The Night Walker (1964) Movie Script

What are dreams?
What do they mean?
What do you know
about the secret world
you visit when you sleep?
Strange figures.
Strange faces.
Creatures that haunt
our nightmares.
Sometimes we watch them,
and sometimes they watch us.
Did you ever dream
of being stared at?
Pursued by evil eyes,
with no escape.
No place to hide.
Have you ever dreamed
that you were flying?
Flying into strange places,
far beyond the worlds we know.
Yes, that's it.
Fly, fly.
Maybe you can get away
after all.
Fly, fly.
No, there's no escape.
Now you're falling, falling.
And they say if you ever
complete that fall in a dream...
you'll be dead.
Yes, there's death
in your dreams too.
Death and blood.
And the realm beyond death,
the realm of eternity.
Do your dreams
foretell the future?
Men have always sought
to understand
the language
of your sleeping mind.
Once they were called
fortune tellers.
Today we have psychologists,
but the dreams
are always the same.
Full of meaning,
and menace and mystery.
When you dream
you wander into another world,
where everything is strange
and terrifying.
A world that exists
only at night.
When you dream,
you become
a night walker.
I like this moment.
I love you.
Please, darling.
Hold me. Hold me close.
I need you. I love you.
Oh please, darling,
don't ever leave me.
I need you.
I love you so much.
I love you.
Hold me close.
- Mr. Trent.
- Good evening, Barry.
- Little brandy?
- No, thank you.
I'll have one.
- I'll pour it for you, sir.
- I'm not helpless, yet.
- What do you look like, Barry?
- What do you mean?
You're quite tall.
About six feet, blue eyes,
hair, black.
Good looking,
very attractive to women.
Am I right?
Is that why it was so important
to see me here this evening?
You forget, I can't see you.
- I'm sorry, sir.
- So am I.
That's the reason
I asked you the question.
What are you getting at?
You're quite
a romantic fellow, Barry.
You'll probably appreciate this.
Where are you darling?
I know you're near me.
I see you wherever I go.
I've had to create
a new world for myself.
A world of sounds.
Oh darling,
you don't know...
It's Irene's voice.
Sounds as if she's talking
in her sleep.
- Yes, hold me...
- Exactly.
Hold me tight...
I hid the tape recorder
in the bedroom.
I love you...
I record everything on tape.
Our conversation, for example.
It's quite touching, isn't it?
I wonder whom my wife,
could be dreaming of.
Someone quite tall.
About six feet, blue eyes.
Good looking,
attractive to women.
You think I'm right, Barry.
Has it ever occurred to you
she was just dreaming?
Same dream, night after night.
Have a drink with me, Barry.
To your health, and mine.
I think my wife is having
an affair with another man.
That's not possible.
How could there be another man,
Irene never leaves this house.
So there must be someone
who comes here.
But you don't entertain.
you don't have visitors.
Nobody comes here except--
Go on, Barry.
Now wait a minute, Mr. Trent.
I scarcely know your wife.
I've only seen her a few times.
You seemed to know her
well enough.
You called her
by her first name just now.
All I really know
about Mrs. Trent
is that she appears
to be a wonderful woman
who is dedicated
to your welfare.
Appears to be.
You've just heard what I hear,
night after night.
Is she just dreaming, Barry?
Or is there another man?
We must be sure. Mustn't we?
Now I have work to do.
Important work.
You and I have no secrets,
do we?
You're not only my attorney,
but my friend.
- I trust you, Barry--
- Step.
Just as I do my wife.
See you soon, Barry.
Just a figure of speech.
Barry, in here.
Thank you for not telling Howard
I was listening at the door.
My husband is a very sick man.
I'm sure you realize this
after his conversation.
We must take
very good care of him.
My job is to handle
his legal interests, Mrs. Trent.
And he pays you well for that,
doesn't he?
Yes, you married
a very rich man.
Would you believe it,
if I told you
that money
wasn't the real reason?
No I wouldn't.
And believe what you please,
I couldn't care less.
But let's get
one thing straight.
You call yourself a lawyer,
alright, where's your evidence?
Would you convict me
of cheating on my husband
just because I talk in my sleep?
Who is the other man,
Mrs. Trent?
Don't you know,
he just told you.
It's you, Barry,
you're the other man.
The two of us
are having an affair.
- This is ridiculous.
- Is it?
My husband doesn't think so.
You're the only man
that ever comes here.
The only man I ever see.
Isn't this romantic?
We're here together.
Just the two of us.
Alone, late at night.
Do you want to kiss me darling?
Oh, I am embarrassed.
I am so sorry.
But don't you see...
that's what he believes.
Everything I do
is under suspicion,
night and day,
even when I am asleep.
Barry, do you ever
have any dreams?
- Yes, of course, why?
- Every night?
- No, not every night.
- Well, I do.
Night after night, I keep
dreaming of this young man,
someone I don't even know.
- An imaginary lover?
- Who else could it be?
At first I--
I never saw his face.
At first?
And one night I dreamed I...
I saw him in my window
staring at me.
He smiled.
And for the first time
I saw his face.
The next night I dreamed again.
He was standing in the street.
I could actually swear
he was there.
Dreams can seem very real.
You know, Barry...
he looked a little bit like you.
At least you and your husband
agree on that point, Mrs. Trent.
If I can be of any further help,
Mrs. Trent.
Thanks, that won't be
necessary now.
Good night, Barry.
Were you restless darling?
Planning to go out?
At this hour, of course not.
But you're dressed.
Are you wondering
how I know that?
I heard you walking just now.
You're wearing heels.
And I could hear the rustling
sound of your suit.
The beige one, isn't it?
You're very observant, Howard.
It's only
because I love you, darling.
I'm interested in everything
you do and everyone you see.
Howard, it's late,
I wanna go back to be--
Of course, my dear,
you might as well.
Since I seemed to have spoiled
your plans for the evening.
I don't have any plans.
But he did, didn't he?
Oh, Howard,
we both need our rest.
How long do you think it's been
since I've had any rest?
Knowing that the two of you
are meeting behind my back.
I don't know
what you are talking about.
Oh yes, you do! Who is he?
Come with the truth.
There is a man, isn't there?
- Isn't there?
- Yes.
Yes, I do have a lover.
He comes to me every night.
He holds me in his arms.
He's young, handsome and tender.
He's everything I always wanted,
everything you're not.
Who is he? Tell me his name!
I wish to God I could,
but he has no name,
he's only a dream.
- You're lying. Lying!
- Only to myself,
only when I'm asleep.
I'm trying to pretend
that I lead a normal life
with someone who loves me.
Don't you understand?
I know why my dreams seem real,
because when I'm awake my life
with you is like a nightmare!
- The truth. Tell me the truth!
- Alright, here's the truth.
My lover is only a dream
but he's still more of a man
than you!
Oh, sorry I startled you,
Mrs. Trent.
Who are you?
Frank Malone, Arson squad.
I work with Inspector Rice.
You talked to him the other day
at the investigation.
They told me at the inquest
the case was closed.
Just making a final check-up.
This the first time you've
been here since the accident?
I was away when it happened.
Spending the night at a hotel.
I know.
Have the found out any more
about the cause?
Just that there was
an explosion.
Everything's melted.
We can't trace a circuit.
The heat must have
been tremendous.
the fireproof door and walls
saved the rest of the house.
They never found... my husband?
In an explosion like this
the heat is so intense
it would destroy anything.
Sorry, if you don't mind.
- What are you doing?
- Padlock.
This area is unsafe.
Mr. Malone,
are you finished now?
Yes, or if you don't mind,
I'd like to phone the office
and report before I go.
I'm sorry, we never had a phone.
- I'll call from the outside.
- Mr. Malone.
- It's safe for me to live here?
- Yes, perfectly safe.
As long as you stay out
of that room.
The laboratory.
Let me out!
Oh no!
Good morning, Mrs. Trent.
Wasn't expecting you,
I was in another office.
I hope I'm not interrupting.
Your secretary
said to come right in.
This is your first time here,
isn't it?
- First time.
- I'm glad you came, Irene,
sit down.
I was just going through some
of your husband's files.
That's quite a lot of property,
you know.
That's what I came
to talk to you about.
Barry, I want to sell the house.
I'm afraid that's impossible.
It'll be at least six months
before the estate
goes through probate.
I can't wait six months.
Irene, if it's money you need,
I'm sure the court
would make arrangements
for a widow's allowance
until the estate is settled.
I want to get rid
of the house now.
But why?
The building inspector
sent a copy of his report
there's no danger
in your living there.
You haven't had my report yet.
Last night,
I dreamed about Howard.
I saw the smoke.
Heard the explosion.
I would enter the room.
The whole side...
The whole side of his face
was burned.
Oh, Barry, it was horrible.
I don't want any more
of those nightmares.
If I can't sell the house,
I'm moving out today.
Where would you go?
Well, I still own
the beauty shop I operated
before Howard and I
were married.
There's an apartment
in the back.
I used to live there.
I think I'd like to stay there
for a while.
Would you be comfortable there?
Oh yes. Yes, quite comfortable.
Maybe it's a good idea,
at least you'd be working.
You'd be out of that house,
back into the real world again.
Well, that's all I'm interested
from now on.
In reality.
Something wrong?
Where did this come from?
I found it in his files.
Would you like to keep it?
- Good afternoon, Mrs. Trent.
- Good afternoon.
Oh, Mrs. Trent, welcome back.
It's so good to see you again.
You better get used to it.
I'll be here from now on.
I know, the movers
delivered your furniture.
I suppose the apartment
is a mess.
Oh no, Joyce has everything
ready for you.
- Joyce?
- Yes.
You remember, I hired her
about a month ago.
- She's in back now.
- Oh!
You get back to your customer.
Good afternoon.
Oh, I'm sorry if I startled you.
Mrs. Trent.
- I'm Joyce Holiday.
- I know.
I was just
straightening things up,
but the place is so small
it wasn't much I could do.
You have no idea how good
it looks to me.
Oh, your clothes
were delivered too.
I knew you'd want
to arrange them yourself but...
- I hung 'em up anyway.
- Thank you.
I better finish up
with my customer,
- we'll be closing soon.
- Run along.
- Miss Trent.
- Hmm?
You look tired.
Are you sure I can't fix you
a cup of coffee?
No, I'll be alright.
Well, what about dinner?
I'm not worried about food.
All I want
is a good night sleep.
Well, I'll tell the girls
not to disturb you,
and as soon as we finish
we'll close up.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Irene, let me in.
Let me in.
Who are you?
You know me.
We've seen each other
many times.
Surely, you're not afraid,
not of me.
We know one another
too well for that.
I don't even know your name.
Dreams have no names.
It's happening, isn't it?
It happened before.
This is what you remember,
isn't it?
Where am I holding you now?
Close in my arms.
Please, darling,
don't ever leave me.
I need you.
- Mrs. Trent. Wake up.
- Hmm.
- Oh!
- Are you alright?
Yeah. Was I talking in my sleep?
No, but you were
a little restless.
I've been looking in on you
all morning.
- All morning, what time is it?
- It's eleven o'clock.
You must have been very tired.
But you should have called me.
What about the appointments?
I took care of them for you.
Oh, and I made you some coffee.
Oh, I almost forgot.
There was a call for you,
Mr. Barry Morland.
What did he want?
He said he'd tell you
himself tonight.
He's picking you up here
at six o'clock.
Thank you.
- Relaxed?
- Um-hum.
That's the secret of my success
with women.
Sometimes they get so relaxed
around me they just fall asleep.
Barry, tell me something.
Why haven't you ever married?
- Who says I'm not.
- Are you?
That's a very leading question.
Oh, stop being the lawyer.
Just answer the question.
You're perfectly safe with me.
- I wonder.
- What do you mean?
Well, you're
a very desirable woman,
and a very rich one.
And at the present time,
very vulnerable.
What else do you see?
Oh well, there...
There is a man in your life.
Tall, about six feet,
black hair, blue eyes,
who's very attracted to you.
Does that answer your question?
Suppose I told you
that you had a rival.
Another man?
Barry, you might as well know
I have seen him again.
Last night he came to the shop,
I was asleep.
I saw him, touched him.
He spoke to me,
held me in his arms.
What are you talking about?
You seemed ready enough
to believe
that I had a lover
when Howard accused me.
But you said yourself
that was only a dream.
Apparently, that's just it.
I don't know anymore.
It all seems so real.
Irene, you're not making sense.
I think it's about time
you talk this whole thing over
with a doctor.
Let me make an appointment
for you.
Are you telling me
you think I'm crazy?
Irene, listen to me.
- What is it?
- Fire.
Are you afraid of fire?
I don't know.
Is it because of Howard?
Irene, tell me the truth.
Did you kill your husband?
Wake up.
Wake up.
Irene, wake up.
Better hurry, it's past nine.
But it was after 12
when I went to bed.
When I'm with you,
time stands still.
Put on your shoes.
Where are we going?
You'll see.
Oh, come along.
The champagne is waiting.
- Champagne?
- Of course.
This is our night, darling.
I wish you'd tell me
where're we going.
Ah, I'll do better than that.
I'll show you.
Here we are.
Please tell me
where you're taking me.
Don't you remember?
You've been here before,
many times.
What are you doing?
- Lighting the candles.
- Don't.
The champagne and candle light
always go together.
No, no.
You afraid of fire?
- I'm sorry.
- It's alright.
Now, let's not talk about it.
All that matters
is that we're together.
If only I could be sure.
Sure of what?
- I don't know what to believe.
- Oh, darling.
Did you believe that?
Time for champagne.
What are we celebrating?
Well, that's a big surprise.
Drink up.
Where are we going?
Take me back,
please, take me back.
It's too late.
We can't turn back now.
Where are we?
you'll never forget.
What is this place?
A chapel.
- There must be a wedding.
- Yes.
- Let's go back.
- We can't.
They're all waiting.
Who is being married?
We are.
- But we can't be married.
- Of course, we can.
You and I can do anything
we like.
And those people?
Well, every wedding
must have witnesses, darling.
You see...
I even have your wedding ring.
Dearly beloved,
we are gathered here
to unite this man and this woman
in the bonds of holy matrimony.
This is a solemn moment,
a moment in which two lives
become one.
We have gathered here
to celebrate
one of life's highest moments.
This is indeed a joyful occasion
when two people become as one.
And we all rejoice with you.
Remember this moment.
Treasure it
for all of its beauty.
Through the years,
it will become a happy memory.
And now it is time
to proceed with the ceremony.
We joined you both
in the joys of matrimony.
Do you have the ring?
The witnesses are assembled.
Do you take this women
to be your lawful wedded wife?
I do.
Do you, Irene Trent,
take this man to be
your lawful wedded husband.
I now pronounce you.
man and wife.
Let me out, let me out.
Let me out.
Oh. Oh God!
They're all waiting, darling.
We're getting married.
You and I can do anything
we like.
You see, darling, I even brought
your wedding ring.
Dearly beloved,
we are gathered here
to unite this man
and this woman
in the bonds of holy matrimony.
This is indeed
a joyful occasion
when two people become as one,
and we all rejoice with you.
And now, it is time
to proceed with the ceremony.
The witnesses are assembled.
Do you take this woman
to be your lawful wedded wife?
I do.
Do you, Irene Trent,
take this man
to be your lawful
wedded husband?
No, nah.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Irene, wake up.
Better hurry, it's past nine.
When I am with you,
time stands still.
Hurry up, darling,
this is our night.
This is our night.
This is our night.
- This is our night.
- I can't wake up.
- This is our night.
- I can't wake up.
- This is our night.
- I can't wake up.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Is there something
I can do for you?
Yes, is Mrs. Trent here?
I'll see.
Oh, Joyce.
On the way, start to build.
There's somebody here
for Mrs. Trent.
I'll see if she's in.
- May I have your name?
- Barry Morland.
Now, don't you go away, dear.
What do you want?
I came to apologize.
Well, I owe you one, too.
Come in, Barry.
- Coffee?
- Thanks, black please.
Have a rough night?
Another nightmare.
Barry, I need your help.
What do you want me to do?
Help me to find out
if my dream is real.
It may not be easy,
do you have any clues?
Well, I know
this sounds crazy, but...
after I left you last night,
the young man was here.
He took me to an apartment.
You didn't by any chance
dream the address?
But I think I can remember
where we went.
We drove past the girl standing
on a huge silver dollar.
As she was going around...
and around...
and around.
That's it.
This is where he turned off,
up the street.
Irene, are you sure?
The apartment
is on the third floor.
There was a long corridor
just like this.
And the light fixtures...
and the little black candles.
And the number...
Uh, if I can remember correctly,
it was three four...
Now I know it wasn't a dream.
Or was it?
There were paintings
on the wall last night, and...
The-- the furniture
wasn't covered.
It all looks so different,
so unlived in.
Of course, what did you expect?
But the apartment is real,
I didn't dream it.
didn't you know that Howard
owned this apartment building?
Yes, number 341
was always vacant.
Mr. Trent kept it that way.
Now you ought to know that,
Mr. Morland.
I always send rent checks
to your office every month.
That's right.
You're quite sure you've
never met this lady before?
Never had the pleasure.
But surely, you remember
the young man I told you about.
Sorry, I'm afraid not.
When I see a man,
I remember him.
Don't I, sweetie?
What did you say his name was?
Never mind.
Irene, did anyone see you
with this man last night?
No, no they were
all wax figures.
Wax figures?
What are you talking about?
The-- the place
where we were married.
Sounds like you were
dreaming, honey.
You say you were married,
what was the man's name?
I don't know.
Well, his name would be
on the marriage license,
surely you have a license.
I never saw the license,
my husband must have it.
You know I have dreams too,
almost every night.
This tall handsome man
takes me in his arms,
and we dance
to the most beautiful music.
And when I wake up
in the morning,
my feet hurt.
Wait a minute,
I think I remember something.
The wedding...
It was in a strange
sort of chapel.
And after it was over...
the young man disappeared,
I-- I tried to get out.
And suddenly Howard appeared.
My cousin used to have
the most horrible nightmares.
She'd wake up screaming.
It got so bad
they had to take her way.
Poor Claira,
she was still screaming.
I suppose,
you think I am like poor Claira.
Perhaps you'd better take me
away before I start screaming.
- Thanks for the information.
- Oh!
No trouble at all, huh.
Take it easy, Irene,
there just has to be an answer
- to all of this.
- But, what? What answer?
Well, you say
you went to a chapel
after you left here last night.
Do you remember, where it was?
After I drank the champagne,
I felt dazed as...
Well, so I had been drunk.
But I somehow have the feeling
that it wasn't
very far from here.
- Do you remember going in a car?
- Um-hum.
I suppose
we'll just drive around slowly.
Try and find a nightmare,
in the day time?
See anything familiar?
I positively came this way.
Turn here,
I think I see something.
I'm certain this is the place.
Alright, let's take a look.
Lady, you can't go in there.
Something wrong?
I see you want to go in,
my dear, I know.
- Are you the caretaker?
- No caretaker here.
Everything closed up.
I just come here
in every two weeks
and cut the weeds.
How long's the place
been vacant?
Two, three years maybe.
Doesn't anybody ever go inside?
Oh sure, me.
When was the last time
you were inside?
I don't know, long time ago.
You weren't here last night?
Lady, I got a wife and six kids.
Why should I come here at night?
But why you ask
so many questions?
We saw the sign.
Oh, you wanna buy it?
I thought we might go inside
and take a look around.
Alright, I'll let you in.
It's dark.
- Look familiar?
- Yes.
But there were candles there
last night.
And more in the other room.
- Recognize this too?
- Oh, yes!
There's no doubt
that this was once a chapel.
There were flowers there
and the waxed figures.
Not in the daylight.
But this happened last night,
just the way I told you.
I saw them, I heard the voices.
There was an organ right here...
You don't believe me, do you?
Do you?
Tell me, I've got to know.
There're no easy answers.
Let's talk about you, Irene.
When you were married to Howard,
you lived in his world
of darkness.
Rejected, alone.
Isn't it possible you started
to dream of being in love
with a younger man,
to compensate
for your loneliness?
But that's all in the past.
Then when Howard was killed
in the explosion, you...
continued to dream of this
young man, but you felt guilty.
Now, in your dreams,
Howard comes back to haunt you.
I wish I could believe that.
What do you believe?
I believe that I came here
last night with that young man.
There was a ceremony.
He put a wedding ring
on my finger.
May I see the ring?
When I woke up this morning,
it was gone.
When you "woke up."
Irene, don't you see you've just
answered my question?
Then answer mine.
If I was dreaming,
why is that apartment so real?
And how could I find
this chapel,
If I've never been here before?
Now somebody brought me here,
why don't you believe me?
Barry, I- I- I...
Barry, the ring!
Oh, thank God!
Do you know what this means?
It wasn't a dream, it wasn't.
The young man gave it to me.
Must have slipped off my finger,
but he did give it to me!
- Who could be doing this.
- I don't know.
- I don't know.
- Wait a minute, wait a minute.
The you-- the young man.
Irene, did you know
that Howard once said
you were followed
by a private investigator?
Oh, no!
Well, he didn't tell me
for obvious reasons, but...
a few days ago, I was going
through some of his papers,
and I came across a bill
from a detective agency.
What's man's name, uh...
Fuller, George Fuller.
Barry, do you think
- that might be the young man--
- Take it easy.
One thing at a time.
Let me take this,
I'll see what I can find out.
Something else
I wanna check on too.
Do you have a key
to Howard's house?
- Yes.
- Can I take it?
Why do you want it?
I think it may be the key
to your nightmares.
Good afternoon,
Irene's beauty salon.
Listen carefully,
I'm changing the plan.
I think she'd be
coming back soon.
Here's what I want you to do.
Yes, I understand.
I'll take care of it.
If you hadn't believed me,
I think I would have gone
out of my mind.
Don't you worry, I am sure
we're on the right track.
I'll be in touch with you,
just as soon as I have
something to report.
Good afternoon, Mrs. Trent.
Will you excuse me
for a minute clear?
Take your time.
Maybe I can find
some new wrinkles.
- Hi, everything alright?
- How about you?
- Fine.
- I want to tell you
there was a phone call for you
while you were gone.
Oh, who was it?
Some man.
- Didn't he leave his name?
- No.
Just a message,
maybe I heard it wrong.
- Didn't make any sense to me.
- What was it?
He said to wish you
"pleasant dreams."
Sit down, Mr. Fuller
I must apologize
for the darkness.
But then you know
I live in darkness.
I've had to create
a new world for myself.
A world of sounds.
I suppose you know
why you're here.
Oh yes, Mr. Trent.
You want me to check
on your wife, is that it?
Let's check,
can you tell me just
what it is that you suspect?
I'll let Irene tell you herself.
What do you mean?
Where are you darling?
I know you're near me.
I see you everywhere I go.
Oh, I need you so.
Darling, I love you.
Sounds as though
she was talking
-in her sleep.
Don't ever leave.
I hid the tape recorder...
Don't ever leave me. probably noticed
the stereo equipment here.
I record everything on tape.
This conversation for example.
But she was dreaming,
wasn't she?
That's what I want you
to find out, Mr. Fuller.
Follow my wife,
she may lead you to her dream.
Well, Mr. Fuller,
you've had all this time.
Just what did you find out?
Your wife sees no one.
Wrong, she's seeing
another man, I know it.
No Mr. Trent, I'm positive.
I've waited in the street,
I've even been in her room.
She doesn't leave this house.
Barry Morland, he comes here.
She's in love with him!
Barry Morland?
Isn't he your attorney?
Watch her,
watch them both, watch them.
Well, another day,
another dollar.
I've gotta go home
and fix my hair.
- See you in the morning.
- Good night, Joyce.
Good evening,
Irene's beauty salon.
I'd like to speak to Mrs. Trent,
please, it's very important.
I'm sorry, she's not here now.
Do you expect her back soon?
Could you please tell her
that Mr. Morland called?
I'll call again
in a little while.
Joyce, who called just now?
It was Mrs. Archer,
she made an appointment
for tomorrow morning.
That's strange, doesn't she
usually come in on Friday?
This was an emergency,
she is going to a funeral
tomorrow afternoon.
What's the matter,
don't you feel well?
Well, let's not talk
about funerals.
Oh, I am sorry I didn't mean
- to upset you.
- But it's not your fault.
When I heard the phone I thought
it might be Mr. Morland.
It's getting late,
you better run along.
I'd feel better if I stayed.
- Oh, I'll be alright.
- Really, it's no bother, I--
I don't wanna
leave you here alone.
You're very kind, Joyce.
I tell you,
I have some food in the back,
I'll fix us a snack,
Where're you going?
I think It's time
to lock the door.
Dearly beloved,
we're gathered here to unite
this man and this woman
in the bonds of holy matrimony.
This is a solemn moment.
A moment
in which two lives become one.
We have gathered here
to celebrate
one of life's highest moments.
This is indeed
a joyful occasion.
When two people become as one.
We all rejoice with you.
Remember this moment,
a treasure it
for all its beauty.
Through the years,
it'll become a happy memory.
Now, it's time
to proceed with the ceremony.
We joined you both
in the joys of matrimony.
Do you have the ring?
The witnesses are assembled.
This will make you feel better.
Relax now,
don't fight me, relax.
I can't help it.
Why hasn't Barry called?
Hold still.
Do you smell smoke?
Must be your imagination.
I like snow.
Why are you always so worried
about smoke, Mrs. Trent?
I suppose it reminds me
of Howard.
He died in an explosion.
Imagination is a funny thing,
isn't it, Mrs. Trent?
Well, you know
how upset I've been lately.
Sometimes I don't know
what to believe or...
or who to trust.
Try not to think about it.
Just let yourself go.
Oh, that does feel good.
What are you doing?
Your jaw muscles
are all tightened up,
this will help relax you.
You'll sleep well tonight.
No more dreams.
No, I won't go to sleep.
How can I, supposing
he comes in at night?
- Who are you talking about?
- Howard.
Mrs. Trent, you just told me
your husband died
in an explosion.
Why doesn't Barry call?
I don't know.
Please you must get some rest.
No, I won't. I can't!
But you must go to sleep.
Oh, Joyce, I am so frightened.
Do you want me
to stay here with you?
Oh, would you?
Would you, please?
- Just until Barry calls.
- Of course.
But you must try
to get some rest.
- I'll be right here.
- Alright.
- What's the matter?
- Oh, Barry.
Barry, it's Joyce, she's dead.
In my room.
It's no use Barry,
the wire has been cut.
You're right Irene,
Howard is alive.
He tried to kill me
at the house.
- Oh, no.
- You wait here.
- Where are you going?
- He must have gone
back to the house.
I've gotta try and stop him
- before it's too late.
- Oh, please, Barry,
take me with you.
I-- I can't stay here.
You can call from here.
Call the police
to send a squad car right away.
- You can't go in there alone.
- Don't worry.
I have company.
I'm burning.
- Help!
- Barry.
- I am burning.
- Barry, open it.
- I'm on fire.
- Barry!
It wasn't an accident.
You murdered him.
Then took his place.
But why?
For Howard's money.
He left a will
leaving everything to you.
But, uh, blind men can't read.
So I wrote my name in
as the beneficiary.
He never knew the difference.
But George Fuller did.
God. That-- That detective...
He was in on it?
George Fuller is a fool.
He saw me come here
at the laboratory
at the night of the explosion.
Tried to blackmail me...
but you came to my rescue.
- Me?
- Yes, you and your...
silly dream of a young lover.
We made a deal to use that dream
to get rid of you.
And the nightmares began.
You're truly
a remarkable woman, Irene.
Anyone else would have been
driven out of their mind.
You didn't break.
You know in a way I've come
to be very fond of you.
Two bullets, Irene.
I fired those to get you
into this house.
Oh, no!
You're George Fuller.
He killed her.
He killed Joyce.
You knew Joyce?
She was my wife.
Barry had it all well planned.
I saw him rig the real explosion
that killed Howard.
And the fake one
that frightened you.
Think he had it all worked out.
This switch controls
the electric current,
that's why the clocks
went off and on.
And this controlled the explosion.
Barry promised me
half the estates,
and I agreed.
Then he got greedy.
I heard him talk to you
in the chapel today, and I knew
he planned to double cross me,
he wanted all the money.
I tried to stop him
when he came here today...
to kill Joyce, and he meant
to kill you and me.
Well, I never planned murder.
Now there's no choice.
There'll be another fire
here tonight.
Oh no, no, please.
Please, no! No!
Nothing will remain.
Please, no. No.
No. No.
Oh no, please.
No! No!