'm glad he's come.
- I knew you'd come.
- Your invitation is an order, Aunt.
Alan, how are you?
Long time no see.
- Can I offer you a drink?
- Maybe later. I'd like to start now.
I'm sure it'll be an exciting experience.
You always like to joke.
You never change.
People like George always laugh
in the beginning. It's easy.
But it'll be much harder
once you see what Miranda is capable of.
Your hands are trembling.
Are you afraid Evelyn
will ask for her money back?
Will you shut up, George?
Miranda really is good.
The spirit's already
knocking on the door.
What do you want?
Evelyn was my sister.
I have the right to be here.
Nobody invited you, Albert.
My place is right here.
You can't throw me out.
It's all right, Alan,
let him sit down.
Alan, come...
We shouldn't have
subjected him to this.
Sorry I'm late.
I had an urgent call.
What happened?
We'd just started the sance.
It was too much for him.
He's just fainted.
Let him breathe. He could have died.
It's not my fault, Doctor.
It was Aunt Agatha's idea.
Evelyn appeared.
If Alan hadn't fainted,
he could have spoken to her.
These are pure-bred specimens.
I'm sure this will prove to be
a good investment, Sir Alan.
I agree, even though
that wasn't my original intention.
They're very fascinating animals.
They're so fierce and cruel, with
an insatiable appetite for flesh and blood.
What magnificent animals.
- I must talk to you.
- What's the matter?
- First, how are you?
- I'm fine. It was just a turn.
Damn it, that was
a bit too much, wasn't it?
Do you really think it was
a trick by Aunt Agatha?
I didn't say it was a trick.
You were just susceptible
to the medium's power of suggestion.
Anyway, despite Richard's advice
I've decided to leave the castle
and move to the city for good.
Good idea, and I urge you to have fun.
A new girl every week.
Don't worry, I won't marry again,
if that's what you're thinking.
And I assure you that very soon
the Cunningham estate will be all yours.
Oh, come on, don't be so gloomy.
You know I'm not like that.
But maybe I am.
I want to change my lifestyle,
be more isolated.
The city seems to suit me better.
You agree with me, don't you?
- Yes, of course.
- Anyway...
I need to sort out my little apartment.
- I've been neglecting it.
- Well, I'm available.
I could lend you a hand.
I might need your help,
but in a different area.
You're an expert
on female fauna in the city.
You've always given me good advice.
I see you haven't forgotten
that redhead.
I haven't seen her lately.
What a shame.
She was beautiful.
I could do with another one like her.
Do you know any girls like her?
Don't underestimate me, Alan.
There's a beautiful redhead
at the Crazy Cat.
She's a real stunner.
I knew you were fantastic.
You're an amazing cousin. Come on.
Very good, Susan!
Let's have a look at you, Susan.
I offer 90.
What will you give me
to have a drink with you?
Come on...
Why won't you tell me?
You don't want me?
Shall I go?
- What do you want to drink?
- That's better.
- I'm sorry, I thought it was a wig.
- No, darling, it's mine.
Come on.
I'm waiting for your offer.
- 1,000.
What do I need to do
to earn that much money?
Spend the weekend with me.
Aren't you surprised
by what you see?
Because you seemed very normal.
Put these on.
Go on...
What are you doing?
Are you crazy?
Stop it, for God's sake.
You're hurting me.
I don't want to die.
Let me go.
Have mercy on me.
The garden...
Something must have happened
last night.
- What do you mean?
- I've no idea.
But the foxes were restless.
They seemed very troubled.
This morning they were so upset
they wouldn't eat.
Here, have this.
It's 100.
You can't go on like this,
your life is a mess.
Don't move to the city.
Stay here and try to find a new wife.
You're right.
This time I'll take your advice.
I hope so.
You won't get better otherwise.
- And I won't be able to help you.
- All right.
You said that before.
That's true,
but this time I mean it, Richard.
- Come in.
- You asked to see me, Sir Alan?
- I need to speak to you. Sit down.
I've decided
to have the castle restored.
That's a wonderful idea.
It will take some time.
The east wing is in ruins.
I'll give you a month.
You can spend
all the money you need.
All right, sir.
I'll do my best.
I want you
to start the work immediately.
What about the crypt in the garden?
Should we restore that too?
Of course...
The crypt...
For now let's leave it as it is.
We'll decide later what to do.
Or better still,
let's have it walled up,
that way we'll be sure
that nobody
will be able to break in.
That's all, Farley.
I've been in the city for a month
and Aunt Agatha has already
introduced me to all the eligible girls.
You mean she still hasn't found
the right one?
Yes. Aunt Agatha has strange ideas
about what's right for me.
I don't think you need to rest.
You should have fun instead.
Maybe Timberlane's right.
I should get married again.
Even though that would mean
saying goodbye to your title.
Enough, stop it.
By the way, have you been
to that nightclub?
No, I haven't been there.
Remember that redhead
I told you about?
Her name was Susan. She's gone.
You don't know what you've missed.
Let's go and have a drink.
I'm starting to think
it wasn't a good idea to come here.
You shouldn't judge a book by its cover.
It's much better under the trees.
- Alan, do you want to come with me?
- No, thanks. I'll see you later.
Haven't you noticed
I'm following you?
I saw you walking past
and I decided
not to lose sight of you.
- Was I wrong?
- Why all this interest in me?
Who knows? Maybe it's because
you seemed different.
It's not enough to say I'm different,
you should say why.
All right, I'll tell you.
I've worked out
what the women here are like.
They're either too serious
or too shallow,
while you seem to be
the perfect balance between the two.
Why don't you offer me
something to smoke?
I've only got
an innocent packet of Peers.
When I said smoke
I meant tobacco.
That's all right, then.
I know who you are.
You're Lord Alan Victor Cunningham
and you're worth about 3 million.
- Is that right?
- It is.
And who are you?
My name's Gladys.
- I'm not gossip material.
- Very good, Alan.
My compliments.
I'll call you tomorrow, all right?
Why don't we go somewhere else?
It's incredibly boring here.
It doesn't seem
a particularly original idea.
But under these circumstances
I don't see what else we could do.
So this is where I live.
Can I ask you a question?
Of course.
What would you say
if I asked you to marry me?
I'd say you were out of your mind.
I don't see why you should ask me.
Well, it's quite tricky to explain.
Maybe it's because
I'd like to go to bed with you.
If I married every man who wanted to go
to bed with me I'd never leave the church.
But if you want to come up and have
a glass of whisky, you're welcome.
So will you marry me?
Marry you?
- I thought you said it because...
- Because of what?
Well, because you wanted
to go to bed with me.
You were wrong.
I meant it.
Would you like a cup of coffee?
That's just what I need.
Whoever you are,
you're a pest, an idiot and a fool.
- Here's your coffee, sir.
- You're wonderful.
- You think so?
- Aunt Agatha will like you too.
Who's Aunt Agatha?
A woman who believes
that for a girl today
only two things matter,
being a virgin
and serving tea at five o'clock.
I'm that pest,
idiot and fool cousin of yours.
I wanted to tell you
that I'm getting married.
- What did you say?
- I'm getting married.
To that girl I met tonight.
- The one at the party?
- Yes.
- You don't know her!
- Love at first sight.
You know how it is.
It's like a flash of lightning.
Come on, Alan,
stop messing around.
You can't get married to a girl
you met three hours ago.
She's the woman for me, George.
- How can you be so sure?
- With her I feel cured.
- Yes, but...
- You brought me to the party.
I wanted you to be the first to know.
Thank you,
it's very kind of you.
- Destiny has followed its course.
- Yes, that's right.
Well, Alan,
I must congratulate you.
I wish you all the very best.
- What was that about?
- An inheritance.
- Great! We need to drink to that.
- No, darling, it's not my inheritance.
It's amazing, Alan.
A place like this
is for a special woman.
So it's the place for you, Gladys.
You're too kind.
This is Aunt Agatha.
This is the first time Alan has behaved
like a sensible person.
I'm glad to hear you say that.
This is Dr Timberlane,
our family doctor
and a dear friend of mine.
I'm very happy,
especially for Alan.
I hope he isn't
already regretting the decision.
Farley, our estate manager,
who I hold in very high esteem.
I hope that with you, madam,
the castle will return to its splendour.
And this is my cousin George,
the black sheep of the family.
Don't be fooled
by his harmless looks.
He's a reckless fellow.
I'm happy to see you hitched at last.
I see you're taking it
like a good sport.
Gladys, I wish you happiness.
I'm sure everything
is going to be wonderful.
Be careful, though, he's an old bear.
But I love old bears.
Come here,
let me introduce to you the new maids.
I personally chose them,
one by one.
It's incredible, they all look alike.
Yes, I'm wondering
how we're going to tell them apart.
- What's the matter, Albert?
- You made a mistake.
You shouldn't have married again.
Your sister's been dead
a long time now.
You shouldn't have done it, Alan.
I dedicated myself to her
when she was alive,
but now...
- Now she's dead.
- She died because of you.
She died trying to giving you an heir.
It was a crime.
That's not true and you know it.
Don't think it will end like this, Alan.
Don't hope it will.
If you're worried
about your monthly cheque,
I told Farley
to keep on sending it to you.
You think you can buy everything
with your money.
It's not like that.
Not everything,
but I can buy your conscience any time.
Alan, don't you think it would be best
not to keep that portrait in this room?
My glass of milk...
Where's my glass of milk?
That's strange.
I thought I'd seen it.
That stupid maid forgot it.
I'll go to the kitchen
and get it for you.
- You want it warm, right?
Here's your milk, darling.
All good.
- I was quick, wasn't I?
- You're an angel.
Forgive me if I'm a bit nervous
every now and then.
I hurried back
because there was a maid
in the kitchen.
At this time of night?
You just need
someone to look after you.
I don't want you
to be upset anymore.
You said there was a maid
in the kitchen?
The strange thing is
I'd never seen her before.
You didn't recognise her.
They all look alike.
They're all blonde.
But she had red hair.
That's not possible.
Maybe she's new.
She was wearing the uniform.
Aunt Agatha wouldn't play
a trick like that on me.
What do you mean?
Aunt Agatha knows very well
that I don't want women with red hair
in this house.
It's impossible, Alan.
How can you think
I'd make a mistake like that?
Everything's always been perfect
in this house.
Gladys must have been mistaken.
Were any of you
in the kitchen last night
helping the lady
warm a glass of milk?
Why didn't you prepare
the milk last night?
I did, like I always do.
I took it to the bedroom at nine.
See, Alan? Everything was normal.
You may go.
All right, Auntie.
It's all right.
I hope you believe me.
But I'm sure I saw her.
It wasn't a hallucination.
My darling.
Alan, I'm here.
Alan, I'm waiting for you.
I'm in the garden, Alan.
Alan, I'm here.
Evelyn. Wait for me.
Where are you?
- Come with me.
Where are you, Evelyn?
Come here, Alan.
Yes, Evelyn.
Don't be unfaithful.
Please don't do it.
Don't be unfaithful.
It's understandable
if you think about what he went through.
Yes, I know,
his wife died in childbirth.
But this isn't enough
to explain his strange behaviour.
It's not that simple.
Evelyn wanted a child at all costs,
but it was very dangerous for her.
Then why does Alan
feel guilty about it?
Alan was about to ask for a divorce,
and Evelyn...
She thought the birth of a baby
would have stopped him.
A divorce?
Wasn't he in love with her?
He found out
that she was being unfaithful.
One day he caught her
in the garden with her lover.
Since then Alan hasn't been the same.
It's a big problem.
When he has an attack,
it seems like he sees and hears things.
It's incredible.
No, this is quite normal
with hallucinations.
- Or do you think that...
- No, I don't believe in ghosts.
If that's what you mean.
I sent for you
to ask you something.
Are you absolutely sure
that Lady Evelyn's dead, Doctor?
I personally signed
her death certificate
and I was there when they buried her
in the local cemetery.
What do you want from me now?
You've come into her house,
you've slept in her bed
and now
you're going to violate her grave.
You need to go away.
You don't belong here.
Take my advice
before it's too late.
Lady Cunningham, good evening.
I want to visit the family tomb.
- At this time of night?
- Do you have any objections?
Follow me, please.
- And now open this tomb, please.
- That's not possible.
You must have written permission
from a judge and also from your husband.
- Here it is.
I don't believe it. It's empty.
I don't understand.
The body must have been stolen.
It's obvious.
- This is awful.
- Close it now.
Excuse me, my lady.
Please don't tell anyone about this.
I employed the maids
and I answer for them.
All right, but I don't think that Gladys
imagined this maid with red hair.
She can't have.
Unless Alan's found himself
a lover with red hair
and is keeping her hidden.
Will you stop
talking nonsense, George?
Let's discard that theory.
It could have been Evelyn's ghost.
But why in the kitchen?
Evelyn didn't like cooking.
You want to know what I think?
It's very simple.
It was clearly someone
who wanted to pass unnoticed.
She went into the kitchen
to get hold of a maid's uniform
and when Gladys saw her she had
the presence of mind to play along.
- So she was a thief, then?
- Definitely.
Aunt Agatha, have you checked to see
if anything's missing, like the silverware?
The entire San Marco dinner service.
There's nothing of it left.
As you can see,
it wasn't a stupid idea.
It had been in the Cunningham family
for over 300 years.
- We need to call the police.
- You'll do nothing of the sort.
But we've been robbed.
I'll hire a private detective.
I don't want the police in this house.
And that's final.
If we could find that woman,
Gladys might be able to identify her.
No, a friend of mine
owns a detective agency.
I'll give the case to him.
I don't want any scandal.
Get out of there.
Stop that, Alan.
What are you doing?
Are you mad?
They've found Albert's corpse.
You need to identify him.
Albert's dead?
You don't seem surprised.
Why you were fighting?
My God, Albert's dead.
How did you open the crypt?
How did you do it?
I didn't open it.
Alan, it was already open.
How can you think that I...
It's the truth, I swear.
A woman
couldn't have opened it by herself.
It had been walled up.
This is ridiculous.
- Alan, please calm down.
- It's not possible.
The crypt was open.
If you didn't open it, Gladys,
who did it?
How do you think
it could have happened?
It must have been an accident.
Aunt Agatha loved the foxes,
and in Albert's absence
she tried to feed them herself.
I don't understand why the wheelchair
was outside the cage, though.
How did she get in?
Somebody must have helped her.
But it's unlikely.
Perhaps she found the strength to do it
all by herself. It's possible, after all.
How long had your aunt
been paralysed?
About five years,
but I'm sure she couldn't have left
her wheelchair like that.
Thank you.
You've been very helpful.
- We'll need you to sign the report.
- All right.
There's a storm coming.
I don't like driving in the rain.
I'd rather stay here.
You can stay as long as you want.
Of course.
- You stay too, Richard.
- If you'd like me to.
The garden...
I'm sorry.
- You shouldn't have done it.
- Why, Alan?
You shouldn't have done it.
You knew it would upset me.
I can't control myself anymore.
Who gave you this?
It's just one of my wigs.
I had a collection.
Did you bring any others with you?
I found this one
at the bottom of a suitcase.
I gave the others away.
It's all because of this portrait.
And the things you say,
your behaviour.
So when I found the wig,
I couldn't resist trying it on.
- I just couldn't resist it.
- Destroy it. Destroy it immediately.
All right.
I'll destroy it.
But I don't want to see that portrait
Please, Alan.
Yes, all right.
I'll have it destroyed.
Now, Alan.
I want to do it.
Do it, Gladys.
Of course.
Of course, Inspector.
No, I don't think he had any enemies.
Albert was a very reserved man.
His only passion was hunting.
I hardly saw him, to be honest.
He lived in a cottage in the park.
You're welcome.
Look. It's her.
- Don't be afraid. Calm down.
- No, I'm afraid. Don't leave me.
- I need to go. I need to.
- Don't leave me.
Calm down.
I'll get something to calm you down.
It will do you good.
- Here, it'll make you sleep.
I want you to stay here with me.
- Alan, where are you going?
- Get out of my way.
Where are you going in this rain?
- Alan, don't be silly.
- Let me go.
I'm here.
I'm here.
I'm waiting for you.
- We can move him now.
- How long will the attack last?
I'm afraid that this time
nothing can be done.
How could it have happened,
I told him before, Gladys.
His mental balance
was extremely precarious
and another shock
could have caused permanent damage.
Besides, the fact
that he stole Evelyn's corpse
is proof of the state
he'd been reduced to.
I wanted to take care of him.
Having thus certified the permanent
incapacity of Lord Alan Cunningham,
proven by the medical certificate
signed by Dr Richard Timberlane
and by the witnesses
named by the county court,
the solicitor here present
will now read
the instructions left in his care
by Lord Alan.
Please begin.
"I, the undersigned, etcetera,
"granted that, etcetera,
"in the case
of a permanent mental disability,
"I ask to be taken to Dr Timberlane's
neuropsychiatric institute,
"to which I leave
a legacy of 500,000
"for Dr Timberlane to use
as he sees best.
"I hereby name as sole executor
of my estate my closest male relative,
"Mr George Harriman,
"who will take
the appropriate decisions
"for preserving and developing
the family estate.
"My wife Gladys will enjoy all rights
and benefits derived from the estate.
"To my Aunt Agatha I leave
the property of Somerset Valley,
"and to my brother-in-law Albert
"I leave the foxes and the hunting reserve
in Saunters Point.
"To Mr Farley
I leave a legacy of 100,000
"for his excellent service.
"Read, approved and signed,
- That's all, gentlemen.
Of course we'll need the approval of
the county court, which will take a week.
What are we going to do
about that Dr Timberlane?
He inherited too much money.
Alan's in his hands now.
Alan's out of the way.
In three months
you got your hands on 3 million.
Yes, but I only got benefits.
The estate is yours.
How much stripping did you have to do
to earn 3 million?
And how many clients
did you have to take to bed?
The worst thing for me
was being away from you.
And getting inside that coffin.
Do you think I enjoyed
taking Evelyn's body away
so you could take her place?
- Stop it, George, please.
- You're right.
You're right.
It's late now.
Let's go.
I've got a lovely surprise for you.
- Where have you brought me?
- I've rented this house for us.
It's best if we're not
seen together for a while.
- Is this the surprise?
- No, the surprise is something else.
It's beautiful here.
It makes me feel safe.
Oh, you were never in danger,
I was always looking after you.
Just think about...
those poor girls
that Alan used to take to that room.
- Weren't they scared?
- I expect so.
They couldn't have imagined
that Alan would have killed them.
During his attacks
Alan would lose his mind.
- But let's change the subject.
- It's beautiful here.
- Do you like it?
- It'll be perfect for us.
We need to celebrate.
Bring on the champagne.
This is a very special occasion.
- I'm thirsty.
- We need to celebrate.
Just a moment, darling.
You're the best.
To our happiness.
- To our love.
- Yes, to our love.
- To our future.
- To our future, my love.
Pour me some more.
You were so good
when you disguised yourself as Evelyn.
You were marvellous.
Did you hear that, George?
The girl really is stupid.
It was me you saw
that night in the rain, not him.
You didn't know that.
I risked much more than you
with Alan.
Let me introduce
the lady of the house.
What does all this mean, George?
You tell her, Susan.
It's all over for you.
Didn't you realise?
- Poor stupid girl.
- I never liked strychnine champagne.
What about you, Gladys?
You bastard.
I'll die,
but you won't get away with it.
You'll end your days in prison.
You coward.
George, help me.
You're a coward.
Stab me, Gladys.
Stab me before it's too late.
Come on,
what are you waiting for?
The moment when you've lost
all your strength?
You'll be a corpse very soon, dear.
I've never doubted myself.
I've got everything
I've ever wanted from life.
This is so funny, my little Gladys.
You even saved me
the effort of killing her.
This is the finishing touch
of my plan.
A truly perfect murder.
"A dark and mysterious tragedy
in a house near London.
"Lady Cunningham, a former stripper,
"was found dead
alongside an ex-colleague."
- Nice house.
- Yes, it's not bad.
- When did you buy it?
- Haven't you seen it?
There's a pool too.
Come with me, I'll show you.
You thought you'd done it,
didn't you, George?
I must admit you stage-managed
Alan's madness perfectly.
Gladys and Susan too.
They were an excellent choice, but...
I'm sorry.
I've ruined it all, haven't I?
Is this lighter yours, George?
Alan, I thought that...
- Are you surprised?
Too bad.
You failed.
You're wrong.
- Oh, really?
George, you're in a trap.
There's no point
in trying to be clever.
Help Dr Timberlane.
I'm burning.
I'm burning!