The Other Mother (2017) Movie Script

[intense music]
[door opens]
[instrumental music]
Nice, Mrs. M.
You're gonna be so ripped.
Not exactly the look
I'm going for.
Maybe it's time
for a break then.
Maybe you make
some fresh lemonade.
Serve a glass
to your daughter's best friend.
Nice try, Taylor.
I wanna get this finished before
Brooke's dad brings her home.
Why don't you just hire someone?
Hey, my mom has a cute gardener.
I can get you his number.
I love working in my garden.
Keeps me sane.
You know, when my mom
got divorced
she didn't leave
the house for three months.
You seem to be handling it
a lot better.
Thank you.
[engine revving]
They're here.
- Mom.
- Oh, Brooke.
Ah, baby.
You look different. Older.
- It's only been a month.
- No, your mom's right.
You're like this whole
woman of the world now.
'Looks good on you.'
Who's that in the car?
Oh, that's Tiffany. I can't
wait for you to meet her.
- Tiffany?
- Okay. Nobody move.
I'll be back in a second.
I've had to pee
since baggage claim.
'It's so good to be home.'
Oh, there's some..
Your royal highness'
not quite so matched luggage.
Our daughter managed
to shop herself into needing
an extra suitcase.
That sounds like her.
Well, it's not every day
that you get to
go shopping in Paris
using your dad's
credit card, right?
I'm sorry,
I-I don't think we've met.
Uh, yes, Jackie,
this is, uh, Tiffany.
Jackie, it is so nice
to finally meet you.
I have heard so many
wonderful things about you.
I-I wish I could say the same.
I didn't even know
you were dating.
We're not anymore.
Taylor, if you could go inside
and check on Brooke, please.
I... I'm sorry.
This is, this is a lot.
It all happened superfast
and I don't know,
it just felt so, uh, right.
Okay. Well, I will leave
you two to catch up.
I'll just go say bye to Brooke.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Nice hat.
- Jackie.
Let's just talk
about this for a second.
I mean... you're married?
Okay, we had been dating
for a little bit.
Tiffany surprised us
in Europe and..
No, it's just a lot
to show up here and dump on me.
This is the first time
I've seen you since it happened.
I-I'm not gonna call you
on the phone.
Actually thought you might be
happy for me.
I am.
I am.
I'm just very surprised,
that's all.
My love life isn't exactly
your business anymore.
Well, it is actually,
when it affects our daughter.
I mean, you know how
she reacted when we split up.
Is she ready for this?
- Seems to be.
- 'Oh, mom, you met Tiffany?'
You have to see this picture
from our trip.
The guide on our river tour,
he thought we were sisters.
'Can you believe it?'
Somehow I can.
Okay, sorry to break up
the party here
'but let's let Brooke
get settled.'
Uh, these ladies have some
catching up to do so.
Bye, baby.
Uh, one second..
Uh, Jackie, um..
I know that we didn't do
this perfectly
and I don't want to be pushy,
but we would really love it
if you and Brooke would come
to dinner this week.
It would mean the world to us
if we could all get along.
I mean, for Brooke's sake,
if nothing else.
How's Friday?
Friday is perfect.
Oh, mom, you have to see
the bridesmaid's dress
I wore for dad's wedding.
I think it's in here.
It's couture.
Tiffany helped me pick it out.
I was her maid of honor.
Isn't that amazing?
Wow. Yes.
Uh, I mean, look at all of this.
Did you leave any clothes
for the other shoppers?
Okay. There's plenty on the
Champs Elysees to go around.
Speaking of shopping,
I got you something.
I love it.
Is the doll sold separately?
Tiffany said I should buy it.
I said it was a little small.
[instrumental music]
It's for your business cards.
'You know,
open houses and stuff.'
I love it.
That is so thoughtful.
Thank you.
So what else did you do
in Paris?
How did you like
the Sacre Coeur?
Oh, well, we didn't quite
make it there.
What? But you were so
looking forward to it.
I was, but Tiffany totally
hooked us up with these events
for up and coming designers.
'We kind of ran out of time.'
We saw a lot of other stuff
in the city.
- We saw the Eiffel Tower..
- Alright, alright.
Well, I'm glad you were able to
fit in some culture
between your shopping
and your parties.
You know, Tiffany says
that fashion is art.
How long has your dad
been seeing her?
I don't know.
A while, I guess.
She seems young.
Yeah. She's so much fun.
We had dinner at this bistro
on the Left Bank
and she knew the chef there.
He invited us into the kitchen
and everything.
Wow. Fancy.
What's wrong?
Nothing. Nothing.
I'm just so glad you're home.
I missed you so much.
Did you get your sandwich?
I left it in the fridge.
I don't want the carbs.
Tiffany and I are doing paleo.
Gotta detox
from all the rich foods.
Alright, well..
I have some cash
if you wanna buy lunch.
- I'm fine. I have some carrots.
- Honey, that's not enough.
Mom, we have to go.
I'm gonna be late for school.
One second.
You know, if I had a car
we wouldn't have
to rush around every morning.
There's always the bus.
Mom, no.
You know my birthday
is coming up.
And a car would make
a great present.
Oh, honey, the market
is still recovering
and, you know,
I need to watch our budget.
- You could take dad's alimony.
- Brooke.
He can at least help
with the car.
Is this really about the money?
I mean, I know I screwed up,
but that was over a year ago.
Let's just talk about this
tonight. Okay, sweetie?
Come on. Let's go.
We're late.
That's what I've been saying.
'So, um, how did
the car convo go?'
Well, she didn't say no.
Sounds promising.
So, what are your plans
for your birthday?
Waking up to find
a new convertible
with a giant red bow
in the driveway.
So, what's plan B?
Cake and disappointment.
[instrumental music]
I thought you were over
that hunky jock face.
I'm just looking.
Uh, a-are you seeing this?
'But he doesn't.'
- Hey.
- Hey. Hi.
[bell ringing]
Come on, let's go.
[instrumental music]
[knock at door]
Bonjour, mademoiselle.
Thank you so much for having us.
Of course,
we're family now, right?
I will get a vase for these.
Oh. Thank you.
[instrumental music]
- Hey, sweetheart.
- Hey, dad.
So glad you both could make it.
Tiffany has been working
on this all afternoon.
I'll set this
on the table for you.
Oh, thank you, Jackie.
'I'll pick you up.. Oh.'
Your arrangement's lovely.
Oh, I dabble in tablescapes
and interior design.
You certainly do know
how to decorate a room.
Uh, among other talents,
of course.
Stop it.
Renata just brought in
some blooms from the garden.
I spruced them up a little bit.
Where is Renata anyway?
I brought a souvenir.
I think I saw her outside.
- Okay, I'll be back.
- Okay.
Did you wanna drink, Jackie?
Uh, dinner is still
a couple of moments away.
Mitch and I went
wine tasting in France
'and I think we came back
with one of every bottle.'
We can't cheap out
when it comes to vino, right?
Oh, why don't we start
with the bottle Jackie got us?
- 'Yeah.'
- Actually, it-it's fine.
- It's, uh, Bristol Creek.
- Oh.
Shop 'n Save's finest.
And we've spent 20 minutes
under the hood
trying to figure out
what was wrong
and then I finally confess
that I'd run out of gas.
Mechanics never
were your strong suit.
Hey, I'm better in the courtroom
than I am in the garage.
Anyway, he took me
to go and get gas
and then back to my car,
and the rest is history.
Jackie, more wine?
'Sure. Maybe a little. Thanks.'
Brooke, did you want some?
Whoa. Brooke isn't drinking.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I just thought..
She's 16.
I'm 17 next week.
- And in Europe...
- We don't live in Europe.
'And you are not drinking.'
End of discussion, Brooke.
So, Brooke, how was your
first week of school?
Did you get
your schedule sorted?
They let me drop French,
just like you said.
- Hmm.
- Wait, what?
You dropped French?
Yeah, I'm taking
Spanish instead.
Look, it meets my language
what's the big deal?
Well, you've already devoted
two years to studying French.
And the whole reason
I got talked into this trip
'was so that you could further
your language studies.'
Brooke's crush takes Spanish so.
Honey, I don't like
the idea of you planning
your schedule around a boy.
Well, if I take French Three
this year
I have to take
AP French next year.
Yes, wasn't that the plan?
I mean, who signed off
on this? Mitch?
Tiffany and I didn't think
it was that big of a deal.
Well, I'm pretty sure
that I'm still Brooke's mom.
- Right?
- Come on, please.
Let her have fun.
What's high school for?
An education.
I think that kids can make
their own decisions.
Well, when you have a daughter
you can let her do
whatever you want.
[instrumental music]
I'm sorry. Maybe this,
this whole thing is a bad idea.
Jackie, I'm sorry.
I-I can't help but be like this.
- This is my fault.
- Don't be.
She's being dramatic.
Right, dad?
Jackie, would you please wait?
- What was that in there?
- That was you.
Cutting me out of parenting
decisions about our daughter.
- It's just a class schedule.
- She's in high school.
Her life is her class schedule.
Tiffany put a lot of work
into that dinner.
You barely eat two bites,
and you just get up and leave.
Yeah, it seems like
it's not the only thing
she's put a lot of work into.
She's trying.
Let's go back inside.
Come on.
Please, I cannot
go back in there.
[cell phone beeps]
It's fine. It's fine.
It'll give everyone
a little time to cool off.
Please tell her,
tell them both that I apologize.
Are you sure?
[dramatic music]
Look I know this,
the whole thing
'i-it's a big adjustment.'
We'll figure it out.
[intense music]
Hey, Renata. Would you mind
cleaning the rest of this up?
[instrumental music]
'The offer is competitive,
and we have someone else'
coming in with cash.
If they're serious,
I'll show them the house today.
Yeah, I could probably
make that happen
but I need to get going.
Okay. Great.
I'll see you there in 30.
[bell rings]
- Tiffany?
- Hi.
I'm sorry. I really only
have a minute to spare.
- I have a client I have to...
- I'm sorry.
It wasn't okay that I didn't
include you in the conversation
about Brooke's schedule.
No, it wasn't.
But I suppose I owe you
an apology as well.
I overreacted,
or at least reacted
in the wrong time and place.
No, you have nothing
to worry about that.
Brooke's education comes first.
She's just so hard to say no to.
I know she is.
You've known her
for three weeks.
I've raised her
for nearly 17 years.
I appreciate
that you're trying, I do.
And I'm so happy
you two are getting along.
But I'm her mother,
and I need her and you
to respect my authority.
Jackie, I just want this work.
'I love Mitch,
and I love Brooke.'
I just want us to be a family.
Let's start with just friends.
Of course. I would love that.
[cell phone beeps]
Oh, come on.
What is it?
Uh, my showing just got moved up
and I was supposed
to pick up Brooke from school.
Now I'm gonna be late.
I could pick her up.
No, it's fine.
I-I'll figure it out.
Honestly, it's not a problem.
In fact, it would actually help
with my guilt from last night.
[cell phone ringing]
If you're sure you don't mind.
Of course, I don't mind.
You go do whatever
you need to do
and I will pick Brooke up
from school.
Hello. I am on my way.
Thank you, Tiffany.
I owe you one.
Oh, Jackie, um, Brooke
has my rose gold clutch.
Do you mind if I quickly..
Sure, yeah. Just make sure
you lock the door.
Of course. Go, go, go.
You'll be late.
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
[music continues]
Wow, so..
Total freak-out meltdown.
It was so embarrassing.
No, it doesn't sound
like your mom.
Yeah, well, it was.
She completely ripped Tiffany's
head off for no reason.
I mean, lucky for her, Tiffany
is too nice to fight back.
Yeah, your step-mom actually
seems pretty cool.
Like, she seems like
the type of person
who should have her own
reality show.
Or sex tape.
Or a reality show
and a sex tape.
Yeah, my mom wouldn't let me
watch either one.
- Speaking of watching things..
- My favorite show.
Too bad,
we only see the previews.
What are we watching?
Tiffany, what are you
doing here?
I came to pick you up.
I thought my mom
was picking me up.
Uh, I think she has something
more important to do.
Is that him?
You weren't kidding. Good eye.
Great eyes, and everything else.
She's hopeless.
'Well, go say hi to him.'
'What? No way.'
Brooke, if you want something,
you need to work for it.
Go and say hi.
'Too late.
Guess I missed my chance.'
No, you didn't. Let's go.
Come on. Up. Come on, quick.
["Body Talk"]
I can't believe
you talked me into this.
You girls are learning
from a master, okay.
Listen up, take notes.
This is a very serious business.
I'm dying.
What's the problem?
Oh, you mean, besides the fact
that we've officially crossed
the line into stalkers.
Okay, you need to lighten up.
You're a very pretty girl.
He should be chasing you.
You just need to get
his attention.
I don't even know
what to say to him.
You don't say anything.
Here, confidence in a stick,
works every time.
- Unbutton your.. Cool.
- Tiffany, no.
Oh. Shh, shh, shh.
[instrumental music]
I am so sorry. Are you okay?
Hold this.
Oh, my gosh.
I'm really sorry about that.
It's fine..
Wait, I recognize you.
Washington High.
- Yeah. Do you go there?
- No, silly.
But you might know
my step daughter, Brooke.
'Here, sit down. Both of you.'
You guys mind if we join you?
- What's up?
- Hey.
Did you guys want anything?
I'm gonna go get cleaned up
get another coffee.
Okay, I'll be two seconds.
[instrumental music]
I'm home.
Come help with dinner.
Brooke, honey, did you hear..
- So what year are you?
- Uh, junior.
Me too.
How come I've never seen you
in school before?
I honestly don't know.
Wait, you're in Spanish class.
Yeah, I just transferred in.
Right on.
I'm repeating it.
Trying to get a better grade.
I spent too much time
on the field last year.
Well, maybe we can study
together sometime.
Hey, guys,
look what I just found?
We should all
take one... together.
- Uh..
- Dude, let's go.
[cell phone ringing]
[voice mail tone]
Brooke, it's mom.
Where are you?
Call me so I know
you're okay, alright?
Love you.
So, well, do you like
Beau more now
that you've spoken to him?
He's really sweet.
we can hang out again.
It's just kinda hard
without a car.
Yeah, you're 16, why don't you
have a license yet?
My mom.
She can be pretty
controlling, huh?
It's just,
I-I got in trouble last year
she doesn't want me
to have a car yet.
It seems like
a long time to hold
something like that over you.
You gotta live your life.
I mean, you seem like a pretty
responsible young lady to me.
How about this? I am more
than happy to drop you off
anytime you want to
hang out with Beau.
It can be our little secret.
Thank you, Tiffany.
For everything.
Yeah. That's what moms are for.
Thanks for waiting, guys.
Alright, let's vamanos.
Mom, you know that guy
Beau from my Spanish class...
I have been sitting here worried
about you for hours.
'Where were you?'
Uh, I-I'm sorry, Taylor and I
went to the mall with Tiffany.
- Tiffany.
- Y-yeah, so?
So I called you three times.
Look, I said I was sorry.
I lost track of time.
Why are you being
so controlling anyway?
I just expect you to let me know
where you are, Brooke.
That's not controlling.
That's courtesy.
And honestly, I can't believe
that Tiffany is that
irresponsible either.
- You're jealous of her.
- What? No.
You completely flipp out
on her at dinner
and now you're flipping out
again over nothing.
No, this is not nothing.
You need to let me know
where you are, baby.
What were you saying
when you came in? Who's Beau?
What do you care?
They were right here.
What's up?
Have you seen
the Chandler contracts?
I can't find them anywhere.
Why would I have seen them?
Well, they were on my desk
and if I don't turn those
in tomorrow
their sale could fall apart.
I-I'll help you look.
Where's your earrings? Please
tell me you didn't lose them.
They cost more than my car.
No, I, I thought I left them
on the bathroom counter
but, I mean, I definitely took
them off in the house.
They have to be there somewhere.
They will show up.
How was your day?
It was okay.
Just okay?
- Well, I've been thinking..
- Uh-oh.
Do we really need Renata
around all the time?
I thought you liked having help
around the house.
Well, I love that
you wanna take care of me
but I don't know,
it doesn't feel like our house
with a stranger there
all the time.
Renata's not a stranger,
she's been in our family
since... Jackie was pregnant
with Brooke.
Well, exactly.
Now Brooke's all grown up.
I like making our house a home.
- I like taking care of you.
- Good.
I mean, just because Jackie
couldn't handle it...
Oh, wait, Tiffany,
it wasn't like that.
Okay, sorry,
what I mean is, um..
I see how Jackie gets
overwhelmed easily.
And what makes you think that?
Something must have happened,
you wouldn't have brought it up.
Okay, well, Jackie asked me to
pick up Brooke up from school.
Jackie asked you
to go pick Brooke?
Oh, it was fine. We had some
girl time. It was great.
But, I mean,
it was really last minute
and she seemed very flustered.
Okay, well, maybe
something came up.
Something more important
than Brooke?
I'm sorry. I don't want to get
in the middle of this.
I just thought
that you should know.
Alright. Fair enough.
I will check in with Jackie
and we'll talk about Renata.
Thank you.
Wait, isn't it
Brooke's birthday soon?
- Next week.
- Seventeen, right?
Yes. Why do you ask?
Maybe I have a good idea
for her birthday present.
'Hey. She still in the shower?'
Yeah. Um, she's trying that new
leave-in conditioner stuff
so you've got at least
20 minutes.
That's the one she wanted,
No. I mean, it's all wrong.
I-I could take it off
your hands for you.
No, I'm not falling for that.
I really can't believe
that you got that for her.
She's been lusting
after it for months.
Yeah, well, I'm gonna be
paying for it for months
but you only turn
17 once, right?
Although, judging by my mom,
you turn 39
at least three or four times.
[instrumental music]
"Brooke, you are my heart.
"You brighten my day just
by being a part of my life.
"I love you more than anything.
Your proud mom."
- You misspelled heart.
- What?
She's gonna love it.
- Happy birthday, birthday girl.
- Thank you.
- Hey, dad.
- Hey, baby.
Wait, is this the top
that I got you? This is amazing.
Thanks for coming.
How are ya?
- Good.
- Seriously?
Yeah. I'm serious.
I still get to be concerned
about you, you know.
I'm good. Really.
Uh, so listen, before we get
the big party started...
[Brooke screams]
Tiffany's gonna give me
driving lessons.
'Isn't that cool, mom?'
Uh, Mitch, we haven't really
talked about this.
- I know.
- Uh, dad, can I please?
Sure. I guess.
Okay, well, that isn't all.
Wait, Tiffany,
I haven't had a chance...
So I thought that if you're
gonna have driving lessons
then you should probably
have them in your car.
Okay, wait.
One second, please.
'Yeah, my lease was up,
and I was like "No 17-year-old'
should be without
her own vehicle."
So happy birthday,
birthday girl.
Oh, this is amazing.
Can we drive it right now?
- Mitch.
- Will you hold on a second?
- No, you hold on. Do you...
- 'Would you please stop?'
It was just last year
that she snuck out
wrecked the car
drinking and driving.
Stop it.
[horn blows]
Brooke, wait.
That's horrible.
Shh shh shh.
The entire school
is going to know.
She said all of that
in front of Beau.
I'm so sorry, Brooke.
I mean, I can't even believe
that your mom did that.
Hey. It's not like
she did it on purpose.
What difference does it make?
Brooke's humiliated either way.
I mean, her mom can't keep
freaking out like that.
[knock at door]
- 'Brooke... '
- Go away!
- I'm so sorry, honey. I...
- You humiliated me.
I made one stupid mistake
a year ago
and you keep throwing it
in my face.
- No, sweetie...
- Just get out.
- Brooke, please...
- Go.
[dramatic music]
[instrumental music]
'Hey, babe. How is she?'
Uh, hurt. Humiliated. Angry.
Yup, she's a teenager.
Mitch, come on,
her feelings are really hurt.
No, I'm just playing.
- Is Jackie stable?
- What?
Well, come on, I mean,
she runs out on dinner.
She shuns her responsibilities
with Brooke.
She completely destroys
her birthday party.
I'm just a little bit concerned.
You know, to tell you the truth,
I don't really know.
We haven't had much contact
since the divorce.
I barely talk to her now.
I-I just assumed
that she was struggling
with me getting remarried,
but maybe you're right.
Maybe there's more to it.
Maybe you could suggest Brooke
staying here for a little while?
I mean, I don't know if I'm very
comfortable with her being there
if Jackie is having a hard time
dealing with this.
I don't think Jackie
would ever go for that.
Well, maybe she needs space and
doesn't know how to ask for it.
I mean, think about how happy
Brooke would be?
Hmm? Here with us.
How happy we all would be?
The three of us here together
like a little family.
I'll tell you what..
I'll think about it.
Thank you.
Go check on your daughter.
I'll clean up here.
Thank you.
[dramatic music]
[knock at door]
I don't mean to interrupt.
You're never a bother, Renata.
What's up?
I found this out in the garage.
Oh. Great. Thank you.
I didn't want anything
to happen to it.
Thank you for being
so thorough, Renata.
Of course, Mrs. McClain.
You don't have to be so formal.
We're all family, remember?
Yeah. I'll let you
go back to work.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Mm-hmm. Alright,
I'll talk to you later.
- Good morning, Renata.
- Good morning.
So I have a huge favor
to ask you.
I-I'm wanting to get
the storage room cleared out.
I have some summer clothes
that I'm wanting to store.
- That is a big job.
- Oh, that's okay.
You can take all the time
you need.
I'm happy to do
the housework today.
Yeah, of course.
I will start right away.
[dramatic music]
[birds chirping]
Mm. Smells good in here.
Fresh pasta.
Please at least get a fork.
Here. Uh,
it's just us tonight
so I thought that
we could eat in here.
Fine by me.
Uh, thank you.
Oh, I forgot, I made a salad.
You alright?
No. Something pricked me.
Oh, well, let's see.
Here. Voila.
My earrings?
Oh, thank you.
I've been looking
for these everywhere.
I'm glad you found them.
Here's your sweater back.
Oh, this isn't mine.
It's Renata's.
What are your diamonds
doing in Renata's sweater?
You don't think that she..
No. No, she would never do that.
[dramatic music]
'What are you doing?'
Oh, my..
- Where is she now?
- I don't know.
I've hardly seen here all day,
I mean, to be honest..
I've kind of been cleaning up
a bit of her slack recently.
- I'll talk to her.
- No, wait, Mitch.
She's been with the family
a really long time.
Please don't get
the police involved.
Just let her go quietly, for me?
- You know me.
- I know.
I've been with your family
for so long.
I know, and that's why,
this is sort of..
'Believe me, I really don't
wanna do this... '
'Please don't.'
I wish you luck. Okay?
[instrumental music]
What did you and Taylor
get up to today?
How are your classes going?
They're fine.
Are you going to stay
angry at me forever?
I can't believe you said that
in front of everyone.
I didn't know
your friends were there.
They should have told me they
were throwing a surprise party.
You know, it's not
just about you
blabbing my personal business
to the world.
But what's worse is that
you're not even gonna
let me keep the car
just 'cause Tiffany's the one
who's giving it to me.
She has nothing to do with this.
You know what happened
last year.
Yeah, like you'd ever
let me forget it.
I'm not punishing you, sweetie.
It's just something
we need to discuss.
A car is a big responsibility.
And Tiffany's car, it-it's
too fast for a young driver.
So, you're gonna get me
a more appropriate car then?
That's not the point.
She should have never
given you a gift like that.
So, it is all about Tiffany.
I'm gonna talk to your dad.
'And we're gonna
figure this out.'
What does that even mean?
Well, for starters,
you're gonna need
your learner's permit.
'So I'd get to studying
for that exam.'
And once you pass..
...we'll talk about
the next step.
[cell phone beeps]
Who's that?
Just this boy from school.
When did this happen?
Well, I tried to tell you
about it the other night
but you were too busy
yelling at me.
Hey, Beau.
[Brooke giggling]
[cell phone vibrating]
[instrumental music]
[cell phone beeps]
[cell phone beeps]
You know what time it is, baby?
Ah, I think it's almost 6:00.
Damn it, I'm gonna be late.
Hmm, how long are you gonna be?
Just a couple of hours.
You gonna be alright here
all by yourself?
- No.
- No?
You oughta keep me company.
Mmm, don't tempt me.
You see my cell phone anywhere?
Ah, no, is it not
on the charger?
Ah, nope.
- Can you call it?
- Sure.
Just not sure where mine is.
Ah, I don't have time for this.
- I really don't.
- Hey-hey-hey-hey.
- Don't worry about it.
- Okay.
Both me and your phone will be
waiting when you get back.
How did I get so lucky?
- See you in a couple of hours.
- Okay.
Thank you, thank you. Bye.
You filled up the room
[knock at door]
Like a sunflower
- What you workin' on?
- Spanish Cloister.
How's that going?
It's my favorite class
this semester.
Gee, I wonder why.
'I'm headed out
for a little bit.'
I'll call you when
I'm on my way home.
There's some leftover chicken
in the fridge if you're hungry.
I'll see you later.
That made me strong
Fly like a free spirit
Free as the love in your smile
[knock at door]
- Oh, Jackie.
- Hi.
Ah, is Mitch here?
Ah, he's not, but I am
expecting him home soon.
- Would you like to come in?
- Ah, no. That's-that's okay.
I'll just give him a call.
Oh, I don't think that
he has his phone on him.
I did just open a bottle of
wine, would you like a glass?
- Oh, ah..
- Come on.
I will not take no
for an answer.
Green, black.
- Green and black.
- Okay, stop.
Wait, is it polka dots?
It's polka dots, yeah.
Okay, I'm going back inside.
Oh, come on, wait.
I just wanna see
what swimsuit you're rockin'.
I have a right to know
as your boyfriend, right?
Umm, sorry, I just, uh..
No, wait..
We're not gonna let this house
go to waste, are we?
["One Of These Days"]
- It's polka dots.
- Mmm.
Ah, feels good.
Oh, I scheduled my DLV
appointment next weekend.
- Nice.
- Mm-hmm.
So, your mom's gonna let you
keep the convertible?
Time will tell.
One step at a time.
You know, you could just
let me drive it.
I don't know, can I trust you?
Probably not.
I'd walk a million miles for you
Honestly, Jackie,
I'm heartbroken
over the way things
have gone down.
It's fine.
I appreciate you saying that,
but it isn't.
I can't help but feel like
this is my fault.
And, uh..
You can disagree with me, but
we both know that's the truth.
I'm not without blame.
No, no, no. All I ever
heard about you is
how amazing you were,
from both Mitch and Brooke.
And I, I guess I kind of felt
nervous about living up to that.
So, I pushed..
And then I pushed even harder.
I don't know what to say.
You don't need to say anything,
you just need to hear me say..
...I'm sorry.
Thank you.
No, thank you.
I mean..
Thank you for putting up
with me, and..
All the stuff with the car..
What was I thinking?
Brooke seems really happy.
Yeah, wouldn't you be if someone
gave you a car like that?
But honestly, I..
I do hope that at some point
we can move past this.
The truth is..
...there was plenty of drama
before you came along.
That divorce must have been
really tough on you.
[instrumental music]
Wasn't easy.
Brooke. She had
a really hard time.
All that stuff with the car.
Oh, I just felt so.. guilty, because
it was her way of coping with
me and Mitch splitting up.
It was tough.
I lost my marriage and..
...I felt like I was
losing my daughter.
I can't believe
I'm telling you all of this.
No, no, we should be able to
talk, I mean, especially
if we have a raging teenager
that we're looking after.
Mmm, speaking of Brooke,
I should probably get home.
Oh, Mitch should be back
any second.
Just, I'll talk to him
another time.
This was really nice.
We should do it again sometime.
- I would like that.
- Hmm.
Can I use your little ladies
room before I go?
Of course.
[clears throat]
[instrumental music]
Found this in your bathroom.
Is it used for cleaning or what?
When did you know
your marriage was over?
I mean, I can't blame him
for not loving you.
- What?
- You're pathetic.
I mean, thank goodness,
Mitch and Brooke have me.
I knew you weren't
that sweet little thing
you pretended to be.
I mean, what kind of mother
drives her daughter
to almost kill herself?
Drinking and driving.
Got an answer? Nothing?
I think they call it
bad parenting.
[music continues]
[car alarm ringing]
[intense music]
[knock on glass]
What's going on? Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, I was..
Have you been drinking?
'What's going on?'
Is there anything I can do?
Yes, actually, uh..
I need to drive Jackie home
so if you could
follow us in my car?
No, that's,
that's not necessary.
Not up for debate!
[engine revving]
[crickets chirping]
What's Beau doing here?
- What?
- 'That's his car.'
Oh, my God. You gotta
get outta here right now.
- My shirt, my shirt.
- Just sneak outside.
- Alright, call me!
- 'Brooke!'
You're sneaking boys
into the house now?
Not boys, just Beau.
And we weren't even
in the house...
You know the rules!
You know, I'm getting old enough
to make my own decisions.
Brooke, just go to your room.
'We'll talk
about this later, okay?'
- Maybe I could go and see...
- Butt out, Tiffany!
This doesn't involve you.
Don't talk to her like that.
You show up drunk at our house
'leave our daughter alone to do
who knows what with some boy.'
No, no, I was coming there
to see you, Mitch.
Jackie, I'm remarried!
'You can't just show up
whenever you want!'
No, Tiffany...
Tiffany didn't pass out
behind the wheel of her car.
That was you.
Show some responsibility.
Okay, now, wait, wait..
She, she set me up..
Jackie, you sure you didn't
just mix your alcohol
with some medication?
Let me make you
some coffee. Here.
Hold on, wait, what's this?
What happened here?
It's fine, Mitch.
She didn't mean to, okay?
You did this to her?
That is ludicrous.
Look, I tried to
stop her from leaving
but she was insistent that
she wanted to get back.
You put your hands on my wife?
I most certainly did not.
It's fine, Mitch. It'll heal
in a couple of weeks.
No, no-no-no, it's not.
No, it's not.
This is how this
is gonna go now.
Brooke's gonna come
stay with us for a few days
- 'while you sort yourself out.'
- No, no!
I will not have my daughter
living in this environment.
- Wait, wait.
- 'Get some help, Jackie!'
You're better than this.
Wait in the car,
I'll go get Brooke.
[intense music]
You may have everybody else
...but you don't fool me.
Oh, I see you.
With your perfect hair,
and your perfect house
and your perfect everything.
I know what you're doing.
You're pathetic.
[instrumental music]
Brooke, did you want..
Hi. I'm just calling
from my daughter's phone.
She's just been through a..
...terrible break-up, and
he keeps calling and texting.
I'm not sure if there's
something you could do
or if you could, you know..
Block the number,
that would be wonderful.
Yes, you can forward all
the calls and text to me.
Thank you so much.
What are you doin' in my room?
Hey, baby. I just came to see
if you were doing okay.
I thought maybe you might have
been a bit upset from earlier.
Upset about what?
I mean, no one will tell me
what's going on.
Like, why were you and dad
at our house?
Is mom okay?
Why don't we take a seat
for a second? Okay?
Come here.
Okay, look..
Your mom is fine, okay?
She just had a little bit
too much to drink and..
...made a bit of a scene.
She wanted to drive
her own car home
and naturally
your dad intervened.
And it was a little bit
upsetting for everybody.
I can't believe this.
- I'm so sorry, Brooke.
- No, you don't understand.
Her head practically exploded
when I got caught
drinking last year.
I got lectured for months.
Why didn't my dad tell me this?
Well, I think he's just trying
to protect your feelings, honey.
From what?
Okay, I... I'm gonna tell you.
But you have to promise
not to tell your dad, okay?
'Cause he would kill me.
Of course, what is it?
Your mom kinda blames you.
What do you mean?
She said that apparently
you guys have been having
a rough time lately and that
you've been fighting a lot.
And that... she was feeling
overwhelmed and..
I guess she was trying to
explain why she's been drinking.
So, it, it's my fault?
Oh, she just asked if you could
come stay for a couple of days.
And of course, we said yes.
Oh, wait. She doesn't
want me at home anymore?
She just needs some space,
but in the meantime..
...we are so happy
to have you here.
Ah, would you mind if I was
by myself for a little bit?
Of course.
You know that you can talk to me
about anything, okay?
Oh, and, Brooke..
Welcome home.
[music continues]
Everything alright?
[cell phone chimes]
Yeah, she's gonna be fine.
[ell phone beeps]
- 'Are you sure?'
- Yes, I'm sure.
Why do you keep asking me that?
Because, it doesn't
sound like your mom, B.
Oh, it is. She's
a hypocrite and a liar
and my dad won't even
tell me what's going on.
He made Tiffany promise
not to tell her.
So, this is all
coming from Tiffany?
Yeah, she's the only one
who'll actually tell me
what's going on.
Brooke, it just seems like
everything has gone
so downhill with your mom
ever since she showed up.
Yeah, it's given my mom
an excuse to flip out.
I don't know.
Why do you keep defending her?
Because your mom
is a good person.
Brooke, she's always
been there for you.
I mean, what do you even
know about Tiffany?
"She's a good person?"
She didn't even want me
in the house anymore.
You know, at least
Tiffany wants me around.
- I'll go get her.
- 'Don't.'
Just let her be.
Trust me.
Ah, hey!
I was hoping to surprise you,
I'm just gonna head
to the school office
and sign you out.
- What for?
- Hmm?
Well, I was thinking
about you this morning..
...what with everything going on
with your mom and all.
And I thought..
...maybe we could get started on
those driving lessons
a little early today.
Best idea ever!
Good, let's go bail you out.
Oh, yeah, you really don't look
too good, do you?
- Hmm?
- Oh.
- Good girl.
- I'm so feverish.
'I know.'
Okay, well, first things first.
A playlist. Do you want
Top 40 or old school?
Uh, maybe just a clear head
for my first time out.
Sure thing, you are the driver.
You ready?
Okay. Let's vamanos!
[tires screech]
This isn't a minivan.
You can floor it.
[engine revving]
[dial tone]
[automated message]
'The number is no longer
available. Goodbye.'
[doorbell rings]
Hey, Mrs. M.
Hey, Taylor.
Brooke is staying
with her dad right now.
Umm, yeah, I-I know.
I just came to see
how you're doing.
Come on in.
So, I heard what happened.
You okay?
Just really embarrassed.
I still haven't left the house.
I'm sure Brooke
is taking it hard.
She said that you and Tiffany
were drinking..
Unfortunately, I had too much.
I should've never
gotten in that car.
Ever. It was a terrible mistake.
Baking your woes away?
What's that? Gardenin' not
cuttin' it for you anymore?
Oh, it's nothing. It's garbage.
Literally garbage that I
pulled out of the trash can
at Mitch's house.
I don't know what I was doing,
I was... drunk.
This came from Mitch
and Tiffany's house?
Do you remember that girl Tori
we used to hang out with?
- Trainwreck Tori?
- Ha-ha-ha. Yeah.
Yeah, who could forget?
Yeah, she was awesome.
Anyway, um..
She used to eat a couple
of packets of these
before we went to parties.
I don't get it.
She said it kept her
from getting too drunk.
You can do that?
Tori did.
[instrumental music]
- Hey.
- Hey.
Grounded, huh?
My dad found out
that I cut school
so I am on lockdown
until next week.
Wait, even though
Tiffany took you out?
- He doesn't know that.
- What?
I don't wanna get her
in trouble.
That seems backwards, B.
Well, I'm not gonna
throw her under the bus.
You know, whatever.
Look, I talked to your mom.
I really think
you should call her.
- Well, I don't want to.
- Then go see her.
Ask her for the real
version of the story
and not the secondhand one
you are hearing.
Look, Tiffany says that
I should give myself space.
And I think you should give
yourself space from Tiffany.
And what's that
supposed to mean?
I don't know, I just feel like
there's been a lot of drama
in your life ever since
she showed up.
And ever since she showed up,
you've been a crappy friend.
[instrumental music]
You know what?
Take care of yourself, Brooke.
I worry about you.
[intense music]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[intense music]
Yes, I will meet you
later this afternoon.
Everything is set
for the closing.
Thank you so much for
giving me a second chance.
No, it's your big...
[Detective Stringer]
'It's hard to say
for sure what happened.'
Her injuries are consistent
with the slip and fall
but we're gonna have to wait
for the coroner's report
in order to determine
the official cause of death.
Right now, it looks
like a tragic accident.
Alright, you said you
found her around 8:15.
You have any idea why
she would have been
coming to see you?
She was my daughter's
best friend.
So, she was here
to see your daughter.
No, my..
My daughter's staying
with her father right now.
I'm not sure why she would
have been coming here.
We were friendly.
Does the name Mary Smith
mean anything to you?
No, should it?
It was written on her hand.
No, I-I don't know a Mary Smith.
So, what happens now?
Well, the parents
have been notified.
Once they ID the body,
it goes to the county coroners.
Now, whether or not
we open a file
will depend on their report.
And then what about
that name? Mary Smith.
Will run it by the family,
and see if it rings any bells.
Call me..
...if you come up with anything.
Sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
[instrumental music]
[dial tone]
[automated message]
'The number is no longer
available. Goodbye.'
[instrumental music]
Hey, Brooke.
Doin' okay?
What are you looking for?
Mom asked me if I have
pictures for the funeral.
We took some at the photo booth,
and I can't find them.
I need to find them.
Okay, well, I mean..
You have a ton of pictures
of Taylor here.
- 'Could you use some of them?'
- I know they're in here.
Okay, Brooke, you need to calm
down a little bit, okay, babe?
Maybe we could go
and do something fun
to get your mind off things.
Come on. We'd go to the beach,
we could get coffee.
Something to cheer you up, yeah?
I don't want to be cheered up.
Okay, well, there's no need
to be rude to me.
It's not my fault
that your best friend drowned.
If anything, it's your mother's.
Look, any responsible adult
would have had a gate
around that pool.
What is wrong with you?
- Everything okay in here?
- Yes, darling.
Brooke was just apologizing
and calming down, weren't you?
Get out. Get out of my room.
'Let's give Brooke
her space, Tiffany.'
No, she shouldn't speak
to her parents like that.
You're not my parent.
- Tiffany.
- Hmm?
Of course.
Come here.
[dramatic music]
I'm so sorry, baby.
I.. I-I don't know what to say.
Your mom is much better
at these things than I am.
And Taylor was a good friend.
We'll all miss her very much.
[music continues]
I can't believe that you're
gonna let her get away with...
Her best friend just died.
She's doing the best she can.
Wow! You're going to
defend her, Mitch?
She was screaming at me.
She's a teenage girl, Tiffany.
A little screaming
comes with the territory.
So you're not gonna fix this?
There's nothing to fix.
Brooke is a good kid who's going
through a hard time...
- There's no excuse...
- What do you...
Tiffany, drop it.
Brooke doesn't
need this right now
and neither do I.
So you're gonna
side with her over me.
- Hmm?
- Brooke comes first.
That'll never change.
[cell phone beeping]
Yes, I'd love to meet today.
I know exactly where that is.
Great, I'll see you
in about an hour.
Looking forward to it,
thank you.
[cell phone beeps]
'So you know Mary Smith?'
We were only married
for six months, and, uh..
...and I haven't seen her
in a year, over a year.
What can you tell me about her?
- Uh...
- If you don't mind me asking.
Mary had this,
this way about her.
She was intoxicating.
She was well-traveled.
Charming, was an amazing cook.
I mean, she learned the
ins and outs of French cuisine
while traveling abroad.
Is that so?
And she had a wonderful
relationship with my son.
- Yeah, they were very close.
- Hmm.
And it was, uh, last July,
I was away on business and, uh..
I got a call that
there had been a fire.
My house had burned down.
I lost everything.
How horrible.
I'm so sorry.
They managed to recover
the remains of my son, but, um..
...not Mary.
So officially, she's listed
as a missing person.
I still hold out hope
that maybe she made it out..
...she'd come home.
[birds chirping]
- Sorry.
- No. I'm..
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Do-do you happen to have
a picture of her?
Of course.
'That's my Mary.'
[dramatic music]
So, do you know
where I can find her?
I, um..
I might. I might, I, uh..
I need to do
some more digging, so, so
can I, can I call you tonight?
- Of course.
- Thank you.
[birds chirping]
[dramatic music]
Excuse me, miss?
Ex.. Miss?
[music conties]
Hey, Greg.
[intense music]
'Wait, Miss McClain,
what're you saying?'
'Is your daughter is danger?'
I... I don't know,
I need you to tell me that.
'Look, we're in the middle of
a homicide investigation... '
- A homicide?
- 'Taylor Shipley's death.'
'It wasn't an accident.'
Now, we're going to need you to
answer some questions.
'You said that you found Taylor
in your pool this morning..'
[male reporter on TV]
'Murder at the mall.'
'Suspect at large.'
'Police released this
surveillance image.'
'We'll have all the latest
details from the scene tonight'
'at 11:00.'
Brooke! Oh, God!
Uh, detective, meet,
meet me at my husband's house.
Miss.. Miss McClain.
Come on.
[dramatic music]
I want to go see mom.
- Did you talk to her?
- No.
She's not answering
any of my calls.
[automated message]
'The number is
no longer available.'
I just want to go over there
and talk to her face to face.
Okay. Okay.
You're right,
it's probably for the best, um..
I have a quick meeting
with a client
then I can take you
right after, alright?
Okay. Thank you.
I can take you now
if you want to.
That's okay.
I'd rather go with dad.
Whatever you want.
[cell phone buzzing]
[dramatic music]
Mitch, take Brooke
and get out of the house.
Don't tell Tiffany, just go.
She's dangerous.
She's not who she says she is.
What're you doing?
- How could you?
- Brooke, I can explain.
- How?
- I was trying to protect you.
But it's too late now.
Brooke. Brooke.
- Oh, God, what happened?
- I, I don't know.
- She just collapsed.
- Did you call 911?
'Of course I did.
They're on their way.'
Did you do this to her?
Did you do this to her?
You're never gonna
let her go, are you?
Come on, baby, come on.
Come on, please.
Such a waste.
[dramatic music]
Could have been so happy.
A perfect little family.
Come on.
You can't hide from me.
Where are you?
'You're really starting to
piss me off.'
[dramatic music]
There you are.
Tiffany, please.
Oh, no, baby.
It's too late for that now.
Such a shame
'cause it started so well.
It always starts so well.
You could have been
the perfect little daughter.
She is.
- Come on, baby.
- Mom.
You stay away from her, Tiffany.
Or should I call you Mary?
Oh! Greg.
He was so handsome.
But he just couldn't seem to
let that little brat go.
They always have trouble
letting them go.
Greg. Michael.
No, no, no, we can't leave,
dad's still inside.
What? Okay.
Okay. Go get help.
What? What? No. You can't
go in there by yourself.
Call the police.
Everything is gonna be fine,
baby, okay?
- Go.
- Okay.
[music continues]
Oh, God.
- Where's Brooke?
- She's safe, let's go.
Look out!
[intense music]
[music continues]
I just wanted
the perfect family.
To be the perfect mom.
She already has a mom.
[siren wailing]
[instrumental music]
[radio chatter]
Dispatch, we're
gonna need medical.
4301, Hillcrest, ASAP.
Inside, she's in
the living room.
[instrumental music]
You think that's
enough pancakes?
We always need more pancakes.
Why don't you guys go set
the table? I'll be right there.
[doorbell rings]
- Mitch.
- Hey.
What a surprise.
Uh, yeah, Brooke left
these at my house.
I just thought I'd drop 'em by.
And, uh..
Renata made you
some zucchini bread.
Smells good in here.
Yeah, I'm, I'm making
breakfast for dinner.
Breakfast for dinner,
never a mistake.
Did you wanna join us?
That'd be nice.
Look who I found.
- Hey, dad.
- Hey, honey. Beau.
[cell phone ringing]
One second, I'm sorry.
[Jackie over phone]
[instrumental music]
[rock music]
[rock music continues]
["Underneath It All"]
Winter suits you
Frozen feelings cannot grow
Now that we're through
There is something you should know
I am strong
And underneath it all
I feel so much higher
Since you took me down
Underneath it all
Life is so much brighter
When you're not around
And now
You're underneath it all
Grudges smolder
Broken hearts begin to heal
You seem colder
And dismiss the way I feel
I am strong
And underneath it all
I feel so much higher
Since you took me down
Underneath it all
Life is so much brighter
When you're not around
And now
You're underneath it all
[music continues]