The Nile Hilton Incident (2017) Movie Script

Atmo Presents
Fares Fares
Mari Malek
A film by Tarik Saleh
Yaser Ali Maher
Ahmed Selim
Slimane Dazi
Hania Amar
Hichem Yacoubi
Mohamed Yousry
Mohamed Sanaaeldin Shafie
We worked harder because we built Egypt.
That time is over. The big task is now complete.
Today, we are asked to take care of our children.
From the highest levels of the government,
education has become a priority.
But ordinary Egyptians are unable to provide for their children,
the values, education and perspective required.
Can we truly educate our children? I say no.
Where were you, you moron?
The satellite dish repair guy made me wait 3 hours.
You had to wait for him?
I didn't wait out the whole day, I swear.
These big companies, you can't trust them.
Saleh, I didn't ask you to free Jerusalem.
You had to just open the door.
OK sir.
OK? What does that mean, OK?
My cousin can fix that for you.
Get a genie out of a lamp if you must, but get it done.
Be careful.
Takes long to load.
Look, Chief.
Here you put your interests.
You like to read, write, play football...
Write it here.
And here you put your pictures.
Photos taken by you
or that of your friends posted on Facebook.
And here you have your friends.
All these are my friends.
Full of strangers, especially girls.
Look at this one.
I will meet her.
She looks like a pink baby elephant!
I know.
She just liked my picture.
She put a "Like".
We "Like" pictures of our friends and they "Like" ours.
That means she likes my picture.
Come on, Casanova, back to work.
What did you talk to Mr.Kammal about?
That you're welcome.
And you could come any day.
Lets go with that.
Good evening, Chef.
We sell nothing anymore. Mr.Walid allowed the Chinese to sell.
Don't tell us about your life. Where's our share?
Business is bad.
Listen. I want my money.
I'll tell the boss.
Do you work with the Chinese?
Mr.Kammal agreed prior.
Did you transact behind my back?
Never, Chief.
Chief? Chief?
A word? A word.
They don't respect us anymore.
Now here's our Supreme Commander,
President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak.
Thank you.
I congratulate the Police for capturing the terrorists
who perpetrated the attack on Alexandria.
As we prepare to celebrate Police Day,
Egypt suffers yet another terrorist attack.
You just heard the Minister of the Interior...
I sacrificed everything for you! You promised me!
Get out!
Go away! Bastard!
Yes, sir.
Very well, sir.
Good bye, sir.
I was observing the aggression.
The Prosecutor.
What brings you here?
Mr.Kammal called me.
Where are the forensics?
They are still asleep.
But...does he have confidence in you?
Who covered her face?
It's a professional job.
It's a crime of passion.
A girl so beautiful, it's inevitably passionate.
I have seen it elsewhere.
It looks like a singer.
If you aim to be a great detective!
File this and get me some coffee
Someone ordered some mango and...
Yeah, over here.
Give it to me.
Bill this on the room.
Thank you. Leave us.
What do you want?
I'm hungry.
I will not feed you. Fend for yourself. Get out!
Yes, sir. Yes...
Salaam alekum.
Walekum salaam.
Hello, Mr.Kammal.
How are you?
Fine, sir.
How are you, nephew?
And your father?
He's okay. Thank you for asking.
Do you have a lead?
The killer is a professional.
Trend with tweezers on this case.
According to my sources, this is a very delicate case.
As you know, some of the her clients...
No I don't know. Who paid for the room?
This is a special type of booking.
Only the owner knows who paid.
The owner?
Take this, sir.
A modest compliment from the hotel.
Who discovered the body?
The cleaning maid.
Bring her here.
We let her go early today.
Her name?
Salwa. We don't have her last name.
She is sudanese and paid daily.
And her address?
In Arba Wa Nuss district. We don't have the exact address.
You kidding?
Get the head of the neighborhood.
Get over here. Your papers?
Your papers!
You are the head of the neighborhood?
We are looking for a certain Salwa who works at the Hilton.
You know her?
Bring her and we will return your papers.
I need it.
Enter your hole and close it.
I'm learning german.
Very ambitious.
Are you aiming for the biggest fool's tag in the force?
I'm already there.
Hi, brother. Where are you?
What's up?
You have to take care of dad. I'm tired.
I can't.
Scramble to then.
Is that a request or an order?
I have to leave.
Until when?
Until my return.
You kidding?
Dad, I received money. We could go to the hospital.
For pity's sake, don't say you "received" money.
Be honest and admit, you "stole" money.
As you wish.
Dignity can't be bought, my son.
Do you have Lalena CDs?
"Your love is not enough".
This is an illegal copy.
You have reached Club Solitaire.
If you are a dancer or a singer,
please send us a full body picture to us.
For any other services, please leave your name and number.
O you, lonely traveler
O you, lonely traveler
Who passes in front of me
Why are you leaving me?
Why do you leave me
Alone with my regrets?
You went away without a word
My heart has already told you
Salaam walekum.
Walekum salaam.
We have a house.
We have a house.
He has a dog.
He has a dog.
She has a cat.
She has a cat.
James has a parrot.
James has a parrot.
It has a floor.
It has a floor.
"We are building the future of Cairo".
We had a complaint.
Money was stolen from a room. Did you know anything?
Have you ever ironed shirts?
What's this?
Students who protested?
They distributed leaflets at
the college to incite a revolution.
Three days after the Tunisian President fled...
What do you think?
We are barely floating,
and you let the Chinese flood the market?
Very patriotic.
Kiss my ass!
We're struggling here.
Momo and I, we kill ourselves to control everything.
If you don't like it, we could switch areas.
Calm down, gentlemen.
You're not the only one here.
Did we jump you?
I want to see sharing again, but believe me, you will lose.
It's me who decides what to share.
Is that clear?
Of course.
Is that clear?
And you, move over.
If you don't report, we'll have to re-assess the situation.
Even at the brothel, Tunisia beats us to football.
It's a shame.
Forget the Hilton.
The Prosecutor labeled it "a suicide".
A suicide?
She slit herself?
Don't loiter. You don't buy, you don't read.
I can't read, I look at the pictures.
Give me something for the laundry.
And some chocolate.
Did Majok call?
Here's the chocolate you like.
Can anyone read Arabic?
And apart from this asshole?
Little Mohammed.
Shafiq Holding Group.
Hatem Shafiq, CEO of Shafiq Holding,
leader in construction and in the cement industry.
We are building the future of Cairo...
Which one of you is Hamada Mansour?
They took him away.
Who wants to overthrow the President?
Do you want to say anything?
I'm getting impatient.
I want to get back to the game.
Go on.
You going to spit out his name?
What's his name?
His name.
We are starting a major movement of reconstruction.
This is the first collaboration
between public and private sectors.
The level of competitiveness achieved by Egypt
on the international market
gives us the means to invest in our infrastructure
at the level of road networks,
communications, agriculture and water...
This will be the largest International School in Egypt.
I guarantee you,
in a few days, you will be proud of the results.
Sorry to disturb you, sir.
I have a question, if you allow me.
Did you know this woman?
Absolutely not.
May I ask you to look again?
Are you sure you've never seen her?
Remind me your name?
Commander Noureddine Mostafa.
The Police are supposed protect honest people, not harass them.
Is the car ready?
Yes, sir.
Why were the Police looking for you?
I don't know.
You don't know?
I'm taking you back home.
Someone got murdered at the hotel.
A woman.
I saw the murderer.
I will show you.
This is the man I saw.
I told him, $10,000 for a pilgrimage? That's insane!
Are you trying to pull my chain, Egyptian?
He said, "It's cheap to find a pure soul like that of a baby".
It was worth it and I prayed for him.
God looks over you.
We'll take leave, Chief.
Stay back, Nour, I want to talk to you.
You went to see Hatem Shafiq?
He is related to the murdered singer.
I'll pretend I didn't hear anything.
Didn't I tell you to let it go?
Nour, you are my nephew,
but a simple call from these people and
I can't do anything for you.
He is a friend of the President's son.
Look after yourself.
Shafiq has agreed to see me. could be a trap.
I will demand for $1 million.
$1 million?
That's way too much.
Demand $100,000, keep it small...
If someone gets killed, that would be me.
Don't you trust me?
I trust people.
We will have to share the money three-ways.
No problem.
We don't have internet.
I just want Facebook.
That needs the internet.
The internet is on Facebook?
No, the opposite.
What are you confusing me for? Are you kidding me?
No sir.
Where are you going? Put me on that fucking Facebook.
I'm looking into it.
Gina, the Tunisian singer, is waiting for you.
Calm down.
Good evening.
Good evening.
My friend is gone.
I don't know where she is.
She was to meet someone at the Nile Hilton.
Since then, she is missing.
What's her name?
The singer?
Who was she meeting?
A friend.
You know something?
Your friend has been killed.
She had pictures.
Intimate photos.
I don't want anyone to see them.
How much do you want?
We don't have any photos.
$20, all I have.
A lady like you should not be here.
Your name and address, please.
We are done here. Show's over.
Fadl repaired the satellite dish, it works like new.
Strange enough, it picks-up only Italian channels.
There will be only Italian channels. good.
Is that your cousin?
Who is this?
Commander Noureddine?
Where is the men's?
Open it.
I was with her that night.
He kept the negatives.
He will frame me for murder if I don't pay.
He considered himself her owner.
His agent, Nagui the Tunisian.
You are a member of the Parliament. You benefit from immunity.
Not against the scandal.
The case was closed.
I will re-open the investigation.
What do you expect of me?
When you came to question me,
I could've broken you, finished you.
I never asked anyone for help,
but I need your now.
I loved her.
And she loved me.
She wanted me to leave my wife.
She was going to get the negatives.
How did you know her?
From the Club Solitaire.
Wearing gold is forbidden for men.
It is said, on the Day of Judgment, gold becomes hot iron.
But for some, gold is worth the punishment.
Where's the negatives, Amir?
A policeman took them.
A policeman?
Calm down, Nagui.
I'm telling you the truth.
I believe you, Amir.
Love one another, live in harmony.
You will all enter Paradise.
Each one of you here, have a duty to realize
and dedicate your life to it.
Even to youself,
without the entire Muslim brethren,
I swear by God that if you live for these duties...
I pay 180 pounds a day to rent the car.
Give them to me and I will install the meter.
Theese rotten people who govern us, tax us to death
and they get treated abroad.
We can't even afford cigarettes.
But for a gentleman like you...
Did you see what they did to the young man in Alexandria?
Those cop fuckers beat him to death. Did you know?
Son of a bitch!
The smart guys on the Internet published photos.
There will be a demonstration on January 25th.
On Police Day, to rub it in.
We will show those pigs what the people think of them.
I'm going there.
And you, will you go?
There's no choice.
I'm part of the pigs.
The people of Alexandria are all assholes and mythos.
This young man was surely a drug addict. Otherwise, it's impossible.
They wouldn't have hit him for no reason.
Inspection. Open up.
Hi beauty.
Look who's here?
You're okay?
What an honor!
What's up?
It's okay, as you can see.
I'm going to sell this shack. They can put up a mosque.
Do you know what makes me happy, Noureddine?
Tell me, do you know a certain Nagui?
No, the artistic agent.
He has two girls working who think they are artists.
They pickup VIPs and he takes pictures.
Clic-clac, he snaps. Clic-clac, he snaps.
It's his business. He uses an old camera
and he makes it more troublesome with the negatives.
Where can I find him?
He has a club, the club...I forget what.
The Solitaire Club?
That's it.
You see, you know everything.
What do you want of him?
I want to sing.
Is there any way to get a drink?
You are at home. Cmon, let's go.
Don't worry, I'll pay.
Congratulations, Chief.
Bravo! Congratulations.
What is that?
Congratulations, Colonel.
Go ahead, try it.
You are a genius and I'm an idiot.
What did you get on Shafiq?
The singer was his mistress and he fears a scandal.
He says it was her agent who killed her.
Of course it's him.
The Prosecutor will re-open the investigation,
he will be released for 100,000 pounds.
We will share the rest. Easy money.
You can buy a Peugeot to replace your metal cage.
God willing.
I'm really proud of you.
Thanks to you, we deal directly with VIPs.
Soon you will be in this chair.
What did you ask?
He's ok for $1 million.
You are crazy? What if he followed you?
I told you to ask for 100,000
You will have to share that with us. Understand?
Good evening.
Welcome, sir.
O you, lonely traveler
O you, lonely traveler
Who passes in front of me
Why are you leaving me?
Why do you leave me?
Alone with my regrets?
You went away
Without a word
My heart has already bid you farewell
You went away
Without a word
My heart has already bid you farewell
My eyes speak to you
Talk to you with tears
My eyes speak to you
Talk to you with tears
O you, lonely traveler
Who passes in front of me
Why do you leave me
Why do you leave me
Alone with my regrets?
Commander, what brings you here?
Colonel. I was promoted.
Your voice is superb.
I dont drink.
Come meet my friends. Hmm?
No. No.
You were wonderful.
Thank you.
Let me introduce you, my friend, Noureddine.
You are one lucky fella.
What do you do?
He's into ceramicwares.
He is the largest manufacturer in the Middle East.
Noureddine Sanitaryware, didn't he tell you anything?
You must have pissed in it, some day.
Tell them about the golden toilets you made for the President.
My darling, we avoid revealing the privacy of our customers.
Do you like the view?
I work tomorrow.
Did Lalena tell you about her affair
with a very influential man?
She said she was in love.
Do you know Nagui the Tunisian?
Come in.
Go wait for me upstairs.
We suspect a certain Nagui,
Nagui the Tunisian,
who might've killed your friend.
What do you want from me?
Do you want to put me in danger?
Are you in danger?
I don't know him.
Tell me, why did you leave your country?
I wanted to chase my dreams.
I'm an artist.
But people who have money
want to buy and lock me in a golden cage.
Even if you have the key, you can't run away.
And you?
Your thing, is it the money or...?
Can I see you again?
Okay. Realize.
Do you know the time?
The Police are here for you.
Salwa, come here.
Hold on.
I'll say you're not here.
Get moving! Hurry up.
What's going on, Ali?
Reinforcements are being sent to Arba Wa Nuss.
Apparently, a Policeman killed two Sudanese.
The neighborhood Chief and a girl.
You kidding?
It's good, we manage.
Yes, Nour?
The maid was killed.
From the Hilton.
Are you sure?
It's my fault.
Don't worry. Do you want me to take care of it?
It's not worth it.
I know where to find Nagui.
Call Ms.Gina.
She's not here.
I'm telling you to call her!
He's my bodyguard.
Nagui, get out of there!
Get out or I shoot!
Calm down, Noureddine. You are angry?
Salaam Alekum
Shut your mouth.
Who are you, asshole?
Colonel Noureddine Mostafa.
What Police station?
Qasr al-Nil.
Qasr al-Nil between my two's!
You're not in Qasr al-Nil.
This man is accused of murder.
With all due respect, Colonel,
I'm the one here who decides
who is guilty or and who is not?
Well said, Mr.Khalil. Well said.
You, stay where you are. You shit of a junkie.
Why do you let this fag hit me?
Shut your mouth. Do we know each other?
Have we met before?
My apologies, Colonel.
That's not fair, Mr.Khalil. I pay you more than that.
Son of a bitch. You take me corrupt?
Never, Mr.Khalil, ever.
Do you have a lawyer?
Kill me, let's finish it.
I swear I will not denounce you.
As you wish.
Empty your pockets.
This too.
I have nothing more.
Did he want a lawyer?
He refused.
This is not an hour to interrogate people.
I didn't even have breakfast.
Shafiq's photos.
You don't have them?
Lalena stole them from you, right?
Mr.Policeman did his job well!
Do you think you're doing a real investigation?
Watch your tongue or I cut it out.
Where were you the night of the murder?
With Gina.
Can she confirm this?
If she lives again.
You are suspected in Lalena's murder.
You will be in custody for 15 days.
Watch him, but be careful. He's a snake.
Where are you going?
Where's he?
I don't know.
Where's he?
I don't know.
Wake up.
Very well, sir.
I will talk to the personnel department.
Can I have his file?
Where's Momo?
State Security wants to see you. What do you have?
Nagui is dead.
Don't worry, it's not a problem.
Tell me what you are going to say to State Security.
There's nothing to say.
You will go in uniform.
Is that all?
If they sniff the money, they will want their share.
I'll hide the Mercedes at my cousin's.
I couldn't do anything about it. I was ordered.
Listen to me, Chief.
You take me for a clown?
I should've never trusted you!
Colonel Noureddine.
State Security summoned me.
What can I do?
Where's Gina?
Be carefull.
Where's she?
Keep it down.
Nagui is dead.
Did he have the photos?
You are a good man.
You are doing a good job.
Your name appeared in our files.
Do you know that singer Gina?
We found her dead 2 hours ago.
Sowed and thrown on a pile of garbage.
Is Kammal Mostafa your uncle?
We have our suspicions about him.
Have you noticed anything lately?
Two Sudanese were killed.
One worked at the Hilton and witnessed the murder there.
You met her?
I searched for her, without success.
What is your relationship with Hatem Shafiq?
Mr.Shafiq is a member of the Parliament.
Any investigation involving him is our responsibility.
Welcome, Sir.
By the way,
the technician came by and the dish is working fine.
You have all Europe, God forgive me, with the naughty girls.
Wake up!
Hey, you!
Where are you going?
Move, bitch.
What is this?
I can't take them into custody.
By whose order? There's a bus to Sudan outside.
This place, here is for Egyptians only.
I will have to report this to the Brigadier.
So be it.
Sir, I saw what happened at the Hilton.
Let these kids out and clear up.
We have the Hilton's maid.
Call the Prosecutor.
There's no answer.
Be persistant.
Yes, sir.
I'll try again.
I have something important to show you.
At your service.
We are in operation mode.
You. Come.
Don't be afraid.
I have Salwa, the maid from the hotel.
With me, in the car.
Youssef put her in a cell, but I got her out.
She was arrested in Tahrir Square.
And you bring her to me in a Police car?
She is the only witness. I thought...
You tell Mr.Kammal that I ordered you to release her.
And tell him that Shafiq is trying to kill me.
Speak only to Mr.Kammal.
Don't be afraid.
Come with me.
You are tired?
You are hungry?
You know that I love you like a brother.
Do you want to say something?
What did you see exactly?
I saw Shafiq come out of the room.
He put his watch back on.
I heard a woman in the room, who said:
You promised me.
He took the elevator and left.
I went back to work.
A little later, I heard screams.
Another man came out of the room.
How long was that after Shafiq left?
Not long.
I was in the hall next door.
He is the same man who came to Clinton.
Shafiq thinks you are dead.
He is after me now.
Why are you here, officer?
I'm here to see Mr.Shafiq. And it's Colonel Noureddine.
Mr.Shafiq is playing golf.
Tell him it's urgent.
I'm sorry, sir. You need an invitation.
Does he want to see her? That's my invitation.
Sorry to disturb you.
Can we talk in private?
We are at the 11th hole. Can it wait?
Unfortunately no.
Lalena had the receipt for the photos when she was killed.
I have the photos.
And the negatives.
And a witness.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
I thought you were clever.
In reality, you are an idiot.
A fucking idiot.
Do you believe in Utopia?
Justice does not exist here.
What is this? What are you doing?
Come, Mr.Shafiq.
No. I want my lawyer.
Sit in my office.
My lawyer, I said.
They are in force. We are double barreled.
Have you been treated well, Mr.Shafiq?
You are guilty of kidnapping a Deputy.
Calm down. My nephew has made a mistake,
we can talk like civilized people.
Who is the Prosecutor?
Me, sir. Hello.
Do you realize the magnitude of your mistake?
Yes, sir?
Yes, sir?
Yes, sir.
Very well, sir.
Very well, sir.
Good bye, sir.
The Attorney General has ordered
the arrest of Hatem Shafiq
for the murder of Lalena at the hotel.
Send my wife and children to Dubai.
Very well, sir.
Keep all the documents safe.
You saw me?
You know I didn't kill her.
You know it, right?
I loved her.
Your room is over there.
She your wife?
She is beautiful.
Where's she?
Killed in a car crash.
Shafiq didn't kill that woman.
He said he loved her.
What's that?
Stamps for what?
To empty my head.
Qasr al-Nil, are you receiving me?
Yes, sir.
Order from the Ministry: Open fire.
We have the orders.
Open fire.
On who?
On them, Youssef!
Kammal! Kammal!
Tahrir Square, Cairo,
the number of protesters is estimated to be 10,000.
Stone throwers targeted
the security forces in Qasr al-Aini street,
adjacent to Tahrir Square.
Some isolated rioters attacked public facilities.
I'm waiting for you.
No, Youssef, go for it!
Power to the people! Down with the military regime!
From what was stated by the Commander-in-Chief Of Army,
a curfew is imminent.
What is the situation on the street?
The urgency for the citizens, right now,
is to ensure their needs with bread, fruit and water.
The ordinary citizen puts his wife and children
before thinking anything.
Good. We are live...
The situation seems to have calmed down...
The populace complies with the orders of the
Commander-in-Chief of the Army,
President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak.
Curfew will take effect from 6:00 PM
following the incident...
Is there anyone?
Is there anyone?
Coming. Coming.
Three packs of Cleopatra.
Where are you going?
You are the only one who knows the truth!
The man you just shot, did you see him before?
At the Hilton?
Go away.
Leave this country. You have no future here.
Police! Go back. Inside!
State Security.
Uncle? Uncle?
Where are you?
Where's Mr.Kammal?
Let's go.
You let him go? You let him go?
We have our money, right?
We don't have the proof that he killed her.
No. He just fell in love with a bad girl.
That's good, we have the money.
Why did you let him go?
Relax a bit. It's over, we have our money.
I have a corpse in my car. The murderer.
He is an officer of State Security.
In a day or two, this mess will be over.
The President will involve the army, and who will he want?
Are you involved in the murder of Lalena?
Bloody heartburn. I need to eat.
You killed her?
What are you talking about? Of course not.
I knew about the Nagui business.
I knew what he was doing.
He trapped businessmen with his girls.
I got a percentage. Made me a lot of money.
But with the photos of Shafiq, it got complicated.
State Security contacted me.
I thought we had gone too far.
Except that they actually wanted their piece of the pie.
They made a real carnage.
Poor little girl. She died for nothing.
That's life. May she rest in peace.
What do you want to do there?
We are always live to describe the situation
in the streets of Cairo, and especially in the city center...
Are you not ok?
What did you have?
Don't feel good?
You killed Gina too.
Get out of the bad mood.
Have you gone mad?
Do you want to kill me?
I treated you like a son.
Shame on you!
Very good. Do you want to kill me?
Kill me, sir.
Kill me!
He has a revolver!
That's enough! We are not like them!
Freedom! Freedom!