The Old Dark House (1963) Movie Script

The old dark house.
- Yes?
- Huh?
- Did you say something?
- What do you want, sir?
Ahh, no thanks I'll just pop in
afraid I do not suppose that you are not
member of this club
I do not I'm not but I have a friend
who does What chance is not exactly a
friend shared an apartment but not
use day and night and
efe and enters it if he asked me to She brings
him one thing and wanted to reposition.
If I leave here I'll make sure Mr.
You receive
I can not car is out
my god here would not agree their
losing the tone name or not does not depend
it does not sell dr
that's not my name pendleton Pendrel
it is called film
efe Abin hallows
there is a clear profile my good friend
known for it placed an advertisement in the
flat to share times and I answered
announcement and it was not a
day earlier by Please deeper
thanks but no play or I am I not understand
bancaja banking for ever but pp
You are here as always faith or tomasa
my government is to bring luck no no you
bring the car the contrast is a.
Authentic American Beauty Joseph and
the style always wanted a car.
this is the best ever represented
banking products lower four me
I tell yet everything is only
exactly four thousand pounds 412,000
more than $
9 for banking.
I thank you planto sr
thank you very much for all this look.
I is not wonderful coffee
I'm sorry you brought me luck
I feel bad like a serious has 300
horses are more parked outside ready
to run and run and I'm ready
Thomas come with me I have to speak
Thomas know me a month is
It is satisfying all clear profile
do you you go at night and I
the exact day work
I know it's not exactly a strange rule
I miss her every night customers
when I'm not I sleep the casper
well sometimes I go out with a girl
close to a club or a movie I love
cinema and the girls are fun
and you you do you do at night Where
are you going to tell those who return
back where it already was late
touch my friend is my only friend.
I need your help I can do for
you every night while having fun I
back hall and there do happen to see
what will happen something that scares me
quantity and sitting on a wall and quantity
lying on the ground
I arrived today have brought a coffin who
Thomas arrived late worship hall
there you explain where it comes in hall
never give 6 to these data is a
nice walk weekend against
sam and pri to adjust is beautiful
so now take my new car is
really good a beautiful house.
Very comfortable spacious great
and my cousin It is very nice.
Carburetor how your cousin's car
It is a beauty like your car hall
my cousin again need someone q your
new blood and stuff mostly
now all must go as I have fear
you helped me are my friend tells kasper
with her through it fine to see
to fly us good and 20 vmonos
when I say flying is literally
he rented plane is faster but
kasper because we do not go together
recalls that already extracted unlucky
goodbye to drive carefully
do not
'anyone there'
if someone comes I do not think
once he missed today who you are gas
per uns you sir 'dance' I am.
Mr film but do not know him
Hands up who move closer
you you are not castell
is not his friend if today understand the
I invited her to come seriously am
good he lives for the day and for the
He called me understand I'm different
casper better uncle Mr.
Grocer between me
I apologize Mr. Pendrel for his
as you will see is an old
house my daughter and dark.
If I see or I like fixing things
the entrance flap takes several
centuries does not work
served to discourage visits
and arranged knows now works well
and left
next time do not use the knocker I called
the bell yes I will
I do not know what to tell what CAMPS
May the Lord not lose him has
vera understood something happened in the
ring was terrible've heard by.
Of course a coup in April
yet he did not purposely not explain
how it has happened now it has been the
forty days and forty nights and
He came as he said
kasper lurch
but not keep putting a shock
He crashed an hour ago when I was
trying to land it died on the spot
but I do know how you feel your
last hurray
good he was left alone with him was
no no no waiting
please sir do not know will not go.
True afternoon unlucky.
It was a beautiful car was not my fault
really all I did was push
the door
pardon was assured not have to
naturally you
eyes may have closed
I asked if there was and no no no
Suddenly I heard someone if mourn
was there says that you spent which he
is a friend of whether it was his CAMPS
friend's car that would sell him
I sold a car and he was looking for a
roommate and you chose me
It must be the raw silica and
will understand he is American
I do not know how he knows Kasper told me
I had met a Mexican
I figured it would be you.
It has been very brave to come to Seville.
It was an accident
dare someone who told me that
I was in danger
and who told him he needed me
not now
If you do not hear me Mr. I
I think it can not stay here or
a moment at civil is happening.
You have to go before
others are other than another.
Family leave while from
time is needed but you do not see you
yes no no no you Miss kasper
He wanted me to know why I came
I have my dream is to have the technical
Marchese ch year is far from
expropriated amira open the gate something He
fell over and support everything in the picture
official giving always have last
contacted to be before
It has not cost me much but what
we produce our own electricity
generator repaired the storm
unclean and this gentleman I stand to
My uncle says nothing.
This is the Lord so stupid and friend
helmets cases but we
very rare friends is one of them
no no there's nothing I'm not American
America could not be will not have
braking hunger Us
good sell is always having to
let but must leave oil or.
God not not not not even want to open it
I can let you go without Mr.
Lose he knows that not every day and
We invite an American dinner.
It is a real treat others
They will be happy
the other two to three
he introduced a friend of camps but
Lord could call home Mr.
Pender in which the company know that
I had a friend is staying Jan 7
penn much is not lord is not
much to
brand Mr. don pepe as is
because now better see if we can.
Ravell have to be and we can start
it wanted to invite sought
cooked her favorite dish
Castro was not like the other only
eat things clear
the other two non-playable tracks
they now work at work.
Near the end time b after
christening meeting
clear clear I not miss me tell me
something you rock man who as
as if his public life
morgana good enough to talk you
act as if you wanted to abandon
in hall you do not want to go really
I'm glad you like living here seriously
like this I think unexpressed.
Mr perfectly clearly pepe mel has
been very outspoken very American is
lost and means you are right
not that we like to live in ferrol
Mr. defend the ISU a message
our exact because a delicious dinner
do I owe you an explanation Mr.
Surely lose the interest you
secrets of an old house we
rodrigo accompany room and knitting
Look around Mr. Pendrel this
old house has stood as a
strength through generations of
zeus one designed to support
storm floods wars and sieges
all to respect the wishes of our
great great grandfather by gao
feng will be heard talk about it
morgan morgan the pirate right there
has it
morgan but the pirate
the founder of our natural family
santa fe it and I still do not understand
they have to live here very simple
before he GRANTED Morgan
He repented and hanged equally.
They had prepared the gallows made
testament before his death to avoid
someone from his family will
crossbones carry this building
castle right in the middle of these have
make the sea as far as possible their
descendants will be his fortune only
while residing in the house to live here.
Mr. Grocer is a problem in a large
You will exist certain clauses
Clause 1 that family member
who does not reside losing all rights to
Fortune 2
every member of the family who is not
at midnight at home.
They lose all rights to inherit and 3 all
Fortune 100 belongs to
home and you can not change the will
unless she dies
only then will be distributed fortune
among the descendants set how.
You can die at home have tried
I tried to burn can not be
burn the skin where they get the money
that once a year we live.
We divide the interest on capital He left
the hanging of great great grandfather.
I know some of it I how I
I know there is nothing to call me
Christmas the same attention the mouth
the same hair
I see seemed clear that you have the
wider expensive than the resemblance is not
me but you do not have it
morgan told had a daughter joined
with another pirate before Testament is a
American Pirate having children is
most likely
in which case their heirs would
right to inherit a substantial part.
American truth without relying you will
like sailing listen just because I believe
that his great great grandfather look no.
They're thinking I'm one of you
I hope it would not be the most
unfortunate for us says that
Pender called pirate your family's name
was barbanegra
Clearly that was not his name
full could have called
Blackbeard hangs why not
also you have to admit that it is
a coincidence coming this
precisely night is special
tonight is the anniversary of
moore hanging of great great grandfather
and He intoned in the world
among all the horses could not
recompose the man almost impossible
will be the other is castell
pumas recognize four years
joy awaken interest in
at least nothing by itself is not
a recording
you believe the Lord and losing his voice
out of here very clever castell
I'm sure
in just over Mr. penn wool baby
20 is like my home relaxes me know
particularly if I'm nervous
I do not feel that it is weaving in
I start from the beginning until he reached
the end something will come out of here I
I know my life is gone you stadiums or
I complain a lot last year decided a
150 miles Peppercorn with the dagger and
yes many miles and many hours and captured
time and space in three stitches
is sometimes I wonder what
passing day without having gone to you my
son was eat roberts
the path is cut by rain
pl Mr. Pope and have him giving the.
There are blind people between Feijoo and
the people may be wandering days and.
You find the road is this
night tennis to teach their land.
You want to leave dangerous or
good entities if there is danger
accompanies you in your room or bag
he continues this year I get to knitting
this room is the bombonera of
cheerful and welcoming home
yeah sure here it is warm and
c insurance hit them at the meeting
meeting every night we met at
12 in the library is the custom for
ensure that everyone is on the
come home if we do not know the punishment
loce lost all their rights
nothing yet.
Mr. PNL wish you could March
but hopefully you are also in
danger is very kind to me agencies.
It could not be less michelle there
also the bells of the saints
That same patterns always said kasper
I was making jokes as he left
many everywhere and a strange
but before recording means
oranges and lemons.
It is a lullaby and
girls recited a song
children sing bells
all churches in London or have
many watches at home and all work
very well and we call it with
churches patron saints understand
cecilia prez san mart like chat.
I have to go to do so until it
He left blind.
How comes you have to open the bring
Hot water
thank you very much not going to base
ips shirt and light-colored shirt can not
be if the head wash light are not removed
thank you thank you thank you
I do really friendly thanks
only sleeves and go alone
is strong
I do a lot of sport shows in every.
Tomorrow I start with this as the
You must feel very lonely
well not a whole lot you have no
idea about every night in this house and
It is wrong and for me and you do not have
or if I had friends and several of them
They were the people could not come back
things late when I finally
I fell
I had to leave it
dzul truth.
This soy or if rain
I know I took off my plates
pants so fast
yes because ping pong or casper invited me
to meet her cousin cousin if that
feeley kasper was my Penalosa mines or
seriously their.
It is my page
hello this size is what you think.
It's like we do not seek this line
ccoo percent year dad never likes
my friends can not spoil
I like everything lovely plus.
Mr. fem morgana morgana the cecil and
my tie
efe fil and
and agatha
mmm roderick roderick nothing
there is someone o tffer
you you you you you're not here and
you're there and you're dead
I'm not if you upset about the car
I'm sorry that I brought bad luck.
I came to try to help honorably
but it was too late
hear was a good car and being so
They left like new and will be left
completely free to tell you something
well and you killed and now try
kill me is what it has been and not stop
at nothing.
You look alive but I am a gentleman but
dead at all
kasper you're not dead he is gone
I'm perfect was my daughter I have noticed
casper talked about no longer continue you
my mother called us
now I just want top ten I was the
next one and so I hide who.
He could kill uncle caught him Uncle
Roderick roden girl will stay with us
with all the money that matters now
experience a fair goal would be he who me
acid put we will lie and let
robert face your uncle and a
clear evidence
I'll show you look Bennati was
thus improve going to wash my hands and
when trying to catch soap or tie
fell to the water
such that when I went to remove the not
He was no trace is disintegrated
wet wet Well look is.
You see no water no water is just water
a love
but someone who had acid
I asked but Kim's you I'm
understand the hatred of America and
the Sea or the problem that is now the
late afternoon Buy a
beware mutual friend.
Cassez's mother'm not his caspe
But you are so like Madrid where
the mother have a lot of fear that you
It makes it more regularly with meals
you have to reinvent
yourself I can not have fear.
All the more reason for it is not good
be scared gut hesitates rumor
you'll come to eat regularly one
nice guy and then you go and hide
everything you want to see what they have
Uncle fear Roddick and kill
nonsense is nonsense and only one
person more and kill us all and
me because I would never dare to do
rodrguez something and we are
pobla uncle talking about you
here you are at the meeting by.
Random've seen in acid
clean the track where you left off in the
kitchen jail failed or not
could you or if you think the
or I think you're okay dear
I'm glad reader but for me it is not
It is no way I express these.
They will be good days they were very
bad and this was a mistake and I think
will continue this way to the grave
more fun ways to express that
In these circumstances I think it has
reason has been a comfort to me
always lost when ring
peace my poor house hunt and and that
rain did not seem to want to stop and
I'm still here is doing and has
their tracks very pop but long ago
not really dare something happens to the
best you do not have a good target to shoot
something tells me that soon I will have
very is good and when you accompany me
back end does not become of
you really do not
read well be present after
their ordeal thanks for the
casper tie two years ago had
hangs on to you sir Yarn.
They changed the water was not you know you
surround says we can hope not
I like you let tom
I hope Mr. Pender him
morgan remember it was you who
my team and was full when
I went to pick it up.
Fortunately that will not be washing my not
It is not missing little later how
about Mr. hanging is almost time
yet now Rodrik soon very soon
he's my brother morgan pp if I
have already had the pleasure.
It takes about 15 years without talking
to us eats alone in her room and rarely
I think he did not fall walk
we are all less and make every product
and arrives late mother never.
You know what it means to be late for her
hurry is almost the wave has gaza
exactly seven seconds
Agatha is no time for games
gain time
no no that clock forward
you too
and do so on time has not come according
to the rule of the department loses
their right the same now you too
session and loses all rights
madrid money has not been spent more than
the plan has saved every penny this
plot has lost the right to money
because you're so materialistic you are
willing to give up your share
one can not stay away
we should look look.
It must have been murdered in Mexico
paste them
2 inches and singer said bell
chvez nothing else happened
especially if you had not killed not
enough for you your part to feed service
whose collecting your collection
vice weapons you and your rotten
2 palm insipid ridiculous
Orchids please just please.
Help us do one of us is
the murderer that we call the
police no phone I'll be happy
none of us will even
you may be guilty in June
yes why not why not
why did you come if invited me kasper.
You're a friend of caspe
because I never talk of you.
We rented an apartment half he
He had for the day and night.
It sounds very curious
No wonder you expect me to us
casper we not easily created and made
It is also about the strange resemblance
our great great grandfather a moment you
wants to charge you with guilt even
I was in the house when Kasper died.
Moreover You gainer
killing his entire family
I'm not gonna stand here and to
Do not be stupid please me
fences offered Mr. losing in the
nearest house is five miles you will
not get somebody has to do something
and I'll be the first I do not
I stop and police.
Mr. Smith almost lose the on your
life has been most unfortunate
I go to the police and nobody will stop and
pobretn apology nor Mr. Pendrel
totally mine I am the only
responsible had to be invented
how to close the trapdoor once
which it opens sorry I had to be
so abrupt with you but we can not be
confident early in the morning
We'll go to the police first thing
and promised everything now rests
if we need are down accompany
morgana methods.
Life here is as sad as all
my memories from childhood are
I've spent nights here in ferraz
like living in a tomb it means so much
money for you
I've seen what it has done with other
as they were becoming maniacs
under the effect of these tables it as
if a person do not believe it
cecil in houses not live worry
tinsa my family is a summer comfort
morgan is furious with you you think
you're going to take on board is set
continuous violent again because
and he puts the last man who did not want
be amorphous happened no number
days are cinchona and I did not return him
I would say is rest
you think you can sleep
contale bodies
ana is on hand ribs that
ball okay
relief aid are here has
been searching endlessly
sorry sir Pendrel Penelope is
he released harmless cross kissing.
Mr. penn dlr family who is
she no.
I understand Mr. Pendrel very funny
It is making a full house in
Penelope is not the only Mr. Pendrel It is
one of many is that there are more many
He collects filled not joined me
I filled because the world is
coming to the end and just explained is
as crazy as the rest have none of that
calculated until the last second.
It is the beginning of the beginning of
that lame Mr. Pendrel that book but it is
yes it is clear
see the genesis July 1718.
Genasys 7.
Please read it then flood
for 40 days and the waters they rose
who made up the ark high
on earth and covered them all
the surface of the earth while the
arga waved over the face of the waters
lpez as in antiquity and the ark
or does not mean you where
I can not believe it
just not me I can not believe 40
days and nights the flood came
It has returned to rain and does not float
the brakes are the owners when
reaches the end the ark is in sight
benjamin peaceful and quiet
willy forgiveness come soon depart.
I have something to show something else
I can not wait
it is his captain's cabin
Mr. penn my ship lobe only.
He is missing an animal who gave a couple
repopulated humans on earth but
simple boyfriends are not even that
said liquid and not talking cecil
morgan a woman full of energy
morgan serious is your ideal companion
will create a new breed of facebook
cs just what the world needs parts
rather to sink
I'll try for my dad and my sextant
her feel better when we start the
vega already heard bitch potty
I'm going as crazy as they.
I will not fight with morgana I swear
it was a joke and Pfizer depot.
Seriously she not even not even liked
really I'm not your type.
She likes the silent men
bearded and I shaved my thousands of photos
and thi ho fer fer and be forgiven
remove go
why and dog
the afternoon
where is the house
no thanks thanks thanks to this young
and still does not turn backwards to
push one told him it was not
dangerous youth football abandon me
my father gives pleasure
to come before dying so.
Today we no longer have all night
you pick the pace and I will give safe
not pull not push him for minds and
I have to do because I was shooting
you shot him and I morgan
I was all the time behind you
I wanted to warn you of one thing
morgan is dangerous
the last young man who lost morgana
He disappeared right here in these
I trust that you will not commit
anything stupid
efe pepe huelva indoor soccer gear
still not have your size
grandfather was a stocky man pardoned.
Pope and where he had gotten
where once I came here I was
looking for my dad gave me not
I cool vido court will bring him
warm my animals have to have
Good health is better this way
Roderick though I bring you out of the mud
I not crossed him off my list could be
the cause of the models and could
as you why it took him and think
I'll use guard the entrance to
make sure no one enters or leaves
Roderick today where the others
this is for something to eat in the
kitchen is hungry after all this
1, but jobs and morgana be drying their
clothing and jasper that is being studied.
Mr. connects to sell thanks
American custom known improvements and
if I served a glass eye will not remove
and Rodri
I have big plans for the study
It goes well okay
It's amazing how you look like your
gaztetxes brother I feel that we
let me liked you both good.
I but today they wanted to ask.
Who do you think who is behind
all this is you do not want to talk not me
strange with that family
I think it's roderick
it's cold
a cold dog has seen the
pincers music and just say the
Sanchn bells which has said
jasper hopes were saying
it was cold and I went to look for
pincers and did not find them here.
They were around the neck of jasper and
are you still with him only
and the truth was dead before
I entered was true
completely cold banishment big
the town made while the criminal
run loose think it will be better than
we go to our rooms and we
Roderick encerremos latch which
will serve the Lord be safe
Perez - you do not do what
I say we march up if Roderick
lock ourselves behind the
each in their own room Botti fair
goes without organs and Roderick.
I do not think that everything
will be safer with my daughter
nooo where it can monitor left
it's just a watch Goodnight
do you think my little collection
Mr. lose nothing like being safe.
I love collecting the know how not
I go out a lot
I need to distract myself all know
kasper have hobbies Jazz game
but orchids point gaza
Green baths building the ark has.
Mr Penders some hobby and indeed
I like very much
no I do not have any shame
Now it remains to wait for the
delate murderer is only four bullets
Now let me they are my weapons
hope all my life with this rifle
They killed the Archduke of hungary.
This was the famous pirate Bluebeard
with him he killed four of his women
this canyon is because the wreck of
victory of America headdresses and.
Here is my favorite rifle
This is the humphead used in their
wars with the command
morgan I told him not intend to marry
Morgana can not get into the
and whoever loses enough or not
I'm sorry for you
1530 years of the band of Santa Marta
where is Cecily except Chile and
Brazil, and Chile after each
recording sounds murder.
It must be a new Remove the previous
after what killed jasper
gives no bell is removed says
santa margarita unless unless
kasper is alive.
Vila rhyme what is given not removed
santamara campaign says what
is given not removed campaign says
santa margarita a moment
which is given is not removed he
tells the hood Santa Margarita
which is given is not removed he says
Santa Margarida campaign managed with
normal rhythm and speed down
you really take it you can not do
anything you want to hear and end of the
verse in the thin part not pay the
said bell Thomas
when the money is in my power says
san javier bell when it is
happy bell says santa beatriz
soon the bell was no longer says
here's a candle to light and longer
It has a beautiful large
qualities I do not know if
you do not do a task by gaza
as will the rest
in five minutes all its inhabitants
they are dead.
Come with me, we all know you're
crazy where dies.
I can not I can not open it
must be a key where has all
the keys of the papal household go
look for where he might be
in five minutes all its inhabitants
They're dead already accepted
get me out of here four times
He wants to destroy the house but as as
follows a pattern of murder
rhymes bells recording watches.
As dynamite watches watches morgana
in the house clock care
morgana how many half kilo
Tell me how many there are with your goals.
They are varied four minutes ghana
As Swiss watches 706877 and not me
I feel sorry scream but what
will be first.
Tell me what you stay where you are
do not move
sorry to do
Dining the following number.
Forgiveness makes you nothing.
Robert's room and landing
the next legislature
Is not the dream come
the following morgan morgan and other
watches being where they are not me
lie top gear
do not
still one took the time to
you weigh for a watch or a clock
Deferr and pray fer is not it does not
He is right
we will now doing with my watch
hear no need.
It has come to the end of the world
good trip more
good morning had chipped it has stopped
rain good day you can
approach and make my self clear
in terrible terrible wrench not been the
end of the world waiting
It was a miscalculation but it.
You see the end is near
morgana hear is that when fondness for
see me soon opens beats me I take my.
I come strong I wont deserve
of self worth talking come
pgame good.
I can not not not a book Bring
morgana is all yours is wonderful tom
murphy get married and together you and me
get me out of here I'm afraid it's
impossible in the key c to sa.
Sorry I do not think I can
we could live together here alone the
two for life
life with your father and uncle
loot if you really have a girlfriend in
the land we have not committed
but my mother expected
us in this house
every night, night after night or talk
I'm going