The Nothing Men (2010) Movie Script

(Mellow music)
(Mellow music)
(Ominous music)
(Ominous music)
(Motor running)
(Soft music)
(Soft music) (Machine noise)
(Machine noise)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Machine noise)
(Soft music)
Oh come on. Somebody fucking
Alright, I'm thinking. I know
when you got a good hand.
Grow some balls kid.
Fuck you.
Want your mommy bring you some
tissues tomorrow?
Get mommy to pack some for you.
Leave my mother out of it.
At least I'm not trying to look like her.
What's that supposed to mean?
That's why you grew that mustache,
so you can look like your mother.
Fucking hilarious.
Simon. Smoke that shit near the
window. Man, it stinks.
What did I tell you about smoking that
crap in there. You fucking go outside.
If they find out, you can kiss
the redundancy goodbye.
So what man. If it happens, it
If it does happen, we will all
get in the shit
and none of us will get our money, and
then I'll chop off your fucking manhood
and turn you into a girl you
little fucking junkie prick.
How will you do that? Have a look around.
We're in a workshop.
Plenty of sharp instruments.
I've been looking for something
to hang from my rearview mirror.
Oh you just want to play with them, you
fucking fag. I'm not a fucking fag.
You always say that just because I don't
have a girlfriend. It doesn't mean I'm gay.
I'd love
to be in the arms of a
beautiful woman. Who wouldn't?
How would you feel if you
were some short, balding,
hairy little Italian dude, man.
(Puking noise)
What's so funny? Nothing.
What does short, balding Italian
have to do with having a girlfriend?
Grease, hairy back, smelly
Socks down the undies.
What do you mean, socks down
the undies?
I've been on modeling
Oh here we go. I still get
Modeling what? Long johns,
grandpa shirts. Shut up.
I was backstage at this gig
once right?
Getting changed and this Italian bloke
just walks in. I mean, gold chains
slicked back hair.
His jeans are so tight he can hardly walk and
there's this bulge down the front of him.
I mean, you should've seen the size of it.
I'm talking horse genitals.
Bullshit. I never wear tight
You don't wear tight jeans, but
you do have horse genitals.
I'm just saying that loverboy here
makes up stories because he's bored.
I'm not making anything up. Can
we please get on with this game.
I've been waiting for a chance.
Why do they put socks down
their pants?
We don't you drug fuck little
They put socks down their jeans
so chicks think
they got a huge cock with a big
bulge. Obvious.
They're stuffed aren't they?
Say, she's like impressed by it.
She takes him home. The pants
drop. The socks all fall out.
And she is left with four
little wrinkles and a knot.
Give you Italians a bad name.
How many times have I got to fucking
tell you that that is fucking bullshit!
We've all seen big bulge down your pants.
How many pairs you got down there?
Three pairs?
Fuck off. You got a big sock drawer?
You got a sock drawer Vince?
Speaking of horse genitals. Is
that all yours?
If you are a fag, your mate's
in trouble.
That will shut you up. If you
don't mind me,
I'm gonna take the little
monster here for a squirt.
(Zipping) Don't let it hit the water, Vince.
It'll be a tidal wave.
(Ominous music)
(Beep) Hello, six board Radundo
workers slowly going crazy.
Jack speaking.
Hey, Percy, how are you? Your
redundancy manager has come through.
You got two weeks to go.
You fucking beauty. He's the
flip side.
There's a new bloke being transferred
to your workshop. Who is he?
Management won't tell me. I
know this much.
How many men?
Can't you find out who he is?
It wouldn't want to be.
Yeah right, Percy. Keep in
touch on this one, right.
OK. (Beep)
(Soft music)
You don't drink. You don't
Alright, I want to talk to your
blokes. Vince, unplug the hippy.
What man? Hey shut up!
Quiet! This is important.
That was Percy on the phone.
The good news is they're processed
our paperwork in two weeks
and we get our redundancy money and
we are out of here. (Cheering)
Thank god for that!
This has been the longest
six months of my life.
Feels like I was born here and haven't left.
Alright, I got some bad news.
As you know, the company has six workshops
statewide with workers made redundant.
One hundred and forty people.
Anyway, as of yesterday, twelve men
were fired from King's Grove workshop.
How can they be sacked if they're redundant?
Some were sacked for leaving
the premises during
working hours. Others for
drinking and gambling.
Sounds a bit like us, hey? Seems to
me that the counts are trying to
find legitimate ways to sack
people rather than pay them out.
This is bullshit.
I wanted to keep working but
they wouldn't let me.
We all did, Des, but supposing
there was an accident.
We would not only get our redundancy
payout, but we'd also get a huge
fucking compo payout as well.
That's the last thing those pricks
in the head office want. Hold on.
So, they're paying us our
normal wage every week.
Just for sitting on our ass and
doing nothing.
Yet, they are purposely sacking
people to save money.
The company must be in some deep
financial shit. It appears so.
Now they're trying to make up
for it at the worker's expense.
Have they got all these
workshops under surveillance?
Percy seems to think that the
company has actually got spies in
the workshops which brings me
to the clincher.
There is a bloke being transferred
from the same workshop tomorrow.
He will be here for the
duration. From King's Grove?
Who is he?
I have no idea. Sounds very
much like a spy to me.
You've done a great job for the
David, good luck at Berma
street workshop.
Thank you very much.
Mr. Henry.
Oh, I almost forgot. The
foreman's name is
Jack Simpson. Very well.
(Ominous music)
There is no way that I'm
jeopardizing 180 grand. Fuck that.
Fifteen years I've given.
Past six months, I've sat
down like some puppet just as
some greasy company ass could
come along and fuck it up.
No way.
We're talking about our future. He
might be one of us. I don't know.
And he might not be. Can't you
find out who he is?
Percy doesn't know.
All he knows is he's being transferred here
so he can be closer to home or something.
They want us to believe that?
There's no way he'll be able to
put up with you assholes.
We're gonna lose it for sure man.
What about you? What about you?
How's he gonna put up with you
wincing every day.
Oh, don't mess my hair. I'm
modeling tonight.
You're the one that's a fucking
If I was a fucking fag, I
wouldn't go near you.
Fuck you. Model prick! Virgin
(Laughter) What the fuck are
you laughing at junkie?
(Laughter) (Rustling)
Vince stop it! You do that in front of
the new bloke, we'll be fried for sure.
Like I care. Anyway, he's gonna fry
us smoking that shit all the time.
That's it Simon. No more
smoking this shit! Come on man.
This is bullshit. What are you
This isn't bullshit. We all
stand to lose a lot of money.
You're just paranoid. He's a spy, alright?
Maybe we're overreacting Jack.
I mean, the guy could be legit.
He may just be one of us.
We're not taking any chances.
Make the most of today boys. We
clean up later.
As of tomorrow, we sit here
like statues for two weeks.
This prick is getting nothing
on us.
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music) Jack, how would
you describe
sex? Sex is the most fun you
can have without laughing.
Women are funny creatures.
Treat them like a
lady. With respect. Compliment.
Tell them a few jokes. They love humor.
Believe me, it works.
They'll line up on you. Buy
them things.
They love being showered with
Show them that you love them
and you'll be rewarded.
You'll both be out on the
You're a fucking smart ass,
aren't you Jack?
No, I'm just a mate that has an
Nobody wants to hear it.
Maybe not Des, but what
do you think these blokes
if they knew their wives were being fucked
right under their noses.
What are you talking about? You
know what I'm talking about?
Shut up!
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
The bloke down the street might
know better jokes.
(Honking) Ah, munchies.
Finally! (Laughter)
Can I have two sausage sandwiches, two pies
with sauce, a packet of chicken chips,
two strawberry milks. You sure
eat a lot for a little guy.
Des, this must be killing him.
I wouldn't put up with it.
Look it.
I can't believe you and Louise
are doing it man.
She's just beautiful.
I think she could finally be
the one.
Really? Absolutely.
Hello. How are you? Good.
Did you miss me? Mmm-hmm. How
That much.
Sorry Vince. The usual?
What are we doing tonight?
As long as I'm with you, I
don't care.
Three fifty please Vince.
(Laughter) (Jingling)
You're the biggest spunk in the
You are.
(Ominous music)
(Heavy breathing)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
The inlaws last night Des. I swear
the old dragon is getting uglier.
I spent last night in bed with
You're joking.
Did you have sexual
No, I wouldn't let her.
Of course we had sex! What is
she like?
Does she do everything? The
works mate. Does she pop?
You're cumming in your pants
Vince. Go to the bathroom.
Sex is all in the mind.
Just don't think about it.
Especially you Vince. What do
you mean, especially me?
Let's face it, you're a garden gnome
and if you keep thinking about
the beaver you're only going to
go crazy. Why?
Because you won't be getting
any. Why not?
I just told you. Your appearance
is your main obstacle.
Obviously, there is no mirrors at
your place, Des. What's that smell?
You been smoking that shit
You were warned yesterday. The new
bloke turns up and smells that shit
we're all fucked.
Don't let him out!
(Intense music)
You think it's a joke, don't you.
You're a selfish little girl.
Put him in the vice on the bench. I
worked all my fucking life for this.
You're not gonna fuck it up.
You were told yesterday,
weren't you? Yes.
You know, what I'm going to
chop off. You do, don't you?
Here it comes. Here it comes.
You little prick. I'm serious.
It's gonna happen boy.
That's enough Jack. No it's not
enough Wesley.
We got two weeks to go and this bitch
is gonna fuck it up for all of us.
She knows the new bloke is a spy and
he could walk in here at any time.
Alright, sweet cheeks. That's
your fun for today. Here you go.
Can't spend all day amusing you.
Now, did you like that one? Was
that a good one? Thanks.
Having a bit of fun are we?
Who's Jack?
I am, why? I believe you used
to be the foreman.
I'm Dave.
Well, this looks very cozy.
Very nice indeed.
What else do you do to amuse
Drink a bit of beer do we? What
do you mean?
Nothing, it's just the empty
can under the bench.
Is the phone
in the office Jack? Well, who
do you want to call?
That's personal.
Get the fucking can. Get it.
Who's he fucking calling? Head
office, no doubt.
Just sit still and do nothing.
Keep that can in your pocket.
His word against ours.
Hello Maggie.
Hello. It's me. I'm here.
Bye. (Beep)
Here he comes.
Who's chess set? I love chess.
It's Wesley's man.
He's unbeatable. Is that right?
I don't know about that.
Would you like a game Wesley? I
love a good challenge.
They really tested me at King's
Black it is.
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
Try to play as much as I can. I
play my son Garreth most nights.
Well, when he's not at soccer
He must be quite the player.
Yes. How old is he?
Fifteen. Seventeen. Beats me
almost every time.
Everything I have taught him.
Well played.
Would you like another game
There's still plenty of time
before lunch.
What you worried about lunch
You can eat any time you want.
I'm going home for lunch Jack. Nobody
is allowed to go home or leave
the workshop. Not even during
lunch time. Company rules.
Yes, I know the rules. I've got
Who the fuck from? Management.
How'd you get permission to leave
the workshop but nobody else can?
It's personal.
Which hand Wesley? Let's try
that one. That's the white.
(Ominous music)
(Nature noises)
Female voice: Hi there David.
It's only me.
Just letting you know, I'll pick up
Garreth from soccer training tonight OK?
I thought we'd visit mom on the
way home. Dinner is in the oven.
See you soon sweetheart. Bye.
(Ominous music)
(Ominous music)
(Running water)
(Ominous music)
Kings Grove. He gloated about
it. We all did see.
I'm going to the toilet.
No way Simon. Can't trust you
I really need to take a dump man.
That's what you said yesterday.
I know, but this time, it's
true man.
Bullshit. Sit down and shut up.
Morning gentlemen.
Um, you playing Simon? No, you
sit here.
I'm just going to the toilet
anyway. No you're not.
I really need to take a dump man.
You just cross
your legs and sit on your perch or something.
Put your music on but and stay
out of the shit house.
Fucking fascists.
Why can't he go to the toilet? Is
there a bomb in there or something?
How did you know? He said bomb,
dickhead. Bomb.
Simon has a masturbation
What's the matter David?
Your boy seventeen. He has
taken it up by now, wouldn't he?
Plays a bit of soccer, doesn't
he David?
Ah yes, he's very gifted. He's a
great soccer player. I bet he is.
Oh, he's played representative
last two years Jack.
The coach believes he'll play
for Australia one day.
Let him play such a sissy game
like fucking soccer.
Should be ashamed of yourself.
He loves it. If he wants to
play soccer, I'll let him.
What if he wanted to do ballet
or something?
Let him do that? Of course
I would. I mean, if that's what
he wants. I love him.
Well, soccer is not far off
So my next question is what
would you do if you caught
him being hit up the backside
from another bloke?
What do you mean?
Planted. Potted.
So, you're asking me what would
I do if my son was homosexual?
I love my son very much. If he was
homosexual, so what? He's still my son.
Alright then.
Alright then, say supposing
your son was
ready for the redundancy after twenty
years and the timing was perfect for
him to take it, but then some
snitching asshole came along
and got him falsely fired before
he was able to receive it.
How would you feel about that?
I'd feel very disappointed for
Twenty years is a long time
for... Oh that's disgusting.
That's disgusting.
(Gagging) Oh man, I got a back
You got a log up your back.
Something crawled up his ass
and died.
(String music)
(String music)
(Squirting) A day and a half and I've had a
gut full and a half of this prick already.
Mister fucking personal. I like
You would Wes.
You've done nothing but kiss
his ass since he got here.
No Jack. I haven't.
All I've done is play him in
What's wrong with that?
He's responsible for getting people
sacked and you're sucking up to him.
Why would I do that?
Because he's a fucking spy and you
want your money. I don't think he is.
Bullshit. He walks right in
here, has a look around,
makes a phone call and takes off for lunch.
What's that if it's not a spy? And
he has permission from management.
Anyone tell us why he's going
home if that's where he goes?
And how do we know he hasn't
lagged on us for trying
to turn shitty ass into a girl.
Alright, so we don't.
I'm treating him like I treat
everyone else.
Look, well I'm not getting any one
dictate my behavior. He can get fucked.
He dictated the minute he first turned up.
Soon as he walked in. Bullshit.
Just be yourselves. Just sit here till
three thirty like we do every day
and go home.
What's so hard about that? The
man is right Jack.
What's the use in worrying
about it?
Let's just be cool and save the time out.
You haven't been here fifteen years.
You're not getting as much as me.
Getting plenty Des. Just ask Louise.
You don't think you're the only one fucking
her, do you? She's probably been shared.
You know what it's like to share,
don't you Des? What did you say?
I said the bloke on the street loves
when you share. (Slam) Get off him.
You dick head. Fucking stop.
Stop carrying on. That's
enough, alright. That'll do it.
Jesus, Des. You can't lose it
every time.
You keep telling everyone. I haven't
told anyone about Jeannine, have I?
Who's Jeannine? Jack's
14-year-old pregnant daughter.
(Slam) You bastard.
I'll kill you you wanker. Boys.
Fuck. (Slam)
Alright boys. That'll due for
scrum practice
today. More training
afterwards. Where's the ball?
We'll have a game of touch
after work, alright?
Alright Des? Yep.
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Ominous music)
They call him Percy.
They found out that he was at King's Grove
a week before he was transferred here.
And during that week, the man
was sacked.
Can't Percy find out who he is?
He's been trying.
A lot of fucking secrecy going
So, how's this work David. Are
the men OK?
So far, Mister Henry.
Percy Evans from middle management
called it Jack's workshop. The foreman.
Not for much longer. When this
is finished,
your bonus will be waiting.
Oh I'm sorry.
Come on Wesley. Your turn.
It doesn't matter who he is.
If just sit here without casting dispersions
on each other, everything will be fine.
Dispersions. What the fuck does
that mean?
There has been more fighting going on
here since he arrived then ever before.
Why don't we just ask him if he's a spy?
Don't be a dickhead. He won't tell us.
Spies. Spies.
Sit here like a scorpion. What
do you think Wes?
Just be nice to each other. I'm
sick of being nice.
So am I. It's not for much
Get some good night choice.
Spies can start when they like,
Morning everybody. Morning
Dave. Wesley.
Ah, you're all set up.
I have some business to attend
to. That's OK.
Something wrong Wesley?
No, just had a big night. Me
I took Garreth to the theater
last night.
We saw Julius Caesar. He loves
He can recite whole passages by heart.
I've been teaching him since he was seven.
Shouldn't boast. It's terrible when you
only have one child. You think he's the
greatest. I actually played
Cassius in school.
Ah, the villainous Cassius.
I know that virtue being you
Brutus as well as I do know
your outward favor. What a
great speech.
The way he plants the seeds of
suspicions in Brutus's mind.
It's ticking.
(Soft music)
We are headed for stalemate.
Sorry Wesley, we were talking
about books.
Yeah, I was just saying that I
enjoy reading autobiographies.
I remember the first one I ever
Errol Flynn's My Wicked Wicked
It's that time already. I'll
see you after lunch.
Hey. Hey Simon. What would you
Uh, Rahman sauce. That's all?
That's it.
I told Vince I could
need some pie. Some pie?
Where do you really go asshole? I
just can't wait until it's over.
Saw that guy at the head office
the other day.
You did? Yeah.
Who is he? That's what we want
to know.
Did you hear that Jack?
What? Louise saw David at the
head office.
Knew it. What are we gonna do
He's a fucking spy alright.
I'll shoot the cunt.
He will lose us. I'll break his
fucking back.
What's happened? David was seen
at the head office.
How do you fucking like that?
I think he's a good guy. Well,
fuck him. Fuck him.
Fuck them. Fuck them.
Wesley, I'm not an authority on
But I do know that each one has
their own mythology on its origin.
I mean, it's quite interesting
when you read the contrasting
customs of the different
religions from the world.
I think we all believe in the
same god.
What causes our religious
beliefs? Reactionaries.
I think we all started out the
Each generation goes by.
Other aspects which differ
then the original beliefs
and to some people, difference is a threat.
It's interesting. I think that it's
very positive that religion can change
with times. And when religion
becomes a big part of your life
and your beliefs, you don't want people
coming along and changing the written
law of those beliefs.
At our local church, we all feel
strongly about our existence.
Fuck all this bible bashing
Come on hey.
I'm a good old fashioned atheist but
you don't hear me going on about it.
Sorry Jack. I was only speaking
I didn't mean to try to convert
How can you sit there and talk
about god and stuff?
I mean, it's all bullshit. It's crap.
Look around mate. Where is the prick?
I think you missed the point Jack.
Oh no, you missed the fucking boat.
I mean, I've sat here all fucking week
and listen to you babble on about
crap. I mean. Tell me
Tell me something simple. How much
are you getting from the redundancy?
Along with my super, about 200 thousand.
What are you gonna do with it?
That's personal. Fucking
What are you going to do with
yours Des?
Take the wife on a second
honeymoon and
pay for my mother's hip
replacement operation.
How about you? What I want to
do is start a refuge for
homeless children.
Still have that dream, do you son? Gonna
be a lot of happy kiddies out there.
Vince? Gonna pay off my mom and dad's
food shop and I'm gonna buy them a nice
present. Sweet Vince. Sweet.
We are talking about what we
are going to do with our money.
First thing I'm gonna do is buy a pound of
grass. Work out whose lawn you can fix up.
Must be somebody you can share
your newfound wealth with Dave.
Well, if you must know.
I'm taking my boy around the world
to all the great soccer venues.
I know he'll love it. I only hope
you don't end up sacked like
those poor buggers at King's
Grove workshop.
How do you see it David? How do I see what?
Our chances of getting our money.
What do you mean? You see David.
I've been making some phone calls.
You were at King's Grove for one week
before people started getting sacked.
I didn't know any of those
I was only there because I
wanted to go redundant. Hang on.
You told us that you were there
for twenty years or something.
I've been with the company for
twenty years. I was a draftsman.
In the head office. I didn't know any
of those people on the factory floor.
We were told they were sacked for drinking,
gambling and leaving the premises.
How'd management find out about
it? Have no idea.
Why were you transferred here?
I wanted to be closer to home.
Why? It's personal.
Everything is fucking personal.
You see David, we're all friends here.
We talk freely. Nothing is personal.
Yeah, plenty of things that are
Things that we don't want other
people to know about.
Is there something that you don't
want us to know about David? No.
There is. You go there, people
get sacked.
You come here, you piss off all the time.
What are you doing at the head office?
The other day. Nothing. You
know something we don't?
I've got to make a phone call. Have
to make a phone call. Bullshit.
What are you doing?
Hey, who are you calling? It's
personal. Bull fucking shit.
Where do you really go at lunch
time? Home. Every day? Bullshit.
Why is it we can't go home for lunch
but you can. I have permission Vince.
You're a fucking liar.
Why would you get permission
and no one else? It's personal.
OK, Mr. fucking personal,
is there anything that
we've done, you think,
that warrants the sack?
Why? Wesley. Let's leave him
alone. He hasn't done anything.
Bullshit Wesley. Why should we
put up with this?
He's just waiting here like the
rest of us.
How do you know? Fuck you
Maybe you know something we
Alright, listen you two. Just
I don't get my money, you are fucking dead
and I mean dead and that goes for any
company snitch.
You alright David. I had
nothing to do
with those men being sacked in
King's Grove.
I wouldn't do that to anybody.
I know.
I'm not a malevolent person in
any way.
I need the money just as badly
as they do.
It'll be OK. I'll make you a
cup of tea.
Thank you Wesley.
Thank you.
Wesley, would you like to come
back to my place after work?
I could use the company.
OK. Good.
Hello Meg, it's
David. I'm bringing a friend
home after work.
Could you leave fifteen minutes
early please. He needs room.
Thank you Meg.
(Running water)
Maurice. That's Maurice.
He's a good neighbor.
This may be fate bringing us
together like this.
Come in, come in, come in. Make
yourself at home.
I'll be back in one minute.
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
That's my son Garreth.
Ah, very good looking boy.
Thank you
Wesley. I'd love you to meet him but
he's at soccer training until late.
Looks like his mother. Yes he
That's great.
Unique chess board. Yes, my
wife made it.
You want a drink? I'm gonna
have a wine.
Myself. Soft drink be great.
OK. Good, good.
Take a seat. I'll be right
back. Ready for a game?
Sure. Whoo-hoo.
I couldn't continue at the
It's a full time commitment,
isn't it?
It is. I was committed.
I just... couldn't cut it.
Do you think you'll go back to
university after your redundancy?
I've considered it. I don't
think I've been
played a chess board quite this big.
The pieces are remarkably sculpted.
Yes. Garreth, he loves playing on it. He's
always boasting about how his mother made it.
How talented she was. Was?
Beverly's gone.
She died in a car accident two
years ago.
Two years. Yes.
On the way home from soccer
Police believe the other car went through the
stop sign causing Beverly to swerve and hit a
telegraph poll. She was killed
Thank god, Garreth was OK. It's
a miracle.
Where was it?
Five minutes away, at the
reserve road.
Grove street. Intersection.
They were almost home.
They haven't found the other
He must have known. It was all
over the news.
Fucking bastard.
I'm sorry Wesley.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Do you mind if I use your
Yes, sure. It's down the
hallway to your right.
(Intense music)
(Heavy breathing)
(Running water)
(Pouring liquid)
(Heavy breathing)
(Intense music)
David, I'm actually gonna get
going. Now?
Yeah, I just let time get away
with me a bit. No, what a shame.
Maybe we could play another day. Yes.
Yes. You alright to get home?
(Ominous music)
Oh Garreth.
Wanna play chess tonight? OK.
(Ominous music)
(Ominous music)
How was your day?
(Ominous music)
(Ominous music)
(Pouring rain) (Honking)
(Soft music)
(Storm sounds)
(Soft music)
(Pouring rain)
(Loud Honking)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
We had a visitor tonight,
Garreth. Wesley.
Fine young man.
Yes, I know. I know.
Female voice: Hi there David.
It's only me.
Just letting you know, I'll pick up
Garreth from soccer training tonight, OK?
I thought we would visit mom on the way home.
Dinner is in the oven.
See you soon sweetheart. Bye.
Love you.
Female voice: Hi there David. It's only me.
Just letting you know
I'll pick up Garreth from
soccer training tonight, OK?
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
Another groundhog day.
Mister personal. He' s late
If you live so close, why is he
always late? It's personal.
(Laughter) Looks like Simon
smoked some of that shit before
he came in today. Looks like he's
on that ice stuff or something.
Looks like Wesley indulged in
something that night himself.
Hey Wesley, you have a big one
last night?
Hey Wesley. Yoo-hoo.
Look at those eyes. What you
been up to? (Slam)
Sorry I'm late. We're not.
I had to help Garreth with his
homework. Wesley,
your watch.
You left it on my bathroom sink.
I was thinking last night about
all this conjecture. I was only
at that
factory for two days when those
men were sacked. I was told
that the manager knew for
Told by who? One of the
Bill something. Here we go
What were you doing at the head
office the other day?
Mister Henry wanted to see me.
About what? Just leave him
Can't you see that he's telling
the truth?
What's it to you Wesley? I
mean, what are you doing?
You fucking him or something? Hang
on a minute, he must be fucking you.
He turns up to work all chirpy and you turn
up with your eyes bulging out of your head.
Jack, fuck you. I'm gonna
fucking kill you.
I've just smashed company
You can tell on me now. We're
all covered.
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
Female voice: Hi there David.
It's only me.
Just letting you know I'll pick up
Garreth from soccer training OK?
We'll visit mom on the way home.
Dinner is in the oven. See you
soon sweetheart. Bye. (Beep)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
Yes, hello.
(Soft music)
(Crashing sounds)
(Alarm sounding)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
What's the matter Wesley?
Your boyfriend lock you out? A
lover' s tiff.
I think this must be my favorite
photograph of you Garreth.
You're so cheeky. So beautiful.
Handsome little boy.
Garreth! (Gagging)
What's going on between those
Wesley, you OK?
You're a real friend. (Ringing)
Excuse me.
Hello. It's me.
Maggie. One minute.
I hate to be a bother Wesley, but
can I have some privacy please?
Yes Maggie. He's had multiple seizures
and he's been vomiting and I'm concerned
enough to call a doctor.
Just comfort him and I'll be
there as soon as I can.
David, this can't go on.
I'll call Dr. Framon now.
Hello, Percy. Mate, who's on
the phone? I'm trying to call
I have a new bloke, a spy.
Don't be silly. He's no spy.
His money's through and so is
You serious? What's the matter
with you blokes?
Your money is locked in now.
It's been processed.
So, Jack, can you please give
me some peace.
I fucking love you Percy. I
fucking love you. Boys, boys,
the money is there. We're free.
We're free boys.
We're rich boys.
Listen, um, I have to go home
for a while. We'll talk soon.
The greatest gift is patience.
Patience itself. You know what I think
we should do just for a giggle? What?
Let's find out what this dick
is really about, right?
Let's just see where he's
Buy a couple snails on the way
and have one last laugh.
Fucking A. I gotta see where he
Nice and easy.
(Ominous music)
Not getting away from me.
Jailbreak. I got something for
Woo-hoo! He went left.
Come on. I knew he would. Come
on Vinnie.
(Clicking) That'll kill you.
That should do a world of good.
Just inhale. (Intense music)
Let's go home for lunch.
(Intense music)
(Intense music)
Shit, he does go home for
lunch. See!
Let's go back and party. Bullshit.
I want to see what goes on.
I'm here Maggie. Have you
called Dr. Framon?
Yes, of course. Oh, hello
Oh, missed you. How was your
His day has been bad David. He
needs to be
in a hospital. No, he's fine
here with me Maggie.
We're taking a trip, aren't we?
He can't go
anywhere. Look, I'm with him everyday.
I change him. I bathe him.
I clean him up when he's done.
You don't see him
like this. You know, David,
I love him too.
No, I'm his mother and
I love him Maggie.
Don't we Garreth?
You know what dad did yesterday?
I smashed a furnace with a
(Intense music)
Oh shit.
Des, check that out.
(Laughter) Shut up. You want to
get us caught?
Who's that kid? Let's get
He fooled you. You sat there like
imbeciles thinking he was a spy.
Only because Jack and Des did you fuckwit.
I made a few phone calls.
Oh, he's a spy.
Shut up you dickhead. We'll see
who has the last laugh.
We're gonna play chess tonight.
You can be white and I will be
(Intense music)
Some fucking sports star he
turned out to be.
Gold medal in the wheelchair
(Laughter) Can you see him
playing basketball?
Afternoon gentlemen.
What's so funny? Oh, we were
wrong about you David.
You're not such a bad bloke.
Really? David have some
marijuana mate. Simon,
marijuana you keep.
He's already brain dead.
Can't begin to tell you how
sorry we are David.
Treating you the way we did.
We thought you were a fucking
How silly are we?
Oh well, it happens.
Yeah, it certainly does.
I tell you what mate. Let's
start fresh.
I want you to sit down. We'll
have a talk.
What would you like to talk about?
Tell us some more about your boy.
Oh, well, apart from his
intelligence, he's
a wonderful sportsman.
He won his school age swimming
championship a month ago.
Oh really. We heard maybe he wasn't
such a good swimmer, didn't we?
Oh and his basketball team won the
state championship last year.
I bet he jumps really high
He's magical to watch. Magical.
Where's Wesley?
Come on David.
You're full of shit.
Garreth is intelligent and
handsome. Like me?
No Vince, he's popular with the
girls. (Laughter)
We all have to face our little
secrets sooner or later.
Hey, we all had guesses what
your boy really looks like.
How big and strong he is.
Come on David. Last chance to
come clean.
My boy is everything I told
you. Fucking can't help
Can he? I thought he looked
something like this.
(Moaning) (Laughter)
We close mate? No.
Hey you don't recognize him, do
See what bullshit can do David?
My daddy.
I'm dribbling daddy.
(Ominous music)
Jack, he gets the point.
Jack, no more.
(Ominous music)
Stop it!
You have no right to do that.
You have no right to do that to
my son.
Look at you. You're all fucking
Serves you right you prick.
Personal enough for you? Get
Must be beer o'clock.
What's wrong?
You guys are laughing.
(Ominous music)
(Ominous music)
(Ominous music)
(Ominous music)
(Ominous music)
(Ominous music)
Tomorrow is the last day
And it's England, Germany,
Italy. South America and
Japan. All the great soccer
venues of the world.
It's gonna be so much fun.
Isn't it? You and me.
A father a son. Just like it
should be.
Boy, that went quick.
I'm sorry for the excessive
I really am. I'm just so
It's gonna be so much fun.
But, it's a good cause for a
celebratory drink.
Is it your move or mine? I think
it's mine.
I'll just have one more, OK?
I'll only have one more. I
I promise just one more.
(Soft music)
I forgot to mention France. The
Eiffel Tower.
Almost there.
Listen to me Garreth.
I speak about it like it's down
the street.
It's your move sweetie.
You sleeping?
Are you?
Come here my baby. Come here.
Come here. Daddy's got you.
I got you.
Daddy's got you.
(Soft music)
Daddy's got you. Let's pack.
Let's pack. Yes. Let's do that.
Now, yours was the blue bag.
Mine was the green one. It
could get cold.
Yes, you'll need your hat and
your autograph book.
You'll have to take your
autograph book.
You never know you'll bump into.
Passports. Garreth, passports.
Where did we put the passports
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
I love you.
(Soft music)
I remember
you played with the robins
You were magnificent. You took
their ball.
And you ran past everyone in
Ten seconds to go.
Crowd went wild. I was so proud
of you. I was so
proud of you.
(Ominous music)
(Ominous music)
(Ominous music)
Thought this day would never
come. I can't believe it has.
I just want to get my hands on
that beautiful chick.
Don't forget those homeless
kids and the refuge camp.
No fucking chance man. I hate
Hate them.
Well, what
was yours Des? That's right.
Your mother's hip replacement
operation. Don't forget that
huh? Have to dig her up first.
(Ominous music)
Look who's here!
Looks like he had a big night
Why didn't he just say his kid was a
cripple retard and do nothing but dribble.
Must be hard for you Wesley,
getting stuck in the middle.
Wesley in the middle, holding
David's widdle wiping
his son's dribble, while he
feels him have a biggle.
Come on Wes, you're always
drinking that fucking tea.
Lighten up mate. It's the last
Have a beer. (Clank)
I'm gonna kill all of you.
Fuck you Wesley.
You little shit. (Thud)
Unfaithful little shit.
(Groaning) (Thuds)
You and you
all of you. You torment and
your persecute.
He has been to hell and
back and you self-centered
fucking assholes think you have problems?
You with your virgin fucking
You with your slut. Doing
everyone except doing you.
You mister fucking big man. The
14-year-old little princess.
Got a belly full. (Thud)
Des, she's not just fucking them.
She's sucking them all too.
(Thud) Jack, you sure you didn't
the little princess pregnant?
(Thud) (Gunshot and Breaking
(Ominous music)
What the fuck are you doing?
(Scream) Oh man. Sit down.
Help him to his chair.
David, David.
Don't do this. Think about
Garreth is gone Wesley.
(Crying) What are you doing man?
You've lost it mate.
(Gunshot) (Screaming)
Oh man. Oh man.
I didn't do anything man.
I did not do. I don't deserve
to die man.
She should have died here after.
That would have been a time for
such a word.
Tomorrow, tomorrow.
But there is no tomorrow
for you. (Gunshot)
Wesley! Help!
Terrifying isn't it?
Cruelty. Garreth
is dead. My son
who was all the things I said
he was.
(Gunshot) (Screaming)
And you laughed at him.
It's alright Wesley. You're my
I know you weren't there.
My neighbor saw them laughing
through the window.
Don't man.
I'm sorry for Garreth. I really
am. (Gunshot)
Don't say his name.
(Screaming) David!
Remember this? Rooted. Planted.
Potted. (Gunshot) Fucked.
you're a proud atheist Jack.
will you be in fifteen seconds?
To be or not to be?
Say it.
To be or not to be.
To be.
(Moaning) or not to be. Not to
(Ominous music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
It was me.
I was the driver.
It was a Wednesday night.
It was pouring with rain.
My girlfriend broke up with me.
I'd been drinking.
I know I shouldn't have been
It was a blue car. Yours.
The 29th of June
I killed your wife.
I killed Garreth.
David, do you hear me?
It was me.
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)
(Soft music)