The Ordinaries (2022) Movie Script

This is my mother.
Not the one at the front.
At the back.
The one with the suitcase.
That's her.
My mother is a Supporting Character.
She works in the background.
She's in lots of different scenes,
depending on where she's needed.
Like here, for example.
The one on the left.
And here she is again.
That's her. The one with the bonnet.
And... here... that one.
No... that one.
Right behind the guy with the shovel.
And the one next to her is colleague 4872.
They've worked in the background
together for 20 years.
It was in one of these scenes
that my mother met my father.
He was actually a Main Character.
My mother was in the background
and my father walked past her.
She looked so beautiful
that my father just stopped.
He forgot what his actual storyline was.
And who he was about to kiss.
Then he just kissed her instead.
My father was murdered
in the Great Massacre.
My mother says
he was a very special Main Character.
And that's me.
Is that your music, darling?
That's me practicing feelings.
- Fear?
- Grief.
Your Heart Reader
sounds beautiful, darling.
You're going to be
a wonderful Main Character.
Your father would be so proud of you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
The Institute wishes
all Supporting Characters
a lovely day with lovely scenes.
That's the title.
It means the film is starting now.
Please remember:
Stick to the script, stay in character!
The Institute wishes
all Supporting Characters...
If You Were Still Here.
- If you were still here...
- No, no, no.
- Oh... dramatic pause?
- Correct, again from the top.
If You Were Still Here.
If you were still here,
we'd be in amazing scenes together.
If you were still here, then...
you'd tell me important things.
If you were still here,
you'd do amazing things for me.
Wonderful, Paula. Wonderful.
Now try to be a little more vivid,
more specific, okay?
Right. Next one, please.
Your monologue was so moving.
So was yours.
Yeah, but...
It's not as good as
having a deceased father.
Believe me, a living one is better.
Unless he's like Leon's.
- Isn't that your mother?
- Who?
With the stroller?
No, my mother is a Restaurant Guest.
- She doesn't have exterior scenes.
- Oh...
- Sorry, I always mix them up.
- No worries.
Main Characters arriving! New scene!
- What genre are you gonna be, Paula?
- Not now, Elio.
- We have to practice monologues.
- Seriously?
Is it cheesy
if I hold the letters like this?
- My Grandma says I should do tragicomedy.
- Awesome, Elio.
Grandpa says rom-coms...
Elio, go play somewhere!
How about rose petals, Paula?
Boys weren't allowed
to be princesses back then.
Or art house!
But Dad says that's not even a genre.
- Mom says...
- Say that again!
"Mom says"?
Oh God. Are you out of sync?
Oh no, you're right.
- Your speech is completely off.
- Really? No.
Again, completely out of sync.
He's one of them.
- If the Institute finds out...
- They'll cut him out.
Mom. Mom!
So, with or without the love letter?
I just can't decide.
I'd say with love letter.
Love letter?
Who's the admirer?
We're practicing feelings
for our monologues.
Oh, feelings.
I love feelings.
Emotions, emotions
As deep as the oceans
All bright, pure and whole
Emotions, emotions
As deep as the oceans
Our true written role!
With our songs we bring some light
Poetic, dramatic, see how we shine
Can you hear the world's beautiful sight
Far above
The pretty skyline
Emotions, emotions
As deep as the oceans
All bright, pure and whole
What if I'm nervous and fail the test?
As our child, you are blessed
You're not part of all this mud
- Being special is in your blood
- Me too!
Not long and we'll be joined by you
'Cause the way we are
Is how you are too!
And you, and you! And you too!
My dear, our singing is so pretty
Though the rhythm sounded shitty
Emotions, emotions
As deep as the oceans
All bright, pure and whole
What a glorious way to live
We have so very much to give
Not long and we'll be joined by you
'Cause the way we are
Is how you are too!
Who else could give this world
a little shine?
If not us
If not us
Whose songs in the score
Are simply divine!
Not in your work clothes, darling.
- I shot Professor Evil today.
- How nice.
I thought your appointment was on Tuesday?
It got moved.
Miscast, bring wine.
Can Paula sleep over?
But no long montage sequences before bed.
It's school tomorrow.
How's the slow-motion going?
Slowly getting there.
I brought your things up.
I'm done having to go to the bathroom.
It's so anti-storyline.
Did you know
Outtakes don't archive their dead?
What do they do with them?
They just go to a black screen.
But where do they go
to remember their dead?
There's nothing to remember.
My dad is archived at the Institute.
But Mom thinks he's somewhere
between cuts, watching over us.
Do you believe that too?
But I don't want to tell Mom.
- Ever been to the Archive?
- Sure.
Haven't you?
Never ever?
But you must have seen
Flashbacks of your dad?
I wasn't allowed.
Then we'll go tomorrow
and get something for your monologue.
Thank you.
It's beautiful.
I think that was their first kiss.
My parents met in the rain.
Is there a Flashback
of their first fight?
I think I found it.
You want to watch it by yourself?
I don't know.
It's okay. I'll watch some
embarrassing Flashbacks of Dad.
Looking for something in particular?
I'm looking for my
late father's Flashback.
His name was Feinmann.
We only store Main Characters' Flashbacks.
He was a Main Character.
He died in the Massacre.
Honor the deceased heroes of the massacre.
My condolences.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
- No Feinmann.
- That can't be!
My father must be there, definitely.
That's his box.
Or maybe he didn't die on that day.
Maybe later from his injuries?
I'm sorry.
I'd like to borrow these, please.
You okay?
Please remember the rental period
is a maximum of seven film minutes.
Honor the deceased
heroes of the Massacre.
What are you staring at?
You're in the wrong seat.
It's closed for Outtakes.
He's probably one of them.
One of who?
Those dirty Outtakes
who were on strike again today.
What if I am?
- I'd punch you in the face!
- Go on then.
I've been in the forest
all day making bird noises.
Suits your birdbrain.
Because you lazy bastards
couldn't provide atmosphere.
No unregistered plot points on this bus.
Please sit back down!
Damn Outtakes!
I didn't catch that!
You can only handle silent films.
Outtakes, please go to your seating area.
You shouldn't be here.
Sit down, please.
- Sit down, please!
- Film Mistake!
Sit down, please!
I went to the Archive today.
Supporting Characters
aren't allowed in there, darling.
Hannah took me.
How nice of her.
I asked about Dad's Flashbacks.
What a wonderful idea.
- They couldn't find any.
- They didn't look hard enough.
They looked through a lot of files.
Must be a misunderstanding.
Your father was
a very special Main Character.
He loved you very much, darling.
And somewhere in between cuts,
- he's sitting there...
- watching over us.
I requested an internal search.
When they find the Flashback,
they'll get in touch.
Thanks, Hannah.
- What does your mom say?
- Hannah?
- Same as always.
- Hannah?
- Come downstairs!
- Coming!
Be right back.
We're gonna sing without you!
I'm on the phone with Paula.
Can't we do it later?
Maybe you're looking in the wrong place.
I'm sorry?
If you can't find
your father in the Archive,
- maybe you're looking in the wrong place.
- No, definitely not.
He has to be there. It's just a mistake.
Oh yeah, right.
- Errors in the Main Character world...
- Stop it. Leave the frame, please.
Yeah, okay, I'm coming.
Maybe he's on the other list.
- Hannah?
- Yes!
What other list?
Dad's bugging me,
he can't wait any longer.
We're doing a happy family scene. Yay.
That's nice.
You sound like your mother.
I'm sorry.
I'm sure the thing with your father
is just a misunderstanding.
Gotta go.
- Hey, Paula!
- Hey.
Everything okay?
Yeah, it's just Dad's Flashback.
Down with Main Characters!
Nothing to see!
Everybody carry on!
Don't look,
they're not part of the storyline.
It ain't about how hard you hit.
It's about how hard you can get hit
and what you do afterwards.
will be the biggest battle
in the history of humanity.
Oh mankind!
From now on, that word will take on
a whole new meaning for us all.
I want you to rise up!
I want you to say:
"I'm a human being, damn it!"
This is it! This is your time!
You are Main Characters!
It's your destiny!
It's been over 40 years
since I held this motivational monologue.
I'm sure it got everyone up on their feet.
Want to show us
how your monologue's coming along?
If You Were Still Here.
If you were still here,
we'd be in crazy dance scenes together.
If you were still here,
you'd give me good advice
for my storyline.
If you were still here,
you'd run into every
burning building for me.
You'd give me...
If you were still here...
you would...
Very strange.
- Did the Outtakes infect you?
- Utter garbage!
It's what those assholes want.
- My father wants them all cut out.
- They destroy our storylines.
Focus kids, focus.
The exam is in three days.
I want to see perfect big emotions.
From the top, Paula.
What's wrong with her?
If You Were Still Here.
If you were still here,
we'd be in crazy dance scenes together.
If you were still here, you'd give me
good advice for my storyline.
You'd rescue me from burning buildings.
It's okay, Paula. It's okay.
I'm sorry.
I don't know either.
Okay. Leon, show us your showdown.
Go to the Institute
and let them check your Heart Reader.
Tell them I sent you.
The Institute wishes you a lovely day
with lovely scenes.
Jump cutter editorial test in room 26.
Deleted Characters,
please report to the test center.
Dramaturgical weaknesses
in storyline B319.
Voice-over, please report.
Deleted Characters,
please report to the test center.
Dramaturgical weaknesses
in storyline B319.
Follow me, please.
Any notable plot twists,
or cliffhangers in recent weeks?
And you go to Main Character School?
Yes, for the past five years.
Slow-motion, emotive monologues.
I'm best at panicked screaming.
Want to hear?
Unusual for a Supporting Character.
My mother is a Supporting Character.
But my father was a Main Character
with important scenes and dramatic music.
Feel something for me, please.
- There's nothing technically wrong.
- I'm so proud of you, darling.
But if I can't fix my music,
they have to report it.
"Suspected misuse of emotional potential."
- I'm so proud of...
- Mom!
- So proud of you.
- They'll kick me out of school!
A message from the Archive?
That'll be Dad's Flashback.
This is an official
notice from the Institute.
No record of deceased Main Character
"Feinmann" in the Archive.
No Flashback available.
Further search attempts in other
Archival Branches were unsuccessful.
I repeat.
No record of deceased Main Character
"Feinmann" in the Archive.
No Flashback available.
Further search attempts in other
Archival Branches were unsuccessful.
I repeat.
No record of deceased Main Character
"Feinmann" in the Archive.
No Flashback available.
The other list.
I need to see it.
Come on.
I don't have the list here.
Come on!
Hey, Miscast!
Why should I trust you?
You shouldn't.
- Next.
- Line up!
- All in one line!
- Next!
No Main Character objects or storylines
in the Outtake District.
Keep certificates of character at hand.
- Open!
- Work permit!
I don't have one. I need to be digitized.
- Who would digitize a thing like you?
- I paid for it.
- My picture's wearing out.
- No, step back!
- Leave!
- Please!
Let the poor woman through.
- That'll be 30.
- 30? It was ten yesterday.
- Lucky you.
- But I don't have that much.
I spent everything on digitization.
- Move it.
- I'll fade out!
- Shut it. Move!
- No!
- Please!
- Move it.
Next one!
Stop, arms.
Supporting Character.
One moment, arms down.
Does she belong to you?
Have a lovely evening.
Move it. Move it!
Stop, arms.
Turn around.
Honor the deceased heroes of the Massacre.
Honor the deceased heroes of the Massacre.
If we get stopped, I do the talking.
If the police ask, you got lost
and I'm taking you home.
Turn your jacket inside out
and mess up your hair.
No one can know
you're a Supporting Character.
Come on.
Come on.
And keep your head down.
So you are still alive?
- How is he?
- Ask him yourself.
- I need your help.
- Not again.
- Your voices are in a good mood.
- Shut it, you three.
- Come on, Clara.
- I don't have anything.
I just need some information.
This girl is looking for
a guy named Feinmann.
You think they order drinks
with their surname?
He might be on your list.
Come on, we just wanna take a look.
How do I know she's not police?
How does she know
you're not hiding illegal Heart Readers?
Wait here.
If anyone talks to you, don't answer.
What you gonna do?
Cheating bastards.
You look like you have ears.
Original Atmosphere, best price.
Premium rain.
Twittering birds? Freshly bottled.
Chirping crickets for romantic scenes?
I want my dough back!
That was premium rain. Undiluted, I swear.
I may be distorted, but I'm not deaf!
I wasn't written yesterday.
- I want my money back!
- Quiet over there!
- How about a different sound?
- Shove your fart sounds up your ass.
- Hey, don't!
- You screwed me over.
- I want my cash back!
- Stop!
- Stop it!
- What do you want?
What the hell? This is my scene.
I mean, where's the development?
What's your want?
It's all a bit amateurish.
- Come here, you little...
- Hey! Enough!
Hands off, she's with me.
Come on.
Take better care of your lap dog!
What's that?
The list of casualties.
Why are there so many?
She has no idea. Supporting Character.
Here, Feinmann.
He was imprisoned.
My father was killed that day.
By the Outtakes.
- This is the list of Outtakes who...
- My father wasn't an Outtake!
He wasn't a murderer.
- He was a victim of the Massacre.
- Massacre?
It was a revolution.
They believed in something better.
They weren't terrorists.
They were pacifists.
- Pacifists!
- They just stood up for themselves!
It was self-defense!
You Film Mistakes
are so good at blaming others.
Your pacifists killed people.
Innocent people!
Your innocents took my people.
They interrogated me.
Tortured my voices.
You hear them?
They don't know when to laugh.
Your people...
are monsters.
You're the monsters.
Why are you running away?
That's not my dad on the list.
He was a Main Character,
not some stupid Outtake.
It clearly said Feinmann.
Maybe she wrote it just now.
Why would she know more than the Archive?
None of those names are in the Archive.
- Because they're wrong.
- No, because they don't care.
Then why did she collect them?
Her son's on the list.
- He must have been one of the attackers.
- He was 12.
He was still a criminal.
My father wasn't.
- Then why isn't he in the Archive?
- No idea.
It's a misunderstanding.
My father was a Main Character.
An especially special Main Character.
He wasn't defective.
He was so special,
you can't be more special.
He was...
I don't think that Feinmann
on the list is my dad.
But I'll let you find that Feinmann.
I want something in return.
I saw your tablets.
- My heart tablets?
- Give them to me.
20 of them.
- But only if he really is my dad.
- Deal.
Tomorrow at the Foley Factory.
Scene 31. Exterior, night.
Thanks for earlier.
Here's a thank-you soun...
night magi...
I don't need your sounds.
I'm a Main Character.
t's great.
I wanna be a Main Character, too.
I'm saving up.
For what?
A license to kill.
What? You want to kill someone?
No, no, no.
Not exactly, I just want to...
I really want to become a Main Character.
I know what you're thinking.
How should someone like me...
someone... for his scene...
with my...
Every time.
Every scene I'm in...
gets destroyed.
just before the kiss and then...
That's why I have this idea.
Me, as an Outtake...
As a contract killer.
They do the same all the time,
doesn't matter if I get cu...
I guess.
No worries,
you wouldn't be on my hit list.
How do you know?
I wouldn't work for anyone
who wanted you dead.
For who then?
For you.
I don't want you to kill anyone for me.
Then I'll kill no one for you.
What will you do all day
if I don't give you a job?
- Excuse me...
- You got the job.
Excuse me?
Excuse me...
Yes, hello.
I have a cameo here.
- Any idea where I should be?
- Back there.
Right, thanks.
No worries.
I've got another sound for you.
The best I've got.
Seriously. Here's my second offer...
You might like it...
I'm fine, thanks.
Right, okay.
Can I walk you home...
Good night.
What about the bus?
Oh, there isn't one.
It's just the movie set.
Where have you been?
I was worried.
I was at Hannah's.
Why didn't you tell me?
Your exam's in a few days,
I was worried
you weren't practicing enough.
I've been thinking.
That's good, darling.
Thinking is important.
I've been thinking about Dad.
How lovely.
Your father was
a very special Main Character.
- Yeah?
- Oh yes.
Your father was a very special person.
Tell me about him, Mom.
What was his storyline?
Did you dance to his Heart Reader?
Your father was
a very special Main Character.
Then tell me something about him.
What did his feelings sound like?
Can you sing them for me?
Your father was a very special
Main Character, darling.
He loved you very much.
And somewhere in between cuts,
he's sitting there now,
watching over us.
Good night, darling.
Good night, Mom.
Take your tablets, darling.
Hannah, help me!
Could I have a word?
The exam is in two days,
the Institute's about to kick you out,
and you have nothing better to do
than to hang out with Outtakes?
- I didn't go to the Outtake District.
- Nonsense!
It's forbidden
to go to the Outtake District
without having a scene there.
You fought so hard
to get this Heart Reader.
Now show me you're a Main Character,
show me your true emotions!
I'm trying.
- I went there to try to make music.
- Don't lie to me.
You told me to listen to my heart.
Then you misheard your heart.
It was my idea.
The Outtake District.
To help her emotions,
I thought she might find fear.
If you want fear,
just walk around at night.
Those lowlifes are everywhere,
and no one stops them.
- Okay, Leon.
- It's true.
- Yesterday we had an unscripted plot point.
- Quiet now.
There aren't any real emotions out there.
There aren't any stories.
I don't want to see any of you out there.
It's no place for a Main Character.
It's no place at all.
We don't go there.
Is that understood?
What? Practice clinging on.
So these are your great heroes?
They can barely walk straight.
The heroes are dead.
Cut out, in prison, whatever.
This is where it started.
Many insurgents worked in this factory.
Maybe also your...
Maybe we'll find someone
who knows where he is.
Come on.
Why don't you go alone and ask, Housemaid?
- What?
- I have a name.
Outtakes don't have names.
Let's go, before they notice us.
We'll split up.
Come on.
Excuse me? Do you have a minute?
- I'm looking for...
- Go away.
Excuse me?
Excuse me?
Do you know a Feinmann?
Or maybe you?
- Do you know a Feinmann?
- You!
Who are you? What do you want here?
What do you want?
Out with it.
I'm doing... a survey.
A survey?
Yes... about how to be
a good Main Character.
And you're asking them?
No... I was actually looking for you.
Oh, that's wonderful.
Here on the outskirts
we often get overlooked.
But we make important noises here.
Rain, wind...
Buzzing fridges.
It's all produced in-house.
That's very impressive.
So, fire away.
Considering the increasing
Outtake threat...
if you had to lose certain scenes,
which would you choose?
Action scenes, love scenes
musical scenes or credits?
Love scenes.
Thank you very much.
That's it? No more questions for me?
Yes, of course.
Go ahead.
If you could choose,
would you cut out the Outtakes,
lock them up, euthanize them or...
We need the Outtakes.
You or I working here
would be a waste of emotional potential.
Characters like us...
Excuse me.
- What happened?
- He dropped the barking.
- Everything's okay.
- What's wrong with him?
Everything's fine,
just a short intermission.
- He fell.
- Get up, Manni.
- Everything's fine.
- Be careful carrying things.
He will be!
- Understood?
- Yes.
I'm talking to him. Are you on mute?
- Be careful. Understood?
- Yeah, sure.
Let's go, they suspect something.
He can't understand you.
There's something odd here.
- What did they say?
- Nothing. That's what I mean.
- Once more and he's out.
- Let's go.
Let's get moving.
Why does the Institute
send me such idiots?
How will we ever find him?
I checked the prisons.
He was released years ago.
You won't find him in any official report.
They want to forget him
and he wants to be forgotten.
If he wants to be forgotten,
he's not worth remembering.
My father was different.
Was he?
I'll ask around, okay?
I've seen him before.
The worker who collapsed.
That face... it's kinda...
Are you having a flashback?
I wish.
Where have you been? I was worried.
I was at Hannah's.
I don't believe that. I was worried.
You said that line already.
But I was worried, I'm your mother.
I worry if you don't
come home in the evening.
I know, Mom.
I was worried.
And you're really,
really good at worrying.
Good night.
Good night, darling.
No rain.
Okay, again.
You think...
all stories are pre-written?
- That something out there...
- What's wrong with you?
You've been acting so weird
the last few scenes.
Nothing, I've just been
thinking about stuff.
Remember what my parents sang?
The limelight will soon be yours too
For just like us, the story needs you!
Now pour away.
They sang that about you.
The next verse then. Now make some rain.
But that's cheating.
I need to know
what it feels like with rain.
Oh, darling!
Oh, why do all young girls complain
That true love's kiss needs truer rain?
When you met Dad, it was pouring!
I think dry romance is boring!
Sure, you know your own mind best
You'd gladly freeze
as long as it looks nice
Not every kiss is worth the test
So heed my motherly advice
For I was young, your dad was bold
The rainy day when we first kissed
But my clothes and hair were wet and cold
That was a day I could have missed!
How was your day, darling?
We were just doing a musical scene
about our hopes and dreams!
Oh happy day when I was given
My storyline, my fate was written
And one day soon, I'll get mine too!
For that there's nothing I won't do!
I'll live life in bliss
With nothing amiss
Till then you must anticipate
Your story's newly written fate
All our futures are at risk
As long as creatures still exist
Beyond the city's gate
And purer lifestyles detonate
- Ben!
- What?
What's wrong?
Why do you do it?
We fight the bandits
and you send them to our factories?
- We've changed them.
- Never.
- They murdered hundreds.
- Not now.
- They're murderers.
- Not anymore.
Censored Characters
are less aggressive than Main Characters.
And in the factories
they're under constant supervision.
They were back then, too.
- There'll be a second massacre.
- Dad's right.
The Outtakes are evil.
They want to get rid of us.
What are you talking about?
- They want to replace us.
- There you have it.
That's not true, Elio.
It is true.
Mrs. Schnarrer says they tried
to destroy everything in the Massacre.
The Institute is taking care of it.
They're already replacing us,
we just don't notice it.
- Maybe an Outtake already replaced you...
- Enough!
- Or I'm censoring you for tonight.
- Let him talk.
They want our stories
to be as messed up as them.
You've gotta listen to me.
We don't talk ill
of other characters in this house.
- Can Paula stay over?
- No!
Aren't those censored assassin-Outtakes
in the factory dangerous?
Most of them aren't even evil.
They're victims.
People promise them a better life,
big emotions, exciting storylines.
Like our Housemaid.
They're broken characters
and all they can do are broken stories.
Their defects don't
make Outtakes dangerous.
It's people convincing them
their defects don't matter.
So you censor them?
Not all of them.
The persuaders.
The preachers.
What happens to all their dialogue?
We compile it at the Institute
and examine it.
Thanks, Doctor Cooper.
Good night.
Good night.
Hannah is worried about you.
Are you okay?
Of course.
You know you can always talk to us.
- A lovely evening.
- A lovely evening.
A lovely evening.
Yeah, same to you.
You scared me.
What are you doing here?
Trying to wake you up.
I don't think she can hear you.
Stupid question.
You think all stories are pre-written?
Like something out there
decided everything and we just...
follow a pre-determined path?
I know it's stupid, but I just...
have no idea what to do.
I'm looking for someone.
What if finding someone
means losing yourself?
Would you still want to find them?
You learn dialogue like that
at Main Character School?
I'm actually serious.
I've never been anyone.
I can't lose myself.
Say, can you give me a sound?
Romantic twittering?
No, something annoying.
Irritating suspense noises,
audio commentary?
You had barking.
I was worried.
I know.
The Institute wishes you
a lovely day with lovely scenes.
to the editorial office.
Dramaturgical weaknesses in storyline B319
please report to the editorial office.
Voice-over, report in.
Please report to the editorial office.
What word were you thinking of?
Why "scared"?
Because I'm scared
I won't pass the exam.
Because I'm scared
the Outtakes will destroy our Storyworld.
- Because I'm scared Hannah and I...
- Can you keep a secret?
When I started here,
I censored myself, too.
Which word?
I can't tell you.
But in our line of work,
it's best to suppress certain thoughts.
Let's get started.
Doctor Cooper, could you please come?
Excuse me.
Doctor Cooper?
- What happened?
- What do we do?
It's here somewhere, but we can't find it.
Look for it!
Thrown on the street like roadkill.
Easy, Manni. We'll find something.
That swine doesn't deserve you.
It's alright, darling.
I'm sorry, I need your help.
I'm looking for someone.
Not a good time.
I'm looking for my...
I think you might know him.
He can't answer you.
He was "culturally adjusted" in prison.
- There's nothing left of him.
- I know.
You know nothing.
Come on.
They censored him.
Let's get out of here, quick!
Wait, I have his words.
I just need information.
We have to leave, right now!
- Oh shit.
- What was that? What happened?
This place will soon
be crawling with cops.
- Freeze! Police!
- Run!
They'll shoot anywa... The Institut...
I have his words,
I just need information.
We have to go!
- What happened?
- Soon this... crawling with cops...
Shoot... anyway...
Wait, I have his words.
Oh God, what happened?
- What the hell is happening?
- Cut-guns.
Come, it'll be crawling with cops.
What does that mean?
The Institute... is trying...
to cut the scene.
- Which way?
- That way!
to cut the sce...
Come on, sweetheart.
Udo, what the hell?
- That tunnel's off limits.
- Wonderful to see you, Clara.
What the hell? Out of my bar.
Sorry, it's an emergency,
it's hell out there.
I noticed. Now fuck off.
You can't kick us out.
Manni's in a bad way
and the cops are after us.
Why are the cops after you?
- You know what they're like.
- I know what you're like.
- Get out.
- You sound like them.
- I'll sound however I like.
- Shut up.
- What are you doing here?
- And you?
I brought back Manfred's dialogue...
- You stole censored dialogue?
- Great.
There's a police raid outside,
and an ex-assassin and a kleptomaniac
Main Character hiding in my bar.
Here, for you.
Your words.
Swallow it.
Don't chew.
Come here, my dear.
My thanks are yours,
unending, kindly girl...
Though I suspect these words
they are not mine.
I'm sorry, I just grabbed what I could.
I still rejoice
and my forgiveness speak.
But you, dear girl,
what is it that you seek?
A man called Feinmann.
My prison-mate spoke
of a Feinmann and his sorry lot.
Why does he stoke such interest?
Hilde thinks...
I think he's my dad.
This Feinmann I heard that he
had once lost a girl in tragedy.
But you would find
in Feinmann no birthright.
For his skin is black-and-white.
My dad's a jump cutter and an asshole.
- The latter's worse if you ask me.
- I'm not an Outtake.
It wasn't barking.
It was sheep.
Still annoying, right?
What's with him?
He's a colleague.
I sell sounds, he makes them.
For people who don't have any.
The ones over there are doubles.
What for?
What for what for?
What about Udo?
- That's his mistake?
- Yes.
He was a Supporting Character
and they downgraded him.
- Who's that?
- Hilde's brother.
- Miscast?
- Yeah.
He's fading out. See how he's flickering?
His picture's wearing out.
He needs to get digitized.
They don't digitize Outtakes
unless you pay a fortune.
Believe me.
But Hilde's onto something.
Some tablets that correct Film Mistakes.
If her brother takes them,
we can take him to the hospital.
Yeah, I dunno.
So, as an almost-Main Character...
do you have a Heart Reader thingy?
I'd love to have one.
Everything that comes out...
sounds awful.
I tried.
But I don't think...
I'm just not a real Main Character.
My emotions...
they're kind of... wrong.
They're not big enough.
Your emotions are perfectly big enough.
I think it's the other way around.
That music makes the emotions.
Rather than emotions make music.
That's why they banned music for us.
They're scared of what they'd hear.
Of what they'd feel.
Our anger, our suffering.
Our weariness.
But they're most terrified
of us feeling our own emotions.
They don't want us to listen to ourselves,
to forget ourselves.
But if you listen closely,
you can still hear it.
Our hearts.
Go home.
They've lifted the curfew.
Manni got you Feinmann's address.
You could go and see him.
If you want.
I'll come to the Coopers'
and bring you more.
I don't work there anymore.
It's kind of gone out of style
to have an Outtake as a Housemaid.
Shouldn't you be in school? Or is it...
- Your skin...
- Mom.
What happened?
What did you do?
You got infected.
Yes, that's it.
It'll be okay. It'll pass.
You need to take your tablets.
Where are your tablets?
You lied to me.
What are you talking about?
You've been lying to me all this time.
Why did you lie?
- Darling, please. Your tablets.
- Why, Mom?
- I don't know what you mean.
- Why did you lie to me?
- Please take your tablets.
- Why, Mom?
Why did you tell me
my father was a Main Character?
Your father was a Main Character.
You're lying.
He was, and you will be
a wonderful Main Character too.
Stop it, Mom!
I'm black-and-white and so is Dad.
There never was any
damn Main Character father.
And he didn't die!
He isn't even in the Archive.
Your father disappeared.
Fathers don't just disappear.
This one did.
That's bullshit.
They put him in prison
because he's black-and-white.
Your father was a Main Character.
He just left.
Why would he do that?
Because he couldn't bear
to have a black-and-white daughter.
Why are you saying that?
Why do you have dialogue like that?
Paula, please.
Don't go.
- Let me past.
- No.
- Mom.
- You can't go out like that.
They'd see you.
So what? I'm not scared.
You know nothing about fear.
I'm sorry.
Mom, are you still here?
Lovely scene yesterday.
Lovely scene yesterday.
Today will be a lovely scene too.
Today will be a lovely scene too.
Today will be a lovely scene too.
For Paula!
- We all chipped in.
- We all chipped in.
We all chipped in.
She can't walk around all in gray
when she's one of them now.
Can't walk around all in gray.
If it doesn't work out, she can still
work with us in the background.
- Rather not.
- Rather not.
Ready for the scenes?
- Passers-by ready?
- Ready.
- Amorous couple?
- Ready.
- Old lady with dog?
- Ready.
Collect your dog from the props office.
- Homeless drunk?
- Ready.
Don't come any closer.
Get lost!
Please, don't shoot!
- Not one step closer.
- Okay.
- Did you stop?
- Yes.
Am I aiming at you?
- Now?
- No...
- Now?
- No.
- Now?
- No.
May I come closer?
I'm looking for Mr. Feinmann.
What do you want from Feinmann?
I'm looking for my... father.
I'm not that good at looking, my dear.
My sight's not the best anymore.
That's not what I meant.
I thought maybe...
you... might be my father?
He was called Feinmann
and I lost him and...
I wondered if you're maybe
looking for someone, too?
Not a father...
but a daughter.
Is it you, my girl?
15 years!
And it took you all this time?
I didn't even know you existed.
That I existed?
You forgot your father, just like that?
- My mother told me you were dead.
- Your mother?
She got cut out a long time ago.
What are you talking about,
- Elisa?
- My mother?
You're my grandpa.
Used to be your favorite song.
Why did you never try to contact us?
I might be a bit stubborn too.
But I wrote to her.
The letters...
from prison.
From the underground.
And from here.
I thought I'd never get an answer.
I've always kept it with me.
What's that?
Her letter.
You think I would lose it?
I just couldn't read it.
It was too late, my eyes...
it's always here.
"Mr. Feinmann,
Stop pestering me and my family
with your letters.
Your daughter moved out.
We split up years ago.
If you don't stop,
I'm going to inform the Institute.
Henry F. Dotter."
Since you're listening to
my voice-over anyway, Paula,
- it's me.
- You hear that?
Your father.
No, I'm not sitting in between cuts
and watching over you.
No, I...
I wanted to tell you...
Just skip the next scene, okay?
Don't come and find me.
We're in different storylines now.
Our storylines... No, wait!
Don't close the letter...
I said don't come.
- I...
- Stop that stupid voice-over.
I... I...
Just leave it.
Wow, you loo...
I'll take that as a compliment.
What are you doing here?
I came to find you.
I'm black-and-white.
- You just couldn't see it...
- The tablets.
Wherever your mother got them.
My mom's a damn liar.
She isn't a Supporting Character,
she's black-and-white!
I'm not going back
and I'm not taking the exam.
Don't be stupid.
You're so close, don't throw it all away.
I'm not a shitty Main Character.
I'm an Outtake. I'm like you.
You have no idea what it's like to be us.
- No music, shitty sound design.
- You hear that?
- Crawling up the Main Characters' asses.
- Girl, stop the music.
I don't care.
- I'm not afraid!
- You know nothing about fear!
Stop it, they can hear you.
Girl, stop the music.
Let the world hear
Outtakes can make music too.
It's illegal score music, they'll hear it.
Nobody move! Police!
It isn't illegal music,
it's a Heart Reader.
Where's the illegal music coming from?
On your knees.
Easy does it.
Who's making the illegal music?
No, let her go!
Let her go!
A lovely evening.
- A lovely evening.
- Yes.
A lovely evening today.
A lovely evening.
I was worri...
Let me go!
- Let me go!
- Shut it!
Let me go!
Maybe it's best if I go in alone first.
She'll be terrified
after a night in prison.
Of course, go ahead.
Why the hell did you lock her up?
We heard score music
in the Outtake District,
so we went into a bar
and found this Outtake girl.
She has a Heart Reader,
she was making music.
We heard score music.
In the Outtake District,
then we found this Outtake girl in a bar.
Outtakes don't make music.
I know.
We heard score music,
so we went to the Outtake District,
and found this Outtake girl in a bar.
No, that's bullshit.
We heard score music
coming from the Outtake district,
so we went into a bar
and found this Outtake girl.
- She has a Heart Reader...
- Quick.
I know.
We heard score music in that district,
so we went into a bar
and found this Outtake girl.
Outtakes don't make music.
- Come on...
- That's why we arrested her.
Paula, please.
They'll cut you out of the film
if you stay like this.
- We heard score music.
- Outtakes don't make music!
That's why we arrested her.
We heard score music
coming from that district,
so we went into this bar...
You don't get it.
An Outtake can't make music.
Nothing comes out.
That's a Main Character School
student in your cell.
But she's black-and-white.
No, she's not.
Take a look yourself.
What the hell is wrong with you?
I'm going to refer this to the Institute.
Let's go, Paula.
What were you thinking?
- Well, I...
- She was looking for emotions.
In the Outtake District?
There aren't many emotions
in our Supporting Characters District.
you should've said something.
You could always have come to us.
Emotions, emotions
As deep as the oceans
Emotions, emotions
They're our magic potions
Today is the most
wonderful day of all
Time to get out there and heed the call
Sorry, but we're about to miss the exam.
You're right.
What are you doing here?
I thought Outtakes weren't allowed in.
Your mother.
She took care of it.
My mother?
What about Udo and Manni?
I thought...
When you're a Main Character,
you won't have time for someo... me..
So I got you this.
In case it all gets too much.
The music, the cheerfulness...
That's your applause, Hannah.
Let us now present
our next Main Character student:
Paula Feinmann!
- That's your cue.
- Who will I get to do my paperwork?
The offer still stands.
My list tells me
your monologue is dedicated
to a very special character.
So then...
Best of luck!
If You Were Still Here.
If you were still here, then we'd...
then I'd give a speech for you.
I would talk about...
what an especially special father you are.
About your beautiful monologues.
About how we dance
around the house together.
If you were still here,
you'd be so deeply moved,
my speech would bring tears to your eyes.
Your Heart Reader
would play stirring music.
And you'd be...
So proud.
But you aren't here.
I only have you now,
You only have limited dialogue.
You never really know what to say.
You don't have any music.
And luckily...
you've never tried to dance
around the house with me.
And you're scared.
You're so damn scared, Mom.
But you know what?
You're the bravest mom I know.
You built us a castle,
but I just saw a prison.
You locked us in,
so I could fly.
I always thought you...
couldn't see me.
That you know nothing about me.
But it was me who couldn't see you.
Or I would've seen who you really are.
You're extraordinary.
You're the most incredible
Supporting Character I know.
And you're right.
They wouldn't have seen me.
So original!
What is she doing?
- It's a performance!
- It's not a performance!
- It's real!
- Paula is an Outtake!
- An Outtake?
- Police!
- She's a fraud.
- We need the Police!
No, please stay calm.
- I am a Main Character, you just saw that.
- We just saw your ugly face!
You're a mistake in the system!
- It's a misunderstanding. I wanted...
- to destroy everything!
We won't let it happen again.
- They want to replace us!
- Calm down, Elio.
Please calm down,
everything is under control.
- If it were, she wouldn't be here.
- Tone it down.
Cut the Outtakes once and for all!
- Get rid of them!
- Cut them out!
Yes! Get rid of them!
They've done as they please
for way too long.
They need cutting out for good.
I'm a Main Character, I'm like you.
No, you're not.
You're nothing.
You're background noise.
I have real feelings.
And music.
You shouldn't be here.
You lied to us.
You lied. Outtakes can be Main Characters.
- Outtakes can...
- Get off!
No! Outtakes are normal characters!
Your hate is based on a lie!
Roll the end credits!
No, it's not over, I'm still here!
- Another Outtake attack!
- Cut him out!
She was just making music. God damn...
- Why can't she just make music?
- Only Main Characters can.
Outtakes can't make music.
But she just did.
That was her music.
If even I didn't miss it,
you must have seen it.
You were laughing.
You cried.
You applauded.
I felt it.
And you did too.
Come on, people.
The Institute is lying.
It always has!
- No!
- Simon!
More lies.
Cut these criminals out.
These mistakes
are destroying our storylines.
They need to go.
- Then you'll have to cut me out too.
- Why's that?
I also have a defect.
My melancholic rain wasn't real.
- I had a hose above the stage.
- That's nothing.
Cut me out, too.
I haven't felt any
real emotions in 20 years.
Mr. Togoy,
such a minor weakness
is barely worth mentioning.
And I'm poorly animated.
Me too.
I'm black-and-white.
And me too.
I make up clever monologues in secret.
But I'm just a Supporting Character.
And me too.
- I can't tell left from right.
- That's not true. You're miscast.
Excuse me?
And I'm afraid of the dark.
And I see dead people.
And I'm in love
with a Supporting Character.
And I'm out of sync.
I'm afraid of heights.
And I have an echo.
My sbutitles ar wonrg!
I don't have a back story.
She can't remember her lines!
We can't talk in chorus.
And I hate happy endings.
- And I hate musicals.
- Darling!
This still doesn't make you
a Main Character.
Stop it.
Stop it, Hannah!
I was worried.
Come on, Dad.
Careful, step.
Another one.
Come on.
Come with us.
Where are we?
In between cuts.
Just before the end.
- How close?
- Right before the credits.
I like credits.
- Why?
- I dunno.
They're kind of conclusive, kind of final.
And... what's the point of them?
They're for the audience.
I don't believe in audiences.