The One Armed Executioner (1981) Movie Script

But this is important.
- It's about--
- Listen.
I'm tired of paying
for second-hand rumors.
I'm telling you,
this is important.
It's about the drugs drop.
Oh, shut up.
You've already been paid for that.
I know I have,
but this is new information.
I wouldn't try to cheat you.
The police will handle the drug drop
if and when it happens.
But, Chief.
Listen, Chief, I--
Mouse, what's the matter?
Hey, hey, hey, let me out.
Let me out of here!
Let me out!
No, no, no, no!
I want out of here!
Don't hurt me!
Hey, no!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
No! No!
Oh, no, no, no, no!
So, you are back.
Welcome home.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Emmy, the usual for them, huh.
Well, how was the honeymoon?
A foolish question, I see.
Well, it was nice visiting
Ann's family in San Francisco.
- And profitable, too.
- Oh?
- Uh-huh, another book.
- Another children's book?
Good to be back though.
I miss Manila.
I miss my friends.
Thank you.
Congratulations to you both.
Excuse me, sir,
a telephone call for you.
Excuse me.
Are you happy?
Yes, Chief?
The Mouse has been trashed.
The police are handling this,
but I want you and Sanchez
to be there, too.
There might be more to this
than meets the eye.
Where did it happen?
Pier 12.
He was dumped into the bay.
Maybe he'll consider resigning
from Interpol
now that he has so much
to live for.
I wouldn't ask him.
It means too much to him.
I knew what I was getting into.
You're a brave girl, Ann.
You know, my wife
made me leave Interpol.
Now, that she's no longer with me,
I'm too old to go back.
Still, this isn't a bad life.
Sorry, Ann.
It's going to be a long night.
Oh, well, I understand.
I'll see that she gets home safely.
Thank you.
So, how's our friend?
He went swimming.
Before he talked to anyone?
- He was still arguing price?
- Humph.
Who'd believe
the little creep anyway?
Not much to go on, I'm afraid.
Asmall-time hustler.
I don't get it.
It doesn't make sense to me.
What did he say about
the drugs traffic?
I didn't let him.
I wasn't interested in listening to
another one of his worthless tips.
Maybe this time,
it wasn't worthless.
We'll never know.
Sanchez, I want you to do
some backtracking on the Mouse.
Found out what the guy has
been doing the last few days.
Ortega, I want you to go
home and get some rest.
I'll organize our men,
and you've got to catch a plane
tomorrow at dawn.
OK, guys.
We hit them when they land.
- If he tries to take off,
we hit the tires.
- OK.
Remember, we need information,
not dead bodies, OK?
We got it.
Let's go.
Hey, who's that?
Let's get the hell out of here.
Hey, wait.
What about Wicks?
See those flames?
Nobody can live through that.
Let's go.
I'm surrounded with idiots.
Ah, may I suggest...numskulls?
I'm talking business, girls.
A simple operation, right?
And it turned into a goddamn disaster.
May I suggest...catastrophe.
Shut up, Milo.
A plane destroyed.
Wicks is dead.
Wicks, one of my
corporation executives.
Christ almighty!
And besides,
what about the briefcase?
It was destroyed in the fire.
You better be right.
Well, that's it.
We can't change the facts now
that four of our men died for that.
Damn it.
Don't forget Wicks was on that plane.
He was one of Edward's
corporate vice presidents.
Legitimate businessmen don't
enter the countries that way.
The diary had to be too valuable
for anyone else to carry.
Besides, Mouse was in touch with Edwards
just before he was pushed into the bay.
But that still doesn't prove
that Edwards is involved.
But we know he is,
and that coded diary
would've proved it.
We'll never know what was in it.
Edwards doesn't know that.
How would you two like to be
the bearers of bad tidings?
I want you to put out a press release.
State how stunned and shocked
the Edwards Enterprise is,
that one of our top members
of management.
Uh, how about most
trusted members of management?
Most trusted members.
I like it.
A most trusted member
of our management
was involved in such a...such a crime.
Ah, may I suggest heinous,
a heinous crime?
Heinous, very good.
For a final touch--
At the front gate?
What is it?
Interpol is here.
Interpol, what balls?
- Well, let them in.
- Send them in.
Get lost, girls.
Beat it.
I hope you were not expecting Wicks.
Todd Wicks?
Why should I be expecting him?
He's your vice president
in Hong Kong, right?
He's there right now.
I couldn't do without him.
I'm afraid you'll have to.
I don't understand.
Todd Wicks was killed this morning
illegallyentering the country.
My God.
In a plane carrying
a shipment of drugs.
I'm stunned.
I'm absolutely stunned.
A trusted member of my staff
involved in a crime?
He had a briefcase with him
with a kind of diary.
It was written in code,
but we'll decipher it.
It sounds very cloak and daggerish.
- I'm afraid it's beyond my comprehension.
- Of course, being a businessman.
Well, you wouldn't know about
such things.
More harassing innuendo.
I'll be candid with you, gentlemen.
I have friends,
influential friends,
who are just as upset as I am
at the way you guys have been spying on me.
Spying and harassing
are very harsh words.
What do you think your
influential friends will say
when they hear about Todd Wicks?
Perhaps my choice of words was wrong.
I'm upset.
I apologize.
You'll have my fullest cooperation
in the investigation of this...
this most heinous crime.
Good day, gentlemen.
Ortega is a smug son of a bitch.
I want that diary,
and I want Ortega to be made
an example of
what happens to over-zealous
Interpol agents.
He's coming around now.
Then he can watch.
Where is the diary?
Who the hell are you?
The diary?
What diary?
I don't have it!
Stop it, you bastard.
The diary?
It doesn't exist.
It was destroyed in the fire
when the plane blew up.
No, don't.
The diary, Ortega.
Please, please believe me.
It doesn't exist.
Leave her alone!
Don't hurt her please!
Don't hurt her!
For the last time, the diary.
I tell you, it doesn't exist.
I tell you, I don't...I!
Hold out his arm.
Not that one, the other one.
He's left handed.
Oh, my God!
No! No!
I'll kill him!
I'll kill him!
I swear I'll kill him!
No! No!
- Do something.
- Don't.
Oh, no...
Your wife is dead, Ortega.
Remember, how she died?
Your wife, your wife, remember?
Your wife, she's dead.
Leave me alone!
I received your message.
I came as fast as I could.
I want you to run some tests on this
shipment that just came in from Burma.
It's pretty raw stuff,
but I'm damn sure you can
turn it into a high-grade junk.
I'll get on it right away.
By the way, doc.
How's your patient?
Oh, he'll be well.
But from now on,
he won't be worth a damn.
Hmph. Glad to hear it.
Keep up the good work.
All right.
You take first test, you take...
You'll be OK, Ramon.
Humans are very resilient.
They can overcome any handicap.
What can a one-armed agent do?
You still have a heart, don't you?
And you still have a hand.
Thank God.
He's made them strong and well.
Wo-Chen, it's so unfair.
It is the way of life, Ramon.
Sometimes we lose our loved ones.
I myself lost a wife,
but life does not stop.
It was all my fault.
Well, you look better.
What the hell.
He's got soft-life in here.
I'm going to get every last
one of them,
so help me God.
Listen, fat head,
just so you understand.
This case is going to be handled
by the department professionally.
In case you have some ideas of any
personal revenge, get this straight,
hands off.
I'm sorry about Ann.
Ann, what will I do now?
I'm all alone.
Life is worthless.
How can I go on living without you?
Oh, Ann.
Ann, I love you.
I love you, Ann.
What can he do now?
The bureau will find something.
A goddamn desk job or a pension?
He'd never accept.
We'll work something out.
What will you have?
Bourbon double.
I'm thirsty, too.
Why not?
Thanks, George.
I'm Maria.
Hey, you're a man with a problem,
I can tell.
You need a friend.
Now, why don't you and I
go over there and talk, huh?
Hey, George, give us a bottle.
Come on.
Hey, you.
It's closing time.
We got to clean this goddamn place.
Oh, come on, George.
Be nice to him.
He's a good man.
See this, hmm?
Now, get his drunken ass out of here.
Sure, George. Sure.
Come on, sweetheart.
Up we go.
Come on, baby. Easy.
I'm trying.
I'm trying.
I just don't know where to begin.
We're looking for the same thing,
happiness, and I think I've found it.
Mr. Sanchez,
well, what a pleasant surprise.
Mr. Wo-Chen,
I've got to talk to you.
It's about Ramon.
He's disappeared.
I know.
I'm worried about him.
Can't you put out some feelers?
I have already.
We've got to find him.
I have men looking for him
all over town.
My fear is that he'd go after
the men who killed Ann.
He isn't ready.
He never will be with only one arm.
Hey, have you got any money?
Hey, answer.
Hey, hey.
Yes, sir. Very serious.
We got to get him out of here.
Yeah, right here, fellows.
- Oh. Pretty good, huh?
- Lets go.
Okay, come on.
You look like you've been
fighting with an alley cat.
Give me a drink.
You've got any money to pay for it?
I'm good for it.
Give me a drink.
You stink.
Get out.
I am one of your best customers.
And now, huh?
You used to be my best customer.
Now, get the goddamn hell
out of here, you no good bum.
Come on.
Come on, get in.
Listen my friend.
You've got to stop
feeling sorry for yourself.
Be a man.
You want revenge, Ramon.
You must earn the right to take it.
Well, at least, you look clean.
But I'm helpless.
Self-pity is your worst enemy.
You'll eventually learn to lick that,
and you're going to start trying today.
Now, since you lost
part of your ability to feel,
your other senses
must be highly trained.
You must discover
the world of darkness.
Listen to sound,
feel with your feet.
Try it again.
Try it again.
You can do it.
Trust yourself.
Now, twenty more times.
It's your turn now.
No, no, no, Ramon.
You must become one
with all the elements of your soul.
You are trying to see
with your eyes again.
You must feel with all the nerve
and fiber of your body.
Do it again.
Very good.
But, Ramon, in actual battle,
a single touch can kill you.
Well, I'm glad that you're beginning
to rejoin the human race, Ramon.
But the nightmares.
Those will continue
as long as you hold on to your guilt.
Oh, you mean Ann?
You didn't kill Ann.
Stop tilting at big shadows.
Tell me about those killers.
Those are your enemies, not yourself.
It's so hard.
It's so difficult.
They wore masks.
Masks only cover a face.
There's more to a man
than just a face.
Now, think.
You mentioned about a ring.
Now, tell me about it.
Gold...dragon design.
I can't remember.
Oh, come now, Ramon.
Reach back.
Try to picture the ring in your mind.
I'll try.
The characters surrounding the dragon
a snake
curled around
something like a chalice.
A chalice.
Oh, a chalice.
A chalice.
Well, you better go to sleep.
We start early tomorrow.
Ramon, here.
Well, Ramon,
I think you are finally ready.
Listen, I have interesting news.
The ring is no longer a mystery,
only the man who wears it.
The ring is of Chinese origin,
fifth century,
sign of an apothecary
or a healer.
Now, what kind of a man
would wear a ring like that?
A doctor.
Good evening, doctor.
Ortega. startled me.
Well, it's nice seeing you again.
You look hale and hearty.
Now, what can I do for you?
I'm interested in rings,
yours in particular.
It's only a ring.
It's a common ring.
What do you want to know for?
I want names, doctor.
You're insane.
You're choking me.
Goddamn it.
Who killed mywife?
I said who killed my wife?
Mike who?
Mike Jason.
Where can I find him?
In the penthouse,
at Superior Insurance Building.
Where the hell was intelligence?
Sit down.
Doctor Henderson has just been killed.
Wasn't he Ortega's doctor?
And he was also Edward's physician.
You don't suppose he was one of them.
I don't know.
But remember how professionally
those veins were tied off
in Ortega's shoulder?
My God.
I wonder if Ortega found out about it.
I wish we could find Ortega.
Good evening, Mr. Jason.
What the hell are you doing here?
We were never formally introduced.
You were too busy amusing yourself
with my wife.
Where did you get this?
You know where.
You're a dead man, Ortega.
And this time,
I'm going to finish the job.
Hurry up! Hurry up!
Club the son of a bitch.
Club him! Club him!
Go on!
Get him, Rod!
It's all arranged.
So we can send out
another shipment on Thursday.
Then we better get up to
the refinery tomorrow.
What the hell was that?
Guards, get him.
Milo, go back and see if Ortega is dead,
and meet me at the dock.
But Mr. Edwards, under the
circumstances, I find the--
Oh, you little creep.
Get going.
Where is Edwards going?
The refinery.
Where is that?
May I suggest, Panginay, Bulacan?
Meatheads, I could've been killed.
What's the matter with you, guys?
Hell! We should have finished him
when we have the chance.
Hey, hey, hey, man.
Now, cool it, man.
I don't think the guy knows about our
operation here, so what's the fuss?
You stupid jerks.
Can't you get it
through your thick skulls?
It's our asses he's after.
We are over Bulacan now.
Keep an eye out for anything unusual.
Hey, would you say that those two
guard towers overlooking that fish pond
complex was unusual?
Let's take another pass.
This time a little bit lower.
After this delivery, we're going to
close up shop and cool it for a while.
They'll all know your contacts,
and they're expecting.
So, gentlemen, let's not
keep our customers waiting.
Mr. Edwards, a chopper is coming.
Damn it!
It's Ortega!
Guards, guards, shoot them down.
Jason, grab the stuff
and come with me.
The rest of you get that bastard.
Get closer to the bridge.
We got to destroy their means of escape.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Come on.
Let's go.
Cover me.
Damn you.
Ortega is right behind us.
Go on.
Cap, can I have the radio please?
Code seven, code seven,
do you read me? Over.
Read you loud and clear.
This is Wo-Chen.
Put through to Martinez
of Interpol on the double.
Come on.
Off your ass, Jason.
You're no good to me dead.
Come on, you slob,
you slowing me down.
Come on.
Give me a hand.
Pull. Pull.
Farewell, Jason.
Your services are terminated.
Dumb sucker!
Edwards took off
in the speedboat.
I need the chopper to go after him.
I'd stay behind away for Martinez.
There he is.
Now, let's find Jason.
Set it down.
It's hard to kill you, you pig!
It is all finished now, Ramon.
You can have your job back.
No, thanks, Chief.
As Wo-Chen says,
my work is all finished.