The Old Chisholm Trail (1942) Movie Script

[ Men ]
Yippee-yay, yippee-yay
[ Man Yodeling ]
Yippee-yay, yippee-yay
[ Yodeling Continues ]
Well, come along boys
and listen to my tale
I'll tell you all my troubles
on the old Chisholm Trail
Come-a ti-yi, yippee
yippee-yay, yippee-yay
Come-a ti-yi, yippee
I started up the trail
October 23
Started up the trail
with a tune you heard
Come-a ti-yi, yippee
yippee-yay, yippee-yay
Come-a ti-yi, yippee
Bacon and beans
most every day
I'd as soon be eatin'
prairie hay
Come-a ti-yi, yippee
yippee-yay, yippee-yay
Come-a ti-yi, yippee
Now I'll sell my outfit
as fast as I can
I won't punch cows
for no durned man
Come-a ti-yi, yippee
yippee-yay, yippee-yay
Come-a ti-yi, yippee
With my knees in the saddle
and my hat in the sky
I'll quit punchin' cows
in the sweet by-and-by
Come-a ti-yi, yippee
yippee-yay, yippee-yay
Come-a ti-yi, yippee
Yippee-yay, yippee-yay [ Man Yodeling ]
Whoa, whoa!
Hey, you hombres! Shove
them pesky critters along!
[ Man Shouting ]
[ Cattle Lowing ]
We better not
shove 'em too fast, Hank.
They're mighty thirsty.Me too!
I'm drier than
a desert rat's boots.
[ Chuckles ]
Say, Dusty, there
oughta be a water hole
around here somewheres.
It's been 50 miles since
we passed the last one.
Yeah, and by the way them cows
are losin' weight,
we won't get peanuts for 'em
by the time we hit Abilene.
How much
do you reckon they're worth
on the hoof, Dusty?
Oh, I imagine about
eight dollars a head.
Well, that's better
than bein' broke,
the way we are now.
Hey, Dusty,
take a look
at old Oswald.
Say, he smells water.You really think so?
Sure, he does!
He's the smartest lead steer
you ever saw.
Got a nose
like a bloodhound.
I'll scout on ahead
and see if I can
locate the water.
You boys bed 'em
down here
till I get back.
All right.
[ Cattle Lowing ]
Your eyesight
ain't good, mister.
I'll read that sign for ya.
Means just what it says.
I don't believe in signs
when they read like that one.
No one has the right
to fence off water
on open range.
Yeah? Well, I'm Ed Phillips,
foreman of this outfit,
and I'll back up that--
Open this gate
and take me to Mr. Turner.
You don't need
to go through this gate
to see Mr. Turner.
The ranch house
is up the road.
All right.
Get mounted
and lead the way.
You said you wanted
to see Mr .Turner.
There he is.
My regards to you, ma'am.
I'm Dusty Gardner,
from down Pecos way.
I've got a bunch of steers
out on the Chisholm Trail
that need water.
You've come to
the right place,
Mr. Gardner.
We charge
five dollars a head,
in advance.
Five dollars?
But that's a little short
of highway robbery.
Water for trail herds
should be free.
Oh, the water's free, all right.
But this is private property.
The toll charge
is for using my road.
You know as well as I do, ma'am,
that we cattlemen
can't afford to pay that price
for watering our stock.
We've been
on the trail for weeks,
and we're all practically broke.
If the cattlemen who drive their
herds over the Chisholm Trail
don't want to pay my price,
there's no law
to force them to.
Maybe the law will
have something to say about...
whether or not
you can fence off free water.
Well, I know a good attorney
in Gunsight you can consult,
if you want to.
Of course, he doesn't
hand out advice for nothing.
Any lawyer you know wouldn't.
I don't like
your inference, mister.
Ed, show him to his horse.
You heard what
the boss said, cowpoke.
Shake the dust
of this ranch
off your heels.
You do all right,
Better hire yourself
a bodyguard, Ed.
You need it.
How about coming
into the house with me
for a little drink?
Maybe we can get together,
on the water situation.
I thought you
ordered me off this place.
I can change my mind,
can't I?
Yes, ma'am. I reckon you can.
But my cattle need a drink
more than I do.
Maybe you'd better drive
your herd on to Abilene
by way of Lost River.
That looks like
the trail I'll have to take.
[ Guitar playing ]
[ Man ]
I am a rovin' gambler
I've a-gambled all around
Wherever I meet
with a deck of cards
I lay my money down
I had not been down
Texas way
Many more weeks than three
Till I fell in love
with a purdy little gal
And she fell in love with me
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm
Now she took me
in her parlor
She cooled me
with her fan
She whispered low
in her mother's ears
"I love this gamblin' man
"I hear the train a-comin'
"Comin' round the curve
"Whistlin' and a-blowin'
"And a-strainin' every nerve
"Mm-hmm, mm-hmm
"Oh, Mother
Oh, dear Mother
"I'll tell you if I can
"If you ever see me
comin' back again
"I'll be with
a gambolin' man
That's all right, Montana!
Come on. Give us another song.
You don't wanna gamble.
Another song. Come on.Hey, boys. Boys. Boys!
Don't leave now.
Don't leave me all alone.
Step right over.
Give us another song!Somebody wins
at every turn of the cards.
Come on, bud.
Looks like your lucky day.
How many stacks?
What'll it be, Joe?Oh, bourbon, straight.
All right.Mary, there's gonna be a dance
at Gunsight next Saturday night.
How about you
goin' with me?
That's awfully nice
of you, Joe, but I'm
afraid I'm gonna be busy.
You're gettin'
mighty independent,
ain't ya?
Since that tinhorn gambler
Montana come along,
you ain't had time...
to say hello to me
and the rest of the boys.
Joe, stop it!Excuse me, gentlemen.
Joe, stop it.
You're hurting my arm.
Joe, stop!
You been comin' here long enough
to know that you made
the wrong play, Joe.
Get on your horse
and start movin'!
Howdy do, ma'am?
I'm Dusty Gardner
from the Pecos country.
Well, I'm Mary Lee.
I'm owner
of the trading post.
Oh, and this is
Montana Smith.
He runs the place for me.
Howdy do, Montana?Howdy.
Judging from the way
that hombre came
flying out the front door,
I'm wonderin' if
a strange cowpuncher
is welcome in these parts.
Cattlemen are always
welcome, as long as
they behave themselves.
That Joe Rankin is just like
the woman he works for.
Thinks he can do
whatever he wants
and no one will interfere.
You must mean
Belle Turner.I do.
If you've met her,
you must be with
one of the trail herds.
That's right, ma'am. Several
ranchers and myself are driving
stock over the Chisholm Trail.
Right now
they're bedded down
a few miles out.
I'm scouting ahead
for water.
I'm afraid you won't
find any water around here,
my friend.
We haul ours all the way
from the public well
at Gunsight.
[ Sighs ]
Belle Turner really
must have a sense of humor.
She advised that I trail
through to Kansas
by the way of Lost River.
The name apparently means
what it says.
It certainly does.
My father bought this place
from Belle Turner last spring.
There was a river
running by it then.
But with the hot weather,
the river dried up...
and just seemed to
disappear into nowhere.
Oh, I've tried
to keep the place open,
but it's hopeless.
Another few months, and the
cattlemen won't even come over
the Chisholm Trail anymore.
I'm afraid you're drawing from
a cold deck, my friend, unless
you deal with Belle Turner.
She controls the only water
within 80 mile of here.
That really is serious.
My stock is in bad shape now
without attempting
to drive that far.
Belle Turner has no right to
cut off water from the Chisholm
Trail, and I intend to prove it.
I'm going into Gunsight
and take out an injunction
against her.
I wish you luck.
Montana and I are starting
for town after water
in a while, Mr. Gardner.
If you'd like to,
you can come along with us.Thanks. I'd be pleased to.
[ Guitar playing ]
[ Man ]
Beautiful dreamer
Wake unto me
Starlight and dewdrops
are waiting for thee
Sounds of the rude world
Heard in the day
Lulled by the moonlight
Have all passed away
Beautiful dreamer
Queen of my song
List while I woo thee
With soft melody
Gone are the cares
Of life's busy throng
Beautiful dreamer
awake unto me
Beautiful dreamer
Awake unto me
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.
And now,
ladies and gentlemen,
presenting the one and only,
that mystifying,
that confusing,
magnetic-fingered mystic,
Professor Polario,
world-renowned hypnotist.
Awaken, Professor.
Oh, uh--
Oh, thank you.
I am honored, Mr. Wakely.
[ Chuckling ]
In order to demonstrate
my great hypnotic powers...
before this large
and enthusiastic audience,
I need a victim--
[ Stammers ]
I mean a subject.
Will some member
of the audience kindly
step toward the platform?
I say toward the platform.
Now come on, folks.
Don't be bashful.
Don't be bashful.
Right up this way.
[ Polario ]
Ah, thank you.
Thank you, thank you.
[ Chuckles ]
Prepare yourself,
my friend--
my fine-feathered
friend, I should say--
for the greatest thrill
of your entire life.
Wantum money back.Well, well--
But my good man,
the show has only started.
We have another breathtaking
performance tonight.
Wantum money back.
Show smell bad.Ah--
Oh, it does, eh?Mmm.
Well, if you feel
that way about it,
come over to my hotel.
I got no money with me.
No spondulicks. No dinero.
No greenbacks.
No money.
Me take 'em clothes!
Oh, no, you don't!
[ Shouting ]
Come on, Jimmy!
[ Shouting Continues ]
Wantum money back.
Wantum money back.
Whoa, whoa. Whoa. Whoa.
Thank you.I'll be back just as soon as
I talk to the sheriff.
All right.
Hey, Alvin!
Well, bless my soul! Dusty!
[ Chuckling ]
Well, well.
Hey, odds bodkins!
If it ain't my old
trail-herdin' pal Gardner.
How are you, old fakir?
Hello, Jimmy.
Hi, Dusty.
How are Johnny and Scotty
and the other boys?
They're all with me yet.That's wonderful.
When did you stop
training lead steers
and go into the show business?
And where did you get
that name "Polario"?Shh! Tsk, tsk, tsk.
I buried the name
"Alvin Pendergast"
along with my animal past.
I am now using
my hypnotic powers on men.
[ Chuckles ]
What are you doing
in these parts?
I'm taking the trail herd
to Abilene, and I sure wish
you were with me.
Every time
I look at old Oswald,
I think of you.
Don't tell me you're gonna
sell Oswald, Dusty.
Not that steer.
He tells us
when there's water around,
even if we can't reach it.
I hope the show business
is paying better
than the cattle business.
Why, we're doing terrific,
me and Jimmy.Oh, that's fine.
Yes, sir!
I'm just jingling with gold.[ Grunts ]
Uh, j-- j--
jingling with gold.
If white man got money
that jingle jangle,
then white man tell Indian lie.
Indian wantum
money back.
Now lookee here,
"Rain in the Face."
You'll get paid.Me no "Rain in Face."
Me Chief Hopping Crow.
Indian give white man
push in face
no getum money back.
Now lookee h--
I, uh-- uh--
Uh, Hopping Crow? Well, that's
a very p-p-p-pretty name,
Hopping Crow.
Mmm.Good luck, Polario.
I've got to
go see the sheriff.
The sheriff?
Say, I've gotta go
see the sheriff myself.
As a matter of fact,
he's attached to me,
or I'm attached to him.
There is an attachment!Yeah, on the tent.
Yeah, on the tent.Yeah.
Now lookee here.
Doggone it, you'll get paid.
Oh, hop along, Crow!
Why, if it isn't
Mr. Gardner.
You weren't looking for
the sheriff by any chance,
were you?
Not by chance,
Miss Turner.
Well, let me introduce you.
Sheriff Beadly, this is
my friend, Dusty Gardner.
Glad to know you.Howdy do.
Belle's been telling me
your troubles.
I don't doubt it.
I suppose you know
she's taken up all the land
around Little Lake.
- Everybody knows that.
- But the lake is on
government range.
Now I want a court order
forcing her...
to let the trail herd
drive through her property
to water.
I'm afraid
I can't help you, Gardner.
There's no government ruling
come through my office...
covering this kind
of situation.
In that case,
I guess I'd better
use my own judgment.
What about my tent,
It'll come down
if you don't pay up.
That's what I thought.
If you keep that water
fenced off, Belle,
the cattlemen will stop
coming here and the town
will go broke.
Why don't you work out some kind
of a compromise with them, hmm?
There may be something
in what you say, Sheriff.
I'll take care
of this pumping, Mary.
Thanks, Dusty.
Oh, Polario and Jimmy.
This is Miss Mary Lee
and Montana.
How do you do?Howdy. Howdy.
Oh, Dusty.
I've been thinking over
what you just said,
and maybe I have been
a little unreasonable in
my dealings with the cattlemen.
"Unreasonable" is hardly
the word, Belle.
I didn't come over here
to start an argument.
I was in hopes that perhaps
we could all get together
and settle our difficulties.
[ Dusty ]
It's agreeable with me.
Why the sudden
change of heart, Belle?
What are you up to now?
Nothing that concerns you,
Whatever happens to Mary
concerns me.
I aim to see that
she gets a fair deal.
That's bighearted of you,
I'm sure.
Dusty, bring
the other cattlemen
who are with your trail drive...
over to
the trading post tonight.
I'll meet you there
with my foreman.Thanks.
Boy, would I like
to hypnotize her.
[ Wolf Whistles ]
You better hypnotize
somebody mighty quick,
or we don't eat.
Well, I reckon
old Oswald can stand
a little more training.
You boys climb aboard.Hey, boy!
[ Accordion ]
Mountain breezes croon
A plaintive cowboy tune
Out on the Lone Star Trail
Troubles we won't mind
And cares
we'll leave behind
Out on the Lone Star Trail
[ Harmonizing ]
Romance will ride along
Beside us
There'll be a lone star
to guide us
Heartaches all will mend
We'll find the rainbow's end
Out on the Lone Star Trail
[ Harmonizing, Yodeling ]
[ Continues ]
Romance will ride along
Beside us
There'll be a lone star
to guide us
Heartaches all will mend
We'll find the rainbow's end
Out on the Lone Star Trail
Ah, we were fools
to think Belle Turner
would show up here tonight.
Her racket's paying off too well
for her to suddenly change.
I reckon you're wrong,
Good evening, Mary.
So sorry I'm late.
That's all right, Belle.
Oh, what a beautiful dress.
Oh, it's just an inexpensive
gown I picked up last winter
down in New Orleans.
I always go there
during the bad weather.
I'll be glad to do
a little shopping for you
on my next trip if you like.
Of course, something
a little more simple than this
might suit you better,
because you're such
a plain type.
So nice to see you again, Dusty.Thank you.
The pleasure's all mine.
Let's get down
to business, Belle.
These men here,
they don't like to stay away
from their herd too long.
Yes, ma'am.
Cattle are mighty restless
when they're thirsty, ma'am.
That's right. I guess we should
get this discussion over with
as quickly as possible.
Oh, Ed.
I left my handbag
outside in the rig.
Get it for me.
Yeah, let's hurry
this thing up. I'm kind of
worried about Oswald.
Ed just gave us the go sign.
Let's stampede the herd.
[ Lowing ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Bellowing ]
[ Men Shouting ]
[ Gunshots Continue ]
I'm only reducing
the toll charge as
a friendly gesture, Mr. Randall.
I don't have to, you know.
But 50 cents a head
ain't no reduction, ma'am.
Somebody stampeded the cattle!What's that?
I tried to stop them,
but it was no use.Who stampeded 'em?
A gang of riders charged down
one of the hills
and started shootin'.
As soon as the herd
was on the run,
they lit out.
I'm awfully sorry, Dusty.
I suppose they headed
straight for water.You said it.
They busted right through
the Turner fence and didn't stop
until they reached the lake.
I thought you were dealing
from the bottom of the deck.
You planned this thing
from the start, Belle,
so that Dusty and the cattlemen
would be here while your men
rustled their herds.
You're what
I always thought you were--
a no-good scheming--
Let-- Let go of me!
Let go of me!
Get-- Get your hands off of me!
To get your cattle,
you'll have to drive them
back across my property.
Not a head goes through
until you and your friends
pay the toll charge in advance.
Mister, I'll figure out
how many cattle you have...
and bring you
your bill the first thing
in the morning.
[ Polario ]
Well, that looks like Oswald
is a prisoner.
Dusty, you gotta
do something
to rescue Oswald.
I'm for goin' over to
that Turner ranch
and taking our cattle,
at the point of a gun,
if necessary.
Only fools
draw against odds.Montana's right.
Why not leave
our cattle there
to fatten up a bit...
while we figure a way out
of our trouble.
Well, I reckon maybe
you are talking horse sense.
I'm sorry this had to happen
while you were all in my place.
That's all right, Mary.
It wasn't your fault.
And besides,
I kinda like it here.
Me too.
That fight kinda made me
a little thirsty.
[ Chuckling ]
Uh-oh. Yeah.
Hey, get that Indian
off my neck, will you?
[ Men Chuckling ]
What'd you say?I said, "Vamoose!"
Say, it worked.
[ Men Laughing ]
[ Laughing ]
I'm gonna saddle up and
go over and hypnotize
that she-wolf Belle Turner.
I'm gonna walk old Oswald off
right under her nose.
She ain't gonna
make rump roast
outta my friend.
Hey. Maybe you won't
have to go after all.
Here come a couple
of her men right now.
I'm gonna tell 'em off plenty,
the scurvy mugumps.
They're the ones
what "stoled" Oswald.
You wore out
your welcome last night, Ed.
Now you and Joe
climb back on your horses
and get out of here.
I'm here to give
them trail herders
their bill.
Don't stick out your bill
around here. You're liable
to get it shot off.
We ain't gonna be robbed,
and you ain't allowed
to hold Oswald
a prisoner either.
Doggone it!
[ Grunting ]
Whoa! Ha-ha!
Get goin'.All right.
But I'm leaving this souvenir.
[ Dusty ]
What's happened?
What's the matter?By the great Caesar's ghost,
there's a gopher down there,
and he's gargling!
[ All Laughing ]He must have
a sore throat.
"Sore throat."
He's still doin' it.
Listen, Dusty.
Well, ain't you gonna listen?[ Laughs ]
I've never heard
a gopher gargle before,
but I reckon
there's a first time
to everything.
Now you wait.All right.
I'm waiting.
[ Faint Rumbling ]
Sounds like running water.
It is water!
Away down deep.
You see what happens
when you keep your ear
to the ground?
It must be the Lost River
running through
an underground channel.
If it is,
we'll drill a well.
It's a waste of time
attemptin' to sink
a well here.
Other folks
have tried and failed.
And don't forget
it takes money.You shouldn't talk like that.
You know I can't hold on
to the trading post...
unless the cattlemen
keep using the Chisholm Trail.
I'll find a well driller
who'll take our cattle
for security.
Yeah. And if we
don't strike water,
we'll lose 'em.
You'll lose 'em anyway,
Hank, unless you pay off
Belle Turner.
The law will back her up.Mary's right.
I have a hunch the main
body of water runs
underground right here,
and I'm willing
to risk my cattle
to find out.
I'm with you, Dusty.
I'll throw in my herd.
Well, you can
count me in.That's the way to talk.
I sure wish I
hadn't heard that
garglin' gopher.
If we don't
bring in a well,
them butchers'll
make pot roast
outta Oswald.
Aw, we can't lose.
Is there a well
driller in town?
Yes, Bert Hanson.Good. Get your horses.
We're going
into Gunsight.
Dusty Gardner
and the other trail drivers...
just signed a contract
with Bert Hanson...
to drill for an artesian well
in the dry wash
near the trading post.
If they strike water,
you'll be outta luck.
Your tollgate won't be
worth a plug nickel.
They're not going
to strike water.
The drilling equipment
is being moved out of town
right now.
Get ahold of Mike Carey
and the other boys.
We've got to stop it.
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshots Continue ]
He's pretty badly
We've gotta get him
to the doctor quickly.I'll take him back to town.
You boys go ahead
with the wagon.Good.
I told you to stop
that equipment, Ed.
We did the best we could,
Belle, without gettin'
shot up ourselves.
Looked like Bert Hanson
got plugged, ma'am.
I don't think you
have to worry about
a well going down.
Well, just to make sure
there's no slipup, Mike,
you better ride on over
to the trading post.
You know something about
well drilling, and maybe
you can get a job.
I got you.
I know enough to keep
a well from working.
There ain't no use of us
bulldoggin' this thing
around any longer, Dusty.
Don't any of us
seem to know how
to make it work.
I hate to admit
you're right, Hank,
but this equipment is not
gonna do us a bit of good
unless we get an expert driller.
My grandfather taught me
how to put these machines
and I can't understand
why it won't work.
You can't tell me
Belle Turner
didn't have...
something to do
with the attack
on our wagon.
How is Bert Hanson,
Montana?The doc says he'll pull through,
but I'm afraid
it'll be too late
to do us any good.
Well, I'm ready
to call it quits
right now--
Go on to Abilene
and sell my cattle.
After I pay
Belle Turner off,
I'll at least
have enough money
to get back home on.
I never thought
you were a quitter, Hank.
Now we'll get this
equipment working,
and we're going
to bring in a well.Aw--
You're optimistic,
but I'm afraid
you're drawing
a losing hand.
[ Hooves Clopping ]
Hiya, folks.
Howdy, ma'am.
My name's Mike Carey.
Heard you were trying
for a well.
Thought I might get a job.Partner, if you know anything
about well drilling equipment,
you've got a job.I've been drilling wells
all my life.
Let me shake your hand,
You're sure an answer
to a thirsty cow's prayer.
Let me introduce myself.
I'm Alvin J. Pendergast Polario,
the great hypnotist.
This is Mary Lee,
Montana Smith--
Howdy.Dusty Gardner, Hank Randall
and the boys.
Find any goldfish yet?No, but we got a bite.
[ Laughing ]
Say, where's Montana?
I ain't seen him around.
He's in town.
Say, what's gotten
into him lately?
He doesn't seem
the same.
Oh, he'll be all right
as soon as the well comes in.Oh, does it look that good?
Yeah. Ought to be coming in
pretty soon now.
Isn't that right, Mike?
Can't tell anything
about this type
of well.
You either get a gusher
or nothing at all.
We've been working
two weeks now...
and ain't hit
wet sand yet.
Your deal with Hanson
was for 15 days.
If you don't strike water
by day after tomorrow,
you and your friends are
gonna lose their cattle.Oh, don't you worry, Mary.
I've learned enough
about well drilling
in the last few days...
to know that we're gonna
strike it pretty soon now.
[ Chuckles ]
What's the matter Mike?
Can't you sleep?
No. I thought I'd have
a cup of coffee.
Good. I'm glad you came.
Who was it,
Dusty?It was Mike Carey.
Well, what was he
battling you for?
I don't know,
unless he wanted to wreck
the well drilling equipment.
Well, I'm certainly glad
you're not hurt.Polario, put on your clothes...
and stand guard here
for a while.
I'm going in after Hank
and the boys.
From now on, we're going
to be ready for plenty
of trouble.
You said it.
[ Harmonizing ]
Little sweetheart
Of the Rio Grande
You're the only girl
For me
Little sweetheart
Of the Rio Grande
Let me hold you
In your arms
Let me stay
Lock me in your heart
And throw the key away
Little sweetheart
Of the Rio Grande
You're the only girl
Where have you been keeping
yourself lately, Montana?
Oh, I've been in town.Well, I've missed you.
I've missed you too, Mary.
I was wonderin' what
you'd do if the well
didn't come in.
Oh, I don't know.
I guess I'd stay here.
That is, until there
were no more riders
on the Chisholm Trail.
Then what?Who knows?
Well, let's not talk
about that now.
Saw Belle on my way
back here tonight.
She told me she'd
bought out Hanson.
Gonna take over
all his contracts.
Then the well
has to come in, Montana.
If it does,
Dusty can borrow enough money
to take care of everything.
I'll go and tell him.
[ Door Closes ]
[ Snoring ]
A watched pot
never boils, eh?
"Agadabba. Cuzzaba."
Boily, potty, boily.
[ Grunts ]
Where'd you come from?Me wantum money back.
I know how
to get rid of you.
Moose, Crow, moose.
Didn't you hear me tell ya?
Moose, Crow, moose.
[ Yelling ]
Don't hurt me!
[ Yells ]
[ Polario Babbling ]
Well, I reckon
that finishes us,
Can't drill no well
without an engine.
How I'd like to get
my hands on the hombre
that busted it.
Talkin' about what
we'd like to do
is no good.
We've got to get
another engine
and get it quick.
Say, Hanson's got
another engine.
[ Jimmy ]
Yeah, but Belle Turner
bought him out.
[ Polario ]
That's right.
She wouldn't give us
the rust off a left-handed
monkey wrench.
Say, has anybody seen Montana
this morning?
Well, surely you don't
think he has anything
to do with this.
I just wanted to ask him
a few questions, that's all.
Hank, you and the boys
move the engine
from the derrick.
Polario and I are going
into town and see if we
can pick up another one.
I saw what you
picked up over there.You don't miss a thing, do you?
Not when there's
as much at stake
as we got.
I wonder why Montana
would do a thing
like that.
That's what I aim
to find out.
Howdy. You hombres seem
to be in a hurry.We are.
Somebody wrecked
our engine last night.
Oh. Sorry.
I guess you'll be able
to find another one in town.
Is this what
you're looking for?
Yeah. Where'd you find it?
Where you lost it last night
when you wrecked our engine.
I should bend a gun barrel
over your head instead
of using my fists.
You thought you were hurting me
when you smashed that engine,
didn't you?
I suppose I did.
[ Grunts ]
I wanted you
to leave town.
I thought if the well
didn't come in,
you'd have to leave.
I think I understand,
But don't you realize,
I wasn't just thinkin' of
myself or you or Mary...
when I wanted
to drill that well?
I was thinkin' of all
the other cattlemen...
who drive their herds
through this part of Texas.
Why, it won't be long before
there'll be large cities
and railroads here,
and the cattle trails
will all be gone.
But until that day comes,
I'm going to do all I can...
to see that the trail herds
get through to market,
and the cattlemen are protected.
I didn't think
of it that way, Dusty.
I guess I got
what was comin' to me.
Being sorry isn't enough.
I've got to get another engine
and finish that well
by tomorrow,
or Belle Turner will step in
and take over everything.
And you can't buy an engine
without money.
I know where
there's an engine.
And I know where you
can get your hands on
a little cash, I think.
You wouldn't mind
double-crossing Belle
to do it, would you?
Hardly. That's the only kind
of dealing she understands.
Come on.Just a minute, Montana.
This had better be
on the level.
It doesn't look like
anybody's around.
Uh-oh. Here comes Cleopatra
and her trained snake.
Good morning, Miss Turner.
Howdy, ma'am.Good morning, gentlemen.
Kind of early for you
to be leaving the trading post,
isn't it, Dusty?
Yes, and I'm planning
on pulling out for good.That's interesting.
What's happened
to change your mind?
Someone wrecked
the well drilling engine
last night,
and there's no way
of getting another...
now that you're in control
of the Hanson Company.
You're getting smarter
every day, aren't you?
Go ahead, rub it in.
I know when I'm whipped,
and I'm willing to
make you a proposition.
I'm listening.
According to your figures,
I owe you five dollars a head
toll charge on my cattle.
Uh-uh. Four-fifty.
Don't forget
I reduced the rates.
[ Chuckling ]
That's right.
Now I'm willing
to pay you off in cattle,
on the condition...
that you buy 50
or 60 more head from me
at the regular market prices.
Now that'll give me
enough money to complete
my drive on to Abilene.
Then what?Well, after that...
I guess I'll head back
to the Pecos country again.
You know, it wouldn't
do any harm for you
to get away...
from Lost River
for a while, Dusty.Yeah?
If I accept your offer,
when will you start?
Just as soon as
the rest of my cattle
are on the trail again.
It's a deal.
You, um, might
drop in to visit me
on your way back.
By that time,
things will have
cleared up around here.
I might see you sooner
than you expect, Belle.
Ed, get the boys
and cut out Gardner's herd.
I'll tell you how many
to keep and how many
to let go through the gate.
Hey, Dusty.
What about Oswald?
Who's Oswald?The professor's
pet steer.
He trained him to do
tricks, and he doesn't
want to lose him.
Why, yeah. He's even got
more sense than I have.I don't doubt it.
I guess you can have him.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Lowing ]
[ Cowboys Shouting,
Whistling ]
I ain't gonna wait
any longer for Dusty.
Besides, he's been
gone all day.
We've been fools
in the first place...
for puttin' up
our herds for security.He'll be back, Hank.
And he'll have
the engines with him.
Yeah, and even if he does,
we won't have time
to finish drillin' the well...
by tomorrow night,
and that's the deadline.[ Hooves Clopping ]
This is sure
a cheerful-looking outfit.
You're not waiting
for Dusty Gardner,
are you?
What do you mean, Belle?
Why shouldn't we?Won't do you any good.
He took what was left of
his cattle after paying me off,
and pulled out for Abilene.
I don't believe you.Suit yourself.
You'll find out
I'm telling the truth.
[ Wagon Approaching ]
Does that look as if
he's run out on us?
[ Man ] Say, here comes Dusty.
I knew he wouldn't
let us down.
Hiya, boys.
Hi, boys!Did you get that engine?
Take a good look, Belle.
Fine-lookin' engine, huh?
[ Laughs ]
You double-crosser.
You said you were
leaving the country.
[ Chuckles ]
I didn't say I'd stay.
[ Laughs ]
He told you he'd be back sooner
than you expected, remember?
You're really clever,
aren't you?
Selling me part of your cattle
so you could buy another engine.
Well, it wasn't a bad idea.Maybe you'll think different
before I'm through with you.
Remember this--
I bought that well drilling
and according
to Hanson's contract,
you're to be through
with it by 4:00 tomorrow
I'll be here at that time,
and I'll have
plenty of help.
[ Hooves Clopping ]All right, boys.
Let's put that engine up
and get to work.Aw, there's no use, Dusty.
We haven't even
got a chance.Listen to me a minute.
Dusty here sold
most of his cattle to keep
the well drillin' going.
Now if you don't fly into
the job now and back him up,
somebody ought to take you out
and knock your heads together.
Come on, now.
Let's get this engine unloaded.
[ Polario ]
Let's go, boys.[ Chattering ]
[ Engine Running ]
All right, shut her off.
[ Engine Stops ]
Say, it looks like we're
down to water gravel.
Well, we'd better
hit water pretty
or it's gonna be
just too bad.
It's after 3:00 now,
and Belle Turner
wasn't foolin'...
when she left here
I heard Mike say something
about shooting a well in.
Suppose we could do it?What's that?
Exploding a charge
of dynamite down the well.
The concussion sometimes
breaks up the rock formation.
Lets the water through.
How come you know so much
about well drillin'
all of a sudden, Montana?
You never offered
to help us before.
I went to school
yesterday, Hank.
Had a few lessons
pounded into me...
by a right good teacher.
Thanks, partner,
for what you're doing.
Forget it.
Say, where's Polario?
Search me.
He left this morning
right after breakfast.
Wouldn't surprise me none
if he ducked out.No, not the professor.
You can bet your last dime
that whatever he's doing,
he's doing it for us.
Now Belle Turner's liable
to be here any moment now
to take over,
so you boys get your rifles
and stand guard.
Don't let anybody
in the riverbed
unless I give you the word.
[ Hooves Galloping ]
[ Whinnies ]
Hello, Oswald.
Get up there, Brownie.
Hello, Oswald.
I'm sure glad to see you.
Oh, boy. Come on, Oswald.
Here's where you're
gonna do your stuff.
[ Grunting ]
[ Groans ]
Doggone it.
[ Hopping Crow ]
Mmm. Me wantum money back.
Just a minute, Hopping Crow.
Me and you ought
to be friends.
Me wantum money back.
Well, I--
I don't want
to shoot you,
but if I got to,
I got to, I guess.
Uh, Hoppin' Crow,
can't we talk
these things over?
No getum money back,
me take bull.
Just a minute.
You can't do that to me.
Besides, that's no bull.
It's a steer,
and it ain't mine.
Ahh. Hopping Crow
go bye-bye.
[ Hisses ]
You shut eye.
Go to sleep.
[ Hisses ]
From now on, Hopping Crow,
you're a cigar store Indian.
[ Hisses ]
[ Laughing ]
I hypnotized him.
[ Giggles ]
Well, for goodness' sake.
Lookee here.
Here. Give me
that pie-cutter.
Come on, Oswald.
You wanna show me
how grateful you are?
Go on down to that lake
and bring that herd out.
Go on!
Down to the lake!
There you are, Crow.
You just stay right there
and keep on sleepin'.
Every now and then,
I'll come and give you
some water and feed you.
[ Chuckles ]
Montana, we'll drop
this dynamite down the well
and try to blow it in.
All right, pull up!
This is as far
as you go.
Stand aside.
I have business to discuss
with Dusty Gardner.
I'm sorry, lady,
but he ain't in
to callers today.
Now turn around
and get movin'--
All of you.
[ Gunshots ]
What's this?
Hey! Wait!
I've got dynamite. Don't!
[ Groans ]
Why, you--
[ Groans ]
Dusty! Mary!
Everybody clear out!
Dynamite in the w--
[ Explosion ]
[ Cheering, Whooping ]
Take a good look
at that, Belle.
That's free water.The water won't
do you any good.
You'll never get
your cattle through
my place now.
No? Then take
a look out there.
[ Bellowing ]
Come on, Oswald!
Hey, Hank. You and the boys
take Belle and her friends
into town.
Turn 'em over
to the sheriff.
All right.
Get goin' now.
[ Montana ]
Take 'em in, Hank.
That well of water is worth
more than a gold mine in
this part of the country, Dusty.
It isn't my gold mine.
It belongs to the West.
Well, lots of luck
to you and Mary.Thanks.
Where do you think
you're going?Me?
[ Chuckles ]
I'm kinda like a tumbleweed.
You never know
where I'll drift to.
So long.So long, Montan'.
Good-bye, Montana.
Do you see
what I see?
Where do you think
you're goin'?
Take off my clothes.
Now me rock paleface bye-bye.
"Abba cadabba."
Abba cadabba.
No, Hoppin' Crow.
Have a heart.