The Offerings (2015) Movie Script

[cell phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
Miss Wu?
I'm Alyssa Barnes.
Um, the Arkham Agency
sent me.
I'm your new housekeeper.
Um, sorry I'm so early.
It's such...
It was such a long trip,
I wanted to make sure
I got here on time.
I hope that's okay.
[speaking Chinese]
Hi, Alyssa.
I'm Miss Wu.
Oh! Hello.
My aunt doesn't speak
much English.
Oh, that's okay.
Am I too early?
No, not at all.
Please come in.
Wow. You have
a gorgeous home.
This is incredible.
Thank you.
I'm so glad that you
could take this job
on such short notice.
This big house needs
all the help it can get.
I didn't think I was
going to get anyone
since we're so far out.
It's perfect timing for me.
I need the work.
Please follow me.
Most people like to be
closer to a city
and their families.
I have no one.
Not anymore, anyway.
I'm sorry.
Oh, no, it's okay.
Well, you come
highly recommended.
Please take a seat.
Would you like
some tea?
Oh, no, thank you.
It's just my aunt and I
in this big house.
Sometimes I think I should
just move into a smaller one.
But then,
I enjoy it here.
And then, the more space,
the more to clean, right?
But I think
I can handle it.
Help yourself to anything
in the kitchen.
We're usually
early risers,
but you can work
at your own pace
as long as things
get done.
I do ask for a few things
if you live here.
Please respect this place.
It was built on luck
and good fortune
I've been blessed with.
So I ask you, please,
no boyfriends, no guests,
no loud music,
drugs, or smoking.
If you need to make a call,
please ask first.
And here,
the list of duties.
Everything I expect
to be done is on there.
Come. Let me
show you around.
Over this way.
How old is this house?
Not very old.
My father was
a well-respected architect
in China for many years.
He bought this land
and built this place
shortly before he died.
Down this way.
[Miss Wu]
There are only a few
other houses around here.
Most are summer homes
and empty.
It's an hour drive
to the nearest town,
so we go for supplies
when we can.
This is where I keep
all the cleaning supplies
and tools.
And that's
the laundry area.
Plenty of towels and rags.
If you can't find something,
it's probably down here.
I'm adding
a storage room here.
It's unfinished,
so don't worry about it.
All this brick
reminds me
of my father.
He was a mason.
I used to help him
build things
when I was little.
Wow, you're multi-talented.
Maybe I should have you
finish the job for me.
Yeah, maybe.
Let's go.
This is your room.
This is the warmest room
in the house.
Gets plenty of sunlight
during the day.
This'll be just fine.
This is one of the most
peaceful places
I've ever been.
I'm used to more
city noises...
car alarms in the night,
dogs barking, motorcycles.
It will be
a nice change.
I'm a bit of
a bookworm anyhow.
Oh, there are trails all over
if you want to take a walk
or just find
a place to read.
I'll have to do that.
Why don't you get settled?
Dinner's served
just after dark.
Okay. Great.
I'll see you then.
[door closes]
[flatware clinking]
[Miss Wu speaking Chinese]
Aunt Chen
is a great cook.
I hope you like it.
Smells great.
Go ahead. Here.
Do you need a fork?
I think I got it.
Here. Let me show you.
grip it like this.
And the other one
like this.
Just pinch.
Like that?
You got it.
You're a fast learner.
I like that.
It's really nice.
Are you a Catholic?
Yeah. All the way
through school.
My family was very strict.
And you're not?
Mm, well, I'm not
fanatical or anything,
but I still go
to church when I can.
When you can?
What, you don't
want to go?
[clears throat]
Why are you still wearing it
when you don't believe in it?
I don't know.
Guilt if I don't,
I guess.
I see.
Enough talking.
Please, go ahead, eat.
Here. More.
[Miss Wu speaking
[fire crackling]
[speaking Chinese]
[door opens]
Oh, good,
you found it.
I thought you might
need something
to keep the dirt off.
Yeah. Thank you.
Do you know feng shui?
Um... no, I don't.
It's the Chinese art
of placement.
We place things in a certain
relationship to nature
so we can get success
and good fortune.
What's this?
That's a bagua mirror.
That's for protection.
Against what?
Bad energies or spirits.
The mirror deflects
the influence of
negative energy
and protects
the occupants
of the home.
So you keep
the bad energy out
and the good energy in?
Something like that.
Let's have some tea.
All this must seem
strange to you,
but these beliefs have been
in my family for generations.
If you follow the rules,
nature will bless you.
Do you have any
other family here?
No, it's just my aunt.
I still have some
relatives in China.
I had a little brother once,
but we sent him away.
To school?
No. He was sick.
So we sent him
to all the good doctors,
but no one could help him.
So eventually, he died.
Oh. I'm sorry.
It's okay.
[glass breaking]
Hey. This is Alyssa's cell.
Leave a message, please.
Hey, it's me.
Just wanted to see
if you might pick up
this time.
I really need
to talk to you.
I've been so depressed.
All I can think about
is you.
I know you haven't
been yourself lately,
but I'm still here for you.
We can work this out.
Please, just, when you
get this, call me.
I need to hear your voice
so I know you're okay.
I love you, Alyssa.
[fire crackling]
[speaking Chinese]
[door opens]
Alyssa, come.
Go ahead,
throw some in.
It's just Joss paper.
What are you doing?
What is all this?
Tonight is the second night
of the Chinese Ghost Month.
We must make offerings
to the spirits
to appease them
each night.
Are you trying to scare me?
Oh, no. No.
Chinese people believe
a lot of things.
Every year
in the Chinese calendar,
the seventh month is known
as the Chinese Ghost Month.
It's believed that
during these 30 days,
the gates of hell
are opened
and the souls of the dead
are allowed
to roam the earth.
Most spirits are content
with just visiting
their relatives,
but some... those who didn't
receive a proper burial,
or suicides, seek someone
to take their place in hell.
Lost souls, you mean?
Why burn money
and incense?
The sweet smell helps
the spirit to find food.
The more you burn,
the more prosperous.
And these are hell notes.
We offer this
to our dead ancestors
to make sure that they have
good things in the afterlife.
I didn't realize that
Chinese had such beliefs.
Not all Chinese do.
But there are still
who believe
in the ancient way.
In China, it's taken
very seriously.
Important business meetings
are rescheduled,
weddings postponed,
no one swims,
the streets are empty,
and no one goes out
after dark.
I should go inside now.
It's late.
I didn't scare you,
did I?
Good night.
Good night.
[whispering indistinctly]
[strange howling]
[whispering voices]
[woman speaking in Chinese]
continues in Chinese]
[whispers fade]
That's for the ghosts!
That's bad luck!
I'm sorry, Miss Wu.
I thought it was trash.
Be quiet! Go back inside.
[speaking Chinese]
[continues in Chinese]
[Woman, echoing]
[thudding, scraping]
[whispering voices]
Are you okay?
I'm going into town
for a while,
and I'll be back later.
Did you finish
the laundry?
Yes, it's drying now.
You work so hard.
Why don't you
finish up out here
and take the rest
of the day to yourself?
Thanks. I have a book
I've been wanting to get into.
You should.
Take a walk.
I'll we back later.
[door closes]
Hey! What are you
doing here?
Uh, just here reading,
that's all.
You're trespassing.
Oh, uh...
This is private
property here.
The property line
is just over there.
Didn't you see?
Oh. I wasn't aware.
I thought I was on
the Wu estate still.
I must have just
wandered a bit too far.
Are you a friend
of hers?
I'm her new housekeeper.
Oh, so you're
their new maid.
I prefer the term
housekeeper, but yes.
That crazy bitch thinks
she owns most of the mountain.
I'm not surprised you thought
you were still on her land.
Are you the neighbor?
Yeah, I live
just down the path here.
Listen, I'm really sorry
about this.
No worries.
It's just that every year
during the same month,
her and that old lady
are always burning things
in the middle of the night.
Last year, the wind kicked up
and blew some ashes this way
and burned down
this part of the forest
and almost my house,
so I have to keep
a close eye on those two.
I see.
So what's your name?
Nice to meet you, Alyssa.
What are you reading?
A Room of One's Own
by Virginia Woolf.
Oh, great author.
Really? What's your
favorite book of hers?
I don't know.
There's too many to name.
I like them all.
Yeah. It's nice to meet a man
who likes feminist authors.
Well, I should get going.
Hey, you can come back
any time you'd like,
as long as you don't
light any fires.
Wow. So pretty.
[phone rings]
Hello. Wu residence.
Yes, this is she.
It's Tessa at the agency.
Oh, hi.
We left a few
messages for you.
Did you get them?
Oh, no. Sorry.
There's a Nicole
who's called here
a few times
asking for
your work number.
I told her our policy against
giving out clients' numbers,
but I told her I would
call you personally
to relay the message.
Thanks. I'll call her.
Okay. No problem.
Hey. It's me.
Hey! I've been
worried about you.
I haven't heard
from you in a while.
I left, like,
ten messages.
Yeah, I don't have
that number anymore.
Why not?
No one seems to call my cell
except Jacob, so I tossed it.
He's still bothering you?
Isn't he always?
Well, he's called
my phone,
like, a hundred times
looking for you.
He just doesn't get it.
He'll get over you.
They always do.
Are you okay?
I think I'm seeing things.
What do you mean?
Mm, it's nothing.
I'm sure you're
just stressed.
You just need to relax.
Yeah, I know.
So how is your new job?
It's good.
It's... It's different from
anything I've done before,
but I like it.
It's real quiet
and peaceful out here.
How's your new boss?
She's nice.
Kind of strange sometimes.
They have a lot
of strange customs.
I'm always seeing them
burning things
in the front yard.
Well, as long as it's
not your paycheck,
who cares, right?
Hey, I'm not really allowed
to use this phone,
so if you want to reach me,
just call the agency.
They'll give me
the message.
I can still
e-mail you, right?
Well, no.
Um, there's no Internet
or cable here.
Well, that sucks.
She's a bit old-fashioned.
I don't mind.
I mean, I like not being
so available all the time.
Well, hang in there.
You need this job.
But once you get
enough money saved up,
you can get your own place
and get on with your life.
[door opens]
I gotta go.
I'll talk to you soon.
Where did you get
that dress?
It was in my closet.
It was so beautiful,
I wanted to try it on.
It fits perfectly.
Do you like it?
Take it off now.
I have some other
business to attend to.
Yes, ma'am.
[man singing
on phonograph]
[singing continues]
[woman crying]
[singing continues]
[indistinct whispering]
[indistinct whispering]
phonograph stops]
[indistinct conversation]
Miss Wu?
Yeah. What is it, dear?
I finished cleaning
all the tiles like you asked,
and all the rugs
are washed.
Thank you.
Was there anything else?
No, I think that's it.
Why don't you go relax,
take a hot bath?
You're doing
a great job here.
Is there something else?
I found this in my room.
Who's Mei-Ling?
That's a name I haven't
heard in a while.
Did she
used to live here?
She was the housekeeper
before you.
She lived here
for a few years.
She's pretty.
Actually, you remind me
a lot of her.
But girls are girls.
One day, she left.
A man.
[glass shatters]
[clicks tongue,
speaking Chinese]
[speaking Chinese]
[Miss Wu speaking Chinese
in distance]
[fire crackling]
I'm not going to
hurt you.
[water dripping]
Is anyone out there?
Somebody help me!
[woman speaking
Is anyone there?
[eerie noises receding]
[door opens]
Alyssa, wake up.
Wake up.
Are you okay?
Yeah. Ow.
What's going on?
Let's go inside.
[speaking Chinese]
[thunder rumbling]
[no audible dialogue]
Hey. This is Alyssa's cell.
Leave a message, please.
Alyssa, it's me.
Where are you?
I'm really worried
about you.
I've been driving around
all night looking for you,
hoping you're okay.
I don't even know
where I'm at right now.
I can't take this.
I... I really need
to talk to you.
Why aren't you
answering my calls?
What did I do to you?
Why are you doing this?
You know what?
You're a real fuckin' bitch.
I hate you!
You're probably out fucking
some other guy, is that it?
What... What, you dump me
and then you go fuck
somebody else's life up?
You're just a fucking whore
like my mother!
Well, fine, you can have
your other boyfriend.
I don't care!
Don't ever call me again!
It's over!
And I am fucking over you!
[hanging up]
Fuck! Fuck!
Hey. This is Alyssa's cell.
Leave a message, please.
I'm sorry
I said those things.
I'm just...
feeling a little hurt,
you know?
I need you to call me
when you get this, okay?
I'll be here.
Just call me back.
Talk to you soon.
[distorted voice]
[wind blowing]
Come over here.
[water dripping]
[wood breaking]
[indistinct voices]
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
Oh, God. Oh, God.
[indistinct whispering]
[water dripping]
Oh, my God.
What are they doing?
Come over here.
Come over here.
Come over here.
[voice continues
[voice continues
What do you want from me?
[voice continues
Please, just stop!
[sighs heavily]
[speaking Chinese]
[Alyssa weeping]
[weeping continues]
Oh, God.
[voices speaking Chinese]
Leave me alone!
I can't take it anymore.
[Miss Wu]
Oh, G...
Are you okay?
I can't take this
any longer.
They won't stop.
Why can't they just
leave me alone?
Who won't?
These people.
The ghosts.
[speaking Chinese]
[continues in Chinese]
Listen, Alyssa.
During the Chinese
Ghost Month,
if you offend the ghosts,
you have bad luck
the whole month.
It's very important
to follow the rules.
What rules?
Every custom has its rules.
During this month,
you must not whistle,
because that will only
invite them into your house.
And if you're outside
and you hear someone
calling your name
from behind,
you must never turn back.
[Girl, echoing]
But most important of all
is that you have to
respect the offerings
and never disturb
their food or ash.
[voices whispering]
But I...
Say no more.
Tomorrow I'll bring
more offerings
and you'll be fine.
But remember...
if you leave them alone,
they will leave you alone.
If I leave them alone,
they'll leave me alone.
Yes. You'll be okay.
[hammering continues]
Oh. Good morning.
Did you sleep okay?
No, not really.
What's this?
This is the Chinese god
called Zhong Kui.
He's a ghost catcher,
and all the ghosts
are afraid of him.
I put him here
to protect your room.
Thanks. I think.
[doorbell rings]
Hi. What are you
doing here?
This is for you.
Since you like
to read and all.
The Biology of Horses
by Dr. Blake Reesy.
Is that you?
Um, yeah.
I signed it for you
right there.
Thanks. I'm honored.
I'll give it a read
as soon as I can.
Wow! This is a nice place.
You know, I've lived
up here a long time
and never stepped
foot in here.
Not very neighborly,
I suppose.
Um, I'm not supposed
to have anyone inside
and no one else
is here right now.
It's one of Miss Wu's
golden rules.
Haven't you ever
broken one?
Well, I like my job
and I'd like to keep it.
Please, you probably
should go.
Don't worry, I seen her
drive past my house
a few minutes ago
with the old lady.
Would you like
something to drink?
What do you have?
Let's see.
double scotch...
Water's fine.
So you're an author, then?
I just have the one book,
but I'm working on another.
I mainly raise horses
on my estate.
I'm a vet.
A vet?
Wow. How exciting.
Are you married?
So you're a single
part-time writer, a vet,
and you like
to raise horses
on your estate.
Are you gay?
Good one.
This was the first house
built up in these parts.
The Wu family bought
most of the land around here
and then eventually
sold it off.
She's definitely
from old money.
How long have you
lived here?
I bought my place
about six years ago.
Took a while to get
used to the isolation,
but I've grown to like it.
How about you?
I'm sick of city life.
That bad, huh?
That bad.
I found this
in my room.
Do you know her?
No, I don't.
Why... Why do you ask?
Her name's Mei-Ling.
She was the housekeeper
here before me,
and I was just wondering...
[speaking Chinese]
Dr. Reesy.
What did I tell you
about having people over
without my permission?
Well, I-I know,
but he...
I should be going now.
Um, thanks for the water.
I'll show you out.
What are you doing here?
I was just coming
to get to know your new girl.
She doesn't need
any friends,
ones like you.
What's that
supposed to mean?
Good-bye, Dr. Reesy.
You know, I was thinking
that maybe...
[water dripping]
[key tinkling]
[indistinct voices]
[voices whispering]
[loud thunderclap]
[Miss Wu]
Yes, ma'am?
Come over here.
All right.
Do you like wine?
Uh, sure.
Here. This red wine
is good for you.
What's the occasion?
Let's take a seat.
I'm sorry I was short
with you earlier.
I seem to be having
a stretch of bad luck.
Remember you asked me
about Mei-Ling
a few days ago?
Well, the man she was
involved with was Blake.
He told me
he didn't know her.
Well, I'm not surprised.
He's a liar.
What happened?
Are you sure you want
to hear this?
I'm sure.
Well, she was a good girl.
Very quiet.
It gets lonely
out here, you know?
I didn't think anything
of it at the beginning.
But then I started noticing
her not coming home at night.
I saw them kissing
in the woods a few times.
It's really none
of my business.
But then, she started
forgetting about her chores
and arguing with me
over things.
[no audible dialogue]
I was hoping things
would get better.
But then, one night,
she ran to the house,
screaming and dripping
with blood.
I was terrified.
had happened to her.
She was beaten.
Oh, my God.
Blake did it?
He was the last
to see her that night.
But he denied it.
So we cleaned her up,
and her wounds healed.
She wouldn't tell us
what happened to her
that night
and who did it.
She just accepted it.
As time went on,
Blake stopped
coming around.
And she became
more and more depressed.
The life force
seemed to have been
sucked out of her.
Where is she now?
I honestly don't know.
She vanished.
One day,
we found her room empty.
And this was on her bed.
"My dear Miss Wu,
"my life has become empty.
"I can't bear the loneliness.
"I'm sorry, but I must go.
That was two months ago.
Well, didn't the police
or her family try to find her?
Well, she ran away
and didn't want to be found.
Plus, she was illegal
in this country.
I think the police
would be the last people
she'd want to see.
That's so sad.
Well, Alyssa,
I don't mean to scare you,
but if I were you, I would
stay away from him, okay?
[whispering voices]
[clock ticking]
[phone ringing]
Hey, Nicole.
Hey. You're up late.
Yeah. I can't sleep.
What's wrong?
I don't know what's
wrong with me lately.
I think I'm going crazy.
You getting lonely
out there or what?
Have you ever had a dream
that was so real
you couldn't tell
if it was reality or not?
Everybody does.
I keep seeing things,
Okay, I don't follow.
Do you believe in spirits?
I see where this is going.
You... You think you're
seeing ghosts, right?
Well, I don't know
what to believe anymore.
Miss Wu seems to think so.
Wait, Miss Wu thinks
you're seeing ghosts?
Yeah. She thinks I might
have offended them.
And you believe her?
Jesus, Alyssa.
It's no wonder
you're seeing things.
You're creeping
yourself out.
Some of the stories
she's told...
Do you remember
when we were little
and the boys told us
not to go into that dark tunnel
under Poston Drive?
That was so creepy.
They told us there was
this old hag that lived there
and would eat us
if we went near it.
And we believed
those bastards.
I never did go near it
after that.
It's the same thing...
fear through suggestion.
Don't let this woman scare you
with old wives' tales.
You're probably right.
Thanks for the talk.
Are you sure
you're going to be okay?
I'm fine.
I probably should go,
Because if I get caught
using this phone,
I'm in big trouble.
Okay. Bye.
[faucet turns on]
[turns off faucet]
Jesus, Nicole.
[faucet turns on]
[turns off faucet]
What the hell
are you doing here,
you fucking psycho?
I call and call and call,
but no one
ever answers me.
Why is that, Nicole?
I'm feeling a little
I want to know where she is.
I told you,
she's not here.
You lying bitch.
Don't fuck with me.
Where is she?
I know she's been here.
I can still smell
the perfume I bought her.
And I can also
smell a liar.
What is wrong
with you people?
No one ever listens to me!
I need to know
where she's at.
I don't want to hurt anyone,
I just need to find her!
I have things to tell her.
We have things to work out.
Tell me!
Don't make me do this!
Tell me!
Open your fucking mouth
and tell me! Now!
I'm sorry. I didn't...
This is all your fault.
[click ticking]
[horse neighing in distance]
Hey, Alyssa.
This is a nice surprise.
If you came
to see my horses,
I'm sorry to disappoint.
What brings you by?
You're a damn liar.
Excuse me?
What are you talking about?
You know what.
Remember now?
You don't understand.
Where'd you get this?
What did you do to her?
I did nothing to her.
She went to visit
her family.
At least, that's what
she told me.
You're a liar.
Look, I knew her,
all right?
We had a little romance,
and that was it.
She wanted me
to take her into town
to get away from
Miss Wu, so I did.
We had a little fun,
and then she stopped
coming around.
Beating a woman
isn't romance.
Wh-What are you
talking about?
Just stay away from me.
Alyssa, wait.
Yes, 12:00 tomorrow
should be just fine.
I'll have to check
with her first,
but she's usually
pretty flexible.
I'll tell her about the key.
Please, have a seat.
I'll be right with you.
That should be just fine,
Mrs. Robinson.
Have a nice day.
Hello there.
How can I help you?
Mm, you smell nice.
I like these.
Are they new?
Yes, actually.
So, what brings
you in today?
Do you need
a housekeeper?
Actually, yes.
I'm looking for one
in particular.
I was hoping you'd
tell me where she's working.
we're not allowed
to give out our clients'
personal information.
We get in a lot
of trouble for that.
I understand.
I wouldn't want
to get you in trouble.
So who is this girl
your looking for?
Your girlfriend?
She's my sister.
I've been trying to
call her cell phone
for weeks, but nothing.
I'm worried about her.
Our father's very ill,
and she needs to come back
and be with the family.
Hang on. What'd you
say her name was?
Alyssa. Alyssa Barnes.
Here we go.
She's been assigned
to the Wu residence.
It's a bit of
a hike from here.
I've been trying to
fill that position
for quite some time.
Here's the address.
Thank you, darling.
And if you need
any directions or...
anything at all,
my number's
on the other side.
Not a chance.
[dog barking]
[horse neighs]
What the hell
are you doing here?
Um, I... I was...
You were what?
What's in there?
It's... It's a dead horse.
You're lying.
Am I?
You always
bury things at night?
Why? Is that a crime?
Stay away from me.
Hey, come back here.
[chanting in Chinese]
[low chanting]
[voices whispering]
[distorted voice
speaking in Chinese]
[distorted voice continues]
Alyssa, are you okay?
Yeah. Yeah.
What's going on?
I... I'm okay.
[speaking Chinese]
[speaking Chinese]
Oh. Are you
feeling better?
I think so.
Well, I must've
passed out again.
Yeah, we found you laying
on the patio earlier.
You were fine, but
you were just lying there
like you fell asleep.
I remember just seeing
something, and then...
Listen. Tonight
is the last night
of the ghost month.
You should be happy
because, you know,
the king of hell,
he's going to come out
and gather all the spirits
and take them
back to hell.
You won't see them
anymore tomorrow.
Just remember to follow
all the rules next year,
and they'll bless you,
and you'll have good luck.
Well, I should
get back to work.
It's okay
if you want to rest.
I think I'd rather
just get it done.
Oh, Alyssa, there's
a message for you.
It's over there
on the counter.
[chanting in Chinese]
[door opens]
[man singing
on phonograph]
[phonograph stops]
I had a little brother once,
but we sent him away.
He was sick,
so eventually, he died.
She vanished. One day
we found her room empty,
and this was on her bed.
The handwriting
is identical.
Oh, my God. Miss Wu.
[door opens]
[wood creaking]
[distorted voice
speaking in Chinese]
[distorted voice
speaking in Chinese]
[man singing
on phonograph]
[girl giggles]
[floor creaking]
[girl giggling]
[distorted voice
speaking in Chinese]
[knocking on door]
[Miss Wu]
Alyssa? Are you in there?
Going somewhere?
Um, I was going...
I thought
we had an agreement.
We do.
B-but I...
I see you've been
snooping around.
As a housekeeper,
you are awfully messy.
You know,
I've been thinking.
This is not
gonna work out.
You're fired!
[distorted voice]
[distorted voice
speaking in Chinese]
Let me out of here!
What am I going
to do with you?
Miss Wu, please let me out.
You know the strange sounds?
Well, I liked you.
But if you would
mind your own business
instead of snooping
in mine all the time,
we could've been
great friends.
But new friends come and go.
Why did you kill them?
Why do you want to make me
sound like a murderer?
I set them free.
You are a murderer.
Hmm. Someone like you could
never understand my beliefs.
Who are you
to judge me anyway?
You wear a cross
around your neck,
but you have no faith.
Only gilded meaningless
Sunday rituals.
A god you worship
at your convenience.
How could you do
the things you've done?
My elders believe
in Zhongyunji.
We raised charm blooms
and herbs.
We sell them at high prices.
For generations,
my bloodline made
a fortune on this practice.
But eventually,
there's a price to pay.
Fortune turned bad,
and our offspring cursed.
My little brother
born an invalid.
It was an omen
of bad fortune.
So we isolated him
from the others.
Life went on.
Luck continued running out.
I need to protect my family.
He had to be sent away.
Sent away?
You mean murdered.
I don't expect you
to understand.
Luck is not by chance.
There's structure to it.
Ruthless sacrifice
that must be made.
My elders knew the rules
and respected them.
Fortune cannot be achieved
without a sacrifice.
You're a sick bitch.
Watch your tongue,
or I'll cut it out.
[distorted voice
speaking Chinese]
[wood creaking]
Tonight's the last night.
And you know he's going
to close the gates of hell.
Our offerings
are no longer enough.
You offended the ghosts,
and now they are very angry.
[wood creaking]
[distorted voice
speaking Chinese]
It's all your fault.
Hey! Come back here!
Miss Wu, let me out!
Let me out of here!
[Alyssa panting, sobbing]
[pounding on door]
[muffled shouting]
[distorted voice
speaking Chinese]
You little bitch!
I'll kill you!
[both grunting]
[Alyssa panting]
[scraping continues]
Alyssa, what are you doing?
Untie me now!
Okay. I have money.
You know, name your price.
It's all yours.
I have my car,
jewelry upstairs.
Name it, it's all yours.
I don't want to die!
Neither did they.
[sobbing continues]
Alyssa, come back!
Come back!
Come back! Alyssa!
I was gonna kill myself.
Then I got to thinking.
Being dead must be
a very lonely existence.
And I don't wanna be alone.
Not anymore.
I want you.
And I love you, Alyssa.
We'll be together this way.
No more lonely nights
worrying about the future.
Death has to be
better than life.
Think about it. Eternity.
A neverending cycle of love.
You and me, together forever.
Jacob, listen to me...
[voices whispering
in Chinese]
[whispering continues]
You're fucking crazy!
Let me go!
It'll only hurt
for a second.
Then it'll all be over.
First you, then me.
[whispering continues]
Just a few more moments
of this tortured life,
then we'll be in heaven...
Let's seal this moment
with a kiss.
Get off of her!
Is this your new boyfriend?
You know I'm not
the jealous type,
but you're my girl.
[distorted voice
speaking in Chinese]
I don't want to die!
I don't want to die!
[distorted voice
speaking in Chinese]
[distorted voice
speaking in Chinese]
We're through.
Let's get out of here.
It all seems like a dream.
I only wish I could wake up.
I've returned to the city,
but these memories
follow me wherever I go.
A year ago today, I thought
my life had just begun.
But it has never
been the same.
I will never understand
the evils of this world.
But it comforts me to know
it doesn't
always go unpunished.
Miss Wu and Aunt Chen
burned money and incense
to bribe the dead,
but justice has
no price for a victim.
Miss Wu once told me if I
follow the rules next year,
I will be blessed
and have good luck.
Tonight I burn these offerings
not for luck or blessings,
but for Mei-Ling, D.W.,
and my best friend Nicole.
I can only hope
their souls do not wander
and they find peace.
[Jacob whispering]