The Odds (2011) Movie Script

Dude, what took so long?
We waited till 7.30.
Sorry man, I was organizing my finals.
Come on, I don't wanna miss anything.
- Wait, this actually going down?
- Of course, get in.
Are you sure? Because I begged
my mother to give me money.
Dude trust me, get in.
Alright, hey can I drive?
- No.
- Damn.
The Odds
Sam Cartier is tough.
- It's Cartier.
- Cartier.
- Not Bad.
- What is that?
- What?
- What the hell was that?
- What?
- You not getting any of that?
No, no all I'm smelling is Barry's.
No I am not wearing it.
It's not that, it's the smell of fear.
If by fear you mean money, then yes
you do smell fear.
Yeah we will see to that wont we.
Ladies and gentlemen you may start
your engines.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the
divisional championship.
Wrestling at 60 kg category.
(Unni Taturn) and (Sean Diego)
Red 5:2
red 25$.
- Come on.
- Get out of it.
- Yes!
- Red 25$.
- Let's go.
- 30$ Red.
- Is that your phone?
- Yeah, my dad just got it for me.
- You like it??
- It cost 50$.
It's okay.
The next wrestling at70 kg.
(Sam Cartier) and (Joey Vinr)
Red 4:1
seventy-five dollars to the Red
Sam Cartier is going
to kill this city kid.
Come on!
Kill him! Kill him, you
stupid son-of-bitch.
You see that?
That a total fucking die.
No! No! What's he doing?
This is bullshit!
What the hell was that?
- Get lost.
- I know you deliberately do that.
Do you want to die?
No, but it be nice if you lost.
Hey hey okay chill.
You talk like that again, I'll kill you.
You're unbelievable, you
sad sad piece-of-shit.
Hey hey why do you
have go and do that?
Get your fuckn' face outta mine.
You failing english aren't you?
Let me go!
You fuckin' dead.
Don't you fuck come near me.
Alright, what the fuck are you thinking?
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
Alright, let get your parents down here,
what their number?
- Oh shit!
- Hey coach.
- Yeah?
- This is basically my fault.
Yeah, and basically I'll do is, you
admitted it and get out of this.
Okay, but it's my fault.
Look I'm sorry things
got out of hand there
but there is a very
good explanation for it.
Okay, so why don't you fill me in now?
Okay, I'm not proud of it or anything.
- But...
- But what?
Knowing Sam cartier
a very good-looking guy.
And barry here was just...
you know he's...
You know Sam been nailing my girlfriend
behind my back.
Oh, I see, is that true?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Well listen, I will not
tolerate this kind of crap.
You guys wanna steal some score, you
put on your on damn time.
Yes sir
and I want to see both
you in my class...
after school
for detention all week.
Try to be there and I try to
forget about this Sam Cartier stuff.
- Yup.
- Yeah?
- Thanks coach.
- Okay.
And you, what the hell
going into you lately?
- Whats that about?
- Of what, Barry and Sam?
- Yeah.
- It was nothing.
Then why did Barry go after him?
Ah yeah, that was a
little something else.
Bullshit, come on just tell me.
Okay Barry thought Sam
wasn't as strong as he usually is.
- That was pretty stupid.
- I know, that what I'd said.
So everything okay with coach?
Oh yeah yeah, I settle it.
Alright, good.
It's kindda fun though, kindda
fun high school was.
What? You gonna be poetic
about grade 12?
I guess I kindda miss it.
Listen, I going to need you to either
step it up soon or settle up soon, okay?
Well, yeah no worries man, I feeling
lucky street coming on.
Okay, okay, see you tomorrow?
- Ah..yeah I think so.
- Okay, see you tomorrow.
House for Sale.
- I make some coffee.
- Thanks.
- How hungry are you?
- Pretty hungry.
- Is there milk?
- Yeah.
- You home tonight?
- No.
- You got date?
- Dad..
- Where you going?
- Got a poker game.
- Barry going?
- Yeah.
- What's the buy in?
- Not much.
Hey, are we selling the house?
I do not know yet.
Well if going to move out with Barry
into an apartment this summer, I just...
I don't think I need all the space
to myself.
Okay. I'm just asking.
Are you moving out for sure?
- So what are you doing' tonight?
- I got to stay late at the office.
The new senior manager that I told
you about..he's kind of a
You can say that again.
You need to get out more dad.
Desson, where is your buddy?
You got me.
Oh Coleen, nice of you to join us,
why don't you take your regular seat.
- Hello.
- Mr. Ur...
- Quiet in here yeah?
- Okay, yeah I'm sorry.
Alright let keep quiet in here and I'll
be back in a minute or two.
So, why are you here?
He caught me skipping his class.
Where were you?
I was studying for my
math test in the library.
Yeah right.
- Really?
- Yeah, as if.
Do you want to see a card trick?
Pick one.
Now put it back.
- You can remember that right?
- Yeah, I think so
I hope so.
Now pick another one, any one.
- How do you did that?
- I think my mom taught me that one.
- I'm impress.
- Thank you.
So, what do you do for fun?
- What do you mean?
- I mean, do mend sweaters?
Do you read romances novel,
do you play the clarinet?
I love live music, so I like to go
to a club.
But you can't get into clubs.
Yeah, I can.
How? I bet you can't even get cleavage
I fake ID.
- You do?
- And I can get cleavage if I want to.
So what are doing' tonight.
- So are you ready for this?
- Ready for what?
You'll see.
Is Paul aound?
You tell Paul
I want all you little asshole out
of here by midnight the at latest.
After you.
Come close.
- Hola amigo.
- Konichiwa.
This is Coleen, she's
in my bio-30 class.
- It's nice to meet you, Coleen.
- Likewise.
You want something to drink Coleen?
What do you having?
We have cokes.
That would be three dollars please.
Oh I'm fuckn' with you, first one
on the house.
Thank you.
Do you like gaming Coleen?
- I do not know.
- Alright, well.
Have some chips on me, let
me know if you want some more.
And I set you up with a line of credit
to go now to make a call but yeah
I was a pleasure meeting you.
Nice to meet you too.
Yeah Coleen, one more thing this
kindda important.
Even though this places a
bunch of fun and games
I would be appreciated if you didn't
anyone about it.
Like as in no one, do you understand?
Do not worry about
him he get a little bit intense.
How do you know him?
He was the captain of the math club
when I was in grade 10
So, do you wanna play something.
Okay, take this, high, low.
You bet on whether the dice is
higher than seven.
Or lower than the number 7.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Now wait wait, higher or low?
- Ok, low.
- What's your bet?
Roll them..
Low!, you won 2 bucks.
- Okay.
- Can I put the bet?
- You bet four.
- Okay.
- Okay, high.
- Okay.
High!, four bucks.
- What do you want Benson?
- Are you playing or what?
I'm busy here.
Don't worry, I wont take all your money.
What's wrong, you want to play?
Maybe just a couple of dance.
Come on, I'll show you how to play.
Whats up man, how its going?
Coleen, hello. How is it going?
What are you doing here?
- Desson brought me.
- Oh, yeah? Did he?
- You a gambler too?
- Sometimes.
He is a quick player.
But not as fast as I thought.
But tell my sister you
saw me here, okay?
- Yeah, sure.
- Thanks.
It's midnight, my dad going to
freak, you ready to go?
Okay, let me finish this.
Well Darren leaving, I catch a ride
with him, okay?
What? Let me finish this game and
I'll take you home
I mean it, I gotta go.
Okay. I'm sorry, I'll see you tomorrow.
Come on man my grandmother
plays faster than you.
Shut up Benson.
- I hope see you again.
- Thanks for having me here.
Call, hurry up coz I don't have all day.
Fuck it! I'm all in.
Call! What you got?
I Win.
These are my chips now.
It's a lot of money
close to you to do what?
You owe me money you need
a fucking smack, you know that?
You have until tomorrow.
Hey who is that?
- Who is who?
- That guy outside.
None of your fucking
business that's who.
Hey, I need to talk to you.
- Hey what's going on?
- Get the fuck out.
Why don't you reason
with your friend here.
Look I told you I give you the money
as soon I can dude.
That's not good enough and by the way
I'm not your fuckin' dude.
What do you want me to say right now
I don't have the money.
How much do you have you?
Hey! Everybody let just take it chill
pill here, how much do we talking about?
- 2 large.
- 2 large?
Shit! Okay, Barry you can take care of
that can't you
I cant get you anything until Friday
Friday? Is that your
fucking allowance?
Yeah, it is my fucking allowance.
- How much?
- Thirty.
That a lot of fucking Fridays.
Fine, then think of
it as a payment plan.
No, fuck you, kid.
- Well don't call me kid, alright?
- You fuckin' pay me bitch
forget it, fuck you.
- Hey hey.
- Don't you fucking touch me Desson.
- Calm down man.
- What the fuck are you trying to do?
We can sort something out here, okay?
We can
get Barry's up on a
payment plan or something.
Maybe you can lend him the money.
Oh, right you cant, coz
you broke like a fucking
joke, so what the fuck are
you even talking about?
What if I gave him your deal?
What do you doing'?
I'm trying to get my fucking money.
What are you doing?
The guy a fucking freak
and why do you had to step in? I
totally could have taken him
I don't know whats up with him,
he usually an okay guy.
Whatever. What he going to do right?
Whats that deal he been talking about?
It's nothing.
Alright, have a good night man.
Catch you later.
Alright man
a missed call from Barry.
Hey Desson, how its going?
Hey Heather, I'm good
How are you doing'?
- I'm good.
- Is Barry here?...
No, I think he went early.
- Okay.
- Well, do you want a ride?
- Sure.
- Sure, let me get my back.
So, I heard about Sam Cartier.
- What Sam Cartier?
- That you guys got a fight.
It not what it looks
like on Barry's nose
Barry headbutted his fist.
Headbutted his fist? Are you serious?
Where do you go out with Coleen lately?
Hello. Yeah no, it's okay, I got a sec.
You have a new message.
Hey Desson, whats up
its Barry, dude I was
just at Wang's, and I
fucking kill it tonight.
Dude I'm sorry, have a good
night tonight catch you later.
End of messages.
What's it?
Sorry to blame this on you.
You told the police you were home when
Barry got home last night right?
- Yeah.
- What happened?
He try to sneak in like he always does
and I was waiting up for him and
they started fighting.
What were they fighting about?
- I do not know.
- About him coming in late?
Yeah, about him stealing money and
not unloading the dishwasher.
- And not to walk the dog.
- And then what?
- You're freaking me out.
- I'm sorry
I really need to know.
Then I heard him getting a test massage
and then I heard him sneak out.
What did the police say?
- Nothing really. Why?
- I mean aren't they investigating?
They waiting until they can determine
the exact cause of death.
Hey, can you get his phone for me?
Sure, I bring it to school.
What's going on?
I do not know
I'm looking for you
I can not believe it I talked to him
last night and he seemed fine.
Where are heading now?
Do you want to talk to me? or..
I love to but I got to go Paul's.
Are you serious, tonight?
Okay then hop in and I take you.
Hey, where's Paul?
In his room, I think
Are you going play?
- Can you hold on a sec?
- Yeah sure.
Fill me in.
- Can you play?
- Yeah
I was wondering when you going
to show up.
Is this about the deal?
Can I come in?
No, lets we go over there.
- Is she your girl friend?
- No.
You know about Barry?
Yeah, its pretty fucked up.
You guys are pretty tight huh?
About last night, I didn't mean to come
up on that strong.
Then why did you?
He owes me money
What would I suppose do?
- Do you have to hit him?
- You saw him,
We wasn't getting ready to pay.
Well, he is going to pay you.
- Don't you think that...
- I say drop it, so fucking drop it.
Have you heard a place calls Wangs?
What is this?
I think barry went there last night
I think he won some money.
Look, and I mean this in a nicest way,
you need to worry about yourself
and how are you going to pay me back.
Because I going to need
something substantial by Friday
I get it.
And if anyone ask about this place.
- You not going say anything. Right?
- I'm not a snitch
I know that.
Play man.
All raise are full.
- Hello?
- Shut up Donk.
You sound like Benson
I think that was a fucking insult.
Okay. Call it.
Where is Benson anyway?
Went to another place illegal.
- I don't know what its call.
- Benson!
Okay, so see you tomorrow?
Yeah, of course.
What do you got?
Peanut butter and jelly and apple.
My mother always wanted me to try
out some weird stuff
chicken and cheese sandwich but.
All I wanted everyday was a
peanut, butter and jelly.
- What do you got?
- I have a cheese sandwich.
That's absolutely fucking disgusting,
you know what they put in there?
- I try.
- Pumpkin.
- On who's fist?
- Yeah right.
What's Wangs?
- Why?
- Just interested.
- It's nothing.
- Come on man.
Look I'm not suppose to talk about it.
- Come on man, its me, I'm cool.
- Dude I respect the fact that you cool
but I am not supposed to say anything
and therefore I not saying anything.
Okay, you know I not
going to tell anyone
I did not say that you would
Paul told me anyway
Paul told you about Terry?
- What are you doing'
- I got to jet.
Why?, hey why?
Wait wait Benson.
- Hey it's a simple question.
- I said fuck off!
You really starts to annoy the
shit out of me
and do want to take my advice?
Go back to
Paul and play the games with the kids.
- And stay out of my way.
- It's too late.
- You dummer than I thought.
- Yes I am, so who's Terry?
I said fuck off okay you being
a real asshole.
Who is Terry?
Where do you think Paul get
his money from?
- I do not know.
- Yeah me neither.
You're not eating?
No, I had a late lunch.
Are going to Barry's memorial service?
Yes, like half an hour
Here are some money for flowers.
Need more?
Something up?
What would you say if I sold out
some of mom stuffs.
- Like what?
- I do not know. Chairs that I hate.
A bike? Stupid owls
and plates that your
grandmother gave us.
- The record player.
- But mom love that record player.
- Shes got it up on...
- On a yard sale, I know
I just think its time to get rid
some of the clutter around the house.
You okay with that?
Do I get a cut?
A cut? -Well yeah, I mean some of
this stuff its like mine, right?
Well.. -Mom even said that I was
going to get therecord player.
Okay, then I guess its fair.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Come in.
What are you doing' now?
My dad picking me up.
Wont you want to hang out or
grab some food or something?
I love to but I cant,
my dad is taking us out.
- Where?
- I don't know.
Well tell him you cant go
I take you up for food
I cant now, but can I meet you later.
Do you going to Pauls?
I need to take a break
from that place.
Sometimes Pauls wasn't it was
cracks up to be.
- He seemed really cool to me.
- I think you should stay away form him.
Why? You think I got the heart for
him or something?
No, I'm just trying to look out for you.
Coleen, your dad's here.
Okay. Thank you.
- I can look out for myself Desson.
- I know you can.
Well, do you want to hook up later?
I do not know.
You told me to find his phone, but
I cant find it.
Maybe the police have them.
They asked my mom if he had a phone.
- What's going on?
- Nothing.
- Do you know who he talked to?
- No
I cant believe this, what a bastard.
- What?
- He was a lying fucking-asshole.
You don't know the shit he's
putting mom through.
- He's been a serious dick!
- Don't talk about him like that
Heather, Barry didn't kill himself.
What? -I don't know what happened,
but I know he didn't do it
I got to go, keep that between us, okay?
Wait, what the fuck did
you been talking about?
Just trust me, trust me.
Sorry, but the user mailbox cant accept
more massages.
Accompanied me to the inside.
Here, go to Wangs, ask for Terry
and wait with him until he say
you can leave.
- Is that it?
- Yeah.
When the fuck did you come in?
- I didn't even hear you.
- I just had to make a phone call.
- In the room?
- Yeah, its so loud in here.
You can barely hear yourself.
Whats up with you?
I was at Barry's memorial ceremony
you sad.
- You want a hug?
- No.
It's okay little Bessie, it's okay
it's going to be alright.
It's going to be fine.
Be a man, get over it, and get
back in the game.
Shit, Coleen I'm sorry,
I going to text you.
It's not what you think, okay?
- Hey Sammy.
- What the fuck are you doing?
What do you mean?
Paul ask me to come with you.
- Bullshit, get the fuck out of my car.
- What's in the back.
- Get out of my car!
- What are you talking about?
Let's go, Paul asks me to
keep an eye on you.
Open the door!
Open the door!
- What's this Sammy?
- Open the fuckin' door, Desson.
- I'm gonna fucking break your face.
- You think I'm an idiot?
Barry was right you did fake the dive.
- You dead!
- You fucked over everyone.
What do going to tell dunk and Cheese?
Fuck you! I did it, you better not
fucking talk to me.
What else did you do Sammy?
You text Barry that night?
- What night?
- Tuesday night.
You fucking idiot, you don't
know nothing about nothing.
You're wrong Sammy, I know a
lot about nothing.
- Bite me, Desson.
- You like that wont you.
Keep your mouth shut, right?
That a tough skill.
Wang's Meat Soup Restaurant.
Good evening, sir.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
So, you ready to order sir?
Yeah, um..i just a peking duck.
The peking duck?
Anything else with that?
Rice perhaps?
- And wine with soda.
- Alcoholic beverage?
Do you have have any ID?
Just the peking duck then.
Very good sir.
Wow, hang on there buddy,
what are you doing?
Just looking around.
That's not how it works, how
did you get down here?
The waiter told me to come down here
A friend of mine told me to come here.
Who's your friend?
How did you get in here?
Just wait for my peking duck, thought
I take a look around
nice place.
- What is the minimum to play?
- Twenty dollars.
Fill me in.
Isn't it a little
pass your bedtime kid?
Very funny.
So, this is Terry's place?
- You don't quit do you?
- No I don't.
It is true?
Do you want any money?
I will have to deal with it.
So was Barry here too Tuesday night?
Dude just play the game.
- But he was here though?
- Make your bet.
- You saw him though, right?
- Quit babbling and make your bet.
Thank you.
Let me see the fuck I got the
feeling my luck going to change.
Come with me.
We're right in a middle of a game.
Dude, not cool.
What did I do, man?
- I didn't fucking do anything.
- Go away little boy
I got a hundred bucks in there.
- What are you doing'?
- You only thinking about money.
Stop! Stop! Stop!
- What happen to my hundred?
- The dealer took it as a tip.
Oh fuck that!
- So who's a Terry?
- I don't know, a bookie or some shit.
Does Paul work for him?
- Good question.
- Well?
What do you think Desson?
- Why did you bring Barry here?
- Because he wanted to come.
Well I wanted to come,
you didn't let me.
Boohoo to you.
How much did he win?
- What?
- He said he won a bunch of money.
What are you talking about? He didn't
won shit okay.
He lost and crying when he left.
Why did give a shit any of this anyway?
Do you really want to know why I
didn't invite you?
Because lately you just become
nothing but self centered piece-of-shit
all you care about is you, your money
and your deal with Paul.
Yeah, that's right, I know about them
I know what you all about.
You got all these players
thinking you like
them then you got Paul
thinking you like him.
You got everybody fool don't you Desson?
Everybody but you.
Ah Coleen, always a pleasure.
- Coleen.
- Hey, I have an idea.
What don't we sit still and be quiet
since this is a detention
and not a musical chair.
Coleen, It's not what you think.
- What?
- I didn't go to Paul's to play poker.
- I do not care.
- I had to talk to him
I thought he wasn't
always crack-ups to be.
He's not.
You have every right to be piss off
but there a lot going on that you
didn't know, I'm not
screwing you around.
Excuse me,
Are you for real, thinking that die and
to continue how you treating me
like crap every time you want?
This is the second
time you been addicted.
- I can see you pattern coming here.
- Coleen, at least let
me explain myself.
Do I have a fucking desperate tattoo
on my forehead?
Okay, that enough, Desson will you
please go to that corner.
- And Coleen you can seat up here.
- That's not what I think okay.
- That's not what this is about.
- Desson!
I really like you, I just trying to keep
you out of a bad situation.
Okay, come on lets go.
You okay?
Yeah, you?
I've been better.
You didn't find his phone, did you?
My parents talked to the police.
They said they're waiting for the result
of the autopsy
but its 95% certain that
Barry's hung himself.
It's no way.
You don't have to be depressed.
- People just do things for no reason.
- Are you listening to yourself?
We're talking about Barry here.
He wasn't like that, he was a fighter.
- He could have got through anything.
- Stop it Desson.
Why are you even doing this?
You running around pretending
you what? A cop?
He hung himself
I want you to tell my parents everything
about gambling and how he got into it.
If not going to tell
him then I'm going to.
Des, how its going?
- What happen to your face?
- What are you doing'?
I'm smoking some pot.
Work have been a
little stressful lately.
Are you okay?
Yeah yeah, everything fine
I just having a little trouble
sleeping lately so...
I thought this might help.
Dad, I got to talk to
you about something.
Yes, of course.
Are you hungry?
Coz I'm starving, can I just
get something.
- I was looking for you.
- Dad, I'm busy.
- Well, what do you want to talk about?
- Nothing, it doesn't matter.
Yes it does
I want to know how you doing
I feel that we never talk anymore.
Come on Des, where did
you get the shiner?
Dad, come on.
Is it girls?
Is it school?
I promise I'm going
to be a good listener.
Dad, you're stoned
I am not stoned, I am just a
little bit high.
Can you leave? I don't want to talk
about anything.
Maybe next time I talk to someone same
fucking level.
- I will not be spoken to that way.
- What do you care dad?
- You're stone.
- Desson, that's enough.
What? Did you going to hit me?
What do you going to do dad?
Thought we can go some
where fun with this.
But you probably want your cut.
- I'm pretty piss at you, Desson.
- Yeah, get in line.
Can I come in?
Go around back
I heard you at Wangs last night
I heard it was a decent spot, its not.
At least its not a ripped joint.
- What the fuck is that suppose to mean.
- You know what I mean.
What is it with you Desson?
Where did you get the
money from the bag?
Are you fucking dumb?
Where do you think?
- Suckers like me? And Barry?
- No, suckers who actually paid.
How much have you make
off Sam Cartier's?
You better hold you
fucking tongue Desson.
It's just you and me here
give me the truth.
Alright, when I first started this,
I borrowed money from Terry
and I happen to hate that fucking cunt.
So ever since I been saving every
penny to him back
now I am.
You don't care Barry's dead?
Look, you got to move
on with that shit,
otherwise you going to
get yourself killed.
You know what, I'm done with you.
No, no you're not done with me
because you still fucking owes me
or did you happen to forget that?
Where did you get this?
- Got lucky.
- At Wangs?
None of your fucking business.
Look, I'm done with this
I'm out.
Hey Dad.
I'm sorry about those thing that
I've said earlier
I didn't mean them.
Thanks, I appreciate that.
Hey Des..
I quit my job tonight.
Yeah. I called Franklin,
and told him that effective immediately,
I wasn't coming in anymore.
What do you going to do now?
I do not know
I'll do something I like.
- Well that's great dad.
- Thanks
I'm happy for you.
What would you say if I say to
you with a situation
where I need you to be behind me
no matter what
I'm in shit and didn't
know where else to go
I don't know what fuck I was thinking.
- How much did you lose?
- 2,200 dollars
Jesus. Okay, that's not
the end of the world.
What the fuck you drag me into?
My dad took the Camero and I
took the money form his desk.
That's a lot of money
to my parents right now.
You got to help me
come up with something
I need to tell him something.
Coleen, I haven't been
totally honest with you.
What do you mean?
I lost some money, a lot of money
and Paul gave me a loan.
He said that I could paid him with an
interest or I can bring some people in.
- And they would.
- And what? What are you saying?
Ten percent, from all of their losses
go towards my loan.
You fucking kidding me?
I'm not sure but I'm done with that
I swear I quit, I never
never going back to Paul's.
Who else besides me?
Sunny, Donk and Cheese
Basically everyone.
What about Barry?
Did you make money off Barry too?
- How could you do that?
- I know what I've done is wrong
I think about it all the time.
If I haven't done that shit
Barry might still be alive.
My dad is going to fucking kill me
I'm going to fix this, okay, I'm going
to get your money back.
Just stay here, okay? Don't go home
I'll call you when I know something.
Where is the money?
Where is the money?
Fuck it!
Why did you do it?
- What?
- Why do you have Barry's phone?
What phone?
What the fuck are talking about?
- In the bag.
- Its not my bag.
Whose is it?
- Paul's?
- You broke my fucking car.
You fucking idiot!
Incoming call - Heather
The autopsy shows that he was strangled
and then hung up to make it look
like a he did it himself.
The police are going to interview us.
I want you to come
here and talk to them.
Desson. Desson?
Desson, where are you?
Answer me!
What hell happen to your face?
- I don't want any trouble.
- Not from me.
- What the fuck happened man?
- What the fuck are you doing' here?
You are not welcome here
anymore, Desson.
Where did you get that?
What the fuck are you doing?
- I didn't do anything!
- Bullshit!
I know.
- No you didn't.
- Why you did it?
- I didn't do anything you freak.
- Why you do it Benson?
Get the fuck out of my way.
What the fuck is going on here Paul?
- Who got it?
- Him.
Who the fuck are you?
Where's my motherfucking money?
Get out of my house.
Sit the fuck down!
And you! You stay where you are
I said, where's my money?
Where is my money?
I said get the fuck out of
my house dad.
Do you know how to use that Paul?
The police are here
what the fuck is going on?
He snitched.
- Why did you do it?
- Fuck you I'm leaving.
Why did you do it?
It was an accident I didn't mean
to do it, I just wanted the money.
- What money?
- Money he won
I did not mean to kill him
I'm in such shit Desson I'm so fucked.
Yeah, you are.
- Des?
- Dad, hi.
- Desson, where the hell are you?
- The police called.
- I'm okay.
- Thanked god.
Hey is Coleen still there?
Yeah, she's right here. What's going on?
Dad, I'm in some trouble.
- Where are you?
- 37th, Tim Wallace.
Okay, Des, don't move
I'll be there in 5 min.
Okay, I'll be here.