The Nursery (2018) Movie Script

(water pouring)
(glass clinking)
(mysterious music)
(slow playful music)
(leaves rustling)
(indistinct haunting whispers)
(slow playful music)
(indistinct haunting whispers)
(leaves rustling)
(indistinct haunting whispers)
(slow playful music)
(indistinct haunting whispers)
( "Potion Jar" by A.
Wolf & Her Claws)
Dum da dum dum
Da da dum dum dum
Dum da dum dum
I was a child
In the Illinois woods
In a small brown house
Down a gravel road
No phone, no
Just my brother and me
Magic all around
Well it used to come so easy
Dancing in the shaded yard
When I knew the recipe
For the potion jar
Da da dum dum dum
Dum da dum dum
Da da dum dum dum
Dum da dum dum
City street
And now I am grown
Got a tune in
Reaching down through
the floorboard
The TV
And the phone
Make it harder to hear
Magic all around
Now it doesn't come so easy
But it might if I try hard
To remember the recipe
For the potion jar
Da da dum dum dum
Dum da dum dum
Da da dum dum dum
Dum da dum dum
Da da dum dum dum
Dum da dum dum
Da da dum dum dum
Dum da dum dum
Da da dum dum dum
Dum da dum dum
[Driver] Hey, sweetie.
Thanks for the ride.
(door banging)
When I said you gotta
start getting out,
I didn't mean babysitting.
Some of us need money.
[Driver] Money's just
something you buy shit with.
(smirks) Says the girl
in daddy's $40,000 SUV.
Fuck off, bitch.
(girls laughing)
(phone whooshes)
( "Elder of Zion"
by The Softrocks)
With dirty fingers
in your mouth
Who's that?
Baby brother.
He's 15 years old and
he's sitting at home
chatting with a bunch
of cyber strangers about
spooky spirits and
the great beyond.
(chuckles) Nice Saturday night.
You should talk.
(crickets chirping)
[Babysitter] Didn't we
turn at that sign last time?
I don't know.
Well, who the fuck
interviews twice
for a babysitting job, anyway?
In the middle of
nowhere, I might add.
(chuckles) I got
the job, didn't I?
[Driver] Whatever.
(phone beeps)
Now that it's official, they
can pay for my fucking gas.
It's up there.
(phone whooshes)
(crickets chirping)
(engine rumbling)
Text you to pick me up later?
(laughs) Thanks Cali.
(crickets chirping)
(suspenseful music)
(dramatic music)
(Ranae gasping)
[Man At Door] Ranae.
You scared me.
Sorry about the
wait, come on in.
Tanya just put the baby down.
[Ranae] He's already in bed?
Three months old and all he
does is eat and poop and sleep
and he's already
eaten and pooped so,
you should have a
pretty easy night.
[Ranae] That's amazing.
Oh, hi, Ranae.
You found the house okay?
Probably a little
harder in the dark.
My friend Cali dropped me off.
Oh, that's nice.
If you would need
a ride home later,
Roman can take you.
Cali will pick me up.
But if you need a
ride, of course, I can.
What are you
guys doing tonight?
Just dinner and a late movie.
It's our anniversary this week.
Happy anniversary.
An excuse to go out, anyway.
You guys don't get out much?
[Roman] You are, actually,
Miller's first babysitter.
[Tanya] Okay, well,
Miller's not gonna wake up,
but if he does...
[Roman] He won't.
[Tanya] But if he does...
[Roman] But if he does.
Diaper and wipes are on the
changing table in the nursery.
His bottle's in the fridge.
He likes the white
noise machine,
so you can just leave that on
and there's a monitor
here on the tablet.
[Roman] We should
get going, honey.
Ah, what else?
Oh, there's chicken in the
fridge if you're hungry.
You can just nuke it.
Soda and stuff by
the bar downstairs.
Snacks everywhere and...
And a couch, bathroom,
doors, the works.
Okay, I get it.
I get it.
I'm just gonna go check
on him one more time.
We'll be late.
Okay, it'll be fine.
(sighs) The movie won't
be done 'til after midnight,
but we'll be home by
one at the latest.
Call or text if you have
questions or need anything.
You know, I'm just...
I'll be real quick,
I'm just gonna check
on him one more time.
(Roman sighing)
( "The Rose" by The Softrocks)
Well, I was just at bay
When I left the other day
To gather petals from a rose
For my mother
(baby crying)
So I sang myself a song
To keep me busy
All you spirits
have no choice
But you dwell
inside my voice
Echoing through valley walls
Well, I saw
Michael in the sky
With his sword held out high
Let it out in the sky
With his sword held out high
(baby crying)
So I
(music distorts)
A song to keep me busy
(music distorts)
All you spirits
have no choice
But to dwell inside my voice
Echoing the
Dwell inside my voice
Echoing through valley walls
(music distorts)
(baby crying)
(music crackling)
(baby whimpering)
(distorted rock music)
(baby screaming)
(baby crying)
(dramatic music)
(phone thuds)
(sighing heavily)
Call me.
(Ranae scoffs)
(ominous music)
(phone ringing)
[Ranae] Hey.
[Cali] I'm bored,
entertain me.
(scoffs) Your Snap
scared the crap out of me.
I was having the weirdest dream.
[Cali] Sleeping
on the job already?
That's impressive.
What are you doing?
[Cali] Saturday night
in Disfunction Junction.
Grace and J?
(guy laughing)
[Cali] Shit!
I told you to fucking
knock it off, baby dick.
Hey, I'll hit you back in five.
(phone beeps)
(water splashing)
(clock chiming)
(ominous music)
(stairs creaking)
(electricity zapping)
(suspenseful music)
(door creaking)
(indistinct haunting whispers)
(door shuts)
(white noise machine crackling)
(text message dings)
(suspenseful music)
(phone beeping)
[Cali] Sorry about that.
J is such an asshole.
What the hell was that?
[Cali] I said sorry.
That picture, what was
that picture suppose to be?
[Cali] What picture?
That picture you just sent me.
[Cali] What picture?
That sick picture.
[Cali] I have zero idea
what you're talking about.
(scoffs) I can't
believe you'd do this.
[Cali] Sweetie, I
didn't send you anything.
This isn't funny.
[Cali] You sound really
freaked, should I come over?
[Cali] (scoffs)
I think I should.
[Cali] I'm going to.
[Ranae] Don't.
(phone beeps)
(baby crying)
(heavy sighing)
(crickets chirping)
(phone ringing)
(suspenseful music)
(dramatic music)
(soft music)
(ominous music)
(loud knocking)
(suspenseful music)
[Group Of Friends] Surprise!
(fingers tapping)
There's no beer in here!
What he say?
I have no idea.
[Jeremy] I said there's
no beer in the fridge.
Stop yelling, Jeremy.
The baby's sleeping.
[Jeremy] Relax.
The baby's room's
like six miles away.
This place is fucking huge.
[Ranae] Well, if
you wake him up,
you can get him back to sleep.
Oh, sorry, I don't
take care of kids.
I just make 'em.
Get off.
Yeah, you're a real man, J.
Now, tell us about the
time the cop made you cry.
Hey, I wasn't fucking crying.
That dick used pepper spray.
Besides, if a baby
wakes up crying
you just let it cry
itself back to sleep.
Everybody knows that.
Yeah, illegitimate
father of the year.
That's my man.
Honestly, guys, I
love you for coming over,
but you shouldn't be here.
If the Belascos come
home, they'll freak out.
What do they care?
(scoffs) They're
nervous types, believe me.
Hmm. Gracey will charm 'em.
Or at least the dad.
Wouldn't be the
first dad I've charmed.
(laughs) Slut.
You love it.
[Ranae] Guys.
Honey, you were so
scared on the phone.
I don't think you
should be here alone.
I was freaked out
because of that stupid
picture you sent me.
[Cali] I didn't
send you anything.
I saw what I saw.
It came from you.
Who else would send
something from your phone?
Fuck you guys.
No, nobody had my phone.
I had it on me the whole night.
[Grace] What was it?
[Jeremy] Dick shot?
[Cali] Shut up.
[Jeremy] Lighten the fuck up.
[Ranae] It was just a
stupid, nasty picture.
I didn't send it.
Then who did?
Someone with a
sick sense of humor.
How would I even
get her phone?
I was playing hockey with
my brother the whole time.
Yeah, glamorous Saturday night
with the video game goontards.
That's the price you pay,
baby, to play with the python.
[Grace] God!
(Jeremy laughs)
You're disgusting, not
to mention, delusional.
[Jeremy] Yeah, you would know.
Can we scroll past the
Facebook memory moments, please?
[Jeremy] Jealous.
I love it.
(lips smacking)
Guys, really.
It's fine.
I'm fine, it's just (sighs)
I don't wanna piss
off the Belascos.
We'll leave by midnight
and they won't know
the difference.
(heavily sighs) That's fine.
[Cali] Great.
[Jeremy] (heavy sigh)
Finally, now where's the beer?
You're not
drinking their beer.
Oh, you are such a hero.
You're not babysitting
the fucking beer, ya know?
Movie time?
(suspenseful music)
Ah, my friend.
Our theory of
glandular stimulation
through electricity
pulses was correct.
A few days ago, you were
small as your companion.
And now, look at you.
Why are we watching this?
[Jeremy] Because
it's a classic.
Classically stupid maybe.
Because the other
thing he wanted to watch
was even stupider.
It's more stupid.
I didn't realize
this was English 101.
That's because you
didn't pass English 101.
I'm not going to
school for blogging.
(Ranae smirks)
[Jeremy] I think I'm
actually getting more stupid
from this conversation.
Actually, I think stupider
was right in the first place.
[Ranae] Tell me
you don't think
you're gonna smoke in here?
Come on.
(sighs) Fine, I'll go outside.
I'll go with you.
[Jeremy] You want
us to pause the movie?
Oh, yeah!
Make sure I don't miss a
minute of this piece of shit.
(lighter clicking)
(crickets chirping)
Don't these people
believe in neighbors?
I think there are a few
more houses around, but
it's pretty spread out.
I'd go crazy out here
in the middle of nowhere.
[Ranae] It's pretty
during the day.
[Grace] Uh-huh.
[Ranae] There's a path through
there that they showed me.
It's suppose to be
good for hiking.
A creek.
(crickets chirping)
(dramatic music)
Did you see that?
See what?
By the trees.
[Grace] Yeah, gorgeous.
No, right in
front of the trees.
[Grace] What?
[Ranae] I could have
sworn I saw something.
(crickets chirping)
[Grace] I don't see anything.
Yeah, you're right.
I guess I didn't either.
Come on.
Let's go back in before Cali
and J kill each other. (laughs)
(nervously laughs) Yeah.
[Man On TV] Midnight?
Oh, there ain't no use in
waiting around here any longer.
This must be the bats night off.
[Jeremy] Oh, wait, wait.
This is the best part.
Watch, watch.
(suspenseful music)
(bat screeching)
Did you hear that?
[Jeremy] Oh, that was
the best part, hold on.
[Man On TV] Get
that camera ready!
[Jeremy] He tries to
take a picture of it
before it gets him.
Wait, just watch.
(bat screeching)
(dramatic music)
[Jeremy] This
is the best part.
Watch, watch.
Do you ever shut up?
What is your problem?
You make us watch
this idiot movie,
then you yammer away
the minute it starts.
It's an awful movie.
What I'm not letting
you enjoy it?
Is that what you're saying?
(Cali laughing)
[Grace] He does the
same thing in the theater.
That is so annoying.
[Grace] Tell me about it.
People who talk
in movie theaters
should be fucking shot onsite.
(phone ringing)
[Ranae] Hey, baby brother.
[Ray] How's babysitting?
Hmm, the usual.
I can't believe you broke
away from the geek world
just to check-up on me.
This is the computer age,
I can do both.
[Ranae] What's up?
Uh, not much.
Grandma and Grandpa
wanted to know
if you're coming home
for Thanksgiving.
Utah isn't home.
[Ray] You know what they mean.
You didn't come for
the memorial service.
I know.
[Ray] It's been
a long time, Ranae.
I know, Ray.
Why's it so dark in there?
I can barely see you.
We're just watching a movie.
Is Cali there?
[Cali] Hey, sexy.
When are you gonna visit again?
[Ray] (bashful laughing)
I don't know.
[Cali] Don't
make me beg, stud.
[Ranae] And that's
Grace and Jeremy.
[Grace] Hey, Ranae's brother.
[Jeremy] What's up?
[Ray] Hi.
Are you having fun
with your virtual BFFs?
You forgot someone.
Oh, you have
real friends, too?
[Ray] No, you forgot to
introduce me to someone.
What are you talking about?
[Ray] Who's the other girl?
What other girl?
The girl standing behind you.
(dramatic music)
[Ranae] That's not funny, Ray.
[Jeremy] (laughs) I love it.
[Ray] What's not funny?
There's nobody else here.
[Ray] I wasn't making a joke.
Goodbye, Ray.
[Ray] Ranae, don't be mad.
I wasn't joking.
Goodbye, Ray.
Is everyone having a good
time messing with me, tonight?
(dramatic music)
Oh, my God.
(rapid footsteps)
(heavy breathing)
[Jeremy] What the fuck?
(dramatic music on TV)
What happened?
I don't know.
Something's going
on in this house.
What do you mean
something's going on?
I don't know.
I'm seeing things or something.
What did you see?
(snickers) Your little
friend is completely losing it.
[Grace] You know
she's messed up.
Don't be a dick about it.
[Jeremy] Yeah,
this isn't messed up.
This is like some
padded room shit.
[Grace] I told you that her
mother died like a year ago,
so give her a break.
[Jeremy] I could
care less, personally.
I'm just saying.
[Grace] Yeah, you're
just talking shit
when you could be like a
real person for once?
[Jeremy] Gracey, these
people left their kid with her.
Think about that.
[Grace] So, what?
[Jeremy] So, what?
She's liable to stick it in
the microwave or something.
[Grace] That's not funny.
She's fine.
Yeah, fine.
She's about to file for
divorce from reality.
You're the one who doesn't
seem to have a grip on reality.
What are you talking about?
You appear to be missing
the reality of the fact
that they left us alone
and do not appear to be
coming back anytime soon.
(lips smacking)
[Man On TV] I was still
skeptical when I came to
Heath and Morton
today to examine the...
(remote clicks)
He was just hanging there.
Honey, he's fine.
You don't believe me, do you?
I believe you
think you saw it,
but this isn't the first
time tonight, is it?
The picture?
There was no picture.
Yes, there was.
There wasn't.
You all think I'm
crazy, don't you?
I knew it the minute you
guys walked in here tonight.
Honey, nobody thinks
you're crazy, but...
Have you thought that maybe
you need to go
back on your meds?
Well, you haven't been
off them that long.
They were antidepressants
not antipsychotics.
Grief and depression
can affect people
in all kinds of ways.
Look at your brother.
This has nothing
to do with that.
Cali, there's
something in this house.
(soft music)
(lips smacking)
Okay, slow down Tiger.
They'll be back eventually.
Come on, Gracey.
I'll be quick.
That's not exactly
an incentive.
Just take off your shirt.
We'll hear if they come down.
(lips smacking)
Okay, stop. Let me do it.
(dramatic music)
(Grace screaming)
[Jeremy] What
the fuck is wrong?
[Cali] What did you do?
[Jeremy] I didn't do shit.
[Cali] Did he hit you?
[Jeremy] What?
[Cali] Then what
the fuck happened?
You're all fucking crazy
that's what happened.
What's wrong, Grace?
[Jeremy] You're fucking
freaking everyone out.
[Cali] Shut up!
Did he hit you?
Quit fucking asking
her if I hit her!
I didn't fucking hit her.
Everybody calm down.
Jeremy, shut up for a minute.
[Jeremy] Don't
tell me to shut up.
This is your freak show.
Grace, what happened?
What did you see, Ranae?
In the monitor, outside...
What did you see?
Wait, outside?
I didn't see anything.
That's bullshit, Ranae.
J's right.
You've been walking
around here all night
scaring the shit out of everyone
and now suddenly you
don't know anything.
What happened here?
We were fooling
around a little bit.
Oh, fucking relax.
It's not a church, okay?
It's somebody's
fucking living room.
Try keeping it in
your pants for once.
Takes two tango, bitch.
It's not like she
was complaining.
Oh, yeah, she's great.
Fuck off!
We were fooling
around on the couch
and then she screamed
and started flipping out.
Grace, what happened?
What did you see?
(sighs) Nothing,
it was just...
(ominous music)
There's something
in this house.
What is it?
I know it sounds crazy,
but I think it was...
If you say ghost,
I'm going to fucking
lose my mind on you guys.
Shut up, baby dick.
A ghost, okay?
A fucking ghost.
Oh, my god!
You guys are off the planet.
What exactly did you see?
I don't know.
It was a girl, that's for sure.
Small, but I couldn't
see her face or her eyes.
Jesus Christ.
Do you ever shut up?
Not when everyone
else around me
is acting fucking crazy, no.
And she was just
staring at us.
You just said you
couldn't see her face.
I know,
but I could feel it.
Listen to yourselves.
What is your problem?
What's my problem?
I'm sitting here with a
bunch of paranoid hysterics
talking about ghosts.
That's my fucking problem.
I was right here.
There was no girl, there
was no fucking ghost.
How do you know?
Because there's no
such thing as ghosts.
Do I really have to
say that out loud?
[Ranae] So what exactly
did she see then, Jeremy?
How the hell should I know?
She's probably just on the rag.
(Grace gasping)
You pig.
You did not just say that.
You tell me
what's more likely.
You've got a case of
the crimson crazies
or you saw a god damn ghost.
Fuck you.
No, fuck you.
Fuck all of you.
(footsteps departing)
Where are you going?
I'm going to take a
piss and find a beer.
What the fuck do you care?
Hey, ghost girl, I am
going to take a piss
and find a beer if
you wanna kill me, okay?
Just let me have the
beer first, thanks.
Jeremy don't!
Just let him go.
I don't think it's a good
idea for us to be alone.
Who gives a shit about him?
If there's really
something in this house-
- He's not going to
listen to you, Ranae.
She's right.
It's like trying to reason
with a one year old.
I just said he's not
going to listen to you.
No, Grace, what did you say?
I said it's like trying
to talk to a one year old.
A one year old.
(suspenseful music)
(stairs creaking)
(dramatic music)
What are you looking for?
Here, look at this.
[Grace] Baby
pictures, so what?
I don't get what we're suppose
to be looking at, sweetie.
There, look.
It's a birthday
party, so what?
It's a first birthday party.
Yeah, they're at a first
birthday party, so what?
No, they're not at a
first birthday party,
they're throwing one.
Okay, so?
So, Miller's only
like three months old.
And they don't
have any other kids.
Fine, so it's for
someone else's kid.
No, that's
definitely their kid.
Do you think they had
another kid before and lost it?
Well, so what?
The thing I saw
wasn't a one year old.
No, these pictures are just
from the kid's first year.
Who knows how old it was.
Come on.
Seriously, why not?
Cali, you met them.
How old were they?
Forty at least, right?
At least, probably older.
Okay, so mid-forties.
They could have had a kid
that was five years old.
It wasn't a five
year old either.
They could have a 10
year old, a teenager!
I mean at their age, they
could have a kid in its 20s.
(scoffs) Ranae!
Why not, right?
By that logic, they
could have had an older kid
who just moved out or went
to college or whatever.
Yeah, that's true.
No way.
These people
interviewed me twice.
That would have come up.
How do you know?
[Ranae] I know.
- (computer keys clicking)
- [Cali] What are you doing?
I'm calling Ray.
(water splashing)
(child laughing)
(ominous techno music)
(dramatic music)
(nervously chuckles and sighs)
(child laughing)
[Ray] There is no way you
guys are babysitting a ghost.
Ray, I'm not screwing around.
You've been obsessed with
this stuff for a year.
That's my point.
I live and breathe this stuff.
I hang out in live
chats on Saturday nights
watching lectures by
paranormal experts
and my stupid sister
sees a ghost in Wisconsin
while I'm stuck here in Utah.
I mean there's no way the
universe is that cruel.
Ray, if they lost their child,
is it possible that her
ghost is in this house?
Of course it's possible,
that's how this
kind of thing works.
[Ranae] What do you mean?
Well, a kid probably
didn't just die, right?
More likely an accident
or terrible disease
or something tragic.
That's like textbook
ghost stuff.
It's like their soul
has unfinished business
and it can't release until
that business is resolved.
That makes perfect sense.
[Grace] It does?
Why are we taking
him seriously?
He knows tons
about this stuff.
(scoffs) He's just a dumb
kid with a weird hobby.
You know I can
hear you, right?
Don't be shitty, Grace.
[Grace] Look, no
offense kid, honestly,
but give me a fucking break.
Holy crap!
Is that the thing I saw
when I called you guys last?
Seriously, what did you guys see
because what I
saw wasn't a baby?
I don't know
what I saw anymore.
We don't know how old the
other kid was when it died.
We don't know that they
had another kid that died.
[Ray] That's easy
enough to find out.
Hang on.
(keys typing)
(ominous music)
(water splashing)
(dramatic music)
(Jeremy heavily breathing)
(child laughing)
(heavy sighing)
(phone dings)
(dramatic music)
Grace, you bitch.
(crickets chirping)
You should just
tell the parents.
And say what?
That their dead daughter
is haunting their house?
No, you should just
tell them what Grace saw.
You'd think they'd
want to know that.
I don't even know
what I saw anymore.
Fifteen minutes ago
you were pretty sure.
[Grace] None of
this makes any sense.
Don't let Jeremy convince
you you didn't see anything.
Where is J anyway?
[Ray] Hey, I found something.
What is it?
[Ray] Um, it's
an online obituary.
Yeah, they had a daughter who
died like seven years ago.
Rose Ann Belasco, daughter
of Roman and Tanya Belasco,
died unexpectedly
at the family home
outside of Madison,
Wisconsin last week.
I knew it.
Here, look at this.
Joyful spirit, blah,
blah, blah, classmates,
devoted caregiver,
blah, blah, blah,
loving grandparents...
How old was she?
[Ray] Um, hang on.
Nine years old.
Nine years old.
Could what you have
saw been a nine year old?
(sighs) I told you, I don't
know that I saw anything.
Yeah, maybe.
I don't know.
(phone dings)
[Ranae] Ray.
Here, look at this.
Here's a picture.
She's beautiful.
Ray, could that have
been the girl you saw?
[Ray] I don't
know, it's possible.
I didn't get a great look
'cause it was so dark.
[Cali] Holy shit.
[Ray] You guys have to get
a video or a picture
or something.
[Cali] I am not posing for
pictures with a dead girl.
[Ranae] How did she die, Ray?
[Ray] Um, it doesn't say much.
It just says at the home.
[Ranae] Can you look somewhere
and see if you
can find anything?
[Ray] Yeah, sure.
Grace, could that have
been the girl you saw?
[Ranae] Grace, could
that be the girl?
Not now!
[Cali] What's wrong?
Fucking asshole
just sent me a video
of him and another girl.
(footsteps stomping)
Where are you going?
[Grace] I'm going to kill him.
Uh, hang on.
No, Ray, pay attention.
[Ray] What is it?
Is it dangerous?
[Ray] I don't think so.
You don't think so?
How could he possibly know?
Grace is right,
he's just guessing.
I'm not just guessing.
[Ranae] Ray.
Uh, hang on.
They're doing a live Q&A
in the chat, I'll ask.
[Ranae] What do they think?
Hang on, I'm still
getting answers.
[Ranae] I don't
wanna hang on, Ray.
I'm scared!
(computer keys clicking)
(suspenseful music)
Okay, the general consensus is
that a spirit of this nature,
like a kid tied to the family,
is only really dangerous if
it's a discontented spirit.
[Ranae] What does that mean?
You know, if it died
violently or tragically
or if there's some
injustice that's making it
linger between worlds,
or I guess, if it
was a bad seed.
But, I mean, how could a
nine year old be a bad seed?
You obviously don't babysit.
(laughs) You're
always so funny, Cali.
[Ranae] You're really not
making me feel any better, Ray.
Any of those things
could apply here.
Yeah, but that's
not the only factor.
[Ranae] What do you mean?
Well, those are just
the reasons that a spirit
might be bitter or angry,
but that doesn't
make it dangerous.
[Cali] Can we
cut to the chase?
Fine, so what
makes it dangerous?
Well, most of the
evidence suggests...
[Cali] Evidence?
For lack of a
better word, whatever.
[Ranae] Most of the
evidence suggests?
That a spirit like this
is only really dangerous on
the anniversary of its death.
[Ranae] Why?
I don't know, but people think
that it's only on the
anniversary of its death
that it can actually
physically interact
with this world.
Physically interact?
[Cali] What does that mean?
You know, like grab something,
pick something up, hurt someone.
On other days, you
might hear it or see it,
but it's only that
one day a year
that it can actually cross
the bridge and do harm.
[Cali] Okay, so
is today the day?
When did Rose die, Ray?
Does the obituary say?
Uh, hang on.
(suspenseful music)
I'm going to wring his neck.
[Ray] Found it.
[Ray] Uh, what's
the date today?
October 7th, for a few
more minutes at least.
[Cali] When did Rose die?
Yeah, you guys are fine.
She died on the 3rd.
[Cali] Okay, that is
way to close for comfort.
[Ranae] You're sure.
It says the 3rd and the obituary
itself is dated the 5th.
You guys should be totally fine.
[Ranae] I believe you, Ray.
But can you please
just confirm that?
Maybe see if there
are any news articles?
Anything to confirm it.
Um, yeah.
I have to go to the
bathroom real quick,
but I'll be right back.
Thank you.
Ranae, you know what
this means, right?
It doesn't mean anything, Ray.
Just call me back
on my cell, okay?
Okay, bye.
(computer beeps)
I take it back,
I am really happy
you guys came over.
(clock chiming)
I can't believe it's
already midnight.
(nervously laughs)
At least we know the
little shit isn't dangerous.
(clock chiming)
(bottle cap popping)
(suspenseful music)
Jesus, Grace!
(sighs) You scared
the shit outta me.
If you're coming to
apologize, I'm not interested.
What is your problem?
(light switch clicks)
Yeah, you had your chance.
I'm not interested.
Come on, Grace.
(lips smacking)
(ominous music)
Ugh, what the fuck?
Did you fucking bite me?
(ominous music)
Jesus Christ, what is with you?
(suspenseful music)
(soft music)
(ominous music)
(desperate gasping)
(haunting whispers)
(dramatic music)
(desperate gasping)
(child laughing)
[Grace] Jeremy.
(door handle rattles)
(floor creaking)
Jeremy, where the fuck are you?
Are you in here?
(phone ringing)
Not funny, asshole.
(suspenseful music)
(nervous breathing)
(ominous music)
He wants to know
how it's going.
No, he doesn't.
I have no idea what to say.
[Cali] Tell him
one child is sleeping
but the other's definitely up.
That's not funny at all.
(phone dings)
Seriously, I feel like
I should say something.
[Cali] Please, what
are you gonna say?
[Ranae] That there's
something strange
going on in their house.
[Cali] You will
freak them out.
[Ranae] That there's
something here.
[Cali] Ranae?
[Ranae] That it might
be their daughter!
Be serious.
If you tell them that
they'll have you committed.
(phone dings)
(dark dramatic music)
Honey, what's wrong?
Nothing's wrong.
(heavy breathing)
(floor creaking)
(baby crying)
(suspenseful music)
(door creaking)
(baby crying)
(door scraping)
(nervous breathing)
(child laughing)
(Grace gasps)
(ghostly moaning)
(Grace screaming)
(dramatic music)
(Grace painfully moaning)
(Grace gasping)
[Grace] Help me.
(suspenseful music)
Help me.
Help, help me.
(dramatic music)
(Grace gurgling)
(blood sloshing)
(ominous music)
Nothing's wrong my ass.
No, it's not just that.
Something just happened.
(Ranae heavily sighing)
I never told you what
happened to my mom.
I know she died just
before you came to college.
[Ranae] Her one year memorial
service was last month.
Cancer, right?
[Ranae] That's
what I tell people.
But it wasn't.
Growing up it was
just Mom, Ray, and me.
She was only 18
when she left home
and moved away with my dad.
Then, he left right
after I was born.
Just one day,
My mom was like 20 or something,
no education
and a baby.
Her parents are halfway across
the country holding a grudge
and she's completely on her own.
So four years later
Ray comes along,
but his dad was never really
in the picture either.
In and out of school,
in and out of jobs,
in and out of guys,
but she tried, she really did.
She busted her butt and did
everything for Ray and me.
What happened?
So, last summer
after I graduate,
my summer job's at
this yogurt place
and my mom's suppose
to pick me up
one night from work,
but she's late.
So, I'm texting her.
Where are you?
Did you forget?
What's going on?
But she's not responding
because she's obviously
driving, right?
But I keep texting her
because I'm being a bitch
and I'm all pissed off.
She must have gotten worried
that she was getting
all these texts
because a witness said that
she was looking at her phone
when she slammed head-on
into a pickup truck
and died instantly.
Ranae, sweetie.
So, you stand at her
casket and you cry,
and you lie in your
dorm room at night
begging her to forgive you
and your baby brother gets
obsessed with spirits and ghosts
because, hey,
maybe if ghosts are real,
she's not really gone.
But she is gone, just gone.
And you don't know
if she hears you
or if she forgives you
or if she even knows
that she was everything
to Ray and me.
And the last thing I said
to her before she died,
was that she was
a terrible mother.
(muffled crying)
(Ranae sniffling)
They're going to be home soon.
We should find J and Grace.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Let's just get this
night over with.
Why don't you look by the bedrooms
and I'll look downstairs.
No, we should stay together.
Honey, your brother said
we didn't have anything
to worry about.
Something's not right.
Okay, let's go together.
(phone ringing)
It's Ray.
[Cali] I'll go
check downstairs.
No, wait for me.
(phone ringing)
How are you guys doing?
- (ominous music)
- We're scared.
Did you find out anything more?
[Ray] It's totally fine.
You guys are perfectly safe.
Are you sure, Ray?
There's weird stuff
happening here.
[Ray] I'm 100% sure.
Rose might be messing
with you guys,
but she doesn't pose
any real danger.
[Ranae] (scoffs)
I don't know, Ray.
Did you find out
anything more about her?
[Ray] I found an article
online, but it didn't say much.
How did she die?
[Ray] Accidental drowning.
She drowned?
[Ray] Freak accident.
She was playing with
some friends by a creek
and got tangled up and died.
That doesn't make any sense.
We have to be missing
something here.
[Ray] Why?
Because she's here,
Ray, and she's angry.
I don't believe
she's not dangerous.
Are you guys down here?
If you guys are screwing
around down here,
we need to get going.
(Jeremy laughing)
(Grace moaning)
(door creaking)
Guys, are you in here?
(Grace moaning)
(suspenseful music)
[Ranae] What if it isn't Rose?
[Ray] What?
[Ranae] What if there's
something else in the house
and it isn't Rose?
[Ray] That's impossible,
it has to be Rose.
We're just assuming
that it's her.
It might be something
completely different.
We don't know.
[Ray] But what else
could it possibly be?
I don't know.
Maybe someone who
lived here before?
Maybe someone who died
building the house?
Maybe just some...
[Ray] You're talking crazy.
I'm not crazy.
Just try and keep calm,
let Miller sleep, and wait
until his parents get home.
It'll all be over soon.
[Ranae] No, Ray!
Whatever is in this
house is dangerous
and if Rose isn't dangerous,
then it's not Rose.
[Ray] Ranae, stop.
There's something here
that we're missing.
There's something
here we're not seeing.
There's something we don't know.
(soft suspenseful music)
Why did you say Miller?
[Ray] What?
You said, "Let Miller sleep."
Why did you say Miller?
(ominous music)
I never told you the
baby's name was Miller.
(dramatic music)
(phone ringing)
(dark dramatic music)
Say hi to your
mom for me, bitch.
(Grace laughing)
(Jeremy moaning)
Guys, the parents
are coming home soon
so we need to get out of here.
(suspenseful music)
(soft breathing)
(ominous music)
(Jeremy groaning)
(dramatic music)
(Grace moaning)
Guys, quit screwing around.
We need to go.
(suspenseful music)
(dramatic music)
[Ghost] You're all gonna die.
(ominous music)
(Cali gasping)
(bones cracking)
(electricity zapping)
(Cali screaming)
[Ranae] Ray?
[Ray] Ranae, what's wrong?
[Ranae] Ray, is
that really you?
[Ray] What are
you talking about?
Well, what did
you find out, Ray?
[Ray] I found some
articles about Rose.
Did she drown?
[Ray] What?
Yeah, how'd you know that?
The date was wrong, right?
The date was wrong
and the accident was seven
years ago today, wasn't it?
[Ray] No, Ranae,
the date wasn't wrong.
It has to be.
This has to be the
anniversary of her accident.
[Ray] No, Ranae, listen!
It wasn't an accident.
[Ray] There was a nanny.
(ghostly whispering)
And it was never proved,
but the police suspected
that the nanny...
A what?
[Ray] A nanny.
One of those foreign
exchange nannies or whatever.
What are you saying, Ray?
[Ray] There was a nanny
and she killed Rose!
She drowned her in a
crick behind their house.
[Ray] They don't know.
She wasn't right.
She had a history or
something, I don't know.
It all came out later, but
none of it's very clear.
But you said it
was never proved.
[Ray] No.
Why not?
[Ray] Because she died, Ranae.
- (ghostly whispering)
- What?
[Ray] She hung herself.
When, Ray?
[Ray] That's what
I'm trying to tell you.
It was tomorrow.
What do you mean tomorrow?
[Ray] That's what
I'm trying to tell you.
You have to get out of
that house by midnight,
because the nanny killed herself
seven years ago tomorrow.
[Ranae] Oh, my god.
[Ray] What?
You're in Utah, Ray.
It's already tomorrow, here.
(demonic growling)
(dramatic music)
(demonic screaming)
(Cali heavily breathing)
(demonic growling)
(dramatic music)
(demonic screaming)
(Cali frantically gasping)
(Cali sobbing)
(Cali screaming)
(phone dings)
(dramatic music)
Ray, I need your help.
I have to find the others.
Call 911 and...
(demonic growling)
(Ranae gasping)
(dramatic music)
(indistinct haunting whispers)
(Cali softly sobbing)
(suspenseful music)
(Cali gasping)
(electricity zapping)
(dramatic music)
(Cali screaming)
(Cali crying)
(baby whimpers)
(demonic growling)
(dramatic music)
(Cali frantically whimpering)
(Cali screaming)
[Ranae] It's
me! It's me, Cali!
Cali! Cali, it's me.
It's Ranae.
(Cali frantically gasping)
Honey, it's me.
There's nothing there.
You're fine.
You're fine, there's
nothing there.
(crying) Ray was wrong, Ranae.
[Ranae] I know.
No, Ray was wrong.
Jeremy's dead.
[Cali] And Rose killed Jeremy.
Oh, my god.
[Cali] And Grace,
too, I think.
I saw her.
Ranae, Rose tried to kill me.
[Ranae] Cali, it's not Rose.
It's not Rose, it's her nanny.
She murdered Rose and
then killed herself
seven years ago, today.
[Ranae] We have
to get out of here.
Why is she doing this?
Why is she after us?
[Ranae] I don't know.
Why now?
She died seven
years ago, why now?
Oh, my god, Miller!
There hasn't been another
child after Rose until now.
She came back to kill
their newborn baby.
[Cali] But, I...
She doesn't care about us.
She's just playing
games with us.
She really wants Miller.
Cali, we have to
get him out of here.
(girls screaming)
Shh, shh.
[Cali] She's gonna kill us.
Go, take him out of here.
No, she's gonna
kill us, Ranae.
Cali, where's your phone?
[Ranae] Your phone, use
the light on your phone.
[Cali] I think I broke
it when I dropped it.
We have to get
out of here, now.
(Cali sobbing)
[Cali] Maybe we
should get help.
There's no time, Cali.
[Cali] The neighbors?
They're too far away.
We have to get Miller
out of here, now.
I can't see anything.
(stairs creaking)
(ominous music)
It's too dark.
I dropped my phone over there.
I think I can find it.
(heavy breathing)
[Cali] Ranae?
There, got it.
(ominous music)
(suspenseful music)
(demonic growling)
(dramatic music)
(baby screaming)
(Ranae gasps)
Oh, my god,
(dramatic music)
You can't have him.
(baby screaming)
You can't have him!
(demonic screaming)
(demonic growling)
(Ranae gasping)
(dramatic music)
(demonic screaming)
(demonic laughing)
(ethereal music)
(demonic screaming)
(mystical chiming)
(baby crying)
(ethereal music)
(mystical chiming)
(baby softly crying)
(white noise machine crackling)
(baby crying)
(phone ringing)
[Operator] 911,
what's your emergency?
I need help.
(crickets chirping)
(baby crying)
(sirens whirring)
(phone beeps)
(suspenseful music)
(siren whirring)
(ominous music)
(phone beeps)
( "Disassemble" by
A. Wolf & Her Claws)
(soft piano music)
I'm having butterfly dreams
Seems I've been
sealed in here
Muscles have atrophied
But I can feel
Them growing back
I've built a cocoon
I might be out soon
But it takes a while to
I'm having butterfly dreams
Oh, but my limbs
have separated
From my body
She's making way for
I've built a cocoon
I might be out soon
But it takes a while to
Ooh, oh, yeah
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Dreaming of butterfly wings
Covered in scales
of brilliant
While my body, she sleeps
She's slowly growing back
I've built a cocoon
I might be out soon
There's nothing
more that I can do
I've built a cocoon
I might be out soon
But it takes a while to
(soft piano music)