The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale (2019) Movie Script

The patients used the new drug for the month
There was a death that didn't happen
know the cause. Effect
side cause
disruption of the wider community.
Because of this, the prosecutors were investigating
the head office that reported the drug ...
Bad news keeps happening
According to information, still
there was a trial ...
Next news. Bad news is spread
about the drug in the human body
The results of the investigation are still unclear.
Given great rewards for
test it as bait
Test it on
students illegally
People have said,
this is not human anymore
Letter of arrest for those involved ...
Where did that come from?
What the hell
What is wrong
You're ok
There's almost a big problem, you know
A little more fatal
Almost report to the king of hell
You're lucky I happened to pass by here.
Wait a minute
How, enough, right
This place is very remote.
With difficulty repairing it.
Look, all of this is still original
Around 10th ... 20th also don't need to change.
Boss, this price is still high
About the price, I don't know, just ask him
I happened to pass by. If
no, you are finished
This, to trust each other.
Think of a gift.
Pretty fragrant, right
Oppa, hurry up and go
OK. This..
Can't swipe the card.
Now, who still uses cash
Then, another time
just take the car
Bibi, how much is it
Honey, wait a minute. 1/40 thousand
You really know how to make a profit!
It's like squeezing it!
You do it again huh
What's wrong with you, don't arrive
one more month
Don't be careless. Bury it well
What if everything is unloaded
Where is the hammer
Release / No no ... / quickly ..
See you soon / Yes ..
Careful driving
Hae-gul is really strong.
The time is really right
Watch out if you dare to touch
It's not open for a long time, there's no bonus
Treat, just eat
Shit. One penny can't
Sis, you have the flu
I feel Sun Yen is very sorry
Now it's good enough. So
young people still have to take care of grandma
Really sorry
Do not know
He really ...
You still say like him
When I get married, I know ...
Good! / Right throw
Beggars, quickly leave
Don't get caught,
we can also be beggars
Don't just shut up, run fast
Hurry and run ...
Hit again
You are like this, when can you go to Hawaii
Wigs / At least me
groom's companion
Very beautiful / Let me see ...
The bride
It turns out that the better
young. / Never seen it
You also see
What's so noisy
Move aside / What's up?
Still don't want to go
Basic. Beware if caught,
I'll boil you!
Really a jerk
Where is the card?
Who are you? What are you doing
You maniac!
Get out quickly!
Get out quickly!
What's with your eyes
Hey, you..
How dare you fight seniors!
God damn it...!
God damn it....
What sound is that
Catch that person!
What happened
Blood / Why is it like this?
This person is coming again
What day is today
What's so far
Very tired. This remote village
Oppa has returned ...
What is the problem
Second brother
What's the matter / Either, just run away
My dear, I'm afraid to see it
How, is it dead?
Not dead
Hey, you're fine
I accidentally hit you.
You ... talk something
You do, why look for me
New arrivals
The brake is empty.
I want to fix it
Where are you going?
Where are you going
It looks like his brain was injured
Made in America. I like US-made products
Now the problem is not made in the US
That person, can you ask for compensation
He doesn't know you
In our village, there is
how many in my field
I'm the only one.
There must be a way out
What way out Who handles it
He himself is looking for trouble, the madman
Just think of our Hae-gul.
Who ...
You're ok
There had been a beggar chasing me.
Brother hit him until he flew
Fly what do you think of kites
No, it's not like that.
Aigoo, it's really stressful
Daddy, you're all right
What fighting when playing
card / Bitten by a dog
I told you not to be bitten by a dog!
That bastard! Beware if caught!
Having been injected, it shouldn't be a problem
Call me if it's fever. Yes, thank you
What is the problem
Still unchanged
Whose dog can it be noisy
Very nice place
In the past, I always sang Hawaiian
Why do you go in a hurry?
Calm down, it won't be long
It's almost spring,
why is this still hot
Where can I use SMS
to send dismissed
Who is there
Who is there!
What are you doing dark like this?
Fuck ... you come again!
Oppa, something happened ...!
Can't sleep, it's very noisy.
What's up tonight?
What are you looking at?
You ... kill people / No.
Your brother did it
Who told you to do it / No
me but he himself ...
Move ... live ...!
Apparently he is again
Yes, that person / Who / I also don't know
Brother hit him until he flew
He is here to reply
revenge / that person ... bite my head
Not bite the dog / No
But how does he know our home
That's not the problem / You look for reason
I have no idea. That person can't die
What is that
What is wrong
What should I do
Early stage
Eat it
People who live must stay alive
You pig huh
Father is in big trouble
As a child, everything can be done
You eat everything. It must be delicious
You don't need to eat / Yes
Just go back to sleep / No.
Don't know who is childish
Yesterday, didn't see it / If it's on
bite can be a zombie (undead)
Why not bring dad to the hospital
I thought it was bitten by a dog
This child is helpless.
You know nothing.
The situation is still in its infancy.
In other words, hit by a dead body virus
The virus changes DNA
human body .. / Wait!
You are smart too
compose stories
That's DHA and this is DNA
Continue / Not the same
After being bitten, the virus will
spread throughout the blood
then the fever is very high
After that it will change.
Initially normal
the power gets bigger,
finally like shock
What's up, crazy?
then slowly feels better
Life in the body will disappear.
The child is almost born
You are basic
Listen well. From now on it's very important Revive (revive)
Back to life
A body that cannot die forever.
Back to life
Back to life
You recently went to
church / totally different from that
He has no spirit. Only exist
something, especially food
Bite anything. Just bite.
Here is a problem. What they like the most
Big human brain.
Continue to bite.
Basic! So what is the conclusion
Must be killed
You jerk!
It's right to kill him. Dad is not it
father we know again.
Sis, if this continues,
we will die here
If you talk no more,
pack and leave here
I've tidy up all night.
Look at this, clearly written
Shut your mouth. Listen,
otherwise, we will die
Brother-in-law, think carefully ...
You're fine
Die, undead
Come here, man!
God damn it..!
That's not our father
You don't come back, brash!
What is your name
People ask, why don't you answer
Sister will be back soon.
You have to be nice here
Know dead bodies
Brother-in-law, maybe he just ate
vegetables. This is the third
Younger brother-in-law
You leave for a while
Even though you don't know who you really are
But only in this way,
everything can only live.
You better exercise
Help me. 2 more days, I will get married
Congratulations yes / what you eat exactly
It's really different.
I see you like ginseng.
I am this strong from the start
What do you say Look at yourself in the mirror
Now you are young like a young child
Step aside
Good girl
You, right
This is your work, very good
Must be you. My life is nothing better
Finally I can get lucky.
See. The virus is already
spread to the cerebrum.
Still not late, act fast.
You just die. Me too
don't want to live. Come here
I am like a god, very free
Man-Deok, you are inside
This person is really ...
Where / Inside here / Medium
are you here
Quickly go away
What's in here
Wait a minute. We still
how long can I live
I at least haven't been married too long.
Before dying must undergo
obligation as a husband
Say, you want 100 thousand
Underestimating me I can afford it
How, 100 thousand
What is the ticket price for going to Hawaii
I see you sorry,
then take special care of you
You have to come alone, you know / Yes
Don't tell other people
But ... what was yesterday
something happened to you
Yesterday, the wound was bite
the freak is gone
I love you. I love you. I'm sorry.
Sorry / I'm sorry.
I'm hungry. I'm hungry. How many...
Only you two have fun.
We are human beings
Yes / Let us wait to die Bring us
This mouth ...
Apparently hiding here huh / Don't be fussy
Go where
Guys, alright
Didn't you make it then
How is the result
You're really lucky
I brought something
magical to your place
Well. Later, I'll call you again
You have exceeded speed.
Please take your SIM.
What's this?
Let me. There isn't much time
This ... / Hello, sir, police
Isn't this Min-Gul
You're fine / Yes, fine
But where are you going?
You're back at work
Good weather, just walking out.
Use this car
What's with this car
This car has tires, right
When did you come back / 2 days ago
You should meet me
Have you not looked at seniors
Don't look, I don't look at you
Not change at all.
Still so rude
Be careful / you why go ahead
What is this!
Hey ... stop!
I will shoot ..
When I go to college, I won't give up easily
Why do this to me? Quickly let go
Still not shy about talking
Still not beaten enough
Still want to be buried
What tomb
Okay, I'll say everything
Please let me go. It hurts a lot
Sir, Min-Gul isn't that person
Quickly explain everything!
Look at the boy, he is not human
From the start, his face was like this
Quickly release that person's bond
Do not do it. No ... we will die!
What's this? Absolutely no teeth
What happened / You bastard!
right don't do it
Quickly say, what's the matter
The kid is acting
What's the matter with him
don't dare to see anyone.
Hold that person fast / me
will say everything
This is the problem ... me
will say everything
The boy is not human
The dead body ... is truly the undead
Lock the door. Today,
I want to destroy this person
Destroy him / sir, don't be emotional
Who caught my child!
Father / you have come
Jjong-Bi ... Mr. Jjong-Bi. But my child
Isn't your child here
Sir, don't mess up
other people's family
Quickly take it out
Let's go
Brother for you ...
You come here. Wait a minute
Put it here / Daddy, take me too away
Why are you stepping aside
Quickly let me go
So all these changes ...
I take this opportunity
to go to Hawaii
Always say Hawaii. We will
send you to Hawaii ...
When dad goes to Hawaii, me
will take the boy away
How do you take it away
Why, tired of eating it
Apparently, you and I have something in common
Where do you go your teeth
Who did it
You better go to Seoul alone!
Why are you angry with me, Father and
brother-in-law has confused me
It's okay. I didn't mean to hit you
Already, don't touch me
You think I'm like this because
want to go to Hawaii
Poor you are my child
But what's wrong with your wife
Soon, my grandson will be born.
You want to stay
in a place like this
We must rebuild this petrol bomb
How long can I live?
All of this belongs to you / Who
Who pulls out his teeth!
Gosh ..
Who ... who exactly is!
Not me
Very bad
The situation is like this, so
I just take him away
Father, the situation is like this
You better go to Hawaii.
Leave it to me
Step aside!
Old man ...!
It's scary
You go first / Me / Yes
Sis, you are first / Hear, you first
You don't want to do it
I'm leaving soon
All cool, basic.
I'll go first
Start / Wait a minute
Isn't this your favorite meat
Not a child. There is
what with those people
Eat it
Just surprise me
Danger, can die
You're still laughing
Go ... just go
Put it ...!
Isn't that uncle
What's more, fast ...!
What happened
Everything is gone.
Slow movement
You must go home with a lot of money
Where are you going
Today, I will make it ..
everything is sorted out
Everything gets messed up
What are you guys talking about
The ears are still sharp, right
You give it money
In this world where there are good things that are free
What do you want ... hurry up here!
Be careful, don't fall
It's so delicious to eat
Follow me. Hae-Gul
It is not like that. Hae-Gul
Is it true that you are an undead
Unless you follow me, if you
no, you can't eat this
What do you want to do
Nothing. Not bitten, right
Let me see
Why is your face red / That's ... I'm hot
You bastard
Go away quickly ...!
All of this because of you. If not
you, none of this will happen
My dad won't leave either
Brother / You are really the bearer of the disaster
Not him, look there
Where are they going?
Take it easy, listen to me first
Poor brother-in-law
Take care of my father-in-law for years.
Husband is not confused
Until now still suffering
And Hae-Gul
Never even drink mother's milk.
My poor little sister
That's because our family doesn't
trying to live better
Your dialogue, I have heard it
So, what should I do
What is he doing / Isn't that brother
What are you talking about
Make calculations with them
This time it's really bad!
Close all windows
You are inside
Come out
This time the villagers were beaten to death.
I thought it could be like this. Already
I said take it away, don't want to hear
Reduce your voice. Do not
until they hear it
Hey, get out quickly
I already know everything
Who brought the boy
Hey, get out!
I'm here to bring a lot of guests
Only you can do it
I can also be like you
Step aside!
I pay double,
let me feel it first
Hold the number. Money
Let me see the number.
Quiet! Anti is behind ...!
look at that
Yes, keep going back ... keep going
This is the idea
That's your house
Look here
This guy is cool too
Not. Not boyfriend.
But, why is this black?
Don't move
Is he an artist
Very cool / First time seeing it
Not familiar, first time
see it / Who is that person
I don't know
What is he doing / Eat
Why is this like this? It will be better
Like this
It's also cleaned here
What is this
You cry
Who said I cried
I got something in my eyes.
My eyes are red
Bon gasoline has reopened.
let's take a photo together
Hurry up
This is the taste. If every
day to eat like this,
I die I won't be sorry
Why is he here
From today, we eat together
All family, of course, must eat together
What family do you eat together
it doesn't mean a family
What family
I mean ...
there was a feeling of first seeing it
Here are many other families,
instead come to our house
What a coincidence
Not. This is fate. Incredible destiny
Drink it If there is something
like a man, drink a glass
and forget everything.
And, starting today call me brother
He is still a child
Little boy / Of course it's still a child
Try this
Why is your face red?
No / really red
Fire in front of me
What's the connection with fire
The fire in front of me, makes me feel hot
Isn't it red? What are you talking about?
Obviously red faces
No, but it's hot
I want to ask, about the examination
just easy to do, no
It won't be surgery, right
Actually not human
Since when he is like this
Don't care about him. Do it
scientific investigation again
Children are now damaged by watching a lot of TV
Quickly brush there
Sir, look at this
Jjong-Bi ... there's something weird
with their families
Look at Fingerprints were not found
It seems like it's not registered
Do you need to report to the boss
Just do your job well
I don't know how in Seoul.
Sometimes there are things like this.
This is really weird. There is no data
If there is debt
dead alone no report.
Yesterday, that was also a bit strange, right
Very strange
Bride, please move forward
Congratulations ..
Come on already
Thanks to you, the whole village is crowded
You do nothing
We have reopened / What is this
So I didn't do this
How could it be separated in that field
Why is it so hot? There is no AC
Summer has passed,
why it's still hot
Come on ..
My mother is beautiful, right
You know what they say about me
harm my mother
My mother died giving birth to me
I also think so
So embarrassed to meet brother
Even feeling guilty to father
If not me ..
Jjong-Bi, come with me to go to Seoul
Run away seeing people
Must be a road where there are no people
Don't make a strange noise
If you shut up, you will be fine
keep in mind
Don't be easily provoked by anyone
Don't get beaten up by people
This ... also ... understand
Don't follow me
I told you don't follow me!
Jjong-Bi ...!
Jjong-Bi ...!
Don't meet people like me
Must meet good people
2 tickets to Seoul
Watch Out
Jjong-Bi. Brother will go buy a drink
You must stay here.
Here are a lot of evil uncles
The Bon.
I put it here
Please groom
kiss the bride
Hello, this is the police station
What are you saying, Station
Fighting what ...
What the hell
You ... I thought it could be like this
Do not come close! I'm not good to eat!
Just leave it today
if you don't want to buy
You can't eat
noodles, not really healthy
Why are you back again
Da Fa
I bought lots of good food. Come out
Brother ..!
I bought lots of good food
What is wrong with you
Isn't that kak Chuen Sen
What time is it, already sober
During the day, drink and fight
Good one We drink again
Don't get close, it's a little weird
What is wrong with you
I saw him suddenly here ...
Why suddenly come here
I'm scared. You're all right
Do not move! Raise your hands!
You do violence, give up.
Put the items in hand. Raise your hands
Isn't that so, this is a misunderstanding
In a remote place like this, open a business.
How many people have died
What are you talking about / Where is Jjong-Bi
He ... where is he in there
It's like the others. Killed
What are you bullshit / Shut up!
You're ok
Come here quickly. Danger! / He ...
His nose ...
Stand behind me. They are very cruel
I finish them first,
then take you to the hospital
What are you doing / Hurry up and run
She's a cop!
That's ... what's with them
My wife, quickly entered the house.
Do not come close...!
Step aside ...!
Quickly close all windows!
Isn't this Song Ce
Why can that be so
This is me, Joon-Gul. We're school friends
Now is not the time
talk about school. Fast!
You don't remember me
Already remembered
Let me go..!
Someone came again
Hurry up, come on!
Close all windows!
What happened
It was true what Min-Gul said
Where is Min-Gul
Why are you, stomachache
I want to give birth
Nothing. I just feel scared
Sis, use this ...
Tie it fine
This is the best way
112 / You can help / Here
many undead
Hard to believe. Please come here soon
Here ... / Make a report
fake can be fined
You officer, where can you?
just turn off the phone
Can really be crazy
Look dead, I'm police
Hold on
I arrived soon
See ... police ...
Who speaks that
Is there news on TV
Nothing at all
Outside of being so chaotic, why
can not know
Maybe here too
remote then don't know
Quiet. Why are you, stomachache
I'm fine
But soon she will give birth
All this because of the boy. He
already planned from the beginning
Why just blame him
So blame who he bites
them, then this can happen
All of this is also because of us. We want..
Why blame us Try to think
The kid is biting our father, right
My husband
How can you enter ...!
Come on, hurry up here, fast ...!
You go down and help your brother-in-law.
Get down from here
Where is my wife!
My wife!
Hurry up ...!
My husband, hurry up here!
Let go ... let go of me!
Watch Out. Come on!
Go, hurry..! Here ...!
First brother-in-law. Hold tight
Hurry up
Min-Gul ... here!
Here ...!
I told you here, why is that
Today, you die
Die ... you are undead!
I have to give you a lesson!
Here is a petrol bomb! Hey! Shoot ...!
Here is a petrol bomb!
No problem. Leave it to me
Here is a petrol bomb!
Look carefully!
What happened Why is everyone here
It's my fault I'm risking
lives save you
If you know this, I just run away
Yes, this is the second brother's fault
Even students don't
can remember, especially me
My husband
Why, stomachache
Do you want to give birth?
can be like this
This is my baby
How best
You make sense quickly
Can really be crazy
Wear Jjong-Bi clothes. They rely on it
smell to feel it
Be careful
I go there / If not
I am very scared. I can't do it
Aren't you great at overcoming them
I guard here.
Sis, you are the oldest brother.
Why is every thing like this,
must be older who do
He is your wife
He is your brother-in-law. Basic!
How do you do this?
Don't dare to leave. Back...
Departing. Key
Not here / I think it's in you
There is nothing here, where it really is
Look for it. Can really be crazy
What is there / How should it be
Don't blame the lights
How about this
I can't do it
He is crazy. You ... look at him
Now I'm not afraid of anything.
Then leave immediately!
Go everything!
Do not come close..!
Don't ... Hae-Gul ... don't!
Go quickly ... fast!
What's wrong with them
How about now
Maybe they are crazy
I remembered ...
What / was when I changed
clothes, lock the car there
You have nothing. How about now
You are fast there
You're outrageous, brash!
If not, there is no other way
It can't be a little longer
Da Fa!
Not! Da Fa!
You bastard deserves to die!
Sis ... stop it. Car key..!
Quickly get the car key ... fast!
Do not come close..
You're fine
I will protect you well.
You just try to approach it!
Brother-in-law, you're fine
I am fine
How about you / I'm fine
From now on, don't
try approaching here!
At that time, my mother had no chance
I will definitely protect
my brother-in-law is well!
You are still behind me
This is the key, catch it!
Siai ...!
This is the car key, catch it!
Sis, throw it here!
Min-Gul! Da Fa and my wife
take care of them.
Shit. I hope to see you again.
Now it's time to finish you off!
Stop it!
Fast ride!
Jjong-Bi, hurry up!
Go up. I said go up! What
you want to do! Hey!
Fast ride! What do you want to do
You hurry up. Jjong-Bi!
Stop it! You are undead!
Jjong-Bi, hurry up!
If not complete
this, I'm dead.
I thought you were not saved!
Go quickly! / Yes
Get off quickly!
How is this what we have to do
Has exploded
Latest news
Causes of violence
all known
After undergoing a trial,
patients who are in coma
there is a lot of bleeding. Very dangerous
What happened
Do not come close..!
Brother-in-law, don't ...!
Daddy / Here ...
Why can he be like that
All this because of father. My older brother
how should it be
Hurry up and help my sister!
What kind of bullshit
Wait a minute
Isn't the first father bitten
All people ...
now entered in the emergency phase
Now Korea has been attacked
by a deadly virus.
Please don't leave the house
if there is nothing
important. Don't approach
who has been infected
If anyone is bitten or infected,
please contact the health center immediately
Do not give up. There is still hope
Father, father is really fine
You continue to suspect your father, why
You want something to happen to daddy
You bastard!
Daddy, I love you
why / Sis, you will be fine
Everything is queuing up!
What's up? We still have to go
to many places. Hurry up
Get out quickly
Still not getting out quickly
Everyone, stand in line!
Really / father
I almost vomited
Dad, Dad
Everyone, stand in line!
Stand right. Uncle.
Stand up right!
Stand true.