The Northlander (2016) Movie Script

Cygnus: My name is cygnus.
I am my people's hunter.
And it has grown scarce
for some time.
We are the children of man.
Out here, we are
not the only ones.
Many bands now travel
the land again.
We are called last arc.
The ones with stories
on our skin.
I wondered what
became of the world
before the one I was born into.
I only knew a world where
the few moved together.
I have farther to go to
find the beasts I hunt.
Let me go. Let me go! Please.
Why are you here?
I know you.
Now you see it too, right?
The darker days.
Me too, I see 'em too.
But she needs you.
Hunter of blood...
And hope.
Hope is not what I hunt for.
Does it look like
I have any hope?
I'm just like you!
I see it too!
I know your story too.
You're the little boy.
The little boy that
killed the snakes.
I'm done. The end!
Cygnus: I live
away from last arc
to hear what the wind is saying.
Even if it makes
me their outsider.
It's telling me that
this can't go on.
Sometimes I ask myself
why I stay.
But then I remember they
found me and brought me in.
They gave me a place
to call home.
For this I have my life.
The sun has crossed
the river track
and brings the hunter back.
They know the way.
They found us, cygnus
we're against the days.
It doesn't help it's
written all over them.
They're afraid.
It's the future that
must be protected.
They don't go out there
like you do.
They can't.
They're watching.
Is everyone here?
They're near.
How many?
You're the hunter.
You're the one that
killed the snakes.
What's it like?
Elden: Elias!
Listen to me, okay?
That hunter
has a mind where killing
is a natural act.
That hunter is not
the same as you.
Elias: It's not you or him, dad.
Mom wanted us to live.
I know you.
Who's there?
Cygnus: Nova, it's me.
I'm coming in.
You precede yourself.
It's not me you should
be concerned about.
You have a new orphan,
and he's lucky to be alive.
Elden was a good father
but he didn't know how to
handle himself out there.
Before we know the way out
we must know ourselves first.
The heretics should not
be this close.
Is that not a sign?
I need to send you.
Send me where?
Somewhere in the darkness.
Where there is light.
Nova: That has an answer.
What do you see?
I see us all trying to...
It's not easy.
Survival never is.
But it's not a choice
that we get to make.
I believe in the stories.
I've heard the stories.
I'll believe it
when I see scars.
Then look at this!
Who died
in search with no end?
Our ancestors!
Don't you forget that.
The hunt is all that
I've ever known.
I'm not asking you to kill.
I'm asking you to hunt.
To find the answers
that will stop this.
Don't say it.
I know.
What do you know?
Nova sent you.
Did she say why?
She knows why she wants me here.
Nova knows what she wants,
and doesn't want.
I need an answer.
You need to be hunting
for food, not answers.
Nova wants me to find something.
I'm not a scholar.
Where do I begin?
With a question!
It's in here somewhere.
Okay, look.
Over here.
Over here.
This is also the answer!
Where would the answer be
if it had be somewhere?
Wherever it isn't.
There would be older
breakage here.
It's been hot here
for a very long time.
That's a good place to look.
If you think of population
or what used to be present.
Then it's pretty
simple to look at
what isn't
and what is.
There could be more
like us out there.
I need to take a look
at your stories.
Yeah, yeah.
You were there!
I remember a burning sky.
And being taken up when a
shadow eclipsed the sun.
Tokens of our past
are our guide
when we have no map.
You could kill snakes
with your two hands
before you could even walk.
You have strength.
Don't be afraid to use it.
We don't have a choice now.
This time
had to come.
Can you tell me
what it's like to be alone?
The world listens to you live.
Don't be afraid.
My dad had more to tell me.
I just hope we can find
a way out of here.
That's what I am going for.
Take these.
They're from my dad.
Give it to the ones
who are hiding,
waiting to kill.
I will stand for you
to find your way.
I promise.
It will soon be ours.
He said
we can't kill this one.
He said he doesn't want him.
He needs him.
I see what you are,
You should have killed
me. Why didn't you?
I don't regret letting you live.
You're already dead.
Make him bleed!
Lexi: Zizzik!
You know you can't kill him.
This I need to know.
Not for him,
but for our power.
It's been years!
What is one more day?
We are tired of waiting, Lexi!
Lupis, stay out of this.
Something must break!
Either it's him, or it's us.
So stop fighting me.
If I don't fight today,
tomorrow there are no "if's".
Torik needs the answers!
No! No!
Aha! Ha!!
Many will die
to keep a noose around
that killer's collar.
Don't worry.
We'll get there.
It is done.
Bring her up here.
We need the power, torik.
Betrayal opens the door.
Remember that.
Man did.
That's what moved them.
Her betrayal
will open the door to
your heart's desire.
Isn't that interesting?
Come on!
Mari: No!
When I was
in the hills once
one of them horses
she couldn't move much, you see!
It wasn't her fault.
She tripped in a
big, black hole.
it wasn't the ones who moved her
it was the ones who grew her,
raised her.
And after long
she got weak in the knee
do you know what they did?
Do you know
what they did!?
They watched that most
beautiful creature
And do you know why?
Because with
hunters like
that one
they would be next.
The deal has changed.
They will never
understand you, cygnus.
Not like I do.
That's the killer, cygnus.
That one.
Take this blade
and end this.
And your precious last arc
will be free forever.
Refuse and...
All those beautiful
souls you hunt for
will be...
So what will it be?
That's it.
There's the answer!
Made a wise choice today.
you made history.
She will die.
Then he will die.
Then all the people he calls
his people
will die.
Chain them up!
I see what you fight for.
Why didn't he kill you
when he saw I couldn't?
They were promised power
where we're going.
They want us alive.
Zizzik: Black sand.
Is this the place?
Just a little further.
Man left it there.
For us?
For all of us.
Do you know what is in there?
Everything their world had,
and their children do not.
is how it ends!
Will this do?
At least we still have time
before they try to get in.
Now I can ask
what is your name?
A wolf without a pack.
Packs hold me back.
I have heard of the last arc.
I know them well.
Are you with them?
Are you with them!?
They need me.
And I need them.
You mean that.
My name is cygnus.
Like the constellation.
You are far from home.
Ahh! No!
I know what you're thinking.
You first.
This is the same as above.
It's how we got in.
We got in because you pulled us
to what could have
been our deaths.
Did we have another choice?
Let's keep moving.
The bride: That's terrible!
You have been haunting me
with that since last night.
Crypt architect: It's
based on a philosophy.
The walls of this place
will not protect all we knew.
Only the most important thing.
The bride: Why do you
follow me with that thing?
I can't see both your eyes,
I want to see your eyes.
I want to see your eyes
like I saw them last night.
Put it down.
Put it down quickly.
C'mon, put it down!
You're crazy and you're mad.
And god, I love you.
Grandmother: It's not
something we can find.
Only something
we can know in ourselves.
Don't worry my child,
that's what I am here for.
Little girl: I know
she loves me.
I know she's gone
but she won't be long.
She's my hero
is what I told my class.
She told me lots of people are
going to sleep these days
because of the ocean.
Crypt architect: A crypt.
Made when the season of man
came to an end.
Grandmother: No one lives
forever, my child.
That's why life is so marvelous.
And every day we live is a gift.
Little girl: I love it
when she tells me stories
about the whole big
world that she sees.
Grandmother: That little
light deep in your heart,
is your soul.
Use it to make the
world a better place.
The bride: You're
crazy and you're mad.
And god, I love you.
And god, I love you.
I love you so much.
Crypt architect: All things
must come to a close.
Little girl: I just
want her to come home.
Grandmother: With love,
the future is yours to make.
Crypt architect: This is
an ode to the era we knew.
To live to see the
great day that dawns.
Little girl: No! No! No! No!
Grandmother: No.
Don't make this hard for me.
Little girl: She
can't go to sleep.
The bride: Let me see him. No!
James, you've got to listen
to me, James, listen.
I'm here now, alright?
I'm going to give you my blood
and you're going
to be fine, okay?
The bride: Because I'm
not going to let you go.
You hear me?
I will never let go.
I'm not going to let you go.
I love you
grandmother: It's just a
long walk you're going on.
Anywhere in the world
will be your home.
It's just a long walk
you're going on.
This is the answer.
What's wrong with you?
They tried.
They knew their time was up.
That is to be human.
To give and be vulnerable.
This is no different.
This is, cygnus!
We have no future on
this wasted planet!
No, you need to understand...
I saw the humans at the
end of their days.
If they can feel something,
why can't I?
It looks like you can.
I want to say something
but I don't know the words.
Show me.
I thought you could
see everything
without looking.
You still think I
can see everything?
Come in.
Why are you here?
I have a question
about some kids.
What kids?
- Us.
- No.
Please, I...
I can't.
I insist.
You've been spending way
too many days alone.
In fact, me being
here pestering you
is good for your health.
You are not good for my health.
You know, a game
can remind us how
to play in life.
- A game?
- Yeah.
Okay, I...
I call this one
I'll start.
I remember...
It goes in that order.
I remember...
The last time you
were so focused.
You would sleep-walk
in the night
and always end up
outside of my hut.
I wasn't thinking clearly.
Of course you weren't.
You were asleep.
Okay, my turn.
I remember...
When you
were so caught up in your mind
that you forgot to
put the fire out
and you just about
burnt your hut down
and we had to save you.
I was meditating.
You were naked!
Doesn't change the fact.
You're next.
Now I'm done remembering.
The next is, uh,
I always wanted to
create a tablet that
tells the seasons.
I've always wanted
to spend more time in the water.
Swimming deeply
where the world accepts me for
all I am.
I accept you.
Since we were little.
They used to bother you.
You saw what others didn't.
I saw once that
those two could have
made quite a pair.
So did he.
One more thing.
I didn't see this coming.
And I can't see any further.
But I remember
telling cygnus under a spell
that somewhere dark,
where there is light
that has an answer
I think it had something
to do with all of us.
You know cygnus
lived a lonely life
in the shadow too.
I know you miss them, Elias.
Whatever is happening now
is more than any of us expected.
We don't have a choice now.
There was a time when we
weren't surrounded by death.
If cygnus finds a way
then we are along the trail.
Cygnus: I see us.
This is who we are.
The people of land and water.
And that's it.
There's nothing more.
All we can do is move
across this place
all we can do is move
and survive.
Mari: Is that what
you were looking for?
Cygnus: Yes.
You have to be careful
and protect yourself.
They won't stop
until someone's dead
and I do not want it to be you.
I'll teach you how to
get your bearings here
so at least you can get back.
So if I'm captured...
cygnus, stop.
We don't know what's
going to happen
but as long as one of us
can make it back alive...
I was set up to kill you.
I had no choice.
I protected your life.
Mari: I know that.
You are not who
I thought you were.
How would you know?
Because you brought me back.
From what?
From dying.
They took me in because
I knew how to kill
and then they made
a deal with me.
It wasn't my intent to join
or belong or anything!
I went with them to
learn their secrets.
Where they hunt, where they
hide, and then I would vanish.
They set me up!
I hunt too.
I'm just like you!
I am a killer!
I kill!
I hunt! I skin!
But when my life was on the
line, I didn't think of myself.
Everything I said to you
was the truth, mari.
Cygnus, I see you!
You are not who I
thought you were.
Just the old scars, please.
I believe
if I don't know the answer
then my hands do.
Good luck with your
archiving, shappa.
This is where...
This is where they should
have been at the bluff.
This is the river here...
Where are you, cygnus?
Cygnus: They are right.
I am their hunter.
And I have a promise to keep.
Where does cygnus fit?
The river
is over here.
Where did I go wrong?
Right there.
Right there.
The snakes.
The end.
It comes with him.
- Shappa!
- Cygnus!
What did you find?
I found what they left behind.
You should think me
a scholar after all.
You're a hunter and
a damned good one.
I'm just glad you're back.
We'll see for how long.
Come on!
Are you still the hunter?
Whatever I am,
after what I saw,
I see time differently now.
When you was gone,
I thought you had come
back in my dream.
You was not killing no more.
You must have been dreaming.
You have to be ready
for what's about to happen.
You're going to go
for a long walk.
Cygnus, I want to know
where we go.
I know.
Is there a reason we haven't
scalped this village?
Are you
questioning my authority again?
We don't know how many
are able to fight.
This isn't about them.
It's about him, right?
That's what you said.
It has always been about them.
It's always been
about your sweet,
golden future.
you just want more.
What we want
is for this to end!
You want.
You want! And want!
And want! And want!
And want!!
What you want
is me!
You need me!
You want the power, zizzik?
Then take this
and go carve it out of them.
Almost there.
Almost there.
So this crypt was
built by humans?
Yes. And left for us.
It helped them get through.
It's me that they're after.
How do you know this?
They would have killed me
when they had the chance.
And I thought you
were a lone wolf.
If you feel nothing,
then you survive.
But if you feel something...
Then you have something
to live for.
is what you heart tells you?
Tell me how you met.
By the edge of the blade.
How everyone else does.
But I saw you.
I saw you too.
is the memories
that live
where the blood bonds.
Your story will be great.
Do not be afraid.
I never was.
My heart recognizes her.
She is welcome.
Ah! Ah!
They're coming!
They are coming!
Warn them, warn them!
They're sending the dead!
Female villager: Where's
the children?
Female villager 2:
Where're the baby?
If I don't come back,
lead them some place safe.
If you don't come back,
I'm coming after you.
No. They need you here.
Torik: Cygnus!
No matter how we leave,
our echoes won't.
Look what beautiful
things you have done.
That's right, cygnus.
Anything you've always done
has always been right.
Mari: Cygnus!
No. No.
If you touch her,
I will kill you.
I will kill you! No!
No! Run!
Cygnus: Run!
Run back! No!
Mari: He can't.
He needs to know what he is!
Look at me. Come on,
stay with me.
Stay with me.
They say too much, mari.
I have to speak now!
I'm here. I'm here, Nova.
Nova, I'm here. Look at me.
Okay? Look at me.
I need to speak now.
Nova, what's happening to me!?
You belong to us too.
We live through one another.
My light is passing.
You have the ancestors
in your eyes.
You lead them.
Tell cygnus...
Tell him he always
belonged here.
He was never
one of them
you hear that?
That voice
that screams "let go".
You can't silence it.
It's a part of you.
The horse never wanted you.
You had hope in your eye.
But every last one
of those pathetic souls
will suffer the same fate
as your snakes.
You see...
Our stories
are the same.
Do you see why she
never wanted you?
Our mother.
Yes, brother!
My entire life...
All of this
has been you.
You were never one of them.
Just like me!
You're just like me.
What are you waiting for!?
Get him off me.
I said get him off me!
Where is the power you
promised us
to put the noose around
the killer's collar!?
You took all you can!
You can't take us!
Where are you going!?
Where are you going!?
You can't walk away!
Where do you think you're going?
Wait! Wait! Wait-wait-wait!
Who do you think
kept you alive all this time?
Who looked out for you?
I just wanted you
to be like me.
This isn't for me.
It's for them.
Courage is the only thing
you need where you're going.
Think I'll make it?
You've made it this far.
You'll see once you get there.
You're part of it too, you know?
It's a gift.
You brave little warrior.
Cygnus: Nova.
The answer is that we
are not out of time.
To feel is to live.
To feel is to continue.
The last arc will find its way.
And maybe one day
I will find mine.
What is the wind
telling you, cygnus?
It's harder to hear now.
something is about to change.
Will you come with us?
I've seen enough.
It's time we left.
Then where do we go?
We go north.