The Offspring (1987) Movie Script

My Katherine.
Sweet Katherine.
There will be no more delays.
The sentence must be carried out.
I'm sorry.
Don't apologize, Warden.
Katherine White,
in accordance with the laws
of the state of Tennessee,
you are sentenced to die
on this day and at this time
by lethal injection.
Good night.
Mr. White?
How did you get in here?
Mr. White?
Yes, I'm Julian White.
You shouldn't be here now.
The library is closed.
Well, the front door
was open, so I...
My name is Beth Chandler.
Really, young lady.
You must leave.
Library is closed.
And I want to be alone
right now.
I can understand
you wanting to be alone.
I just came from
your niece's execution.
- I don't believe you.
- I'm sorry.
It's true.
I'm a reporter.
I've been covering
your niece's case
since the very beginning.
Yes, I talked to the press.
I may have even talked to you.
It was just a waste of time
and words.
Yes, but you haven't told
the entire story.
A little girl, age seven,
who commits a murder
and doesn't quit
until she's 32?
Well, it all ended tonight,
but there'll be more.
Are you saying the state executed
the wrong woman?
I'm saying it doesn't end the problem
or the terror.
Children like Katherine
are born every day
into a life sentence
of killing horribly.
It's a little late
to be copping a plea.
I'm not excusing Katherine.
I'm trying to tell you a truth.
What do you know about this town?
I know that Oldfield
has got a long history of violence
and many a murderer
can call this place home.
A long history of violence.
It's as though the very foundation
of this place was...
human suffering.
Very dramatic.
Maybe a little overboard?
You have a lot to learn, my dear.
- A diary?
- No, it's a journal.
I read it.
It's fantastic and I believe it.
What's this sketch?
That is the face
of Stanley Burnside,
Oldfield's latest gift
to this great big, beautiful world.
A milder man
you never could imagine.
But what lives behind those
bland eyes of his...
Look at them.
I should've brought you flowers.
You wanted me, Stanley.
You wanted me, Stanley.
You can have me, Stanley.
You can have me, Stanley.
Have me, Stanley.
Look, Stanley.
You're burning the damn thing.
Oh, Grace? Yeah, I know.
Oh, God. Ain't she some shit?
She got legs all the way up
to where the hair grows.
It'd take two men and a young gorilla
to satisfy that, huh?
Burt, she's liable to hear that.
I'm sorry, Stanley.
I'm just sayin' it like I see it.
You know me?
Say it like you see it.
- Where's the ketchup?
- Burt, you need a beer.
Yeah, she's some kind of woman,
all right.
Hey, you throw a hell of a party
there, Stanley.
I notice you ain't eatin' hot dogs.
Ls there any particular reason for that?
Sister, come on now.
Boy, Mama always said
you were the slowest one of us.
Hurry up. It's gonna melt.
What are you doin'?
I've only done this
a thousand times.
And you know how affected I am
by temperature.
Gimme your towel.
Ever since the rheumatic fever,
my body temperature...
I know. I know all that stuff.
- 20 degrees higher than normal...
- ...higher than normal.
This is the only way
to bring it down.
Don't I know.
I heard your party.
I wish that I'd felt up
to joinin' you, but I...
I was a bit tired all day.
Did your friends from work
ask about me?
I do hope you extended my apologies
for not bein' there.
Well, I... I did.
You know what
I found today, Stanley?
That photo portrait
of you and me
sittin' on Daddy's lap
in front of the Christmas tree.
You remember that?
Yes, I do.
Do you miss those times?
I know I do.
Just you and me and Daddy.
Now it's...
it's just you and me, Bobby.
Our love is all we have
in the world.
Company paper, gentlemen.
- Uh, Grace.
- What?
Uh, nothin'.
I hope you had a good time
at the employee party.
I said thank you last night.
I know you did.
Uh, you're welcome. Again.
Hi, babe.
Loading platform, pick up line three.
Just rolled over on it in her sleep
and smothered it.
Stanley, is that you?
Who else could it be?
A caller, perhaps.
Here, little kitty-kitty,
kitty-kitty, kitty-kitty...
Stanley, what are you doin'?
I'm fixin' dinner.
That wimp Burnside pisses me off.
Oh, Stanley's a little stiff,
but it's not my place.
- That's a pretty rose.
- Why, thank you.
From a secret admirer.
Secret admirer.
Hey, don't touch the tuna fish.
I'm gonna get a head start
on the fertilizer.
Grace, we've worked together
for a while,
and I... I think we ought to get
to know each other better.
I've always, always liked you.
- Hello?
- Eileen there?
No, she's not. Uh, I'm sorry.
- She's not here.
- She went out?
- Yes, Eileen went out.
- You know when she'll be back?
Uh, I don't know. Late.
Stanley, who was it?
Uh, wrong number.
Kitty, look at him.
Yes. Who is this?
Stanley Burnside.
What is it, Stanley?
Uh, you know, Grace,
we've worked together
for some time now
and I thought,
well, if you don't have any plans,
uh, could...
would you go out with me tonight?
I don't think so, Stanley.
I sent the flowers.
The rose and that note...
I'm the one.
How 'bout dinner?
If you... if you hadn't already eaten,
I mean.
Well, maybe a little something.
Do you know where I live?
Stanley? Stanley?
Ugh. What's this?
- Dinner.
- Wait a minute.
You look like you're goin'
to Sunday services.
I have a date.
You know what, Grace?
I would never have
allowed myself to think
you and I would be sittin' here
together eatin' dinner
and bein' friends like this.
I told my sister
I had a date tonight,
and you should've seen her face.
I have to spend a lot
of time with her,
focus all of my attention on her.
Do you think I could have
a cup of coffee?
Well, my mama liked yams.
You know, she died
when she was 89 and a half.
She was a good woman.
Did you know I...
I write poetry,
uh, song lyrics?
L... I wrote a song about you, Grace.
you are not going to sing to me.
I don't know what you expect,
but why don't you
just take me home
before you embarrass yourself
any more.
I'm sorry, Grace. I just... I...
I just didn't understand
what you were
lookin' for in a man.
What's the matter with that?
Take me home, Burnside.
You just don't have it.
What... uh...
Why are you making this a problem?
I love you, Grace.
This is a pathetic joke.
I love you.
Stanley, will you just...
Stanley, my hair.
Oh, Grace.
You are my love
Your eyes
Are as clear as
The sky a
Your hair is so long
Your skin is so white
Grace 4'
I love
I have an announcement.
Hold on.
Last night our own Ms. Scott
was murdered.
Strangled, dumped
in the middle of the road.
There will be services tomorrow
at Johnson's Funeral Home.
1:00 pm. You may attend.
Ain't that some shit?
- Huh?
- That's a shame.
I was thinking about
asking her out.
What the hell happened
to the side of your face anyway?
Were you choking the chicken
and fall out of bed or what?
We can't let a little thing like this
interrupt our romance,
can we, darling?
What we should've had together.
Look at you.
Who knew you were so beautiful?
Why didn't you let anyone
really see your face?
To you and I
and our night...
Hey, Stanley.
You're driving tomorrow, right?
- You better believe it, Burt.
- All right.
Hey, we goin' bowlin' Saturday?
All right.
Stanley, could you come upstairs please?
I've been wanting you all day long.
I worked for hours
to look good for you
- when you came home.
- Thank you.
You're not goin' out tonight,
are you?
Bowling or anything?
No. Tonight I'm staying home.
I hardly ever see you anymore.
Water's ready.
All right.
Aren't you gonna wash my back?
Don't forget my shoulders.
You know,
Christmas is getting so close.
We should do something nice
in Daddy's memory.
He died on Christmas Day, Stanley.
Of course you were only
four or five at the time,
but you should remember that.
You know,
perhaps a Christmas tree
draped in black.
- on!
Oh, no, no,
Why, why, why?
Your hair is so long
Your skin is so white.
Eileen? Eileen?
Eileen? Eileen?
Ah. Oh.
Don't you fuck around with me, boy.
I'll get you.
' - Aah!
Aah! Aah!
- Daddy.
- Uh, oh, no.
Hah, Christ.
My lord.
A little far-fetched.
Far-fetched or far-reaching?
I'm too old for nightmares.
One thing I've learned, my dear,
is that one is never too old
for nightmares.
Did you know that there were
two bodies buried
right underneath these floors, hmm?
The librarian before me
used to bring young ladies here
to the old part of the building
for romantic interludes.
One evening a husband
discovered them
and dealt with their indiscretion
with an ax.
He deposed of their bodies
right under there.
At night I swear that you can...
sometimes hear the lovers scream.
That's a good story.
That still doesn't tell me anything
about your niece.
It tells you about this place,
the atmosphere,
the evil that hangs in the air.
It twists people
just like you read in that journal.
That's nothing.
Those are bad dreams,
the ravings of a madman.
You don't see, do you?
It's Oldfield does this to people.
If you had a lifetime to live,
you could...
you could read the whole history
here for yourself.
Here's a case.
It happened over 30 years ago.
Huh, look.
If ever a man
was consumed by greed...
- Goon.
- Hm?
What you were saying.
Jesse Hardwick.
Finally, some news from Tinseltown.
Let's all congratulate Lucille Ball.
Last night the redhead presented Desi
with a bouncing baby boy
while Mr. And Mrs. America watched her
do the same thing on the tube.
How's that for timing, folks?
Hey, it's 10:45 am and 85 hot,
hot Tennessee degrees
here in Oldfield's own rockin' WHID.
So let's cool down to the hot sound
of rock and roll...
Clinton and the Thunderbirds.
What the goddamn hell
do you want?
I'm leaving you, Jesse.
I'm tired of hidin' out
in the boondocks,
Good. Good-bye. Leave.
By the way,
I think you picked the wrong people
to rip off this time.
What are you talkin' about?
Wait a minute.
You tellin' me you sold me out
to those McCoy brothers?
You goddamn bitch.
They'll be here any minute.
Nobody double-crosses
Jesse Hardwick,
you-you... you slut!
I think you got a few other problems
to worry about besides me.
Shoulda figured you'd try
to pull something like this.
Lookin' for somethin'?
Give me that!
No! No! Give me that!
God damn it!
Good shot.
The swamp will handle the leftovers.
Ah, see you wakin' up.
That's nice.
You know, you almost
went to sleep for good.
Who are you, old man?
Felder is my name.
Guess you're hungry, ain't ya?
I feel I haven't had
anything to eat in days.
That's 'cause you ain't.
Lucky for you I came along.
Here. Try this.
You live... live here all alone?
Not now.
How would you like to go out
and pick some mushrooms
with me tonight?
It'll be a full moon soon.
Are you crazy?
I hardly got the strength to sit up.
Yeah, I know.
I thought you would get
your strength back a mite sooner.
Is that right?
I think a man like you ought to have
a lot a-waitin' back home.
Oh! Yeah?
What the hell
is that supposed to mean?
It's nice to have
some company around for a change.
It's been a long time.
How long, uh,
you been livin' out here,
Oh, I don't know.
- It's been a while.
- Been a while.
You know, you're not much
for answering questions, are you?
What's this thing?
It's a buffalo.
Beautiful animals.
You know, if you would be
still and quiet,
the whole herd
would stay in one spot.
You could just carve
until your heart's content.
You're crazy, you know that?
There ain't been
no herds of buffalo around
for a long time.
Think I'm goin' out now.
Be back soon.
What the hell is he up to?
What the hell is this?
"Freed Slave."
I don't believe it.
How many lifetimes have you had,
Felder Evans?
Ah, see you feelin' better.
Why are you sittin' in the dark?
Don't you know
that's bad on the eyes?
Seems like maybe I've been in the dark
about a lot of things, old man.
You gonna be old yourself one day
real soon, Jesse.
Just how old are you,
Felder Evans?
How old do you think I am?
About, uh...
200 years old.
You see, uh...
I been goin' through
your memory book.
You got no business doin' that.
Oh, sorry about that.
- Tell me, old-timer.
- Tell you what?
How do you do it?
It's got somethin' to do with that...
that spooky mumbo-jumbo stuff you do
all through the night, ain't it?
- Is that what you think?
- Yeah, that's what I think.
And I also think
a talent like yours, probably,
you could live forever.
That is, uh...
as long as you share...
long as you show me how to do it.
Do you realize what you got,
old man?
You got the key to life!
Eternal life!
We could be the richest men
in the world.
I don't need money.
Yeah, well, I do!
And you're gonna show me
how to do it.
You'd have to be here an awful long time
to know what I know.
Anything you say...
old... man.
Now try it again.
- Why don't you concentrate?
- Concentrate, my ass.
It's all horseshit, old man.
We've been out here for,
what now, three weeks
playin' with these candles and words
and nothin' ever happens.
Come on, now.
Why don't you trust me?
Why don't you tell me
where you're hidin' that little bottle?
Huh? Huh?
I told you to leave that alone.
Those drops of magic water
that you're always collectin',
- now that's the secret, ain't it?
- Forget it.
I don't forget nothin',
you old bastard.
Now you try forgettin' that.
What happened?
Where are we?
Thought we'd go for a little cruise
through the swamp, old-timer.
You like boat rides, don't you?
'Course, I hope you don't mind
carryin' our anchor.
Now which do you think
is deeper, huh?
This water or the mud
at the bottom?
Now you better tell me
where you're hidin' that magic water.
- Huh?
- You can't kill me.
Uh, now, you ain't no superman.
I've seen you bleed.
- Now where is it, huh?
- I'll kill you.
- Where is it?
- I'll kill you.
I know it's here, you old bastard.
Now where is it? Where?
I gotta have it. It's mine.
It's mine! I gotta have it!
Wake up.
Wake up, Jesse.
Jesse. Wake up, Jesse.
Oh, my God. My God.
You ain't got no god, Jesse.
All you got is life,
and that's 'cause
I gave it back to you.
You're crazy, old man.
I mean it.
You're... you're just crazy.
You live.
When I found you in that swamp
with that hole in your chest,
you shoulda died then,
but I saved you.
I saved you the only way
you could be saved.
I already gave you the potion, Jesse,
and you tried to kill me
for somethin' you already had.
Oh, please.
You can't die.
Oh, my God.
Think I gave you enough
for you to live
for another 70 years or more.
Please cut me loose.
Just cut me loose.
Pl... please?
Please? Please?
No, Jesse.
I figure with you around,
I'm not gonna have a minute's peace.
Only problem is I can't kill you.
Please. I... I beg of you.
I beg of you,
please don't do this.
Please. Please! No!
I told you it wasn't no deer.
Then what the hell is it?
I don't know.
Don't touch it. It's movin'.
We'd better call the sheriff.
When are they going to be arriving
from the university?
This afternoon.
I really don't know
what to tell 'em.
Well, give it to them straight
right out of the report.
Yeah, right.
"Near total blood loss,
massive physical trauma,"
all the rest?
Not only is the man still alive,
he seems to be getting stronger.
Now, you know I tell 'em that,
I'll lose my license.
- But it's the truth.
- Well, fuck the truth.
It's impossible for this man
to still be breathing.
But he is, and the EEG
shows normal brain activity.
You don't think it's possible
he can hear, do you?
- No way.
- He must be in hell.
I wish there was something
we could do for him.
Look. You really want to do
the man a favor?
Then pray.
Just pray to God the poor bastard
dies as soon as possible.
I'll figure you'll live
another 70 years or more.
70 years or more.
And so another Oldfield resident
meets his predestined end in fiction.
No, it's not fiction. It's fact.
It's history.
The kind Katherine was raised on?
Your sick history?
No wonder she...
I told you over and over again
that it's the history of this town,
the atmosphere.
Well, the atmosphere of this library
is getting to me,
but I don't think it would drive me
to commit murder.
Do you know that my niece
actually believed
that she was on a mission of mercy
every time she cut somebody's throat?
Do you think I put that idea
into her head?
Well, it was something in her head,
because she was terrified.
It's Oldfield that makes people afraid.
- Are you afraid?
- Yes!
I'm afraid of what I've seen
people here become.
And I've come to learn that fear
may be the great equalizer.
At least it gives us
something in common.
I remember the...
the summer of 1933,
I think it was,
when the traveling carnival
was coming to town.
Nobody knew what the sound
of the calliope would bring,
but everybody was expecting
great things from the show.
Yeah, especially Amarrillis.
That's a unique name.
Yes, Amarrillis...
was a unique girl.
Amarrillis Caulfield.
Step right up.
Win a snake! Win a snake!
Come on. Come on. Win a snake!
For five cents,
a twentieth part of a dollar,
the Incredible Arden!
You will see the Incredible Arden.
He will eat broken glass
and razor blades
just like you eat your Wheaties.
Just a minute, little lady.
You gotta have a ticket
to go in there.
Um, I already have my tickets.
Oh, right.
Step right this way for a nickel...
a twentieth part of a dollar.
He eats broken glass
and razor blades
just like you would eat
your cornflakes.
- Evening, everyone.
- Evening.
I'm glad you could make it tonight.
Now, I'm sure
you've all had your dinner,
but I haven't had mine.
So I brought along a little snack
that I'm just nuts about.
Well, that was so good,
I think I'll just have a little dessert.
I think a little baked windowpane
will do the trick.
Just like Mama used to make.
I was in such a rush this morning,
I forgot to shave.
Well, let me see.
Oh, here we go.
Now, I'm sure you guys
in the audience know
that a shave isn't any good
unless it's really close, right?
But to get a really close shave,
you got to shave from the inside.
Now that's close.
I feel so much better now.
I think it's about time
for a little cocktail.
Uh, anybody out there
care to join me?
Don't tell me you're all Baptist.
Well, I hate to drink alone!
- Did you see that guy's face?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
You know, um,
no matter how many times
I see you do that trick
I'm always scared to death.
Oh, Amarrillis.
None of that.
I got a poker game I got to get to.
The guys are waiting.
Why are you making it so difficult?
Love isn't difficult.
You just wouldn't understand.
Look, it was wrong of me
to meet you here.
Just please go home.
I'll go if you promise to meet me
at the graveyard tomorrow night.
Look, I'm not gonna court you.
Well, I won't go until you say yes.
Yes, I'll meet you.
Now please go.
You don't know how dangerous it is here
if she finds you.
Who's she?
Forget about it.
Please just go.
Pretty boy.
Pretty girl.
Anybody want another drink?
Sit down, No Face.
You deal a hand like that to me, pal,
we got problems.
Ah, quiet.
You're not even in the game.
Give me one beauty.
All right, I'll go two.
If you're standing in the shadows,
come on out.
Is this an open game?
It isn't! Where's your shadow?
Who was the girl I saw you with?
Who saw me? You or Leonard?
None of your damn business.
Oh, no, you couldn't be more wrong.
Everything that happens
in this carnival
- is my business.
- Ls that so?
You have no business
over our lives!
Yes, I do!
- Hey, little man.
- Tinker!
The sheriff was here today.
I told him that you were not here
because I thought
that's what you wanted.
But if you're not happy,
I can call him up
and bring him back.
No, I don't want that.
Now you've all come to me willingly
for my protection, your freedom,
and I have served you well.
You take more than you give.
No Face.
Do you feel cheated?
Your face for your freedom?
Now if you think so,
you tell me.
That judge in, uh, wait,
where was it?
- Greenville.
- Greenville.
That's the place.
That's where you
beat your wife to death.
I told you how that happened.
The judge doesn't care
what you look like, No Face!
He would hang you tomorrow!
This is my carnival.
I own it!
Everything in it.
Even you.
- You don't own my emotions.
- Oh, yes, I own it.
I own everything.
I own the tears you weep
and the blood you shed.
The tears you weep...
and the blood you shed.
Steven, I knew you'd come.
I can't stay, Amarrillis.
You don't know
the kind of trouble I'm in.
I brought you flowers.
I latched them together
with my own hair.
I love you, Amarrillis.
I noticed you
the first time you came to see me.
It made me feel funny
the way you watched me.
Well, I knew you were
a good person, Steven.
That's why I came back
all those times.
Then let me stay a good person
and forget about me, please.
I couldn't do that.
I want to be your wife,
or just be with you
if you'll have me.
Look at me.
I'm not hurt. I'm not cut.
Nobody else can do that.
I'm a glass eater. A freak.
The carnival is where I belong.
Look at you.
Your body is tall and strong.
You can go anywhere
you want to go.
It's all right.
You can touch me if you want to.
- I can't.
- Steven, please.
Steven, I've never done this before.
Is it supposed to hurt?
Oh, my God.
What's happening to me?
It's okay. It's okay.
I'm okay, Steven.
It's gonna be all right.
Don't touch me!
If you love me,
never come near me again.
I love you!
'- Aah!
Welcome home, glass eater.
It's funny you're afraid of snakes.
I wouldn't eat jagged glass,
but I'm not afraid of snakes.
I know what happened to your hand.
What the hell did you do to me,
you bitch?
You should've stayed here tonight
instead of chasing that young thing.
- Can't you make the bleeding stop?
- I can do anything I want.
A bit of your hair, a piece of cloth
stained with your blood.
I gave you the power
to eat glass and metal,
and I can take it away.
- I've done everything you wanted.
- It's not enough!
You don't need that.
I can turn it on and off like a faucet.
I can still try to control my emotions.
My will is stronger
than any goddamn...
backwater witchcraft!
That's all it takes... ugh...
to deaden my insides
and set them on fire.
- Aah!
- No Face's features
crumbled in my hands
like so much clay.
Love that girl
and leave this place,
and you will know what pain is.
What the hell are you doing here?
The car is this way. Come on.
- You're not going anywhere, freak.
- Don't do it, Leonard.
Oh, that sweet...
I can still...
see you.
Don't look back, Amarrillis.
Ha ha ha!
Now I'm bigger than you are.
Don't look back.
They can run,
but they won't get very far.
I've got that child's blood and hair.
I've got that child's blood and hair!
I've got that child's blood and hair!
Look up.
Oh, you're in no shape to travel.
I'll be all right.
Tomorrow we start fresh
with a wedding.
I sure am glad you're here
to take care of me.
I wouldn't be anywhere else.
Amarrillis... aah!
- What's the matter?
- Aah!
Oh, Steven!
Amarrillis, I love you!
Steven, I love you!
Oh, Steven!
Oh, God! No, no, no, no, no!
No! No, no, no, no!
Yes, yes, yes.
Hey, watch! Hey, look! Hey, listen!
Step right up, come on in,
and see the only human pin cushion.
There she is.
There she is,
the strangest beyond all.
She is the one and only.
Amarrillis, the human pincushion.
That's right.
You're just in time
for the free entertainment
of this afternoon.
Step right up
and now listen to this.
Say, Johnny...
Johnny I want you to put away
your 25 cents.
So she never escaped?
There's only really one escape
from Oldfield.
I have something I want to show you.
These are the original town records.
If you read these, you'd find out
what kind of people settled here,
what kind of lives they chose to live.
It goes back to the Civil War.
But every town from this period in time
has got its weird stories.
Oh, yes, yes.
But Oldfield's history
is written in blood
on pages of human skin.
It is god damn hot.
I wonder where Grant is today
at this very minute?
He wonders where Grant is?
Why the hell should you care
where Grant is?
Well, we got to hook up
with our unit sooner or later.
Hey, sonny boy, best day
of our military career
was when we got cut off
from old Ulysses S.
- We've been gone along time now.
- You're god damn right.
- Shh!
- What?
Over there. Look.
I wonder what the hell they're doin'
out in the open like that, Sarge?
Maybe they got separated
from their unit, too.
Well, this time,
they're gonna be separated
damn permanently.
Hey, hey, he!!!
They're givin' up, Sergeant. Look.
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
I can't see anything, soldier.
Can you?
I can't see nothin', Sarge.
What are you talkin' about?
The white flags. Look!
Like the sergeant said,
you don't see a damn thing.
The other one is gettin' away.
Shoot him, Pike.
- Shoot him, god damn it!
- No!
Gimme that!
Now, let me tell you somethin',
sonny boy.
The next time you refuse an order,
you gonna be dead
in this god damn army.
You got that?
Let's go check the bodies.
Jesus Christ.
Look at this.
The god damn war is over.
It's been over.
Well, here's to the fortunes of war,
and to the poor bastards
who provide 'em.
I don't know. The way I see it,
we don't have to go back
to the unit now.
I mean, y'all ain't in no damn hurry.
You know how many women
in this part of the country
whose husbands
won't be coming home?
Yeah, they'll need some comfortin',
some consolin'.
Yeah, whether they want it or not,
they're gonna get it.
Oh, well,
we're entitled to somethin'.
I mean, after all,
we've been in these rags
for four and a half years.
That old SOB Grant
must've knowed somethin'.
He said,
"To the victors go the spoils."
Or the leftovers to the rollovers!
Pike, I'm talkin' to you!
Where do you think you're goin'?
- It's time for me to go home.
- You listen to me.
You walk out of here,
I'm gonna shoot you for desertion.
War's over.
Boy, I mean it!
You hear?
Should be around this bend
about a mile or so.
A town ripe for pickin'.
Shh, shh!
Hey, what the hell is this?
This is your home now.
And we're glad to have you here.
- Aren't we, everyone?
- Yes.
You tell me what's goin' on.
I ain't goin' nowhere.
The war is over.
You're just a bunch of kids.
Don't test me or any of us.
I warn you.
Oh, you're just a pack of runts.
Now you give me that gun or I'll...
I trust you gentlemen
will come inside now...
The magistrate
will be pleased with you.
Wh... what?
Who is... is magistrate?
He's the leader of Oldfield.
He taught us everything we know.
You'll meet him...
soon enough.
Hey, wait a minute.
Amanda will be in
with some food and water.
Come here!
I don't think he'll last the night.
Tell Ambrose to prepare him
for the game.
I found this in the woods, mister.
Ls it yours?
No, god damn it.
You little monsters!
I'm gonna get loose
and kill both of you!
What did the magistrate
teach us, Jake?
If you can't say anything nice...
then you shouldn't say
anything at all.
I thought you might be hungry.
I'm not supposed to stay in here,
but... what's your name?
Why do you want to know my name?
it's just you look so much
like my papa.
My papa was killed in the war,
like everybody else.
Sherman burned down the town.
He's a mean man.
Come closer.
Come here.
Tell me, who is, uh, magistrate?
Eat something.
It's good. Not bad.
- What is it?
- Something... special.
I've gotta go.
Mm. Mm.
What is that?
Meeting with the magistrate.
You look like my papa.
Don't try anything with her,
Mr. Gallen.
I warn you.
She's my friend.
The magistrate teaches us
that there is a right time
for everything.
A time to plant, a time to kill,
a time to destroy,
a time to grieve,
a time for hating,
a time for war.
The magistrate is letting the world
go on its sinful way,
so that men themselves could see
they are no better than beasts.
what's the matter with you?
You've got to come with me.
I've got a surprise.
What kind of surprise?
It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you.
Amanda, take off your patch.
- Please.
- No, it's too...
Please, Amanda?
- Aah!
Hey, hi there.
I was hoping you'd come back.
I missed you.
What's wrong?
Look. Wait a minute.
You know, you...
you've never told me your name.
It's Amanda.
What a pretty name.
My God, you won't believe this,
but I had...
I had a daughter named Amanda.
- Really?
- Really.
What happened to her?
She was killed in the war.
But you know,
I could have another daughter.
If you would untie me,
we could make it
like things were before the war.
You mean, you'd adopt me?
Oh, Amanda.
You betcha I would.
I'd love to have a
fine-looking daughter like you.
Just untie me, please?
What about my leg?
I don't get around so easy.
- And my eye.
- Oh, don't worry about that.
I know surgeons, military surgeons.
They'd fix you up so good
that you'd never know
that you were really hurt.
- Really?
- I promise you.
I promise.
Honey, just untie me.
Could it really be like it was
before the war?
Of course it can, honey.
I promise you.
I promise you.
All you have to do is, uh, untie me.
We can take the horse out of here,
ride far away, just you and me.
That's right,
just you and just me.
We'll ride far away.
You and me.
And you know what?
If I take you out of this hell,
I would take you to heaven.
Not that one, the other one.
The one with the hook.
Okay, tie it up.
Stick it in his chest.
All right!
All right.
That's a good one. Yeah!
Got him.
He's killed Amanda.
- He's out there.
- Pike, you got to help me.
They're gonna kill me,
for God's sake.
They'll kill me.
You got to help me.
Surprised you're not dead, Mr. Gallen?
We couldn't let you die
without meeting the magistrate,
now could we?
Now you've got your chance.
You won't be disappointed.
Oh, my God.
At a loss for words?
I didn't think that big men like you
were ever at a loss for words.
What is it?
This is what remains
of our parents.
All that remains from the day
big men like you
walked into this town
and leveled it.
From that day
when all the adults were killed...
everything was killed.
From that date of the death,
we all put together the magistrate
and made it our leader.
It tells us many things.
- But the war... it's over.
- The killing continues.
But there's no... no reason
to do that anymore.
As long as there are big people,
there is always a need.
What are you gonna do with me?
You're my sermon tonight.
Thou prepares a table for me
in the presence of mine enemy.
Thou art our enemy
and our sustenance.
The Lord provideth.
The fire will cleanse our food,
and make the impure pure.
Eat well, children.
Eat well.
Brothers and sisters,
the time has come
to rebuild Oldfield
and restore her to her former glory.
That's quite an origin.
Like something out of Lovecraft or Poe.
Lovecraft and Poe.
Well, I'll drink to those two
masters of horror.
You know, their monsters and demons
existed only in their brains
until they were able
to get them out on paper.
Here, they walk in the parks by day
and in the streets by night.
And so tonight your niece
becomes another sickening entry
in your library.
The minute Katherine got caught up
in the fabric of this town,
she was lost.
What about you?
How do you stay away from it?
How do you know that I did?
No, I was lucky enough
to sit back and watch
the murderous parade pass by.
But Katherine fell in with the rest
of the people in this town.
She... she joined the parade.
Tonight she died alone.
Not really.
What do you mean?
I first came to know Katherine
when she sent me letters
from prison.
Lovely, personal letters.
She was very sensitive,
very intelligent.
I became fascinated by her.
She taught me
the essence of her craft,
including a great deal
about poison.
- Poisons?
- Yes.
How you poisoned her mind.
So you came here to...
I came here to meet the man
who raised Katherine White
and to say thank you
in my own special way.
Welcome to Oldfield.