The Night House (2021) Movie Script

[water lapping]
[knocking on dock]
[vehicle approaching]
[vehicle doors opens, closes]
[woman 1] I appreciate it.
[woman 2] I know that
your relatives are scattered.
We'd be happy to come back.
Are you sure you'll be all right?
[woman 1] Yes. I'll be fine.
Thank you.
[woman 2] I fly back to Detroit tonight.
I'll get in late,
but call me if you need to. Anytime.
[woman 1] Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
I'll be okay.
[woman 2] Okay. I know you will.
Take care, sweetheart.
[woman 1] I will. Bye.
[clock ticking softly]
[breathes shakily]
[folk rock song playing on speakers]
[folk rock song continues playing]
[indistinct chatter on video]
[folk rock song continues on video]
[indistinct conversation on video]
[laughs] Yeah.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [laughter]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing shakily]
- [knocks on door]
- [gasps]
- [bangs on door]
- [gasps]
[breathing shakily]
[breathing heavily]
[inhales deeply]
[breathes heavily]
- [alarm ringing]
- [gasps]
[alarm continues ringing]
[breathes heavily]
[car lock beeps]
[metal squeaking]
[knocking on dock]
[breathing heavily]
- [gunshot]
- [gasps]
[woman 1] What we're looking at here
are the EOCT scores.
Now, I'm gonna pick on 10th grade
just a little bit
because you'll see
the biggest difference there.
The yellow line, the mustardy one,
that's two years ago.
The blue is last year.
The pink is this year.
[door slams]
[woman 2 whispers]
Beth is here.
[indistinct whispering]
Give her space.
[woman 1] The pink is this year.
So, what happened?
[woman 3]
Teacher-student ratio.
[woman 1] I know, but class sizes
are what they are. It's statewide.
We can't play the blame game
when we're pulling up the rear...
[Beth] Sorry.
[woman 1 continues, indistinct]
- Hey.
- Hi.
I don't think you had to come.
No one would blame you.
I still have grades to enter.
I'd have done that for you.
All you had to do is ask.
It's all right.
It gives me something to do.
For now, anyway.
[woman 1]
We don't wanna be that school.
You holdin' up?
[woman 1]
I don't want to be that...
Yeah, I'm fine.
Just didn't really sleep well
last night.
Can't believe you slept at all.
Especially there.
[man] We got to show up for them.
[woman 1] Okay. I promised
to give you all a 10-minute break,
so let's go ahead and take that.
Go potty, stretch your legs.
There are more doughnuts in the back,
courtesy of Mountville Baptist Church,
so get you some and be back
by 8:40 though, on the dot-ish.
[breathing heavily]
- [knocks on door]
- [woman] Mrs. Parchin?
[shuts laptop]
- Sorry. I was just, uh...
- [woman] Excuse me. I tried to knock...
We met before.
Um, I'm Hunter's mom.
- Hunter...
- McLaughlin.
He has you second period.
I'm Becky McLaughlin.
- It was a few months ago.
- Right. Of course.
I, uh...
I have so many Hunters this year.
- Oh. How many?
- Hmm?
Students named Hunter do you have?
Mmm, three.
[smacks lips]
Please, have a seat.
I'm sure you know why I'm here.
I checked the website.
Hunter got a C in speech.
Oh, right. I... I think so.
Uh... Let me check.
- [Becky] But that's what it said.
- Mm-hmm.
Let me see here.
Right, yes.
It looks like he didn't do
his last presentation.
He said that you told him
he could make that up.
I did.
Yeah. He, uh... He didn't.
He said he came in last Thursday.
That was the last day of school.
He said that you weren't here.
Yes, I was out for a few days.
It was a... a personal matter.
Well, he told me he was out
the day you presented those projects.
We all have personal matters
to deal with sometimes.
[smacks lips] Okay. Uh...
You know what? Let's just excuse him
from that assignment. [chuckles]
- [punches key]
- There. B.
- [chuckles] That's not what I wanted.
- [chuckles]
Then, uh, what did you want?
Excuse me?
When you came in here,
what did you want?
I want to know why my son...
My husband shot himself
in the head last Thursday.
I hadn't heard.
No, because it's a personal matter.
So, yeah.
Yeah. If you wanna know,
he took the boat out on the lake.
He took a handgun
that I didn't even know that we owned.
And pow! Right in the mouth.
So, which Hunter got what grade
on what high school
elective speech class assignment...
it really doesn't matter
to me right now.
So, you want a B, you got a B.
I... I apologize.
Oh, you want an A?
- All right. Ta-da!
- [pounds key]
A B is fine.
- B it is.
- [taps key]
Anything else I can do for you?
Thank you.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
[footsteps departing]
[footsteps approaching]
- Oh. Hey, Mel.
- [Mel] Hey.
The sky was looking a little mean.
I went and covered the boat for you,
- just in case.
- You didn't have to do that.
Ah, that's a goddamn lie
if I've ever heard one.
- Just paying it back, that's all.
- [latches gate]
You and Owen were a couple
godsends when Shelly passed.
Thank you. [chuckles]
You want me to haul that thing away?
You just say the word.
It's okay. I think I'll leave it.
Sell it with the house.
You thinking about selling?
I mean, he built it,
so I'd hate to leave it, but...
It's peaceful out here,
but it is lonely.
[inhales deeply]
Hey, Mel, were you, uh, shooting
this morning around 7:30 or so?
Didn't hear anything?
There was a gunshot.
I just figured with the weather
getting warmer and snakes and all...
[chuckles] I see a copperhead
near the house,
I'm sure gonna shoot it,
but I didn't today.
You hear it again,
- just give me a shout, okay?
- [sighs]
- Okay, I will.
- Okay.
- I'm gonna get back.
- Mm-hmm.
[Beth on video] So, this is going to be
the office down here,
and, uh,
over here will be the kitchen.
- Or maybe it's here.
- [electronic saw whirring]
[chuckles] And then...
And then over here we have, uh...
[imitates fanfare] ...biceps.
Lots of biceps. [laughs]
So, that is the husband.
Oh, hi, Owen!
How are you doing?
- Are you working? [chuckles]
- [whirring stops]
You know that we're paying people
to do that, right?
- You don't have to do it all yourself.
- Mm-hmm.
[Beth] No, no, don't worry,
I'm not actually filming.
- Mm-hmm? [chuckles]
- [Owen] Mm-hmm.
[Beth] Well,
unless you want me to.
[both laughing on video]
- [Owen] Let me check.
- [Beth] No. Stop. [chuckles]
[Owen] Come here.
[both laugh]
[remote control clicks]
[Beth sighs]
[breathing heavily]
[stereo whirs]
[folk rock playing on speakers]
[breathes shakily]
[folk rock continues playing]
[cell phone chimes]
[music stops]
[Beth breathing shakily]
[line ringing]
[line connects]
[Beth gasps]
[breathes shakily]
Who is this?
[breathes shakily]
[static on phone]
[distorted male voice speaking,
- [distorted male voice on phone] Beth...
- Owen? Is...
- [distorted male voice] I know that you...
- I can't hear you. I can't... [crying]
[distorted male voice]
Yes, you can.
Look out the window.
[breathing shakily]
[breathes shakily]
[sighs, sniffles]
[door rattles]
[car lock beeps]
[woman] What am I looking at?
[Beth] You tell me.
[woman] It's a picture of you.
- [Beth] Is it?
- [woman] Yeah.
I mean, nice blouse.
Look... Look closer.
Is that me?
Yeah, I think so.
I mean, who else would it be?
- That's what I want to know.
- I...
Well, it's either you
or a woman who looks,
like, a lot like you.
Sweetie, I... I think that's you.
Nice blouse, right?
I don't have one like that.
God, Beth.
Don't do this to yourself.
It's you, okay?
And if it's not you, then,
believe me,
there are far worse things
to find on your husband's phone
than fully clothed women
who look exactly like you.
Mmm. Yeah, well,
I guess I was his type.
Please. Owen loved you.
You. He worshipped you.
I... I mean,
from everything you told me,
you didn't really give him
any reason to roam.
I mean, how do you know
he even took those pictures anyway?
He's not here to defend himself
or explain.
A bunch of us are going out tonight
drinking. The whole department.
Well, not Clark, obviously,
but you should come.
Get your mind off things.
We'll see.
Why were you
going through his phone anyway?
That was... That was a really fucking
stupid, insensitive thing to say.
I'm sorry.
I didn't think we had secrets.
[inhales deeply] Everybody has secrets.
Don't let it weigh on you.
Just remember your Owen.
Who you fell in love with.
Because whatever else he was,
he was that, too.
- [woman 1] What's her name?
- Maggie Monroe.
Oh, she'd be my best customer.
She told me I don't have a knack
for teaching anyway.
And she'd know
'cause she's an expert on many things.
Jesus Christ.
[woman 1] So, are we going
to read the book she gave us? [chuckles]
Fuck, no.
I don't need 300 pages to tell me
how to "engage and inspire" my students.
Yeah, just let them
stand up on their desks or whatever.
- [scoffs, chuckles]
- Change their lives.
You okay, B?
Do you guys believe in ghosts?
Uh, ghosts, like, how?
I do. I believe.
- [woman 1] Really?
- Well, I don't not believe.
I think there's something in my house.
[sniffles] Like a... a presence.
- No way.
- I mean, I don't know.
I feel like there's something.
It's like there's something watching me.
And all this weird stuff.
I'm... I'm having these dreams.
I mean,
it feels like they're dreams.
They feel real though
when they're happening.
Like... Like sleep paralysis?
- No.
- Do you know what sleep paralysis is?
Yes, Gary,
I know what sleep paralysis is.
[woman 1] I don't.
[woman 2] It's when your mind's awake,
but your body's not, right?
Did you guys see that documentary...
[Gary] I had this buddy in school
who had it.
It's pretty common to feel like
there's someone in the room
when you're having an episode.
Like a hostile presence.
- What about the opposite?
- Right.
Like a friendly presence?
No. When your body's awake,
but your mind isn't.
But isn't that just sleepwalking?
[Beth] Sure. Sleepwalking.
Could that be contagious?
No. Why?
Owen used to sleepwalk.
I remember that.
A year or two after he built the house,
it just started.
- Now you're doing it?
- [Beth] Yeah.
That's weird.
How long were you married?
Uh... Oh.
[smacks lips] Let me do the math.
- [Beth] Fourteen years.
- [chuckles]
This next one...
This next one would have been 15.
Wow. You were married young.
Little bit. Little bit.
I mean, you spend so much time
in the same space with someone,
it's gonna feel like they're there.
Even when they're not.
But who knows, right?
I mean, who's to say what happens
once we "shuffle off this mortal coil,
what dreams may come"?
[Gary] No.
No Shakespeare until next fall.
Are you really gonna cheer me up
with the suicide soliloquy?
Fuck. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, I didn't...
I'm so sorry.
- I'm joking. I'm joking.
- [Gary chuckles]
- You shouldn't be joking about that.
- Heather.
Did you seriously not know
that anything was wrong?
Gary! Jesus, you guys...
No, I don't mind.
No, I didn't know.
I'm the one who struggled
with that stuff.
Depression. Dark thoughts.
He's the one that kept them at bay.
Maybe it got to him. I don't know.
Maybe I infected him with my bullshit.
- No, no. It... It doesn't work like that.
- [Beth] No?
[Gary sighs]
Did he leave a note?
- I'm sorry.
- [Gary] She wants to talk about it.
I think we're done
with this conversation.
He did.
- Beth...
- [chuckles]
He did.
[Heather] God.
[Beth sniffles]
You keep it in your purse?
Okay. [chuckles]
- [Heather clears throat]
- [sighs]
[clicks tongue]
"You were right.
There is nothing.
Nothing is after you.
You're safe now."
That's it.
That's it?
That's it.
No "XOXO, your loving husband."
What does that mean?
Not a clue. Not a fucking clue.
Other than I was living
with a crazy person and didn't know it.
Makes you wonder though, doesn't it?
What else didn't I know? [chuckles]
I want to know.
Okay. I think that it's time
we get you home.
Sure. I mean,
I wouldn't wanna keep him waiting.
[woman 2] Okay. Let's go.
[Beth] Okay, fine, let's go.
- Good night, guys. Thank you.
- Okay.
Let's go. I got you.
[door slams]
[woman] Wow, you've really made
some progress on the place.
[Beth] Mm-hmm.
You want a brandy?
No, Beth. I don't want a brandy.
And I don't want you to have
one either.
[Beth] Okay.
I don't even like it that much.
Haven't acquired the taste.
Come on, upstairs with you.
No. I'm sleeping here.
Okay. Do you want me to stay?
Mm-mm. You've got kids.
Mmm. It's fine. I could just...
I can call Bob. I told him I was gonna
be out late. I could just call him and...
No. Mm-mmm.
Well, you should come over soon.
For dinner or something.
I'll get Bob to cook for us.
I don't like you here all by yourself.
[Beth chuckles]
I lied.
About the letter.
[laughs] You asshole! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God, you totally has us going.
I thought that was real.
Did you see Gary's face?
It is real. I meant that I lied
about having no idea what it meant.
You know, I...
I died back in Tennessee.
Did I tell you that story?
Seventeen, high school.
Friend was driving,
and we flipped
over the side of a mountain.
Pancaked. [claps hand]
Lungs were crushed.
They had to airlift me out.
Heart stopped. Whole deal.
Four minutes.
Oh, my God.
Afterward, when everyone would ask me
when they found out,
like, "What was it like?
What did you see?"
And I didn't want to disappoint them,
so I'd say...
"I don't know. I don't remember."
But I remember.
Owen was the only person I ever told.
There's nothing.
What do you mean, "Nothing"?
I wish I could tell you something.
A light at the end of the tunnel.
There's just tunnel.
If it's any consolation,
Owen was never convinced.
Yeah, we agreed about most things,
but not that.
Not what comes after.
He wanted to believe in a better place.
And he almost made me believe it, too.
But you can't unknow what you know.
"You were right. There is nothing.
Nothing is after you.
You're safe now."
He told me I was right.
Now I'm not so sure.
He said you were safe.
Safe from what?
I guess we'll never know,
will we, Claire?
Do you really believe in ghosts?
[Claire] No. I was just being nice.
[Beth] Mmm.
You are. You're very, very nice.
Sure you don't want me to stay?
Maybe just till I go to sleep.
[breathes deeply]
- [gasps]
- [distorted male voice] Beth.
- [distorted folk rock playing on radio]
- [pants]
[distorted male voice]
Beth. Wake up.
The door.
[wind chimes ringing]
- [distorted male voice] Beth, wake up.
- [panting]
[music stops]
- [breathing shakily]
- [wind chimes tinkling]
[Beth] Claire?
[distorted male voice]
The door.
You wanna say something?
Talk to me!
[flashlight clicks]
[breathing heavily]
[woman 1 yells, pants]
- [pants]
- [women screams]
Hey! Hey!
[Beth panting]
[woman 2 panting]
- Hey!
- [women whimpering]
- What?
- [whimper]
No! No!
[woman 1 screams]
[breathes shakily]
[distorted male voice]
The boat.
[Beth whimpers]
What... What did you say?
[gasps, grunts]
[breathing heavily]
[distorted male voice]
The boat.
[breathing heavily]
[whimpers, pants]
[wood creaking]
[Beth pants]
[breathes shakily]
[wood creaks]
[whispers] Owen?
Are you really here?
[breathing shakily]
[whispering] If you're with me,
show me.
- [footsteps approaching]
- [wood creaking]
[breathes shakily]
- [wind blows]
- [gasp]
[breathing shakily]
Is that really you?
[water lapping]
[breathes heavily]
[distorted male voice]
It's a dream.
You're dreaming.
[breathes shakily]
[door creaks]
[breathes shakily]
[cell phone clatters]
[tapping key]
[flies buzzing]
[dog panting]
[Mel] What are you doing out here?
Taking a hike?
Uh, no.
No, I'm just, uh, looking for something.
Can I help?
What you looking for?
Uh, a house.
- A house?
- Mm-hmm.
No houses out here.
It's all county forest land.
Can't build on it.
Right. I'm just being silly.
I thought I saw something last night,
like a...
Looked like a light in a window, so...
A house?
Anyway, it's doing me good
to get some air.
So, if you don't mind...
As a matter of fact, I do.
Sorry, what?
You're not well, Beth.
You've been through a lot.
More than you deserve. And for my own
peace of mind, if nothing else,
I'd rather not have you tromping around
out here in the woods on your own.
You should be
with your friends and family.
Do you have anybody?
How about my place for lunch?
- I'll make sandwiches.
- [inhales sharply] Mm-hmm.
Yeah, that sounds nice.
Maybe in a little while though,
[flies buzzing]
Anyone here?
[breathing heavily]
[wood creaks]
- [footsteps]
- [wood creaks]
[Mel] Hold on!
[knocking on door]
- What the fuck is this?
- What?
What the fuck is this?
- How should I know?
- Bullshit.
You were trying
to keep me out of the woods.
- Because I'm worried about you.
- What was he building?
There is a house. Our house. My house.
- Now, what the fuck was he building?
- I don't know. I never saw a house.
I only saw him wandering around
out there in the middle of the night
from time to time.
What? And you didn't tell me?
He asked me not to.
- [doll slams on table]
- Mel.
- [Mel] Look, Beth.
- [sobs]
I don't think you're equipped
to handle this right now.
Oh. [scoffs]
Tell me everything that you know.
I caught him once.
Like I caught you this morning.
Taking that same route around the lake.
[Mel sighs]
He had a woman with him.
I thought it was you, so I called out,
and when she turned...
- It wasn't.
- [sighs] No.
He came by that night pounding
at my door, late, in a real bad way.
Alcohol on his breath, mud on his hands
and clothes like he'd fallen.
And I know how it sounds now,
but I believed every word he said.
And? What did he say?
That he had urges.
Shameful urges...
that he was rightfully ashamed of,
that he was trying to shake.
Said he'd found a way
to keep them at bay.
What kind of urges?
You'll forgive me
if I didn't feel the need to ask.
[inhales deeply]
Look, I...
Don't think
I haven't wrestled with this, okay?
But I swear on Shelly's grave
that I never saw anything
like that again. Ever.
I wanted to tell you so many times...
[sighs] but he just seemed good
after that.
- You both seemed so good.
- [scoffs]
Well, I guess you were wrong.
He left a hole in your life
and you're desperate to fill it.
That's what this is.
Look, if... if...
All I can say is that,
if... if I'm allowed to say anything...
is that you don't need to
fill it with something dark.
You're closer to death
than you've ever been.
Well, that's not exactly true.
[Beth panting]
[sighs, sniffles]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing shakily]
[breathes shakily]
[box clatters]
[Beth breathes heavily]
- [wood creaking]
- [footsteps approaching]
- [thud]
- [creaking stops]
[breathes heavily]
[sniffles, sighs]
[breathes deeply]
[wood creaks]
- [creaks]
- [gasps]
Come back.
[pants] Come back.
[car lock beeps]
[car door closes]
[bell tinkles]
[door closes]
Just one sec.
I'm not actually buying these.
I just have a quick question.
My husband bought these,
and I'm just wondering if you could
tell me whether he bought anything else,
or whether he had something on hold?
Something like that?
Um, we don't really keep records
like that.
Okay. Could you tell me when?
When he bought these?
Maybe you have an inventory?
- Not like that.
- Right.
Could you tell me other books
by this author?
[clicks tongue]
- Let's see...
- [Beth clears throat]
It's Dyson.
Think you probably want Sturgis,
but okay...
[Beth] Hi.
You work here?
I do.
Can I help you with anything?
I'm Beth.
Beth Parchin.
[Beth] I think you knew my husband.
- No, I don't...
- [Beth] Owen. Owen Parchin.
- [Madelyne clears throat]
- There are pictures of you on his phone.
It's all right. You don't have to
call for help. I'm not gonna...
I mean... [sighs]
the matter's been resolved, I guess.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
He's dead.
What? [breathes shakily]
Suicide. [imitates gunshot]
Oh, my God. I...
Just in case
you had any dates planned, or...
Mm-mmm. It... It wasn't like that.
Oh. Well, then would you mind telling me
what it was like?
S... Sure. Um...
He came in a few times every year...
and he was always friendly.
We flirted some,
and he started coming more after that.
We had a few drinks, and that was it.
[swallows] Take your hair down.
- What?
- [Beth] Your hair. Ponytail.
Lose it. Take it down.
[Madelyne] Why?
Well, because you slept with my husband,
and I'm asking you nicely.
I didn't...
[inhales deeply]
I didn't sleep with him.
Honestly, I barely knew him.
[TV playing, indistinct]
[Beth] She said
she barely fucking knew him.
- [Claire] What did you say?
- Same. I said, "Same here, kid."
Do you believe her?
What? About them not fucking?
I do.
Well, that's something.
Nothing good.
I mean, fucking, I get.
Fucking makes sense.
There were others.
Our neighbor saw him with someone.
- Really?
- Yes.
And I looked on his computer,
and there are tons of pictures,
like half a dozen women.
They all look a little bit like me,
but not quite.
So if he wasn't fucking them,
what the hell was he doing?
[stove turns on]
I... I had this dream the other night.
It was our house, but not.
It was backwards.
And I saw him with someone...
Stop. Stop it.
Stop going through his stuff.
Nothing you find
is gonna help you right now.
Am I not being clear?
He had a secret life.
Are you really gonna stand there
and lecture me
about his posthumous right to privacy?
[Claire] I understand
you're experiencing these things,
but I'm worried about you.
Maybe take a step back.
[sighs] I don't know.
[Beth breathes deeply]
I felt him.
I felt my husband.
"You were right. There's nothing."
Why would he say there's nothing?
He didn't believe that.
[Claire] Beliefs change.
Look at you. [chuckles]
You're the most skeptical person I know,
and here you are, telling me
that your house is haunted.
[Claire chuckles]
Yeah, I mean, [clears throat]
when you put it like that,
it does sound kinda silly.
Don't go home.
Get away from the lake for a while.
You can stay here, even.
You can stay as long as you want.
It's not finished.
[Claire sighs]
Not everything gets finished.
You may never know
what he was thinking.
He's gone. You're not.
You still have a life to live.
No, you're right.
I could use the distance.
[inhales deeply] I'll go pack
a few more things. Get a bag.
Book into a room for a couple nights.
I can't tell if you're being serious.
I am.
And you've made some excellent points.
I love you.
Just call me later, okay?
[Beth] I will.
[car lock beeps]
- [car door closes]
- [engine starts]
I'm leaving.
Tonight, I guess.
So if you've got something to say to me,
you better say it now.
You hear me?
[sighs] Motherfucker. [scoffs]
[knocks on door]
[breathes heavily]
I... I didn't think you were home.
I'm home.
I don't think I should be here.
How did you know where to go?
Well, I've been here before.
I probably should have told you earlier
at the bookstore,
but, uh, honestly,
you freaked me out a little. [chuckles]
[Beth] Sorry about that.
No, I... I get it. Totally.
I probably
would have done the same thing.
It's funny, really,
I laid down for a minute after work,
and I had this dream.
I dreamed I was you.
Well, I was me,
but I was you, too,
and something was chasing you,
and it was all around you.
Well, us.
Well, did it get us?
I'm not sure. That's when I woke up.
Afterwards, I couldn't stop
thinking about you.
And I figured
there's something you should know.
Stuff that happened.
I told you
I didn't sleep with your husband.
Yeah, you can use his name.
He wasn't "my husband" to you.
Well, I meant it.
I didn't sleep with him.
But I... I would have.
I thought we would, but...
He came by one afternoon
after I was getting off,
and he invited me here,
like a... like a day trip.
And normally, I wouldn't have gone,
but he was smart and... and sweet, and...
I don't know. I just kind of felt safe
with him, you know?
- I do.
- [Madelyne] Right.
So, yeah, um, he took me here
and, uh, we had a drink.
[inhales deeply]
We walked to the lake,
and he showed me the other house...
Wait. You've seen it?
Well, it's not much to see,
but he was really proud of it, though.
I mean, giddy, almost.
Showing me around from room to room.
And then, he showed me
this weird statue,
and he asked me to hold it.
And you did?
What exactly did he do to you?
[Madelyne] Nothing.
He held me...
sort of.
He put his chin on my shoulder and...
Look, I know it sounds weird
saying it out loud,
but at the time,
it... it felt really nice.
Having someone close to you.
- Feeling them there.
- [Beth] Mmm.
I... I felt him shake.
And he was crying a little,
and I... I didn't know what to do.
What did he do to you?
I kissed him. He kissed me back and...
It was very sweet at first.
So, I... I...
didn't stop him
when he put his hands on my back.
And I didn't stop him
when he put his hands on my neck.
Until he started squeezing.
Oh, my God.
I probably misread him, you know?
I just...
Everybody has a different barometer
for that kind of thing.
Did he hurt you?
God, no! [stammers]
I asked him to stop, and he stopped.
But do you think he would have?
[Madelyne] But he didn't.
He drove me home.
He said it was his fault, not mine.
That he was tired and confused,
and he didn't know what was him,
and it wasn't working anymore.
He was afraid he couldn't hold it back.
Hold what back?
[Madelyne] I don't know exactly.
But in the end,
he said he knew what he had to do.
He had to end it for good.
Look, I just wanted to tell you
he clearly felt guilty
about cheating on you.
That's what he was talking about, right?
[thunder rumbling]
[car door closes]
[engine starts]
- [bottle clinks]
- [liquid pours]
We need to talk.
I'm not leaving until we do.
You called. I came.
Don't you wanna talk to me?
[sighs] You talked to her.
I'm here. [singsongy]
I'm still here.
[singsongy] Wherever you are...
come and get me. [chuckles]
Just come get me!
[pants, laughs]
[pants, laughs]
Okay. [chuckles]
[breathes heavily]
[grunts, pants]
[grunts, pants]
Fucking... [panting]
[breathes heavily]
[breathing shakily]
Okay. Okay. Come on.
[female voice]
Fuck! not available.
At the tone, please record your message.
I'm sorry.
Hey, it's, uh... it's late. [groans]
And, uh...
[breathes heavily]
I should have listened to you.
I did something that I shouldn't have.
I went across the lake,
and I... and I saw something.
I saw something so...
[inhales deeply]
I don't even know if it's real or not.
I know my husband.
I know who he is.
And I refuse to believe
that he... he would have...
[inhales sharply] I don't know.
[breathes shakily]
I wish that you were here.
[breathes heavily]
I wish that it were morning.
[breathes heavily]
[breathing heavily]
[folk rock playing on speakers]
[music stops]
[whimpers] No.
Stop it.
[breathes shakily]
[crying] Where are you?
I just...
I don't understand.
Please come back.
[crying] Oh, God.
I miss you so much.
[breathing shakily]
[glass squeaks]
[breathes shakily]
[water dripping]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
[breathes shakily]
Is this real?
Are you really here?
[breathing shakily]
[breathes shakily]
Hold me. Hold me.
You're really here?
- [distorted male voice] Yes.
- [gasps]
[distorted male voice]
I'm here.
[breathing heavily]
[breathes heavily]
[distorted male voice]
I'm not Owen.
[whispers] Fuck. Fuck.
[glass shatters]
[door rattles]
[door thuds]
[woman panting]
[both gasp]
- [woman screams]
- [grunts]
- [gasps]
- [woman whimpering]
[woman pants]
- [woman whimpering]
- [Owen grunts]
[whispers] No, stop it.
- [woman grunts, pants]
- [Owen grunts]
[woman pants]
[both grunting]
- [woman yelps]
- [gasps]
[woman whimpers]
[Owen breathing heavily]
[woman cries]
[both grunt]
[breathing heavily, distorted]
[glass cracks]
[pants, distorted]
[groans, distorted]
[breathing heavily, distorted]
[whispers] Hide.
[Beth] What?
[woman whimpers]
[Owen grunting]
[Owen grunting]
[Owen breathing heavily]
[footsteps approach]
[breathes heavily]
[door creaks]
- [creaking continues]
- [breathes heavily]
[creaking stops]
[breathing heavily]
[door creaks]
- [woman screams]
- [Owen grunts]
- [woman screams, muffled]
- [Beth grunting]
[Owen sobs]
[Beth] Owen?
[breathes heavily]
[breathes heavily]
["O Holy Night" playing
on speakers, softly]
[Beth breathing heavily]
[whispers] You left.
The night we met.
[breathes heavily]
You're not Owen.
I'm what you felt
when your heart stopped.
No. I felt...
[male voice] Nothing.
Do you remember?
[breathes heavily]
[male voice] You saw me.
And I've been with you ever since.
What did you do to my husband?
[distorted male voice]
I went to him.
I whispered in his ear
over and over.
To send you back.
[breathes heavily]
But he wouldn't.
He sent me them instead.
He tricked you.
For a while.
[breathing heavily]
[gasps, grunts]
[breathes heavily]
[whispers] Shit.
- [distorted male voice] Stop.
- [gasps, whimpers]
- [distorted male voice] Don't fight.
- [whimpers]
- [Beth grunts]
- [distorted male voice] Beth.
[groaning, choking]
[stops choking]
[vehicle approaching]
Beth, are you here?
[Claire] I'm coming up.
[Claire] Beth!
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
Where is he?
[Beth breathing shakily]
But you already knew that.
[breathing heavily]
What the fuck?
Oh, my God.
[breathing shakily]
[breathing shakily]
[male voice]
He thought he could protect you.
He was wrong.
You were right.
[male voice] There is nothing.
There is only me.
Come back to me.
[Beth breathes shakily]
[Claire echoes]
[Beth breathing shakily]
It doesn't matter.
Let go.
Come back to me.
[Beth sighs]
[Claire] Beth! [pants]
Oh, my God.
[Claire grunts]
[Mel pants]
[Claire] I'm right here.
- Keep your head up. This way.
- [Beth pants, grunts]
[Both grunting]
[Mel grunts]
[Beth gasping]
Is she okay?
I don't know.
- What happened?
- I don't know.
[Beth gasping]
I don't know. [sobs]
Beth? Are you here?
Are you here?
[Beth grunts]
I'm here. I'm here.
[sighs, laughs]
I'm here.
[Claire] I got you.
I'm here.
[both panting]
[Beth sobs]
[Claire] I got you. I got you.
I'm right here. I'm here.
[both panting]
[Claire] Just breathe.
You're safe now.
You're okay. You're gonna be okay.
[Both panting]
[Mel] What is it?
There's nothing there.
[Beth breathing shakily]
[Beth] I know.