The Occupants (2014) Movie Script

God, it was all so real...
- was just a dream.
- No, it was like...
... it was like that,
was just a dream.
- Angry.
- It was just a dream.
It was just a dream.
His master's voice.
I change, I think
is ready to fill.
Oh my God, that's my department.
Hi sweetie.
Can you make coffee?
Yes, of course.
Hi honey,
wake up, look at the view.
- Have a nice day.
- I love you too.
- Wait... what, what?
- Here.
- You will not need that.
- Never know.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
She did nothing, this happened to you.
We understand .
Can say whatever.
Right? I mean...
It was only once, is a good guy,
was probably my fault.
Your father abused him? What about yours?
Because... It's a cycle,
the abused,
becomes the abuser.
And what I'll do is
help you break that cycle.
're Strong, you can do this.
I know you can do this.
And you, you know what you need
? A rescuer.
Need someone to protect you.
This is Walter, is very strong.
Is magical.
And he will not let anyone hurt you.
Never disappoint you.
Thank you.
's Scared, but all are .
The problem is that it is
No, that's fine.
Good job, give me a C53
and I will make everyone happy.
How's everything at La Colina?
- Are wonderful.
- Really?
Yes - And the baby?
Jack is sweet, it is wonderful.
- What about Wade?
- It's great, it's great with Jack.
What about your job?
Yes, it is busy, but good.
So why the transition is going well?
Is the transition?
The baby, new home, new responsibilities
can be very stressful.
- What are you doing?
- Trying to help.
No, do not,
trying to undermine me.
Long time since our last session.
And you know why?
Would everyone here know it?
- That's basic psychology.
- Still Angry Wade.
- I'm not angry at Wade.
- Good. I do not know what to tell you this way.
I like you and enjoy the time together
and I like working with you,
keep apologizing for knowing Wade.
I do not like you to try to undermine it.
I can not be your patient more.
- Hello.
- How are you doing today my sister
What's up, you do
I'm fine
i?. - Yes?
- Yes
Okay, do not sound too sure
Yes, I... In fact I expect another call, .
- I'm busy.
- Okay, that's fine, of course
You sure you're okay
Yeah, yeah, sure
.?. Hello... How was work today?
Well... you know...
How is my man, where is he?
The man is up,
has been great, it's so sweet.
're So good with him.
It's so easy, I pray to have one like it.
Sure you can tomorrow?
I do not want to take advantage.
Okay, really do not care.
Your parents are okay with this?
You're kidding, are happy that
has not fled to San Francisco.
- Thanks.
- Yes
- Magnificent.
- Yes
He said he was expecting
another call or something.
What do you think?
I think it carries a time avoiding you.
- As in a while.
- Right?
Has been rare since my mom died.
I mean...
If I had a sister, I
I wanted to be with the baby,
not think we could zoom out.
It's so weird and scary.
- So rare.
- I know!
Is not it amazing that this alive?
I am very lucky.
By marriage.
For my rescuer.
So, what's going... As Ruth?
- That's another thing.
- What?
Remember I told you that
call home once,
and his father answered and found it weird?
God knows...
Today, she was going out the door,
and note this bruise on his neck.
What do you mean?
I do not know, something about it bothered me.
- How Good acting, she...?
- Okay.
Lo, that worries me.
Being your slave,
I do that most satisfy your desires...
I have no more to spend precious time
or services to do, except
which require.
Jesus... Oh my God,
oh my God, you scared me.
? Wade, Wade...?
- I'm sorry, sorry.
- Jesus.
? Wade, you were hammering?
Are you okay?
Was a woman,
but was beaten,
as beaten, bloody,
As if he could stand.
You sure you were awake
? Totally...
If I knew I was awake,
because, were you hammering?
? Stronghammer?
In the morning sleeping with Jack?
Was sleepwalker? Could that be it?
- I have no idea.
- Because last night...
You were like...
Wait... - What?
How lucia women?
Had pale skin, black hair.
And with a striped blouse?
I think it may have been the mother
my dream the other night.
- Is rare.
- Yes, it is.
'll Call you later, okay?
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- We're good.
- Yeah, I know. Yes
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- Well, goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Hey, here's my favorite guy.
There you go... Yes
Are you okay? You look a little scared.
That's a good choice of words.
Do you think it's possible?
you and Wade are having the same dream?
Yeah, that sounds crazy.
Why? I mean...
On the one hand it shows...
... nearby who are spiritually.
... They even have the same dream.
And on the other side?
According Well... Jesus says,
ghosts do not exist.
Oh, did not know that Jesus had spoken about
When someone dies,
going to Heaven with God,
or face the Final Judgment.
So if anyone sees a ghost...
- What you see is a demon.
- A Demon?
Demons can disguise...
... dead people, to confuse us.
Do you believe that, you believe in demons?
If I believe in angels.
I believe in demons.
- How are you?
- Me? I'm fine.
- Things are good at home?
- Yeah, why?
No, for any reason.
So, yes, all is well.
I'm sorry, sorry,
'm nosy, sorry.
No, no... I want to say the job
My Dad has been...
... but that's it.
No, no, no. Sure, that's to be expected.
- So it's been a little...
-... is anxious.
- And my mom also.
-... By stress.
But your father...
Demons can take many forms.
- Do you believe in ghosts?
- No.
- Demons?
- I do not know, I do not think so.
Excellent, welcome to the twentieth century.
So, leaving aside the supernatural
... you seem to be seeing abused women.
Those may or may not actually be.
I'm not seeing... With Ruth, I see...
If Ruth is being abused, then
come and talk to her.
It can not, by his father.
I tell and I've said before,
should not advise the
people outside the office.
I saw some bruises on his throat.
We have a system to protect
customers and us.
- Is a matter of credibility.
- I do not understand...
reviews for trying to help a battered woman.
I say, there's a reason why
... is a psychologist here,
is not just for customers.
Moreover, it is the dream of Wade.
Y Wade do you trust?
- What does that mean?
- It's a simple question.
What does that mean?
He has a dream and you have the same dream
You say he's putting ideas in my head
- I did not say that.
- And I'm foolish enough to believe that.
- I did not say that.
- I trusted my life to Wade,
and I can not believe you asked me that.
Not know Wade,
you've never known.
the only person I know who tries...
... putting ideas in my head, it's you.
Please... Keep your voice down.
Not think so, I came to you as a friend,
and this is what you're trying to make me.
Trying to help.
No, trying to control myself,
because that's what you do,
y bother you that you can no longer
letting me anymore.
I'm sorry you feel that way.
Wake up, wake up...
're here, here are
are here, come on.
- Come on.
- What?
Up, get up, get up,
get up, get up...
- Fast, arise.
- What is it?
- Come on.
- Please stop.
- Come here, quick.
- What is it?
Wait what happens? Oh damn...
- This is...
- I know.
And that is... - I know, I know.
What do ?
Well, let's go.
- We have to go...
- Stop.
What the hell?
Where is your sister,
where your sister is?
Where is your sister,
where your sister is?
- What is it?
- I do not know, do not know.
- Were in my head...
- I know, I have no idea.
What do ?
No, no, no...
- We have to go.
- Jack is here.
Watch him... I'll see.
No, no... I'll be right back.
- No. ..
- I have to go see.
We have to get out of here,
we will stay with Kate, we have to think
No, I do not want that, do not want Kate
I opine me.
- After what happened?
- What happened? Nothing happened.
That was out of my sleep.
No, it was not,
that will not happen to you, and it happened to me,
that's something that happened to them.
Do they, who are they?
They were living in this house
here before us.
- Okay got ghosts?
- Yes
Spirits of dead people, we are
living in a haunted house.
- Demons.
- What?
Ruth thinks are demons.
Where is your sister?...
Father. What
repeated the father. He kept saying it.
Where is your sister?
... Sister was missing,
sister was not there.
The sister survived.
What are you talking about?
Were two daughters, he had four plates
Y repeated where your sister is,
sister was lost.
I bet she
still lives in town.
My God, I bet it is a
I bet she is one customer
- Listen to you at this time.
- Wade, Wade...
- What we have just seen?
- Saw...
What did you see what happened?
- That was my dream.
- No.
No, we saw a family in crisis.
- I can fix this.
- No.
Glen taught me to break the cycle.
... And what we saw was a
family trapped in a cycle.
I can fix this.
I find it strange discuss ghosts.
I saw, saw Wade.
- Wade saw?
- I told you.
- Back to my original question.
- What is that?
Do you trust Wade?
- Are you kidding?
- We talk about ghosts.
I can not, not that I was upset.
Need your help, can you help me
? Want to help?
I want to help, so I think that...
regular sessions should start again.
... There has to be me,
if that makes you feel uncomfortable.
're Going through something, obviously.
that help me with a concrete thing.
A family of abused ghosts?
And maybe an abused nanny.
No, I speak of a file,
I speak of a woman who came here perhaps.
I say yes
file exists, that's confidential.
It is not my position to give
Why are you here?
Have an opinion of women,
and you know what?
... I'm almost tell everything to Gale.
And say...
... about you, about us.
So think about it, while looking for that file
Mrs. Gold is here.
Oh Janice, you still know the guy...
... file in the office?
- Phil?
- Yes
Yeah? I need a favor.
- Well, I'll call.
- Great, thanks.
- Glen So, it does not help.
- No, Glen is a dead end.
Still angry break up with him.
And the more angry, more
indifferent, so...
In 1986 David Martel built this house.
Okay, I was married or had children
Do not know, do not you find out yet, but if
if you have them.
Look at this place, has four bedrooms
's Huge.
- Okay...
- So, the house was sold,
in 1992, but that's not the interesting part
What is the interesting part?
David Martel stopped paying property taxes
and the house did not happen to other people
until 1991
Stopped paying property taxes, why?. ..
- Because he was dead.
- Really, you know?
What else could it be? Tell me!
Could have lost work or sick.
-... Or move to Florida.
- Wade, come on!
Come... - What?
We saw, you saw them.
This, this, everything fits.
Yes, I saw them, it was.
Lucy, I'm afraid.
Okay? I say we call
Kate and Jack away from here.
No, no, we're not leaving.
There we go!
No we'll take our son with Kate.
Now we have a name, just have to find
- What is that?
- What?
- On your shoulder?
- What?
- What is that?
- I do not know what you talking about?
Come here, what happened?
My God, someone scratched.
How is that possible?
- My God.
- What?
- What?
- Is anybody out.
Hey, there you are. Where were you?
Were outside, I followed.
Outside? Are you okay?
Only... I could swear,
- I saw you.
- I know. Okay, okay.
Do you think I'm losing my mind?
I believe that this thing, whatever it is that is
is affecting us.
And I think we have to get out of here.
No, I will not do that.
Father will not let me win.
Sorry about yesterday
- I threatened.
- I know, sorry.
You're the only person I can talk
Just give me a formal session and
get to the bottom of this.
- Glen, please.
- Sessions used to help.
If you care about me, for something...
Of course I care, but not
be here.
Glen can you hear me?
That do.
Martel , that was the family name
Era Martel.
If anyone in the files or is married
Lucy, I told you...
Yeah, I know, but what's in
risk here...
? What's at risk?
Did you even know there's at risk?
I have to find to stop this,
- Lucy.
- To break the cycle.
- I want to help.
- Then help me.
Know people,
can find a name.
Doctors, someone in the hospital,
Someone has to know who she is.
Help me, please.
Then there is a man, a woman and a
You and Wade have been seen around the house
Making things.
Yeah, yeah, did you hear something?
Addition to cable television, no
- Seriously...
- Good sister...
I admit I wondered when...
your perfect honey moon would end
But I never thought I would
ghosts, this is new .
You know Kate, I know your love life
is not what you want, but if you could put
on my side for once.
- Well, that was hard.
- Sorry, sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm just here in this situation.
You know and...
You talk, you know...
- What?
- You know, as you call...
- A Psychic?
- A Psychic?
Or whatever they call a paranormal investigator
Kate, please.
Well, you follow the advice of your...
... crazy nanny worshiper of Jesus,
can not get any worse than that.
I know since you were born, what about me
makes you think a psychic would
get to my house?
Hello, thank you very much for coming
, I'm Lucy.
Hi I am Mara.
It's just...
It is better to go through the house, without any preconceived
, affecting.
This is where...
But the paint was...
An entity
may be tied to a place or a person.
How, follow someone?
Emotion can also be a factor,
an agitated mind,
can raise events.
How are things between you and...?
Wade, Wade is well.
We've been fine until this
Anyone else spend much time here?
The Nanny, Ruth.
She's going wrong,
... his father is, do you think Ruth,
-... or Wade, or me?
- Jack O?
- Jack is a boy.
- Jack is a person.
Do you know what that means links?
've Heard the word.
A nexus is a person who draws
him or her paranormal entities.
- Do you think that is Ruth?
- I do not know.
- Jack O?
- I do not know.
Well, what do you think, I have to do?
What do I have here?
Lucy, I feel nothing abnormal
with this house.
And do not say no experienced anything
I just can not feel anything.
I've seen, Wade also seen.
I have no reason to doubt you.
There is a portrait of a man with a hammer
made on my wall.
I'm sure that you can alter.
? Alter?
I have been to many houses and
under many different circumstances.
Not feel anything abnormal.
What can I do
Home, tell them clearly and firmly
they can not harm you or harm anyone
at home
No, I do not think I have tried and come
Look at the fucking wall.
How could she...
I think she came and gave you,
good advice and
little perspective.
I did not want perspective!
- I wanted, I wanted...
- Validation?
Do not need validation,
not need it, do you agree
? Me you got me.
Mira. We are in this together.
Can we try?
- What time is it?
- It's 3:00.
Guess that's the time when they are most active.
'm Talking to the entities in this house.
've Seen,
know who are suffering,
and want to help but can not harm me,
not harm my
husband, and can not harm,
my son.
If you understand,
please give me a sign.
Wade, get up, get up, get up...
Wade ! Wade!
- What is it?
- Where is your sister?
Was my juice.
What do you want?
He said he wanted to help, right?
Yes - then help us.
Can not help, you can not help my wife
can not help the girl,
can not help me.
So what do you want...?
I want to break the cycle.
What did your sister?
I said this is ridiculous.
- What did your sister?
- Do I need to call...
- What did your sister!
- Do not know what you want me to say.
How's the baby?
Not allowed to damage it.
... Is not allowed to harm me or my husband,
or my son.
I have to.
- No. ..
- Wait.
Just me, okay, okay.
Do not understand at all
Said what
said her sister? It was very specific.
I said nothing
I need your help now, what you told me?
Lucy, this is scaring me
Maybe, maybe before...
You said something about my perfect marriage.
No, no, let's talk about that.
Because I know, I know you're jealous of me.
I know!
- Lucy please!
- I know, I know.
... I know you wanted to have a baby and
... You have not met the right type
. But...
Please do not do this
But you asked how your sister now.
If... You know? I need...
gotta go...
What, Kate? Say what?
No. Okay, just, I must go
- I'm sorry, sorry to bother you.
- OK.
- I feel so stupid.
- Really okay.
Did not see anyone around the house?
- Now that you mention it...
- What?
A couple of days, I thought
was nothing unusual,
but there was a guy at the house.
- Are you kidding?
- I thought I was a walker or something.
- How does she look?
- Sorry, I was away.
I could not see it, it was just a guy...
I'm sorry, sorry, do not know who you
go or who to trust more.
Want to know what I think?
Yes, I want to know what you think.
In the Church have taught us about demonic possession
Wade knows things he should not...
... or suddenly speaks Latin, or something?
- No, no, no.
- Or perhaps is super strong.
- No.
- Or speak with another voice.
Have a bite or scratch unusual?
What does that mean, what
means? Is it a demon?
What is a demon, really?
heard about the spirit of Ahab?
? Ahab, as Captain Ahab
in Moby Dick?
Well, the Ahab spirit,
is an ancient demon.
Is very angry and very powerful.
take any kind of shape or what...
Take the shape you want.
What it does
Destroys families, that's what you want,
takes the soul of the father and
forces destroy his family.
Do not know, do not know if I can accept that.
What you see every day at the Center,
the stories you tell me...
I mean...
A man beats his wife
, hit their children...
get drunk or drugs, rapes his daughter.
Want to break the cycle?
That's what you're up against,
Ahab spirit
entered in the souls of men,
from the beginning of everything.
That's what you're up against.
- You see that?
- Oh.
God... Okay, I can see
. Can you see?
Of course I see, is my father.
Why are you here?
I think I can be angry,
not tell him to come.
Would you talk to him?
No, I'll do it, all will be well.
- Ruth, where were you?
- Sorry.
- Your mother know you are concerned.
- Sorry.
Ma'am, sorry to bother you, but I have to take
Ruth home.
Hi, I'm Lucy, who are you?
'm Your father, come on... Get in the car.
She's 19 - What.?
Not less, not
has to go with you.
- In the car.
- Do not have to go with it.
Sorry Lucy.
Lady incumbent
not really okay?
Calm down, there's no reason to panic
Glen, this is real, this is
really going on, do not you understand that?
No. I'm talking to psychics,
I'm talking to my nurse,
the only person who does not help me here, is you.
I want to help, I'm helping you.
No. I know you want to do another session.
I would clarify all the confusion.
No. You know what?
There is a portrait of a man with a hammer
on my wall.
My husband, my nanny and I have seen these things
... Walking around the house and tell me
it's all in my mind.
I think
session will help you discover the root cause.
No, do not help me find Sister
're jealous of Wade or
you try and help me with Ruth.
All you want to hypnotize.
Lucy, you sound hysterical.
You just want to control me!
Just want to control and manipulate.
Because you're a small
and angry man.
I offer a possible solution.
No, what you're trying to do, is try to break
and not let you do that.
Jesus, what happened?
Not remember anything
I do not think that was your intention.
Lucy, you know I would never do anything to hurt you
, right?
Ruth, hello...
Is everything okay?
I wanted to ask the same.
Your father...
No, everything is fine, really. All right.
- You tell me.
- What? Why?
I'm ready for this.
I do not know what you mean.
Do not have to suffer because you are not alone
I can help you break the cycle.
Look... I should go.
- Your father rapes you...
- What?
I know you've tried to
and tell me I can protect you.
What my father raped me... what do you say?
Do not have to be afraid anymore.
That's disgusting, what's wrong?
Try to help and that's what you thought
all the time.
What kind of person are you?
So you do your job?
You pick random women and invent
nasty things about them.
No, not you, do not do that.
's Because I'm Christian,
that's because you think so,
think yes
someone believes something must be ignorant.
I do not think that.
Please. Do not call more.
A few minutes ago I called Gale.
And he asked me to tell
you're suspended.
I messed up.
Do not concentrate on this.
I do not know what I'm doing.
You going through something.
Do not know, do not know what's happening.
What do ? Help me,
Want you to look
pen and you focus on the pen.
There is nothing else except the pen.
No more anything except the pen.
Nothing but the pen.
Hear my voice, hear my voice...
- How do you feel?
- Good.
- Well...
- we begin?
-'re Done.
- What happened?
'll Be fine, you did fine
morning talk.
- Do not you say?
- I gave a keyword.
I have to do research,
when I give the word
key, I remember everything.
I want you to tell me.
Lucy, I'm helping you,
have to trust me.
You might want to call your sister.
- That's what the father...
- Yes
I said the same.
How interesting.
Come on... please.
Really do not know what you want to say
Okay, okay...
Just listen to me, both Glen and father
both told me to talk to you .
I know...
What, you mean?
What do you mean by "know"?
- Glen called me...
- called you?
Si. Just now
Glen call you.
What do you say? What did he say? Say what?
No right to call
my sister, what did he say?
- Well...
- Que! Say what?
Said you know, you said
under hypnosis or something
- What did he say?
- Sorry.
Sorry Lucy,
not want to tell you this...
Tell me what? What are you talking about?
Tell me what? Tell me what?
I've known for a while, I found...
roles when mom cleaned the house
What roles , of which you speak? Kate?, What?
You were adopted, are the
daughter sister mom
Your father killed your mother
No matter,
not are inside the house.
're Inside me.
Not just you.
're Here, they're here.
... And we will deal with it.
I will not give up on you.
You can not hurt me now,
can not hurt me to my, can not hurt...
... my baby,
can not hurt my husband.
Killed his family, killed his family
, but can not kill mine.
Hello... I tried to call you.
I turned off my phone.
- What do you want?
- See how you were.
- Wade come soon.
- Yeah right.
- What I did yesterday?
- Did you talk to your sister?
- What did I say?
- How's Jack?
What did I say?
We can talk about it, when you're ready
- I manipulated.
- Do not manipulate.
How long ?
From what we broke?
What have you done to me?
What did you say to Gale?
- No reason...
- Would you tell us?
- I still do.
- If you could, yes.
Then give me the key word!
When you're ready.
You were my mentor,
thought you were my friend...
- Lucy...
- Goodbye.
I did research for you.
David Martel ...
I build this house, as a company retirement
for a...
software company... I had
The company collapsed in 1988, after she married
So what do you think is lying?
Do not know.
Sorry I have been here.
Okay, me worry.
You know what? Perhaps this is up.
- You think I'm crazy?
- No.
Because'd be crazy too.
... I saw Ruth, she
saw the guy the other day.
I mean...
Are we all crazy?
Do not know what to think.
Lucy, we'll be fine.
How do you know?
Because I know,
all this, it sounds crazy,
will end soon, I promise.
Just me.
you hurt.
Okay, okay...
I'll stay here, well,
please let me help.
'm Here for you,
I only watch out for that.
The Lucy knife, everything will be fine.
Well, now... I watch...
Well, okay.
... I'll stay here.
I will not hurt you.
I'll take care of you, do you say can
happened up there?
You became my father.
Well, well...
Look at me, look at me, just me.
Well, your father...
Your father...
Do you remember your father right?
I mean, that's, that's...
That's part of the problem, is not
remember anything your family?
I blocked it,
that happened when you were five.
Came back for me, found me.
Lucy are only visions right?
Do not know what they are, or know if they are spirits
... just to see them, and
psychic said it was possible.
She said that things like that happen.
I'm so afraid.
I know you are, but
'm here for you.
Because I love you, I love you...
Do you hear me?
I love you, always have.
Were always my favorite
Where is my juice?
You can stop it.
... Can finish tonight.
- Lucy...
- No. ..
No, no!
I'm sorry, sorry.
Lucy stop, you're killing him.
We're killing!
Do not you take it, do not you take it...
's my son.
Is my son.
That's impossible, ,
Jack is the son of Wade.
There is no Wade.
The lights go out and I'm terrified.
Not know what came over
'm There for hours, too scared to leave
And finally the police, ambulance .
and rescuers arrive...
a man, one of the rescuers,
is so friendly, it is so nice,
rescues me...
And then you pregnant me,
I'm not ready, I have much fear,
back under the bed.
Think of my rescuer,
never hurt me,
He never hurt to me, my rescuer
Police anyone called 911?
It's so beautiful.