The Nomads (2019) Movie Script

[mysterious music]
-[sirens wailing]
-[group shouting]
Save our kids.
[all chanting]
Save our schools, save our
schools, save our schools.
It was an emotional
evening as you can imagine
if your child's school
was going to close,
you would be here to make that
final plea before the vote.
-[gavel banging]
-[audience chattering]
We want to thank everyone
for coming out today
to share your thoughts
and fight so passionately
for our schools.
No part of this
process has been easy
or was ever taken lightly.
These are children,
you should be ashamed!
-[audience cheering]
-[gavel bangs]
Ma'am, please.
The fact remains that
too many of our schools
are financially failing
and in an alarming
state of disrepair.
Our first priority must always
be to keep our students safe.
With that in mind,
the board has voted
to close and integrate
the following 23 schools.
[audience shouting]
Edward W. Bok
Technical High School,
Carroll High School,
Community High School,
Douglas High School,
Germantown High School,
Lamberton High School,
Vaux High School...
What do you mean Vaux?
Damn, man!
Alexander Wilfred Elementary,
Rideover School Elementary,
Pat Elementary...
[news report] ...after officials
voted Thursday night,
to approve the closing of
23 Philadelphia public schools.
During a heated
three-hour meeting,
19 protestors were arrested and
charged for disorderly conduct.
Emotions ran high as
teachers and students
shed tears for the schools they
once called-- [TV turns off]
Saw it on TV.
To the end of an era.
Not in the mood.
Fine, then to new beginnings.
You already got
something, didn't you?
Let's just say charm goes
a long way at Immaculate Heart.
[scoffs] Immaculate Heart,
wow, look at you.
Yeah, they seemed really excited
to meet a real, live Jew.
Whatever, I'll take it.
So, what are you thinking?
I hear Whitman needs
a new history teacher.
-Rent is due tomorrow.
-Whoa, whoa, whoa, back up.
You teach English.
Relax, I'll just brush up on it.
-OK, then Whitman?
-Did you forget already?
23 schools just closed, I'll
be lucky if Whitman takes me.
OK, I'm sorry.
I'm gonna get you
into Immaculate Heart.
It'll take some
maneuvering, but I will.
-Until then--
-What are you doing?
[Kate] I am bequeathing you one
of my most prized possessions.
Your favorite pepper
spray, it's adorable,
but don't forget,
I'm not a rookie.
I mean, how bad could it be?
[rapping drowned out
by student chatter]
Going to lit up the bong,
it's night fall
Excuse me.
Don't you just love first days?
Mark Nolin, nice to meet you.
Cassey McNamara,
but everybody calls me Mac.
Any advice for
my first day here?
Nice, I was about to ask you.
I'm from Lamberton High,
rest in peace.
So, let's see,
first days are tough.
Suddenly, I'm teaching
10th grade math
after a career as
a science teacher,
but none of that's
advice, is it?
All right, well I'll have
to get back to you on that.
All that before 8:00 a.m.
[Mark] Jeez.
I'll take the vodka.
Wow, here we go.
[students chattering]
[Mark] Did you get the flyer,
did you get these? OK, good.
Everybody, let's
get to class, OK?
-Watch it, Fishtown.
-What'd you say to me?
I said, move first before I
slap the shit out your fat ass.
Hey, hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey...
Let's get to class.
Get to class.
OK, first things first.
Does everyone have
their trans pass?
I know some of you have
a longer commute now,
but this card means you have
no excuse not to be here.
Hey, sorry I'm late.
I need mine.
Oh, sure.
-And, your name?
-[class laughs]
-[door thuds]
-Where'd he go?
[class laughs]
-[radio chattering]
-All right, take a seat.
I'd steal my pass too,
if I was that fast.
[class laughs]
I can barely fit into
this small-ass desk.
Excuse me?
I think you're smart enough to
use better language than that.
Revise it.
All right.
Hi, what's your name?
Kahlil Smith.
Sorry I'm late, I'm new here.
Lucky for you, Mr. Smith,
a lot of us are new today.
Take a seat.
I think it's safe to say
our Olympic sprinter was...
Banner, OK.
My name is Miss McNamara.
Welcome to your senior year
and American History.
-[phone buzzes]
-We'll be starting
with the War of 1812--
Yo, there's a fight
in the cafeteria!
-[students chattering]
-Wait no, all right!
Stay in your seats.
Stay in your seats, stay--
Welcome to Whitman.
[Mac sighs]
[tense hip hop music]
Scram track
Trey, let's move.
Hey, hon.
One of those days, huh?
I got a new local crafty,
you'll like it, it's strong.
Mm, don't threaten me with
a good time, Ellie-Sue.
[Ellie-Sue laughs]
And, can you put on
427 for me, please?
-You got it.
[sports announcer]
Goes back for the inside,
back against and he
flashes through the line
as easy as he likes for a try.
This young man is a true
testament to the power
of coaching forward
against all odds.
Now, this is rugby
at its finest.
Now, that's a try.
Knock, knock, we're still here.
How was your first week?
Let me see... a fire, three kids
arrested and a cafeteria fight.
You tell me.
I'll see those,
and raise you 55 kids
in my second period class.
55, can they do that?
Not contractually,
but that would suggest
we actually have a contract.
Kids are sitting
on the window ledge.
Sittin' on the floor.
Is that you?
You're a rugger, I knew there
was something I liked about you.
Do you play?
Yeah, at my last school
I started a rugby program
with a friend of mine who,
when the school closed,
went on to big
time rugby coaching
and... I'm here.
I've been playing
since I could walk.
I would go to all of my
dad's games when he coached.
Where are you from again?
South Philly, why?
Is your dad Barry McNamara?
You're little Cassey,
aren't you?
Oh my, your dad, your dad
gave me my first coaching job.
I remember when
you were adopted.
Everyone was so excited,
oh my god, I am so old.
Your dad was the best mentor
I had in my entire life.
Dad was happiest
when he was playing,
but even happier
when he was coaching.
-I miss him.
[kids shouting]
[kids grunting]
[Mark] Go, go, go, break
it up, break it up.
It's done.
Hey, move, move, go!
-I'll see you later!
Turn those phones off, do
you want detention later?
That's why my friend KJ
and I started the team,
as an outlet.
Moved the scrum from
the hallway to the field
and the results,
they were incredible.
It's a crime that
program was cut short.
When I started my
college team at LaSalle,
it was like a steam
valve for frustrations.
I was focused,
it improved my grades.
A lot of great memories.
Speaking of memories,
how's your mom?
Love that lady,
she was at every game.
I wouldn't know.
So, what does Mrs. Nolin
think of you out drinking
on a school night?
Ah, I've been
divorced for years.
This guy doesn't have
a curfew anymore.
I think Whitman this year
is gonna kick my ass.
-I'm too old. I am.
-[laughs] No.
I gotta stay positive.
-Here's to staying positive.
New friends,
your father, and rugby.
[audience cheers on TV]
[Kate] What do you mean you're
gonna start a rugby team?
I'm gonna try.
So how much will we be
getting for this gig?
You don't have enough on your
plate relearning history?
Seriously, why?
Because I'm a good teacher,
but even better at rugby
and my kids aren't set up with
a cappuccino machine like yours.
Maybe I can start like
a barista team there.
Just don't get
too attached to that place.
No. Are
you frickin' kiddin'?
We can barely buy
books around here.
But the great thing about rugby
is that it's
a zero equipment game.
All the kids need
is a ball and a field.
Oh really, that's all
you think they need?
They also need a safe place
to push their boundaries.
We have a very big
football team for that.
We do. Too big.
We just combined three
schools, two full teams
of football players
are now screwed.
An unfortunate side
effect of the closures.
Which means less opportunities
for college and scholarships.
A lot of great rugby
scholarships out there.
I can't even remember when
our graduation rate passed 60%
and you're talking scholarships.
Let's change that percentage.
We hired you to teach,
not coach.
Yes, but isn't it
our responsibility
to challenge them
to try new things?
Take the scrum from the
hallways to the field?
"Scrum," I'll assume
that's a rugby term.
Mr. Nolin, you equally
committed to this?
Dr. Wade, when
I was a young man,
I coached with Mac's dad,
and it changed my life.
If it does half as much for
these boys as it did for me,
I want to be a part of it.
Well, let's see if you can
get any interest first.
Trying new things is not
the status quo around here.
-Now out.
-So, that means you'll get
approval from the school board.
I'll see what I can do.
-So, that's a yes?
-Get out.
-[laughs] Thank you.
-Thank you.
Rugby, guys?
There's a role for everybody.
Hey... rugby?
Come on, man, it's fun.
Hey, first of all, hood off.
You interested?
Take a look. No?
All right, give that back.
These things were not cheap.
Rugby... no?
Rugby, three o'clock...
Nope? OK.
Are you sure? You'd be perfect.
Come on, bro, you're fast.
Come on, you got
the hairdo for it.
Rugby, it's room 23,
three o'clock.
Yes, thank you.
[bell rings]
[students laugh]
You'll get your
pass after class.
It's kind of like soccer,
ain't it?
Nah, it's like a wussy
British version of football.
[students laugh]
Rugby is neither of those.
I'm too small for football.
I just said it isn't football.
And it's not just for bigs.
Fast kids are
important on the wings
and we can use someone with
your specific set of skills.
[students laugh]
Think about it.
Hey, I ain't wearin'
no short shorts.
Well, if you don't want
someone yanking on them
when they tackle you,
you're gonna wanna wear 'em.
I ain't got no
money for no cleats.
Listen, if money is an issue,
then you have no issue.
We'll figure it out.
Thank you.
-All right, all right.
Look, you might not
thank me after I'm done.
The district won't give
you any money or resources
and I have none to
allocate to you.
No problem, Nolin and I
will handle fundraising.
My buddy KJ is gonna give
us practice balls, pads.
Also, administration...
Insurance, liability
waivers, permission slips,
grade point average minimums.
Great, paperwork, bring it on.
I love it.
Is that all?
Mmm, I think I'm done.
But I do want you to know
that I'm really sticking
my neck out for you on this.
Do not make me look bad.
Now out.
[Mark] Awesome. Thank you.
Thank you.
-I'll take one.
-See you soon.
[Mark sighs]
All that for this.
It's OK, just relax.
-What's up.
-All right, we got one.
Oh, here we go.
Hey, how's it going?
How you doing?
-Good to see you.
[Mark] Nice.
Jeez, we got a bunch here.
Great, well I'm glad
you guys could make it.
So what, we got two
football teams now?
What, no, this is for rugby.
OK, yeah, I may have handed out
some fliers that said football.
-They were confused
and I thought--
-He lied.
Just you know get
'em to hear us out.
Well, if you're here
because you love football,
I have great news.
Rugby is the first
version of football.
It's a game of passion,
excitement, action, and beauty.
-No, no, wait.
-Hey, guys.
[Mac] OK.
I mean, like most great
things, the more you explain,
the worse it sounds.
-Let us just show you.
[audience cheers]
You know, rugby is one of
the most popular sports
in the world.
Much bigger than
baseball and football.
[player shouting]
This is called the Haka.
It started as a war dance.
It's a challenge
to their opponent.
It's also a celebration
of life over death.
[players chanting]
This New Zealand team,
the All Blacks,
they were the
underdogs of rugby.
Now they dominate.
Their connection to
the game is unmatched.
There is another Haka
that's my favorite
and it loosely translates to
"This is our land that rumbles.
This is our time.
This is our moment."
[players grunt]
What are they doing?
This is called a scrum.
Players from each
team bind together
and push against each other
for possession of the ball.
Nobody's puttin' their hands
up me like that [laughs].
That is called a line-out,
and you would probably
be doing most of the lifting.
All right.
Or maybe a hooker.
-[class laughs]
What'd you just call me?
Take it easy, O'Brien,
it's a position in rugby.
[Mac] You get to slam
into people without pads.
This jawn for real?
Yeah, this jawn's
for real, O'Brien.
So, kindly sit your
jawn back down.
Thank you.
[boy] I don't know this.
[group chattering]
All right, this
is a team sort of.
No, Kahlil?
I thought for sure he'd show up.
We could play sevens.
Yes, definitely,
sevens, without a sub.
-But it's a good start.
-It's great.
Did you all bring
your workout clothes?
You're gonna practice in jeans?
I run from 5-0
just fine in these,
we don't need no short shorts.
"Any." You don't need any.
All right everybody, pile in
and let's go find our field.
-8th and Poplar.
-All right.
-I call shotgun.
Man, this ain't no field,
this jawn's a prison yard.
But it's ours, come on.
I mean this...
it's not so bad, right?
I mean, we can work with this.
We're from Philly, right?
Don't we need
goalposts or something?
We can use... that.
Come on.
Everyone put these on and
pick up 10 pieces of trash.
[Mark whistles]
I mean 20 pieces of trash.
Come on, guys, let's do
it, let's make this place
an operating room.
[easygoing music]
Man, this is just nasty.
Hey yo, if I get
caught with this,
they gon' lock me
up again.
Where you belong.
Thank you, I'll take that.
Look, everybody come in.
Come on, take a knee.
We have some basic team
rules before we can even
get on the field.
First, I'm not your mother,
so don't expect me to treat
you that way.
For that matter, Coach Nolin
is not your father.
Coach Nolin's hella white.
All right, listen up, fellas.
You respect yourselves,
you respect each other,
always do your best.
Look around you, this is
your crew, this is your team.
You could be somewhere else,
but you're here.
So, let's pick up
the rest of this trash
and let's play some
rugby, let's go.
We're gonna start with
a nice, easy pop pass.
Call for the ball: ball!
Secure the pass, turn around,
look for your man.
-Talk to each other.
Remember, in order to
move the ball forward,
you have to pass it backwards.
[Mark] There we go, that's it.
Line up, let's go.
[Mark] Let me show you guys how
to tackle in rugby, all right?
[Mac] Step up, O'Brien.
I want you to tackle
me at my hips.
Wrap me up and drive
through, let's go.
What, what are you doing?
What is that, what's going on?
Yeah, I don't tackle no girls.
-[players laugh]
[Mac] All right,
then let's switch it up.
Who here thinks they
can get past me?
I got this.
[players] Woo!
It's about to go down.
This ain't the hallway
no more, Coach.
Whenever you're ready, Baby J.
-[players cheer]
-[players clap]
-[whistle blows]
[Jaymie grunts]
-[players shout]
You just knocked down,
young boy!
Don't mess with
Coach Mac! [laughs]
You good?
[Mark] All right,
guys, bring it in,
bring it in, come on.
Bring it in.
All right, not bad being our
first practice and clean up gig.
We'll be pushing you
much harder tomorrow.
Jaymie, break it down for us.
Whitman on three.
-One, two, three.
[Mark] All right, guys,
don't go home empty-handed,
pick up those pads.
[Ice] Mm-hmm.
The Sioux Nation were nomads
or without any fixed home base.
To them, the land was sacred,
they had no concept
of private property.
-[bell rings]
-[students chatter]
I will see you all tomorrow.
[students chatter]
Kahlil, can you hand back a sec?
Close the door.
Have a seat.
So what's up?
I graded your test
from yesterday.
That's your second D.
I swear I study like crazy.
I believe you.
How's it going in
your other classes?
It's OK to ask
for help, got it?
I was surprised that
you didn't show up for rugby.
You seemed more
interested than anyone.
I know, but I made
varsity, well sort of.
It's a big team this year, huh?
How many are on the roster?
Is it hard to get playing time?
Honestly, each of us is
just fighting for a chance
to wear a uniform each week.
Well, if you change your mind,
I can guarantee you
plenty of playing time.
Just think about it.
I'll write you a pass.
Have a good day.
-On coach's whistle.
-[whistle blows]
Hop into your defensive stance,
elbows at your side,
-eyes forward...
-[grunts] back to the cone,
do it again, let's hit
the ground, let's go.
-First one up.
-Come on.
-What are you doing?
-Come on, O'Brien.
O'Brien, go.
Right now, go.
You wanted to hit people,
here's your chance.
[whistle blows]
Up, forward.
[groans] There we go,
a little high, a little high.
-Go lower.
[whistle blows]
-Eyes forward.
-All right, see what you hit,
guys, see what you hit.
-That was good. A little lower.
[groans] Nice.
Lead with your shoulder,
lead with your shoulder.
-All right, Sergio.
-[whistle blows]
-I think I'm done, Coach.
-You're not done, go back.
-Start again.
-Nice and low, nice and low.
-That was great.
-You're never done.
-You're never done.
-[whistle blows]
-[groans] Yeah, nice.
-Yep, lower, lower.
Ride through your hips, tackle
two feet behind me, all right?
You can always do
better, let's go.
O'Brien, get up,
right now, get up!
[Mark] You got this. Come on.
Banner, step up to O'Brien.
O'Brien, wrap him up,
take him to the ground.
OK, Banner, present the ball,
keep a skinny gate.
All right, great.
[Mark] All right,
Jaymie, clear him out.
-Go Jaymie.
-Come on.
Stay low, grab a leg,
drive through the hips,
there you go, nice.
[Mac] John Nathan take the ball.
Here we go.
Brian and John, spread out,
support him, let's go.
Play the ball on my
whistle, all right?
[whistle blows]
And that is your first ruck.
Nice and tight, come on,
get in there, get in there.
Grab his shorts.
-Nice. Tight.
O'Brien, when I
roll the ball in,
you decided where it goes.
[Jaymie] Come on, man,
what are you doing?
Hey, take a deep breath.
Listen closely.
The secret to training in life:
Difficulties, setbacks,
always moving forward.
You hear me?
Now, let's do this, go.
[Mark] All right.
Round up again, nice and tight.
You got it, grab his shorts.
-There we go.
-[whistle blows]
So, after a try, you get
a shot at conversion kick.
It's two points.
Something like that.
A'ight, watch this.
That's a drop kick, ball hits
the ground, you got it.
[car alarm blares]
Hey, guys.
Hey, hey, it's OK.
Nice distance.
Come back, come...
Hey, you, oh, oh, oh.
-[car alarm clicks]
Yes, lunch time study
sessions are mandatory.
Don't study, don't play.
What if we get decent grades?
Why we gotta be here?
Man, your grades are whack.
Man, shut up,
ain't nobody ask you.
Because this team
is not just about rugby.
It's about holding
each other accountable
on and off the field.
You work hard together,
you succeed together.
And if Banner doesn't
pass Algebra II,
then he can't play
and if he can't play,
we don't even have seven.
Which means no team.
Hey, start gettin' to
class or I'm gonna track
your Haitian ass
down and make you.
Got it?
And since you're all seniors,
next week, we'll start
talking college applications.
[students laugh]
She drawlin'.
Damn sure ain't
goin' to no college.
OK, let's go.
-John Nathan play the ball.
-[whistle blows]
Ho, ooh!
Watch those hospital passes,
come on, keep it low.
Jaymie, don't drift,
stay straight, make
the defender commit.
And if he doesn't, you just
go straight up the field.
-All right.
-[Mark] Right?
-Let's go, again.
-Let's try again.
[Banner] You got this, bro.
[whistle blows]
[Mark laughs]
-He got you.
-He did, he did.
He got you! [laughs]
Oh, that was nice.
We'll give you that one time.
-Good job.
-Right, reset.
That's enough celebrating.
-Get back on it.
-That was good.
[whistle blows]
[bell rings]
Hey, Kahlil, hang back a sec.
Sit with me.
Damn is right.
Kahlil, I have a short
test I'd like you to take.
I'll just fail that too.
It's not that kind of test.
I asked a school aide about it,
it's just an assessment.
If we know what
your challenge is,
we can deal with it...
And I'll even let
you take it now,
so you can skip
your next class.
All right?
[Kahlil sighs]
Let me ask you something,
between us.
Let me know if any
of these ring true.
Do you sometimes confuse
small words like at or to?
And, is it hard
to read out loud?
After you read something,
would it be hard
to explain what just
happened in the story?
Do any of these sound familiar?
So, we'll need a full
assessment with an aide.
But I think you
might have dyslexia.
So, you're saying I'm stupid.
Not at all.
I mean would you call
Muhammad Ali, Steve Jobs
or Magic Johnson stupid?
I've got more.
Why don't you come to our
lunch time study sessions
we have with the team.
That could give you some
strategies to help you.
And I'll set up a meeting with
the aide and your parents.
I'll go with you.
-[Kahlil sighs]
Look at me.
There is zero shame in this.
Everyone has something
they have to deal with.
Now, you have the information.
That gives you power.
Now get out of here.
Thanks for having my back.
That's my job, isn't it?
[whistle blows]
[Mac] Talk, talk!
Run, run, run, run
as fast as you can.
Run, run, run.
If you watch the pros play,
they get cards put on them
all the time 'cause
they don't give a shit.
Language, Tuna, one more time
and you're going to Wade.
Shit, sorry--
I mean sorry!
Guess you make me feel
comfortable, Coach.
So, sort of your fault.
Oh, is that so?
So, using your math,
I will make the whole team
do five extra laps
at practice later,
-so that's sort of your fault.
-[team groans]
Come on, Tuna, shut up, man,
why you always talkin'?
[door creaks]
Come on in.
Does everybody know Kahlil?
He'll be joining us
for study sessions.
a passait.
All right.
-Yo, Jaymie.
-Yeah, what's up?
Between me and you, what you
think about this rugby stuff?
Ain't for no sweet bulls,
that's for sure.
Homegirl straight dropped
me at the first practice.
She for real, bro.
All right, bet.
-Catch you later, a'ight?
-No doubt.
-[whistle blows]
-All right, bring it in.
Looking good, guys,
looking really good.
-[Mac] Take a knee.
-[Mark] Hydrate.
So, thanks to O'Brien and his
love affair with profanity,
you all owe me five laps.
Damn, man.
Come on, man, you always
talkin' your mouth.
Oh, you don't like that?
What about a little
challenge then?
This whatchamacallit
is a speed parachute.
You strap it on, and you run
like someone stole your wallet.
We'll do double or nothing.
If one of you can run from
those pads past this tire
in 10 seconds, zero laps.
If you can't, 10 laps.
Any takers?
-[players laugh]
-You funny, Tuna.
Give me that thing.
-[group claps]
He thinks he's fast.
OK, coach, on your whistle.
-Let's go!
-[players clap]
[whistle blows]
I'm takin' no L's
I'm takin' no L's
'Cause you a fine Amazon
On the ground, deep cred
But I'm takin' no L's
I'm takin' no L's
'Cause you a fine Amazon
I'm on the ground,
deep cred
I'm takin' no L's
I'm takin' no L's
That counts, that counts.
I'm takin' no L's
I'm takin' no L's
'Cause you a fine Amazon
On the ground, deep cred
[laughs] That was amazing.
Everybody, take a knee,
we have an announcement.
Drum roll, please, Coach Nolin.
[drum rolling]
We have our first scrimmage
against St. Vincent's Prep
next week.
They have a good program,
big roster.
They work really well
together as a team.
I wanna show 'em what we got.
Since we don't have no uniforms,
can you guys just wear
all black t-shirts.
Like the New Zealand team,
their warm up is nuts.
-OK bring it in.
-It's called a Haka.
Whitman on three.
-One, two, three.
Let's kick some rich butts.
[Mac] Let's just do our best.
Guys, we need some help here,
we got some equipment
to pick up.
What? What?
[Mac] O'Brien, Nathan and
Jaymie, all right, let's go.
Too late to join?
What about football?
They got 84 other players,
they'll be all right.
I bet you can learn the
rules pretty quickly, huh?
Already been watching up, Coach.
OK, let's go.
Looks like I found our sub.
-[players chatter]
Kahlil, all right.
Looks like O'Brien
lost his starting spot.
-[players laugh]
-You're so funny.
All right, we're ready to go.
[Tuna] Nice.
[upbeat music]
All like breakin' up
and lovers
Baby you look
when you walk, ooh
Baby your love
That feeling left with me
[Mac] All right, y'all let's go.
Coach, how much do
you think it costs
to go to this college?
Tuna, this is a high school.
-No shit.
-Hey, language.
The field's right there, but
we have to head inside first.
Wow, this is nice.
Hey, Coach, that's for us?
Sure looks like it.
Don't have to tell me twice.
Hey, O'Brien...
Guys, hey.
Come on, don't eat too much,
you won't be able to play.
Man, I knew it,
this joint a trap.
Who cares, they have
name brand bread.
-Let's get out to the field.
[Mark] Come on, come on, guys.
[Mac] Come on, we
got a game to play.
It is a pretty nice spread.
These chocolate chip
look pretty good.
[Mac] Let's go.
O'Brien, come on, come on.
Jeez, you opening a bakery
or something like that?
[tense music]
[players chant]
Huddle up, guys.
They're huge.
Leave it all out on
the field today, OK?
Win or lose, they will
not out-work us, yes?
-[players] Yeah.
-I wanna hear you say it, yes.
[players] Yes.
All right, Whitman on three.
-One, two, three.
-Let's go.
-[Mark claps]
[Mark] Get out there,
come on, O'Brien.
[whistle blows]
Fire up.
-Attack the ball, let's go!
-Nice kick.
-Great hit.
-Spread out!
[player] Move out!
[Mark] OK.
[Mac] Go Banner, go Banner.
-Come on, Banner!
-Come on.
OK, we're learning.
We're always learning,
always learning, right?
We gotta work on
staying flat on D.
-You think so?
-[Mark laughs]
[whistle blows]
Come on, boys, let's go.
Line up for the kick off, yeah!
We gotta go again.
Talk, all right.
[players shouting]
Yes, yes, yes, go left, go left.
No, go left.
-No, no, no, Banner,
what are you doing?
-Got a whole to pass it to.
[whistle blows]
-You can't outrun seven people.
-The hell was he doing?
Line out.
-Line out.
-Line out, guys.
-Line out.
-Come on, guys.
Pick him up.
-All right, all right,
-spread out, guys!
-The game's still going, go!
Go, go, go, go!
[Mac] Patch up.
-Throw your man.
-Come on, guys.
[Mac groans]
You watching this, Kahlil?
[Mark] Hey.
You OK?
-What's wrong?
Jesus, man, I told you to take
it easy with those hoagies.
All right, you'll be all right.
OK, Kahlil, you're in.
Stay present, anticipate
their run pattern,
-always tackle low.
-[whistle blows]
One second.
By the waist, OK? Go!
You can't eat and play rugby.
OK? You can't do
both at the same time.
Let's go.
Catch up.
[player] Come on, take a play.
-Call it out, call it out.
-On your back.
Oh, did you see that?
Pick up the ball,
pick up the ball!
Run, run, run!
[dramatic music]
[Mark cheers]
[Mark] Banner!
Did you see that?
[Mark cheers]
All right, guys,
get back up, let's go.
[players chattering]
Come on, guys!
[whistle blows]
That was beautiful.
Spread out, heads up.
[whistle blows]
Match up.
[whistle blows]
What, that's bullshit, man.
Chill, man.
Man, shut up, ain't
nobody asked you.
[Mac] Jaymie.
[whistle blows]
-OK, guys, bring it in.
-Come on.
-All right guys.
-Man, what are you doing?
Hydrate, hydrate.
I eat when I'm stressed.
Why don't you try it,
might calm you down a bit.
Leave him alone,
Tuna's not the one
giving away penalty points.
I don't see you
scoring to keep up.
-Ain't that your job, Haiti?
If someone would give me
the ball on the outside.
-Chill out, man.
-And what are you talking about?
-You're not even on this team.
-[Kahlil] Hey, yo, what's up.
Yo! Remember me,
your coach?
We need to pull this together.
Look, you are playing
the best of the best here.
This team ranked second
in the state last year.
This is your first scrimmage.
This is a hard game,
that's why it's worth playing.
Now get out there,
keep your heads up!
Play your best!
Look out for each other,
and show them what
North Philly is all about!
-Now let's go!
-Let's go!
-[Mac] Come on.
-[player] Come on!
Tuna, put that sandwich down.
-[whistle blows]
Line up for the return.
Don't bunch up, come on now.
-[whistle blows]
Watch the quick restart.
[whistle blows]
[player groans]
What you lookin' at,
he's fine, he's fine.
I think we should pull Jaymie.
O'Brien, go in for Jaymie.
[Jaymie] What, he's fine,
he's fine, come on, he's good.
You can't hit him like that.
-Yes, I can.
You high tackle like that,
you could kill somebody.
It's stupid.
-What'd you call me?
-Chill, chill!
Here we go.
-[whistle blows]
-[players chatter]
Hey, hey, hey!
-No, come on, man.
We forfeit.
[whistle blows]
Go, go to the bench now!
Turn around.
I hope you're proud
of yourselves.
What was that?
Listen, Coach, I'm really sorry
about what happened out there.
Great game, thank you.
Sorry about that.
They'll be OK.
Look, you guys come back
when you're ready, eh.
Thanks, coach.
Take off your headphones.
Take off your headphones, now!
What was that?
Man, them boys was trash.
Thought they was better than us.
Yes, they were better than us.
Man, forget that.
Forget all this!
Jaymie, you're pissed
at yourself because
you know you messed up.
The first person to raise
their fist to anyone will lose.
Look at me.
-You got me?
-I got you.
We started this team
because we believed in you.
You're bright,
capable young men.
Now you need to act like it.
More importantly, play like it.
[Mac scoffs]
Let's go.
Hey, Rocky, get in,
I'll give you a ride.
It's far.
Well, then you should
definitely get in.
Come on, it's getting late.
[easygoing music]
Oh yeah, that's better,
old head music.
What you know about
that, young buck?
[both laugh]
It's coming up in a few blocks.
You could drop me off here.
No, no, door to door
service only.
[hip hop music]
Let me walk you to your door.
Coach, don't get out of the car.
I don't care where you're from.
Is that you up there?
Yeah, moms has
people over a lot.
I'm sorry about earlier today,
I lost it.
I just know
you're better than that.
How you know?
You don't know me, Coach.
I know you were
locked up for dealing,
and that doesn't
define you, Jaymie.
You have choices,
you always have choices.
You're a strong player,
I see you playing in college.
I mean I like rugby,
but for real,
most of us ain't going
to college, especially me.
Aren't going to college.
you'll never get in
if you keep saying ain't.
Well, you aren't funny.
Thanks for the ride, Coach,
I'll see you at school.
[tense hip-hop music]
Jaymie, Jaymie, Jaymie.
Come on, let's bail.
[gentle music]
Maybe that kid Jaymie is right.
The last thing you want
is to get them excited
about a life they'll never have.
Well, that's depressing.
I should just prepare
them for jail?
I know you identify
with these kids,
but not everyone is
cut out for college.
You've worked your ass off
to defy expectations,
but face it,
you're a bit of an outlier.
Yes, I've always felt
like an outsider.
Adopted, white parents,
dad sick,
mom drunk half the time,
which might be worse
than drunk all the time,
'cause at least I'd know
which mother is walking
through the door at night.
I paid my own weight, Kate.
And rugby made a big difference.
Yeah, for you, but look
what happened yesterday.
Maybe encouraging them
to play a brute sport
where they slam into each
other isn't the best for them.
I mean don't they have enough
to deal with over there?
First of all,
rugby is an outlet.
Second of all, what do
you mean by "over there"?
When was the last time
you set foot in North Philly?
Fine. I'm just saying
you're not their social worker,
and you're definitely
not their mother.
I'm sorry, excuse me, what?
OK, how many letters
from your mom
are gonna show up here
before you respond to her?
And you care, why?
I care because
you're my best friend,
and maybe if you'd at least
heard what she had to say
you wouldn't be so damn guarded
and shut off all the time.
Here, what is this, number 100?
Number mind
your damn business. Bye.
Maybe I should come
back when you've done
a little more yoga and
you're less of a bitch.
[Mac sighs]
Your challenge is to figure
out how to get from this
to a perfect circle
without letting go.
This is going to be easy.
[players groan]
-Ah, my arm. Ah, my arm!
-Communicate! Teamwork!
No, come on. Again.
[door creaks]
[student] Let's go, man.
No way are you coming
into this class with that,
and I don't even wanna
know how you got it.
-[student] Slow, slow.
-Have you ever been in the
cafeteria, the food sucks.
-What are y'all doing?
-You put your hand--
-In there.
Are y'all holding hands?
Get in there.
We're never gonna get this.
Failure is your teacher.
If you're having trouble,
ask for help.
Lean into your team.
That's what great teams do,
they're family,
they stick together.
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
Come on.
-My wrist, my wrist.
-Too fast, man.
-Guys, guys.
One voice, one voice,
go back, go back.
All right.
Next, you, Jonathon, go.
Nice. Jaymie?
Keep going, keep going,
one more, one more.
-Yes, victory!
-OK, great!
Practice is mandatory
after school.
It's a field trip.
Hey yo, we should
hold hands more often.
Shut up, Tuna.
[phone buzzes]
[Mac] Let's go.
What are we doing here, Coach?
You'll see.
[Mark] There's the man.
How you doing?
Good to see you, man.
This is awesome,
this is so great.
-Happy to have you guys, man.
-I'm so psyched.
Guys, come here, come here.
This is KJ, he's a
good friend of mine.
Head coach of USA 7s.
Heard a lot of good things
about you guys, welcome.
Come on, I'll show
you guys around.
This is the big time, big time.
All right.
Here we are, are y'all ready?
Ready. This is cool.
-Do you see this?
-[players chattering]
[whistle blows]
Oh hell no, you want
us to run with them?
[KJ] Relax, they're
here to help.
Fellas, these are the guys
I was telling you about.
-What's up, guys?
We got some practice
gear in the back waiting
for you guys.
Suit up.
All right, let's do this.
-[upbeat music]
-[whistle blows]
-Hold it.
-All right, ready?
-Three, two, one.
Stand back.
[Mark groans]
[Mark laughs]
[Tuna] Take, two, one.
All right, guys, your turn.
I wanna see guys
run a special, OK?
-All right, break.
-All right.
Bigger than you can hold,
this is a bigger sword
Be a fanatic, be a
fanatic, be a fanatic
So that you take control
Push the bullet code
Can you feel the energy
Let's go.
Can you feel the energy
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Man, it's automatic,
I can do better.
You like it, I love it.
Be a fanatic,
be a fanatic, be a fanatic
No, no, no, run that back,
run that back.
-You serious?
-[KJ] Go!
Can you feel the energy
All right, everybody, meet
in the middle, hustle up.
[whistle blows]
Nice work out there,
and after only one month?
[Mac] Mm-hmm.
I think you guys got
something really special.
You're not typical ruggers,
you know that, right?
But neither was I at your age.
Look, Coach Nolin and I
briefly started a rugby program
at another high school
called The Nomads.
We had to shut things down
because of budget cuts,
but you guys got
some real momentum.
Listen, I grew up
on these same streets.
I know what this game
can do for you
and the opportunities
it can bring.
If you want something, and
you're willing to work for it,
anything is possible, all right?
All right, bring it in.
7 as one.
Team on three, team on three.
-One, two, three.
[upbeat music]
[whistle blows]
[whistle blows]
Let's call it, guys, huddle up.
Great work.
We want you all to know,
we see you.
We see you guys
putting in the effort.
And Coach Nolin and
I think you're ready
for your second scrimmage.
We're playing Upper Darby,
they're a really good team.
[Mac] The discipline you've been
showing us these past few weeks,
we'll see that effort when
you're playing them, right?
-She means especially me.
-[players laugh]
-We got you, Coach.
-Yes, but it's more than that.
You've worked hard,
you're bonding like brothers
and now it's time
to put it into action.
Coach, don't you think
we need a team name?
All right, any ideas?
Well, we've been
talking about it.
We wanna pick up the team Coach
Nolin and Coach KJ started.
-The Nomads.
-I love it.
-All right. Take us out, Kahlil.
-All right.
Ayo, Nomads on three.
-One, two, three.
[Mark] That's awesome.
Whit, what?
You OK?
-Yeah, I'm good.
Whit, what? Whitman.
-[hip-hop music]
-[softly] Whit, who? Whitman.
Hey, guv.
Jaymie, Jaymie, Jaymie.
Where you been hidin' at,
young bull?
'Sup, Ice, I've just
been at school, you know.
After all we've been through,
you don't even call
me when you get home?
When I got out,
we had a big party,
mad chicks, everything
and we supposed
to have that for you.
And now that's over with,
it's too late for that.
I'm full, man,
I've just been busy--
Hold up, hold up,
don't talk to me like that, bro.
You been busy, that's
disrespectful, you know that?
[laughs] I'm only
messin' with you, kid.
I wanna talk about
how you gonna work off
those four stacks
you owe me though.
-Four stacks?
That bust wasn't my fault.
I did a year, I coulda been
out in two months,
-but I kept my mouth shut.
-Course you did.
That's why it ain't
four K plus interest.
You know what happen
to people that play
with my paper, right?
Look, I'll pay it off,
I'll get a part time job--
How you gonna pay it off?
Working in the poppy store?
You gonna do some
sweepin' and all that?
That ain't gonna cut it.
Look at me.
You gonna pay me back
my bread, that's a fact.
Hold that.
Welcome back to the team.
You have a good evening, Jaymie.
No turning back
from your actions
You are killin' it
and showin' me
Not to meet my savages
-[tense music]
-[whistle blows]
What's goin' on, man, let's go.
Watch the outside, Kahlil!
I got it.
Oh, what a hit!
-Way to wrap him!
-Let's go.
-All right, line out.
-What the hell are you doing?
Get your damn head
in the game, man.
Line out, line out!
Yeah, let's go.
Whitman special,
Whitman special.
Yo, the Whitman special,
Whitman special, let's go.
We got less than
a minute to play, guys.
[player] Three, two, one.
[players shouting]
[Mac] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, run it, run it, run it!
[whistle blows]
-Let's go!
Come on!
Hey come back, bring
it back, bring it back.
All right, we missed
a kick, that's OK!
Get back, get back,
get back, yes!
It's gonna happen, it's gonna
happen, it's gonna happen.
-[whistle blows]
-He dropped it!
[players shouting]
[player] We did it, man!
We got one!
Great game, great game,
good seeing you again.
[players laugh]
Give us up, give us up, woo!
All right, take a knee.
How does it feel?
You just won your first match
and you did it together.
You kept your cool.
Total team effort, great job.
-Great job!
OK, so we'll see you
at practice tomorrow.
No day off?
Nope, especially since
you need to be in top form
for your upcoming tournament.
I'm sorry, did we not tell you?
We entered The Nomads
into the Philadelphia
High School Rugby Tournament.
-[players laugh]
-Oh hell ya, let's go.
And we're slated to play,
wait for it,
our old buddies,
St. Vincent's.
[Mark] Come on, it's
a true shot at redemption.
Show 'em how far we've come.
Coach, we don't
even have uniforms.
I know, the uniforms
and entry fees are on us.
So, what do you say?
[upbeat music]
Get your car wash today!
One day discount special!
Let's go!
$5, come help a great cause!
Come on, mom,
come get your car wash.
[player] Hey, why don't
you stop chattin'
-and start working.
-I know, right?
Car wash! Good car!
Get your car wash today!
Get your car wash!
Hey, man!
Where'd this go?
[players laughing]
Hey, man!
Make sure this
ladder's steady, OK,
make sure he doesn't
go up too high.
-What's going on here?
-[Mark] Anybody have a dustpan?
We're just doing our part.
Cleaning up a bit.
Looks like you're
building character too.
-[Mac laughs]
-How's the fundraiser going?
It's going.
You know, I'd like to
give you a contribution.
-Oh, wow, we really
appreciate this.
-Proud of you.
This way is very
good, man, this way.
-Hey, keep up the good work.
-Thank you.
[player] We need some
music or sump'n,
you hear that,
you know what I mean?
[Mark] Would you like
me to sing for you guys?
[Mark sings in foreign language]
Blood money over here
Cash, fool, daily flip
train, bling it down
Flat call it the G language
Keep flamin',
sophisticated killers
That's rich and famous
[Jaymie] Come on.
Bakery, big stacks,
get your cake snatched
And your bra too,
money can't replace that
Run, but you can't hide
The games that you're
playin' get you killed
By a coroner, coward,
this is my corner
149, 150, 151.
OK, we need another zero.
We gotta think bigger, guys.
All right, I know what
everyone's thinking.
I'll sell my body.
[boys laugh]
I heard about this on the radio.
A video contest, what do
you love about Philly?
$1,000 prize, the video
with the most likes wins.
What, you don't think I can
get a stack for this right here?
Man, you crazy.
I like this video idea.
That's thinking outside
the box, Banner.
[Kahlil] And we know just
the spot to shoot it too.
[gentle music]
Yo, what'd I tell
y'all, look at this.
[Jaymie] Yeah, yeah,
this is pretty dope.
We gotta shoot
where it's scenic.
Look at that skyline.
Now, that's some serious
production value, man.
OK, M. Night, just say action,
I'll drop eight bars of fire.
-Yeah, right.
-Stupid, you know you can't
spit, man, come on.
Oh yeah, drop a beat,
see what happens.
Oh, are we serious?
All right, OK.
I'm the chubby Irish
Drake, yeah, yeah
Now put your hands up,
like when your name is called
Better part the seas
when The Nomads get the ball
Peep Tuna on the streets,
watch the ladies' jaws fall
Hit my jack, two, one, five
'Cause the rest
of youse is soft
Wait, what?
-[boys shouting]
-[boys laughing]
[Jaymie] Yo, you heard?
Yo, he got bars.
Man, peanut M&M in the building.
[boys laughing]
[hip hop music]
[player] Whoa, whoa.
You did this.
We're a team, remember?
Thank you for that.
Your dad is definitely smiling
down on this right now.
[Mac chuckles]
-What's he doing?
-I don't know.
[Mark chuckles]
All right, you all
worked hard and deserve
to be celebrated, so today we're
gonna hand out some awards.
[boys clapping]
First, I'd like to thank
my partner in crime
and the one man
who has more energy
than all of us combined.
-[Mark laughs]
-Coach Nolin.
-Thank you.
So sweet.
To the player
who gave up his pads
to play a real contact sport,
he's demonstrated leadership
and game smarts, Kahlil,
come get this.
To my tackling dummy.
The player who has
shown real courage
and a newly-found
restraint, Jaymie!
-[boys clap]
Chill, chill, relax, relax.
Thanks, Coach.
To the player who was willing
to sell his body for the team--
[boys laugh]
And to the player
who keeps us laughing.
Tuna, we're proud of you.
-[boys cheer]
-[boys clap]
-[Tuna grunts]
-[boys laugh]
To the player who is most
spiritually connected--
[Tuna] What do you got
in there, man, a rock?
-[boys clap]
-The hell, man?
-Don't worry about it.
I am worried about it.
Do you wanna get
locked up again?
-You wouldn't understand.
-Hey, you got your team now.
You got me.
-[boys clap]
And last, but not least,
to the player who can outrun
school security
and his opponents
with the greatest
sense of self, Banner.
-[boys claps]
[Banner speaks
in foreign language]
Whatever that means.
All right, everybody let's eat.
-Hey, don't use these plates.
-Not with these plates.
[Mark] Yeah, come on,
these are special.
[player] These are awards.
-Put that down.
-You can have two O'Brien.
[Tuna] I never thought
I could one eat.
[all laugh]
[Mac] John Ethan, can you
take this to my car please?
Thank you.
-Yeah, Coach?
I wanted to say something to you
about how you handled things
after St. Vincent's.
The way you let things go.
I'm really proud of you.
-Thanks, Coach.
I want you to have this.
My high school
coach gave it to me
because of some things
I was dealing with back then.
Believe it or not,
I used to lose my cool too.
I used to sleep with it,
tucked in my arm for a year.
You sure?
Oh yeah, I know
it's in good hands.
[mysterious music]
[dramatic music]
What's up, Jaymie?
See you, young bull.
What's up, Deuce, Ice around?
Nah, he left,
what's good though?
I need you to give him
something for me.
All right.
What's all this?
It's the four stacks
plus an extra 500,
and all the product
there I left.
Look, man, tell Ice,
my bad, but I'm out.
I can't do it no more.
All right, I'll let him
know what's going on.
Don't worry, young bull,
I got your back.
I appreciate you.
I know you're still upset
'cause of what I said
about your mom, who by the way,
sent yet another letter
and also the insensitive
white privilege rugby thing
and that's OK.
If this is an apology,
it's your worst ever.
Just hear me out.
-I have news.
-What? You're pregnant.
Hardly, someone else got
laid and she's pregnant.
Specifically an English
teacher at Immaculate Heart
who wants to take
a few years off.
-Mac, there is a job for you
at Immaculate Heart.
Like 10 grand more than
what you're making now.
I mean it's not 100% yet,
but it's close.
I talked you up big time,
even while we were fighting,
which I'm really
proud of myself for.
Well, I already slipped
them your resume
and they wanna meet you before
they start their search.
You may say something.
Perhaps, thank you, my darling?
Thank you.
[player] You get one,
let me get one.
Where's Coach?
-I don't know.
-Who cares.
What's up with them?
[ominous music]
I'll be right back.
[Tuna] Hold up, I'm coming with.
-Nah, stay there.
-No, I'm coming with.
All right, but don't say shit.
Hey yo, who dat?
Let him handle it.
Jaymie, Jaymie, Jaymie.
[tense hip-hop music]
What's up, Ice, they tell you?
Yeah, they told me.
They told me you came
by the spot last night
with half my product
and no paper.
What, I gave him 4,500
and everything I had.
-I told you he'd say that.
-Man, you lyin'.
You callin' me a liar,
young bull, I'll murk you, man.
-You won't even touch him too.
-Hey, man.
So you wanna be hard, snowflake?
Hey boys, what's going on?
[Ice] He think he slick too.
I'm not afraid of you.
Oh, you ain't afraid of me.
Have at him.
[gun fires]
-O'Brien, Jaymie.
-You OK, man?
Come on, come on, don't
leave me, call 911, Nolin!
[Mark] Yeah.
[Mac] Stay with me,
Jaymie, it's OK.
-You know these guys?
-It's gonna be OK,
-Jaymie, Jaymie.
-Yeah, hi.
We're at 8th and Poplar, one
of our students has been shot.
Shh, oh my god,
Jaymie, it's gonna be OK.
Come on, Jaymie, Jaymie!
[Doctor] Are you the family?
Well, tonight we are.
OK, well,
Jaymie was shot twice.
Once in the upper back,
and once in the lower back.
The second bullet just
barely missed his spine.
He's extremely lucky.
Can we see him?
I'm sorry, these
are gunshot wounds.
There are procedures.
Jaymie's asleep right now
and I really need him
to stay that way.
Trust me, he'll be
here for awhile.
Thank you, Doctor.
OK, well, Tuna,
we'll take you home.
I can't.
[Mark] He's in good hands,
he's a strong kid.
Come on.
[Tuna] I can't just
leave him here.
It's my fault.
[Kate] Mac?
[Mac cries]
[mumbles tearfully]
It's OK, it's OK.
[Mac] Come on, Jaymie, Jaymie.
Oh my god, Jaymie, it's OK,
it's OK, it's OK, Jaymie.
Stay awake, Jaymie,
Jaymie, Jaymie!
[mellow music]
-Come on, guys.
-What's all this about?
Have a seat. Thanks
for coming, guys, thank you.
Hey, guys, Principal Wade
wants to talk to you.
I really hate
to have to tell you,
but the School Board
is suspending rugby.
That's not fair, this had
nothin' to do with The Nomads.
How about the school board
lets us use a safer field?
I wish it was that easy.
But because of
the circumstances,
I'm afraid there's
no other option.
-This is bullshit.
-Hey, come on.
So, you're just gonna
let them tear down
everything we built?
It was my job to keep you safe.
I failed.
We need this team.
I'm stepping down at Whitman,
I'll be leaving after midterms.
Excuse me.
Where you going?
[Mark sighs]
OK, boys, that's it for now.
You all should head
to the cafeteria.
'Cause that's
a safe place, right?
Come on, y'all.
Sorry, guys.
I know you're disappointed.
[mellow music]
[Kate] OK, well they
absolutely loved you,
but now I feel terrible.
Maybe I was wrong,
those kids clearly need you.
Don't turn on me now.
It'll be great,
we'll be together again
drinking cappuccinos.
[Kate] Yeah.
-Mac, listen--
-I gotta go.
Be home soon.
I'm good.
Jeez, you clean up nice.
You mind?
Oh my god, that is good.
You probably don't
remember this, but...
my third year of
coaching with your dad,
we had this kid Freddie.
Incredible athlete, big heart,
everybody just loved him,
he had tons of potential,
but he had this
serious drug problem.
We had this intervention,
he agreed to treatment.
Cut to the chase,
how long did it take you
to get him cleaned up and
get him back on the field?
He OD'd the night
before treatment.
His mother found
him in the basement.
I'm sorry.
I didn't even know
if I could teach.
But your father
wouldn't let me quit.
'Cause there's always
another kid coming along
who needs our help,
who we teach, who we coach,
and if that's
who we truly are then,
that's what we do, right?
We show up...
we move forward.
The kids' video
won that contest.
Check it out
when you have a sec.
[Mac sighs]
We love our rugby team,
the North Philly Nomads
and why do we love it?
Check this out.
[hip-hop beat]
[player] Right here,
right here.
The Nomads taught me that
it's not about falling,
it's about how quickly
you get back up.
Failure is your teacher.
[player] Where you going?
If you can't get back up,
you gotta ask for help.
Lean on your team,
your team's your family.
And family sticks together.
The arrogance is trying
to prove yourself.
But confidence comes
from improving yourself.
This is our land that rumbles.
-This is our time.
-This is our moment.
-Whit, what?
-Whit, who?
-Whit, what?
-Whit, who?
-Whit, what?
-Whit, who?
-Whit, what?
-Whit who?
-[gentle music]
-[machine beeping]
The video won.
Of course, that jawn was tight.
I heard Banner created
like 100 profiles
and voted on all of them.
Ice, I don't want him to
cause you no trouble--
He won't.
The cops arrested
all three of them
and now ICE is a three-time
loser who was out on parole.
We won't be seeing him
for a very long time.
The first to raise
his fist loses, right?
Jaymie, I'm so sorry.
-I should've been there and--
This isn't your fault,
I got myself into this.
See, I used isn't
instead of ain't.
How did you get to be so strong?
I've been sharing
Tuna's protein salads.
Did your mom bring you that?
Nah, O'Brien did.
She came here the other day.
I'll see her when I get home.
Wait, your mom came once.
She's a good mom,
but she's using.
She's not my mom,
she's somebody else.
Can't get mad at her
when she's like that.
Stuff makes her crazy,
she's just doing
the best she can, you know?
Anyway, I know you
don't like hearing this,
but you've been more of
a mom than she has lately.
I don't mind
hearing that at all.
[gentle music]
18 months.
[phone buttons beep]
[phone rings]
I owe all of you an apology.
I forgot something.
That if I mess up
or have a problem,
I can lean on my team
to help me back up.
I always had trouble
needing other people,
ever since I was your age.
I should've told
you when we started
that I can't be perfect.
I won't be.
I'm truly sorry.
It's really hard
for me to say this, but...
I need you guys right now.
I need your help.
I need my team.
Whatever it is, I'm in.
Name it.
We got your back, what's up?
Any chance you all have
collared shirts?
The board grants
Cassey McNamara the floor.
Thank you.
I'm a teacher at
Whitman High School
which absorbed two other
schools after the closures.
We also coach a rugby team
called The Nomads,
or we did.
Our team was recently
disbanded by this board
after an unfortunate incident.
We were victims and
we're now being punished.
Without understanding rugby
it's hard to understand
why it means
so much to these boys.
So I thought they should
tell you themselves.
[gentle music]
This is life.
Always moving forward,
but with plenty of setbacks
and that's OK because--
In rugby, we learn to
fight through the pain.
Life is better when
you stick together.
On and off the pitch,
sometimes you gotta go backward
to go forward.
For us, the real world
doesn't come with pads.
You gotta brace yourself.
Expect people
to take cheap shots.
You gotta watch
yourselves, a'ight?
We know you're only
trying to do what's best,
but for us,
this team is everything
and we owe it to these coaches.
They told us how to
be proud of ourselves
and our communities.
It's not easy to survive
where we come from.
A place where graduating
high school is a coin flip.
The status quo around here
isn't designed for hope.
But because of them,
for the first time in my life,
I can see the possibilities.
We're products of a system
that doesn't provide
a lot of resources, and
yet we made the best of it.
We need this team,
and I hope you reconsider
taking that away from us.
Unfortunately, boys,
we've already discussed
this matter and decided.
But I suppose this counts
as new information.
Anyone here opposed
to a new vote?
All in favor of reversing
the cancellation
of the rugby program
at Whitman High.
[inspirational music]
Program reinstated,
[gavel bangs]
OK, take it outside please.
Thank you, thank you so much.
You won't regret it.
[upbeat music]
[audience cheering]
Yeah, go Nomads!
Let's go, fellas!
Let's go, come on now.
Let's go, Nomads, huddle up.
[Mark] Bring it in.
All right.
I love you, guys.
Look around you.
We've come a long
way together, right?
You showed up,
you're prepared, right?
I'm so proud of you!
Now get out there
and respect yourselves and
respect each other, you got it?
-Got it.
-Let's go!
-Let's go!
-Go Nomads!
[upbeat music]
[Kahlil shouts]
-[Nomads shout]
-This is our time!
-Our time.
-This is our moment.
-Our moment.
-This is our land.
-[Nomads chant]
-Whit, what?
-Whit, who?
-One, two, three!
[upbeat music]
I need your energy,
let's get this
Energy, what you
waitin' for
Feed off your energy
We need a jump
-I'm a king!
Energy, I can't
hear you say
I feed off your energy
Energy, I feed
off your energy
- Energy
-[whistle blows]
If you're here because
you love football,
I have great news.
Rugby is the first version
of football ever played.
It's a game of passion,
excitement, commitment,
and beauty.
Nomads, you will
respect yourselves,
respect each other and
always do your best.
You will earn your jersey.
Look around, learn to
lean on each other.
You don't lose alone,
and you can't win alone.
So, what do you say?
Yo, Coach, blow the
whistle, let's play.
- Can you feel the energy
-[whistle blows]
Can you feel the energy
[mysterious music]
[tense music]