The Nightmare Gallery (2018) Movie Script

Jesus, Sanjay,
it's like 3...
They miscataloged it! They
didn't know what they had.
Can we just-- Can we
talk in the morning?
The Hermopolis dig,
my requisition went through.
I have The Alchemical Manuscript
of the cult of
Hermes Trismegistus.
- Good Christ!
- It's ours, professor.
thought I was asking
for some old grave robber's
journal or something.
I'm on my way.
I can't wait to
see what they say
when Ellen and Osama outshine
the rest of the department.
Us against the world, right?
- Always. I'll see you soon.
- Okay.
Hello? Professor?
What the fuck? Where did it go?
No, no, no, no, no.
What the--
How did that get--
Sanjay? It's Sam.
Are you here?
Professor Rand.
Ha. You can't be serious.
No foul play? Are
you blind? Did--
Yes, yes, I'm calm.
Listen, he didn't just
get up and run off
in the 20 minutes
it took me to--
What about his phone?
Okay, fine.
Case closed.
God forbid you do any
actual fucking police work.
What the hell are you
doing here, Rand?
Oh, just sampling the
fine academic vintages
of tomorrow's gas
station attendants.
- You care to join?
- You're grading papers here.
You know we had a
faculty meeting?
Oh... damn it?
Since we moved to three a week,
I just get them all mixed up.
What the hell you're talking
about? We just have the two.
Come to think of it,
you have missed every
single Friday meeting.
Get a damn TA.
Jesus, it's been years.
Kid probably got himself
deported or something.
Hello? Dawn?
- What's with the knife, Sam?
- I just--
You and the cupcake
agreed to a clean fight.
I-- It's just I called you
and you didn't answer.
That's how surprises
work, honey.
Happy anniversary!
You are so good and I was--
I was at the office
and I didn't remember.
Hush, hush, it's totally fine.
You're just going to have
to make it up to me later.
That is a deal.
- Are you expecting someone?
- No.
- Ooh.
- Sign here, please.
You ordered a whole
bunch of lead, right?
This thing is so frickin' heavy.
- Oh!
- Ooh.
Oh, no.
It's addressed to you, babe!
What is this? A
subscription box?
You're doing Indiana
Jones stuff now?
It's from Sanjay.
That-- that's crazy.
He's been gone all these years,
scares the shit out of everyone
and then sends you
a box of junk?
There's no mistaking it.
This... This is the
text that Sanjay found.
It's thousands of years old
and he wrote all over it.
Let's call the police.
And let them confiscate it? No.
They wouldn't even know
what they are looking at.
No, we--
No, I, I need to help Sanjay.
- He would do the same for me.
- I know.
I know...
I have faith in you.
But can you fit some anniversary
dinner in your schedule first?
Still at it?
Just getting started.
You have class early.
Happy anniversary!
Thank you. You too.
Well, don't stay up too late.
- I love you.
- Love you too.
Well, okay.
Okay, Sanjay, what
does all of this mean?
Help me,
help me, help me! Help me!
Please, tell me you
didn't stay up all night.
No, I slept, I just--
You never quite made
it to bed, huh?
God, and on our anniversary.
God, I'm sorry I'm
such a shitty wife.
It's not a big deal.
I'm late for yoga. Make
sure you eat before class.
Lecturing on low blood sugar is
against the rules, remember?
- Mm-hm.
- Dispense some knowledge.
Yeah, the ghost of Socrates
is going to be so jealous
he could not have courses.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Something museums.
Grand, grand museums. Sure.
I'm sorry, can I help you?
I wasn't sure if that was
you or not, professor.
We missed you in class, thought
maybe you were sick, but--
Your Anthro 220 class.
We sat there for like
15 minutes, but...
Oh, my God! I was focused on
some other work and I just--
No, it's cool.
We'll just see you
next time, right?
Wait, are you the one
that's been posting these?
Was he a student of yours?
Grad student.
Do you mind if I take this?
It was you!
You sent me the package.
You left me the trail to follow.
No-- I don't know what
you're talking about.
I'm here to give you this.
My mail box was out
of order, I take it?
The door was unlocked.
Aft-- after we talked
in the library,
I asked around and
heard you needed a TA.
And I was hoping that
you might consider--
I don't need one.
The department head said
that you did though--
I don't care what he said.
Are you--
Are you even a grad student?
It's just after I--
After I saw the poster, I
wanted to help you find him.
You can't just find him, okay?
He's been gone for a long time.
I've tried everything.
He's just--
He's just gone.
Then why are you posting those?
Okay, I'm not clear on
why you would care.
I've made posters
like those before.
For my sister.
She disappeared a few years ago.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry that
you went through that.
But it has nothing
to do with Sanjay.
Did you even know him?
Look, I'm sorry. I just--
I saw the poster and...
it was like it was
happening all over again
and I don't know, it
might sound irrational,
but I thought that maybe, if I
helped you find him, I could--
Look, you're just a student.
You have enough to worry about.
I'm sorry, professor, but
that is not how this works.
I never get to stop
worrying about my sister,
just like you don't get to
stop looking for your student.
God, this must be what it's
like to argue with me.
So, what is your name?
It's Chloe Bishop.
Samantha Rand,
Professor, I guess.
Look, the majority of the search
is back at my house if you want
to come help me go through it.
And, if you prove to be helpful,
I might consider bringing
you on as my TA, maybe.
Hey, I'm home.
It's about time.
What took you so long?
When you said you left
something at the office,
this wasn't exactly
what I imagined.
No, I imagine not.
Chloe, this is my wife,
Dawn. Dawn, Chloe.
Um, Chloe's going to help
me with the project.
She has a personal
interest in it.
Well, it's been a long time
since your last late-night
research party.
- I'll whip up something.
- Thank you.
When you were looking for
the person that you lost,
you didn't happen to get
a random box of artifacts
in the mail, just
on the off chance?
You think this is all related
to Sanjay's disappearance?
I do.
Why don't you dig in and
see what you can find out?
I think I found something.
It's just a drawing and it's only
appeared on the internet once.
- How on the earth did you find--
- Reverse image lookup.
Where's it from?
It was published in a
psych study in 2015.
This shrink was studying cases
of extreme schizophrenia
and disassociation.
It doesn't say what
the image is of,
but maybe we can call
the doctor tomorrow.
We can do one better than that.
It's only a couple
of hours drive away.
But first, I'm probably
going to take you home.
I've kept you too long as it is.
No, don't worry about it.
It's-- I feel like I'm actually
doing something, you know?
It feels good.
Calling it a night?
And you look wiped.
I'll be taking the young
lady home this evening.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I really want to thank
you for helping Sam.
This Sanjay thing has
been really hard on her.
It's fine, I um--
I am not really being
entirely selfless either.
Well, I know Sam
and, when she's
set on something,
she's going to keep
going until it's done.
And I'm not in that
world with her,
but you are.
Would you look out for her?
She means the world to me.
Yeah, yeah.
Thank you.
Ah, wife, come join us.
We're about to play around.
What do you say?
Ah, she's too timid
for these stakes,
too frightened to even speak.
I hardly know her, yet I can see
she's not clever enough to
understand what's going on.
There are rules.
She gets a chance.
She consents.
She's not equal to the task.
The truth is too large for her.
This is not good, professor.
She is lost.
You okay?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
It's probably just my
sinuses or something.
Sorry, I woke you.
No, it's okay. Do
you want some water?
No, just go back to sleep.
Actually, I'm going to get up.
I'm going to get an early start.
What do you mean?
Chloe found something last night
and it's few hours up north
and I just want to follow up.
But what about class?
I'll check in with Thomas.
There's no way he'll say no.
Oh, come on!
Thomas is the worst.
Don't lose your job over this.
I know.
I'll call him, okay?
I love you.
I love you too.
I wasn't expecting
something quite so homey
for someone who specializes
in the tough cases.
It's useful for people
to feel comfortable
when chatting with me.
I'm not sure candy works on an
anthropology professor though.
Look, um...
I'm interested in a drawing.
Uh, does this look
familiar to you?
It does.
Do you mind me asking
what the significance is
to an anthropologist?
That's what I'm
trying to find out.
Well, I'm not sure
you'll have much luck.
The patient who drew that
isn't very communicative.
Well, maybe I could
speak with them.
That would be against policy
and most certainly pointless.
Look, what could happen?
It's either no harm, no foul
or your unresponsive patient
becomes responsive, right?
I'm sorry. The policy stands,
immediate family only.
Just out of curiosity,
does your patient do other
drawings of symbols?
Any chance they drew this one?
Or maybe this one?
you have a visitor.
It should be okay
to approach him.
Hey, Colton.
I was wondering if you could
help me with something.
Can you tell me
about your drawing?
What about these?
These are his.
You should not have these.
Someone's a thief.
Roll the bones, oldest
trick in the book.
You want to know
what happens next?
I bet you didn't win.
Someone lost the game.
Tell me about the dice.
Tell me what the drawings mean.
Shouldn't have them!
Someone's a thief.
Stole from museum!
Museum, Grand Museum?
He's watching you,
watching your heart.
He wants to know
if you're scared.
I'm scared, you
should be scared.
Oh, God! Oh, you should run.
You should run.
Oh, fuck that!
You should die.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
You should die. Fucking,
kill yourself now
before it's all--
It burns in here!
Burns and scathes
and no room for you!
Oh, my God, it burns--
There's no room in here.
But they'll give
you a room in here!
They'll give you a room in here!
Colton! Orderly!
Professor Rand, out now!
But the drawing,
it will lead you
like it led me.
Fear and lead.
Like lead, you know, so heavy!
It's okay. It's okay.
You should die!
You should die!
- I wish I did.
- Settle down.
- I wish I did!
- Settle down.
Just settle.
Oh, Chloe, come on in.
Who's Chloe?
Just one of my students. I
guess you got my voice mail.
I did.
But an interesting lead is no
excuse for missing meetings.
And I heard you missed a
class out of the blue.
Okay, circumstances have
been a little abnormal,
but this isn't just a lead.
This is the kind of research
that can make headlines.
Regardless, it's no excuse
for missing meetings.
Do your job.
Is now a bad time?
Ignore him.
So, uh...
It means "to lead".
You went to see
the psychiatrist?
Oh, yeah.
I met the patient
who did the drawing.
He was, um... interesting.
Well, I could come by later
tonight, if that's okay.
Where are you leading me to?
CT scans and symptoms
consistent with exposure
to unfiltered reality.
You did this to me, Sam.
How will you protect me, Sam?
I suspect the patient--
I've seen the naked
face of truth.
Unable to grasp what
she's just witnessed.
She's attempting to process the
experience in a perpetual level.
Perpetual level.
A self-imposed hell.
Worried that, incessantly--
a rotting tooth of the mind.
The situation recalls
an expression
about omelets and eggs.
We were going
to prove them wrong,
it's us against the world.
Not everyone can walk in
the light of truth, Sam.
Some will merely burn.
There, see? I'm done.
I need you to learn all
of it, you understand?
See, I've lead you
exactly how he led me.
Now, the great work will not be
stopped for our convenience.
There's not a lot of time.
We are going to need
you to take notes.
There'll be a test.
Wait, wait, I don't have
anything to write with.
Speaking from experience,
I'm quite confident that
you're wrong there.
Take it, you
hesitate, it's gone.
You wake up, all
of this is gone!
Do it. Do it!
Do it!
Come on, professor! Do it!
Do it!
Do it!
So, Thomas was in
her room yelling at her?
He's always had it out for her.
And now he has a better excuse
than disapproving of
our lifestyle choice.
Shitty old white guys, best
part of academia, right?
I'll drink to that.
Hon, are you okay?
- Fine!
- You look a mess.
I'm just-- I'm just
eager to get to it.
No, you're going to go rest.
No, I gotta--
I gotta do this, please.
I thought you'd be
home a few hours ago,
so I've been working
on this for a while.
I don't think it's
an actual language.
There's nothing on the internet
that's like it and I--
- What?
- I can read it.
All of it.
You're kidding.
No, it's an ancient
lost language.
It led to Chinese
and other languages
from that region, but...
it's pictographic.
Wait, how long did
this take you?
This afternoon.
Uh, here's what I've got.
"Winter, sleep, ground, you,
flame, men, naked, summer, sun."
Some more nonsense.
Okay, maybe this language
is just too old.
No, no, that's ridiculous.
Winter, sleep, ground,
you, flame, men--
Doesn't that sound familiar?
Winter, sleep,
winter, sleep, winter, sleep.
Oh, God...
"In the winter, he
sleeps on the floor
in front of the
fire with the men
and goes about all in
rags, but, in summer..."
Ah, that is it!
It's The Odyssey.
No, that's insane, it's
not even in Greek.
How could you possibly
figure that out?
It's because I teach it.
I mean, hell, you just
took an exam on it, right?
My God...
Wait, this was--
this was purposeful.
Only a handful of people
could have ever possibly
figured that out.
This was meant for you.
Can I see the book?
Winter he sleeps
on the ground...
This "you" is wrong.
Winter sleeps, ground, you--
This "you" is a mistake.
No way! Someone goes
through this much effort,
they're not going to make
a mistake like that.
Wait a minute, what
else doesn't match?
Okay, this "are".
"You are...
asleep and awake."
Okay, uh, it's a dream guide.
Grand museums, leads,
"You are asleep... and awake."
This doesn't make
any fucking sense!
I mean, what the fuck am I
supposed to do with that?
Um, we're just exhausted.
This will all make
sense tomorrow.
What was that?
I dropped a book.
I'm going to head out.
Good night.
- Did you throw a book at her?
- No, I just--
What was that?
Look, no one gives a
shit about my hand.
- I just--
- Sh.
I give a shit.
What the fuck is going on?
You're throwing shit,
your hand's all cut up
and you're lying to me.
when have we ever
lied to each other?
I'm going to bed.
Are you coming too?
I'm going to stay
up for a while.
Get some rest.
What's going on?
Come on, open!
Dawn? Dawn?
You are
not permitted passage.
You are yet to make
yourself worthy.
You lack the
conviction to proceed.
Where's Dawn? Where's my wife?
It would be better,
easier to choose death.
The price of knowing
is always the same.
Your offering is accepted.
She shall sleep among the
in their millions.
You shall
sleep. You shall sleep...
You're okay.
Baby, why wouldn't I be?
No reason.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, I just cut myself when
I put my necklace on.
It's no big deal.
Wait, what's in the bag?
Nothing, just go back to bed.
No, wait, what's going
on? What are you doing?
What are you doing with those?
- What are you doing?
- Those aren't good for you!
I don't know, but something
in them is making you sick.
- That's ridiculous.
- Really?
You're sleeping like shit,
you could lose your job and
you're hurting yourself.
I'm fine. I'm just under
a little bit of stress.
Stress? Come on, Sam!
We've been together long enough.
This is something else.
- Give me the bag!
- No!
You got to know I'm doing
this for your own good.
I can't--
I can't believe
that the person I trusted
the most in the world
would steal from me.
When all I'm trying to do,
the only thing I am trying
to do is to find Sanjay.
You're killing
yourself over Sanjay?
You don't even know
that he's involved!
Sam, don't go like
this! Do not go.
Sam, look, I'll give
them back to you.
I'll give them back to you.
Sam, don't leave.
Don't. Come on, we
can figure this out.
Just talk to me.
Talk to me.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
Okay, I'm inside.
We need a place
she won't look at every day
and so that no one else
will stumble across it.
I got it.
Holy shit!
You know? This would be
a hundred times easier
if we just asked her to help.
Your professor,
you really care for her?
Of course, she's...
She's my best friend.
You'd like for her to be able
to pass another night in peace?
Then keep that damn
foolishness out of your mouth.
It's likely that you and
I will die doing this.
This is our contingency, Sanjay.
A signpost on the path for
your professor should we fail.
I just--
To become the map for
mankind's journey to light...
any price is a bargain.
that right, Samantha?
You're already thinking
about it, aren't you?
Weighing, whether or not,
you could live with yourself
if you sacrificed everyone.
You're such an eager
student, aren't you?
- Hey!
- Oh, my God!
Thank you so
much for coming.
I just didn't know what to do.
So, she just left-- in
the middle of the night?
We had a fight
and she just wouldn't
let go of those things.
I didn't want her
to leave, but--
No, of course not.
Look, I know I hardly know her,
but this stuff is getting
to her, I can tell.
It's like our life just
got turned inside out
all of a sudden.
But I'm going to do
something about it.
Okay, she's gone.
Class is still for
another 50 minutes,
so we should have some time.
Wait, shouldn't you be in class
not breaking and
entering with me?
Keeping your wife from
retiring to a padded cell
is way more important right now.
Hold on, this is new.
"Only when the young crescent
moon's light alone shines."
Does that mean something?
Could be part of the
message we're working on.
Crescent, crescent...
I'm getting an awful
feeling about this.
Yes. Okay, so there was a
new moon five days ago.
So, this young crescent moon
is either tonight or tomorrow.
Whoa, wait, wait!
What are you doing?
What? You take that and
she's going to know
that you came in here
and stole this stuff.
So? This is my wife
we're talking about.
There's no way Sam's not
going to resent you for that.
And right now she's probably
just blowing off steam.
So what? We just wait?
And we just let her go
down this rabbit hole?
Dawn, we know exactly
what she knows.
So we're going to keep
a close eye on her
and, when nothing
happens tonight
and nothing happens tomorrow,
she's going to realize
this was all in her head.
All right.
"Only when the young crescent
moon's light alone shines,
the dream guide leads.
You are asleep and awake,
grand museums?"
Where the fuck is it? Ah!
"You are asleep and awake."
"You are asleep and awake."
"You are asleep and awake."
"You are asleep and awake."
You are foolish too.
Found your way here
to this hypnagogic state
or is it hypnopompic?
It's both.
Place liminal to sleep
and wakefulness.
I'm trying to help you.
Tell me how to find you.
Your journey won't
be a pleasant one,
especially with that
failing liver of yours.
So desperate, you
poisoned yourself.
Even I didn't go that far.
I suppose one could argue.
It means you're ready.
I gave you everything you
needed, Sam, to bring you here.
Within the voice of wisdom.
I gave you
everything you needed, Sam.
Within the voice of wisdom.
Oh, dear God!
I'm calling help.
Please, come.
You okay? How are you feeling?
Oh, you're awake.
Hold on, hold on. I'll
get the doctor, okay?
Wait, wait.
What happened?
Thomas found you in
your office last night.
You were sick.
They said you overdosed.
That you did some
damage to your liver.
And you could have
gone in a coma...
or died.
I love you so much.
Why would you do that?
I'm here for you.
You could have talked to me.
Just go get the doctor, please.
- Sam...
- Dawn, go get the doctor!
Just go.
Hey, Chloe, I was just
about to text you.
- I think I found something.
- She left.
She left? What happened?
I tried to stop her,
but then she shoved me up against
the wall and she was screaming and...
Okay, is she still
in the hospital?
I don't know. Maybe.
- I'm sorry, Chloe.
- No.
I should have stopped her.
Dawn, she was out of control.
Look, why don't you
come back here?
No, no. If she's in the
hospital, they'll find her.
If not, I might know
where she's going.
I think I've finally found what
she's been obsessing over.
- Hey, thanks for the tip!
- Yeah, you bet.
Hello? Anyone here?
Holy shit!
I need full compliance,
otherwise, I get to change
the date on the placard.
Why are you here?
Did the little lamb get lost?
No, no. I was led here.
In my dreams, my
student, Sanjay...
Mr. Ramdas, mm.
I'm sorry, no exceptions.
The museum is for
ticket holders only.
I choose what happens
to intruders.
I have-- in my pocket
I have my ticket.
I'm not sure that I care.
Security, we talked about this.
Check our guest for a ticket
before you have your laughs.
You're no fun.
It's not my job to be fun, pet.
Shouldn't be my job to
babysit you either.
I have my ticket.
Wait! Where's Sanjay?
My job is to keep
out undesirables.
I don't have to help you.
Good luck finding your way.
Be careful of the
hungrier exhibits.
what the hell are you doing with that?
That's a bloody priceless
relic you're tossing.
Were you planning on clubbing
me the thing, were you?
Ugh, rude!
A saint used that cross
in the 13th century,
Edmund of Canterbury.
Here's the fibular taken
from his left leg
and it healed people
that touched it.
Well, actually the healing
part is a little bullocks,
but they did make his
leg burn the relic.
And that's not in my collection
yet, if I'm being honest.
What do you have that
stupid look on your face for?
Who are you?
My darling, I'm a docent.
You are in a museum. Are
you that easily confused?
What kind of museum exactly?
The museum--
Well, not the museum
of this or that,
but rather "The Museum".
Why would Sanjay bring me here?
Why does anyone come here?
They were led here either
by donating something or...
just going mad.
Oh, mad?
Yes, dear.
Ooh, you've been quite a
long ways now, haven't you?
Rough trip here?
I'm looking for my student.
His name is Sanjay.
Hmm, yes, I know him.
If you just follow me.
I, uh--
I don't go in there.
Uh, well...
Thank you for your
patronage, dear,
and do take care to keep
off the carpeted areas
in case you decide to, uh--
Dear, dear, dear.
Magnificent, isn't it?
I've been looking for you and
you've been here the whole time?
I know.
That's what gave me hope
you'd actually make it here.
What is here?
My marriage is on the rocks,
I probably lost my job.
Please, tell me...
that this is worth it.
Most certainly, professor.
This is the noblest of causes.
For people like us,
this is the Holy Grail.
Uh, well, bad analogy.
That old trinket is lying on
a shelf in here somewhere.
I've spent the last decade
unlocking the secrets
of this place,
but, with your help, we'll
finally finish what I started.
Not a decade.
It's only been three years.
Hmm, I always wondered
what would happen to time.
Feel that?
That's the power of real
change, real alchemy.
Alchemy, really?
All those references
to affirmative action
will seem so quaint
after we quite literally
change the world.
I think we're beyond
departmental bullshit, don't you?
When you said it was us against
the world, you weren't wrong.
We stuck together and
now we have this.
The Alchemical
Manuscript -- you--
Oh, my!
You translated it.
Funny story about that--
When I said it was
a stroke of luck
that whoever dug it up
didn't know what they had...
It was a trap.
Someone on the same
road as you and I
just waiting to see
who'd take the bait.
You know the bastard?
He's not rotting in hell?
Close enough though.
He's in an asylum.
He's not doing very well.
He's lucky.
I've translated every word
in here a hundred times.
I'm ready to take
the final step,
but you-- you were
always stronger at this.
That's why I brought
you here, professor.
I'm guessing at some
of the meanings,
but we only get one chance.
At what? What's the point?
Read it.
If you can perfect my
translations, then you'll see.
And so will everybody else.
We have a situation, Mr. Ramdas.
I'll let you get to work.
We're so close, my old friend.
My God! Dawn!
I never thought
I'd see you again.
Sanjay, untie me before that
woman comes back again.
What is happening?
Don't worry about her.
- But--
- Dawn, you are safe.
I promise you. And so is Sam.
She's working on
something right now.
It's very important.
Take me to her. I
need to talk to her.
She's really busy, Dawn.
I don't think it's
the right time.
She hurt someone
in the hospital.
I need to speak to her.
I really think you should
come back at another time.
Take me to her.
Of course.
Right this way.
I see why you never told me
what you were doing here.
Would you have done all this
if you would have known?
I don't think we were
meant to do this, Sanjay.
It was locked in there
for a reason, right?
This entity thought--
You speak of our God, professor.
This is literally
infinite knowledge.
All the world's problems could
be solved in an instant.
All we have to do is let that
knowledge into our world,
to allow humanity to evolve in
the footsteps of the scribe.
But we don't know what it means.
We don't have any idea
what the costs might be.
Professor, we could
achieve world peace,
an end to disease,
anything we can imagine
and much more that we can't.
This is the patron of
science and wisdom.
It's a God, Sanjay, your words.
We don't know what this entails.
What happened to
careful scholarship?
Science harnessed the
power of the atom,
but science brought us to
the brink of nuclear war.
- How is that any different?
- Did you read this?
All of it?
Did anything in there scare you?
This is our chance to advance
human society into a golden egg.
You finished the translation.
It was the only way to
know what it meant.
I had to finish it.
My God, professor.
You've given the
world a great gift.
you're hurt.
It's nothing.
Just a little blood.
That's a lot of blood.
No time.
Let's begin.
What are you not telling me?
That woman that came in...
What happened?
What did you do?
What happened to you?
Ah, professor!
You should return
to the theatre.
What happened?
What was the situation that
you mentioned to Sanjay?
Return to the theatre, now!
Answer my fucking question!
Very well then, right this way.
Oh, you're not supposed
to be in here.
Get back! Get the fuck back!
Get back! Stay away!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! No... You!
What did you do?
What did you do?
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
No, no...
Oh, God!
No... No...
Wake up. Please, wake up.
I love you.
Wake up, just wake up.
Please, baby, wake up.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
You! You!
Did you do this?
No, no, no, no.
Who did this? Tell me now.
Your student was in here
and he came out of...
If you--
If you touch her body,
if you start
whatever the fucking hell
ritual you were doing,
if you start it again,
I'm going to come up here
and I am going to
do worse to you
than I did to the
guard downstairs.
Do you understand?
What did you do to the guard?
What did you do to her?
Go look.
Go look.
I love you.
Oh, God!
Oh, Dawn...
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You killed her!
How could you?
How could you do that to her?
To me?
Dawn, she cared for you.
She cared for you and
you killed her for what?
students, come and drink
the sweetest nectar
which is true knowledge.
Yes, we humbly offer
ourselves to you,
who knows the two lands.
The machinery of this reality
lies rusted and
choked with dust.
We shall reawaken
it to its purpose.
Sanjay, you can't
let this happen.
You have to stop it.
Do you know nothing?
We are before the--
Let the become my,
oh, self-begotten.
Into this
land of shadows and smoke,
we shall pour the
cold light of truth.
No! No!
Sanjay, this isn't you!
No, why would you do it?
No, what happened to you?
What happened to the
guy who talked Dawn
into making donuts at 3 a.m.
while we were translating
some stupid pointless books?
Remember, remember when those--
when those stupid racist
fucks jumped you?
And I maced them? I maced them.
And when they came up and said
that they were really
going to fuck me straight
and you stopped them?
And then you walked me home
and you stayed with
me until I was okay?
Please, remember...
"Us against the world," right?
I'm sorry!
I killed them.
So many people died.
It's inside me.
I can't.
No! No!
No! Oh, God!
I'm sorry.
No! No!
No! No!
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
I love you, old friend.
Thank you, Sam.
are always...
Ah, Miss Bishop!
Please, come in.
I'll just grab my keys.
Actually, um, I'm here
to see Samantha Rand.
Professor Rand?
Ah, yes, well, she's not
in the best of conditions.
I, uh--
Of course.
If you'll just follow me.
Oh, my God...
It takes everything
for a bit of knowledge.
It takes everything, everything
for a bit of knowledge.
about all she says.
Compulsive repetition.
It takes everything for
a bit of knowledge.
Everything, everything.
Professor, can you hear me?
Is there anything that
I can do for you?
I'm so sorry.
It takes everything, everything.
Takes, takes, takes, everything.
Takes everything for
a bit of knowledge.
A bargain!
Something clouds your mind
Somewhere hard to find
Can't tell what's
real or fake
Your sanity about to break
It's perpetual
How many souls will it take?
Marching on
Leaving sadness in its wake
It's perpetual
Entering a loveless space
Shadows you begin to chase
Memory, what's left behind
Losing heart that bind
It's perpetual
Tragic state of play
A carousel, unending
Slaying all in its way
How many souls will it take?
Marching on
Leaving sadness in its wake
He's been more
animated, more lucid.
It's too early to hope for
a breakthrough, but...
I stopped hoping for
that a long time ago.
You're a real bastard,
you know that?
Chloe, you were raised better
than to speak that way.
Her wife is dead and she's now
in a padded cell down the hall.
Does that even matter to you?
Does that even register?
Look, I feel...
deep gratitude for both
of them and for you.
I cannot be more proud of you.
Chloe, you've done
a good thing here.
Do you understand me?
We've laid one more stone on
the path to enlightenment.
To expect anything
else would be hubris.
Look at me.
Don't mourn too long.
This falls on you, to send the
next seeker on their path.