The Night of the Beast (2020) Movie Script

Fifty. Seventy.
One hundred and twenty...
And twenty to insure them.
I can lend you, if you need.
I already owe you a lot.
Dude, it's Maiden.
Buy them with insurance.
The Beast in Bogot!
How much if I hit someone
with my spit?
The wind will blow your spit away.
Fucking kids!
February 28, Bogot, Colombia.
Some guys asked us how much would
we charge them for letting them in.
Nothing, nothing we say.
Being here is priceless.
Six days,
suffering from cold and heat.
The world knows that Colombia
has a very serious social problem.
But here, the metal music is alive.
This is the main dream
of every rocker here in Colombia.
I think I'm gonna cry there.
I'm very emotional,
but I think I'm gonna cry
there because...
I grew up listening to Iron Maiden.
Fuck Vargas, you almost give me
a heart attack!
Where are you going?
Maiden plays today.
Eddie wouldn't like it
if we went to school.
Are you coming, or not?
Move your ass Chuki, I'm late!
It's Vale.
She's gonna be pissed.
Now what?
I thought you had a plan.
Any place is better than that
shit hole of a school.
Should we head
to the Simon Bolivar Park?
The show begins at six.
We're going to be wasting our
time like idiots.
Vargas, what do you want?
-Hey Mario.
-Same as always?
-Yes, please.
And for this idiot?
Coffee and cheesy bread?
-Coffee and cheesy bread.
Look. You have to find an excuse
to spend time with her
and, in between jokes,
you steal a kiss.
That's how you pick up girls?
And with pretty words.
How do I know if she wants
to be kissed?
She'll brush her hair behind her ear.
It's a universal sign.
-Where did you read that?
-I didn't read it, I know it.
Turn it off, turn it off.
She always leaves the door open.
Your mom is a hottie.
You have to be adopted.
What's that?
We made a deal:
I hang baby Jesus.
And she lets me keep the posters.
Blood for the Blood God.
I told you to lose weight.
But you don't listen!
-It's your fault!
Who broke the bed?
Stop it, asshole!
What a dick.
"Spiritual Battle"
Poor Chuki.
"Steppenwolf" by Herman Hesse.
The asphalt mirror...
Only for the crazy.
Not for the faint of heart.
Not for the faint of heart.
You two are cute.
You can borrow it
from my mom any time.
Not in the eye.
I still don't understand
why you have a TV that doesn't work.
My mom says it's dcor.
I don't know.
Its a cool book, isn't it?
"I stood for a moment on the scent,
smelling this shrill
and blood-raw music...
Sniffing the atmosphere
of the hall angrily.
One half of this music, the melody, was
all pomade and sugar and sentimentality.
The other half was savage,
temperamental and vigorous.
Yet the two went artlessly
well together and made a whole.
It was the music of decline."
He's talking about metal.
No dumbass, of jazz.
Metal was born in the seventies.
It may be about jazz,
but that Hesse is a metalhead at heart.
Miss Matilde!
-Who is it?
She has dementia or something.
Dear Mario, you came to visit me?
And you brought company!
Come in, come in.
Let me help you.
Thank you dear.
It's good to see you Doa Matilde,
I'll come visit another day, ok?
But you just got here.
Don't worry, I'll visit next week.
I have the cookies you like.
So good.
What happened?
You finished them all?
They are so good.
You are going to give a concert?
-No, we aren't going to give a concert.
-We are going to see a British band.
The best band in the world.
Oh, I know of a very good band.
-Which one?
A band that my mother had,
she wore it around here to go to church.
She wore a band that said,
Holy Virgin Mary.
Passionate ballads, the perfect harmony
between poetry and music.
-He's not here.
Yes he is.
One more to wake him up.
Francisco, Chuki.
Shouldn't you be at school?
Come in.
-Going to Maiden?
-That's the plan.
The best concert of our lives.
Of your life?
Of my life!
I've been waiting for them...
...since before you were born.
We know. You've been listening to Maiden
since Paul Di'Anno was the vocalist.
Yes sir.
Hey, you have this on CD?
I have it somewhere around here.
Check it out.
It was January 11th, 1985.
Shut up.
Don't you like the story?!
It was the first time that
the beast came to South America.
To the biggest festival in Latin America,
Rock in Rio.
Maiden, here.
Your father still had hair.
The infamous black amber mane.
Like Ozzy's.
Like that!
We stole 'Blood', Vargas' mom's car.
We packed beer, sugar cane and...
Then we took off to see Maiden.
And because your dad was
so damned pretty,
the girls would line up for him.
A whole week like that.
Drinking, sleeping in the street,
sleeping in the car.
Sometimes with the women
your dad picked up...
But, because of all the partying,
we took a wrong turn.
-What happened?
-They never made it to Rio.
We didn't make it,
but we made it to Mocoa.
Imagine that.
Where we drank Yah with your dad.
It was an amazing trip.
Because we talked to the gods... and
I saw how your dad turned into a lion.
I looked at my hands.
And I turned into a wolf.
I collapsed on the ground.
And I felt the earth breathing.
we never made it to see Maiden.
We drove back to Bogot, pissed.
-Are you open?
-No, man.
So, Bruce Dickinson, 23 years ago...
How much for the Iron Maiden shirt.
who was Maiden's first vocalist?
Dave Mustane!
Fuck off!
Well thanks, old douche.
Get out.
You're just like my dad, bitter.
That's why you didn't make it to Ro.
We're going to head out.
See you later.
Tell your Dad I said hi,
that he should visit.
-We'll keep in touch.
-Bye, Calaverin.
-Bye, Chuki.
How much would you give me
for this ring.
I think could be...
I could give you
one hundred thousand pesos.
Well, it has an emotional value.
You don't want to let it go.
Could you give me a little bit more?
How about a hundred and twenty?
Yeah... thanks.
What happened?
What's wrong with your mom?
I don't know.
She cries, sometimes.
I think my dad has been calling.
He's an asshole.
You know you don't have
to pay me back.
Was it your mom's?
I wanted to have some cash today.
I don't want to owe you anymore.
And you need to stop stealing
from your mom, that's not cool.
You should go back to school,
before they kick you out.
How can you understand this shit?
The crosses are for drums
and the exes are for cymbals.
This is useless.
I also take lessons.
Lessons at your mom's church
don't count.
Let's bet that I'm a better drummer
than you are.
You don't know how to play.
A chocolate?
A picture of your mom.
Hi Chuki!
What's up, Vargas?
How you doing?
All good. I came to kick his ass on
the drums. How's your band doing?
Great, we have a show coming up,
you guys should go.
Beat that motherfucker!
I haven't been able
to learn 'Angel of Death',
but I can play 'One'
without getting too tired.
I can teach you if you want.
The drums are for pussies.
What I want to learn is to play guitar.
Portnoy is turning in his grave.
Dreamtheater is for assholes.
Speaking of the devil.
You answer.
-Hi, Vale!
Put Francisco on the phone.
Put Francisco on the phone!
Did you take your chill pills?
Did you do your stress aerobics?
Put Francisco on the phone,
Put Francisco on the phone,
Ok, ok.
She is pissed.
Hi Vale, how are you?
-Why don't you answer the phone?
-Yeah, Vale, forgive me.
Chuki didn't want to lend me his phone.
-So now he is your girlfriend, or what?
-You know how he gets.
Yeah, he's stupid.
You're unveliable.
Fucking asshole!
What did you say?
-It's none of your business.
-Are you talking to me? Stand up?
-Ok, ok, chill.
-Chill? Asshole! Chill?
What are you saying?
I wasn't talking to you!
-Ok, ok what's going on?!
-What's up with you!
Why are you running?
Are you going to cut me?
Why are you running?
That's how you handle things,
isn't it?
-Why did you let him punch you?
-Vargas nothing happened.
No, no, nothing happened.
Only that an asshole punched you
in the face.
How much do I owe you?
-My mom is going to kill me.
-Let me see.
Let me see!
Just tell her that a frat boy
punched you for no good reason.
Vargas a frat boy punched me
for no reason.
See, you don't even have
to lie to her.
It's for you.
What's up mom?
-Why don't you answer your phone?
-I was in class.
Ok, who are you with?
With Vargas.
-Yeah, with Francisco.
-Are your going to be home early?
-No, we are going to the movies.
-At what time will you be home?
-I don't know yet, I'll call you.
I love you.
Call me and be careful.
-I love you, too.
Why do you carry a knife?
Because you never know when a madman
can come at you with a weapon.
You are the madman with a weapon.
Don't be nave.
It's to defend ourselves.
From what?
The thief takes the knife and stabs us.
Stop victimizing yourself.
That's why any jackass can kick your ass.
We should go do the line. I heard there's
people camping outside the venue.
-Let's walk, that's good for you.
-Fuck off.
-I swear I can hear it.
The ghostly train of the savanna.
Lay down, listen to me.
Close your eyes.
You see?
Could it be the bus service?
It's the train Chuki.
Chuki, Chuki, look.
Be careful, idiot.
When I tell you to run, you run.
-I have nothing.
-Give it up, fatty.
-I have nothing, I don't.
-What else do you have?
Nothing, I have nothing.
-I have nothing.
-Search him, search him.
-What's this?
-This shit doesn't work.
Give us everything, fatty.
Ok. Ok. Ok..
E-E-R-O-N M-A-I-D-E-N.
If you try to do something,
I'll fuck you up, no looking at us.
Looking that way, do it!
You insured the tickets, right?
Vargas, you insured them?
Those tickets were insured.
What did you do with the money,
What did you do with the money,
I gave you the money!
What did you do
with the fucking money?
They were going to cut off our water
and electricity.
-Your deadbeat dad drank it all, right?
-Take it back, fat fuck.
You betray me and then lie
to me?
At least I don't steal
from my mom.
You don't steal from your mom
because she's dead.
-What did you say?
-Your fucking mom is dead.
Say it again! Say it again!
What's up, Chuki.
-Shouldn't you be working?
I like your smile.
It's honest.
Few people have an honest smile.
My boyfriend says the same thing.
Have you been together long?
No, two months.
Is he hot?
Why do you ask that?
I don't know.
Yeah. I think he is.
Then, he isn't.
Excuse me?
Well, you thought about it,
it means he's ugly.
-He is very cute and smart.
I'll be back.
We'll see you there? Or what?
I'll be there.
See you later.
Bye Cala.
What time do you close?
-Save me a spot in the line.
-I'm closing in twenty minutes.
Let's go, let's go.
See you later.
Look at the mess they left.
Francisco, what's up?
What's up Cala?
What happened?
I got into a fight with Chuki.
Chuki has a heavy hand.
-But why?
-Because we got mugged.
For real?
What did they take?
Our tickets.
You're fucking with me.
Are you all right bro?
Yeah well...
Fuck, my T-shirt.
Let me see.
What happened?
I was on my way to the best concert
of my life. But now I'm not.
You don't have a ticket?
Why don't you buy another one?
There's always scalpers outside.
Do you need anything? Money?
Are you hungry?
A spare ticket.
I swear that if I had it
I would give it to you.
Don't fight with Chuki.
Music will always be there.
Friendships should be valued.
With your dad we listened
to Judas, Maiden!
The Stones, Zepellin...
We were there for each other.
In good and bad times.
And like any relationship,
there are problems.
But we got through them.
You know?
I know that Maiden will come back.
In thirty years.
You're just like your dad.
But you have your mother's heart.
Our scene is unique brothers.
Feel it.
The cops, the shit, the
inconformity of this scene.
Feel it brothers. Feel it.
We are many metalheads, punks,
We are going into the park
and we are going to prove that our
scene is unique and true.
That the scene is pure metal.
Dude, you know where
I can find tickets?
-How much?
-No, I'm looking for one.
Do you have tickets?
I sell tickets.
I sell tickets.
I sell tickets.
-Do you need tickets?
-Yes, please!
General seating is in five hundred
and VIP a million...
Five hundred.
Tickets, tickets.
-Two ninety.
I have two ninety.
It's five hundred, five hundred.
Tickets, tickets, I sell tickets.
-One please.
-Sell it for two ninety, please.
-No, no.
-How much?
-Five hundred, general.
-Four eighty.
-Do you have the money or not?
-So get the fuck out!
-Five hundred, five hundred.
-Okay, five hundred.
Thanks dude.
-What happened to your eye?
Chuki? Seriously?
You don't have to be such
an asshole.
I know that right now nothing
is easy.
But I don't have to take
your shit anymore.
Are we together or aren't we?
Maiden is not even that good.
Don Omar is better.
When are you going back to school?
I'm serious.
Don't ruin the rest of my day.
That's what couples do,
ruin each other's days.
Where are we going?
People say Jupiter is a failed star.
It has the same composition as
the sun but it needs to be bigger.
Which one is it?
That one.
On the left.
It's a little big bigger than the rest.
How do you know?
I used to come here with my mom.
She loved Jupiter.
Because of the mythology.
Why are you like this?
You have to stop being so silly.
You are silly.
Thanks for inviting me.
You're welcome.
-Give me a hand?
-Help for what?
Stay still.
I don't know
what's so hard about strapping a bra.
I know how to take them off,
not put them on.
-Why are you hitting me?
-Shut up!
What if you listen to the concert
from outside?
It's not the same.
Don't be silly Francisco.
At least you'll be there,
feeling Iron Maiden's satanic energy.
-I don't want your money.
For a cab.
You can drop me off on the way.
So we stole his girlfriend's car.
Without telling her anything.
We made some sandwiches
and took off to Rio.
We were driving down to see Maiden!
You know how much I love Maiden.
Thief! Thief!
Stop him! Stop him!
Where are my tickets, motherfucker?
-I ain't got nothing.
-Search this piece of shit.
I don't have anything else.
-What do we do?
-Get the fuck out!
-You ok?
-Yeah, I'm good.
Be careful.
To have to work for your tickets,
and then...
What's up?
That was it? Chaos and violence?
It's Maiden.
It could be worse.
What song are they playing?
Not sure. Run to the hills?
The Trooper!
Cala! Cala!
There comes Vargas.
What's up?
These assholes aren't letting
anyone in.
Not even with a ticket.
Shit munchers.
A friend told me that there
is a hole in one of the gates
Maybe we can sneak in.
What's up Cala.
Ten bucks, bro.
What's up bro.
Hey dude!
-Ten bucks, bro.
All good, all good.
You pay it then.
Go, go.
Go, go.
Scream for me Bogot!
Scream for me Bogot!
What are you doing?
Run Cala!
Run to Maiden!
Run to Maiden!
Run to Maiden!
Go to Maiden!
Calm down!
When my dad finds out that
Cala finally made it to Maiden
he's going to kill himself.
Shut up.
Let me see your ID's.
We were mugged.
They took everything.
My dad is drunk,
so he is not going to pick up.
If you call his mom...
You're going to get an hour long lecture
about Baby Jesus.
We already missed Maiden.
Isn't that enough punishment?
Are you going to leave us like this?
That's why nobody likes cops.
Now what?
-I have to pee.
-Me too.
It's gonna be awkward.
It's hurting me.
-The thing.
Stay still.
Fuck, doing this with one
hand is hard.
-Where did you get the money from?
You are unbelievable.
Let's not litter.
I think you need it more than I do.
I'm the madman with the weapon!
Hopefully we won't have
to wait thirty years.
Don't worry, they'll be back.
To Bogot?
Bogot is cool.
And blessed is the fruit
of your womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, mother...
...of God.
Pray for us sinners now
and at the time of our death.
Holy Mary, full of grace...
I almost saw Maiden today
with Chuki.
But our tickets got stolen.
We helped Cala get in.
At least one of you made it.
I also miss Mom.
We are outside Maiden's concert
in Bogot, which just finished.
What an awesome show!
We are here with our friend Cala,
how do you feel?
Maiden is the best band in the world!
Vargas and Chuki, I love you both!
Thank you!
Long live Maiden! They will be back.
Those motherfuckers will be back.
And for all the metalheads out there,
we're going to replay the entire
set Maiden played tonight.
Fear of the Dark, I have a constant fear
that something's always near...
Fear of the Dark.
I know it's not the same, but...
-What is it?
-Listen to it.
The night of the beast.
Our Amazonian story.
What's up kids, how was Maiden?
We never made it.
Hopefully they'll come back.
You look terrible.
You know I love you?
I know.
-They played Aces High!
In Memoriam Gustavo Arenas
'Dr. Rock' & Martha Ins Correa.
A heartfelt thank you to Iron Maiden,
Dave Shack, Delphine Nizet
and everyone
at Phantom Music Management.
You've helped us make
this dream come true.
This film is dedicated to Iron Maiden,
the best band in the world.