The Order (2001) Movie Script

Le Vaillant was struck by the hypocrisy
of killing fellow human beings
in the name of religion.
Especially since these people
professed belief in the same God.
The Fazar, Le Vaillant's written account
of his experiences in the Holy Land,
tells us he wandered the streets
of conquered Jerusalem
for days after that bloody battle,
until he found the entrance of a cave
that ran beneath
the length of the holy city.
Inside that cave, he began
to record his epiphany,
which became the basis
for a new religious sect.
An order that would combine
the fundamental tenets
of the three major religions of his day.
His first converts were
Christian knights
who'd also become disenchanted
by the bloodshed.
The force of his convictions even won
over a number of Muslims and Jews.
Former enemies who now became
willing converts to the new faith.
Many years after completing
the original Fazar,
Le Vaillant had further revelations.
He wrote these down, intending them
to be added as the final chapter.
Around this time he and his followers
were being accused of heresy
by the crusader authorities.
On their way to Syria, he and
a group of disciples were intercepted
by some of the very same crusaders
he had once commanded.
During the battle that followed,
Le Vaillant died a martyr's death.
The final chapter
he had written was lost.
Do you have the alarm code?
And no guards, right?
You'll be like the fox in the henhouse.
Heh, heh. Take as many eggs as you like.
Yuri, it's Russian mob.
No mistakes on this one.
My friend, this is 1000 percent.
By this time tomorrow,
you'll be in New York making a deal.
And I'll be in Tel Aviv
waiting for my commission.
Visual is all clear.
- Come on.
- Done.
Way to go, Yuri. I'm in.
Do you see the egg?
It's beautiful.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
I'm going for it.
- I got it.
- Yuri's the man with the plan!
- You're the man with the plan.
- I told you...
- Shit.
- Rudy?
Are you okay?
- Was that a gunshot?
- No, I farted.
Yuri, guide me out of here.
Oh, shit, Rudy. I'm sorry.
Hey, pal, this is a taxi zone.
You wanna get towed away?
Sorry. Watch it for me.
- Hey.
- Thanks.
Right on.
Perhaps you've seen enough
stones and carvings. Come with me.
I will show you a garment.
A most controversial acquisition.
This was unearthed beneath
a false storage room,
situated by Theodosius
as a decoy against thieves.
But often success as an archeologist
depends on knowing where to dig.
Well, I can dig her. Heh.
Rudy! Would you take over?
Can I have your?
Okay, everybody, follow me.
Dad, what's up? My main man!
Why must you always attract attention?
Come on, I love people, I love life...
You love to embarrass me.
I'm just having fun, Dad.
- Anyway, you called. You want to talk?
- Yes, but not here. Come on.
Tell me, are you still involved
with that same nonsense?
Hey, I'm legit now.
Straight. Import-export.
And I'm kicking ass.
Now, check this out.
Here, take it. For you.
Fancy watches, fast cars, easy money.
What does it prove
in the grand scheme of things, Rudy?
- Yeah?
- You have the egg?
I've got it. Trust me,
it's in pristine condition.
- Ten o'clock.
- Yeah, I'll be there.
Later, tonight. Some business.
- I hope for your sake it is legal.
- A thousand percent.
Come on.
Damn plane tickets.
They are here somewhere.
- Where you going? On a dig?
- No, an interview.
Someone I've been trying to meet
for a very long time.
- Don't touch that!
- Sorry.
What is it?
The lost chapter of the Fazar.
The Fazar happens to be
the holy scripture
for an obscure Middle Eastern sect.
And, yes, to answer your inevitable
next question, it is quite valuable.
But only to practicing members
of the Order.
What can I say, Dad?
You have an exciting life.
Rudy, we need to discuss some issues.
Come by my apartment this evening.
- Uh, I've got some business tonight.
- Mm-hm.
In fact, uh, it's time to go.
All right. Can you at least call me?
Of course.
- Tonight. It has to be tonight.
- You've got it, Dad.
In your new dress
As you spend your night
Walkin' and boppin'
Just to get it right
Chugging your drink
Till we break up out
It's a mystery to me
How you do that
Be careful.
Mr. Cafmeyer, this way, please.
So let's see what Santa brought for me.
This egg was designed
by Peter Carl Faberg.
A special gift to Czar Nicholas.
Look at the inlay.
Twenty-four-karat gold.
What can I say? One of a kind.
- That's why it's so expensive.
- You cannot find this on the Net. Ha, ha.
That's for sure. But stealing it
from the Russian mafia, come on.
Russian mafia?
In fact, he's got some friends.
Very nasty guys.
If they found out about this,
you'd end up with
your balls stuffed
and sewn inside your mouth.
Whoa. So the deal about...
No, no, no. Here's the deal.
I'm giving you an easy out.
I'll take this hot potato off your hands.
- And I'll assume the risk.
- Risk is my business.
You're not listening, Rudy.
Just a second, please.
- Hello?
- Rudy!
Where are you?
You promised to call me tonight!
Uh, I'm in a business meeting.
Really? Are you buying a disco?
- Dad, please.
- I can hear that music!
Hey, where are you going?
That is just what I'm trying
to explain to you.
Rudy, what is going on?
Give it to him.
Hey, come here!
My egg.
Oh, shit.
My eyes!
Got a problem here?
Hey, can I make a phone call over here?
Not yet, Rudy.
Heard you had a big night last night.
How are you gonna pay for all that?
Sell your Ferrari?
Listen, I had a bad night, okay?
Why do I have to look at your face
in the morning? Huh?
Is your father Oscar Cafmeyer?
Yeah. Why?
Yesterday, there was
a manuscript in this case.
Last night,
security discovered it missing.
So what?
Your father was last
to leave the building.
This morning, nobody seems
to know where he is.
A case of like father, like son?
- You're full of shit.
- Rudy, relax.
Why should he break the glass
if he had a key?
Nobody's making any accusations.
We just wanna ask him some questions.
You have any idea where he is?
Rudy, I've been trying your mobile,
but all I get is this recording.
Oh, never mind. I will try again later.
I'm staying at an old friend's home.
Remember Walt Finley?
He is teaching at Ben Gurion University.
Now, this is his number: 972...
- Hello?
- Rudy?
- Dad, how are you?
- Thank God you're there.
- Where are you?
- Israel.
- Israel?
- Pay attention, I beg you.
I was at the police station. You know
what they're saying about you?
Not now. I'm afraid I've gotten myself
into some big trouble.
- What do you mean?
- What are you doing? Hang up!
Dad! Who's that?
Book me on the first flight to Israel.
Tel Aviv. Right away!
Take your glasses off, please.
Visiting Israel on business or pleasure?
Pleasure, always.
Excuse me, uh, what's the delay?
Our database shows that
you've had several arrests
for illegally transporting artifacts.
Does it also show I was never convicted?
Please open your carry-on.
Any artifacts which you
have not declared?
Oh, the Mona Lisa.
- Hmm. You like to joke.
- They say laughter opens up the soul.
Well, let it open the rest
of your luggage too.
- You're joking, right?
- Ha-ha-ha. No.
You know, this is bullshit.
No, Mr. Cafmeyer. This is Israel.
I apologize.
Security is extra tight this month.
Muslims are making their pilgrimage
to Jerusalem for Ramadan.
Passport, please.
Rudy? Rudy Cafmeyer!
- Who is this?
- Walter Finley.
Professor of archeology
at Ben Gurion University.
And what is your relationship
to this man?
Not that it's any of your business,
I'm a friend of his father's.
I've known him since he was in knickers,
which would have put you in diapers.
Now, are there any more
insurmountable obstacles
we have to overcome here, young lady?
Thank you for your cooperation.
- Good to see you.
- You too.
- Where's my dad?
- Look, let's get your bags into my car.
- Watch where you go!
- Up yours!
Ozzie Cafmeyer is a cranky old fool.
Calls me two days ago
to pick him up at the airport.
So I took him back to my house.
We had dinner, talked...
What was he doing here?
I'm getting to that!
What is this, the Spanish Inquisition?
A few years ago, he found scrolls
near the Syrian border.
The lost final chapter of the Fazar
written by Le Vaillant himself.
Was he translating it?
More than that.
He was writing a history of the sect.
An unauthorized history.
He's been e-mailing me his chapters,
having me lock them
in a safe-deposit box here.
- Why a safe-deposit box in Israel?
- Because he trusted me.
Here, here's the key.
You ought to have it anyway.
- Okay, where can I find these guys?
- I'll show you.
Their monastery is in east Jerusalem.
The other side of the Mount of Olives.
- We're wasting time. Let's go.
- The present-day Order
is just as reclusive as ever.
Fanatically adverse to publicity.
No contact to
the outside world. You'd do better trying
to get an audience with the pope.
Those are the guys that came by
the house and picked up your dad!
Hey! Hey, you!
- Jump in. I'll drive.
- You don't know the way.
- You'll navigate, okay?
- Be careful. This is a classic car.
Professor, buckle up.
- Aah!
- It's them!
Get down!
My car!
Shit. Sorry about the car.
- There they are.
- Let's just nail these sons of bitches.
You okay?
- I'm fine.
- Good.
Where's my father,
you son of a bitch?
I'm gonna kill you!
You okay?
Finley, look out!
- Stay right there! Don't move!
- He needs a doctor. Help me!
- Hey, it's not me!
- Up.
- Get up.
- It's not me!
And so you are telling us
these men kidnapped your father.
They took him somewhere.
No one's heard from him.
Mr. Cafmeyer,
I can smell bullshit a mile away.
You're only five feet from me.
I believe you're using
the alleged disappearance
as a cover to smuggle artifacts
out of Israel.
Alleged? My father was here.
Now he's missing.
This has nothing to do with
why you are in police custody.
You were found next to the corpse
of a prominent professor.
Let me guess.
You're accusing me of killing him?
Until we have more facts,
all options are open.
I'm placing you under house arrest.
You'll be taken to a hotel
until we complete our investigation
into the professor's death.
You know why you're smelling bullshit?
Because you're up to your nose in it.
I'll be next door if you need anything.
- What about a taxi?
- Within reason.
- What about my father?
- We're looking into it. Good night.
- Good night, officer.
- Lieutenant Barr. Dalia Barr.
- How are you?
- Okay.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- Yuri.
- Rudy!
Rudy, let me explain
what happened in Odessa.
Explain what? You left me hanging
like a piece of laundry.
But there was this cop...
Admit it! You little slimeball.
Or you'll never see your money.
- What money?
- I sold the egg. Remember our deal?
Ten percent.
That's 50 G's for you, my friend.
Lucky for you,
this place makes me generous.
Thank you, Rudy.
Thank you.
Rudy, do you have the cash with you?
It's under my mattress.
Of course I have it.
But I'm leaving tonight.
Tonight? Uh...
Can we meet first?
Come to my office in Tel Aviv.
I have a beautiful new penthouse suite
in the diamond district.
You'll be my special guest.
We'd like to use the phone.
Uh... Yuri, I have a much better idea.
Is that you, Rudy?
You slimeball. You almost got me killed!
Hey, Rudy, it wasn't my fault!
- You owe me.
- Owe you?
- You owe me.
- What do you mean?
- You owe me, I said!
- Anything, Rudy. Anything.
Just tell me what I can do
to help, my friend.
I need this map translated.
Can you do it?
- Sure.
- Sure?
- Sure.
- Sure.
I'm positive! I'm a pro, my friend!
- And this print.
- Done. For you, anything.
Understand something.
I know where you sleep...
It wasn't my fault! There were cops...
Cops. Let's split up.
I'll call you. Go. Go.
Look, there he is. Stop!
Hey, you! Stop!
Cafmeyer! Hey, you! Stop!
Get away! Move! Hey, hey! Stop!
Hey, you! Stop!
Come on! Come on!
Don't move!
Excuse me.
Cuff them.
You know how much trouble I'm in
because of you? Do you know?
Let's have a coffee and talk about it.
You have proved to me
that my original hunch was correct.
You cannot be trusted.
I came here to look for my father.
I did what I had to do
because nobody gives a shit!
We spoke to Immigration.
They have no record
of him entering the country.
That's impossible.
What's really going on?
Were you perhaps planning
to smuggle out a little something, hm?
Hey, those are mine!
What's going on?
Yes, we checked you out of the hotel.
Change at the airport.
You're going home.
- You cannot do that.
- I can, and will.
Can you take him to the airport
without him escaping?
Yes, sir.
- What about Finley's murder?
- You're no longer a suspect.
I'm still the only witness!
We have your testimony, thank you.
Enjoy your flight, Mr. Cafmeyer.
You're not helping me! You're helping
yourself! You're full of shit!
- Move it!
- What's going on?!
What did you find?
Today, as every year at this time,
we come to this special place
to commemorate
the departure of the knights
of Christendom from these shores.
Brother Cyrus will now lead us
in a passage from the Fazar.
Thank you, first disciple.
As was prophesied in
the Book of Tribulations, we await
the return of the Army of God,
who shall rise like a tide against
the sea of those who do not believe.
Cyrus, by what authority do you quote
from that disreputable source?
As second disciple,
you should know better!
I beg your forgiveness.
It was an unpardonable error.
Le Vaillant himself once followed
a false path toward God.
We must choose our words carefully.
Wars have started for less.
I will ask for forgiveness
at evening vespers.
Your flight doesn't leave
for a few hours. You hungry?
Someone here actually cares about me?
We may be overly cautious
with security and our artifacts,
but we're not barbarians, Mr. Cafmeyer.
It'd be a shame if you left without
sampling some fresh hummus.
You like?
- I'd like it more without this.
- Sorry.
Look, I came here to find my father.
He told me he was in trouble.
He's the type of guy who never lies.
It sounds like
you really care about him.
The two of you must be very close.
He taught me everything about
paintings, antiques, you name it.
You certainly applied that knowledge.
Let's say I did.
I never meant to hurt him.
- That's bothering you now?
- Yes, because now he's missing.
And I'm just starting to realize
what I missed.
Why am I telling you all this?
You're tired.
You're jet-lagged. You'll feel a lot better
once you're back on a plane.
No, I'll feel better when I find him.
This attack was a brutal
and senseless act
perpetrated on a man who devoted
his life to God and to peace.
His brothers and sisters
mourn his passing
and pray that those responsible
find repentance.
Who died?
Pierre Gaudet,
the leader of some religious sect.
- You mean the Order?
- Mm-hm.
Come on, this way.
Come on. Please keep on moving.
- Hello.
- Get the prisoner off the plane.
- I want him brought back here.
- Why?
We've been informed
he's leaving with an artifact.
- Customs checked him. I saw...
- Just do it, lieutenant!
- What's going on?
- You're staying in Israel.
They said you're trying
to smuggle an artifact.
Do you believe that?
Something is not kosher here.
I'm not trying to be funny, okay?
When I signal, run to the back stairs.
If you make it to the service road,
I'll be waiting.
- If I make it?
- Now push me.
Just push me.
Over here! He's escaping! Quick!
- Unh!
- Quick! I need assistance up here!
What? What are you doing? Hey! Hey!
The stairs are slowing him down!
We can catch him!
Rudy! Get in the back. Hurry.
Get down. Get down!
You all right?
You missed him. He went over the fence.
- You're safe now.
- Safe from what?
I've got some questions for you, okay?
- I used to belong to the Order.
- What?
- You should've told me this before.
- I couldn't.
- Of course not. You're part of it.
- No, I didn't know this was related.
- Oh, sure. You knew about my father.
- Where are you going? Hey!
I just risked my ass for you!
Why? So you can hand me over
to the Order?
I left the Order when I was 18.
- Oh, you left the Order?
- I wanted to create my own life.
So meeting you at the airport
was no accident.
Look, Rudy, let me explain
a few things to you, okay?
Most of the followers are peaceful
and life-affirming.
There is a small group of fanatics
who believe in a darker path.
They call themselves the Army of God.
They've been on standby for years.
And you think they took my father?
I don't know. They might also
be the ones who killed Gaudet.
Hey, Rudy, my friend!
- Who's the cop?
- Everything's fine. She's with us.
Uh-huh. My friend, look what
I printed out for you from the disc.
- It's not translated yet, but... Uh-huh.
- It looks like a map of Jerusalem.
Middle Ages, European design.
What's the language?
Aramaic. The language of Palestinian
Christians at the time the Crusades.
See these lines? Here and here?
They are caves and tunnels
beneath the old city.
They've remained hidden
since the holy wars.
Professor Finley told me about those.
What he didn't tell you
is what they lead to.
Why would an archeology professor
bring the scrolls to New York
but leave the map in Israel
hidden inside a safe-deposit box?
Because the map leads to something
even more valuable.
- The people who left forgot something.
- Let's hide this.
Hands in the air!
Get them up! Move!
Where is it? Where is it?
Give me that.
Come on.
Hold on.
Thank you, Avram.
After all this time,
you come back to me like this.
Avram, you know I've had
to make some difficult choices.
You chose to leave.
Please, can we talk about this later?
I really need some water
and clean rags right now.
- Here's some water.
- Thank you, Avram.
- Where am I?
- A friend's.
How long have I been here?
Two days now. Hey. Shh.
You really should rest.
- I'm okay.
- Well enough to leave?
- Israeli hospitality kills me.
- No, it just saved your life.
- Here. Your father's book.
- Yeah.
I've been going through this.
You really should too.
The lost chapter predicts a revolution,
one that is peaceful
and spiritual in nature.
This will not be good news
to the radical Army of God
who contend that Le Vaillant
prophesied a catastrophic holy war.
I suspect this militant faction
will stop at nothing
to suppress the true contents
of this final chapter.
Though my safety may be an issue,
I have requested an interview
with the first disciple
to make these matters known.
Your scholar seems to be
on the verge of enlightenment.
It wouldn't hurt you
to sample some of it yourself.
Dalia, the world is as filled with
temptations as it is with false prophets.
Onions. I need onions.
- Is everything okay?
- We were just...
We were discussing the manuscript.
It's a fraud.
A fraud? The scrolls, they were tested.
- By whom? Secular scientists?
- If you would open your mind...
- To what?
- To this, Avram.
What is this? What is this?
It's mentioned in the Fazar.
Solomon's gold. A treasure
the ancient Hebrews hid under the city.
Which might explain why people
with guns have been chasing us.
It explains nothing but your ignorance.
The treasure is a metaphor
for the wisdom of the ancient sages.
Avram, I need to get to the monastery.
I think they're holding my father.
Impossible. No outsider is permitted.
What about an insider?
A member from overseas
that is here on pilgrimage?
That's Cyrus.
The new first disciple.
Children of God, I stand here
before you today in great sorrow.
For what should be
a celebration of hope and joy,
must instead be looked upon
as a call to action.
God's vengeance for this murderous
deed will be swift and without mercy!
May the eternal spirit of Pierre Gaudet
guide us on this path of deliverance.
- Time to see if my father's alive.
- Try the catacombs first.
That door leads to a small stairway.
Follow it all the way down.
Rudy. Be careful.
- Dad! Are you all right?
- Rudy. Yes.
Let me get you out of here. Unh!
No, no, I already tried.
No, forget about me.
You have to stop them.
Pull off that tarp. You will see
what this is all about.
Rudy, go. Go!
- This looks like a...
- A bomb?
Sorry we're late, but I could give
a shit about this coronation.
Tonight, we will all witness a miracle.
As God's fury cleanses the souls
of those against us,
let the new age begin!
- Where are you going?
- To find Rudy.
Avram, we have to put a stop to this.
All right, I'm coming with you.
This way.
Dalia, stop! It's a trap.
Now be a good girl, Dalia,
and come down here.
Since when did you take your vows
with the Order, major?
The day Cyrus vowed there was
treasure under the Temple Mount.
That's the day I found religion. Ha, ha.
Hello, professor.
Dad, meet Dalia. She's a good cop.
Now let's ask the major
what the big bomb is for. Huh?
It's Ramadan.
Islamic leaders from around the world
will be on the Temple Mount at noon.
What are you saying?
This nut case is gonna blow it up?
That will start World War III.
Especially when they find the bodies
of an Israeli and an American.
No, no, you're crazy!
This is impossible.
You've completely misinterpreted
the words of the first disciple.
And you are a naive moron.
You have truly lost the way, Cyrus.
On the contrary, I've found it.
I want to thank you, young Cafmeyer,
for unwittingly providing
the final piece of the puzzle.
And thank you, Avram,
for your loyalty and devotion.
But, first disciple,
what they're saying here...
Avram, If you've read
the Book of Tribulations carefully,
you are aware that the holy war
is triggered by a singular event.
Behold the event.
And as my unwavering one, I shall
grant you the privilege of assisting us.
Bind him, and her too.
Now, where's my guide?
- Unh! Dad!
- No! Stop!
- There is no need for that!
- Then you will be assisting us too?
- What's he talking about?
- With the map,
your father can guide us
under the Temple Mount.
Cyrus, please. Millions will die.
It is written! I will raise Mount Moriah
and build a new temple.
That prophecy you are quoting
is a fabrication!
- Unh!
- Dad! Unh!
Don't do shit for him.
Apparently, stubbornness
is an ingrained family trait.
Beats a messiah complex any day.
- Aah! Unh.
- Stop! I will do it. I will guide you.
God help us all.
He helps those who
help themselves, professor.
We are near the Temple Mount.
That is where the traps begin.
Perhaps we should use someone
expendable to lead the way.
Young Mr. Cafmeyer,
we have a job for you.
- Rudy, be careful.
- Okay.
Avram! Somebody help him!
No! Let me go, damn it!
Careful, Rudy.
Come on, Avram.
- You deceived me.
- This is the way according to the map.
- How do we proceed?
- What's the matter with you guys?
See these beams? We take them down
and we build a bridge.
Oh, my God.
- This is not the Well of Souls.
- Unh!
In the next chamber, I swear.
Show me.
Directly above us, the Dome of the Rock,
Islam's third holiest shrine.
And henceforth from this day forward,
the holiest shrine of the Order.
Cyrus, I beg you to reconsider.
Bring the bomb.
Hey, hey. Hold on, hold on.
We'll get to that.
First, we fill these bags.
There's no time.
Would you take a look around you, Cyrus?
There's a king's treasure here.
Enough to finance 10 of your holy wars.
We set the bomb now.
We can do this the easy way,
or the very easy way.
I have a prophecy to fulfill.
And I have a Swiss bank account to fill.
That's the only reason I joined
your crazy scheme in the first place.
- Idiots!
- Professor, here.
Stop them! Don't let them get away!
- Unh!
- Aah!
Avram, no!
- Rudy, your dad!
- Dad, you're hit.
- Unh! Unh.
- Dalia, come on.
Let's go. Over here.
Dad, you stay here. We'll be back.
I'll be fine.
Let's go. Come on.
They couldn't have come this far.
We must've passed them.
Come on, let's double back.
Let's split. Go!
Get after him!
I'll take care of that bitch!
- Ah. Help me with these.
- Assist him.
Hey, Dad, meet Dalia.
She's the dead cop!
Wrong, major.
- Professor, are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- Take my father out of here.
- What about you?
- I've got to stop the bomb.
- Rudy, please be careful.
Come on, professor. Let's go.
- Are you ready for this?
- Thank you.
The bomb is set. It's irreversible.
The prophecy will be fulfilled,
and I will vanquish my enemy.
You can't stop the prophecy.
You read the wrong book, pal.
Now it's time to say bon voyage.
Please, stay calm.
- Hey, Dad.
- Rudy!
My main man!
Hey, this is great.
A few more to sign,
then we can go to lunch.
Take your time.
- Don't touch that!
- Oh!
I'm sorry. What is this?
It is a map which purports
to show the location
of the fabled seven cities of Cibola
near Cancn on the Yucatn peninsula.
- Oh.
- These, ostensibly, hm,
are the legendary cities of gold
containing the Mayan treasure,
which the Spanish conquistadors
so desperately had sought.
And to answer your
inevitable next question:
Yes, it is quite valuable. Ha, ha.
Rudy? Rudy?
So where to, young Cafmeyer?
- Cancn, Mexico.
- Mm-hm.
- Will that be business or pleasure?
- Pleasure, always.
- Rudy!
- Oh.